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New toy II pt.2

Jungkook x reader

genre: smut, fluff, angst, sub!jungkook

also some thigh riding 

word count: 10.2k

What is a better occasion for some nasty actions than a blackout?

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more au ideas no one asked for
  • “you’re super short and i’m sorry but it’s really really cute whenever you try to reach that book on the top shelf here lemme help you- oh no don’t be embarrassed, your face is all red and you’re even more adorable now i am going to die” au
  • “i’m a biker and one day i was biking in your neighborhood while you just happened to be outside watering the plants and since you’re so goddamn cute i accidentally steered into a pole and now you’re giving me first aid (holy shit you’re even cuter up close)” au
    • “you’re biking through my neighborhood and you ran into a pole so now i’m really concerned and patching you up, oh my gosh you’re really hot even though you have a bloody nose” au
  • “i’m at a karaoke bar and i’m sober enough to realize that your voice singing my absolute favorite song is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever heard, and you caught me staring and winked at me oh shit” au
  • “you fell asleep on my shoulder on the plane ride and i would ask you to move but you look so comfy and adorable when you sleep. also you smell really good and the feeling of your breath on my skin is somewhat relaxing, maybe we can go out to lunch in this shitty airport when you wake up?” au
  • “you’re so perfect and i’m in love with you but i’ve never actually met you and you keep avoiding meeting up, so i called nev and max to help me figure out whether or not you’re catfishing me” au
    • “whoa it turns out you were actually just super shy and you’re even cuter in person pls kiss me in front of all these cameras” au to followup with that
  • “i’m a quiktrip worker and whenever I work a night shift, you always arrive and buy like 3 cans of redbull and you look exhausted, do you need some help? are you okay?” au
  • “you invited me to your brother’s/sister’s wedding as a plus one bc we’re hella best friends but we end up making out at the afterparty and now everyone thinks we’re fucking so uh,, u wanna go out for a drink sometime? try this whole couple thing out?” au
  • “my sister tried to set me up with her friend but little does she know that i am hella gay and i end up falling in love with her smoking hot brother, and whenever i hang at her place we always tell my sister that it’s for a date when really she’s now just trying to set me up with her brother” au
    • (this can be tweaked in any way to fit your otp :p)
  • “i’m one of those talk show stars that walks up to random people on the streets and asks them really obscure questions, and you’re really cute and camera shy and i’m sorry but it’s adorable how you stutter when you’re nervous, uh, perhaps when there aren’t so many cameras surrounding me i can buy you a drink?” au
    • “you just came up to me on the street and asked where the weirdest place i had sex was and i’m assuming it’s for one of those talk show things, but i’m really nervous because you’re really really hot in that suit holy shit” au
  • “will you stop flirting with me you just got seriously injured and i’m the EMT trying to tend to your wounds in the ambulance, i don’t give a fuck that i look cute when i’m concerned, you’re lucky you’re not dead you dipshit” au
  • “my mom/sister/dad/brother/best friend doesn’t know we’re dating but one day he/she/they walked in on us making out and started cheering oh my god this is so embarrassing i’m so sorry” au
  • “you have fire powers and i have ice powers and one day you save my ass and even though we’re supposed to be rivals, you’re actually really really cute and warm can i just stay in your arms forever bc i am perpetually cold” au
    • “you have ice powers and i have fire powers and i save your sorry ass from getting hurt/killed, okay i know we’re supposed to be rivals according to every legend ever but you’re adorable and wow you’re really cold, would you like me to warm you up?” au
  • “i’m so sorry i’ve been stowing away on your ship but i’m lonely and tired and starving with nowhere to go so please take pity on my poor soul bc you’re the sweetest pirate i have ever met and since we’re in the middle of the ocean now there’s no way you’re taking me back to land anytime soon” au
    • “i would be furious at you for stowing away on my ship if it weren’t for the fact that you look really sick and sad can i help you” au
  • “dude why did that siren take on my image to try and seduce you, is there something you wanna tell me” au
  • “I’m an elf with really bad aim so while hunting i accidentally shot you in the shoulder with an arrow i’m so sorry can i make it up to you in any way? oh shit you’re a wizard, please don’t turn me into a frog i’ll do anything you want me to” au
  • “we’re coworkers and all the other employees ship us so just for fun we all go out clubbing/to a bar but little do we know its actually a plot they set up to get us to realize our supposed love for each other. wait you’re actually a really good dancer and your laugh is so endearing and, holy shit, maybe our colleagues were right” au
  • “i catch you at the bus terminal shivering your ass off because it’s 30 degrees and for some godforsaken reason you’re wearing a short sleeve t shirt, so out of pity i lend you my hoodie and you look so surprised it’s the cutest thing i’ve ever seen, setting aside the fact that you’re a goddamn idiot, do you want to get sick?” au
    • (cont.) “you look so sad and cold that i just tell you to keep my hoodie b/c you obviously need it more than i do. a week later i see you at a coffee shop/book store/etc. and you’re wearing my hoodie which you look so fucking tiny and cute in, and you just saw me and you look super embarrassed; you offer me it back but i tell you it suits you more and we end up talking and i buy you a drink” au
  • “we’re partners in cupcake wars and i never realized how cute you look with frosting on your face until now but no distractions, we have to fucking pummel these other teams because we are the best goddamn cupcake company in the universe WE CAN DO THIS” au
  • “i’m swimming laps in a lake alone at night and i thought no one else was here but i just swam right into you and uh?? you’re not wearing a shirt and you’re hot as hell pl ease take me right here” au
  • “i took you to my family’s lakehouse and we went jetskiing which you were so adorably excited about b/c you’ve never been, and when we drove around on the water at ungodly speeds u held onto me b/c there was nothing else to hold onto” au
  • “my friends dared me to buy 20 condoms but i didn’t realize that the cute cashier would be working tonight so i avoided eye contact as i piled them onto the counter and please stop laughing so hard, oh my god it’s for a dare okay i’ve never had sex in my life and once you stopped laughing, i swear i fell in love with that sparkle in your eye as you grinned wildly at me and asked me out for a drink” au
  • “i accidentally called the wrong skype number and it turns out the person i called was you and you’re in a different time zone, so it’s 3am where you are and you just woke up and look fucking pissed but you’re cute so… let’s do this again when you’re not asleep. i’m more than willing to stay up into the dead of night to talk to you” au
  • “i’m a radio host who indirectly mentions you and flirts with you on my show but you’re so goddamn clueless, please just notice me i’m so desperate for you it’s kind of sad (see: welcome to night vale)” au

