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Could you give us a lil bit of insight on how things went down when Stretch decided to grab BB from reader's house? It seems like Red was a lil tad bit out of place in that car, if that makes sense?

*Sure thing!  Stretch’s mindset for that actually was to have Papyrus act as the nice one and Red be the intimidating one.  I wrote up a little extra about what was going on after Stretch ended the call with the Reader.  

Chapter 5: Bonus

Stretch gets back-up

Stretch hung up the phone, his body tense.  He kept reading over Blueberry’s text over and over, which pointed out that something was amiss at your house.  He was just as surprised as his brother to discover that you had a boyfriend; after all, you hadn’t mentioned him and hadn’t even kept your phone on you.  No one had pushed you as to why you were at your Grandpa’s lodge in the first place–even though they had each let their imaginations run wild–and you had never volunteered the information.

And that, coupled with the fact that Blueberry could hear you arguing with your boyfriend in another room, set off so many red flags.

Stretch took a shortcut from the woods (where he’d been checking his brother’s puzzles for any sign of him) back to the lodge.  His text alert went off, and he briefly glanced down to make sure you had sent him the address.  It was too far away for him to take a shortcut directly there, and while he was fully capable of just driving himself over to retrieve his brother.. he wanted a fresh set of eyes on the situation.  He didn’t know the human that you were dating–he assumed your boyfriend was human at least because you initially seemed like your experience with monsters was sorely lacking–and from his experience, there were plenty of humans that hated his kind.  If this human was already aggressive and pissed off, then he needed some back-up.  He needed someone non-threatening to show that they were just your friends, and while his brother may be the picture of non-threatening, he had over-stepped by hiding in your trunk and undoubtedly made things worse for you.  

It was only the fact that you had seemed so calm on the phone that Stretch wasn’t freaking out about his brother’s safety, but he still texted Blueberry back, asking if he was in danger.  He received a response quickly that claimed, no, he was fine, but Blue was concerned about you.  

That only increased Stretch’s tension.  

“heya paps.  you up for a road-trip?”

Papyrus had been in the kitchen, looking through cabinets and checking the pantry for any sign of Blueberry.  Immediately, he gasped and whirled around.   “A ROAD TRIP?!  STRETCH, WE DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR SUCH DALLIANCES WHEN YOUR BROTHER IS MISSING!”

“actually, i know where he is.  i was hopin’ you’d drive me there.”

“YOU DO?”  Papyrus’s expression morphed from surprise to glee. “YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO ASK!  OF COURSE THE GREAT PAPYRUS WOULD BE HAPPY TO DRIVE YOU!”  He was always up for driving down the open road; he often took joy rides on pretty days just to enjoy the wind whipping through his scarf.  "WHERE IS BLUEBERRY?“

"he’s with y/n.”

Papyrus’s eyelights manifested to boggle in opposite directions.  "HE’S WHAT??“

"yeah, turns out he hid in her trunk.”


Stretch couldn’t help but chuckle, shaking his head. "my bro’s always been clever.”  Even when it could cause trouble, he thought, but just shrugged it off.  "the sooner we leave, the better.  i’ve got her address.“

That made things click for Papyrus, and his excitement returned.  "WE’RE GOING TO Y/N’S HOUSE?  THIS IS THE BEST KIND OF ROAD TRIP!  I NEVER EXPECTED US TO BE REUNITED SO SOON!”  He grinned, turning from the kitchen.  "I’LL GO FETCH MY KEYS SO WE CAN BE OFF!  OH, AND I’LL LET SANS KNOW WHERE WE’RE GOING, TOO!“  

"heh, thanks pap.”  

While Papyrus bounded off, Stretch stepped outside and lit up a cigarette on his way to Papyrus’s convertible.  He leaned against the side of it, taking in a long drag to calm his nerves.

“goin’ on an adventure without me?”

A low voice casually came from the backseat of the car, and Stretch choked on the inhaled smoke. He ended up hacking, hitting his sternum, while smoke creeped out his nasal cavity.  His head whipped around to glare at Red, who was lounging across the backseat with his arms propped behind his head and one leg crossed over the other at the knee.  

“stars, red!  don’t sneak up on me like that!”

Red smirked.  "did i scare you out of your skin?“

Stretch’s lazy grin slowly returned.  "obviously.”  He took another drag before dropping the cigarette butt to grind it out beneath his sneaker.  "were you listening in?“

The smaller skeleton shrugged.  "overheard that you’re goin’ to y/n’s house.  figured i can’t pass up that opportunity.”

