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Quick Reminder that no matter the verse Tilda will always have a group of close besties, some of them (hopefully all and I ain’t forgetting someone) being @apurekindness  @daniellecountessofderby  @aroseofyork @multimentium @faerietanith and @northernprincessxxx

But please keep in mind that this neither means Tilda can’t have other friends nor that I am not happy with doing all kinds of different threads and relationships with the people mentioned above. I just adore the muns behind the blogs and Tilda adores the muses. And they have been wonderful friends ever since I started RPing on my good ol’ Morgana years ago.


That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)

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although weirdly enough out of all the people i can remember pete interacting with in the show, as far as i can tell, hes only taller than sonny and daniela,, which is weird to think about, he just seems really tall because he literally only stands by tiny tiny sonny

even so! he’s the perfect height,,

the perfect height difference for hugs and forehead kisses,, how lucky we all are

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Favorite blogs?

Lots & Lots honestly.

Mmm lately I have to admit that I live in the blogs of @takeafuckingsipgabe @gaycheldare @lesbabeths & @pipabething they are like my big four here !!

Then a short time ago @romangod @jasipereos @officialclarkkent @tartarhus @sadiekaen @percychace @sadiekqne & @ethanakamura @piper-mccool @ahnabeth @scriptorsapiens@staticcolour started to follow me and I lost my shit literally because ‘HOLY MOLY BATMAN LOOK AT THEM’

Then there is this trinity that I always hope to stop from following me because there is no way that blogs as cool as @banannabeth @percysbi & @annaveth are following me ??? It’s a dream??

I also have these wonderful artists @cindersart @linaisbluepancake @joleanart @demigodsavvy @vithcytries @nicarette @fredrosesart @novva @brakstr @jercys @sapphicpjo @jasminephobia @echolune @roxxannene @huilens @dontcallmestraightorcis @hadessword @kateidr @taranandart @starfeesh @heydragonfly @markiehh that make my life better with her art and @shadowtravel @connorstolll @officialdemigods @ahmbrosia for her more than beatiful edits

And then there are my classic love of a lifetime @gr33kg0ds @sayhellotothepoodlepercy @pjolesbian @ananbeth @alexfierrno @drewtannaka @c-oldasice @charlesbeckendorf @bananannabeth @annabethisterrified @acejasongrace @annabethchasy @annabookchase @annabathtime @purplepipeynabeth @biancangelo @keeith @butchannabeth @holy-percy @nerdyadventures @beckendorph @beckendork @paulblofish @son-of-rome @bailci @readenheim @ghostlynico @rosegoldpipercy @preatorpercy @percabeth-is-endless @gaynalypso@perseabeth @cartercane @demigodslife @pipersgay @piper-mclean-though @niconeedsasolace @solangeloismydaylight @zoenightstars @zia-rashid @sinfulpercy @ingvildsaetren @vkings @rickriordonewithyou @olympusisbleeding @jasongraces @teamannabeth @ripercy @percy-the-sorcerer @percycalypso @fellintotartarus @nymfadoratonks @jason-gracefully @imperialpercy @chrismxcarrell @hoesidon @deathbydiangelo @seancasidy @charmspeak @calyspso @calmpercy @greekonico @repairmanleo @thetitancurse @sallyjackson @herrnes @softbianca @repairboyvaldez @percannabeths @the-golden-trash-can-tm @housemartius @lanileia @demigone @dammperseus @batfamilytrash @willsolacy @gracingpiper @thelosthero & @jediannabeth @cherrigal @jasipercy @mythomage @childof-olympus @child-of-olympus @hellevesque @newrcmantlcs @artemisblessing @furrykeith @ohgygia @hellahylla & @lesboans

  • Questions while watching Stranger Things for the first time: Where is Will? Where is Barb? What is that weird angry flower thing? Is the body real? Where is Eleven?
  • Questions while watching Stranger Things for the second time: Why are there so many sheds in the Byers' yard? Why does Mike's hair grow so fast? Who are the two guys that went hunting and did anyone ever find them? Is Will going to be okay? Where is Eleven?
  • Questions while watching Stranger Things for the 87th time: Who is Eric and why did he need Jonathan to cover for him? Do the Blackburns next door have a cute baby? Where will Max sit at the D&D table? Why does that one girl with black hair at Nancy's school wear the same outfit two days in a row? Did Mr. Clarke ever marry his adorable movie date? If it wasn't frost bite, then what was it? Would Eleven have liked the chocolate pudding? Where is the season two trailer? Where are our season two stills? Where is the new content? Did the Suffer brothers forget they had a show to promote? Should someone remind them? AND WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER ELEVEN IS SHE SAFE SUFFER BROTHERS WE NEED NEW CONTENT TO ANALYZE RIGHT NOW BECAUSE WE DON'T KNOW WHERE ELEVEN IS AND WE CANNOT WAIT UNTIL HALLOWEEN TO FIND OUT

