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It’s been way too long since I wrote anything for Newsies. So enjoy this short beach fic to get me back into the swing of things.

“Jack Kelly, I am going to end you.” Crutchie muttered as he moved his book to the side.

 “Then get in the water.”

 “No. Now stop dripping on me.” Crutchie let out a huff and finally looked up from his book, squinting against the sun as he tried to give Jack his best annoyed look.- Which only made the other boy laugh.

 “Why won’t you get in the water?” Jack asked as he lowered himself into the sand next to the chair that Crutchie was perched in.

 “Because of jellyfish.”

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Various Anons: “Kara in D6?”  “Can you do Kara in D2!!” “ Kara for A3??“

Two masks and a reality

So FAHC Jeremy right?

Jeremy who grew up in a bad home. Jeremy who’s dad never made enough money to keep them properly afloat, but was also the kind of guy who wouldn’t let his wife work. Jeremy who had to try to be the perfect student to gain any sort of parental approval, who was no stranger to a backhanded slap if he received anything less than an A.

Jeremy who went to school hungry more often then not, who rejoiced in free school lunch programs during the school year, because that meant at least one reasonably substantial meal a day. Jeremy whose growth stunted because of childhood malnutrition. Jeremy who spent a lot of gym classes as a kid trying hard to keep up on an empty stomach.

Jeremy who graduated high school with honours and almost 20,000 dollars in scholarships and STILL had to work two jobs to make ends meet. Jeremy who had 12 hours of homework a week and worked almost 30 hours on top of classes and still lived off of 99 cent stove top ramen.

Jeremy Dooley who graduated university JUST BARELY, and with so much debt he never thought he’d pay it off. Jeremy who moved to Los Santos praying to god he’d find a job, and just ended up on the street. Jeremy who did a hell of a lot of things that he is not even kind of proud of just to survive. He spent time as a go-for for a few gangs, picking up guns and dropping off threats, who did a hell of a lot worse to keep the crews from throwing him out or beating him up (who still has nightmares sometimes about the things that they did to him when he fucked up).

Jeremy who got picked up one night by a really sweet lady after being kicked out of the last crew he was working for (and left with quite the array or cuts and bruises), tired and freezing and so hungry. He wouldn’t have been able to make it into the penthouse if it weren’t for the gentle motherly hand on his elbow the whole way up. The kind woman who tells him her name is Jack, she gets him a fluffy warm sweater and some pajama pants that he needs to roll up three times to make fit, and sets him up at the kitchen table with a bowl of hot soup and some tea, and sits with him while he eats. She asks him his name, where he’s from, just a gentle probing to get to know this kid she’s brought in. He tells her his name, and that he’s from Boston. When she gently asks if he’s worked for anyone else in the area he clears his throat and can’t look at her for a solid five minutes before he mumbles out a ‘yes’. Jack doesn’t pry, she never pries, he’ll come to learn, and he appreciates that. She just gives him a smile and, very gently and slowly, puts her hand on his shoulder, and gives it a tight squeeze, and tells him not to worry, that everyone in this house has a past they’d rather not talk about, and promises him that no one will ask after his past if he isn’t willing to come forth with it on his own. Once he’s finished eating she leads him to an empty room, tells him there’s a bathroom down the hall if we wants to shower, and pulls some clean sheets out of a linen closet and helps him make up the bed. She leaves him with a gentle goodnight another a fond smile. It’s the first time he’s ever gone to bed full.

In the following weeks he’s timid at first, ready for anything the other boys can throw at him, but not sure he’s ready for the intimacy of the household. He spends a lot of time in his room at first, the door cracked a little because the other boys keep coming to ask if he wants to play video games, or plan a heist or watch a movie with them. At first he declines, but that British Fucker with the beautiful smile eventually wins him over, so he comes out one night and sits on the couch with Gavin and Michael and Ray and watches a movie, and then another, and soon it’s four in the morning and he’s laughing along like he’s known them for years, at some point Gavin falls asleep on his shoulder and he couldn’t care less, because he’s mesmerized by how pretty he is when he’s not constantly squawking and making stupid bets. He carries Gavin to bed when they all decide to turn in, and Gav presses his stupid big nose into the crook of Jeremy’s neck and Jeremy blushes bright red whenever he sees Gav for almost a week after (Gav doesn’t tell him that he wasn’t actually asleep that night and did everything on purpose because he thought Jeremy was the cutest) 

