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Is it me, or did the art style change again? If so this is the third time by my count.

Art styles change as the artist learns and grows. It’s a slow gradual change and doesn’t happen all at once….

I feel like I’ve finally settled into a good style for Frisk now. They’re much cuter now than when I started.


I worked for a programmer, designing the websites he was working on. I finished a website design and he complained:

Client: The color is too dull. Change it.

I did. He didn’t like it. I changed it again. Repeat. When he was finally happy with the color, he complained:

Client: You work so slow. The color doesn’t matter. Try to keep up.

Best. Job. Ever.

There was no ending, no closure, no slam of a closed book or a goodbye that was a final farewell. Not even yelling or screaming or wretched words only- only silence.

Only that damned silence.

Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts Part 2 (Shawn Mendes x Reader)

Part 1

You woke up from a good night’s sleep, totally unaware of the events that happened with Shawn. Just as you got up to pick some clothes, your cell phone rang.

“Hello?” Came your manager’s voice, panicked. “Have you heard?”

“What?” You answered, confused as hell.

“James Corden? The Late Late Show!” Your manager bellowed through the phone.

“Yes… I watch him sometimes. What about him?”

“Check for yourself.”

You opened your phone to a million notifications.

You read the millions of articles, tweets, posts. You couldn’t believe it. Shawn Mendes liked you?! You felt immensely happy. What he didn’t know was that you have been highkey crushing on him ever since he released his EP. You closed your eyes, and opened them again. The words on your screen did not change. I’m dreaming, you thought. Relationships weren’t really your forte, and you never really had a crush like you back. You decided to give Shawn a call.

“Hello?” His voice rang from the other end.

“Hi Shawn! Um this is Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N.” you stuttered. Shit. You definitely should have thought this through.

“Y/N! Oh gosh, I’m guessing you heard about last night? I’m so sorry, I know it seems really weird and we can just forge-

“I thought it was sweet.” You cut him off, smiling. “Maybe we can hang out sometime?”

“Wow yeah I’d love that.”

Just then, another call came in.

“Shoot, Shawn I got another call I gotta take. Text me later?”

“You got it.”

You hung up on him, heart fluttering like mad.

“Hello?” You answered the second call, from your manager.

“Y/N, you’re not doing anything tonight right?”

“Well, I was thinking of hanging out with-“

“James Corden called. He wants you on the show.”

“Really? Wow I’d love to!”

“Okay, I’ll send you the coordinates and time by text.”

Wow. You were going on the Late Late Show! First you find out Shawn Mendes likes you, then you get invited to one of the biggest talk shows…


“Okay guys. I’m going to announce our next guest. Please don’t get ballistic and crazy. I will ask her all the questions during a special segment.” James Corden winked mischievously at the crowd.

“So, our next guest, acclaimed (your profession) Y/N Y/L/N!”

The audience went crazy, screaming and clapping as you walked in. You smiled and waved at the crowd and hugged James Corden. You both took seats on the couch.

“Wow, this is so crazy! Thank you for having me!” You exclaimed excitedly.

“It’s lovely having you!” James said through his thick British accent.

The night continued with James asking you a few questions on your career and family, which you answered merrily. It was a whole lot of fun being on the show, you made the crowd laugh and you got along great with James.

“So, Y/N how would you feel in joining me in a very popular segment here?”

“Oh god, I don’t like what’s coming.” You chuckled nervously.

“It’s time to play, Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts!” James shouted at the audience.

Oh no.

He led you to a round table and you took a seat.

“You are so evil.” You said to James.

“Thank you so much Y/N, it really means a lot.” He answered, making you laugh. “So need I explain the game to you?”

“Unfortunately no.”

“Alright so let’s see our feast! We got: goat toes, squid, pork blood, haggis, cod sperm, spider eyes, jellyfish, calf brain and pickle juice!”

“Oh god, the pickle juice is actually the best here. What in the world do you want me to confess James?” You questioned.

“Oh we’ll see.” James grinned. “Okay so since you are our guest, you get to start.”

You picked up a card and cackled at the question.

“Okay for this question, I’m going to serve you…Haggis! Yeah. Okay, James. At what age did you lose your virginity?”

You saw the color drain out of James’ face. He cleared his throat, and took a spoonful of the brown substance. The crowd roared with laughter.

“Y/N. Your turn. For this question, you will get…Pickle juice.”

“Phew that’s not too bad.” You sighed.

“Y/N, what do you look for in a guy?”

“Oh okay, that’s not too bad. So I believe in personality way more than looks… Um like he’s gotta be down-to-earth and kind hearted you know? Like I’d never go out with a douche, no matter how good-looking he is…”


Shawn watched the TV with rapid attention. Y/N looked absolutely amazing, and she was killing it on the Late Late Show. He listened to her describe her perfect guy when his phone beeped.

He read the thousands of tweets from fans about him and Y/N. He couldn’t help but smile. A loud scream came from the TV and he refocused his attention to the show.