Johndave week - Day 4: Hurt/Comfort

Haha shit I’m late?? I haven’t done comics in literal years soooo. Yeah, this is something I think about in terms of John quite a lot. I can’t help but think it might bug him a lot now and then, even if he fixed a timeline, and when confronted he might lash out. Also, bonus pic;

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Do you have any favourite blogs?

yep it’s a long list tbh

@dylannnroof @tedbundy @truecrimedaily @truecrimehothouse @hausoftruecrime @thedeathmerchant @ofrabid @my-sisters-bike @goddamnshotgun @timothymcfuckingveigh @thedragonrampant @werethenobodies @rebvodka-closet-admirers @man-slaughter @dylaannroof @truecrimedylannroof @99s–boys @cool-ranch-humans @twunnythree @bedahmerized @vv0dkaa @reb-made-me-do-this @fuxkingasshole @vodka-r-e-b @rebsmommy @charlestonchurchmassacre @dahm-sub @aesthetic-of-truecrime @dylannstrenchcoat @ted-bundys-unibrow @truecrimetrashcan @bowlcutworshipper @bunbunbundy @theodorebvndy @bundyspooks @thoseinperil @dahmersaquarium @dahmer-man @ur-dream-and-nightmare @whatsyourfavouritescarymovie @voicefromdeathrow @dylanwrathklebold @stoned-dahmer

this is in no specific order!!

I see your Cute Dragon Age Dads Letting Daughters Braid Their Hair headcanons, and I raise you Cute Dragon Age Dads Teaching Their Daughters to Be Badasses headcanons:

  • Alistair taking her to important meetings, breaking down the talking points for her, asking for her opinion. Helping her to be fair minded in a heavily prejudiced world. Showing her it’s ok to make mistakes, that even the End of the World might not be the end of the world.
  • Zevran teaching her how to pick locks, how to disappear, how to stay in control of every interaction, but also how to know when to let go. Making sure she knows that she is her own person, that she doesn’t owe anyone anything, but also how to know when she’s found a just cause, a worthy ally, a friend. 
  • Fenris taking her on little quests, only the safe ones at first, but tougher ones as she learns and ages. Teaching her to observe power dynamics, how to tell when an innocent is overpowered and needs help. The importance of being brave, for her own sake and others.
  • Anders with a mage child, determined that she will learn to use and control her power without the Circle. Guiding her through the dangers of the Fade, making sure she never feels the guilt of accidental destruction.
  • Sebastian bringing her in to see petitioners and diplomats. Showing her how to lead by example, the importance of listening, courtesy, compassion. Showing her that sometimes kindness is the fastest way to reach a person. Giving her a little bow so she can practice like daddy, looking forward to the day he can pass his grandfather’s bow on to her.
  • Cullen giving her a wooden sword and shield when she asks to train like daddy and taking her out for lessons every morning. Taking her into the war room to teach her strategy, asking her for more and more input as she learns. Teaching her that it’s ok to question, that quitting isn’t the same as failing, that it’s ok to try a new path.
  • Blackwall making sure she knows the importance of standing up for others, of standing up for herself. Teaching her the value of saying “no” when something feels wrong. Building her up so she will feel confident enough to do it when the time comes. 
  • Iron Bull letting her run wild at first, a fierce, grubby warrior with a pointy stick. As she grows, showing her how to control her strength for greater impact, how to spot weaknesses, how to honor a worthy foe. The value of a challenge.
  • Solas meeting her in her dreams. Introducing her to his friends there, raising her with a new perspective on the world, one without the prejudices of those who fear the Fade. Teaching her to approach both spirits and people as individuals, to give them the benefit of trying to understand them as they are.
  • Dorian showing her the importance of trust, loyalty, friendship. Letting her flip through “safe” books when she’s little, but showing her tougher, more important works as she grows. Asking for her help when he’s researching, proving to her that her presence, her thoughts, her perspectives are important. 
Aren’t I Good Enough? C.H

Originally posted by popecalum

warning: smutttttt

word count: 2200+

summary: Luke cheats on y/n with Arzaylea and Calum is there to support her and help her through it. 

requested?: yes, hope you liked it anon! Hannah wrote this one, she was very excited about it so I hope y’all enjoy it :)

requests are open! a secret project is coming so keep your eyes pealed and your snacks ready :))

find Hannah here: @lukeasfuck

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“He what?” I asked Ashton, not believing a single word of what I was hearing. “Y/N, I’m so sorry for not telling you sooner. Luke snuck Arzaylea on the bus countless numbers of times during the last few weeks of tour and it’s been eating me alive hiding that from you. You deserve so much better.” He told me with sympathy and I could feel the tears instantly streaming down my face. 

Normally, I wouldn’t believe anything until I talked to Luke about it first, but Ashton was one of my best friends and I knew that he would never lie to me. I sat there and repeated the words he just told me in my head, and there was a sudden knock at the door. 

“Well, thank you for being honest. I appreciate it, but I better let you go. Somebody’s here.” I told him. “Stay strong Y/N, I’m always here for you. Just remember that you deserve better than that dirty scumbag.” He told me. 