Stretch stuffed his hands into his hoodie pocket, eyeing Red for a moment.  It was probably best not to have too many skeletons show up at your door, and Red would be liable to just piss off your boyfriend.  If humans were rude, he wasn’t particularly good at minding his mouth.  


There was a tightness in Red’s smirk that betrayed his relaxed demeanor.  Stretch inherently excelled at picking up subtle clues in body language, and he could tell that Red was on-edge.  So, Stretch decided to probe a little.  "yeah, who’d wanna pass that up?  …say, did you know she has a boyfriend?“

The smirk faded around the edges as Red’s jaw clenched.  He closed his eyesockets, shrugging lightly.  "yeah, i might’ve heard that.”

Well, that was news to Stretch.  "she told you about him?“


“then how did you know?”

Red didn’t answer right away, but he slowly opened his eyes to meet Stretch’s searching gaze.  "i just do, ok?“  Well, he wasn’t going to get a straight answer from Red, so Stretch sighed and was about to tell him to get out of the car and keep an eye on Edge while they were gone.. but then Red admitted, "i REALLY don’t like the guy.”

Welp, that was good enough for Stretch.  Red seemed to know something, and from the loathing in his tone (that seemed to be more than just jealousy to him), the boyfriend was likely bad news.  Stretch could handle that, sure, but Red had a knack for it.  

Or maybe Stretch just wanted to use the car ride to try to pump Red for more information.  

Either way, he accepted the fact that Red wanted to join them, and Stretch hopped over the passenger-side door to take a seat.  Papyrus came excitedly bounding from the house, and when he saw Red in the backseat, he didn’t think anything of it.  "DID YOU WANT TO JOIN US AT Y/N’S HOUSE, TOO?“

"yep, sounded like a real party was goin’ on there, and ya'know how i love a good party.”  Red grinned.

“THERE’S A PARTY, TOO??  I’M SO JEALOUS OF BLUE RIGHT NOW!  WE’VE GOT TO HURRY BEFORE WE MISS IT!”  Papyrus cranked the car and began pulling onto the road with more recklessness than anyone else that owned a nice sports car like that would ever utilize.  "ALTHOUGH, THAT’S NOT ACTUALLY POSSIBLE BECAUSE PARTIES DON’T START UNTIL THE GREAT PAPYRUS MAKES HIS ENTRANCE!  NYEH HEH HEH!“  

Stretch chuckled, leaning back in his seat and checking his phone again to verify the address.  He was still a little tense, but having the two of them with him made him feel much better about the situation.

With Papyrus and Red, he had a Good Cop and a Bad Cop to handle the situation.

And he could be the Judge.  

Sweet Sacrifice.

Summary: Have you ever wondered how different life would be if that one thing never happened? Shadow did. If he’d never met Sonic’s daughter, Aurora he would’ve never discovered the purpose of his existence. So in order to keep it that way, he sacrifices the most important thing he has.

Pairing: Aurora x Shadow (Read on FF.Net)

This is for the wonderful e-vay and is based off a Tumblr post by anonymous who asked ‘Shadow went to Eggman and asked him if he could take his immortality away for Aurora. Eggman does and Shadow brings the news to Aurora.’ I had a mighty need to write about this and bring it to life. E-vay practically begged me to do it, so here you go girl! ^_^ I’m sorry if it seems a bit short and I’m sorry for the long wait. 

Shadow the hedgehog belongs to SEGA.

Aurora the hedgehog belongs E-vay. I do not own her, I’m just using her purely for your entertainment.


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A Year Every Minute Pt. 77

Papyrus could feel his father trembling in his arms, but it wasn’t in sadness. No, this was definitely something else. “EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.” He repeated, squeezing his father tighter and feeling his still somewhat pliable body give under the pressure.

Slowly the bone in Gaster’s hand dissipated and his arms reached up not to hug Papyrus but to grab his shoulders. He didn’t push him away or wrap his arms around him, he merely held onto him, as though his son was the only thing anchoring him down and keeping him sane.

His gaze was fixed upon the door, his pupils wired and manic. Eventually Papyrus stood upright, blocking Gaster’s stare with the image of his loving face. He took hold of his father’s arms and held him there tightly before noticing the blue glow of Undyne’s spear beside him.

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Nico may be a child of death, but after almost slipping away, maybe he needs someone to pull him out of the shadows. A Solangelo fic.

Read on Fanfiction.net:  https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10945216/1/Sunshine


Having friends, especially those who wanted to see him, was a foreign concept. Reyna, Coach Hedge, the crew of the Argo II all seemed to enjoy seeing him, and even though he thought about them, and marveled at the fact that he now had friends, he at least knew what friends were. He could put Reyna and Jason into the friends category without hours of thought.

