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I'm so excited for all of the prompts and fics you have planned! You honestly make me want to read certain books just so I can later read your fics about them. But not only are you a terrific writer, you're also so nice??? You're so good to us. I know what it's like to have schoolwork to deal with, so no pressure! Take your time, write whenever you have time or whenever you feel like it - your stories are worth waiting for. <3

I just like. want you to know that you singlehandedly made everything worthwhile

I read this ask and then I took some deep and teary breaths and then I got to work on my essays and took good breaks and felt a lot of supported vibes

I can’t believe how heckin kind this is, it’s like engineered for maximum comfort and sweetness I can’t believe you just turned my worries into dust like you did that!!!

I can’t wait to get back to writing for you honestly

This means a lot a lot a lot to me love, I wish I could send you a gift basket or like a 400 page piece of fiction

When you go for throwbacks but it literally throws you back and you’re once again in love.

Oh my GOD

I was rewatching bits of episode 2 of YOI and purposefully paused at the moment where they show Yuuri’s profile.

And I noticed one thing. See that box under the pictures on the left-hand side?

This one. It says:

Goals for this year:

  • Winning the Grand Prix Final
  • Not crying during a competition

Yuuri set himself two goals and one of them was “not crying” PROTECT HIM.


year 2016 & bts

i told myself i was gonna finish that really old sketch of maevaris and i finally did it :’0)


Nino photobombing like a pro😎

Comic based on this post and suggested by @my-lady-noir:)

More ML comics/idea suggestions (link) 

dragonite sprite rating

red/blue- very aggressive boy who means business!! will fight anyone who messes with those close to him. a powerful ally. 8/10

green- a playful dragon! he’s doing the cat thing with his paws. that’s adorable. 8/10

yellow- he’s got one paw on his hip like he’s about to tell you off or something. don’t mess with this dragon! 9/10

gold- gosh, what a cutie! this dragon loves you and will do anything to be your friend. 10/10 

silver- it looks like he’s inviting you to tea! how polite! will you accept his offer to get together and enjoy a nice beverage? 10/10 

crystal- look! he’s so excited to see you! he’s stamping his paws and flapping his wings in excitement! 9/10

ruby / sapphire / emerald- his colors were softened, so now he looks like an even friendlier dragon! look at him bounce! a beautiful dragon with a fresh coat of paint! 9/10 

firered / leafgreen- he’s so relaxed, but he straightened out his horns so they’re neat and tidy! still just as friendly and inviting as before. 8/10 

diamond / pearl / platinum - his color palette was changed again, and now he’s brighter than ever! it looks like he’s conducting a symphony! this dragon has decided to pursue a career in music. i support him and his decisions wholeheartedly. 11/10  

heartgold / soulsilver- back to the softened color palette (although this one was changed a bit)! this dragon fights for his friends! 9/10 

black / white / black 2 / white 2- yes!!! he is so lively and bouncy!!!! look at him!!!!! are you seeing this? oh man. this dragon is the best thing ever. 11/10

x / y / omegaruby / alphasapphire- not as bouncy as his predecessor. this dragon got himself together, and now he’s mellow and composed. 9/10 

Guess who got a tablet for christmas? *waggles eyebrows* I still have a long way to go before I can be considered proficient at using it, but I’ll get there. I’m looking forward to making the most of the ‘dead’ time during my commutes to and from the office!

Google Drive’s “unable to play this video” solution:

When you get this message on google drive

you can watch the video by giving a right click on the file and selecting “make a copy” (to do this I think you need a google drive account (you only need to have a gmail account to make one))

after you do that click on “my drive” and the file should be there. Wait until it is done processing (it might take a few minutes) and then you should be able to watch the episode.