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Hawkward - Avengers x Reader

Words: 1039
Pairing: Avengers x Reader (mainly clint and sam)
Featuring: Sam Wilson, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers
Warnings: Swearing, there are s o m a n y p u n s
Requested by anon
Reader has the gift of flight (with or without wings, you choose) and hanging out with the Bird Bros! Constant bird puns optional.
Authors Note: you wanted puns, you got puns.

Avengers Masterlist. Masterlist.

“You think Clint would like these?” You asked Sam as you walked down the random store aisle with him. You went with Clint and Sam to get groceries for the facility, but Clint was the only one who seemed to actually be on task. You and Sam found yourself in the opposite side of the store, making jokes with whatever you found.

Sam nodded, completely serious. “Get them. Are there two more? We all need a matching pair,” Sam said and started to sift through the slippers on the shelf. Yes, the three of you needed matching bird slippers. You have rebranded the “Bird Bros” as the “Bird Buddies” as you were now a member of their all inclusive group since your owl-like-self fit the requirements.

“Why does he put up with us?” You asked Sam as you held the three pairs of slippers.

“I don’t know; I think he secretly finds it entertaining,” Sam offered. “We should probably find him-”

“Put the damn shoes down; we have work to do!” Clint’s voice walked up behind you.

You shot around and gave him a weird look. “I’m joking; these slippers are the best things I have ever seen. Is three enough? Should we get one for every person in the base, or just keep it exclusive?”

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Can you really let go of someone you never did hold? Can you somehow forget something that you never did? Can you really say goodbye to an imaginary life? Can there really be an end when it never did begin?
—  another-broken-hello
Sleeping beauty and the space prince. (Saeyoung/MC fanfic)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: Saeyoung/MC -you
Rating : M
Summary: Mc pretends to be asleep, while sunbathing naked~ but Saeyoung is a genius and notices everything.

Author’s Notes: This is my first published fanfiction and it’s smut..~ ha.
I apologize for any grammar mistakes or weird parts. I promise to get better and improve myself! Hope you like it none the less! (●´ω`●)


Unexplainably hot, that was all I felt. The heat coming through every crevice of the apartment. No fan, no coolers, just the heat radiating on me. My body was quickly covered in sweat and now was beginning to be all sticky and gross, the heat was unbearable, yet I had no desire to move from the puddle of sweat on the ground, that I was laying in. All that could be heard was a »tapa – tapa -tapa« from the keyboard on which, he typed on, and the cicadas who did not help with the heat, but made it feel much more unbearable.

I decided then and there, even if my boyfriend was working, that I should just undress. He saw me naked a couple of times and he never complained.
Abruptly I stood up, feeling the dizziness which I tried to ignore. I took a towel from my drawer, layed it in front the window and took of my clothes painfully slowly. Since I WAS trying to get the attention of someone quite special. He did have a way of forgetting that I was there, sadly enough I got used to it. But at times, there were moments were I wanted and needed him.

So I sunbathed completely naked. After a few minutes nothing, I almost fell asleep. Then I turned around laying on my back and facing the ceiling. I stretched out my hands and legs. All of a sudden, I felt a pair of eyes wandering from my head to my toes. Was it the slight mewl, that came out of me, or was it because of the stretching that made him perk up? Does it matter though? A slight smirk came across my face. Did it work? Is he finally going to give me some attention?

My plan was in order, I should pretend to be asleep. Some shuffling was heard, a small groan and I felt him sit next to me. A hand was hovering dangerously close to my breasts and it took me all of my strength to pretend to be asleep. He let out a sigh and gulped. Surprisingly before he did anything he said very silently, “It is your fault for being so defenseless, Mc.”

Softly and almost painfully slow he grazed my breast with his hand, he did not use his whole palm, no he only used two fingers to gently draw circles on my skin. Slowly they went over my breast, on the sides of my stomach and to the other side. His breathing was uneven and his touch was no longer careful. The soft and caring touch, made me shiver and I felt a soft blush spreading on my cheeks. Suddenly, I felt him straddling me, but he did it with utmost care. I felt a soft fabric being tied on my wrist and my hands were now positioned above my head. Slowly he came closer to my face. His forehead was now touching mine, he sighed at that point, kissing my cheek and stopping near my ear.

In a husky tone filled with lust he whispered in my ear: “I know you’re just pretending Mc~. You can’t fool me.” I felt my cheeks burn, because he suddenly noticed my act, I decided to still have my eyes closed. “Hmm…” he hummed and went off of me. The air was hot, not because it was summer but it was the tension, that made the temperature go higher.

What was his next move, which he would make? Would he just let me lay on the ground with my wrists tied together? A sudden mistake - I winced in annoyance at that thought, hopefully he wouldn’t notice my writhing. But this mistake gave me the answer to my question.