i’m fine. i’m not obsessed. i swear. i swear to you. i SWEAR to you i’m not obsessed. definitely absolutely not. probably.

anyway i drew this after witnessing that poll about his lower half… i voted for the wheels too. i mean the loss of the japanese schoolgirl loafers is a great one, but i do think this sort of thing suits him more.

i also think that it may be something he doesn’t change because if he had legs, he’d be obligated to learn new dance moves and why would he stress himself amirite


Rose Quartz + Serenity | Yoon Jeonghan icons

v2: less edited

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my favourite setting for twelfth night is in space, somewhere on the crest of our radio waves. and orsino is lying there in all his spacey-vaguely-david-bowie-esque glory listening to crackling waves of jazz.

hollyspacey  asked:

Heyyyyy. I wish you would write a Wintershock with this: “Dude why did that siren take on my image to try and seduce you, is there something you wanna tell me?”

“Dr. Foster, the Avengers have returned. Prince Thor requests your presence in the med bay.”

Darcy’s ears pricked up at the announcement and she glanced at Jane to find her wide-eyed with worry.

“Is he hurt? Is anyone hurt?” Jane asked, already closing her laptop and swiping her phone off the desk.

“Only Sergeant Barnes and Agent Barton.”

“Shit,” Darcy whispered in dismay.

She watched Jane from the corner of her eye as the scientist hurried to the door but Darcy, herself, made no move to leave. She desperately wanted to go, but decided she would simply clutter up the area. Post-mission reunions were exclusive to the Avengers and their beloved/close friends only.

“You, too, Ms. Lewis,” JARVIS said.

Darcy looked up, bewildered. “What now?”

“Your presence is required in the med bay as well.”

Jane stopped at the door and turned to her stumped assistant. “Well, don’t just sit there!”

Darcy jumped up and sped after Jane, her mind spinning with concern for Clint and Bucky, interspersed with her bafflement over JARVIS’ message. Sure, she was acquainted with the Avengers, some more than others, but she wasn’t that close to any of them, at least not enough to warrant an invitation to post-mission group hugs.

Jane took the private elevator down to the medical floor, Darcy fidgeting nervously beside her.

“How hurt do you think they are?” she asked, looking around at the slick metal lining of the elevator. It was bigger than the employee elevator and housed a freaking couch in case one got tired of standing.

Darcy didn’t have clearance to use the private elevator.

“I don’t know.” Jane shrugged. “Hope they’re not too serious. Bucky can heal, but Clint…”

“Yeah.” Darcy coughed guiltily. She was more worried about Bucky. Clint was a great guy, no doubt, but Bucky? Bucky was special. He was strong, funny, criminally handsome, and he appreciated Darcy’s choice in movies.

She maybe nursed a small crush on him. Maybe.



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Uncertain Future: 5

One Two Three Four Six

So sorry for the late update, I’ve been really busy with senior year and it’s already coming to an end, which means more work than I find necessary. But this chapter is extra long so I hope this makes up :) Thank you for patiently staying with me!


Two weeks later, your link with the pack had finally formed. It sort of crept up on you, since you almost forgot about it until one night, when you decided to go on patrol, you found you weren’t entirely alone in your head after all.

The night was warm, summer coming just around the corner as mating season came to a close, and with a full moon that night, you couldn’t help but want to run out with the moon goddess watching over you.

After patrolling the boundaries and remarking the territory, you caught a couple ravens while on your way to the lake. Looking forward to a good swim, you dove into the water, doggy paddling around and enjoying the water cleaning your pelt.

“What are you doing out here?“

Your heart jumped to your throat and halted right in the center of the lake, frightened, almost forgetting to keep moving until you remembered to keep paddling if you wanted to live. 

“Careful, we don’t need you drowning on us.” 

You could hear their amusement echoing in your mind.

You shook your head, trying to clear the voice from, ears pricked in anticipation, senses on full alert.

“Y/N, it’s okay, seems as you’ve officially become our Luna.”

It took you a few moments to realize what had happened, then recognized the voice belonging to no other than Jaemin himself. “Pup, don’t scare me like that,” you huffed, slightly annoyed, bubbling up the water around your muzzle.

“Joesonghamnida,” he apologized and an image of a white-blonde wolf bowing flashed in your mind. “I didn’t realize I was watching your thoughts until a minute ago.”

This is strange, you thought, and new. “Well I’ve never had a mental link with someone,” you replied, hoping your tone sounded lighter, looking for some guidance. “How do you control it?”

“Hold on. Swim to the edge of the lake and I’ll meet where you are. It’s better if I explain in person.”

