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fma my immortal au

Hi my name is Edward Steeldick Elric and i have long golden hair that i wear in a briad (that’s how people recongize me) and yellow eyes like lemonade and a lot of ppl tell me i look like my dad (I FUCKING HATE HIM DON’T FUC K IGN SAY THIS TO ME, I’LL BLOCK YOU PREPZ). i’m not related to riza hawkeye but i wish she was my mom. I’m an alchemist and I’m also a huge badass. look at my metal arm. fuck yeah. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. for example today i was wearing a red coat with flamel’s cross on it, black lether pants and a matching black shirt and red and black bootz. i was walking through Central Command when i saw roy mustang staring at me. I put up my Middle fingr at him.

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Wee Ned rfa + saeran with emo MC ~ _xx_W33N3D_xx_

This is my friend Wee Ned everyone. Say hi. And yes, wee do ned more emo MC. We are both emo little shits.
These are short, I’m s o r r y

-He’s a little intimidated at first
-You’re wearing all black and you look like you could fuck someone up
-But then you make eye contact with him and give him the warmest smile ever
-And he’s like oh right this is (y/n) we’re talking about they’re not gonna hurt me
-Once he realizes you’re still as friendly as you were in the messenger, he starts really liking how you dress
-The music you listen to kind of scares him sometimes though
-If you take him to a concert
-P r o t e c t  h i m
-Don’t let him near the mosh pit he might actually die

-Actually digs it
-He never thought you would be into dressing like that, but he thinks it fits you
-He was once a fan of rock music, so some bands you show him he’s already heard of
-(My heart just skipped a beat thinking about Zen listening to Three Days Grace oml)
-He buys you a leather jacket so you two can match
-Even if you already had one
-Now you have two, congratulations
-He could show you some tips on your makeup and hair too
-Overall he just thinks you’re super duper cute
-He shows you off to everyone he knows

-That’s not something she sees everyday
-She’s used to strictly business attire, she’s never really met someone who expresses themselves like you do
-If you wear makeup, she will ask you about it
-Like how long does it take to put on and how much does it cost you
-She’s open to listening to songs you like
-Turns out she likes Green Day
-You listen to Green Day together
-She would let you give her a makeover if you wanted to
-Jaehee with liquid eyeliner and black eye shadow yes

-Jumin likes
-(Ew that sounded weird in my head)
-He thinks it’s super unique and intriguing
-He wants to know all about your style (which is emo af)
-However, he doesn’t like the music you listen to
-It’s too much “noise” as he calls it
-Whatever Jumin no one understands me anyway
-He knows how much you love your music and he wants to see you smile
-So even though he doesn’t like the music, he would be the one to take you to meet your favorite bands for your birthday or some other special occasion
-If anyone insults you he will b u r n them

-Saeyoung will make fun of you everyday
-He’ll text you song lyrics
-And also say “RAWR XD” a lot
-And play Linkin Park at inappropriate times
-And mess with your hair
-He just teases the hell out of you
-But he does secretly find it cute
-You look so badass dressed in all black but he knows how much of a dork you are
-Gap moe
-He actually likes most of the rock bands you show him
-You might catch him listening to some when he thinks you won’t notice
-He buys you a shirt from Hot Topic that’s too big for you and says “Aw what a shame I guess I’ll have to wear it instead”
-I know you did that on purpose you’re not slick
-You’re not complaining though because he looks great in it

-V finds it endearing and actually kind of cute
-He doesn’t like most of your music because it’s too loud and violent for his tastes
-He understands the artistic meaning of all of this stuff
-Some lyrics are super deep
-He likes those
-If you show him some less “violent” bands you like, he might actually like them
-You might get him to listen to some Evanescence if you try hard enough
-Don’t let him listen to My Immortal though
-It would make him cry a lot

-You introduce him to emo culture
-Once you show him some of your music it’s like his world has changed
-He’s never had access to music, especially music like this
-He loves the message behind the lyrics and the sound of the drums and that one guitar solo and ugh
-He is so in love
-With you and the music
-He can relate to a lot of the songs, and it helps him cope
-He feels like the style is a good way to express himself too
-He actually feels like he belongs somewhere now
-You gave him something to fit in with
-God bless you