My legs were gently spread apart and I shuddered as I felt the cold air that he blew on my sex. My knees grew weak and my mind was beginning to blur. I mewled out his name, but his cooing words stopped me. “A, a, a. You wanted to deceive me, but now it’s my turn to play with you.”

He usually wasn’t like this, this commanding, this demanding. But I liked it. I slowly opened my eyes and saw his fiery red hair, his golden eyes staring at me, and that sly grin on his face. “So the sleeping beauty has decided to wake up, eh?”  He winked and bit on his lips. “You know, I am not angry that you pretended to be sleeping, if you wanted me so badly, you just could have asked. Since I am your hero. But now you have to be punished” He chuckled at that and honestly, I could tell that he had a hard time staying in character, but he somehow made it.

His head suddenly went down to my stomach “Such a cutie.” He said in a husky tone. He licked the sides of my waist, nibbling on them in between. Then he kissed my belly button, looked up at me, asking me with his eyes if he can continue. I quickly nodded, this pace was making me go crazy, the haze in my mind, the feeling of want and the heat that spread through my stomach all over my body, made me go crazy. “Please, Saeyoung, please, you are taking too long.” He smirked at that and his eyes became darker, he grabbed my waist pulled me closer and dove right in.

His tongue licked my thighs, his teeth nibbled on my skin. Then the other thigh, which he slowly licked with his tongue. Painfully slow, he came closer to the center, yet he only kissed it all around. It felt good, but didn’t satisfy me enough. I moved my hands trying to push him near the part I wanted him to touch. I just wanted him to release me from this agony, my body writhed against him, I tried buckling my hips but he pushed me down.

His hand then stroked me, at first slowly, then in a circular motion. “Was this what you wanted?”  He continued to stroke me and pushed one finger inside of me “Tell me, is this enough?” His finger was in me, I could feel myself clenching his finger. It wasn’t enough. He ignored my mewls and my cries for more. His face was now in front of me, while his finger was still being pushed in and out. “So, so wet, wet for me? Answer me, what do you want?” Slowly I opened my eyes, a few tears welled up from the lust “I want you, pl-please give me more, Saeyoung!”

A smile, that suited him the best and one cute “Okay!” later and his head was again positioned in between my legs, he grinned and in an instant his tongue lapped over my pussy , he licked from the bottom all the way to the small button. A few licks, up and down – he then swirled his tongue in an 8 pattern. I squirmed, buckled my knees, tried to be calm but all I felt was electricity spread through my body, his soft wet tongue against me felt like heaven.
But I needed more. As though he heard me, he pushed two fingers in me and pumped. His pumping started from slow and careful, to deep and slightly faster. “Ah, you taste better than Honey Buddha and Dr. Pepper combined.” He teased in between his licking.
He took his time eating me out, he enjoyed it, his moans and his strong grip on my thighs were the evidence.  His licks were sloppy and frantic, but so, so needy. As I felt how much he loved pleasuring me, as he loved the taste of me my hips buckled up, my wrists and my feet were jerking. All that could be heard, were his moans and my frantic gasps.

It felt like he would never stop, then I felt, something warm building up inside of me. But it was frightening, I didn’t dare to let it out. “Sweetie let it out, come for me.” He desperately pleaded, in between his licking and sucking. I looked down and all I saw were his golden eyes, there between me, lovingly gazing up at me. His eyes did it, the buildup in me, was released and I felt the time slowing down.  
I moaned out his name, with the last strength I had in me and the world stopped spinning. As I opened my eyes I saw white lights and him above me. He smiled down at me, he unfastened my wrists and laid near me. Then a soft kiss on my cheek and his sweet smile were the sweetest gift from him.

“Good punishment?” He purred at me.

“The best” I said breathlessly and at that I wrapped my arms around him, kissed his lips and looked up at him “But what about you?”
A big grin appeared on his face and he kissed my forehead “Next time, I will be the sleeping beauty and you can play with me, my space princess. Now just rest in my arms.”

At that I nuzzled against the crook of his neck and breathed in his sweet scent. The heat no longer bothered me, I had all I needed - my space prince safe in my arms.

The Date


I let out a long sigh after checking my phone for what seemed like the hundredth time in the past five minutes. It wasn’t anything fancy really. Just a beat up flip phone that had been in my family for what I assumed was generations. Playing with it did help with my nervous energy but now I was exhausted. Was he really not going to show up? I checked through my texts again, hoping to see one from him, but alas, there was nothing.

The restaurant that we had chosen was nice enough, not too overdone. It had a modernish rustic kind of feel to it. But most importantly it didn’t require me to wear a dress and that’s really what counted. I’d dressed up in a white crop top with black and white striped flowing pants paired with my favourite choker and sunglasses. The outfit was perfect for a hot summer day, but now as evening quickly approached, a chill began to set in the air.

Fiddling with the neatly folded napkins was a nice way to ignore the pitying glances of those around me. I flipped my phone open again. 6:01. I gritted my teeth. As much as I tried to fight it, I was getting annoyed. Like spit at your feet and flip you off kind of annoyed. Out of the corner of my eye I can see the same kindly waitress who has asked my order twice in the past hour already. This time I was debating on just getting a takeout and taking a cab home.

