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Why did Harry make his hair long? Not sure if you answer this, I’m curious with your headcanon. Oh, super love your drawings! ♥️

Because as he got older he didn’t look like his father… But with long hair and beard at least we can say he has Sirius in him too :)

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Have you ever heard of any stories of people saying that John has appeared to them? (in a dream or that they’ve felt him) Besides his family and friends. Because I feel like he did to me. obviously I know he didn’t and I’m being dramatic about it but i was just curious if you’d ever heard of someone saying that before

yes, once someone on Tumblr said to me that they often feel the presence of John. Many others dream of him, that’s something that can happen very often.(Paul has too but he’s in John’s inner circle so it doesn’t count). 

And once it happened something very strange and funny to me, and I never had an explanation for what happened so I thought it had to be John: I was in class with friends, after lesson, the class was empty and there was just me with my 2 friends. They were studying and I was the only one literally doing nothing. This is something that probably I never told on Tumblr but I love doing impressions, I do it with bowie, oasis, elvis,…and with the beatles too. So I was literally being an idiot, and that day I had been thinking of John all day, I can’t remember why probably it was the anniversary of his birth or death or something, anyway, I started singing twist and shout and doing an impression of him with the guitar and singing and my friends were laughing, when suddenly I felt like someone had given me a slap behind my head, because suddenly my hat fell off and I lost balance and almost fell on the ground. I couldn’t explain it because I wasn’t dancing or anything, I was standing still, so I turned thinking it was one of my friends and they were still sitting on the chairs. And the only explanation I can give is that John didn’t like my impression of him and decided to have some fun with me.

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While it's kinda creepy that Kokichi is going behind their back to do it... studying what everyone did in the simulation is actually not a bad idea. Tracking your actions relative to the flashback lights might be a good way to start figuring out which of your memories are real.

Yes I guess that’s true…I’m especially curious about what he found on Tsumugi-san to be honest…But…Why did he hide it from us?

There is no need to try to understand this brat. But it’s probably because-

Because I don’t trust any of you of course!

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Did Rey see Luke on Crait? I haven't seen the film since it came out and I was really curious because I have lots of questions. Lol

No, she didn’t. She only sensed him in the end when he passed on Ahch-To.

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I'm sorry if this comes off as rude, but I'm just curious. It might just be my screen, but that picture of Jefferson you drew..he looks..white?

yeh, i noticed that on my phone screen too! on my computer he has a much closer skin tone as daveed’s because the colors are more true (I think?) and i did use the dropper tool from an actual photo of him too :( it wasn’t my intention AT ALL to make him look that way! i’m really sorry, i can try to fix it later but i think it’ll just end up the same D:

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What do u think of the new YouTube update? From what I hear it’s threatening smaller youtubers if they don’t get to a certain amount of subs or something

From what I’ve read, it’s threatening their earning potential before hitting a sub and watch time goal. It’s yet to be determined if it’s actually going to suggest these channels less or stunt their growth.

My take on it is that it’s more good than bad. On one hand it means not every single channel can be monetised right from the get go, meaning channels that steal content or reupload horrendous stuff that doesn’t get caught by youtube (The recent reuploads of Logan Pauls video for example) won’t be monetised. Which might discourage a lot of these toxic type of channels to hold off on doing so.

On the flip side it means very small youtubers that are starting out also can’t make money from their content immediately. The thing is that if you’re passionate and serious about youtube anyway then the money didn’t mean much at that level to begin with and if you just love making content then breaking that arbitrary goal should happen naturally and quickly anyway. Most youtubers that made it big started off doing if for absolutely nothing, I personally didn’t start making any sort of money from it until I hit about 15k subs or more (which took about 1.5 years) because partnerships at that time didn’t even pay out money until you broke an earnings threshold of about $100 anyway. I did it because I wanted to and it was fun and not because I was going to earn a little bit from it. 

