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Moana Had Brothers?! Meet 'em in Exclusive Deleted Scene From Disney's Animated Blockbuster

How far did Moana go from the initial drawing-board version? Fans who snapped up $565 million worth of tickets worldwide might not recognize the story of the plucky teen wayfarer as originally conceived.

With the Oscar-contending animated hit heading home (the Digital HD version arrives Tuesday while the Blu-ray/DVD hits shelves on March 7), Yahoo Movies has an exclusive deleted scene (watch it above) that shows how the title heroine evolved as a character.

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As they set up the clip, directors Ron Clements (the one with the beard) and John Musker reveal where it originally had fit in the film.

“This is a very early scene in the movie, where Moana had six older brothers,” says Clements, “and this was a showcase for Moana’s sailing proficiencies and how she really kind of outdoes her brothers.”

(Courtesy of Disney)

“We lost her brothers and wanted to make her less proficient when she was sailing so this scene went away,” adds Musker. “But it’s a fun scene.”

(Courtesy of Disney)

“The scene went away as did her six older brothers,” says Clements. “Somehow she became an only child and probably is much happier as an only child.”

(Courtesy of Disney)

The “Lost Brothers” deleted scene is one of seven included on the home edition, along with a Lin-Manuel Miranda tune, “Warrior Face,” that also wound up on the cutting-room floor.

(Courtesy of Disney)

As Musker and Clements explained earlier to Yahoo Movies, they ultimately decided the film is about Moana’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment and the story was streamlined accordingly. For example, the directors said an early iteration of the story had Maui performing more heroics in the climactic battle, but, after discussing with some female coworkers, the filmmakers realized Moana didn’t need Maui’s help in defeating the vengeful goddess Te Kā. Likewise, the subplot with her battling a half-dozen brothers for the attention of their chieftain father felt superfluous.

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Disney is notorious for its intense story-vetting process, with many films undergoing radical changes, and Moana is no exception. Musker and Clements, whose joint credits include Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and The Princess and the Frog, told us earlier that the heroine’s breakout sidekick, the daft rooster Heihei, was almost excised from the film because they had trouble figuring out how best to organically fit him in the story.

In addition to the excised scenes and song, the Digital HD and Blu-ray versions of Moana will include the Maui-Moana short “Gone Fishing,” the theatrical short “Inner Workings,” music videos, making-of featurettes, director’s commentary, and a guide to the film’s Easter eggs.


Caejose Week 2016
Day 7 - Growing Old

you guys remember that Howl’s Moving Castle au i did last september? well its back

ok so i see these all the time so I wanna do one now… so this is my break down of divide

Eraser: I forgot he could rap and I’m shook, “I wish that love was a currency and the whole was wealthy” ICONIC “welcome to the new show” aka buckle up friends 

Castle on the Hill: makes me forget that I do not actually like my small town but reminds me of how much I love my friends, “they raised me and I can’t wait to go home” I’m crying

Dive: I am so here for this!!!!! Honestly I’m speechless, i just love this and the line “Don’t call me baby unless you mean it” YES

Shape of you: I will never get tired of this song, what a bop. Anytime, anywhere, I will go hard to this. I sing it in the shower regularly ngl  

Perfect: The most beautiful. Makes me wanna get married right this second.

Galway Girl: WHAT A FUCKING TUNE I GO SO HARD 10/10 but also does he say he finishes doritos and another bottle of wine??

Happier: going from galway girl to this is emotional rollercoaster. So beautiful and mature

New Man: this lowkey gives me a boyband vibe but in a good way, I love all the dragging and pettiness like I wanna sit down and chat with him about the true story behind this because it seems spicy 

Hearts Don’t Get broke Around Here: makes me feel like I’m in love even though I’m not, also makes me feel like sitting in a field of flowers. So so so so so beautiful. 

What Do I Know: I don’t see enough love for this song. literal definition of good vibes only. “Just remember life is more than fitting in your jeans, its love, undestanding, and positivity” THIS IS SO IMPORTANT

How Would You Feel (Paean): I said this had a John Mayer vibe before I even knew he played the guitar solo bc its so John Mayer-y (which is a good thing, I’m a slut for John Mayer)

Supermarket Flowers: i def thought this was gonna be a love song just based off the title, oh boy was I wrong and oh boy did I tear up

Barcelona: back on the emotional rollercoaster, but this time its going up, this is so much fun! Makes me forget that I’ve never actually been to Barcelona 

Bibia Be Ye Ye: catch me jamming to this but also trying to remember the stuff I learned from high school spanish

Nancy Mulligan: another irish bop what???? i like how he says religion in this song. very theatrical,  like a story time break

Save Myself: another beaut. so so so so powerful. 

Conclusion: I’m either crying or jamming or both. 

Svt as things my little sister says~

Yo she back again with the svt as things thingy. My little sis is the funniest human I know so pls enjoy~

S.coups: ‘Too soft to slice’ me; actually my senior quote"

“Just so you know I’m wearing lace underwear. Dean Winchester is shook”

“I used to think it was a sin to close the Bible.”

“It’s hard to eat a potato when you’re not a cannibal.”

“My face looks ugly when I smile so I don’t do it; no tea just facts”

“Fitness graham pacer test are all fun and games until you actually have to take one.”

*in a jingle tone* “S-c-r-e-w! You!”

“How much water covers the earth”

“70% oh just like us how cute we’re the earth”

“If I had a YouTube channel i’d say Hollie did 9/11 cause Hollie means bush.”

“It’s really eye opening when it won’t fit over your thigh.”

“Everyday is the 10k challenge when you’re fat.”

“Are you http? Because ://”

“If you eat this soup really fast it burns your mouth and numbs the pain.”

Photograph by Claire Vogel.

EXCLUSIVE interview with Nate Weaver–director of photography on the “Art Is the Weapon” video

I recently reached out to Nate Weaver (director of photography on the “Art Is The Weapon” video), and he graciously agreed to answer some questions about the filming process. Read on to learn more about the creative process behind the launch of the Danger Days era!

1. Are there any props, characters, or concepts that didn’t make it to the video? I watching a behind-the-scenes video for “Na Na Na” and was surprised to see at least a few things that didn’t make it into the actual video. Was there anything that you guys filmed or discussed that weren’t included in the final cut?

You know, I’m a bad person to ask. I was there, but the place was literally blanketed in all these props and dressing that Jason and Gerard had come up with. All the art was carted out to the set days beforehand, and by the time I got there it looked like the Killjoys had been there for a week. I couldn’t keep track. You have to understand that Gerard was the source of all this stuff…Jason was adding and fleshing out plenty of ideas, but Gerard’s creativity was the source of everything and it was very off-the-cuff and free flowing.

2. One of my favorite scenes from the “Art Is The Weapon” video is Kobra Kid flinching and covering his ears at the sound of a gunshot. How much insight did the cast have into their characters’ personalities? Did they ever suggest certain scenes or details for their characters?

It’s really difficult for me to say, on music videos traditionally directors do not get too involved in “directing” the finer points of an artist (or their character). In a lot of music videos, what band members decide to bring to the screen is very much their decision because that character likely is on display in other ways.

That said, I’m pretty sure I remember the idea of Mikey flinching was Gerard’s idea. All the scenes we shot were pre-determined well in advance, so as far as did Ray, or Frank, or Mike come up with any of the scenes, I can’t say.

3. How and why was the Four Aces set chosen? What made the crew decide that a diner/gas station was the perfect place to introduce the Killjoys? Did you consider any other locations before you started filming?

This was a decision made by Gerard (to my knowledge) relatively early on. If I had to guess, the reasoning was practical. It’s tough to find a small geographic area that can give you a lot of different looks and places to play around in. But it was a fun playground!