  • Teacher: ok class write an about 2,700 word essay about why there needs to be stricter writing rules taught in English classes
  • Me: Hi my name is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way and I have long ebony black hair (that's how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Amy Lee (AN: if u don't know who she is get da hell out of here!). I'm not related to Gerard Way but I wish I was because he's a major fucking hottie. I'm a vampire but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I'm also a witch, and I go to a magic school called Hogwarts in England where I'm in the seventh year (I'm seventeen). I'm a goth (in case you couldn't tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black corset with matching lace around it and a black leather miniskirt, pink fishnets and black combat boots. I was wearing black lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow. I was walking outside Hogwarts. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of preps stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.
Andy Biersack: Love Isn't Always Fair

Warnings: Fluff, smut, alcohol

Word Count: 1967

Featuring: Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides

Your name: submit [Insert your name here to change the fic!]

A/N: This is, in no way, an accurate portrayal of Amy Biersack, and the portrayal of Andy’s character and personal life has been edited slightly to fit the plot of the story. I’m sure Amy is a very nice lady and I’m sure Andy doesn’t drink whiskey as fast as in this imagine.

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Hi my name is Nagito Ya'mi Chio Karasu Michi Komaeda-kun and I have long spiky snowy hair with red tips that reaches my shoulders and glassy green-grey eyes like piercing ice. I have pale white skin and I’m a goff (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black, red and green. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. Then I customize them to add more edge, that's my style.

But then, I heard Hajime call me and I had to go away.

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There's nothing wrong with buying things from hot topic after 17. But it IS annoying to say "I stopped shopping there when I was 15", pretty much shitting on the store and anyone over the age of 15 that shops there, and then turn around and go "omg look at our hot topic haul I love hot topic xD :3" Like she has done that for other things. You can't sit there and shit on something, then turn around and act like you've always loved it. She did the same poser shit when she prayed to her weed pipe.

so yesterday i hung out with my 3 year old sister (rini) and 7 year old brother (shane) 

the three year old 

  1. went into lush and made me buy her two bathbombs 
  2. insisted she wanted to watch wonder woman and not captain underpants the BROTRAYAL. we did not see either but still. 
  3. decided that she didn’t want to be in the playyard anymore so she escaped…not once….not twice…but three times. she RAN across the entire food court and i eventually had to have other folks help me catch her bad ass 
  4. went into gamestop and made me buy her a spiderman pop figure along with getting her and shane the complete fucking plushies of DONALD, GOOFY, AND MICKEY from kingdom hearts….like…
  5. we then went into hot topic (aka my true reason for being at the mall) so i could grab yoi merch. she saw candy. she wanted all the candy. she refuses to get anything less than 2. 
  6. we passed another candy store. she and shane proceeded to try to ride on the giant stuffed animals. after i said ‘don’t do that unless you’re buying em’ they both told me ‘you buy it’ 
  7. the woman at the candy store said i looked like such a mom and i was like ‘ahahah no never’ she insisted that i had a mom look when i talked to the two of them (who bought more candy btw) 
  8. we ended up at the disney store in time for an event i hadn’t known about? and they got to color so that was cool? rini insisted that everyone pay attention to her drawing 
  9. she insisted on me getting her an elsa doll and i ended getting some more clothes cuz lbr this was stressful 

and that was how i spent like….4 hours with my siblings 3/10 won’t do again


the reason she wanted a spiderman and elsa doll was because of this youtube channel. it’s her otp she fucking ships them. she’s THREE.  how did she find this 

she ended up breaking spiderman 15 mins after getting him outta the box. elsa is now like….nude. 

Voltron Driving Headcanons

Just imagine if they get back to Earth and they need to learn to properly drive??? Like, theyre all good pilots but rules of the road are new terrain???

Shiro: Already knows how. Is tasked with teaching the others. Which only adds to his PTSD.

Keith: WORST ROADRAGE EVER. “DID THAT FUCKER JUST PULL IN FRONT OF ME???” “Keith, he had his blinker on…” Driving brings out the worst in him. For the love of god dont put him behind the wheel. He might try to ram that eighteen wheeler off the road for “being too close”. “Jesus, Keith, hes just in the other lane.” “Well, i like my personal bubble.” “YOUR PERSONAL BUBBLE IS THE CAR OHMYGOD SLOW DOWN”

Pidge: Second worst roadrager after Keith. Will not hesitate to utilize her middle finger. Has magnets that she puts on her car that say “Sorry, not sorry” and “Get off the road, Asshole.” Has been pulled over because a cop thought she was ten. Allura got a call from Shiro later asking her to bail them out of jail after Pidge nearly gouged the man’s eyes out.