Not going to question his motives, you swam to the edge, feeling your paws hit the bottom of the lake as you watched scenes of the forest flash through your mind, and realized you were seeing exactly what he was. No sooner did you recognize the image of the lake did you sniff the air, recognizing his scent and sure enough, Jaemin, dressed only in jeans, appeared from the trees and approached the lake. He shyly smiled your way and adorably waved before diving headfirst into the water.

Heavily amused, you watched as the boy quickly swam towards you before stopping just a couple feet away. “Hi,” he spoke, tone playful. “You’re probably wondering why I’m outside too.”

You nodded.

“Homework break. Too much boring reading,”

A sort of chuffing sound came from your throat and he laughed with you. “Yeah,” he said. “I like active entertainment.” He came a little closer, a sudden reluctant and wary expression causing his eyebrows to furrow. He held out a hand. “Mind if I pet your head?”

You growled a warning, threateningly nipping his hand.

“Yah! I know it’s strange, but this is the only way to clearly explain the link.” His tone became serious. “You need to feel it in certain parts of your head and this would go a lot quicker if you don’t fight me on it.”

Grunting in reluctant surrender, you nodded again and he swam closer, first, calmly pressing his palm to your snout, and then allowed his fingers to caress up until his hand rest on your forehead. “See, it’s not too personal, right?”

You nodded.

“Okay, great. So I’m going to do something by what we call, ‘Wolfing out,’ which is a term Donghyuck made up, meaning we phase only halfway. It’s a way to stay in your human form while being able to communicate through the pack link.”

You watched, surprised as his usual brown eyes turned golden, glowing in the night. You even noticed his fangs pressing against his bottom lip. A memory nudged to the front of your mind, and you remembered Taeyong’s golden eyes shining in the dark on the night you returned.

Jaemin brought up his other hand to show how his fingernails had grown into claws. “Cool right? Every werewolf can do it. But right now, stay in wolf form.”

The hand above your eyes moved up to the top of your head, right between your ears, and swam to your side so he could move his hand down the back of your head. “Thoughts you don’t want to reveal stay here, in the back of your mind,” he spoke through the link, voice clear in your own head. “Whenever you want to project a thought to communicate, push it to the front of your mind. This sounds weird but you’ll be able to feel it move to the front of your head,” his hand moved back to your forehead. “Go on, try it,” he encouraged, smiling innocently. “Pick a specific image or memory to show me.”

Immediately you chose a memory from the second night you left those two year ago. Jaemin was right, if you concentrated enough, you could almost feel the image of Lisa move to the front of your head, as if you were commanding some sort of spiritual energy.

“Who’s she?” Jaemin asked, confirming he received the image of her.

“Lisa,” you answered. “She’s a kind hunter not too far from town.”

The pup grinned. “You did it! Now try and take that image of Lisa away from the link. My hand will guide it to the back of your head.”

As he instructed, you moved the image back to where his hand lay atop your pelt, all the way down, almost to the back of your neck. “There ya go.” Jaemin took his hand off your head, grinning up at you excitedly. “See, it’s not as hard as you expect.”

“Gomawo,” you thanked him. “You’d make a great teacher some day.”

Jaemin smiled, his golden eyes glowing brighter at your praise, then you watched a mischievous smirk quirk the tips of his mouth up, and suddenly he approached your side, arms gently locking around your neck. “Carry me!” he demanded and you felt a weight upon your back and two legs at the sides of your pelt.

You rolled your eyes but laughed at his playfulness, beginning to gently paddle around the lake. The deeper you swam into the center, the more fun Jaemin had. He’d laugh in your ear or point out how weird but enchanting the water reflected the full moon. As you rest at a point where your paws could touch the ground, the pup buried his face in your neck, relaxing upon your back like a child would with his mother.

“Y/N?” he asked out loud after a long moment of silence. “What’s it feel like to love someone?” 

To say the question didn’t catch you off guard was a lie. Because you actually hadn’t thought this over yet. “I don’t know, Jaemin,” you said, chuffing in amusement. “Why do you ask?”

You felt him sigh. “Because it seems like everyone’s finding their mate, and I just want to know what that feels like.”

Mentally chuckling, you inquired, “What brought this question on?”

His answer surprised you. “Jeno.”

After mulling over every single possibility why Jeno would upset his best friend (which honestly, there were no possibilities), you asked, “What did he say to you, you’re never this sentimental.”

“It’s not what he said it’s what he did.”

“Which was?”

“………….He’s found his mate.”

“Oh…since when?“

“A year ago.” Jaemin paused, and you felt him sit back straight, quiet.

Having the strange sense to phase, you swam to the edge of the lake and told him to wait, while you climbed out, shook the water from your fur and phased behind a tree where your clothes and phone were. Quickly coming back in jeans and a button down shirt, sweater in hand (because the nights were cold), you sat at the edge of the lake and pat the space beside you. “Come on,” you said to the bemused pup. 

Jaemin climbed up, eyes turning back to normal, and gratefully took the sweatshirt you held out.

“Why are you upset about this?” you asked him as he ruffled his hair.

He shook his head. “I don’t know. I just am, but I know I should be happy for him.”

You smiled to yourself, realizing why he was bothered so much. “Has Jeno been paying more attention to her than you?”

He scoffed. “Not by much, but yeah, he is.”

“Is this the real reason why you’re out here?”

Jaemin scowled. “Probably.”

Because he looked so upset, so lost, and even a little angry, you couldn’t help but offer a comforting hand, and as if by instinct, he leaned his head on your shoulder. “I feel stupid,” he murmured.

