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I'm glad you can stan Hillary without being all negative about Bill because some blogs are really nasty towards their relationship and say it's fake an all. What do you think about that? Why do they deny the evidence that she truly loves him?

I guess people feel defensive of Hillary with the way Bill has treated her in the past and there’s the whole notion that she “deserves better” and I do kinda get where are people are coming from with that because of course, I think she deserves the world. But I think it’s not really up to anyone else to decide that for her, and you only have to take one look at how they are around each other to see the way they light each other up and clearly found the world in each other. He makes her so happy and that makes me happy, and if she as his wife can forgive him and move on from the past then I think the rest of us should definitely be able to as well.

And yeah I think some people will always be determined to believe their relationship is fake no matter what, either because they’d rather she was with someone else or because admitting their love is real doesn’t fit in with their preconceived ideas and judgements that they’ve already boxed them into I guess. I don’t really understand how anyone can really convince themselves it’s completely fake though. It’s definitely an incredibly complicated relationship but that’s what makes it so fascinating, and it’s definitely rooted in a huge amount of love and I think anyone whether they admit it or not can see that

“I’m talking about starting out as friends
I’m talking about real and not pretend
I’m talking about bros of a life time
You and I can even right the end.”


Okay but if you edit out Peridot in that one scene in The New Crystal Gems, Lapis literally looks like she’s telling some kind of dramatic Shakespearean tale and getting super into it.

Alternitively, if you edit Lapis out, Peridot ends up pulling some 2012 Gangnam Style moves

One morning Sirius Black saunters into the Great Hall with his hair in a bun and tie loose as can be. And he plonks himself down at the table and everyone just stares. 

Because his neck is covered in hickeys. 

And he’s all grins and showing them off like nobodies business.

And all the girls in the Hall are eyeing each other up like ‘Which one of you bitches got to do that? Fuck you why wasn’t it me…’

McGoangall just stares for second before averting her eyes. She can’t think of any rules he’s broken but Jesus Christ should that be allowed?

And James walks in, hand combing through his hair before he see. And he just raises he eyebrow and smiles.

‘Merlin Remus, get a bit carried away did we?’

And Remus is just siting there, red as tomato, wanting to die because it’s so embarrassing and someone is laughing oh no.. 

But secretly he is really fucking pleased with himself. Like, damn. I did that.

I don’t know man.. Wolfstar with hickeys just makes me happy.


Today’s prompt was moon and stars and I’m such a sap I’m such a sap


Enemies to the north.  Daughter of the North.

Alright kids buckle up this is gonna be a long one

Viktor owns a dacha that he inherited from his family that’s way out in the middle of Butt Fuck, Russia on the shore of a lake the name of which Yuuri cannot pronounce. 

Yuuri finds out about the dacha because the key to the place is an actual skeleton key and Yuuri asked about it while holding Viktor’s keys for him one day.

“Oh, that’s just the dacha,” Viktor took the key and spun it around in his fingers, contemplative. “I haven’t been there in years, not since the deed was put in my name. Maybe I’ll take you there someday.”

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