did if forget someone


That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)


So why didn’t you come back? Why did you send Yondu?

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although weirdly enough out of all the people i can remember pete interacting with in the show, as far as i can tell, hes only taller than sonny and daniela,, which is weird to think about, he just seems really tall because he literally only stands by tiny tiny sonny

even so! he’s the perfect height,,

the perfect height difference for hugs and forehead kisses,, how lucky we all are


A week after the last show of Summer of Evolution, Shouri writes up a blog post reminiscing (x).  

Although he’s spent the past week doing various other work, he really misses the way Haikyuu used to exhaust him.  
“Am I a masochist?” 

But there’s a very satisfying feeling of accomplishment that comes with really working up a sweat and tiring out your entire body by the end of the day.  
He moves on to write that he’s so glad that this time they could gather everyone Nekoma back together again.  He wants everyone to know that if it seems like they all get along really well and make a tight-knit team, that’s because in reality they are!  On the evening of their very last show, all the Nekoma team members sat in their dressing room in silence growing steadily distressed that the show was over and they wouldn’t see each other as a team the next day.  
“That just means that we’re family!!” 

He thought that it must have been tough on Noah especially, coming in as a new cast member into such an established team.  But Noah came in wanting to match the team dynamic, and although Lev is a character that tends to mess up their harmony, he’s so glad that Noah is their Lev.  And everyone on Nekoma thinks the same.  He doesn’t know when Nekoma will be able to stand on stage as a team again, but he wants to do it again with all of these members here, and even if they can’t meet on-stage, they frequently hang out together in their spare time anyway.

Then he moves on to write about his time spent outside of Nekoma, with Kouki and Kousei and Ryoutarou.  From the start he and Kouki were very casual with each other (not using formal speech).  And with Ryoutarou asking him about blocks in the same way that Tsukishima would, he felt that their relationship got a little bit closer than before. Overall, Summer of Evolution was a great opportunity to get close to people on all teams.  

And with how Karasuno improves over this summer, surely that means the Battle at the Trash Heap is coming!  As an Engeki Haikyuu actor, he’s really really looking forward to seeing that match in the manga too.  
His love for Engeki Haikyuu has grown even more and as he said during his curtain call, he really loves all of us too.  

♡ hello my beautiful moon and sunbeams this is choco and christ on a bike i’m finally doing a follower forever! i’ve been dilly dicking around with choco-seventeen for awhile now n today i’m celebrating my blog’s second year anniversary!! i didn’t do anything last year, however, this year i felt like i should try a lil bit n since i’ve encountered so many gr8 ppl, i thought this would be nice!!

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Johndave week - Day 4: Hurt/Comfort

Haha shit I’m late?? I haven’t done comics in literal years soooo. Yeah, this is something I think about in terms of John quite a lot. I can’t help but think it might bug him a lot now and then, even if he fixed a timeline, and when confronted he might lash out. Also, bonus pic;

I see your Cute Dragon Age Dads Letting Daughters Braid Their Hair headcanons, and I raise you Cute Dragon Age Dads Teaching Their Daughters to Be Badasses headcanons:

  • Alistair taking her to important meetings, breaking down the talking points for her, asking for her opinion. Helping her to be fair minded in a heavily prejudiced world. Showing her it’s ok to make mistakes, that even the End of the World might not be the end of the world.
  • Zevran teaching her how to pick locks, how to disappear, how to stay in control of every interaction, but also how to know when to let go. Making sure she knows that she is her own person, that she doesn’t owe anyone anything, but also how to know when she’s found a just cause, a worthy ally, a friend. 
  • Fenris taking her on little quests, only the safe ones at first, but tougher ones as she learns and ages. Teaching her to observe power dynamics, how to tell when an innocent is overpowered and needs help. The importance of being brave, for her own sake and others.
  • Anders with a mage child, determined that she will learn to use and control her power without the Circle. Guiding her through the dangers of the Fade, making sure she never feels the guilt of accidental destruction.
  • Sebastian bringing her in to see petitioners and diplomats. Showing her how to lead by example, the importance of listening, courtesy, compassion. Showing her that sometimes kindness is the fastest way to reach a person. Giving her a little bow so she can practice like daddy, looking forward to the day he can pass his grandfather’s bow on to her.
  • Cullen giving her a wooden sword and shield when she asks to train like daddy and taking her out for lessons every morning. Taking her into the war room to teach her strategy, asking her for more and more input as she learns. Teaching her that it’s ok to question, that quitting isn’t the same as failing, that it’s ok to try a new path.
  • Blackwall making sure she knows the importance of standing up for others, of standing up for herself. Teaching her the value of saying “no” when something feels wrong. Building her up so she will feel confident enough to do it when the time comes. 
  • Iron Bull letting her run wild at first, a fierce, grubby warrior with a pointy stick. As she grows, showing her how to control her strength for greater impact, how to spot weaknesses, how to honor a worthy foe. The value of a challenge.
  • Solas meeting her in her dreams. Introducing her to his friends there, raising her with a new perspective on the world, one without the prejudices of those who fear the Fade. Teaching her to approach both spirits and people as individuals, to give them the benefit of trying to understand them as they are.
  • Dorian showing her the importance of trust, loyalty, friendship. Letting her flip through “safe” books when she’s little, but showing her tougher, more important works as she grows. Asking for her help when he’s researching, proving to her that her presence, her thoughts, her perspectives are important. 
Imagine your neighbor, Dean Winchester, implying there are more things he can to you than the boy you had over a few days ago. And going into detail.