“Would you like to order now, miss?” A knowing glint was in her eyes. I smiled thinly at her, hands in a death grip around the water glass as I brought it to my lips. “You know what, thank you for asking Theresa, but I think I’ll just leave.” That’s right. I’d been here so long I even knew her name without needing to glance at the silver tag clipped at her chest. “Why don’t you get something to take home first, dear?” she suggested. “It’s on the house.”

This time my smile was genuine. “Thank you,” I said. I knew what I wanted without even looking at the menu. I’d spent my first hour waiting here memorizing it. If they needed a new waitress I was sure I would get the job without even blinking. “I’ll have the chicken fettuccine alfredo, please.” Theresa scribbled it on her notepad then looks up to smile at me. “I’ll be back in a few minutes, you just wait right here.”

“It’s not like I have anything better to do,” I mutter as she walks away. I sighed again, this time at the irony of that statement. Thankfully the wait for my food wasn’t long. Theresa handed me the bag. I thanked her again and rose from my seat hoping to scurry out the door without anyone staring at the miserable girl who’s date didn’t come. It wasn’t working. I could feel hundreds of pairs of eyes on me. My cheeks heated in anger and embarrassment. Perhaps I would use my time while eating to plot how I would make him pay for this. Ignore his texts all week maybe. Or I could post an embarrassing photo of him and tag all our friends. Hmm, so many options.

I was so caught up in my revenge plot that I didn’t even notice the boy who has sunk into the set across from me in the booth giving me an apologetic smile. He shook out his leather jacket and placed it beside him. “Sorry I’m so late, babe, traffic is crazy right now,” he says loudly enough for the whole room to hear. My eyes must be as wide as saucers as I gape at him. “I’m Cal, by the way. Just go with it, yeah? Whoever didn’t bother to show up is a complete dick,” he quietly adds. I force myself to relax for the eyes still watching us. I guess I had to go along with whatever the hell this was. My hand tightened on my bags, prepared to bolt if this stranger was really just a jerk who thought picking on me would be funny. Relax, breathe. “Of course, I understand. But you’re here now and that’s all that counts,” I say smoothly, fighting to keep my voice from shaking. What the hell kind of situation was this? I cursed in my head. Trouble seemed to trail me wherever I went. My response silences the whispers and giggles. The words sounded warm and charming though I felt anything but.

Say something else Mare, the poor fool is just sitting there looking at you. Oh right. “I’m Mare. Mare Barrow,” I introduce myself to this odd stranger. Well odd was one word for him. Another was jaw-dropping. Stunning. Hot. It was unfair how attractive he was with that glossy black hair in a messy bed head kind of style that suited him paired with warm amber eyes that looked like flickering flames when they hit a certain light. He had a nice stubble along his cheeks and chin and was dressed in a casual green sweater and blue jeans with his brown leather jacket. His lips curled into an amused smile when he noticed me checking him out and I blushed furiously. Something about him was oddly familiar and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Don’t be embarrassed about it. If we’re being honest, I was checking you out too,” he says nonchalantly. Under the table I pinched myself just to make sure that I was awake and that this wasn’t some crazy dream. But it wasn’t. This was a crazy reality which was even worse. What’s so bad about being on an unplanned date with a hot guy? a traitorous voice inside my head whispered. Well, I couldn’t argue with that logic. Cal settles into his seat looking strangely relaxed. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he put his feet up on the table. He casually sips on some water while I gawk at him. “Well,” he sighs, “I suppose you have some questions.” “Umm, yeah?” I say in an its so obvious tone.

“What’s your full name?” He purses his lips at that one. I can’t hep but feel slightly suspicious at his reaction. “Okay, you caught me. My real name isn’t Cal, it’s–” he hesitates, silent laughter dancing in eyes. “It’s technically Tiberias Calore the Seventh, but that’s kinda long so people just call me Cal.” He seems nervous while speaking and it take everything I have to not burst out laughing. I didn’t know why his nervousness was so endearing to me. “What about you Miss Barrow? Is that your real full name?” he asks me. Cal rests his chin on his hand while observing me.

“It’s Mare Molly Barrow, but I mostly ignore the middle part,” I confess, shrugging.  "Second question, what are you doing here and why are you helping me?“ He grins at me, waggling a finger. "Nuh uh, that’s two questions.” I roll my eyes. “Well I as going to ask you sooner or later, and may I remind you that you’re the one who jumped in on my non-existent date, so I get to ask the questions here how I like.” Cal doesn’t seem fazed by my response at all, in fact, based on his expression that he approved it. Like he was expecting me to bite back.