You breathed a laugh. “You’re not, you’re just not used to feeling left out.”

“No I feel stupid because I feel this way.”

At his words, you said gently, “Since when was it bad to feel human emotions?”

Jaemin scoffed. “I’m eighteen.”

You chuckled. “Hate to break it to ya, but even adults get emotional. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just being human.”

The boy laughed, and you grinned, hoping you had successfully cheered him up. “Damn, life is —”

Riiinng, rriinnng!

The call cut him off and you checked who it was. Grinning at the name which appeared on your screen, you handed it to Jaemin. “I think it’s for you.”

He straightened and took the phone, scowling at the name before answering. “Jeno?”

“Jaemin?” the voice replied.


“Yah! Where the hell are you? It’s 12:30!”

“I’m at the lake. I just needed some fresh air.”

There was a pause on the other line before Jeno’s voice said, “We were so worried — I was worried. Taeyong was just about to send out a patrol to find you.”

Jaemin laughed, a grin lighting up his face. “I’m okay, really.”

“…I need to talk with you.”

Jaemin sighed. “Me too.”

“Well come back home. And is Y/N with you too?”

Before you were even yards away from the door, Jeno ran out and flung himself at Jaemin. “Don’t scare us like that again, okay?” he demanded, engulfing his best friend in a hug.

Jaemin laughed. “I won’t, I didn’t mean to scare everyone.”

You grinned but walked by them, making your way to the door and headed straight towards the kitchen. After putting the two ravens you caught in the fridge, you headed up to your room, yawning, realizing just how tired you were.

“Is Jaemin okay?” Taeyong asked as you entered. He was sitting upon the bed, reading a few papers in his hands.

You smiled, this had become a regular sight to see; coming home after your job or a late run, with Taeyong patiently waiting for you to return, finishing up whatever paper work he had from the agency. It was the same agency Agent Kim and detective Byun worked under, just under different locations.

“He’s fine. Just a little lonely at the moment,” you assured and went to wash up before quickly changing into shorts and an oversized T-shirt. You could feel your mate’s gaze on you, making the hair on the back of your neck prick in awareness. By a miracle you haven’t jumped each other yet, and even though some nights felt hotter than others, and you two would spend hours just making out to relieve a little stress, there was something holding you back from consenting, and a little voice in the back of your head told you it had something to do with what Jaemin had asked you tonight.

“Are you okay?”

You startled, realizing you has paused mid-change and felt Taeyong standing right behind you. By now your shorts were on but the T-shirt was in your hands. You felt him press against your back, arms wrapping around your waist, feeling him place a kiss against your neck. “Something on your mind?”

You didn’t respond, for a moment, just letting him distract your brain and surrendered to the warmth against your back. His mouth felt hot and welcoming against your skin, sending tingles down across your nerves and your limbs weaken. At one point you felt your bra unhook, the straps being pushed down before the T-shirt in your hand was taken, and pulled over your head and body. You smiled, he was always such a gentleman.

Turning around, you let him lean in to press a chaste kiss against your lips before muttering against his mouth, “The pack link formed tonight.”

Your eyes opened, watching as Taeyong smiled in relief, chuckling under his breath. “How was it?”

“I didn’t realize my thoughts were being watched until Jaemin literally spoke right into my head, scared me, the pup.” You both laughed, foreheads touching with his arms around your waist and you gently playing with the ends of his short sleeves, pressed against him. “But he taught me how to control what I project.”

“Remind me to thank him later,” Taeyong murmured. “Do you know how to wolf out?”

You gave a nonchalant shrug. “Never tried it before. But he showed me what it looks like.”

Your mate’s eyes were suddenly glowing gold, and his fangs pressed against his bottom lip. “Try it. It’s like stopping the phase before your bones turn.”

Closing your eyes, you concentrated, for a brief moment forgetting about leaning against him and thought about phasing, slowly. It was a weird sensation; you could actually focus on what was happening. Like the growth of your nails, canines poking your lip, and slight pressure behind your eyes. You stopped, thinking that was far enough, and opened your eyes. “Well?” you inquired.

“Can you hear me?” Taeyong’s words almost whispered in your head, and you smiled, nodding. “Perfect.”

You laughed, it felt good to finally form that intimate connection.

By summer time your sensitivity had finally come to an end. You were almost relieved, glad there wasn’t a constant need to jump the alpha whenever a chance was given. The reason why you held out, and why he did too, was because you both had decided sex under the burning lust of mating season was not a good idea for anyone’s first time, you both wanted to be in your right mind for that.

The tension in the pack house had evaporated and the constant bickering from the pups had toned down to a minimum. Even better, the pack had fully accepted you as their luna once the link was formed, and you enjoyed running with them side by side on patrols as a true leader. You had already familiarized the new territory, and for once in a long time you felt complete, happy, content.

On this particular day, all the pups, except Jisung, Miseong, and Chenle had graduated. As a graduation gift, the pack threw a family party, letting the youngsters invite whomever they pleased. But since wolves were incredibly reserved creatures, the only new guest to arrive that day was Jeno’s mate.

Or at least you all thought.

You had never met her before. Apparently, last year, she had been over a couple of times to study or at least stay for dinner. So as you were helping Taeyong, Taeil, Eunjung, and Yuta, in the kitchen, the door opened, causing an unfamiliar scent to hit your nose. “Whoa,” you murmured, head shooting up. “That’s new.”

Before the others could explain who it was, Jeno descended from the staircase, donning jeans and a light peach button down with the sleeves rolled up. You watched him disappear behind the wall as he warmly greeted whoever stepped into the living room, the door already unlocked.

