did i totally miss this the first time around


i can’t believe i missed it the first time around but lady kima and allura totally did the do in episode 15 after VM brought kima back from the underdark

VM showed up at Allura’s house and her hair was “disheveled” and she was in her robe at 11am and then the group headed to their meeting across the street at the palace where lady kima arrives late just a few minutes later

5AM - Bucky Barnes x Reader

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Words: 998
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Featuring: Steve Rogers, lil bit of Tony Stark
Warnings: swearing, kinda sad tbh
Requested by @wearetoxiclovers
Hi! I’d like to make a request of Bucky maybe based off of "5am by Amber run” thank you (: I do love your imagines ❤️"
Authors Note: this is a fic based off of the song above ^^ and you can check it out here! Trying to get more requests out more often so aye extra one today!


You did know what you’ve got until it’s gone, you don’t know who to love until you’re lost, you don’t know how to feel until the moment’s passed. I wish you’d live like you’re made of glass.

“How are you holding up?” Steve sat down on Bucky’s bed.

Bucky shrugged. “Same as every other damn day.”

Steve put his arm on Bucky’s shoulder. “I’m sorry. The whole team’s having a movie night in the media room in a few minutes- do you want to come?”

Bucky shrugged. “I don’t know if I’m ready to actually leave my room.”

“Buck, it’s been two weeks. You’ve been in your room for two weeks, only to leave for food or the bathroom.” Steve said, and Bucky looked down to fiddle with his fingers. “Can you please just try o come spend the night with us? If you don’t like it, then you can come back here.” Steve promised.

Bucky nodded. “Alright, I’ll go. Will, they, be there?”

Steve shook his head. “Probably not.”

And in response, Bucky nodded. He stood up and walked out of the room to where the most of the team was to watch random movies.

When Bucky walked in he noticed Clint and Natasha on the floor laughing. Tony and Bruce talking about their mad scientist stuff. Vision and Wanda probably flirting. Steve sat down on the couch and let Bucky sit next to him.

There wasn’t much of a “Bucky, you’re alive!” It was more-so happy and welcoming, or a. soft and gentle type thing.

Natasha got up to put in the first movie. “I totally forgot this was happening!” Everyone’s heads turned to the voice, that was you. “Did I miss anything?”

Bucky looked away from you. He was afraid that things would go south if he looked at you.

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If there was one thing you should never insist to do, than it’s to share a apartment with a guy who wears a tight red suit and is the biggest asshole of all time - yet it was practically your only choice. You had a hard time at work and couldn’t pay all of the rent for the apartment any more and this lonely guy named Wade Wilson seemed to be a serial killer who had no intention to kill you but other people. The good thing was: he was able to pay a bit of the rent from the money which he probably steals some other assholes. You just told yourself that it wasn’t your business and as long as he pays his half on the rent and doesn’t masturbate in the living room, you were totally fine with having him as a roommate. 

After a stressful day at work, you started to love to come home to get amused by Wade’s humor if he wasn’t out playing the antihero. You didn’t mind his, let’s say, hobby. “I’m not covering you when the cops come and ask questions, that’s for sure” you told him as he told you how he started to become his alter ego Deadpool, “but can you show me how to use a gun? I’d love to try that.” 

He ended up showing it to you and you weren’t even that bad. In the celebration you drank before you shot the empty beer cans from a fence. “This is so much fun - honestly I should just shoot all the people who annoy me at work” you laughed and that’s how Wade ended up standing in front of the wall of a old factory wall and asked you to shoot him. As drunk as you were you just did what he told you, not knowing a thing about his damn healing factor. “Holy fuck, I JUST FUCKING SHOT YOU! WHAT THE HELL, WADE!?” 

Since then you knew exactly where Wade had hidden his guns and weapons and every time he annoyed or you actually caught him jerking off in the living room, you had no shame throwing a knife in his arm. He’ll heal. 

In general, Wade and you built up probably the most weird yet amazing friendship on this planet. You went to strip clubs together, only to get a coke. You filmed him fighting off some jerks and scared off the own jerks from your work. Ate way too many chimichangas and acted out bad scenes from some even more dumb ass romantic movies. “I’m crazy about Mister Pool” you admitted, looking dramatic in his eyes. 

“But I have to leave, bitch” he answered and played along but he only made you sigh. 

“Wade, you’re supposed to say ‘my love’” you rolled your eyes and chuckled as you laid your head in his lap. With time you became pretty comfortable around him as he did too. You teased each other all the time and got quite touchy sometimes. The only surprising thing was the fact that you two never even tried to hook up together - it was almost like a unspoken rule that you don’t start something together. The sexual jokes teased up the tension sometimes but you never made it to the first base. 

“You know if you ever miss your eyebrows, I can draw you some on.” you offered, making him laugh. You never mind his disfigurement - his humor and weird kindness totally made up for that. No matter how jokingly you two were, you also had times where he was seriously down and didn’t come out of his room for a long time. Like any other human, he had his ups and downs and what kind of a friend would you be if you don’t help him to overcome the rough times? - An asshole, exactly. 

“Wade?” you asked him, still having your head laying in his lap while you two were watching another horrible romance movie. 

“Yeah?” he replied. 