“I expect no less from you,” he says, that same infuriating yet adorable mischievous smile plastered on his lips. Goddammit Mare, stop staring at his lips. Once I register his words I feel my face scrunch up in confusion. “Expect?” I repeat, dumbfounded. “Do I know you?” He chuckles at my confused expression. I narrow my eyes at him, hoping to place his face. I knew I recognized him, but from where? He lets me puzzle it out, watching and sipping on his water all the while. A one-night stand perhaps? Nope, I didn’t do those. A friend of a friend maybe who I didn’t remember? “I’ve got nothing,” I finally sigh. 

“We used to go to the same high school,” he shakes his head in mock hurt. “I can’t believe this. You don’t remember me.” He has to be lying. There was no way that I could forget someone that attractive. “When did you graduate?” I ask him, watching carefully for any sign of a lie. “Last year. I was captain of the senior football team,” Cal says, this faraway look in his eyes, like he was reliving it in his mind’s eye. Perhaps he was. A faint flash of a memory flitted across my mind. I was up in the bleachers with Kilorn watching as a game took place below. It was my first time going to such an event, and all I remember was wanting to go home. I didn’t even notice when the captain scored thee winning goal, but I pretended to cheer along with everyone else. I was sophomore when he graduated which is likely the reason I didn’t remember him much, other than that. "How did you recognize me?“ I ask him, suddenly aware of the thought. Was he a stalker or something? Or just really good at remembering people?

He notes my tense posture and his face softens. "You don’t need to be afraid of me, I’m not going to hurt you.” I don’t relax. His jaw clenches and he gives me a strained smile. “How could I forget the girl who spray painted the principals car?”

 My shoulder stiffen in surprise at his words. Ever so slowly my lips part into a smile and I laugh. Cal watches me, smiling as well. It was genuine, soft crooked smile that tugged at my heart. “Oh my god I can’t believe you remember that,” I groan, hiding my face between my hands to conceal the red blush flaring on my cheeks. Slowly, softly, he takes my hands in his and I stare at him. He blushes as well at my struck expression. “Sorry, I just…I think your blush is…” He fumbles with the words, tripping over them. “You look really beautiful and I–” He stops when he sees my wide eyes. “Ugh that came out wrong, sorry–” he says, looking very much like he would love nothing more than to crawl into a hole and stay there. “You don’t need to apologize,” I tell him softly. He smiles hesitantly. “And thank you.”

“I’d always wondered why you did it,” he muses. “That’s what puzzled me about you.” I stare at him in wonder. I had no idea that he’d even knew my name, much less thought about me often. “I’ll tell you if you answer my questions and stop avoiding them,” I say. “Alright,” he agrees. “I came to visit my friend on his first day of work here. I hoped to see him, but I haven’t, which probably means that he’s doing a terrible job at this and I need to yell at him.” “But,” he adds, “I’m sure his boss has that covered.”

“Secondly, I came over here because you looked sad and slightly pissed. Well actually, more pissed than upset,” he laughs. That fades as he turns serious. “But I heard people whispering and…” He looks down, fiddling with something. I had a feeling he was trying to avoid my gaze. “The things they were saying were terrible, so I thought maybe I could help out this girl that they were talking about.” I wasn’t sure I was breathing normally anymore. It caught in my chest and squeezed painfully. I knew people’s opinion shouldn’t matter to me, and it didn’t, but I couldn’t stand the whispers. It reminded me too much of sophomore year when hushed words would follow me wherever I turned. They thought I couldn’t hear them, but they were wrong. Look, it’s the troubled girl who spray painted the principals car, one person would whisper, and another would accompany it. I heard she did it on purpose. Why would someone do that on purpose? Someone would snort. Because they’re stupid and lack a brain, another responded.

“Then I saw you, and I recognized you. You were sitting there and I thought that whoever didn’t show up was a total ass,” he scoffs. “That ass is my ex, by the way,” I say, tilting my head at him. He flushes. “Sorry for the language.” His brow furrows slightly. “You were meeting your ex?” he asks, confused as to why someone would even do such a thing. “No, but he is now,” I clarify, shrugging. He laughs and that same heart-wrenching grin returned.

“So, I’ve answered your questions. Now it’s your turn to answer mine.”

I nod. Fair enough.

“I did it because for some idiotic reason I wanted to get suspended. Teenage rebellion, I guess,” I joke halfheartedly. The truth was I did know why I did it. That was around the time Tramy had been leaving to follow in Bree’s footsteps and join the military. I had been so angry at everything and everyone. My parents tried to console me at first, but then they would get exasperated, my mother most of all. And that hurt. Everything had come crashing back, my bitterness of being the shadow to my sister, the pretty, sweet talented sister that I could never live up to, the anger of never being seen by my parents as nothing more than nuisance though I knew deep down that it wasn’t true. They loved me in their own way. Only Shade could put up with me, and he was my first friend as well as my older brother.

I’d poured all of that emotion into that stupid action, hoping to get back at my parents somehow, show them that they were right. I was the only the bitter shadow they thought me to be. I struggle to keep the tears in as I explain this all to Cal who patiently listens to me without interrupting. When I finish, he stands up and my heart sinks. He was going to leave, my story had scared him off.