“Saerin,” Taeyong whispered her name in your ear and you grinned his way. “She’s also human.”

“At least Eunjung won’t be too lonely anymore.”

“She definitly could use a human companion again.”

“They’re growing up, huh?”

“Too fast,” he joked and pressed a kiss to your forehead as you chortled over his teasing. “I’ll sadly forever see them as kids.”

You snorted. “I think we all will.”

The unfamiliar scent suddenly enveloped your senses as Jeno appeared with someone else under the doorframe. Everyone greeted her, you staying back for introductions later and busied yourself with chopping the meat that morning’s patrol had caught, and a couple packs of bought beef.

Minutes after you felt their presence near you and set the knife down, turning your head to smile warmly.

Jeno faced her, a tenderness in his gaze you’ve never seen before. “Remember what I told you last month?”

The girl nodded and eagerly bowed, shaking your hand. “I’m Saerin, it’s great to finally meet you, Luna.”

“Y/N, it’s nice to meet you too.” You wondered if jeno had mentioned something about you to her, and xame to the conculsion that he just might have.

“How’re you adjusting to the pack?” she asked.

At her inquiry your heart warmed, it was awfully kind of her to worry about your stability, even if you just met. “Very well actually.”

In that moment, Jeno was asked to help with the cooking and excusing himself, he maneuvered to help Yuta with the soup, leaving you with her.

Quickly thinking of a way to break the awkwardness, you asked, “Wanna help me chop the meat? I could use an extra hand.”

She quickly complied and after washing, helped you chop up the last of the beef. As you two worked together, Saerin told you a little about herself. By the end, you’ve decided she was incredibly open, liking her more and more.

Around 6:00 Taeyong called for everyone to gather outside, instructing them to bring out more picnic tables and another foldable table for the food.

Once everything was set up, the pack sat down wherever they pleased and thanked the cooks for their time and energy before digging in. You found yourself sitting with Taeyong, Johnny, Eunjung, and Hana. 

As you took a bite of food, the young girl sitting beside you leaned in to whisper, “The birthday gift was beautiful, kamsahamnida.”

You quickly swallowed and shot her a mischievous smile. “Did you have fun?”

Hana blushed. “We haven’t done anything yet,” she said with a shake of her head. “But I tried it on.”

Patting her shoulder in comfort, you whispered, “I don’t want you to feel pressured into anything, but I hope it fits, does it?”

“Mhm,” she took a bite of food and swallowed, nodding her head. “And the color is so pretty, I’m afraid I might ruin it.”

You chuckled under your breath, giving her a wink. “Remember, don’t let him tear it.”

She laughed aloud. “I promise.”

A movement caught both your eyes as Saerin joined you at the table.

“Oh here you go,” Hana smiled and scoot over, pushing you to moved over as well. “We’ve finally graduated, huh?”

Saerin grinned. “I know I can’t believe it’s already been two years. Right now my brain can’t comprehend it yet.”

The two chatted a bit and then faced you, talking about their future and what they wanted to major in before diving into their own personal conversation about music. 

Thinking about majors, you asked Taeyong, “What did you major in?”

He shot you a gentle smile. “I majored in the social field —”

“Teaching,” Johnny interrupted with a large grin, utensils in hand. “He wanted to teach high school students. But dropped out because he needed to focus on the pack”

You’re eyebrows shot up. “Really? No wonder you’re good with the pups.”

Taeyong chortled before taking a gulp of water. “Gomawo.”

“Do you regret dropping your education?” you asked after a pregnant pause.

He shook his head. “No, my responsibility to the pack comes first, besides, I get to nurture the pups, so I’m not —”


The entire clearing froze, everyone’s heads jerked up, ears alert. 

Johnny’s demeanor darkened in worry. “Was that a gu —”


Your blood ran cold, mind freezing up.

Taeyong stood from his seat, looking at the pack with sharp eyes. “Everyone head inside, I’m gonna round up a patrol.”

Minutes later the pups were inside.

In the living room, You, Johnny, Taeil, and Yuta helped pack some medical supplies in a small bag. Taeyong entered the room, surveying the scene but stopped when his eyes landed on you. “Y/N, I didn’t say you could come with us.”

“Well I’m coming with whether you like it or not,” you scowled, grabbing a small bag for when you phased. The others began shuffling out the door and you followed, only to be stopped by a gentle pull of the elbow.

“What if you get hurt?” Taeyong questioned you, holding onto your biceps as you faced him. “What if it’s your stepfather?” His eyes turned soft and he whispered, “What if you leave me again?”

You stopped, the expression on his face filled with fear yet determination. To comfort him you reached out to massage the back of his head, and he instantly relaxed, sighing in defeat. “Whether it’s him or not, I won’t run again, but that doesn’t mean I’ll conceal myself either.” You raised up to press a reassuring kiss against his mouth, feeling him reciprocate after a moment before pulling back to murmur, “This is something I must face.”

You ran beside his silvery pelt, the other wolves bringing up the end as you five ran towards the sound. A few more shots rang out again, and although you could feel your insides twisting into a knot, you refused to run this time.



It wasn’t a howl, but a cry of pain.

“Taeyong,” Yuta linked. “The clearing.”

Minutes later you arrived among the clearing, hiding behind the brush. “Clear,” Taeyong flicked his ears forward, and Taeil went forward out into the open.


The cocking of a gun was heard and everyone looked to their left, only to see Johnny had tackled the hunter, it’s gun having been thrown yards away from his reach.