Hunk: Oh. Sweet, sweet child. CANNOT stomach the road. Far too skittish. “Cmon Hunk, you pilot a giant lion-” “THERE ISNT A FREEWAY IN SPACE!” “Fair point.” He doesn’t drive too much. The most he does is to the convenience store.

Lance: Keith is the better pilot, no doubt, but Lance can DRIVE. He already had the basics down before Shiro told them they had to learn, and was surprisingly the easiest to teach. However…. “Lance, i need you to take me to Best Buy.” “Piiidge, i just got back from taking Keith to Hot Topic.” “Fine. I’ll take the car myself.” “PiDGe NO! YOU KNOW SHIRO SAID YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED!” “…. So you gonna take me or not.” “sigh. Fine.”

you…can do this…WE can do this…it’s a simple matter of mind over anime

you’ve been training your whole life for this moment

and now it has come

last week

the water is alive

once you dive in it will immediately bare its fangs and attack

how did we go

from this sweet perfectly seasoned curly fry. this tiny pure tater tot. this adorable and beautifully golden fried potato knish 

to the mayo and sin drenched potato salad we’ve all come to know and love/hate

i ask you—how?

have you ever seen someone so seamlessly annoyed yet inwardly pleased at the same time. only my son, ladies and gents. only my son


actual picture of me watching this anime whenever JJ is on screen




like honestly

what am i even supposed to say? what could i possibly add to this? there is no joke i can make, there’s no reaction gif i can use. there aren’t words to express except for: this show is wonderful and makes me so incredibly happy 

the fact that literally everyone ignore JJ feeds my soul on a primal level

you literally gave yuri your grandpa’s home made pirozhki, wished him a happy birthday, and had a genuine bonding moment while snow fell gently around you just last episode. you are literally fooling no one Edgelord. go buy some more studded belts from hot topic and calm the frick down

how is this show REAL where did this pole even COME FROM

…that’s a dumb question obviously chris keeps a collapsible one on his person at all times for just such an occasion 

HIS LITTLE BLUSH AND GASP ARE YOU K I D D I N G ME how is my lone fragile body meant to take on this much!! it can’t i tell you it can’t!!!!!!!!!!!

well folks. that’s it. i’m gone. i’m done. i’m packing my bags and i’m running away. deep deep into the mountains where none of you will ever hear form me again, never to return. it will be a hard life, but a simpler one. a life where all i need is myself and my knife, one girl facing the odds, never again plagued by the trials and tribulations of this modern world. never again burdened by the all consuming darkness…of sports anime…

jk see you all next week

Ok but the thing is I want Teen Wolf fics with BLENDED PACK

Not just season two pack

Not just season four pack

BOTH of them


I want Erica and Malia bonding because they’ve both BEEN there, they’ve both been the outsider, the “sick” girl, the one no one knows what to do with, the harsh one, and Erica is ok with getting on the ground and wrestling with Malia and isn’t afraid to set her off or “Break” her so when one of them is upset they just go outside and spar with eachother

I want Issac and Liam not-so-subtlely fighting for Scott’s attention and Scott not understanding why they don’t get along

I want Allison training Mason to protect himself and bonding over being the “token humans” of the pack because Stiles is a spark now so they’re the only ones left

I want Boyd and Kira being the most unlikely buddies ever because they actually like the same comic books so Kira is the only one who Boyd really TALKS to- like no one in the pack knew he could ever talk THAT LONG without taking a breath- and Boyd is the only person who can get Kira to be quiet longer than a few minutes, Scott is mildly concerned because she hasn’t said anything in TWO HOURS but she’s reading with Boyd so it’s sort of expected

I want them all getting a key to Derek’s loft. Every. Single. One. and just coming and going as they please and Derek is 5000000% ok with it, Liam is having a fight with his dad? Ok, Scott is with Kira and Issac is lonely? Ok, Malia can’t stand being home but feels too awkward going to Stiles’ house when he isn’t there? Ok, all of the pack is welcome