But then there was Will. Nico knew that Will worked in the infirmary, but even so he seemed to see Will an awful lot. Usually Nico would’ve ignored someone passing by what seemed like every three seconds, fixing his pillows or getting him to drink something, or he would’ve pushed them away. But there was something about Will, something about the way his eyes pulled you toward him like a bright, clear sky pulls you outside, something about the way his grin seemed to warm up the room. Nico still didn’t like Will bothering him, but he didn’t tell Will to stop.


When Nico opened his eyes, it was dark outside, and he could see the flickering light from the campfire out the window. His gaze drifted to the deep shadows in the corners of the room. He felt a chill travel down his spine when he thought of the last time he’d traveled the shadows, when he’d almost become one. He fumbled with the lamp for a second, and felt uncharacteristically relieved by the glow of light when it turned on. He’d never been afraid of the dark before; sometimes he’d even shied away from light. Why did he feel so nervous, now, around his element?

A head poked through the doorway, and the room seemed to brighten as Will Solace walked in. Nico scowled in spite of the warmth that seemed to seep into the room. “Is that some kind of Apollo thing?” Nico said with annoyance he didn’t entirely feel.

Will looked confused. “Wait… what? Apollo thing?”

“You know what I’m talking about, Solace. How the room got brighter when you walked in, did you…” His voice trailed off and his cheeks burned as Will raised his eyebrows at Nico.

“Needed a little sunshine, death boy? I know I’ve got a sunny personality, but I can’t literally brighten a room!” Will laughed and plopped down in the armchair that Jason had occupied earlier in the day.  

Will looked over as Nico said, “So why’re you here? Shouldn’t you be healing people, or at the campfire, or something?”

He shrugged. “I needed a break. I’ve been on my feet all day; besides, I could stand to see a friendly face. Or, in your case, a friendly skeleton. You’re way too thin.”

“Just because I’m skinny, golden boy, doesn’t-” Nico was cut off by Will’s chuckle.

“Golden boy, did you say?” As Will looked at him with an amused smile, Nico slumped back into his pillows. He suddenly felt something in his stomach-queasiness?

Through the window, campers were silhouetted against the flames as they left the sing-along, heading back to their cabins. Will’s eyes followed Nico’s gaze, and he glanced at the clock at the wall. “I wish I could stay longer, but if I don’t get some sleep, I’ll fade into shadows; plus, the harpies would be after me.”

“Good,” Nico said, “Leave me in peace. I’ve had to endure enough of your mindless chatter.”

Will stood and stretched, and walked out of the room. At the door he paused, and looked back at Nico. “I’d stop coming by,” he said, as an impish grin spread across his face, “But you know you’d miss me.”

The door clicked shut, leaving Nico staring at where Will had stood a second ago, wondering why the darkness seemed more present in his absence.


Nico left the infirmary after lunch, crossing the green from the big house back towards the cabins. Sunlight fell across him shoulders, grounding him, making him feel present; he shuddered when he thought that just a few days ago, he had almost become a ghost. He lifted his eyes to where the Hades cabin stood, a dark, ominous presence, shadowed even in the heat of day, and felt a slight chill along his spine.

Is this what people feel when they see me? A dark, unfriendly presence? No wonder they edge away when I’m near. He saw a flash of blond across the lawn, and his head snapped up, almost involuntarily. It was one of Will’s siblings, laughing at a joke Katie Gardener had told. Who did you think it was? Will? Why would you even care if it was Will?

Because he needs to stop pestering me, he thought, sighing. Even as a thought, it was half-hearted. He looked at the Hades cabin again with distaste, and flopped down on the benches by the campfire.

His mind wandered to the conversation he’d had with Will before he’d left the infirmary.

“Hi.” Will handed Nico a few pills and a glass of water, smiling when Nico handed back the empty glass. Nico’s eyes flitted away from Will, to a painting of Persephone on the wall, holding a bunch of flowers. Is it possible, he thought wildly, that Will’s smile is so bright, he could made daisies bloom in the night? Will’s pen scratched on a clipboard, taking a note, and Nico shook his head. Where did that though come from?

Will was still smiling as he turned around, but instead of returning the gesture, Nico stood up. “Bye,” he replied, moving toward the door.

“Wait.” Will’s arm blocked his path, and Nico bumped into it. He felt a strange jolt in his stomach. Pills, he said to himself. It’s the pills. “I’m not sure you should go just yet. I think staying a little longer might be a good idea.”

“What? Why? You said three days, Solace. It’s been three days. I’m fine. I’m healthy.” Nico looked fiercely at Will, swallowing the words he didn’t say: “You make me feel… confused. Uncomfortable and yet at ease. You’re messing with my head. I’m probably not better, but I need to sort my thoughts out, and I can’t think when you’re around.”