Jeremy who falls so easily into step with the others once he lets himself, who can sit for hours across from Ryan in their little makeshift library reading in companionable silence, who can go toe to toe in a fight with Michael and win at least 50% of the time, who will sit quietly on the floor of Ray’s bedroom playing the same DS games adjacent to each other, trading tips and tricks to get through this puzzle, or to catch that pokémon. Jeremy who shyly asks Gav on a date a few weeks after that movie night and gets a peck on the cheek and an enthusiastic yes to the proposition. Who helps Jack in the kitchen at breakfast every morning, and dinner every night just like he did with his own mom when they had the resources to do it, and who has helped Geoff plan half a hundred getaway routes just in case one gets blocked off during a heist.

Jeremy who never fit in anywhere finally finding the place he belongs in and the people he missed without even knowing they existed.

Does anyone else feel like this ep did Luna’s character really dirty? 

Like we just saw her talking down Raven and Murphy from destructive actions, and now she’s saying she wants to be the reason humanity doesn’t want to survive?

Idk, I just feel like that did a 180 real quick

No Regrets

Picture request @agmsye

“Tyler, we’ve got a problem,” Cameron spoke into the phone with a worried tone. He was normally so calm and in control. Last time they talked he was ecstatic for what Tyler had promised him and Conner.

“What happened…”

“So like we’ve got the pills and Conner is holding onto them. He doesn’t want me to have the bottle. See… Like he says he thinks I’ll lose them. Like I’m some kind of idiot or something.” Cameron paused, waiting for Tyler to contradict him. “Soooo… He takes the pill. And it’s like amazing. I’m totally like impressed by what you did. Cause like Conner’s body totally explodes with muscle. Real quick. It was awesome. His arms just like grew huge in like a few seconds. I could have sworn his shirt was going to rip clean off his body. Cause like his chest is huge! It barreled out in front of him. And like he’s not so short anymore. He’s like really tall.  And then he took off his shoes cause he was complaining they were too cramped and I still have to look up at him. And then he complained about how tight his shorts were but…”

“So what’s the problem…” Tyler was clearly annoyed.

“And then…” Cameron paused for a second. He really didn’t want to say it. “And then Conner decided he wanted to take both pills and he wouldn’t let me have one…”

“You’ve got to be shitting me. Really..?” Tyler’s voice went harsh. He trailed off. Cameron could still hear his friend cursing over the phone. Tyler was obviously trying to be discrete but it wasn’t working very well. “So you’ve got to make him run the energy off. Get him to run around the building or something.”

“He already has. He’s like so big and muscular that he’s just not stopping,” Cameron watched as his friend just completed another lap. “I think this was the fourth time. It’s like he’s got unlimited amount of energy.”

“WAASSUP!” Conner screamed into Cameron’s phone. “Dude this shit is awesome! Seriously why the fuck have you been hiding this from us?”

“Because you aren’t very trustworthy.”

“Moi,” he said in a terrible French accent. “I take offense to that.” He was trying to sound serious but couldn’t hide his laughter. “GOTCHA!” He shouted proud of his ‘prank.’ “Nah, man. Like this shit is awesome. I didn’t think I was supposed to take both but Cameron here insisted. Like this shit is SWEEET!”

“Cameron told you to take both?”

“YEAH Man! Said it was a double dose. Cause like you wanted a test subject or something. The first pill felt amazing. Like my whole body completely changed or whatever. I could tell I wasn’t as smart but I didn’t care. I looked awesome. Then Cam here’s all like i think you’re supposed to take both. And I’m all like I don’t know man. And then he like totally tells me that it was what you wanted or whatever so I was all like sure. If Tyler the smart guy wants me to do it why the fuck not? So I end up taking that second pill and it’s like even more different. Cause my muscles they just kept growin. They’re freakin huge. Like fuckin feel ‘em.” He bent over to let his friend feel the tight bicep.