It’s hard to really understand how much this will affect the platform right now because only time will tell and it’s also yet to be determined if this will in fact bury smaller channels who don’t get monetised or not, if it does then it’s total bullshit. That’s the part i’m curious about because then it makes growth incredibly hard. It does suck however that without monetisation you can’t do simple things like schedule videos which I feel is very unfair because that is the key element to being consistent on YT for me. EDIT: Apparently this is not true and people have told me they can schedule content even while not being monetised

I am very worried however about how this will affect smaller animation channels because hitting that watch time limit is going to be very very hard for them. Animation isn’t something you can do very consistently or frequently and this will punish that even more than YT already has. It’s a shame that watch time is such an important factor on the platform, it even bothers me seeing channels try so damn hard to hit a stupid 10 minute mark to allow them to slap a mid roll ad into their video.

Bottom line is by culling a lot of channels out of monetisation who weren’t making much anyway it enables YT to focus on monetising channels that DO need it. I’m not talking about me or even channels above 1m subs, I’m talking about channels of about 10k+ who just started full time but got hit hard by demonetisation. This change in theory should allow them to earn more money and continue doing this as their job. There are always other options to be able to monetise your content as well instead of JUST relying on YT ad revenue which is a dying form of revenue anyway. 

Anyone who is thinking of starting a channel, please don’t let this discourage you. Create because you want to create and not because you were going to get some extra cash as a result. For some people that’s hard to do because money is a large incentive but passion and creativity will bring you much further in the long run and in the end enable you to potentially do this as a job. Never stop making cool shit and never let any barriers get in your way. POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE!

lost cause {s.r}

summary: the reader sends nudes to steve when he’s at work and he becomes a flustered little shit
pairing(s): steve rogers x reader 
listen to: movement - us (trust me, the song makes it a lit reading experience)
word count: 2.8k
warning(s): UNPROTECTED SEX (wrap it before you tap it kids!), dirty talk, language
notes: i tried something a little different and wrote in 3rd person. idk what you guys prefer so just lmk :) also, writing this made me feel some type of way. hope you enjoy!

The first one comes at two o’clock. 

Steve is walking down the hallway with Bucky in tow, both sweaty from their workout in the training facility. Lunch is at the forefront of their minds and they are throwing suggestions back and forth as they amble up to their rooms. Showers are a definite necessity. When the soft ping of an incoming text rings through the hall, Steve pulls his phone out and glances down at the screen. 

The 21st century still confuses the hell out of him, sometimes, but he has at least some technological proficiency, and when he sees who has texted him he stops walking. (Y/N) never texts him in the middle of the afternoon. Bucky glances over at him with a raised eyebrow. “What is it?” he asks, hands in his pockets as he watches his friend.

Steve purses his mouth, “It’s from (Y/N).  I’ll look at it later.” Conversations with his fairly long term girlfriend usually last a while. She likes to tell him what she’s up to at the hospital where she works, and he likes to hear her stories. It’s surprising, how much drama a hospital setting can incur. 

Bucky gives him an almost cringing look, “Are you sure that’s a good idea? Dames don’t like being ignored.” 

Steve laughs. So much has changed, in the world and between them, and yet here they are. Bucky’s still giving him relationship advice and Steve is still treading with so much uncertainty around dating. “Women aren’t the same as they used to be, Buck,” he says. 

Bucky just smirks and rolls his eyes, “The women didn’t change, Steve; they just got empowered.” They don’t say anything more on the subject though, and when Steve returns to his suite he tosses his phone on the bed and goes for a shower, almost forgetting about the unopened text entirely. But by the time he comes out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around his waist and steam billowing behind him, Bucky’s words come back to bite him in the ass. He sits on the edge of the bed and glances at his phone, only to see that there are two more texts. A jolt of worry suddenly hits him at that – perhaps he should have opened the original one the moment he got it instead of taking his shower first.  

What if something’s happened at the hospital and (Y/N) needs him? He grabs his phone and opens the texts without a second thought…only to start coughing the moment they load. He hadn’t been expecting this.

Stockinged legs stretch out on the screen. Her ankles are crossed and vibrant red heels are on display. There’s so much leg that Steve feels his face redden as he stares. If she’d taken the picture any higher…“Oh God,” he mumbles, and looks at the message beneath the picture.

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“Cards on the table?”

on-screen chemistry.