“I don’t know, Nico… I feel like-”

Nico cut off Will’s words more harshly than he’d intended. “If it’s just a feeling, Will, there’s no reason for me to stay. I’m not sick, and I can sleep just as well in my cabin as I can here.”

“Are you sure? I really think you’re not better yet…” Will sounded concerned, and a little hurt.

Nico pushed past his still outstretched arm. “I’m fine, Will. Really.”

He shifted his back on the wooden bench of the amphitheater where he lay, watching clouds drift across the sky. Holding his hands up above his face, he examined them, silhouetted against bright blue. They were pale, like ghosts of spiders, he thought with a sigh, dropping them back down. His right hand rested on his stomach, and his left hand hung off the edge of the bench, into the small bit of shade underneath. A cold feeling danced across his fingers. Lifting his hand, he watched as his fingers solidified into pale flesh. His fingertips had turned to smoke in the shadows.

It didn’t surprise him. He’d been fading a lot less after Coach Hedge’s sports herbal medicine had started to kick in and he’d spent a few days in the infirmary, but he wasn’t healed. Not completely. He wasn’t sure if he’d ever really heal all the way.

He knew he should have told Will. Saying he was fine was a lie; but at the same time, he knew what Will did to his stomach, and his head, and he wasn’t certain he’d ever be fine while Will was watching over him, either.

Pushing himself into a warmer patch of sunlight, he curled around the hand that had turned to smoke when in the shadows, and fell asleep.


Will slipped out of dinner a few minutes early, looking for Nico when he realized Nico hadn’t shown up for dinner. Will headed toward the cabins under a sky that was fading to inky blue and scattered with stars, intending to pull Nico’s moping self out of the Hades cabin to eat something before dinner ended. He stopped short, however, when he passed the amphitheater, noticing a small shape curled up like a cat on one of the benches.

Stepping closer to the younger boy, a small smile played on his face upon seeing that it was, as he’d thought, Nico. Gently, Will eased him into his arms, and walked towards the Hades cabin with Nico curled against his chest, deep asleep.


Nico woke, not to the daylight seeping through the cracks in the door or the clamor of campers outside, but to the creak of the cabin door, through which Will Solace appeared. Upon stepping into the cabin, Will strode across the room and pulled heavy emerald curtains back from the windows.

“No wonder you’re deathly pale and sickly looking. You’re shutting out the sun,” Will crossed the room to Nico’s bed, where the gaunt boy was still blinking sleepily. “Vitamin D, Nico,” Will tapped on the nightstand nearby with the glass he was holding for emphasis. “Vitamin D. It’s an important vitamin. It comes from sunlight, something that you are not getting enough of.”

“W-Will?” Nico scrambled into a sitting position, his voice panicky. “Wha- Why are  you here? Nico shoved his hands under his sheets, hoping to hide his fingers, indistinct and smoky in the Hades cabin, where everything seemed to be in shadow. If Will sees my hands…

Eyes twinkling, Will laughed lightly at Nico, whose hair was rumpled and eyes were thick with sleep. “As I recall, you pronounced yourself as ‘healthy.’ I’m not sure I’d call sleeping seventeen hours healthy, would you?”

Nico pulled the long sleeve of his shirt down to cover his indistinct fingers before reaching for a pillow from the next bed to throw at Will. “Fine, I’m still sick. Doesn’t that give you more reason to let me sleep, though? Why are you disrupting my ‘slumber of healing’?”

“I’m worried that you secretly yearn to join the Hypnos cabin.” Will grinned and fiddled with strand of his honey colored hair. “Clovis would…” Nico’s eyes stayed on Will’s hair. It’s honey, he thought, drenched in sunshine. His eyes followed the lock of hair from the top of Will’s head to where it waved out slightly, and then curled around his ear. He felt a strange urge to brush it back from Will’s face.

“Anyway,” Nico blinked and refocused on what Will was saying. “I came because you left the infirmary a little, ah, abruptly yesterday. If I would have been thinking clearly, I would have given you a bottle of pills to take with. I think rest and some meds for a few more days could do you some good. You’re already sleeping an inordinate amount, so I don’t need to hassle you about that, but really,” Will held out a glass of water and two blue capsules. “Take these. It’s a good idea.”

Shoot. Nico glanced at where his hands were, buried under the covers. How can I take that without him seeing my hands? His eyes flitted to the glass of water, and then rested on Will’s face. “Leave it on the table. I’ll take it in a minute.”