4. What kind of steps did the cast and crew take to really “transform” the set, making it look like something from the Danger Days universe and not just a generic diner?

Well, I think one of the keys is knowing that we all knew that it was never supposed to look like a diner necessarily. Or a motel. Jason Fijal had a lot of ground to cover. I would guess that he was busy building gizmos like Dr. Death’s radio console and collecting props for a good week beforehand, if not more. And then at that point, it’s just him looking at a list of scenes we have on the shotlist, and dressing those sets the day before. I remember we had to have a couple discussions about how to turn the motel’s front office into Dr. Death’s radio station. But luckily for us, it was all supposed to be post-apocalyptic, makeshift anyway!

5. What was the creative process like? How did you and Gerard work together to make a video that matched his vision?

It was like holding onto a firehose? But I would mean that in the best way. I mean, I’m glad you asked, because I’ve been lucky enough in my music video career to work with some very incredible, creative people. Gerard though is one of the most freely creative people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet and work with. From the very first meeting, I quickly realized that Gerard had this world very fully realized in his head, and I’d need to hang on and just try to fill the few gaps in his plan with photography and filming approach that fit his vision. Gerard was really the director. And I couldn’t have been more happy than to just help him get all that stuff out of his head and onto the screen. It was fast, it was chaotic, and it was one of the most freely creative shoots I’ve ever been a part of. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

6. What was a typical day at the shoot like? What duties and responsibilities did you have?

(Since mine was only a one day shoot, I have to kind of breeze over the ‘typical’ part.)

I have to comment that there was nothing typical about this shoot…it wasn’t typical because we had so much to shoot in one day, because Gerard was so involved in almost everything, I could go on and on. It was the best kind of not-typical.

A lot of people might think a director is responsible for everything, but really a director is (hopefully), overseeing a lot of talented people and just letting them do their thing and making sure it all meshes to the director’s vision. So if you say Gerard was a director because it was his idea, and he was very interested in certain details of how it was all brought to life, then my job as co-director was doing all the director jobs that he was too busy to do because he was in front of the camera so much. That means breaking rough ideas for scenes into a shotlist, deciding how it was going to be lit, and “gap filling” other creative decisions that needed to be made. Where the camera goes, where the cuts will be, etc.

7. From what you’ve said, it sounds like the schedule was pretty rapid-fire. Do you think it would have turned out differently if the crew had more time, or was the tight schedule the perfect way to squeeze out creative energy?

Well, unfortunately, it’s almost always the case that if you had more time or money there would be improvements. I would have loved for it to be a two-day shoot. But I have to realize that most of those improvements would be to things like lighting, and maybe more coverage on some of the more peripheral concepts Gerard had. But the core of why people seemed to like it as much as they did…all that would have been the same. I doubt it would have been a “better” piece in the fans eyes if we had more time.

And yes, I do think the circumstances of all of it made it a little bit to the screen. It was to be a rapid fire trailer. So if by the end of the day the feeling of “getting things done” came across as urgency on the screen, it all fit together.

8. Finally, are there any fun/interesting stories from the shoot that you could share?

This may already be common knowledge, I don’t know, but when the guys are sitting in the diner eating scavenged food, all the cans were supposed to be vegetarian chili I think. Mikey wasn’t into real chili. But I think what the art department got by accident was either real chili or refried beans? Mikey was genuinely really grossed out by having to eat this stuff, but he barely said a word and at the end of the take was trying to spit it out I think. It was hilarious, but I felt bad he wound up doing something he was so grossed out by! After I called cut he’s like sputtering and trying to get this stuff out and everybody’s laughing.

Before I we finish, I just want to say again how awesome this project was to work on. In making music video, it’s not always what it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes people are difficult, sometimes the conditions are a pain. I was a late MCR fan, I didn’t get “it” until Three Cheers. But going into it, I wasn’t counting on it feeling like a bunch of people getting together and making a short movie for fun, with the added benefit of having some resources to get those fun ideas on screen. It’s so rare to have a great time on a shoot, and then the final product turns out amazing as well. Everybody involved was awesome, and I can’t stress enough how awesomely easy and low-key it was to work with Gerard, Ray, Mike & Frank. It will always be a really fond memory in my life; gratifying beyond words!

time after time

song drabble no.2 - this time loosely inspired by Cyndi Lauper’s time after time

Originally posted by jun-kookie

pairing: jungkook x reader

genre: angst, guardian angel au (this was meant to be fluff i’m so sorry)

wordcount: 1.5k

“How could you ever sleep happily by your husband’s side knowing Jungkook, your angel, your soulmate, would be sat just a few metres away watching over you so dutifully?”

The first time laid your eyes on Jungkook, you were sixteen years old. He, on the other hand, was approximately two thousand years old. Despite the grand age, his face didn’t look a day over twenty and even though four years had passed since then, he still looked like the perfect mirror image of his past self. He never changed.

 It had been an accident, of course. Jungkook revealing himself to you. He’d been assigned to you since birth, constantly watching over you for sixteen years and never once leaving your side, just as everyone else’s guardian angel did. For that sixteen years, there was not a single hitch in the road, he played his role perfectly as did you.

 Then something in the grand master plan went wrong. A glitch of sorts. And suddenly there he was, standing before you, a terrified sixteen-year-old who was convinced a ghost had apparated in front of her, albeit, a very attractive ghost. His skin was golden and an ethereal sparkle shone outwards from him as if the source of light was coming from somewhere inside his soul. He had no wings, no halo, nothing that angels were always believed to possess. He was merely a boy in ripped jeans and a white shirt.

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Let Me Show You Something ~Naughty November~

Prompt:The reader is taller than Carl, and she’s with Ron but the sex is terrible so she goes to Carl. Threesome wit Carl and Ron 

Pairing: Carl x Reader, Ron x Reader, Carl x reader x Ron

Word Count: 2k

Warning: threesome, anal, voyeurism

Tagged: @crysxtal @dunbarkiss @kirsty-lou666 @emo-chick-59-stuff@xxshewollfxx @horror-movies-and-disney@kittencutie245@thejulietfarciertlove @yui-miyuka

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anonymous asked:

Hey I was wondering what is your sona? Like species wise; I love love love the whole design and look so much I almost wanna so something with that sort of look, it's just so cool!

AAAA I’m glad u like my lil mimic!!!

She’s supposed to be a baboon-like creature, because when I designed her I was super into baboons (well I still am… monkeys are awesome)…?

But THEN I did one of those memes where people send u a mythical creature and you draw yourself as that, and had so much fun drawing her in different forms I decided she’s also shapeshifter

Ence the name Memime, because she mimics… which I think fits me well because I have the bad habit of never sticking to a personal artstyle and instead always mimicking the latest drawing I’m obsessing over :B

Also lately I’ve been drawing her in a greyscale palette because I want her to look like one of those rubber-hose cartoons!!! 

anonymous asked:

Ne, KatsuDeku rock band AU? Kacchan is basically part of a band with Kirishima (drums), Kaminari (lead guitar), Sero (bass guitar), and with Kacchan himself as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist (because I still wanna see him rocking away with a guitar while singing). Deku decides to go to one of their concerts and instantly becomes a fan and the rest is up to the imagination (i.e. Kacchan making direct eye contact with Deku on stage while performing)

Ochako is actually the biggest fangirl of Katsuki’s band. The band is called Yuuei, and Denki is her favorite member.

Izuku is Ochako’s best friend, and one day he decided to surprise her with tickets to their show for her birthday! It would be Izuku’s first time seeing them in concert, but hes heard some songs before from Ochako constantly listening to them.  And He’d admit that the vocalist could sing. On a CD that is–Izuku would judge that vocalist Katsuki’s real talent, once he hears him sing in person.