Instead of running off as I expect him to, Cal slowly reaches out to touch my shoulder, his eyes holding a silent question. I nod once and he comes to sit beside me. Cal wraps his arms around me, and I lean on his shoulder, pressing my face into his broad arm. He brushes my hair back from my face and I bite my lip. We stay like that for a while in comfortable silence. I even spot Theresa giving me a wink from across the room, and I try to stifle my laugh.

“I should go now,” I say quietly at last, shattering the silence that had wrapped us both. “What time is it?” He takes out his phone from his pocket and I note that it’s the newest model. Thank goodness I’d asked him first so he wouldn’t see my flip phone that dated back to prehistoric times. “It’s 8:51, he informs me.” I jolt and jump of my seat. Cal’s face contorts in worry. “What is it?” “I was supposed to be home by seven, or at least call my parents,” I explain breathlessly, quickly gathering my things. Don’t panic, don’t panic, I chide myself. I scrambled through my purse for my bus pass, letting out a cry of frustration when I come up empty handed.

“Hey, calm down,” Cal urged. “I’ll give you a ride back, no big deal.” That stills me. “You…you’d drive me home?” He smiles softly. “Of course.” The words sooth me, but only slightly. I didn’t want him to see where I lived. Our sorry excuse of an apartment flashed through my mind. I would have to get him to drop me a couple of blocks ahead then walk the rest of the way. “Thanks, again.” He shrugs. “No problem.”

We head out together. I shiver when a cold gust of wind sweeps across me, and I wrap my arms around myself in an attempt to keep my teeth from chattering. Cal shrugs of his jacket and hands it to me. I stare at it then him. “Aren’t you cold?” I inquire. He shakes his head. “I don’t get cold often strangely enough.” I accept the jacket and put it on.Thankfully it was lined to keep out the cold but thee fit was much too big. I looked like child playing dress up. Cal’s eyes widen when he looks down at me and I suddenly feel self-conscious. “What, what is it?”

He looked slightly dazed. “Nothing’s wrong.” I struggle to cross my arms due to the bulky jacket. “Tell me the truth.” Cal sighs. “You don’t let anything go, do you?” “Nope,” I said, popping the p. "Alright, I was thinking that the jacket looks better on you than it does on me,“ he confesses. Stunned, I don’t say a word. I can only follow him to his car hoping that the darkness would conceal my blush. It was unfair really how flustered he often made me.

My jaw almost drops at the sight of his car. It was gorgeous. Like I’d date it kind of gorgeous. It was a shiny red Volvo trimmed and plated with chrome, shined to perfection. I would bet that it looked even better in daylight. Cal glances at me, enjoying my look of awe. "What are you thinking right now?” he asks. Fine. It was a fair question after all. “I’m thinking that like to date your car,” I tell him. He huffs, amused. “Sorry, but she’s mine.”

 "Who said it was a she?“ I counter playfully. "I fixed her myself. I think I would know,” he responds with a wide smile. “Ugh, gross!” I exclaim, smacking him in the chest. I can feel his laugh reverberate in his chest, and I pull my hand away after I realize that it’s been there too long. He catches it deftly and links his fingers with mine. I inhale sharply. He doesn’t pull away once we settle into our seats and neither do I. He asks for my address and I instruct him where to go seeing as he wasn’t familiar with the area. We pass through the tall buildings which slowly level out to townhouses. I knew that they formed the border that separated my side of town from the nice part of the city

“Turn here,” I point. He obliges and we pass through the neat row of houses. 227, one of them reads. “This is it,” I say, hoping he won’t notice the lie. The house was close enough to the edge that it wouldn’t be a long walk on this chilly night. I begin to shrug off the jacket when Cal stops me. “Keep it. As I said, it looks much better on you anyway.” I stare at him in disbelief, the jacket still hanging loosely around my elbows. He fixes it so that it rests on my shoulders and fastens a few of the buttons. I sit there and study him as he works.

“It was nice talking with you,” I say, slightly breathless at his proximity. He looks up and stills as well, suddenly realizing the same thing. The moment felt suspended as if hanging by thread that could fray and snap at any time. I couldn’t think of anything except how beautiful his eyes were. They reminded me of warmth, of autumn. I wasn’t entirely sure he was breathing anymore as he touched my cheek lightly. With his other hand, he raises my own to his lips and presses a kiss to the back. “It was nice talking to you too,” he whispers.

As I start to pull away, he keeps a gentle grip on my hand and I turn back around. “Yes?” I ask him, just as unwilling to let go. “I–” he stutters. “I have one more question for you that I forgot to ask earlier.”

“What is it?”

“I was wondering,” he says softly,  "if you would like to go on a real, actually planned date with me.“

I knew I didn’t even need to think about it. I was sure of my answer.

I smile at him, broad and without restraint. "Yes, I would love to go on a planned date with you.”

He lets out a relieved laugh. “Good.” Cal looks at me almost shyly. “I’ve never been on an actual date.” I pat his hand reassuringly. “You’ll do great, I’m sure of it.” “I hope so,” he replies.