As Taeyong told Taeil to continue with his search for the hurt wolf among the tall grass, Johnny called you over to him as he held the hunter down, possibly breaking a limb here or there.

“Do you know him?” he asked. You took a closer look at the man Johnny held down, and snorted in utter disgust as you recognized the scent and face.

You wanted to puke on him, wanted to grab him from beneath Johnny and ring him in your mouth and throw him against the nearest tree, then rip his limbs from his body one by one. You could feel your gut begin to simmer with anger, and growled right into the man’s terrified face, teeth barred, eyes narrowed.

“Y/N?” Taeyong’s voice sounded in your mind. “Taeil’s been calling for you, he needs a female presence to help calm the wolves.”

“What about him?” Yuta asked, gesturing with his tail to Johnny who was growling at the hunter again.

“Knock him out and bring him home, put him in the jail cell.”

You remembered briefly about Johnny mentioning a jail cell when he gave you a tour of the house, but you haven’t seen it for yourself.

“It’s in the basement,” Taeyong answered your unspoken question. “Most of the pack haven’t seen it yet too, we’ve only had to use it once before.” He flicked his ears towards the field, reminding you Taeil needed help.

As you padded forth, leaving Johnny and Yuta to deal with the hunter, you felt Taeyong run his tail along your flank. “Doing okay?” he asked. You nuzzled his neck in a reassuring manner before trotting out to wherever Taeil was.

You found the healer crouching over two boys, they looked young, possibly in their late teens. A boy with large worried eyes, donned in jeans was hovering over the other, silent tears falling down his face. Taeil had wrapped the other in a towel, and the boy lying down grimaced in pain, you could see sweat on his skin and dark hair plastered to his forehead.

“Silver bullet,” Taeil murmured and pulled out a bottle of wolfsbane from his bag. “I’ve got the numbing medicine too.” Turning to face the conscious boy, he asked kindly, “Could you hold your friend down? If he moves too much it could damage his side even more.”

That’s when you noticed the bullet wound in the boy’s shoulder. It looked bad, really bad. And you weren’t sure how many minutes had past since Taeil arrived. As the wolfsbane entered his system, hi wiggled in pain, eyebrows furrowed, tears welled up beneath his eyelids, whimpering and groaning loudly, even wincing from time to time and you remembered what Taeil needed you to do.

You instinctually bent down to lick the boy’s forehead in a soothing manner, hoping your feminine energy and soothing scent would help the panic in his system. He was so scared you and Taeil both could almost taste it.

Then the wound had been numbed, dampening the burning in his body, and he turned quiet, breathing in and out, in and out.

“Who are they?” Donghyuck was the first to voice his thoughts when your patrol returned home.

Taeil and Eunjung had brought the young boys into his patient room. During your time out, the graduation party had almost come to a close. The pups were silently eating their food at the table, their curiosity coming off them was almost overwhelming.

“We don’t know.” Taeyong answered, standing against the counter as you both ate some food the rest of the pack had saved. “They haven’t spoken a word yet.”

“Who was the unconscious man they brought in?” Saerin asked. “Where’d you put him?”

Jeno quickly leaned in to whisper in her ear. You watched as her eyes widened and her head nod.

At the mention of him, you looked at your food, appetite suddenly lost, and set your plate near the sink. “I need some air,” you muttered. Ignoring their stares you walked out to sit on the porch.

The fresh air was welcoming as you sat on a small sofa near the end of the large porch. You knew that hunter, but not very well. He was a close friend of your stepfather’s, and wondered whenever the interrogating would begin, if you could be one of the first to question him. You lay on the couch, letting your mind wander. The knots in your stomach tightened again, and you felt sick. Because of course when you thought he was cleared he had to come back when you returned. A little voice in the back of your head told you you shouldn’t be surprised, but you weren’t, you were just angry.

Minutes later you had dozed off, feeling your mind slowly begin to shut down, but your senses were sharp, feeling the wind in your hair and feeling the peaceful woods around you.

Eyes still closed, you heard the door open and footsteps maneuver towards you. They halted about a foot away, feeling his intense stare wander over your sleeping form before your head was gently lifted up and set down on his lap. There, you felt his hand soothingly massage your head, and turned on your side, burying your nose in his shirt, the familiar scent reassuring you, you were safe and sound.

“Relaxed?” Taeyong asked, his arm coming to curl around you

Nodding, you turned back on your back, his hand falling onto your hip. “I’m fine,” you whispered, eyes still closed. “Just angry I didn’t see this coming before.”

“The hunters in general?”

“No, my stepfather. I got a good look at his face and recognized him immediately.”

You heard him chuckle softly. “I know, your thoughts were pretty violent back there.”

“Can you blame me?”

“No,” he whispered. “I’d feel the exact same way.”

You both lapsed into silence, feeding off each other’s scent. The blood in your veins began to cool, feeling his hand move and rest on your stomach. “Taeyong?”


“I wanna be the first to interrogate him.”

“Nothing. No words at all.”

You all looked up from your breakfast as Taeil and Mark entered the room.

It was the next morning, and Taeil, had tried talking with the two boys up in his patient room. But he said they wouldn’t say anything, only nod and shake their head. The healer even brought Mark up after he managed to reveal their age, and since the older pup was practically their same age, he hoped Mark would be able to drag a few words out of them. But they wouldn’t speak.

You thought for a moment. “Are they mute?”

Taeil nodded. “Seems like it. Although I haven’t the slightest clue why.”