Ochako is beside herself with joy when Izuku presents the tickets!  She spends the next month prepping for the concert (making sure she has the latest shirts and signs for them)


It’s the day of the show and Ochako made sure they got there an entire night before so they could be front row. (It was to Izuku’s surprise that they werent the only ones..)
But thanks to that, they were now front row. Front-middle to be exact. Right in front of where the vocalist would be standing.

When the show starts Izuku cant believe just how LOUD Ochako is screaming!  Her and all the other fans surrounding him. Izuku looks at the stage to see numerous flashing lights, a smoke effect and the sound of an inatrumental audio being played (One off their newest album, he remembers).

And it was then that the members started coming out one by one. First Kirishima (Thankfully Ochako is yelling all their names)!  He is the drummer, and he gives the crowd a powerful wave and ‘charming’ grin. He lifts his drum sticks up high before going to his place. Next is Sero with his bass guitar. He walks out to the center stage, and puts a hand up to his ear to act like he can’t hear the thousands of fans cheering his name. He seems to get the reaction he wants, because the crowd just gets /louder/ when he does that.  He smiles, waves, then heads to his position on the stage.

Then, out comes Denki. Izuku is almost positive that Ochako loses all ability to speak audibly. She’s waving her hands, practically on the verge of tears at this blonde male standing before her. Izuku can’t help but laugh,  and he watches as the leade guitarist points out to the crowd and yells out back to them. He nods in approval,  before taking place at the right side of the stage.  Ochako’s eyes are beaming and glistening with tears, and she’s taking out her phone to snap as many pictures as possible per second.

Lastly is the vocalist.  Katsuki is his name, and the one Izuku is, internally, most excited for. He wants to hear how he sings live! He wants to see if he’s really singing or if he’s lipsyncing, how he acts with his fans, whats his personality like in person versus those crappy fan cams??

“Hey everybody! Thanks for comin out tonight!” The ash blonde already has a microphone in hand while he’s walking to center stage.

Izuku’s eyes are glued to him.
For some reason his face is growing hotter and he feels an excitement bubbling inside.  Ochako tugs at Izuku’s sleeve,  crying at this point, yelling about how she think she’s falling in love all over again. 

Katsuki says some more opening words,  and ends it with a ‘lets go! ’. Thats the rest of the bands cue to start up the opening song. 

Izuku is drowning in the greatness of it all.  They play song after song,  take breaks and talk to the crowd, and soon it’s coming to an end.  The final number came way too fast,  and Izuku is as disappointed as the others around him when Denki announces its their final encore.

The instruments start up again, and the members (minus Kirishima) start moving to the front of the stage.  Theyre all reaching out and shaking the hands of their fans.
Izuku can see on the side of his eye,  that Denki makes his way over by Ochako. She’s in tears all over again,  and stretching her arm as far as her body will allow.  And then Denki reaches out and touches her hand.  Its breif, before he moves onto the next fan. But Izuku can see Ochako is beside herself and he sure hopes she’s not going to pass out. 

He stops looking at her however when Katsuki makes his way to kneel in front of him.

He smiles.  And he’s got the smile of a heartbreaker!  Izuku is pretty much 100% confident that this singer uses his fame to benefit in flirting. He’s probably had countless famous, girlfriends, probably uses his charm to get what he wants– probably uses it to put the world under a spell,  and uses it to make everyone love him.

And Izuku is falling for it.  He’s being hypnotized by it. But it isn’t Izuku’s fault– Katsuki is looking directly at him singing the lyrics to this rock song so perfectly.  The words fall from his lips in a tune so enticing, and thats when Izuku is sure that Katsuki succeeded in his witchcraft.
Because Izuku is dazed. He’s flushed red, his heart is racing, his eyes are wide, and he can’t even describe the feeling. 
The entire concert, Izuku is becoming a fan but in that moment that Katsuki is singing to him, he’s bias. He’s /so/ bias.   He could forget the rest of the bands exists,  if he can just listen to that beautiful voice forever. 

And then its done. Katsuki stands up and moves on to the next fan.
But Izuku’s eyes follow him. He watches him until the end of the show. Until he’s off that stage and out of site completely. 

Then its over. 

Izuku becomes an underground fan of the group and is specifically Katsuki bias after that.

Also,  seeing Yuuei live peaked his interest in music so much that he decides to go into college to learn about it further.  Years pass, he keeps on listening to Yuuei, but can’t make their concerts.  Even with Ochako inviting him, he doesn’t have the expenses to do so.  But nonetheless he still supports as much as he can. 

Finally though,  he’s graduating college. He studied to become a musician manager! 

Its his first day on the job. He’s going to be training in the company Plus Ultra, and his mentor is Todoroki Shouto.

“Before anything,  you should meet the members you’ll be helping me manage.” Todoroki speaks and opens the practice room door.

Izuku smiles and nods stepping into his room.

Then his heart stops  (Or its about to burst he’s not sure at that point). Because his eyes are staring straight at Katsuki.

Yes. That Katsuki. Handsome,  sexy, cool,  flirtatious, angelic voice,  Katsuki Bakugou from Yuuei.

Izuku is frozen in place, so Todoroki initiates the meeting.

“Katsuki, this is Izuku. Co-manager. He’ll be helping us out from now on”

Did Izuku hear correctly?  Is this really happening?

“Hey, Izuku.” Katsuki says. He speaks. Katsuki Bakugou says /his/name. “Nice to meet ya”

Izuku could literally die and go to heaven. 


I HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH THIS ONE?? Please guys. Send more asks about this. Im already planning to make this a fic too. Because I have so many ideas I couldnt fit into this ;; ♡♡

[2017.07.07] JAPAN EXPO - Fullmetal Alchemist panel

Hello everyone ! (ノ^∇^)
(I doubt anyone would read these lines but anyway XD)

Here is the translation of the Fullmetal Alchemist movie panel that was held on the YUZU stage (Hall 4) at Japan Expo 18th Impact (Parc des Expositions, Paris-Nord Villepinte) !
The guests were Sori Fumihiko (director), Yamada Ryosuke (Edward Elric) and Honda Tsubasa (Winry Rockbell) !

Fullmetal Alchemist panel at Japan Expo (Paris)

***Credits of the pic to me

I ended up including some reports notes because I thought they were cute / important but if it’s really too confusing to read, just tell me so I’ll remove them and keep it simple.

I had the huge honor and chance to be there and had an amazing seat.
I’m so grateful despite all the complaints I’ve made (french side ? lol), and that is one of my best memory of my life ! (T_T) ♥

I hope you’ll enjoy it !
Just for this one PLEASE DON’T REPOST (only reblog) !!

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amethystfairy1  asked:

For Hanamiya Makoto. I'd love to see a scenario where Mako is super shy and awkward when it comes to relationships, but is like the sweetest boyfriend. She's never been allowed to come to any games. To surprise him, she goes to one, and sees his play. She's disgusted and leaves him though he's devastated. Then Mako's trying to clean up his act for her with a ton of hilarious attempts at showing her he's sorry! Bonus points for Seirin shocked he's gone clean, and got a hot girlfriend XD

Hi, nice to see you here! ♡ I altered this so it would fit his personality… Hanamiya just really, really doesn’t fit with sweet and hilarious all that much. Nevertheless, this was fun. For me. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Holy fuck, did this one get long… over 4K words? Whaaaaat????

Phone - check.

Purse - check.

Train pass - check.

Earphones - check.

You finished running down your list, tied your shoes, locked the door, and set off. You had a big plan for today: you were going to surprise Hanamiya by coming to his game for the first time and possibly cheer on his team. 