Will gave him a knowing smile. “Sure you will, as soon as I shoot an arrow straight.” Will’s lack of archery skills, despite his father being Apollo, were well known. He’d shoot an arrow straight when Hera became friends with Annabeth. That is to say, never. “Take it,” Will intoned goodheartedly. “It’s not poison.”

Nico grabbed the glass with his sleeve covering his fingers, then snatched at the pills, hoping to move his hand fast enough for them to evade Will’s notice.

“Hey!” Will caught Nico’s retreating hand, encircling the gaunt boy’s wrist with his thumb and middle finger. Will’s grip was strong, and warm. Nico felt his cheeks burn scarlet. “Your hand…”

Will studied Nico’s face for a long moment, then looked down to where he’d caught Nico’s wrist. Uncurling Nico’s fingers, he examined how Nico’s fingertips had turned to smoky mirages of themselves.  The pills Nico was holding fell to the floor and rolled under the bed.

“You lied.” Will’s eyes, the same color as a cloudless afternoon, meet the brown ones across from him. Nico could read dismay, and, possibly, sadness in Will’s gaze. “You lied so you could leave the infirmary…but why did you want to leave it so badly? …Is it…me? Am I bothering you too much?”

Nico drew in a breath. “No, it’s…not you, it’s more…I can’t think. When you’re around, I mean, I’m…confused, maybe, or…my thoughts don’t make sense,” he finished, wincing at how his words had come out.

Will’s face fell. “You can just tell me you don’t want to be friends, Nico.” Will let Nico’s hand drop back onto the bed. “I’ll have one of my siblings see if they can do something about your hands.” Will pulled a small plastic container out of his pocket and set it on the nightstand.

“Will, no, it’s not that-”

Will cut him off. “Two pills, twice a day, for another week. I’ll have someone check in then.” Will’s shook his head, his disappointment evident.

Nico closed his eyes, and didn’t open them until the door wheezed shut. Inexplicably, felt his throat tighten. You’ve lost friends before. Get over it. He looked at the spot where Will had stood moments before. You have lost friends before. But this isn’t the same. This feels…different.

Shadowed walls, polished floors; Nico knew where he was. But at the same time, he was lost. Completely lost.


Will’s siblings paused at the storage room door, glancing uncertainly at each other. Light glowed from where the door was cracked open, and the heavy thumps of boxes being moved sounded over the whispers being exchanged at the threshold.

“I’m not sure if this is a good idea…” Anna looked nervous, her small hands fiddling with the end of her braid. At ten, she was one of the youngest Apollo campers, but her strong proclivity for healing and her adoration of Will had made her want to come with. “Will told us to heal him for a reason; we can’t tell him we can’t and let him down!”

“We’re not going to let a patient…disappear…because we weren’t able to tell Will that we can’t heal him, and need help.” Alan’s sharp eyes caught each person’s gaze. “Will is the best healer we have. He knows better than any of us: the patient comes first. No matter what.”

Ivy pushed a strand of short, dark hair behind her ear, considering Alan’s words. She stood out from the rest of the group, her looks mirroring her mother’s Asian background, but she’d long ago crossed that barrier, and felt at home among her siblings’ blond heads and athletic builds. “Alan’s right. He’s not getting any better, and he could get worse really fast if nothing’s done.”

“He has gotten worse. And none of us can stop it, especially since Dad’s gone quiet…” Alan glanced out the window, to where the sun burned low in the sky. “Will is his best hope.” Alan glanced around at the reluctantly nodding heads, and pushed the door open, stepping inside.

“Will?” Will’s head popped up amid a stack of boxes labeled ‘bandages’. As he turned to look at them, his siblings seemed to edge back; even though nothing close to unfriendly crossed his face, the lack of a grin, for Will, was worse than a scowl.

“Yeah?” His siblings looked uncomfortably at each other, unsure what to say now that they’d started.

Ivy glanced back at her siblings, then stepped forward. “We’re having trouble healing Nico. We realize you asked us to heal him for a reason-”

“Although you won’t tell us what the reason is….” Alan muttered.

“-But all us have tried, and we haven’t made any headway. He might even be getting worse.”

Alan glanced at Ivy, then focused on Will. “We know you don’t… We know that something… We know you asked us to do it,” he finished lamely. “But we can’t.” Alan’s voice gained confidence, and his eyes locked onto Will’s. “And no matter what’s going on in your life, the patient comes first. Always. You’re the one told me that; now I’m telling you.”

There was a moment’s pause, where Will’s face became a weather map, emotions shifting across his face like fronts. The trend, though, was worry. He looked at his siblings without focusing on anyone in particular, and nodded.

Will set down the box of bandages he was sorting. “Is he in his cabin?” Alan gave a brief nod in reply. “I’ll take a look.”