Scott is still the Alpha but it’s sort of just an unspoken fact that Derek is Pack Dad because reasonably it’s too much to expect that the Alpha and the Pack Dad are the same person, that’s alot of pressure to put on one person, especially a teenager, Derek is fine with this, Scott can have the messy Alpha problems and he’ll take listening to Erica rant about Boyd’s snoring and Malia nagging him to do her hair for a party any day

Stiles is Pack Mom do not challenge me on this

Gigantic pack sleepovers, no one is alone on the full moon- ever, sometimes it isn’t even a full moon, it’s just a Saturday night and no one feels like being away from their pack, sometimes there are puppy piles and that started way more out of a “There’s not enough room” problem than an actual thing but it became an actual thing

Stiles enforces nutrition in this pack, doesn’t matter if he orders take out or cooks, he makes sure all of the pack babies have something healthy to eat atleast once a day, he also goes with Derek every Tuesday afternoon to get groceries because everyone complains that he has nothing to eat in the loft and they’re both sick of hearing it

The older pack members like Lydia teach the newbies how to do supernatural stuff without getting their parents involved/getting found out/losing their good grades

Pack vacations. Spring break, holiday break, summer break, the pack taking turns deciding who gets to plan their trip (Derek takes them camping, Lydia goes up to the mountains where all the snow is, Scott and Stiles collaborate to get everyone to the beach) and also obligatory road trips with two vans full and the drivers on walkie talkies to make sure both cars are on track and didn’t get lost, hint, Stiles and Derek are the drivers because they’re the only ones who LIKE driving that much (and also Stiles likes saying “Stop that right now or so help me I’m turning this car around” way more than he should)

Girl’s Nights Out and every girl- every single girl, even if they aren’t that close- goes out and bonds, sometimes they just go to Allison’s when her dad isn’t home and have pizza, sometimes Lydia forces them to go shopping, sometimes Kira takes them to this little clearing by the park and they have a picnic or star-gaze, one very memorable night Malia dragged them all out to the woods to go camping and Lydia tried to fake an emergency and leave three times because she couldn’t keep the bugs off of her

Pack sports games, like ok training is cool and all but what about big pack soccer matches? What about Stiles tresspassing onto the BHHS lacrosse feild with a soccer ball and having a very long “Rock, Papper, Scissors” match to decide team captains?

Movie night is always a headache because everyone is so different but every once in a blue moon they’ll find a movie they agree on and it’s AMAZING, they collectively decide to go to the midnight premiere of Magical Beasts And Where To Find Them because even Malia knew Harry Potter before the *ahem* incident

There is a chance Kira decides to try costuming and Lydia buys her the fabric to make Harry Potter robes with everyone’s house emblem on them

Stiles tries SO HARD to convince everyone to have a group costume theme for Halloween (it’s a two-month long argument on what they DO for Halloween because Derek is not hosting another blacklight party and Malia really wants to go trick-or-treating and Stiles wants to go to a haunted house and Scott just wants everyone to be happy) and even if he can’t get EVERYONE to agree he forces Derek into it atleast and it’s something nerdy and adorable

On Valentine’s Day everyone buys those little papper valentine cards in various designs (it all started with Stiles and his Avengers cards) and Derek ends up with a bunch of these little cards from everyone ranging from Avengers to baby animals to flowers to Disney princesses (thank you Kira) so he puts them all in a keepsake box with tons of random sentimental crap like movie stubs and the spoon Stiles bent during his spark training and the deflated balloon from Malia’s first birthday party and the “I Am Groot” button that Stiles gave him from his geeky grab bag from Hot Topic and laughed for a century when he did so

Everyone has that one type of food at Derek’s loft that is distinctly their’s, he would never buy herbal tea if it wasn’t for Lydia honestly and who knew Allison’s favorite treat was those Little Debbie cakes? Scott has an embarrassing chocolate addiction that Derek found out about when he found the tripple fudge moosetracks ice cream in his freezer

Pack Christmases where they go over to the loft as soon as they can to celebrate Derek’s birthday (that they only found out about because of Stiles) and it’s the first time since Laura died that Derek has celebrated his birthday and even Melissa comes over with a cake she made and it’s a little bit heart breaking that Derek looks THIS surprised

