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I don't think we can go to SE Hinton for canon questions anymore gotDAMN. Woman is senile. She can't remember her book for shit I'm cackling and also hella angry oh my GOD

Personally, I think it’s more that’s she’s just blatantly pulling stuff out of her ass and trying to pretend it was always meant to be canon than it is she’s just gone crazy, but you’re right.

I mean most of the questions about canon she gets she either responds with “figure it out yourself” or “ugggh why don’t you try reading the BOOK” when she can’t even remember the details from her own books right, so, yeah, I don’t think we’re really going to get anything very helpful out of her anytime soon.

I was actually going to ask her a question about middle names while we were on the topic (she ignored the Tweet), because I’ve almost always seen Steve’s middle name being Lucas and Two-Bit’s middle name being Daniel, but lately I’ve been seeing some people say that it’s Jacob and David, respectively, and I wanted to know if she’d come up with either of these herself (the same way she did w/ their birthdays and star signs) or if they were just headcanons that got really popular.

But, yeah, she ignored it (three questions was probably exceeding my limit), and you know what? I don’t really give a fuck. Even if one of those is “official,” it’s not in the book and, therefore, going off of her logic,that means it’s not canon, and I don’t have to listen to it. 

From now on, I say we just think of her books as being public domain, in the sense that they belong to us now–all of us–and we can do whatever we want with them, and if we have a question about something in canon, we can just make it up our damn selves and consider it official. And the answers are going to be slightly different for everybody because we all have our own ideas and our own interpretations, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s great, actually. These stories belong to everybody, and everybody has their own special version of them that’s a little different from the rest–and none of them, absolutely none of them, require a stamp of approval from the creator. It’s out of her hands now.

That said:

  • Mrs. Curtis’s first name was Louise.
  • Curly and Angela are fraternal twins, but Angela is older by 2 minutes and 45 seconds exactly. She’s very quick to remind Curly of this fact in any given situation. Their mom wasn’t planning on/didn’t know she was having twins, and Curly being the second means that he’s always been made to feel like the unwanted, accident child. :(
  • Steve’s full name is Steven Lucas Randle and Two-Bit’s full name is Keith Daniel Mathews.
  • Soda’s full name is Sodapop Patrick Curtis. His birth certificate says Sodapop Patrick Curtis. End of discussion.
Six Things Freelance Writing Taught Me

For cash-strapped writers – which, let’s be honest, is most of us – freelancing is a means of making ends meet while doing what we love most: writing. But more than that, working as a gun for hire also serves as an awesome tactic to learn the ropes and pick up things like:

1. How to sell a pitch. Landing a freelance writing gig is like submitting a novel. You have to stand out from the rabble – which means crafting a clever cover letter. Something tight and professional (but not boring, boredom is the Black Plague of queries) which showcases your writing savvy. After hundreds of hours trawling through online classifieds and shooting off queries, I’ve got the CV thing down to a freaking science. That said, the tweaking and tuning never ends.

2. How to research. Since freelancers write across fields and professions, research skills are a stamped, signed and sealed must. It can also be kind of fun. For instance, a while back, I landed a gig writing targeted Tweets for a floating real estate honcho. I ended up submerged in a crap ton of did-you-knows about aquatic living, and to this day, I know more about float homes than most people are ever exposed to.

3. How to keep it sharp. Most writing projects have a word limit. For instance, I shoot for 1000 words when it comes to newsletters, and about 500 for articles. For Tweets, it’s even less: 140 characters. That means making each sentence count. The flip side of this is that I’ve been kind of stunted. I can crank out short stories and novellas fine, but I struggle with length. So just be careful about that. Believe me. Nothing more frustrating than plotting out a 50k novel just to top out at 20k.

4. How to self-edit. Kind of obvious, but freelancers have to polish their own stuff. Sometimes, clients will make little changes, but the writer must know their way about the grammar-go-round. No one’s going to hire a freelancer if their writing sample is chock-full of more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese.

5. How to stick to a deadline. Deadlines are super important. Ever finished an assignment the night before it’s due? When there’s an immediate cut-off, there’s no time to wait for inspiration to beam down from the heavens. We don’t have a choice but to take matters into our own hands – and that’s when the magic happens.

6. How to treat writing like the serious profession it is. Like accountants, freelancers exist in the frame of mind where writing is our livelihood. Once that mental shift occurs, writing becomes a hell of a lot easier. It’s not just a catharsis. It’s a career. And that’s what it’s all about.

to people who feel that ‘mirame’ is problematic

okay. that’s fine. but you better not be out in a bar tonight with a sombrero on and a fake mustache to celebrate ‘cinco de drinko’

you better not make casual jokes about illegal immigrants and farmworkers 

you better not mock bilinguals who can’t pronounce the words of your language as well as you do

you better not tell a puerto rican that she’s basically a mexican

you better not mock our culture and then go grab a burrito from taco bell

you better not confine us in your limiting white-oriented beauty standards, all while sexualizing us and fetishizes us and expecting us to fit your perfect notion of the Sexy Exotic Latina

you better not think that my cousins are gang members as soon as they enter a room

you better not pretend that we have it the same exact way as whites, that we do not face prejudices, that our culture is not appropriated. 

and did you care about the iguala mass kidnapping in mexico? did you tweet about it? did you think about it at all?  did it bother you for even a few seconds?

are you aware?

besides all the jokes we can post here, I hope they know we LOVE these boys so much like they were our sons, we are very sorry they have to take it in their own hands the whole thing and tweet and sound desperate because their team is so shitty, they don’t deserve any of this and they deserve their singles to be number 1 forever in every country only because the dedication and the effort they make no matter how famous they are now. We appreciate what they did on twitter to keep the whole single promo up and we appreciate how they are trying to make it fun and lighter for us in some way by tweeting and following people and make people happy just like that while promoting the single.

this fandom loves you, guys, loves you to pieces no matter how much shit we get through every day with you, and we will try so hard to promote this thing around and let you be great once again, showing the world that the love of this fandom for you five dorks has no limit because that’s why we are here and that’s what we do every day: SHOWING WE LOVE YOU AND THE PROBLEM IT’S NOT YOU BUT THE PEOPLE YOU HAVE AROUND THAT NEED TO GO AWAY.

With Love,

this fandom

anonymous asked:

What if instead of the videos Mark made on Mars, he tweeted?

i’m trying to imagine mark limited to 140 characters.

“i’m pretty much fucked. so fucked. like stranded on mars by myself while everyone thinks i am dead kind of fucked. fuck.”   

“you know how i said i was fucked? i’m now MORE fucked than i was. i’m stupid and did my math wrong, so, the hab is a bomb now :) shit.”

basically he would use 50% of his character limit on cursing.