Will crossed the room unusually quickly, pushing open the door as he left and leaving it askew in his haste. No one spoke for a moment, exchanging wordless glances with each other.

“It seems like Will’s sunshine disappeared with Apollo.” Anna’s voice seemed to be amplified in the quiet of the moment, before the silence froze over again, like a layer of ice coating the room, with not a spot of warmth to melt it.


Nico’s eyes fluttered open as the dark wooden door to his cabin swung open, hitting the windowpane opposite it as a tall, lean figure barreled through. “Nico!” Will’s voice hit Nico’s ears like a cool drink on a scorching day, melting away his worries. “Who do you think you are, refusing to get better? I’ve sent in my best healers, and they haven’t been able to make any headway!” Will stopped at Nico’s bedside, his clear blue eyes catching Nico’s. “The nerve.”

Nico searched Will’s face, looking for something to tell him that Will was joking. An arched eyebrow, the slightest curve of a smile - there. The smallest twinkle in the corner of his eye. Nico’s shoulders relaxed a fraction of an inch, and the barest trace of a smirk appeared in the corner of his mouth. “You haven’t sent in your best healers.” The smirk grew, filling his face.

“Wha- are you insulting the competence of my healers?” Will tried for indignant, but he was struggling to suppress a grin to match Nico’s. It felt so good, so right to be talking again, the banter between like running, where they each fell easily into step, matching each other stride for stride.

“No. I’m just pointing out the fact that you haven’t come by, and your skills far outstrip the rest, so you can hardly say you’ve sent your best.”

“Well, I-” He shook his head in defeat. “I’m here now, anyway, and I heard you’ve been getting worse. Let me look.” Will glanced at the edge of the bed, seeming to consider sitting there, before letting his gaze sweep the room for a chair. He grabbed a stool from across the room and put it next to Nico’s bed. He sat on it, and his voice became businesslike. “Give me your hand, please.”

Nico’s grin dropped into an expression of worry as he pulled his hand out of his cave of covers, and uncurled his fingers from a loose fist. His hand had turned entirely into smoke.

Will’s face was alight with shock. He reached out tentatively, hesitantly, letting his fingers hover an inch over the surface of Nico’s shadowy hand. Will caught Nico’s gaze, and saw that the worry that filled his own eyes reflected there, jockeying for space amid nervousness and fear.

Will swallowed and broke eye contact, looking down for a moment, in which he composed himself. You are the healer. Your concerns aren’t important. All that’s important is the job at hand; and you need to be focused on that. Nothing else. Will trained his eyes on Nico’s hand, letting his fingers fall to the point where they should have been touching pale flesh; instead, they passed right through. It was as if nothing was there, except the memory of thin fingers and soft skin, and a feeling of cold from a breeze that wasn’t there.

Will’s eyes fluttered closed and he started to mutter a light, quick string of words that evoked a feeling of warmth and brightness, focused on Nico’s hand. The indistinct, smoky forms of his fingers became denser for a moment, struggling to form, but as soon as Will stopped speaking, they relaxed back into smoke.

Nico looked distraught. His voice struggled to sound controlled. “Does-” Nico swallowed. “Does that mean I can’t be healed? Will it get worse? Will–will I become smoke entirely?”

Nico’s dark eyes, filled with undisguised fear, fixed on Will, praying for Will to tell him he had a chance, but Will’s attention, usually so fixed on Nico, was elsewhere. Will’s hands pushed the beads on his camp necklace as he whispered to himself, lost in the recesses of his mind where he stored ailments and remedies. His fingers pushed a bead decisively, and Will’s head jerked up, his eyes alight. “Yes!”

Nico looked like someone had smashed a frying pan over his head.

Will blink and focused on Nico’s face, his excitement dropping away at Nico’s shell-shocked expression. “Um, what did you say? Or what did I say? Or…”

Nico cut him off anxiously. “Am I going to fade away completely?”

“No! No, I think I figured it out. What’s eating away your essence like this; it’s the shadows,” Will explained, “They suck what little warmth and life you can muster out of you, and try to pull you into the shadows. That’s why those words I was saying were helping, they were inducing warmth and light into what I was focusing on, your hands.” Will was speaking quickly, his excitement at having found the answer returned, and his words were tumbling over one another. “You’ve gotten worse because you’ve been here. This cabin is the darkest place in camp. If anywhere is going to suck the light out of you, this place is.”

Nico furrowed his brows, piecing the information together. “So I have to go back to the infirmary?”

“No.” Nico looked up in surprise at Will’s words.