Melissa accidentally adopting the entire pack and now it’s not even a surprise when random teenagers turn up at work and ask when dinner is or ask for advice and sometimes they give her flowers for no reason except that they appreciate her, Mother’s Day is a massive event because there are very few people in the pack who DON’T give her flowers or chocolate or something and her co-workers start wondering when she adopted an entire foster home

Melissa subtlely checks in with Derek all the time because she doesn’t care if he IS 24 he’s still practically a child and she’s going to train him to come over for dinner atleast once a week if it’s the last thing she does

Derek starts keeping a first aid kit in the loft for the fragile humans

Stiles and Scott organize an effort to get Derek a puppy and they show up one day- it isn’t even a HOLIDAY- with this adorable lil’ puppy and Derek tells them all she’s “the pack’s dog” and no one believes him because that dog always gets the crispiest strips of bacon every morning

They develop a support network for eachother in case of non-emergency moments when someone needs help, maybe it’s insomnia or sleep walking or a panic attack or they’re having just a BAD night or just need to talk to someone but not their usual go-to confidant so they sort of organize a list of who’s up/who’s home at what time so no one runs the risk of calling and not being answered and so this leads to some odd match ups sometimes, Stiles says he’s usually up until like two in the morning so he actually gets the worst ones usually, one night Allison got a call from Mason, another Erica ended up calling Kira, Malia has actually ended up talking to Issac so many times that they’re sort of freinds now

They’re all so close by the time everyone starts graduating that they end up staying in Beacon County, Lydia had planned on going Ivy League but she’s “putting it off for now” to go to BHU, Allison travels alot and does alot of exchange programs but always makes sure to check in every week and comes back atleast once a month, Erica surprises absolutely everyone by going to the police academy and Kira surprises absolutely no one by coming up with her own company that does something really alternative like a make up studio or making special products for the supernatural and Stiles and Derek end up going in on a supernatural private detective/advice agency of some kind that they run out of the loft and they don’t make that much money from it but Derek actually does more real estate than anyone ever knew about and pays Stiles a salary anyway so they’re good, they road-trip ALOT because of it though, they get phone calls from random cities at all times of the day from people who have heard of them and need advice and it isn’t entirely unusual for them to have to drive out somewhere because someone’s kid just started howling at the moon, Scott and Liam end up becoming a vet and a nurse respectively and talk about their paitient woes all the time and sometimes Liam is mildly annoyed that Scott is comparing a cat having kittens on the exam table to the fact that he just had to help a woman give birth in her car because no, Scott, that is NOT the same thing and he sometimes would rather clean up the kennels than deal with kids puking on him so there’s also that

And WHY is it not a thing that the McCall-Hale pack grows all the time??? Why is it not a thing that omega werewolves and abandonded kitsune and all kinds of creatures from FAERIES- ugh Stiles can’t even believe that one- to VAMPIRES- Scott laughed until he realized they were serious- to YETIS- apparently “Bigfoots” are an insulting term- end up in their pack and their parents are endlessly concerned, bewildered, and amused all at the same time?? Why is it not a cohesive fandom decision that within another five years there’s an entire pool of people who have just integrated themselves into the pack?

I NEED Derek to wake up one morning, ten years after Scott was bitten, and smell pancakes and hear chattering and arguing and growling coming from the kitchen and try to discern who’s there this time, I need him thinking about the original members of the pack- like HIS betas- to the newbies who only started coming around a couple of months ago, to the kids- because there are KIDS in this pack now, not like teenager-kids (although those too) but you know, someone’s BABY is crying kids- and he sort of just gets up and remembers the last time he woke up in a house like this (he eventually had to give up the loft because apparently Stiles didn’t want to raise a family in a place where humans also live because they obviously adopt magical children and he doesn’t want the neighbors calling the cops because the babies are howling) and he remembers the last time was almost twenty years ago, the morning of the fire when he bemoaned it all, complained about it, asked his mother when some of these people were going to go back to their own homes, and she just laughed and said “That isn’t how packs work Derek” and now he’s hearing it all again and realizes, yes, this is how packs work

There Really Is No Excuse To Steal Music Anymore (Not That There Ever Was)

by James Shotwell

Confession: I work for a company that specializes in fighting music piracy, but I have definitely illegally downloaded my fair share of music from torrents and file-sharing sites over the last decade. I’ve never been busted by the police, nor have I ever had my internet service cancelled, but I will admit to my parents having received one or twelve letters from Comcast threatening to throttle our connection speed if said piracy should persist. Thankfully, things never came to that, but looking back now, they easily could have, and I would have almost certainly been at fault. Something changed, however, and it wasn’t my income or my parents’ willingness to support my addiction to new music. It was my understanding of entertainment not only as an art form, but also as a business, and it was at that moment I understood the true impact piracy has on the industry at large.