Related to these: Imagine your neighbor, Dean Winchester, getting jealous when he sees a guy leave your house in the morning when your parents are gone on a trip.

Imagine changing in your room while your neighbor, Dean Winchester, is watching from his own window.

“(Y/n)? Hey!” you were greeted with that breath-taking smile once the door opened.

“Hey, hope I am not interrupting?”

“You? No, never of course.” he chuckled “Come on in, kid.”

“I just- I was a little bored and a lot more hungry and-” you laughed awkwardly “So I made some pie and just… here.” you decided to hand him the plate.

“Are you trying to corrupt me, missy?” he asked with a smirk although it was completely the other way round.

“Wh-what? No, no absolutely not, Mr Winchester. I just-”

“Relax, (Y/n).” his chuckle cut you off “I am just kidding, don’t worry your secret’s safe with me. No words are coming outta my mouth.” he winked and a small sigh of relief left your lips.

“Thank you, a lot.”

“No need, I wasn’t going to in the first place. You say nothing happened, I believe you. Now come on, let me offer you something to drink, yeah?” his words made you relax a little as you followed him inside the house to the kitchen.

“Oooh love me some pie.” he said in a deep voice and a small giggle left your lips “My gosh!” he moaned deeply as he grabbed a piece with his hand and ate some of it “That’s what I call a good orgasm, thanks (Y/n)!” he licked his lips, nodding his head approvingly.

You laughed softly “No problem, I guess.”

“Oh hell yeah!” he gave you a childlike grin “I mean I’ve neve- oh, is that whiped cream?” he raised an interested eyebrow.

“Yep, homemade too.” you said proudly as he dipped his finger in it and then in his mouth. Boy you tried so hard not to get distracted.

“Really?” his eyebrows shot up “Wow if you were a little older we’d really get a fun situation and put these incredible skills of yours to good use, princess.” he chuckled and you tried to keep yourself from biting your lip and letting your mind wander to thought you shouldn’t be having.

Fun situation? Oh you were interested to know what he could consider fun with you and wiped cream in it.

“Alright- I probably should have not said that out loud.” he mumbled to himself before shaking his head and licking his two fingers “What would you like to drink, princess?”

“Wha- oh uh a coffee would be great.” you offered him a soft smile, taking a seat on one of the chairs; clearing your throat because of how strained and squeaky your voice came out.

“Gotcha” he nodded his head, starting to prepare your coffee “Let’s see if I remember it correctly otherwise… just old age, I might be forgetting a few things.” he said playfully but you shook your head.

“You’re not old, Mr Winchester.”

“Glad to know you think so, (Y/n), but we both know the truth. I’m not as young as I used to be ten years ago.” he shrugged.

“I don’t care, for me you are as old as you feel.”

“Then the boy you had over last night must feel like he’s five huh? Seriously, what were you even doing with someone like him (Y/n/n)?” he leaned against the kitchen counter, putting his hands in his pockets.

“First, I really mean it when I said it was mostly about homework. And second; he’s just a friend, that’s all.” you shrugged.

“Yeah a friend, if you wanna call it. But you could see it crystal clear, he was eye-fucking you.” he said matter-of-factly.

“Well, that was the point.” you muttered to yourself “But nothing happened so you don’t have to worry Mr Winchester.” you cleared your throat, saying a little more loudly.

By all means, he could never compare to Dean freaking Winchester but your gorgeous neighbor could only see you as the young girl next door even if you would be twenty years old in a few months. To him you were just a kid, he loved hanging out with you and talking, maybe flirting too, but he never seemed to show real interest in you. Just when you thought he’d make a move he’d made a full turn and either mention your parents or talk about his own age. Someone would say he would try to act like a father figure. So what other choice did you have but to try and forget him with someone else?

“You don’t need some idiot like him, (Y/n).” his voice brought you back to reality “You’re much better than that.” he said so honestly it actually made your heart skip a beat “I seriously am surprised how you’d even give him a second glance, not to mention want to be with him.”

“Why are you saying this?” you whispered and he gave you a soft smile.

“You’re way out of his league, sweetheart, way above his or any other guy’s pay grade. You don’t even begin to realize it but if anything you are the catch here.” he said casually and you bit your lip playing with your fingers “Besides, he’s just a boy and that shows.”

“Boy?” you asked knowing he meant a lot more by that.

“He only cares about getting into your pants, and I highly doubt he even knows that ladies come first.”

“Meaning?” you said biting your lip. Why did he have to be so perfect?

“Meaning that guys his age are all about getting the job done without giving a single care about how to treasure and ravish a woman’s body, how to cherish you with everything of his, show you what real passion is and slowly but pleasurably bringing you over the edge.” he spoke smoothly, his one hand now resting on the kitchen counter and the other in his pocket as his eyes roamed your figure for a moment.