Up until now, Hanamiya always found some excuse not just to keep you from watching him play, but even from meeting his teammates. 

It sounded to you like he was shy about it, or maybe he was afraid he’d get too distracted if he knew you were there to witness the match, so naturally your plan was to avoid being spotted by him for at least the majority of the game. You knew that his team was strong and brought home significantly more wins than losses, so depending on the score perhaps you could make yourself noticeable when the point gap was big enough for their advantage. Just in case Hanamiya actually could get that much distracted.

You sincerely doubted that, though. While Hanamiya cared about you in his own weird, slightly twisted, slightly reluctant, slightly clueless, sometimes even sweet sort of way, he wasn’t someone who could get distracted too easily.

As such, half an hour later you stepped out of the train and full of excitement you headed for the gymnasium. He had told you that the closest upcoming game should be interesting, particularly because of the team they were playing, so you thought that maybe the opponents had an unusual style, or maybe they were past friends with Hanamiya, or maybe they wouldn’t play fair. 

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Reader Owns A Bar For Villains


A/N: So this is an idea I’ve been working on for a while, currently there is one in the works with 5.0.5 and a thunderstorm and I hope to have that out soon ((just like everything else it seems x)&…) but for now here are some snippets of the bar owner reader’s interactions with the crew! This little idea is my baby and I freaking love it x)& I probably won’t be answering requests for a while, but I will be uploading something at least once a week. Feel free to keep sending asks though, if something really sparks my creativity I don’t wanna miss it!!


Demencia was….a character.

And surprisingly good at holding her alcohol. You chuckled as you placed her picture up on the wall of your bar. She’d broken a few records lately, including eating every item on the menu in under an hour. Your chef was still geeking out about it.

Ever since the place opened, that candy-haired, lizard queen made it clear that she was always down to party. And I mean always. How did so much energy fit into one tiny person?

Still, she typically had her Friday night fun without causing too much of a disturbance, so who were you to judge? Most of your customers appeared pretty amused by her anyway, and all of you knew just how tough she really was, how tough she’d have to be to work for Black Hat.

“Hola, y/n!” She called to you as she rolled in through the door on this particular night, you smiled at her and politely nodded before continuing to pour a drink for Captain Hook. Apparently he’d just left a rather successful meeting with Black Hat regarding that rather troublesome Peter Pan.

From your spot behind the Bar you could see Demencia dancing and enjoying yourself and sighed. Who else could chase around Black Hat all day and still be themselves?


“Ya, doin alright there, doc?” You asked, wiping off your station at the bar. It was that slow part of the night, just after you’d decided to send most of the drunk wannabes home.

“I’m hanging in there, y/n.” Was Flug’s half hearted reply. You offered him a reassuring glance.

“Yeah, well keep your chin up, buddy.” You smiled, assuming he had one. You’d never seen his face before, “Ya want a drink? The usual?”

“Sure, y/n. Thanks.”

You smiled at him in that charming way of yours, friendly, confident, somehow conveying both your dark nature and friendly personality. Flug figured it was the reason your little speak easy became such a popular bar amongst the villainous crowd. Even Black Hat respected you and your business, meeting clients here when his office was being redone or when blood was being cleaned from the floor…

You quickly made Flug his usual drink, a sweet fruity cocktail you’d made just for him the first time he wandered in. The young doctor didn’t have a taste for strong drinks and you could respect that. Hard liquor was certainly not for many people, and you appreciated the self awareness Flug possessed to accept that with dignity.

You waited a while before asking him what was on his mind. He replied with some long explanation about some sort of device he was building, and how it was giving him a bit more difficulty than normal.

“So what does this little ray of yours do?” You asked, leaning against the counter as you talked with him. The place was practically empty by now.

“Change the molecular structure of the target to make them smaller.”

You raised your eyebrows.

“Impressive, I hope to see it in action one day.” You smiled, the malice in your grin was apparent. There were more than a few situations you could use a weapon like that in.

Which of course is why Black Hat would want to sell it.


Whenever Black Hat entered your bar, the entire building would grow silent and uneasy as every villain in the place sensed the presence of a much greater evil amongst them. Fear and respect cast a blanket over your customers like a large invisible mute button. Everyone seemed paralyzed for a few moments, except for you.

You’d been serving him long enough to have nearly grown accustomed to his presence. But even you couldn’t deny the chill that went down your spine as he looked at you.

“Pour me whatever you like, y/n.” He smiled, “Something celebratory.”

You didn’t know if you were excited or terrified to hear what the occasion was, but you asked anyway. And no a soul complained as you made his drink first.


The abundance of moonlight shining down behind your bar meant that you didn’t even have to turn on the light as you took out the garbage. But a sound at the end of the alley caught your attention, that and the all to lovely sound of destruction of the city around your building.

“Huh?” You hummed, looking around the alley for the source of the sound. Eventually, a tall blue bear peeked out from around the dumpster and you chuckled.

“Hey, there big guy.” You said in a soothing voice. The bear seemed frightened, but came to you regardless, “What are you doing all the way out here.”

The large animal started crying and hugged you suddenly. You’re eyes widened as you patted him gently on the back, “There there, buddy, don’t worry. Now I could be wrong, but I remember a certain scientist talking about something like you. You wouldn’t happen to live at Black Hat’s place, would ya?”

He nodded emphatically, and you smiled, “Well then why don’t you come inside and warm up while I try to get ahold of Dr. Flug.”

((To be continued…))



((Dorian’s very self centered bonus… This takes place after that first snippet with Demencia.)

Later in the night, a shorter girl with a pencil stuck in her pony tail popped in. You vaguely recognized her as a writer who enjoyed coming to your place in in the mornings, when things were slow. Never really asked for anything other than an internet connection and mac and cheese. It seemed odd to see her right around closing.

“Hey, y/n.” She smiled, “You haven’t seen Demencia by chance have you? She told Flug she was going out tonight. Figured she’d end up here.”

“Yeah, you replied, Flug usually comes to pick her up around now, she’s over in the corner, probably asleep.” You chuckled a bit, gesturing over to the corner.

Dorian smiled seeing Demencia’s passed out form, even if she was unable to wake her up. You offered to help her carry Demencia out of your bar.

“Thanks.” She smiled at you as you helped her lift the lizard girl into her car, “Sorry to have troubled you. Didn’t want Black Hat to find her like that. Always a bad time.”

You nodded politely, asked a few questions in regards to her work, and left her to bring Demencia home to that hat shaped manor a few blocks away. Black Hat Manor. How often would the residents of that place make you smile?


Imagine : Teasing Elijah at a family dinner which ends with a punishment in the bedroom later. (SMUT)

Originally posted by raleighbeckets

So maybe you were trying to get Elijah to react, to snap and carry you away from Rebekah’s lavish home. 

So maybe you were hoping to have some sort of fun at the end of the night.

But how could you not, when Elijah was looking as fantastic as ever with his beautiful smile, form fitting suit and perfect hair. Being his wife, you wanted nothing more than to pin him onto the bed and worship him.

But you much rather enjoyed Elijah’s darker side coming out to play, where he immediately turned rather kinky.

You had worn a tight black dress to the family dinner, doing your hair and makeup perfectly to look absolutely flawless to Elijah. You always did anyways, but you wanted to look your best. 

So you turned up at Rebekah’s house with your husband, who was already suspicious of your plan to seduce him at dinner. Rebekah immediately pulled you into the kitchen to help her with the rest of the meal while Elijah joined Klaus in the lounge for a drink.