“And I got this huge amount of energy that I just can’t sit still. So I’m thinkin what should I do. So I start running. Everything just moves so naturally. And as I’m runnin all I can think about is how hot I am. Like I don’t know bout this college shit no more but I sure as hell don’t mind these results. BOOM BOOM.” Tyler could only assume he flexed each arm as he said it. “Fuck yeah!” He must have flexed the rest of his body.

Tyler could hear Cameron say, ‘Oh God,’ behind Conner’s shouts. He wasn’t going to let Conner know how pissed he was though. “Can you give Cameron the phone back? And just go do pushups until we’re done talking.”

“Sure thing bro! Pushups are fucking sweet!”

Cameron paused holding the phone. He purposely kept it about 6 inches from his ear. “H-h-hello?” he finally said.

“YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! You beg me for weeks to give you a test sample and then fuck it up this badly! Conner was supposed to do something with physics!” Tyler groaned loudly over the phone but continued his rant. Cameron knew he was in trouble. But part of him didn’t care. After Conner ripped off his sleeves clean off, he already knew he’d made the right choice. His friend, Conner, had always been a bit of a stick in the mud. Always so uptight and right about everything. Now he seemed so happy. Sure he had way more energy than any single individual could ever need but Cameron didn’t regret it. His friend was now a total jock. “So do you have anything to say for yourself?”

“Uhhh… No?” Cameron knew that was not the right thing to say. Tyler wouldn’t trust him with anything after that. But it was too late for apologies now. He was already in trouble and Tyler was going to have to make an antidote. At least for a little while he could enjoy watching Conner workout.

“Fine. Whatever. Just keep him occupied until I get there.” Tyler hung up the phone before Cameron could say bye.

“213” Conner said smiling. It didn’t even make him break a sweat. He looked over to see Cameron off the phone. “All done? That guy on the phone seemed kind of like a dick. But I don’t mind. We’re supposed to be friends right?” Cameron nodded as the now jock friend swaggered over to him. “So… I couldn’t help but notice you were more interested in me doing pushups than that phone call just now. Not that I blame you. It’s a pretty hot bod. Right?” Cameron nodded blankly at the question. “You’d like to see more of it right?” Conner squatted down and put his hands against the wall over Cameron’s shoulders. Cameron gulped loudly still nodding. “I was thinking if you have to keep me entertained… Maybe you’d like to see what else this pill has made bigger.”

“Would I?!?” Cameron’s voice cracked. It didn’t matter that he was 21. His body went right back to puberty whenever he saw an attractive guy. And this one was right on top of him.

“Would you?” he had a seductive almost mocking tone as he stood back up. Conner’s hand lowered to help Cameron up. He could already see the bulge through the mesh shorts.

Cameron nodded his head as he took the other man’s hand. This was worth it. This was totally worth it.

Can you do a reaction on monsta x when they hit u.  Omgg please but only if you can thanks😳😸 (hit you on accident)


I feel like he would be showing you like a new dance move and then accidentally hit you in the face and it would give him a second to process what just happened but he would obviously help you after the fact 

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You would straight up be like fake fighting because he said something sassy and he’d accidentally hit your face because he got to close. It wouldn’t hurt and you both would just laugh right after it happened

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You two would be just talking and he would get carried away telling you a story and using crazy hand gestures would cause him to like hit your hand causing you to spill water everywhere and his reaction is so comical that you can’t help but forgive him ASAP

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I feel like hitting each other from laughing so hard would be the reg so his reaction is always more laughing ya feel?

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The small bean would apologize right away and be all cute to make sure you aren’t mad at him because he’s hip hop and it’s not cool to have your gf be mad at you

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He’d feel guilty af and want to make you happy and use his charms to get back into your good graces

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The gif speaks for itself (dear god this is my favorite fucking gif fight me)

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anonymous asked:

On the interview, Bang Pd said one of the members made mistake while they were drinking so they try to cut down. Do you know anything about that?

I’m pretty sure he’s talking about the first time Tae (my sweet sweet son, so pure, so beautiful)  got drunk and like posted a bunch of stuff on twitter

like this iconic selfie (honestly having taehyung as your bias is a blessing 🙏). which like……… you can so tell he’s just a little over intoxicated lmaooo.

and then this photo of him kissing jimin’s hiphop monster plushie with the caption “kiss kiss”…… like…… why….. did he??? (real quick: can we talk about how large tae’s hands are in that second pic like !!!!!)