“Can I try on your suit?” 

“The fuck do you dream of?” 


Wade sighed. “Alright but no matter how tight your ass is, it won’t fill it in like mine does.” 

“I know” you cried out jokingly and followed him excited in his bedroom. Your friendship would definitely last forever. 

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Ugh, I'm so glad you love MFMM too - such a great show :D

Seriously, how could you not love that show?  Phryne is a forward-thinking woman in the 1920s, her best friends are a Catholic woman and a doctor, and she and Jack have some of the best chemistry ever to grace the screen.

One of the best scenes ever because he was “trying to distract” her.  Right.  Like anyone believed that.  But he says it anyway because he’s totally in denial for all of Season 1.  Going to go with Miss Fisher on this one:

Also, mad props for Phryne in this episode because she posed nude for an artist and the painting is flamboyantly displayed in her parlor.  If that’s not hardcore, I don’t know what is.

And in her speech to Mr. Butler the first time they met, ending with the rushed sentence of:


Literally died when Jack and Phryne sang “Let’s Misbehave” together.

When she fastened his tie, I screamed, “FOR GOD’S SAKE KISS THE GIRL” at my TV.  (As did my mother, by the way–she ships it harder than I do.)

Rolled when she started talking about knowing her knots because of a Portugese sailor she knew once, and Jack’s reaction was basically, “Wait, this is Miss Fisher–I don’t want to know.”


And just the episode “Death & Hysteria” in general, especially all conversations revolving around the time Jack raided a brothel in Chinatown.  That’s the first time I noticed that Mac totally ships it, too.  And the Ronaldo the rodeo rider story–poor Dot.


…Huh.  Somehow I turned this into a Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries appreciation post.

Also, I have to say that, for a show set in the 1920s and the typical we-were-trying-to-be-historically-accurate bull that usually accompanies said shows, they talk about the taboo of 1920s society:  gay relationships, interracial relationships, “electrical massagers” *cough*, abortion, and a whole host of other things I can’t think about.

Currently watching “Death & Hysteria” again as I type this.

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If you are doing adoribull sunday: On the battlefield Dorian does something magical that genuinely frightens Bull, setting him skittish and distant for a bit. Dorian then works to soothe his fear and make it up to him.

“Thought you said this was going to be a clean-up job Boss,” Bull growled, his attention never wavering from the twenty some odd Red Templars that were closing in on their position.  A number they’d already whittled down by ten or twelve before realizing just how over their heads they’d gotten.

“Leliana said the camp should have had limited personnel…I’m guessing they got reinforcements.”

“Why yes, I’d say that’s a good assumption Evie,” Dorian drawled from his spot on the other side of the Boss, his hands already twitching against his staff as he waited for the word to go.

“Anyone have any ideas?” the Boss queried, casting a quick glance to her left and her right.  The problem was they were quite literally backed into a corner, mountain on one side and elven ruins on the other.

“I suggest a bolt to Red’s arse when we get back,” Sera bit out, even the usually sunny archer feeling the stress of the coming fight.

By now the Templars were close enough that Bull could see the flames chasing the sword on their insignia and he had a moment to think that this might be it.  Because while he trusted each of the people he was standing with, twenty to four was some shitty odds.

“I may have an idea…but I don’t think you’re going to like it,” Dorian muttered, his words accompanied by a heavy sigh.

“You gonna wait ‘til they slice us in two to share?” Sera growled, pulling an arrow out of her quiver and nocking it.

“Fine, but I need bodies.  The more the better…and keep them off me.  I’m going to be a little busy,” Dorian growled, taking two steps back to put him behind Evie before closing his eyes and beginning to chant.

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Scottgames Changes: Toy Foxy, Withered Bonnie, New Endoskeleton

Today, Scott has done something totally different to the Scottgames image. Not only did he add Adventure Withered Bonnie, but there is a new endoskeleton next to Plushtrap, and a pristine Adventure Mangle– or should I say, Adventure Toy Foxy! 

This is our very first look at a canon Toy Foxy, and it is very exciting to finally get to experience her original form, as well as her cute bushy tail! 

Adventure Withered Bonnie is still missing his face, as well as the fur on his hands. The red eyes are very prevalent, and there are no wires hanging around the facial area. And this time, he looks far more welcoming with his wave! What seems like Toy Foxy putting her arm around Toy Chica reminds us of the Ladies Night extra from the Custom Nights on FNaF 2. 

The new endoskeleton next to Plushtrap looks like a hybrid model of the other two endoskeletons; the eyes and face shape from the left model, and the torso, teeth, and face stripe from the right model. It has green eyes, and seems to be looking at either Plushtrap, or Adventure Toy Bonnie– who shares its eye color.

We assume that this is going to be an Adventure Plushtrap because of its size, very excited posture and expression, and pegs coming out of the top of its head. The ears of Freddy and Foxy models all extend from the head at more of an angle than Bonnie’s. 

One thing that stands out is the green sphere in the middle of our Mini Endoskeleton’s stomach. This may play a bigger part in the game– perhaps he is one of the “enemy” models that Scott had mentioned in his post. His pointed teeth seem to suggest this as well!

Scott really treated us with this update! 

– H & G

All updates can be found on this page!