“Just show up in that car and you’re set.”

He laughs again. “Noted.”

We exchange our numbers and I’m careful to keep my phone hidden but he spots it anyway. "Don’t be embarrassed. If it’s any consolation, I think it’s pretty cool. They don’t even make them like that anymore.” I roll my eyes fondly. “Of course. Only a dork like you would notice that.”

“I confess, I am a bit of a nerd,” he smiles teasingly and my heart flutters.

“Goodbye, Mare.“

"Goodbye, Cal.”

As I walk the rest of the way home I can’t stop the infectious grin that worms its way onto my face. My heart felt light like I would float away at any moment. Is this what you were supposed to feel like after a date? I’d never felt that way with my ex. Internally I sigh at the thought of having to break up with him. I’d do it in person. I could do that much.

 When I finally get home, mom and dad sigh in relief when I find them at the kitchen table with Gisa. “Where have you been?” She demands. Sometimes I felt like she was more like a mother than my actual mom was. “Calm down. My date wasn’t showing up and I bumped into an old friend from high school and we lost track of time–”

“What do you mean lost track of time,” my dad growls. I sigh heavily. “Calm down dad it wasn’t like that. We just talked.” “That’s what they all say,” he mutters under his breath

.“We’re glad you’re home, darling. Next time, please give us a warning,” mom says tiredly.“I know, I know. Sorry mom,” I sigh again.“Next time?” Gisa huffs. “There will be no next time young lady. Now go to your room.” I crack a small smile at her adult behavior. “Alright, fine,” I concede. 

“Wait, where’s Shade?” I ask them. Mom and dad glance at each other while Gisa plays with her hair. “He went out to look for you,” she explains. “We– we thought that something had happened and–” I hold up a hand and she stops speaking. “I got it. Seeing as I’m not dead, you should probably call him and tell him that I’m home.”

Mom jumps to her feet. “Of course, how could I forget.” She practically trips over himself to get to our old home phone. I leave them to it and go to my room. Once I shut the door, I climb into my bed, inhaling the smoky scent of the jacket. It smelled just like him, and I lie there with a stupid grin at the thought of seeing him again.

It was only a matter of time.


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Based on this prompt

Lapis: “I almost drowned a lot of people”

Most of the fandom: “k”

Aquamarine: -has a teardrop gem on her cheek, stone cold elite gem, threatened to have a human killed-

Most of the fandom: “omg what if aquamarine killed someone!!!!!!”

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Devil's Advocate

Lots of people seem to have forgotten what this means. It means you agree with the person you are arguing with and are bringing up all counterarguments you can think of so they become prepared to defend against them when their ideas are challenged by people not on their side. It is an important part of learning to debate since people will not agree with you all the time even with the same facts and being ready for common counter arguments helps you stay focused instead of being derailed.

–Someone on your side making sure you have a counter argument to an opposing point they bring up. You may think it’s a commonly debunked point but that may be your bubble talking so try to take it at face value.
–Someone bringing in new information to make sure you have it accounted for in your argument. Preferably with citations but they may forget them so just ask if they did.
–Someone asking you to explain it in a way that relies less on familiarity with the subject. Yes there is google but never forget you opinions on a subject have been shaped by your whole life of learning so a google search or other recent lookup still will not impart the same level of knowledge you may have on a subject. Be ready to explain to people less educated on issues, always.
–Someone asking you to rephrase because they think your prior wording confuses the issue or may have said something you did not intend.

–Someone trying to change your mind on an issue directly. A proper devils advocate may cause you to tweak your stance a bit as you refine your argument, but is never looking for an out and out reversal of opinion or even a huge stance change.
–Someone bringing up every counter argument at once (unless they state they are simply listing common counters you will need to keep in mind) because this is usually done to try and discredit the core argument. A devils advocate is NOT trying to discredit your argument they are trying to help better your ability to make your argument.
–Someone outright sealioning you by harping on one thing you said and ignoring it when you do address it to continue harping that one thing as if it is still unaddressed. This is someone not looking for debate but more to rule you up. Disengage upon realizing they are doing it as it will go nowhere.
–Anyone trying to take the argument somewhere totally unrelated.

–You are not the devils advocate if you are trying to change someone’s mind beyond “I need to strengthen my argument.” You’re just debating with them.
–You are not the devils advocate if you hold a totally opposite position and are arguing for it. That’s just debating with them.
–You are not the devils advocate if you are trying to discredit an argument altogether.

Devils advocates are on the same side as the person they are debating and are simply trying to help strengthen their argument. If you actually want to debate them by all means do it but that is not the same thing as being a devils advocate; don’t mislabel it. If you think someone is not being helpful as a devils advocate say so, so that they or you can clarify the misunderstanding or so they of you can realize it’s really a normal debate and treat it as such. There nothing wrong with arguing without being a devils advocate, just don’t use the label incorrectly if it if not share you are doing.