did i tho


hhghrjhgr i really enjoy her??? like a lot 

now pearl is On A Mission to woo this beautiful giant girl, and shes not sure why but she just CANT leave her alone

lol and peridots like 


been wanting to draw her for ages!! \;U;/

if you have some fan art requests feel free to send them!
((cant promise i’ll do them all but if i love the character i just might! ♡))

I’m not dead just ridiculously busy with moving and whatnot!! I haven’t had the chance to draw in months and it almost started to physically hurt not to be able to draw so my resolution: to use the time i could be sleeping to animate 8,D

Got dem Sailor Moon feels back from marathoning all the newest musicals and crying at the beauty that is Yuuga Yamato as Mamoru Chiba.

My school’s drama program is holding auditions for the Legally Blond musical that they’re gonna preform and even though I’m neither legal nor blond I still might try out for a small role lol


BOLD what applies to your muse.

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Long legs. Short legs. Average legs. Slender thighs. Thick thighs. Muscular thighs. Skinny arms. Soft arms. Muscular arms. Toned stomach. Flat stomach. Flabby Stomach. Soft stomach. Six-pack. Beer belly. Lean frame. Beefy / muscular frame. Voluptuous frame. Petite frame.  Lanky frame. Short nails. Long nails. Manicured nails. Dirty nails. Flat ass. Toned ass. Bubble butt. Small waist. Thick waist. Narrow hips. Average hips. Wide hips. Big feet. Average feet. Small feet. Soft feet. Slender feet. Calloused hands. Soft hands. Big hands. Average hands. Small hands. Long fingers. Short fingers. Average fingers. Broad shoulders. Underweight. Average weight. Overweight.


Shorter than 140 cm. 141 cm-150 cm. 151 cm to 160 cm. 161 cm to 170 cm. 171 cm to 180cm181 cm to 190 cm. 191 cm to 2m. Taller than 2 m.


Pale. Rosy. Olive. Dark. Tanned. Blotchy. Smooth. Acne. Dry. Greasy. Freckled.


Small. Large. Average. Grey. Brown. Blue. Violet. Green. Gold. Hazel. Doe-eyed. Almond. Close-set. Wide-set. Deep-set. Squinty. Monolid. Heavy eyelids. Upturned. Downturned.


Thin. Thick. Fine. Normal. Greasy. Dry. Soft. Shiny. Curly. Frizzy. Wild. Unruly. Straight. Smooth. Wavy. Floppy. Cropped. Pixie-cut. Afro. Shoulder length. Back length.Waist length. Past hip-length. Buzz cut. Bald. Weave. Hair extensions. Jaw length. Mohawk. Dreadlocks. Box braids. Faux locks. White. Platinum blonde. Golden blonde. Dirty blonde. Blonde. Ombre. Light brown. Mouse brown. Chestnut brown. Golden brown. Chocolate brown. Dark brown. Jet black. Ginger. Red. Auburn. Dyed red. Dyed any “unnatural color”. Thin eyebrows. Average eyebrows.Thick eyebrows. Plucked eyebrows.


Full sleeve. Thigh tattoo. Neck tattoo. Chest tattoo. Back Tattoo.  Shoulder blade Tattoo.One tattoo. Face tattoo. A few here and there. Multiple. No tattoo. Monroe piercing. Nose piercing. Septum. Nipple piercing(s). Genital piercing(s). Industrial piercings. Earlobe piercings. Prince Albert piercing. Eyebrow piercing(s). Tongue piercing(s). Lip piercing(s). Top of the ear. Tragus piercing. Angel bites. Labret. Stretches out ears. Navel piercing. Inverse navel piercing. Cheek piercing(s). Smiley. Nape piercing(s). No piercings.


Eyeliner. Light eyeliner. Heavy eyeliner. Cat eyes. Mascara. Fake eyelashes. Matte lipstick. Regular lipstick. Lipgloss. Red lips. Pink lips. Dark lips. Bronzer. Highlighter. Eyeshadow. Neutral eyeshadow. Smoky eyes. Colorful eyeshadow. Blush. Lipliner. Light contouring. Heavy contouring. Powder. Matte foundation. Shiny foundation. Concealer. Wears make up regularly. Wears it from time to time. Rarely wears make-up.


Floral. Earthy. Fruity. Perfumes. Aftershave. Cocoa. Moisturizer. Shampoo. Cigarettes. Leather. Sweat. Food. Incense. Marijuana. Cologne. Whiskey. Wine. Fried food. Blood. Fire. Metal. Rain.


Jeans. Tight pants. Overknee socks. Tights. Leggings. Yoga pants. Pencil skirt. Tight skirt. Loose skirt. Tight / formfitting dress. Cardigans. Blouse. Button up shirt. Band-T-shirt. Sports-T-shirt. Sweatpants. Tanktop. Cut off t-shirt. Designer. High street. Leather Jacket. Online stores.Thrift. Lingerie. Long skirt. Miniskirt. Maxidress. Sun dress. Tie. Tuxedo. Cocktail dress. Highslit dress / skirt. T-shirt. Loose clothing. Tight clothing. Jean shorts. Sweater. Sweater vest. Waistcoat. Khaki pants. Suit. Hoodie. Harem pants. Basketball shorts. Boxers / Boxer-Briefs. Thong. Hotpants. Hipster panties. Bra. Sportsbra. Crop top. Corset. Ballerina skirt. Leotard. Polka dot. Stripes. Glitter. Silk.  Lace. Leather. Velvet. Chemise. Patterns. Florals. Neon colors. Pastels. Light colors. White. Black. Dark colors. Fur / Faux fur. Revealing clothing.