“But you just said-”

“The infirmary’s not where you need to go; even there, the shadows pulled at you, and you were fading. Not as quickly as you are here, but still…” Will paused, seeming to decide something. “I’ll have to get Chiron’s approval, of course, but seeing as I’m the head counselor, so I get to make to calls, and it’s in the name of medicine, and dad’s… gone silent…” Will met Nico’s eyes. “You’ll have to stay in the Apollo cabin.”


Nico hated the Apollo cabin.

When he’d first walked in, he’d thought a daffodil had exploded. Sunlight poured through the full ceiling skylight, blinding him wherever he was and infusing the walls with a golden glow, ensuring that the cabin was never darker than sunset. The walls were ochre, the rugs were goldenrod, the pillows were lemon colored. Besides the honey wood floor, everything was yellow, except for what was metallic, – the curtain rods, the bed frames, the knobs on the dresser – which were gold. There was always music, usually from a lyre, or a flute, or any number of Will’s siblings singing anything from opera to pop music, but even when Nico lay on his bed when the cabin was empty, hymns seemed to seep from the floorboards. There was a seemingly endless supply of laughter and freckles and incredibly similar blonde heads that made his head snap up every time someone walked past. And there was always Will. Will asking him to come try archery. Will telling him he really should eat breakfast. Will trying to convince him that poetry writing could be fun, if only he’d try it. Will, Will, Will.

He wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Or at least that’s what he told himself.


Nico was stretched out across his bed, the bunk under Will’s (Which, funnily enough, had been the only bed available when he arrived at the Apollo cabin). Feather-light sheets and pillows with sun designs were pushed to the edges of the bed. His head hung off the edge of the mattress, and his eyes were lazily scanning a sheaf of papers he held above his face. Training… left flank from behind… War Elephant… Reyna had sent him notes on the legion’s new offensive strategies, and he’d promised her he’d look over them and offer suggestions. He had a slightly different opinion about helping her now, though, after realizing that what Reyna considered tactical notes were actually the length of a short novel.

Blonde flashed in the corner of his vision, and the floorboards nearby groaned. Nico resisted the urge to see who it was. He blinked and refocused on the words in front of him. Approach from the front with two cohorts, while… the words spun around in his head; he’d been reading the same sentence for the past five minutes, and had no idea what it said. Even reading poetry sounds better than this.

The ladder creaked on the side of the bunk bed, and Nico glanced up a few seconds later, in time to see a startlingly yellow pillow fall at his face from above.

Nico scrambled away from the hurtling pillow, but it caught the edge of his face and smacked the papers from his hands. His eyebrows scrunched together in a frown, and he rubbed the tip of his ear where the pillow’s beadwork had hit it. Twisting his head around, he sighed as he surveyed the notes. Fifteen pages or more were scattered and shuffled around his bed. He shifted his gaze to the ceiling, and directed a withering glare upward.  

A mop of golden curls and a jubilant grin were suspended four feet above Nico’s frown. “I thought that’d get your attention,” Will said, unable to keep the smile off his face. “I was standing next to you for a full minute, but that didn’t seem to do the trick.”

“You could try using my name to get my attention, you know. It is what most people do.” Nico’s eyes held their annoyed look, but the corner of his mouth twitched up towards a smile.

“Alright, Nico.” Will lifted his chin in mock importance. “Nico, can I ask you a question, please, Nico.”

Nico’s stomach did an odd sort of flip when Will said his name. He gave his head a shake and threw the cushion back at Will’s pleased expression. “It’s may I ask you a question? And the answer is no, I’m not interested in pegasus riding or canoeing or climbing the lava wall. I happen to be in the middle of something important,” Nico waved the hand holding the stack of papers he’d started collecting, “and I was making progress until you so elegantly interrupted me.”

Will smirked. Nico’s expression had turned into the mock-irritated look it took on whenever Will tried to get Nico to leave the cabin and come do anything, and Will knew that meant Nico was secretly relived to have a distraction from whatever he’d been doing before. “I’m going to ask you anyway.”

Nico sighed, but it was getting harder to fight the smile that threatened to cover his face. “Why do you even ask if you can ask, if you ask me anyway?”

So, Nico,” Will climbed back down the ladder on the end of the bunks, and stood next to where Nico was collecting papers. “I think it’s time for you to participate in life. What sounds fun? Arts and crafts? Strawberry picking? How about-”

“I already said no. Like I said, I’m busy with this.”

Will crouched next to Nico, and picked up the last sheet of paper. Nico’s eyes followed the sheet as Will picked it up, and then flicked up to his face. “Nico,” Will’s voice had lost its jest, and his eyes implored Nico to listen. “I’m not asking anymore. If you won’t pick something you’d like to do, you can come with me to translate poems. I’m behind on my work for Ancient Greek class, and you need to interact with people, so we can work on them together.”