Originally posted by dacremontgomery

(dacre montgomery x reader) 

request: What about a dacre fic where he and the reader both work on Stranger Things (reader is an actor as well) and dacre is doing an interview and they ask about the reader and the relationship between their characters (whether it’s friendly, unfriendly, intimate or whatever is up to you) and if there’s any chemistry or feelings off set and dacre accidentally admits to liking the reader.

summary: turns out, dacre gets a little nervous when asked about you in interviews. and when he gets nervous, he word vomits. a lot.

word count: 2,144

“So, Dacre, how would you describe filming season three, compared to season two?”

You glanced up from your spot against the wall, watching as Dacre gave the interviewer a charming grin. You just let out the softest of snorts, earning a glare from the head of PR, Allison Hendrix. You just gave her a small shrug. They were using lav mics, for crying out loud. No lav mic was going to pick up a sound that quiet from across the room.

“Well, I, uh, I’d have to say that it’s been just as fun, if not more fun. I’m much more relaxed this time around, since I’m not the newest person on set.” He chuckled softly, hands flexing against his leg. He did that often, you’d noticed, whenever he’d want to look off camera. The entire cast had been sat down just after filming, everyone having to go through yet another meeting on interview tips and what you weren’t supposed to do. Everybody else had already been coached on such things, but you were the new one. Since you were the only one, and they didn’t want to single you out, they’d made everyone do mock interviews, and then pointed out each others flaws.

It had been a long day.

“Right, of course. Y/N Y/L/N is playing a new character this season, right? Anything you can give us on the character, or how she interacts with Billy?” With that question, Dacre did look off camera, a sly grin on his face as he cocked a brow to Allison.

“What exactly am I allowed to say?” He called back, gaze flickering to you and lingering for a moment. You knew exactly how this would play off on camera. The cheeky Australian wanting to spill the beans on season three. It had been all the rage in the media recently to pretend to leak things about upcoming projects. Dacre wasn’t stupid. It’d be easier to play along with that angle and actually not get in trouble for once on accidentally spoiling things.

“When is this being released?”

“Uh, lemme check,” the interviewer said, grabbing her phone and flicking through whatever apps to find the answer. Dacre looked to the interview for a moment, who was obviously having a little trouble finding the date, and looked back to you. He shot you a crooked grin, the sight making your heart do a little tap dance in your chest. “Two weeks after the season premiere.”

“Say whatever the hell you want that won’t give away anything for season four.”

Dacre gave a quick nod of his head, then winked in your general direction. It was easier for you to roll your eyes than read anything into it. The two of you had been flirting back and forth the entire time you’d been on set, and it was that that had made the PR department decide that you two would be paired up for interviews, despite the fact that the man had yet to make a single move on you. As far as you were concerned, he was just flirtatious.

“Right, so season three, me and Y/C/N, absolutely hate each other. Like, burning, passionate hate. It’s great. It’s a lot of fun to play around with, and she’s just, she’s incredible to work with. She’s absolutely brilliant.” Dacre wasn’t looking at you while he said those things, but then again, he didn’t have to be for your cheeks to burn red. The interviewer nodded her head slowly, most likely picking up on the almost - dare you say it - reverent  tone that he’d adopted.

“So you’d say that she’s great to work with?”

“Absolutely. I really believe that it’s going to translate so well onto the screen.”

“Well, from the trailer and few scenes that have been released, the chemistry between you two is palpable. How was it working on set?” The interviewer was speaking a little faster now, in a way that made you perk up. Maybe you were just being paranoid, but it seemed as though she was leading him somewhere.

“It’s the most fun that I’ve had in a long time. It’s waking up every day and going to work with your best g- friend.” He stumbled over the word friend, making you frown. In all the days that you’d been doing the interview circuit with him, you couldn’t remember once him stumbling over a word. And even if he had, his cheeks had never reddened like that before.

“I could see that. It’s like living the dream, right?” Dacre gave a nod of his head, hands clenching in his lap. He looked a little nervous now, his smile a little tense as he regarded the interviewer. You glanced over to the woman beside you, who probably should have suggested a short break for him to collect himself. But she seemed to be waiting for something, like she knew precisely where this was going. “Would you say that the chemistry between the two of you is the same off camera?”