“Something tells me that you are planing something evil, Y/N,” Rebekah smirked as she saw you give Elijah a sexy smirk as you walked away. “You look hot as ever, and you seem to be giving my brother bedroom eyes.”

“Is it a crime to seduce my husband?” You responded by, a large grin making it’s way on your face. “If anything, this is his payback for teasing me the entire day.”

“Well, I’m not going to ask,” Rebekah laughed. “I’m just going to hope you keep it to a minimum at the dining hall, alright?”

“I make no promises,” you shrugged, helping her with the rest of the food.

You sat beside Elijah during the dinner, Rebekah and Klaus sitting opposite of you. While Rebekah attempted to ignore the subtle touches you gave Elijah, the looks he was giving you, Klaus simply smirked, watching knowingly. 

Elijah nearly lost his composure with your teasing when your hand came to rest on his upper thigh, just beside his hardening length. You kept it there, squeezing occasionally as you ate. He hissed once under his breath, one hand coming to rest over top of yours in a silent plead to stop your teasing. 

You, of course, did not. Instead of asking him to pass you the pepper, you reached over him, taking this opportunity to put your breasts on full show, as well as brush your hand over his manhood. The beyond angry look you received was enough to have heat pooling between your thighs and a smirk on your lips. 

When the two of you were finally released from Rebekah’s home, Elijah gripped your wrist tightly, racing you home, where he then shoved you against the wall roughly, after locking the front door. 

“How dare you,” he seethed. “Parade yourself in front of my siblings, taunting me, and then dare to touch me, in front of them.”

“All’s fair in love,” you told him in a cocky voice. “What are you going to do to me, Elijah? Are you going to punish me?”

Elijah growled, his hand sliding to your throat as he pressed you harder into the wall. “You dirty girl,” he said, his hot breath fanning across your face.”You wanted this, didn’t you?”

“Hmm, I would do anything for your cock,” you growled back, your smirk wide as you watched his eyes darken in lust. 

His hand roughly made contact with your ass, and you moaned, your hips jolting forward into his. “Give me a reason why I shouldn’t rip this dress from your body and fuck you right here,” Elijah demanded, his plump lips hovering over your ear. 

“Because I’ve been a bad girl,” you whispered to him, somehow managing to press your chest to his, the swell of your breasts right against to his pectoral muscles. “And I deserve to be punished, daddy.”

The growl the came from his throat was beyond hot, and it had the heat growing between your thighs as Elijah picked you up, carrying to the bed where he threw you down. He had no intentions of being soft as his hands roughly ripped the fabric of your dress.

“That was my favourite,” you whined to him, pouting at your ripped dress.

His hand was to your throat suddenly, and you choked, looking directly into his lust blown brown eyes. He was gorgeous, the way he let his instincts take over to dominate you. It only made you weaker, wanting him. “Good little sluts don’t talk back,” Elijah growled, and his hand slapped your pussy roughly.

You squeaked, closing your eyes from the surprising amount of pleasure you got from his rough contact. Biting your lip, you nodded. “Yes sir,” you whimpered. After being Elijah’s wife for centuries, you knew the drill. 

He ripped away your tiny red thong, growling as he felt the soaked material. “You are always prepared for me, aren’t you?” His fingers pressed into your clit with a surprising amount of pressure, causing you to cry out. “So wet for me, aren’t you, Y/N?”

“Yes, only for you daddy,” you whimpered out. His fingers rubbed your juices along your womanhood, spreading them thoroughly. Without another word, Elijah slid two of his thick fingers into your dripping core, which your cired out, withering helplessly underneath him. 

He expertly thrusted his fingers in and out of you, his lips attacking your breasts. You were moaning like crazy, one hand skimming his bicep while the other knotted in his hair. 

Elijah didn’t seem to like your ability to touch him, and within seconds, he had tied you using his tie, to the headboard, his fingers still pounding into you relentlessly. “Oh fuck!” You cried as your orgasm became closer, you legs beginning to shake. “Fuck, baby, daddy please let me cum, oh please.”

“Do you deserve an orgasm?” he seethed back, his thumb rubbing harshly against your clit. “I don’t think you’ve been good enough for an orgasm, Y/N.”

“Please!” you begged, your eyes rolling back as your walls clenched around Elijah’s fingers. You had been waiting for him to dominate you all night, and now that he was finally doing so, you couldn’t control yourself.

Elijah added two more fingers, pumping in and out of you with insane speed that caused you to scream. Just as you were about to climax, Elijah pulled away his hand and delivered a harsh slap to your pussy.

“Elijah!” you begged, your legs withering as your orgasm was postponed, the warm feeling in your stomach slowly fading. 

“You don’t get to come,” he told you darkly. He began to strip himself of his clothing as he watched you, your legs spread eagerly for him, your pussy glistening at you beautifully. Elijah wanted nothing more than to slide his cock into your tight snatch and fuck you so hard you forgot your own name.

And that’s exactly what he did.

Revealing his hard cock from his boxers, he rubbed his tip harshly against your clit, which caused you to cry out again, aching for him more. “Do you want my cock, sweetheart?” Elijah cooed.

“Yes, I want it so bad,” you began. “Please fuck me, fuck me until I’m sore, please. Use me, Elijah.”

He needed no further encouragement, having lacked an sort of friction or attention he needed that night. He grunted as he thrusted into you, listening to you cry out and tug against your restraints. 

“Such a tight pussy, Y/N,” Elijah cooed. “So warm. I’m going to destroy it, doll. You won’t remember who you are when your done, is that clear?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” You chanted, spreading your legs further for him. One of his hands grabbed your breast, kneading it harshly as the other pinned you down by your throat, his hips going into overdrive as he pounded into you. 

You were screaming out, wanting nothing more than to touch him. His lips attached themselves to the opposite breast that he was kneading. He seemed to know what you were thinking, as the hand that was on your throat reached up, swiftly untying you so that you could touch him.

One hand dug into his bicep as soon of you were free, the other clutching the back of his neck as you panted, throwing your head back. You let out a short scream as he dug the tip of his cock to your cervix, withering underneath him.

“Have I found your spot, Y/N?” he mused, but his voice was breaking due to the immense pleasure of thrusting into you, your tight walls squeezing his thick shaft even more, earning you a grunt. “Fuck, Y/N.”

“Elijah, please let me cum,” you managed, your breath caught in your throat. 

Elijah pressed his lips to yours, kissing you passionately as one hand slide down to where the two of you were connected, rubbing your clit fiercely. “Cum,” he hissed against your lips. “Make a mess of my cock, Y/N.”

You lost sight of everything as you clutched him tighter, your body arching into his as you let go. Elijah was letting go shortly after, his warm seed spilling into you as he panted in your ear. 

You began to relax as he gave you another soft thrust, his lips meeting your lovingly before he pulled out, cupping your cheek in reassurance.

“Thank you,” he whispered.

“No,” you giggled back. “Thank you. I love you.”

Elijah smiled, gathering your sore body in his arms as he kissed your forehead. “I love you too, dear.”

“You kept your promise,” you told him. “I’m sore.”

Elijah simply laughed, urging you to sleep.


Hi friends!!

I headed up to Michigan this past weekend (again)! Scott’s cousin got married on Saturday.

Saturday morning though, scott and I were able to go for our first run together in so long!! It was so nice! I did 3 on my own and then went back and picked up scott and he did 2.5. He did great! He’s a bit frustrated with how much fitness he’s lost, but I know he’ll get it back quick 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻

Saturday night was the wedding, and it was really fun! I just love weddings, everyone’s always happy and love is in the air 💕

Sunday was a recovery day haha spent the day laying around with scott and enjoyed it.