“You’re giving me spider eyes?! Oh god my arachnophobia.” Y/N was saying to James.

“Y/N. As you might know, yesterday Shawn Mendes was on this show and he was playing this very game.”

“Oh god.” Y/N’s cheeks turned pink and she smiled at the audience, then at the camera.

“He confessed some very uh, personal things… What are your thoughts on them?”

The audience got even louder.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Y/N bluffed.

“Okay, here’s a clip to refresh your memory.” James was crying with laughter by now. On the big screen behind them, came a video of Shawn telling everyone about his crush on Y/N.

Shawn who was presently on his sofa, twisted nervously in his seat.

“Oooh shit this is getting good!” Aaliyah clapped her hands together.

Shawn watched Y/N bury her face in her hands, laughing. He could see the red of her face on her forehead that was peeking out. She took a glance at the spider eyes.

“Well. I think Shawn is a very awesome guy.” She started.

Aaliyah punched Shawn on the arm.

“It’s a start bro.”

Shawn rolled his eyes and continued staring at the TV.

“And um, I would have to say that he has stolen many girls’ hearts ever since Vine…”

The audience waited impatiently.

“…Including mine.” Y/N concluded.

She grinned shyly at the camera, and Shawn smiled back. That smile did not leave his face for at least a couple days.


One month later

“So Y/N, tell me how’s it going with Shawn?” Ellen Degeneres asked.

Y/N blushed, smiling uncontrollably.

“It’s going great. Honestly, our relationship certainly had a weird start but… I couldn’t be happier.”

2 months later

“Shawn, my man! I can’t believe you aren’t single anymore!” Jimmy Fallon asked enthusiastically.

On the opposite side of the table, Shawn grinned widely.

“Yep, I’m taken by the one and only Y/N Y/L/N.”

“And how is it like, dating her?”

“Oh my god, it’s so amazing. She’s just so fun to spend time with, and it’s like I can never get enough of her presence.”


3 months later

“Welcome Y/N and Shawn!” James Corden exclaimed.

Y/N waved at the audience as her boyfriend Shawn took a seat beside her.

“Now it has been a bit since you two have been here. And I see the paparazzi, the fans, everyone is fawning over you two lovebirds! And I am SO honored to have kick-started your relationship!” James joked.

Y/N laughed and Shawn leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheek. He smiled down at her, wondering what would have happened if he did eat that tomato 3 months ago on the show…

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Cartoons and Colorism

Okay so I am not really a huge fan of winx (i used to love the show back in in the early 2000′s but anyway. I was watching their new series World of winx and I noticed something about Aisha. In older series she looked like this.

Now she looks like this ….

In this image she is the second girl on the left 

This one is apparently a promotional poster 

*she’s the second one on top :| ………

It not like they couldn’t make her darker as there are random darker skinned characters….

She seems to have been desaturated - and yes it could be argued that I am being a bit petty - but I don’t get why they chose to do this, and in some series her skin tone has changed. 

 - but then again this is what they did to Flora.



I just don’t really know what to say - but animation companies need to stop this. I hope its just them being inconsistent with coloring :| …

To be honest not too many people watch winx club so its not really a huge deal I just wanted to make this observation


charmed appreciation week | day 1 ⇒ favourite character: phoebe halliwell

↳ ❝ i am light. i am one too strong to fight. return to dark where shadows dwell. you cannot have this halliwell. go away and leave my sight, and take with you this endless night. ❞


Isaac x Reader

Requested by Anon

“Um is Isaac in there?” You asked as one of the boys came out of the changing room, clutching the note from reception in your hands.

“Yeah he’s the only one I think so just go in.” The boy muttered with a smirk and you nodded, shyly pushing into the room and looking around.

“Isaac?” you called out and jumped when he answered.

“What’d you want?” You asked as he finished getting dressed, chuckling when your cheeks flushed and you turned around so he couldn’t see.

“I’m sorry the boy I asked said it was ok to come in!” You yelped.

“Yeah well it is a boy’s changing room, did you need something?” He asked again and this time you shot your hand out to give him the note without looking at him.

“That huge Derek Hale guys at the front desk with Boyd and Erica.” You mumbled and smiled awkwardly at Danny who frowned as he passed.

“Ok thanks, could you tell them I’m on my way up?” He asked and you nodded, scurrying to the door. “Hey (Y/N)?”

“Yes!” you mumbled and turned back, trying not to stare as he pulled his jersey off and grabbed a clean t-shirt.

“It’s cute when you blush.” He smiled when you let out an involuntary squeak and your eyes widened as you blushed again and hurried out of the room.

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Let’s be fashion twice.

also random fun facts abt me:

i can put my foot behind my head, i look nothing like my mom, i look nothing like my sister, me and my dad are identical in appearence, I EAT RAW SQUID TENTECLES, ive been to japan and new mexico and other places,

also my dad is half mexcian and my mom was born in Missouri( i think) i was born in San Antonio, Texas ( and im part mexcian)