Sneakers. Slip-ons. Flats. Slippers. Sandals. High heels. Kitten heels. Ankle boots. Combat boots. Knee-high. Platforms. Stripper heels. Bare feet. Loafers. Oxfords. Gladiator shoes.

jordemme  asked:

I havent even gone to an art college or anything but even taking art in highschool, i got lesser grades bc my art teacher was very "Freedom to do things however! Oh. Not that." and that caused me to butt heads with her because I am always a very strong willed person

I found art school (the one I went to) to be a lot of that.

I mean, the concept surrounding first two years is understandable imo. Especially first year. The idea that you enter through those doors to shed all your previous (mis)understandings and resulting arrogance about how to draw/paint/compose–in order to allow yourself to be sculpted into a well rounded artist by your instructors–is great and necessary. Working with black and white shapes to learn shit like contrast and composition, so on and so forth, and then moving on to how to observe and dissect forms… all that junk. Yeah, you’re not drawing your OCs and cartoons like you want to. BUT these are all lessons that’ll help you draw that stuff better, and it’s good stuff to learn.

The problem is, this really relies on your instructor knowing how to actually teach.

I’ve had to kinds of instructors: those who were excellent artists and shit instructors
and those who were shit artists and consequently shit instructors. 

In a perfect world, where your instructors know their stuff AND know how to deliver the lessons in an unbiased, open, and truly “you’re paying me, I just want to help you rather than take personal pleasure in delivering ‘hard truths’ and making my students cry” kind of way, art school is great! And I understand that there are instructors out there who are like this. I only ever met one, he taught me color theory. He also defended me when he became the head off the department I was majoring in. 

In third and fourth year, school was supposed to be about considering what kind of work you want to produce after you graduate, writing artists statements about it, and producing the work you want to produce. The instructors were supposed to help us go in the direction we wanted to go in.
I wanted to do narrative illustrations.
You know…the stuff I’m doing now, seven years after I had graduated.

And I was met with a lot of resistance about it. In turn, my artist statement had to become an air tight argument about why narrative illustration was just as valuable as anything you’d find in an art gallery, and why I should be allowed to pursue it. My instructors didn’t like it, because it had been so easy to dismiss illustration and design as “stuff that someone else pays for, ideates, and directs” rather than “something self-directed that an artist does personally, for themselves, which can be monetarily valued once it has been published”. 
And the tune that was sung in the last two years of art school was that “technical skill doesn’t matter”. Something that drove me up the fucking wall. I wished I was joking, but I’m not even paraphrasing. Those exact words were said to me by several different instructors during my third and fourth year. And they’re right, if you’re pursing a very particular direction with your work. But that wasn’t the direction I wanted to go in. I didn’t want to produce work that’d look and sound good to gallery curators. That wasn’t my jam. But that’s all my instructors knew how to approach and talk about–so that’s what they really tried to pressure me towards. I was a bit too bullheaded for that.  
Thanks to the internet and my peers, who provided assistance and lessons for free–I was able to teach myself when art-school failed to do what I was paying it a lot of money to do.

In this day and age, if you already know firmly what you want to pursue, imo, the internet is an infinitely more valuable and helpful resource than art school…
The exception might be like…calarts or something. But I’ve never been to calarts, so I can’t even say that with confidence.

Who knows, maybe there’s a particular kind of person who finds artschool super helpful and worth all the debt (And I’m sure they’ll leave their two cents on the matter). But it sure as heck wasn’t me haha. 


Brooke Judge (!!!!!), Carlee Schield and Daylyn Lucky doing a Chelsea Jennings combo last night! 

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Every now and again my mind will wander into kink territory and sometimes actual people will kinda appear and it's like W H O A and I like. Mentally slam the brakes on that, does anyone else have that problem, I feel kinda eehhhhhhh about it, especially when it's like famous people I admire

a l w a y s  i feel so guilty about it but honestly. if ur not being openly weird about it i dont think its necessarily wrong to think weird thoughts. although i personally feel Less weird about it if its someone famous bc i dont Know them u feel 

Inktober Day 17 - Little Angel

I drew this one in an art club with my friend, Dóra! (sketch by me, inking by her)
Go check her out!

some Millie-based dialogue from a while ago:




“I didnt do anything. Look, you mightve tripped over Millie…” *picks up the cat* “Poor thing…”


“Your dress? Who knows, Ren, Millie isnt your every day kitten.” *walks off smirking*




“But where will she GO?”

“I dont care just get her out! Leave her in the snow for all I care, she’s ruining EVERYTHING!”

*the cat meows sadly*

*Kylo stares*

*Millicent stares back*

*more staring*

*Hux joins Millie with the pleading stare*

“OH, FOR THE SAKE OF…..FINE. But its not for you. Millicent is cuter.”

“Hey, Ren, have you seen Millicent anywhere? I cant find-”

*Kylo is sitting in a chair with a sleeping cat in his lap* “ShhhhhhhhH”

“What are you doing with my cat?”

“YOUR cat?”

“Yes, MY cat!”

*whispers* “she loves me more”