And today I got out for some hot miles after work! The temps have climbed back up, but it really wasn’t too bad. Had nice negative splits and was happy to be done ☀️

Hope you all had good weekends!!

Today started as a rough day for me. Work was frustrating, I was starving but had eaten all the food in my lunchbox and reserves in my office, and I had a headache🙇🏻‍♀️ So I went to the gym and did 25 mins of running on the treadmill to help get some feelings out🏃🏻‍♀️ And then one of my best friends from college texted me and said she was in the area and wanted to get dinner together! It was so much fun and so amazing to see her again after all these years! You never know where the day might take you so choose happiness and look for the positives in life💞

3/13 Workout:

Treadmill: 25 mins running at 6.0 speed

Wicked Games - Chapter Four

In this chapter: Betty’s insecurities come into play and she and Jughead definite their friendship. :)

Her time away ends soon.

On Monday she’s back on the beach, taking pictures for a swimsuit line. It’s more than a bit cool outside and standing in the water doesn’t make it any better. She would complain, but this is her job and she knows how things work. She just has to stick it out for a little while longer and then she can go back to her apartment and sleep under her warm covers.

“Betty, darling, can you face the water? Look over your shoulder a tiny bit.” She does as she’s asked and the photographer has a field day. “Okay, now show us those beautiful eyes. Perfect, perfect.” He gets a few more shots in. “Okay, now just have fun!”

Well, that’s easy enough. She bends down and splashes some of the water towards the shore. The photographer laughs and encourages her, which sparks her own laughter. She twirls around in the water and even does a few of her favorite yoga moves that she had recently mastered. She switches between having fun and being serious so that the photographer can have a variety to choose from.

She looks onto the beach, trying to find one specific person. It doesn’t take long for her eyes to lock with Jughead’s. She wasn’t sure if the other man was expecting her to forget their conversation in the taxi, but she hadn’t. It was an odd nickname, that much was true, but she liked it. It somehow fit him better than Forsythe did and it rolled off of the tongue a whole lot easier. The fact that he had even told her about it made her feel like maybe he was warming up to her. That was debatable though. It was hard to tell what he was thinking and she was never sure were they stood with each other.

Jughead’s wearing a black jacket, which she is very jealous of at the moment. He must see that so he makes it a point to wrap the clothing tighter around himself as he smirks over at her. She glares at him, but he gives her a thumbs up afterwards. She’s not sure what he’s giving her a thumbs up for, but then he mouths ‘You’re doing great’ to her and she grins.

“Beautiful!” The photographer yells out. “That’s a beautiful smile, oh yes. I think that one was perfect. The happiness you just radiated, my darling.” Betty starts to blush as Jughead keeps on smirking at her, obviously hearing everything the man is saying. “I think we’re all done here.”

They wrap things up and Betty’s relieved when she’s finally given the okay to leave. She walks over to Jughead who’s still holding the clothes she came in earlier. He hands her her jeans and t-shirt and she puts them on over the bikini she was allowed to keep.

“Are you cold?” He asks her. “You can have my jacket.”

“I’m fine.” It’s not even really that cool outside. It had a lot more to do with the fact that she was standing in the damn ocean in a bikini while there was a breeze. Now that she had put on her clothes though, she felt a lot more comfortable. “I was thinking we could go to the boardwalk,” she tells him. “I don’t want to go back to the apartment just yet.”

They were currently in Santa Monica and Betty wanted to take advantage of it. When she had first visited California, Santa Monica was the first place she had gone to and she had fallen in love with it. It was a fun place and for some reason it always seemed to take her away from the present and take her to another time in another world. It was nice in this really weird, nostalgic sort of way.

“Sure,” Jughead tells her. “Whatever you want.” She’s curious if he even wants to go or if he’s just telling her yes because that’s kind of his job. Truth be told, she’s never really had an actual bodyguard board that was permanent in her life the way Jughead was. She wanted to be able to reach out to him and connect with him, but she just didn’t know how to. Maybe if they were in an environment that was fun and easygoing it would somehow make things easier. The boardwalk was definitely a good idea.

As they make their way to the pier, Betty looks at the people around her. There are some people that are cycling around on bikes, some are rollerskating. People are laid out on the sand and she’s pretty sure that the girl smoking on the beach isn’t smoking a cigarette if the smell is anything to go by.

One man is yelling at absolutely nothing and Betty’s heart clenches as she realizes that he’s obviously on some type of drug. As much as she loved California and all it had to offer, she knew it was a prime place for drugs. She’d even seen firsthand just how much it truly was. Being a model kept her eyes opened to this kind of stuff. She had had people come up to her before and ask her what her secret to having such a great body was and if she could give them her dealer’s number. When she had told them that she simply stuck to working out and running, they had rolled their eyes at her. Apparently that wasn’t the cool thing to do around here.

They’re approached by a young girl, she can’t be more than eight years old, as soon as they get onto the pier. She has long black hair, tanned skin, and big brown eyes. She’s adorable and Betty immediately stops and smiles at her.

“Hello,” she greets. “Are you lost, love?”

The little girl shakes her head and smiles. “Are you Betty Cooper?”

“I am,” she nods. “What’s your name?”

“Wow,” the little girls sighs in admiration. “I’m Leia. You’re beautiful.”

Betty and Jughead both laugh at the girl’s awestruck face, she’s staring at Betty like she’s an angel.

“Thank you, Leia. You’re very beautiful too. I love your hair.”

The girl’s smile grows at Betty’s compliment as she grabs a strand of her own hair and stares down at it as if to see what Betty likes so much about it.

“I told my mommy that I want to be like you when I grow up!” The girl informs her. “She said I need to grow a little more.”

“That’s a good idea to me. Is your mommy around here?” She doesn’t see anyone near the girl who could pass for her mother and she’s not about to leave her all alone.

“Sure. She’s buying us an ice-cream cone over at the food courts.”

Betty widens her eyes. The food court’s more inside of the pier and she wonders why the little girl walked so far off. “Can I meet her?”

“Yes!” The little girl tells her, eyes brightening. “Mommy thinks you’re very pretty too.” Leia takes her hand and leads her over to the food court. Betty turns around to make sure that Jughead is still following them. He seems to be looking around for someone, maybe for anyone who might look distressed over losing their kid.

They don’t even reach the food court before they see a young woman, maybe in her thirties, who’s holding two ice creams cones and looking very distraught.

“Leia?” The woman calls out, catching the attention of a few citizens. Only one couple walks over to her though, asking if she needs any help.

“Mommy!” Leia calls out, pulling her hand from Betty’s and running over towards the woman. “Look who I found!”

The woman turns as soon as she hears the voice and the relief on her face is obvious as she pulls her daughter towards her, hugging her both tightly and carefully as to not get any of the ice cream on her.

“Leia, what have I told you about walking away from me like that? You scared me half to death!”

“I’m sorry,” the girl pouts. “I got tired of waiting, but look who I found!” She turns her mother’s attention towards Betty who is standing near them with a smile on her face.

“Hi,” she greets sheepishly. The mother looks confused for a moment before her eyes widen.

“Oh,” she breathes out, shocked.

“I’m Betty,” she says as she holds a hand out for the woman to shake. “Your daughter kind of found me.”

“Sasha,” the woman says, introducing herself. “Thank you so much for bringing her to me. She has a bad habit of wandering around. She’s a curious little one,” Sasha smiles as she brings Leia closer to her side.

“I used to be the same way when I was her age. I think I gave my mom one too many scares back in the day.”

The woman smiles at her. “She adores you. I’m sure she was over the moon that she found you.”