“I’d say so, yeah,” he gave in and glanced towards the head of PR, just a brief little distraction, but a big show for his nerves. He looked back to the interviewer in the middle of her next question.

“Why would you say that is?”

He answered so fast it was obvious that his words were quicker than his brain in that moment.

“Probably because I really like her.”

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Are you with Jack in America or did you not go? Just curious <3

Nah, I wasn’t allowed to go this time around, which is absolutely fine! It’s Sean’s show after all and he decided it was just going to be the people he’s been working with going, and because i don’t work for him i couldn’t go (and there’s no way i could afford a trip like that on my own! America is expensive y’all!) Besides, Sean wants to put his all into these shows so he needs to work extra hard this time around. This is his “trial” tour after all so any minor things he doesn’t like or that doesn’t work well, has to be noted and re-worked so that it’ll be perfect for the when the real deal begins!
He’s doing SO much lately and has been working SUPER hard. I just want to be supportive and give him the best possible encouragement so that he can make these shows into something he can be proud of.

Don’t worry though! I’ll be cheering extra hard for him from home! :D
(Someone has to feed the squirrels and care for all the plant bby’s, right?)

170911 JYP’s Party People: Kyungsoo fanaccounts

@imhy_J: Before they sang Boomerang, Kyungsoo went ‘eh eh eh’ to warm up his voice…. the audience applauded 

@o_duck3: Kyungsoo said his name is Do Kyungsoo, he’s average and not good at anything as a brief introduction. Later, Park Jinyoung asked EXO if they thought another member had forgotten or misspoke about something. Baekhyun raised his hand immediately to say that Kyungsoo is really good at acting, that there are people who know Do Kyungsoo without hearing about D.O.. After he filled out his case with praise he turned to look at Kyungsoo and smiled. If EXO as they really are was caught on camera today, it was that!!!

@sweetdream0112: After the self-introductions, Park Jinyoung asked if there was anything they weren’t able to say or wanted to add, so Baekhyun said that Kyungsoo wasn’t done yet. He really looked after Kyungsoo, asking along the lines of why didn’t you say anything about how well you sing or act or dance? TT Kyungsoo got shy and I died

@sweetdream0112: When they were asked who was the funniest member, they said Kyungsoo ㅋㅋㅋ Chanyeol specified Kyungsoo was the funniest because in a day he’ll say a total of ten things but will make them laugh out loud at least once ㅋㅋㅋ apparently he’s completely 4D

@sweetdream0112, @o_duck3, @crepe_0408: Park Jinyoung asked if Baekhyun and Kyungsoo got along when their personalities were so different, as Kyungsoo was so calm and Baekhyun was so animated. They looked at each other and laughed, saying they did get along well. Doesn’t the quieter party get stressed? Kyungsoo said no, he feels better instead. Baekhyun added that when he’s too much for Kyungsoo, the back of his neck will get grabbedㅋㅋ

@o_duck3: When Jongdae was singing Sunday Morning, Kyungsoo was so excited he was moving his body back and forth and singing along! It was so nice to see how happy he looked whenever the other members did anything and I died when Kyungsoo sang My Lady

@luv_baek_: Ah also when Kyungsoo sang My Lady, Park Jinyoung looked like he’d fallen head over heels in love ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I can’t forget what he said after Kyungsoo had finished ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He sang so well •°(° >⌓<°)°•. 

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Why do you think Sangwoo was saying "shut up" when Bum was confessing to him and saying he likes him? I've seen some posts saying it's because Sangwoo feels like Bum is trying to manipulate him - but personally, I think it's because hearing Bum say that was getting Sangwoo flustered and stirring up unwanted feelings (I mean he did come just moments later??). So I'm curious about what you made of that scene! Always love reading your analyses btw x

I think you’re 100% right! It’s not manipulation and there’s no reason for Sangwoo to think it’s manipulation because at the moment there’s no reason for Bum to even want to manipulate him. Sangwoo obviously has a soft spot for when Bum calls his name or confesses to him and he knows it.