I think that’s what Bang PD was talking about, bc like it’s kind of detrimental the boys careers since kpop fans want idols to be perfect and stuff. but then again, he could’ve been talking about any situation. Maybe something that only staff and members saw? or something that was luckily with held from the public? idk honestly. 

The Crows Reading

Matthias: Never had time to read as a druskelle. Only read army manuals or something. Still thinks he doesn’t have time. Actually just doesn’t like reading. Until that one time Nina showed him a Ravkan comic book. Now has a hoard of comic books. Would give you 20 kruge and his boots for new comic book.

Nina: Erotica. And she’ll tell you about it in detail. Matthias scoffs at her books because it’s all shirtless guys on the front. But he makes excuses to leave if she starts reading out loud. Also loves fairy tales and books where the heroine kicks everyone’s ass and eats cookies. Will cut you if you interrupt her.

Kuwei: SciFi. And science/math books. Becomes super absorbed. Doesn’t hear you when you talk to him. Smug looks at Wylan because he can read and Wylan can’t. Until one day Kaz gives him The Look and he cuts that shit out real quick.

Jesper: did not like reading. Hated it. Who cares? But then he saw Inej reading something to Wylan and now he is sole Orator for Wylan. Will read everything and anything to Wylan. Loves action and adventure. Secret romance lover.

Wylan: listens to Jesper and loves it. Likes illustrations. Loves (LOVES) art books. Likes when animals are main characters. Shushes anybody who interrupts Jesper. Did this to Kaz and Kaz LEFT. If anime is a thing in the grishaverse, he’d be into it.

Inej: Reads in strange places. Like you’ll find her in an air vent with a flash light. DO NOT DISTURB. Likes autobiographies. Especially on kick-ass women. Likes pirate lore, as well as classic mythology around the world. Rolled her eyes at Nikolai Lantsov when he said he’d give her the first signed edition of his inevitable autobiography. But she’ll read it and laugh out loud.

Kaz: He’ll never admit it but cheesy whodunits are his guilty pleasure. Always figures it out less than half way through. Also enjoys autobiographies. But like on serial killers or something equally sinister. If you interrupt him and it’s not about inej or kruge, hahaha. The Look and then you’ll have to do something annoying and drastic later in a scheme.

Monsta X High Touch Account.

So the concert was freaking amazing. I almost cried when Wonho fell at the end of Shine Forever. But I was smiling the entire time.

So they had us sit and wait in the middle of the theater and the p1’s were in their own side and they went first to do their high touch then go back and do the picture after the p2’s. So my p2 self went in and it was I.M., Wonho, Jooheon, Shownu, Minhyuk, and Kihyun.

I.M. -So he was first and I wasn’t ready *starts singing Ready or Not* so I was shook and he did like a real quick high five and I thanked him for coming. And he was just like yeah… Idk I was spazzing.

Wonho -He was looking amazing and I had every intention of asking if he was ok. But my brain was like just say you love him. So he started out as a quick high five and I was like “I love you, so much” like looking into his eyes and throwing all my love into my words and gaze. And so his quick high five turned into him like holding my hand and rubbing the back of my hand with his thumb and looking into my eyes are an eternity.

Jooheon -I was still going crazy from Wonho and Jooheon is my best friends bias so i was just like thank you for coming and a quick high five.

Shownu -To be horribly honest, i don’t remember him. 😢 I’m a bad Monbebe. 😭 I think I thanked him for coming?

Minhyuk -he looked so happy and bubbly after a 2.5 hour show he was still so bright. He thanked me for coming and I thanked him and he thanked me again. He like held my hand for a long second and it was wonderful.

Kihyun -The official bias wrecker after tonight. He held my hand for a quick second and I told him I loved him and he like rubbed my hand with his thumb like wonho did. And some staff yelled to keep moving and like as I was walking away kihyun was still holding my hand.

So I walked out the door and like ran away and like curled in a ball in the cornor and recorded it in a voice note. It was perfect, I couldn’t have asked for a better night.