“She’s very cute,” Betty tells her. “I love meeting young fans.” And she does. She’d rather meet young fans than older ones any day. It wasn’t anything against her older fans, but they didn’t have the same kind of energy as her young ones did. It was uplifting to see the way a child’s eyes would light up as they saw her. Kids were always so energetic, offering smiles and stories to her that were always so simple yet heartwarming.

“I told Betty that I’m going to be like her when I grow up,” Leia says from around her ice cream cone.

“Could I maybe take a picture of the two of you?” Sasha asks, looking a bit embarrassed as she does. “I think she’d be happy to have this memory forever.”  

“Of course.” Betty stands next to Leia, and squats down to her level, giving her a hug as they pose for the picture. She catches Jughead’s eye and there’s something there that she’s never seen before. She can’t put her finger on it, but the look in his eyes is one that looks so warm and inviting. She focuses back on the picture and Sasha takes it quickly. Betty stands again and says goodbye to the duo before walking back over to Jughead.

“That was really kind of you,” he tells her, sounding a bit taken aback by it as if he wasn’t expecting her to be so nice to a child. She wonders what he thought she would have done. “You’re good with kids.”

Betty just shrugs. “My older sister has kids. I love them. I don’t see them as much these days, because she lives in New York, but they’re amazing.” Jughead just nods at her answer.

“Do you have any kids?” She asks him, curious. His eyes widen and he looks completely taken aback at her question. Betty would laugh at his shocked face, except she doesn’t know why it’s such a surprising question. She thinks it’s a pretty fair one. Now that she thinks about it, she doesn’t really know much about Jughead at all. They don’t talk about themselves ever. He could have a wife and she wouldn’t even know about it. Granted he doesn’t wear a wedding ring, but she knows some people who eventually stop wearing theirs even though they’re still happily married.

“No,” he answers plainly.

“Oh,” she nods. “Do you have a wife?”

This time he snorts. “No, Betty.”

“A husband?” She asks as she studies his face.

“What?” He laughs in bewilderment. “No, I’m not married.”

“Are you dating?”

“What is this? Twenty questions?” He sighs.

“I’m just asking you some questions,” she pouts. “We don’t really know each other. We should get to know each other, don’t you think?”

“I know enough about you.”

He doesn’t say it rudely, he just states it as a matter of fact, but it still irks Betty. He doesn’t know her. He doesn’t know her at all. She’s always had people tell her that they “knew her” just because they read about her in the tabloids or saw a few interviews with her on their TV. None of them know her, though. No one ever tries to get to know her. It’s insulting and it’s definitely hurt her feelings more than once and this is one of those times.

“No, you don’t.” She says softly as they walk along. “You don’t know me at all.”


“You think you know me because I’m famous and for some reason when you’re famous everyone thinks they know every single detail about your life?” Her voice is rising and she’s trying to keep her cool, but she can tell it isn’t working. She stops walking and faces Jughead. He looks shocked at the anger in her eyes, but she doesn’t back down.

“You don’t know the first thing about me,” Betty says as she looks up at him. “What’s my favorite color? What’s my guilty pleasure movie? My favorite song? The first concert I ever saw in person? What was my childhood like? What’s my favorite book?” Jughead just stares at her, stunned.

“You know what I look like in a bikini,” she tells him fiercely. “You know what I look like without makeup before a photoshoot. You know my business life, but don’t you dare stand here and tell me that you know me, because you don’t.”

He’s quiet for a moment and they just stand there on the middle of the pier, staring at each other.

“Betty,” he finally tries, but she shakes her head.

“I want to go home,” she tells him. “This was a bad idea.”

Things with Jughead are so hot and cold and she hates it. She never knows what to expect from him. Sometimes she feels like they’re getting somewhere and then something like this happens. She knows that he’s her bodyguard, but she wonders if maybe he just sees her like the rest of the male population does. Does he just see her as some floozy blonde that made her way in the industry just because she has a pretty face? The amount of times she’s been on a date with a guy just to have him ask her what her favorite position in bed is comes running through her mind.

Jughead says he knows enough about her, but what’s he basing that on? The articles about her with headlines about how she slept her way up to the top? The articles about how her dating Reggie Mantle nearly cost his football team the Super Bowl somehow? The articles about her and the supposed fifteen flings she’s had in the past five months alone? She’s well aware of the nasty things that are printed about her. No one ever talks about any of the good she does.

Where are the articles about all the millions of dollars she’s given away to charities? Where are the articles about the numerous hospital visits she’s made to children and fans just to brighten up their days? Where are the articles about the fundraiser she started to help fight cancer? Who’s writing those articles? Those were things she did, not expecting any kind of thanks or recognition at all. They were things she did because she knew that if she was going to have all this money, then she needed to do something good with it. They were things she gladly did and would do over and over again.

But she won’t lie and say that she didn’t cry when the day after she raised one million for charity, an article about how she had supposedly slept with a director to get a small part in a film was plastered on every single news tablet. It didn’t matter that she knew that wasn’t true, because no one else thought so. Her friends and everyone close to her knew the truth, but that was it.

She wondered if maybe this was what Jughead was referring to when he said he knew enough about her. Maybe he had made his mind up about her long ago and that’s why they couldn’t seem to move forward as friends no matter how hard she tried.

“Betty, come on,” Jughead says in a pleading tone, but she turns around and starts walking off the pier.

“I just want to go home,” she whispers. He doesn’t say anything this time, he just follows her.

They don’t talk for the rest of the day. They don’t even talk the following day. She doesn’t have anything to do that requires her leaving the apartment, so she doesn’t need to go anywhere alone with him. There’s no reason at all for her to speak with him and so she stays in her bedroom, far away from him, leaving only when absolutely necessary.

It’s going on the second day since their little argument on the pier and Betty’s feeling a bit over it. She’s still upset, but she’s tired of having to stay locked up in her room as if she’s trying to prove a point. She doesn’t need to act this way. She’ll just have to learn that Jughead isn’t her friend. She can treat him as a bodyguard and nothing more. Just because she hadn’t wanted to, didn’t mean that she couldn’t. She was a professional. She knew how to act.

So on the second day she showers and brushes her hair and does a face routine so that she feels a little better about herself. It works and when she smiles in the mirror it doesn’t feel forced. She feels better. She throws on a pair of sweats and an old shirt from her high school days that has a few holes in it and is a little more than well worn. It’s comfortable though and she needs comfortable right now.

When she walks into the kitchen she isn’t surprised to see Jughead sitting at the bar, eating a bowl of cereal. However, he looks more than surprised to see her if the way his spoon falls into his cereal is anything to go by. Some milk splashes onto him, but he doesn’t seem to notice as he stares at her.

“Good morning, Betty,” he tells her warily, unsure as to how she’ll react to him.

“Morning,” is all she says back as she gets a bagel and pops in into the toaster. Jughead doesn’t say anything else and it’s a bit awkward, but she refuses to acknowledge that. She just needs to wait this out and then things could go back to normal. Then again she isn’t even sure what normal is for them.

Her bagel pops up and she puts cream cheese on it before walking over to the round table to sit. She’s not about to go back to her room and eat her breakfast in shame. No. This is her apartment and she’s going to eat her bagel where she damn well pleases.

“You only eat cream cheese with your bagel every other day.”

It comes out of nowhere and Betty looks over at Jughead in confusion. He’s not looking back at her. He’s staring down at his bowl of cereal.

“You switch between Nutella and cream cheese.”

“Okay?” Betty says, confused. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“I don’t know for sure what you favorite color is, but I’m assuming blue might be pretty high up on the list because it’s the only color you use when writing in your calendar and it’s the color of your bedsheets and pillows. You watch The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad every single night before bed and laugh at nearly every Mr. Toad scene.” Betty’s eyes widen as she realizes what he’s doing and her heart clenches. “Your favorite book is Peter Pan I’m guessing by the numerous amount of copies and editions you own. I don’t know what your childhood was like and I don’t know the first concert you ever went to, but I know a little bit.”