Suddenly you heard almost inaudible whispers coming from the end of the table. Jisung and Miseong were whispering to each other, and he looked at her, eyebrows furrowed. After awhile, she gave him a pleading look, but he shook his head. “Please?” she whispered, adorably leaning her chin on his shoulder. “Jebal.”

He sighed, giving in and pressed a kiss upon her nose before facing the table again. He cleared his throat, catching everyone’s attention. “I recognize them,” he spoke, watching as several eyebrows shot up. “They were in the facility with me.”


Well well well, look at that, another connection to Wolf!Mark’s story. And oh look Jeno has a mate!! I’m having so much fun connecting their stories, and I love coming up with new ideas for each wolf.

Also, please welcome Yukhei and Jungwoo to the pack!! And also, should Yukhei’s name remain the same or be changed to Lucas?

Late night out - Sam x Reader

Warnings!: Reader gets drunk, but yeah

Word Count: 1,080

Summary: Y/N goes out for a girls night and when she comes home drunk, Sam helps her get off to bed. 

A/N: You guys, lately my creativity has been a constant stream and i fw it for real. Also, just in general, stay tuned boo. 

It had been a while since you had a night out with the girls. Life was busy as a hunter, always on the move. However, this job landed you back in your hometown and you saw it as a perfect opportunity to catch up with friends.

You slipped on a little black dress and some complementary heels. The leather dress wrapped tightly around your body, outlining your natural curves. Your hair fell over your shoulder as you finished applying your lipstick. Wow. You were pleased with the end result and excitment started to build up. Your phone vibrated and you looked down to see a text from one of your friends. 

‘Be here in 10 minutes. Can’t wait to see you!!’

You grabbed your purse and exited the bathroom. 

Sam and Dean each laid on one of the motel’s beds. Dean flipped through endless pages of whatever magazine he was reading, but Sams eyes immediately looked up from his laptop. His eyes went slightly wide and he did a double take at the stunning image of you. 

“Y/N,” Sam stammered. “Where to?” He looked to be in awe. You laughed knowing you must’ve really caught him off guard. 

“Decided to take a night off.” You said, double checking your purse to make sure you had everything. 

Dean looked up from his magazine and he, too, was stunned. “Who’s the lucky guy?” He teased. 

“Just a night out with the girls.” You laughed, walking towards the door. “Don’t worry though, I won’t be too late.” 

Dean started to say something but you left the room, cutting him off. The boys loved you dearly and you knew they just wanted you to be safe and responsibile. And they never failed to make sure you knew this. Which you did, you were old enough to take care of yourself and it wasn’t their job to babysit you. Afterall, you just worked with them, nothing more. 


Music blared through the speakers as you danced, holding your drink high. This was your fifth drink? You felt a bit queasy but still jumped as the lights roamed over the crowd. In one quick slosh, vodka hit the back of your throat, sending a warm feeling down your throat. Panic rushed through you as you remembered that you didn’t know where your purse was. 

You pushed through the crowd of people who were all dancing on each other and some even tried to latch onto you. You just shook them off though and suddenly the music became more present than ever. Your hands clasped over your ears as they started to ring. Finally, you found your purse and immediately checked your phone. It had been an hour since you had lost track of your friends in the crowd and still no sign of them. Without hesitation, you grabbed your belongings and headed for the exit door. 

The cold nights air hit you when you stepped outside. It actually didn’t bother you, not compared to the heat inside. The motel was only two blocks over, so you began your walk, finding comfort in the cool air. 

Halfway to the motel, you looked up to the sky. It wasn’t cloudly at all, in fact you could see many constellations. Each one was fascinating and more than interesting to look at. You smiled, looking away from the sky and wondering what else could be out there. You laughed as you thought of the angels in heaven. They are out there afterall. One normal night did not mean one normal life. This life belonged strictly to the abnormal. 

You stumbled into the motel, a giggling mess but clasped a hand over your mouth when you saw Dean passed out on the bed. Not wanting to disturb dean, you slowly turned around, closing the door. When you turned around, Sam stood in the bathroom doorway, brushing his teeth. You jumped, startled by his sudden presence. However, you forget that you had heels on and when you landed, you lost your balance causing your foot to fall sideways, sending you to the ground. 

“Damn it!” You cried out, holding onto your ankle. 

Sam rushed over to you, toothbrush still in his mouth causing you to bust out laughing. “Sam!” You exclaimed. 

It didnt take long for Sam to piece together that you were drunk. He grinned, rolling his eyes as you threw your head back laughing. 

“We need to get you off the floor, Y/N. Come on.” Sam struggled to say as his toothbrush still took up space in his mouth. You felt your self being lifted off of the tile floor and placed onto Sam’s bed. 

Sam walked into the bathroom, quickly rinsing off his toothbrush and sitting it down on the counter. 

“I’ll be easy on you since you definitely just sprained your ankle.” Sam pointed out as he sat beside you. 

“You couldn’t be tough on me even if you wanted to.” You laughed, reaching out and poking his nose. “Boop!” 

“Quiet, quiet, if you wake up Dean, he’s going to be pissed.” Sam snickered. Of course Sam wouldn’t be hard on you. He understood that things got hard at times and sometimes it can help to just have even a moment of normalcy. Dean was always more hesitant when it came to you being on your own for anything. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust you, he just cared too much for you. Dean felt like he had to look out for you. 

You nodded, laying back on the bed and ignoring your ankle, which was starting to swell. 

“Should probably get some ice on that.” Sam suggested. You shrugged him off though. 

“I feel okay, actually would you bring me a bottle of water, my throat is not feeling its best.” You admitted sitting back up. Sam stood up, walking over to the fridge and grabbing a water for you. 