“And a man your age does?” your voice was barely above a whisper.

“You’d be surprised, princess.” he smirked, handing the coffee to you “The-” he licked his lips, leaning against the table closer to you now as he looked away from you “The touching, the feeling of each other’s bodies and them moving together, pulling and pushing and grinding while it all builds and builds and builds, before you just hit that sweet-” he stopped himself, shaking his head with a small laugh “But you kids do it differently these days, I’m sure.”

“Ye-yeah, I guess some things have changed.” you laughed shyly “You’d really be a good sex ed teacher in my old highschool, though.”

“You think?” he gave you a boyish grin “I don’t know how well I’d deal with all those horny teens laughing at the most simple thing though. Speaking of which-” he got serious “Do me a favor and keep the guy at bay, huh (Y/n)? I know a thing or two and he sure as hell doesn’t seem like the type to make it all about you like he should.” his eyes bore into yours “Boys like him don’t even know how to handle a woman like you, how to be more skilled time after time.”

“And you do?” you asked biting your lip, not even caring to say “men like you” because there was nobody like him. He paused, lips parted as he looked in front of him before he returned his eyes at you.

“I’ll let you figure that out, princess.” and he winked at you.

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Favorite blogs?

Lots & Lots honestly.

Mmm lately I have to admit that I live in the blogs of @takeafuckingsipgabe @gaycheldare @lesbabeths & @pipabething they are like my big four here !!

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short sentence prompts part 1
  1. “Well, have a blast sweety.”
  2. “Shit is going down and I’m just standing here!”
  3. “Why is there scary music?!”
  4. “Is… that my name?”
  5. “You screwed me over!”
  6. “Are you ready?”
  7. “You and I… we’re real.”
  8. “What are you saying?”
  9. “I hope you’ll find happiness.”
  10. “Put. It. Down.”
  11. “Sensitive, huh?”
  12. “How did you do that?”
  13. “How did I murder someone and just forget about it?!”
  14. “Make sure you press the right button.”
  15. “Come down, please.”
  16. “Focus on me and everything will be fine.”
  17. Slowly.”
  18. Wow, you got me, you’re so scary.”
  19. “There’s something down here.”
  20. “Hello, housekeeping?”
  21. “Use words, please.”
  22. “It got me.”
  23. “I miss them.”
  24. “You have no idea of what I’ve been through!”
  25. “Wake up!”
  26. “You’ve got something, there…”
  27. “We need to hurry.”
  28. “We’re… we’re in love.”
  29. “You look… amazing, great, I mean… you look good.”
  30. “Behind you!”
how good is ya memory? check mercury/moon sign. tag urself

ARIES: 8/10; remembers things in an exciting way. And they also happen to be one of the best story tellers. the type that rould rather quit the bullshit and just get straight to the point. makes sense with their words and is always coming up with new ideas.

TAURUS: 9/10; may not seem like they pay attention when someone is telling them stuff but they actually remeber every single detail a person says to them. it is easy for them to get stuck on memories from the past

GEMINI: 10/10; gets fixated about thinking on one thing for a minute, gets distracted by some other random thing and starts thinking about somethihng else . knows a lil about everything. is probably super unorganized. However if they’re attracted to someone or something they remember every single detail about them. Probably good at remembering birthdays.

CANCER: 6/10; they put their heart firsts and their minds second. they often remember how someone or something made them feel rather than how it may have actually happened. Once they remember an experience it leaves a long lasting impression that sticks with them forever. also they always have the tea.

LEO: 5/10; doesn’t really remember things exactly how it happened, they may perceive situations more dramatic or extreme than it actually was. they’re pretty funny when they reenact what happened though.

VIRGO: 10/10; the type to read random wikepedia articles for fun and remember every. single. word. also they don’t need to study or read instructions. lol they too smart for that shit.

LIBRA: 7/10; the person who remembers things exactly how they went down and is also the best type of person to have as a mediator as they don’t carry grudges or take sides and will give you they’re honest opinion about the situation.

SCORPIO: 10/10; may seem quiet or whatever but they are actually observing your every move and assesing what type of person you are from afar. the type to notice and remember every single detail about a person like taurus.

SAGITTARIUS: 5/10; remembers the bigger picture and doesn’t really focus too much on the details. is always honest with how they feel and you can trust that they will always tell you the truth. thinks outside the box. probably gets bored easily. They remember what they want, kind of have selective memory, it’s weird.

CAPRICORN: 9.5/10 the type to remember things exactly how they went down and the best type of person to have as an honest witness. may seem quiet sometimes but actually has a lot on their mind. like cancer, they remembera how people/things made them feel, never forgets how or what someone did to fuck them over

AQUARIUS: 7/10; may remember things from a very different perspective than others. picks up on the stuff no one would have noticed if they hadn’t pointed it out. not the type to dwell on the past and tries to move forward.

PISCES: 4/10; they know nothing. jk but a little spaced out sometimes and they may be prone to losing focus when someone is talking to them and is probably in their own worlds. can have trouble putting their thoughts into words. good at empathizing when listening to other people talk.