Betty continues to stare at him, mouth slightly open. She doesn’t know what to tell him and he finally looks over at her with more emotion in his eyes than she’s ever seen before.

“I’m sorry if what I said to you on the pier offended you,” and she can tell that he truly means it. “I’m not used to…” he trails off as if not knowing what to call it.

“You’re not used to people wanting to be your friend?” She asks him, a bit sarcastically. He just glares over at her.

“No, I’m not. I wasn’t really popular when I was younger and the only time anyone wanted to be friends with me was when they wanted something from me. It carried over to college and even now. I don’t have many friends, Betty.”

Her heart breaks for him. He looks so sad as he says the words. Betty has no idea how he feels. She had always been a bit popular growing up since she was Polly Cooper’s younger sister and everyone loved Polly. She doesn’t know what it’s like to be alone.

“You have me,” she tells him. “I’d like to think we can be friends.”

“I’m your bodyguard. Can I even be your friend too?”

“Of course,” she says with an eye roll. “You kind of have to do whatever I tell you to do and I’m telling you to be my friend.”

“Didn’t Cheryl say I wasn’t your slave?” He smiles though and the action makes Betty immediately smile back. “I’m not dating by the way,” he says randomly and Betty looks at him weirdly. Is he trying to hint something? “The other day on the pier you asked if I was dating. I’m not. Do you really think I have time to date when I’m over here watching over you twenty-four seven?”


“Don’t let me hold you back,” she jokes. “I won’t have myself be the reason you’re holding back on love.”

Jughead snorts and shakes his head. “There wasn’t anyone before you and I don’t think there will be anyone now. I’m not really looking to go out and search for it.”

“Maybe it’ll find you,” she tells him, always a sucker for a good love story. “You know, when you least expect it. Just like in the movies.”

“Life isn’t a movie. Maybe yours, but the rest of us? Not so much.”

“You’re in my life now though,” she tells him. “Doesn’t that kind of make you part of the movie? Just be patient, Jughead Jones. There is hope for you yet.”

He just laugh, shaking his head and she smiles as she takes another bite out of her bagel.

There’s a loud banging on the door suddenly and Jughead and Betty look at each other in bewilderment, wondering who would come over at this time unannounced. Jughead gets up from the bar and walks over to the front door, looking through the peephole before letting his posture relax as he opens it.

“Cheryl,” he greets, letting the redhead inside. “I thought I was going to have to kick someone’s ass.”

Cheryl looks over at him before rolling her eyes. “Oh yes, because you look so terrifying in your Superman pajamas.”

Betty hadn’t noticed before, but Jughead is wearing blue pajamas with a flying Superman all over them. She snorts at the outfit, earning herself a glare from him. She just gives him a thumbs up in approval at the pants before following Cheryl into the living room.

“So what’s up? You usually call before barging in like this. Not that I care, but—.”

“We have a problem,” her manager cuts her off.

“Okay, what’s wrong?” Betty asks, automatically assuming the worst. Cheryl doesn’t say anything as she reaches into her bag and pulls out a magazine, throwing it over to Betty.

Her heart starts racing, she knows that nothing printed on this magazine can be good and her hands are shaking as she picks it up.

Jughead’s right behind her and he lets out a snort as he sees the picture and the headline to go along with it. Betty however, doesn’t find it so amusing.

There, staring back at her, is a picture of her and Jughead on the pier two days ago. She’s staring up at him with anger written all over her face as he looks down at her with an expression of confusion and regret.

Trouble in Paradise? Betty Cooper seems less than happy with new mystery boyfriend.

“Jesus,” Betty whispers. “Can we write a statement on this? Just tell people he’s my bodyguard. I can’t deal with an article like this every time we so much as go out.”

“Already done,” Cheryl says with a wave of her hand. “That’s not the problem. I really don’t care what was going on in this picture, but it looks very intense and therefore very intimate. Am I the only one who’s thinking what I’m thinking?”

Betty looks at her in question before the light goes off in her head.

“If these are already printed out,” she starts in a whisper, “then it’s only a matter of time before…” she trails off, not finishing but it’s okay. She doesn’t have to. Cheryl nods in agreement. Jughead stands up straight and looks down at the two girls.

“So what do we do?”

“We wait,” Cheryl says. “There’s not much we can do. I already released a statement about you being her bodyguard so we just hope that whoever’s stalking her sees the statement before they see this, but—.”

“That’s very unlikely,” Betty finishes. “Even if he does read the statement it’s unlikely he’ll even care.”

“Just stay put for a while,” Cheryl tells her as she rubs Betty’s back in comfort. “As far as we know, he doesn’t know where you’re living. Let this cool down for a bit. You’ll have Forsythe here with you. You’re safe.”

It feels weird hearing him being addressed as Forsythe. She almost corrects Cheryl, but stops herself at the last second. She doesn’t know why, but she wants to keep his nickname to herself. It’s something that only she knows and she likes it that way. It makes her feel special even if it is just him trusting her with his nickname.

She hates feeling like cold water has just been poured over her. Of course the second one thing goes right in her life, there’s something just waiting to ruin it all. She briefly wonders if maybe she had fucked up royally in another life and that’s why all this was happening to her.

“He won’t get away with this,” Jughead promises. “We’ll find him.”

Betty just nods, not really believing him this time. After all, how do you find a faceless person?

We keep talking about Warren having to recover and get over fears but what about Kurt?

He was taken from his home, most likely beaten into submission or electrocuted to cause him to pass out. He was most likely treated like an animal, spat at, hit, sneered at and made fun of. They forced him into a fucking chest. That’s what it was, a large chest circled with wires to keep him in. He would have had to curl himself up to fit in there and they diffidently let him stay awake for the whole time in there. He probably prayed, hoping it would end soon, the feeling of being trapped but once it did end he was simply trapped in a larger cage with the Angel of Death.

He was then forced to fight with beautiful human being that looked so much like god’s child to him. He was electrocuted multiple time while trying to escape. He was then suddenly let free and for all he knew, Angel had been shot dead.

Kurt would have nightmares every night of the fight causing him to wake Warren. Warren would shake him awake and then could let Kurt curl up on his lap and cry  as he whispered ‘I’m sorry’ over and over to Warren, his hands daring not to touch his wings. Warren would keep reminding him it is not his fault, tell him he needs to take care of himself because Kurt had been putting so much weight on himself to help Warren. 

Kurt wouldn’t be able to stand small spaces ever again. Escalators where to worst. First time he tried he suddenly couldn’t breath and he felt the walls close around him. In a state of blind panic he would bamf out, not even knowing where he was going. At times he would be lucky to bamf to his room or Warren’s but sometime he bamfed into huge crowds. He would freak out even more, would curl up into himself, close to the ground, shut his eyes and cover his ears. But soon Warren would somehow find him and push through the bustle of students and gently pick his poor broken blue berry and take him to his room.

They would have to work on Kurt’s fear of anything that ran on electricity. He wouldn’t dare touch anything that he knew could possibly shock him. One Warren and Kurt went to hold hand and they shocked each other. Kurt’s eyes went huge and he suddenly started bamfing randomly. After about ten minutes of this Warren finally caught up to him and hugged him tightly, making sure he didnt teleport again. Kurt would slowly be able to take those little shocks because they were normal since he was covered in a soft layer of fur. 

The two would have to slowly recover together and that just made their relationship and love for each other even stronger. They had seen each other in their darkest hours but now they would ready to see each other and themselves grow strong from it.

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