“Heads up.” Sam said, gently tossing the water bottle to you. You caught it in your hands and the cold plastic burned your hands. You unscrewed the cap though and took a sip. The cold water hit your teeth, sending shivers throughout your body. 

“Get some sleep,” Sam said, lifting the blankets up and laying them over you all at once. “Job starts tomorrow.” 

“But Sam,” You asked, a sense of worry washing over you, “What if my ankle isn’t better by tomorrow.” 

“It will be.” Sam smiled at you once more before flickering the lights off. 

My Issues With TKO

[Image is of KO making a strained expression along with a tear coming out of his eye.]

This is what we see right before TKO comes to fruition. A child that is sad and frustrated.

[Image is of KO in the flashback where he is much younger, crying on the ground.]

In this flashback, we are shown what advice KO has received about what to do when he is sad and frustrated, the vague idea of “focus”. I’m not saying the advice was inherently bad, but it’s not enough to work with for a small kid in the long term. Unfortunately for KO, there was no point in his life that an adult could identify as an appropriate moment to give him more clear advice until the events of TKO.

[Image is of KO looking at a dark blob in a cage. His expression is cautious and disgusted.]

This is because KO represses his negative emotions. Sure, he’s no Radicles about it; he lets himself cry and be angry sometimes, but in the end he believes the most heroic way to live life is to tackle any adversity without issue. Whether it be physical harm or emotional harm, a hero is not supposed to experience those weaknesses without justification. Emotions are best when they can be used to achieve some heroic end. When they can’t be, KO perceives them as

[Image is of KO’s “evil burp” from episode “Face Your Fears” grinning mischievously.]

this. An embodiment of KO’s worst fear is that of himself being a villain, and KO’s idea of a villain thus far is someone who allows their negative feelings to motivate harmful actions.

[Image is of unsuited Chameleon Sr. holding Chameleon Jr.]

In “My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad!” KO says, “Seems like inside every bully is[…] a troubled man.” 

If every villain is deserving of sympathy because their actions are motivated by frustrations or insecurities, then it would make sense for KO to mistakenly associate frustrations and insecurities with the concept of villainy, and therefore repress those feelings in trying to be a hero. 

[Image is of TKO sitting in the passenger seat of a car, looking out the window in a brooding manner.]

So what happens when someone tells KO that the key to obtaining true power is to channel one’s frustrations? If KO’s main experiences with expressing frustration is watching villains/bullies, i.e., people who express their feelings in unhealthy manners, then it would make sense that he would start engaging in unhealthy behaviors. 

And it’s at this point the episode really starts to fall apart.

[Image is of Rad giving TKO a noogie, while Enid observes with a smile.]

No one is willing to find out why KO is acting in this manner and address that. Everyone just wants to get rid of the symptoms when they start to inconvenience them. After KO gives his speech on how the world is “a pizza of suffering and torment,” Enid laughs it off as being dramatic. It isn’t until KO insults her that she decides his behavior is “too far.” Rad doesn’t mind until KO ignores him. Carol only takes action when KO gets violent.

If any of these characters had been willing to talk it out with KO when his behavioral issues were only budding, he wouldn’t have reached the point of hurting the people around him and destroying the plaza. 

[Image is of TKO floating in the air, yelling angrily.]

Unfortunately, with lines such as “Only teens have earned the right to angst and brood,” and “It’s not a phase, mom!” It’s clear the writers don’t think children’s frustrations with life are something to be taken seriously. 

They believe a valid way to respond to a kid thinking the world is too cruel of a place to engage with positively is to let them deal with those thoughts until they exhaust themselves, thus ending their “phase.” The ideas that fuel that belief are extremely harmful, as it leads to kids never learning how to deal with negative emotions, and it teaches them that no one cares when they’re suffering as long as that suffering doesn’t affect others directly, and when their suffering is affecting others it becomes a burden.

With an attitude like that the writers wrote themselves into a hole, so KO just randomly punches himself.

[Image is of TKO punching himself in the face and falling back slightly.]

And then KO uses the power of “focus” to throw TKO back into a cage.

[Image is of KO closing a cage door from the outside while TKO cries inside the cage.]

So the moral of the story is that kids should repress their negative emotions and put on a facade of near-constant content with life to please their friends and family? Carol even says, “I’m just glad you’re back to normal,” without trying to figure out what happened to KO to make him act the way he did, or how to prevent it in the future.

[Image is of KO looking up happily at Red Action, Drupe, and Gregg from inside a lava drain path.]

OK KO has shown us on multiple occasions that mean people are just acting out because they don’t know how to cope with something, and a hero is someone who extends sympathy toward them. Why doesn’t this apply to TKO, a kid who doesn’t know how to cope with feelings of powerlessness?

I was really hoping the episode would redeem itself by the time TKO and KO fight it out, with KO realizing how much of a disservice to himself he was doing by downplaying his own emotions, and embracing TKO as a part of himself that needs a healthy outlet, and destroying the cage altogether.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, so we end up with an episode that is needlessly cruel toward distraught children and tells them that only certain emotions are socially acceptable and the rest should be bottled up.

This is supposed to be a kids show, right?

Illustration | “Bra (Bulla)”, Fanart, 2017

Had to draw her for her debut in Super!!! :D The Little Saiyans Princess is here to steal our hearts!! :D 

I wanted to complete the happy little family.  I don’t think I never posted my Trunks image, but I did take elements based of how I drew Bulma and Vegeta in my last drawing of them 2 years ago.

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