The first album I remember downloading illegally is Hit The Lights’ Triple Crown Records debut, This Is A Stick Up, Don’t Make It A Murder. There are probably hundreds of songs or records I’ve downloaded over the years without having much excuse for doing so — aside from lack of money — but this album I specifically remember because it leaked well over a month in advance of the official street date. At that time, I was just reaching the end of my time in high school, and Hit The Lights had been the pop-punk soundtrack that fueled my last few years. The town I lived in had a venue, and it was through interning there I was first exposed to working in the industry. I would book shows and promote them throughout the county, including more than half a dozen performances featuring a then-unsigned Hit The Lights. They were some of the first traveling musicians I felt were like family, and whenever they came through town, they were free to sleep on my parents’ living room floor. When they played thirty or forty miles away, calls and texts would be exchanged so that we could spend time together while they were in the area. We were, for lack of a better description, as close as people could be in this business without being contractually tied to each other.

I can still clearly remember the rush of excitement that swept over me when a friend informed me between classes that they had heard the Hit The Lights album leaked online. I ran home as quickly as possible and began downloading every track, one at a time, through our family’s 56k dial-up connection. I think it took over two hours for every song to complete, but when they were finished, I quickly burned two copies - one for home and one for my car - then sped off to find empty country roads to roam while blasting the record as loud as my speakers would allow. It was an incredible album, and even though several of the songs were updated versions of tracks I already knew, the entire experience felt like a first time encounter. I was head over heels from the first spin, and nearly a decade later I can still recall the way that love initially felt.

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you wanna know why i dont buy spn merch from hot topic? because someone thought it would be a good idea to plaster ‘join the hunt’ on every piece of merchandise.

friend, the entire point of supernatural is not joining the hunt. dont ever hunt. once you start hunting you cant go back. a hunters life is something no one wants. whenever it comes up, dean and sam literally try so hard to convince those people to not hunt. 

and where did that even come from!? its not even a canon line or reference to anything. it was never in the show. it wasnt even on a sign at a gas station they stopped at for 0.4 seconds. do your research plEASE before you make merch.

because you have jimmy novak on a castiel t-shirt and bracelets with the nonexistent 'team dean’ and 'team sam’ on either sides.

that is why i dont buy the spn hot topic merch


Holiday Shopping at the Mall

I have been working crazy hours this week and even though I needed to, I did not think I would be able to get out tonight to do some Holiday shopping at the mall. Thanks to Holiday hours however, I was able to arrive by 9pm and shop for a couple of hours. Walking around a mall as my true self is one thing I had yet to do since I began my transition. It was great! I got a lot of exercise walking the entire mall (both levels). I stopped at Macy’s to get some makeup brush cleaner, then I was off to BAM (Books a Million) to buy some Dr. Who related stocking stuffers ;-) My two goals for the trip completed, I was able to browse for myself. I did not end up buying anything for myself, but then I spotted Tardis earrings at Hot Topic and bought those for my daughter (she just got her ears pierced ;-)

I was only asked to show my ID at Hot Topic, the young guy there took the time to do his job right and looked at the name. As I pulled my ID from my purse, I said in my sweetest voice, “I look a little different now.” He blushed and said “That’s no problem!” lmao

I hope you all have a great weekend :) I needed a fun night like this after all of the stress I have been under.


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does your mom watch miraculous ladybug?


but she’s the most goshdarn supportive person you will ever meet. she is so insanely supportive. like when i went home for break she gave me ladybug cookies and I was like “ ‘ o ‘ DID YOU WATCH IT?’ and she was like no but i thought you would like it

like i never buy shit from hot topic but i own like shitty attack on titan hot topic shirts because she was like HEY LOOK WHAT I GOT YOU

…she has like…

…a small portion of wall with shitty low-res print-outs of my art 

like I’m pretty sure she’s more excited about what I do than I am most of the time