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Reaper in the zero G brawl is too powerful lmao


Miyoung showing her outfit of the day + her bare foot.

Diabolik Lovers Versus III Vol. 3
Subaru (CV. Kondo Takashi) & Kou (CV. Kimura Ryohei)
Diabolik Lovers Versus III Vol. 3

Diabolik Lovers Versus III Vol.3 // Subaru vs. Kou Translation

(。「´-ω・)ン  Heyyo sinners~! Subaru and Kou are like my favorite rivals in the series. So! I decided to take a crack at translating their versus.  (๑꒪▿꒪)*    Aaaaah. This is my first DL CD translation and I’m not too confident when it comes to audio translating. So please go easy on me haha.  

  ʅฺ(・ω・。)ʃฺ  As for other versus translations, there’s a good chance I might give Shu and Yuma a go. Doo bap da dop~~ ♪♫

The audio is the entire CD. ヽ(・ω・ゞ) After a track finishes, you will hear a quick ding. If you’d prefer to download the CD, then here’s a link. Rest of the tracks are after the read more.

╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑  I enjoyed the CD and I hope you do too!

Track 01: Invitation To A Party

Subaru: Sigh, that damn guy. To send us an invitation? Just what is he thinking? I’m not in the mood to go.Kch! *starts ripping the invite* Ggh! *rip* Hegh. Ahh. Damn it! The old man’s power really pisses me off. He doesn’t even need to be here to irritate me. And her! Pisses me off how she always accepts this crap so readily!  What a pain.

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'Sophie you don't have each and every 5h gifs' - that sentence simply doesn't exist lol 😂😂... To prove that can you do one of Dinah 👅🌚 Please make a thread of your fav Dinah Jane gifs

I don’t know if you meant my fav Dinah booty gifs, since we were discussing butt gifs earlier, or just my fav gifs, all body parts included, so I did both 😂

Fav gifs of Dinah’s booty 🍑 :

Fav gifs of Dinah 🦁 :

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What do you think about Denmark?

well you gotta specify which Denmark you mean here, the country or the APH character

Denmark the country is………..well its a country. its a place with people and culture and politics and history, none of which I am in any position to comment on. like theyre people. they have a life. thats pretty much it with any culture I dont have any deeper connection or familiarity with tbh

Denmark the character is this nice and cool dude whos book smart and loves childrens story, loves a good laugh, likes craft and artisan works, drinks beer with sweets, loves his family but values independence, stays up late to watch crappy TV and stares out the window at the sky because he doesnt want to go to sleep yet, tries his hand on many music instruments but isnt too in tune with any of them, likes sex and doesnt really care about it at the same time, likes to watch people do their things, was adventurous and is still proud of that, takes time to learn and open his mind but is willing to do so, bickers with his family over cookies and candies, wears goofy sweaters like trophies, believes somewhat in magic, has good luck when it comes to weathers, has a merchant’s mind and knows its value, bears a grown-up’s loneliness that he doesn’t know how to let go of, cares a lot about his hair but lets people mess with it and suffers the consequence by himself, has a misplaced sense of possession that just leaves himself in shambles and isolation at one point, will reason out an excuse for his emotions just so he can keep them, because thats how he knows hes alive. I mean I like shitposting with him because hes just that kinda character, but also hes one of the characters who feel real to me, and I value that a lot. granted by now Ive abandoned Himaruya-sensei’s canon and just……swing my way with given clues………..but what can I say thats how it is now

also sorry that this is both long and nonsensical as can be

Made these on a whim! Will be little stickers available at AWA! :)

Update: Now with Jonathan, Hermes, FF, and Pucci