It’s more about him knowing that Yoonbum has some sort of power over him when this happens rather than him thinking about being manipulated. I agree with you 100%. I couldn’t have described it better.

And thank you <3 :)

a ROUGH translation of Minsung’s IG post

To be honest, I believe Korea is not used to queer people yet. Due to this, the people with many identities under the title of queer often hide, or fight, or even just dont pay any attention/dont care. This kid of truth is not only “true” but also ironically there are people trying to erase the identities of queer people.

I find it so unfortunate that people have to seek the agreement of others when it is simply people loving other people, and also for reasons that we are different it makes us lower members of society. To be honest there is no reason for me to have to upload this officially but only now do i carefully voice my thoughts. Thinking on the confusing days, I wish that the word “queer” did not even exist in the world. I wondered, “how great would it be if the "rules” for loving and the world was so free that we would not even need the word “queer”.“ Because of my struggles, and the many people who where curious about my queer identity, and the people who hated me for being different from others, and the many people who asked me questions in order to help understand and find their own identities, I am uploading this in order to give strength and hope to others. Many say that there is no right answer in the world. Yes that is right. To be honest even I am in a position where I cannot fully provide the answer that I am asexual and a romantic. So I have made the decision to not be trapped in their opinions/views. That does not mean i am ignoring this important part of my identity. Since I have focused on loving myself and my sexuality, I found that the harsh words of others no longer affect me. Yes. I am not attracted to the opposite sex. As of now I am also not attracted to those of the same sex. I do not feel the need to date and I really really do not like sex. That is who I am now, and this truth is fun to me and I like it. You can do it, people like me are also living well and happily. Do not turn your ears to those words of others. You are most important and precious.

EDIT: I didn’t know he changed his name to Minsung, sorry about that!!

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did u hear about what neil and AJ said on the latest podcast about keith and lotor :D

i certainly did pAL, and for anyone else who’s curious, they were asked which paladin lotor would get along with most and this was their answer which i loosely transcribed (they mentioned him bonding with allura and pidge too for a bit, but this is only the stuff about keith):

AJ: him and keith are strangely similar 

 Neil: he and keith BAM 

 AJ: him and keith u think so??? 

 Neil: i think because keith’s needed people to trust him? because of his shady background so he might be a little bit more inclined to maybe go “come ooOON give him a breaaak!!” and you’re both a little bit emo sort of 

 AJ: i get that, yeah totally

Neil: u know like they’d listen to the same kind of music and go like “forget this!” and like flicking cigarette butts even though neither one of you smoke *more shit about them messing with candy cigarettes. ok neil* 

AJ: yeah yeah, i can see him bringing out the person in lotor and grounding him. Cause he can just be like “yeah man i’m going through some stuff too”

Neil: yeah “you’re going through stuff, i’m going through stuff, you know what….i think we should go see star wars”

anyway this is all very gay and made my day 1000 times better

(here’s the link to the podcast if anyone else wants to listen)

If Sayori played DDLC
  • *Sayroi is humming the Doki Doki Literature Club theme while contently plays the game*
  • Monika: Oh hey. Is that a new game?
  • Sayori: Yep. Got it for free on steam.
  • Monika: Neat. Looks like fun.
  • *Monika watches Sayori play the game a little bit*
  • Monika: Actually come to think of it, that looks increasingly familiar.
  • Sayori: Right?! It’s like they watched our lives and put it in a visual novel! Although, I do have some complaints about it. Like a club full of cute girls and not *one* guy? How unrealistic is that?
  • Monika: I guess very unrealistic. *laughs nervously* But still a good game right?
  • Sayori: Oh yeah! I love the characters here. I mean, while I do relate to this girl with the bow, Sayori a lot, I would have to say Natsuki is best girl.
  • Natsuki: Oh please! Everyone knows Yuri is best girl! She has the best tits, like huge! And she has nice long purple hair, and she likes knives! How cool is that?!
  • Yuri: I don’t know, She comes off as a little too… intense. The cutting herself just reeks of edge, not to forget the whole thing with the pen and the staring? it’s just… creepy. Besides, how can anyone’s breasts grow a size as soon as the main character comes in? Sounds like something from a bad anime.
  • Monkia: O…kay? And who’s the ginger-haired girl? The one with the green eyes. Something about her seems… off, and very familiar.
  • Sayori: Oh yeah, that’s Monkia. Who here has played more than once?
  • Yuri: I did, it’s a good game.
  • Natsuki: Yo!
  • Monika: Well, I’ve haven’t played it yet so…
  • Natsuki: Then obviously we can’t tell you! *Whispers in Monika’s ear* Because of spoilers.
  • Monika: Well, if that’s the case. I am curious to see what Monika is like in this cute looking game. I’ll play it tonight.
  • Spongebob Narrator: A few hours later
  • Monika: Oh God, Sayori! I am so, so, sorry! I can’t believe I would just bully you like that! I mean, the way you were hanging, it was awful! I played that bit so many times just to change it, but nothing worked! It’s all terrible and I’m so sorry! *Bursts out crying*
  • Yuri: What’s wrong with MonikaAAAA
  • *Monika tackle hugs Yuri and she falls backwards*
  • Monika: I should have known about your knife thing, Yuri! I’m so sorry!
  • Sayori: She apologized to me, for the full weekend, nonstop. I don’t know if I should be annoyed, impressed or tired.
  • *Just then Natsuki walks into the classroom*
  • Natsuki: Ow. My neck feels a little stiff, I must have slept funny or something.
  • *Monika then goes completely white and runs out of the classroom*
  • Natsuki: Huh. What made her glitch out so much?
dangerous waters (m) | pkjm

fratboy!jimin smut
a sleazy fratboy thinks he could get any girl he wants, until he meets you
word count: 2774
genre: smut SMUT!! SMUT!! S MU T 
warning: sleazy jimin, dom!jimin, explicit language, oral

[a/n]: you’ve been warned!!! this is mature content read at own risk !! this is my FIRST smut EVER !! i apologize in advance if its super bad and super cringe like i have no idea wtf i was doing, i just wrote and props to ppl who write smut bc that shit is hard 

Originally posted by 9taefox

You had a huge biochemistry lab the next morning, a calculus test right after, and a literature lecture after bunch. Instead of studying for your classes and sleeping early, you were at some random fraternity party that your friend, Hoseok, dragged you to.

Parties weren’t ever really your scene. You were, a lack for a better term, a goody two shoes. You enjoyed staying in and reading. Cafes, libraries, and parks were your favorite places. You were an overall excellent student, almost top of the class with outstanding remarks. You studied whenever you had the chance to, it was the only way you were able to keep up with classes.

You weren’t completely cookie cutter though. Occasionally, you went to parties when workload was minimal and you didn’t despise frats/sororities. Some of your friends were in sororities and you usually went to their parties, not anyone you were unfamiliar with.

However, Hoseok begged you to join him at the campus’ most popular fraternity’s party. That specific frat had the cutest, hottest boys. They maintained the highest number of hook ups in one night and parties in one week. You avoided them at all cost because even though they were attractive, they were all assholes. 

Their parties were usually majority guys and a sprinkle of girls. You were extremely hesitant, but Hoseok wouldn’t stop messing up your lecture notes until you gave in.

“Geez, Hoseok. There are literally no girls here.” You whispered as you made your way to the kitchen. His laugh was barely audible over the heavy music they were playing. 

“They’re probably all upstairs..” He paused and pointed to the closed rooms. “In the rooms.” 

“That’s so gross.” You rolled your eyes and poured yourself a drink. Their fruit punch was spiked and you almost puked at the first sip. “This is gross.”

“Your tongue becomes numb after a few more sips.” Hoseok’s head darted towards the door. A small group of girls from the sorority down the street had entered. “Enjoy yourself, (Y/N).” He smirked before heading towards them.

“Hoseok—” It was too late. You lost your only friend to the crowd. Glancing around, you noticed that people were either drinking, smoking, or dancing. You weren’t really into any of that. You were regretting your decision of showing up.

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