Will held the paper out to Nico, and Nico reached for it. His fingers brushed against Will’s as he grabbed the paper, and a shiver went down his spine. Nico bit his lip.

“Ok, fine. Let’s go translate poems.”


So this is part one, with more to come at an undetermined time. 

The Color Blue: Chapter 13

Summary:  “Back off Pap.” Sans growled. Papyrus backed up a little as Sans eye went aflame with blue. “I didn’t go through all this shit again just to lose her to you!”

Chapter Listings Here

Note: I’ll be going back to school on Monday, so i will uploading these hopefully everyday, if not then every other day sometime in the afternoon.

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AYEM Shorts #12

This takes place in the AYEM universe while Sans and Papyrus are still young living with Dr. Gaster. These are snippets of their daily life as requested by readers.

Parent-Teacher Night

After a long day of school both of the boys pushed open the door to their house, their father already home and scribbling away at notes in front of him at his desk.

“Hey, how was school?” He asked, but neither of them said anything as Sans walked over and handed him a piece of paper. Gaster raised a brow and took it, the top reading ‘Parent-Teacher Night’ in bold letters. Even Papyrus looked a little worried as he stood behind his brother, nearly just as tall.

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Make it Alright

Okay, so I got the inspiration for this from the tiny dragon being sick.  Regardless, while he’s sleeping I couldn’t help but scribble this up.  It was just such a cute idea and I just ran with it.  I hope you guys enjoy!  There are only two days of Haunted Septiween left (wow, that makes me kind of sad) so enjoy the part while it lasts and I’ll be pretty absent during November because I’ll be writing fics for the Holiday party!  If you guys have any prompts or suggestions let me know! (but I’ll make a post on that later) I love you guys!

Last time: Moonlight

Jack was heartbroken.  He had been so very excited to go to the Halloween party this week, but apparently, fate had other ideas. 

He was so sick that he could hardly move.  He was literally confined to bed as Mark worked around the clock to try and keep him happy and comfortable.  He was determined that Jack would be fine despite him coughing up a lung or two.  
Jack was scrolling through twitter and sulking when Mark came in with a bowl of soup and a bottle of water. 

“I think I feel better, do you think we can still go to the party?“ 

As he was placing the food on the bedside table, Mark gave Jack a disbelieving look.  "You did not heal that fast.”  He placed a hand on Jack’s forehead only to glare at his boyfriend and tell him to pipe the fuck down and eat his soup.  

“But Mark, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I want to enjoy it!" 

Mark softened a bit and cupped Jack’s face in his hands, "I know, baby.  I know.  But you need to get better for me.  I can’t have you passing out in the middle of a party or giving the plague to the kids on the streets.  I’m sorry, my love, but we’ll be missing Halloween this year." 

Jack’s shoulders slumped and he lowered his gaze to the sheets he was wrapped in.  He used his finger to draw little pumpkins and bats into the fabric.


Mark hated seeing Jack like that.  Like he had lost a little bit of the sparkle that he was known for.  

"Hey,” Mark spoke softly, using his grip on Jack’s face to make him look at him, “we can still do Halloween things.  We can go downstairs and carve a pumpkin in the kitchen and watch spooky movies and eat candy.  It’s going to be alright, love.  I’m going to make it alright." 

Jack smiled and leaned against Mark’s hands, rubbing against them and finding comfort in the warmth.  

"How about I set everything up to murder some pumpkins while you eat your soup?" 

Jack nodded and grabbed the bowl beside the bed while Mark pulled away and made his way downstairs to set things up. 

Jack’s body was weak, but he and Mark carved a pretty decent pumpkin each and Mark even let him go outside long enough to put them in the front where everyone could see them.  

Then, they curled together on the couch to watch movies just as they do every Halloween.  Jack was comfortably settled in-between Mark legs and resting his back against Mark’s chest.  

Halfway through the first movie, Jack, tired from the exertion of trying to fake good health, fell into an almost comatose state of sleep. 

He woke up in his bed, his vision still a bit blurry and his fever lower but still undoubtedly high. 

He shut his eyes again and reached out to the other side of the bed where Mark’s body should be, but found the sheets cold.  

Patting around and still not finding a warm body, he opened his eyes to a bedroom almost shrouded in darkness but an orange glow and flickering yellow danced around the room, lighting it enough for Jack to see. 

Shaking his head to focus, he pushed himself weakly into a sitting position.  He intended to call for Mark, but as he glanced around, the name died in his throat.  

Bats and twinkling orange lights hung from the ceiling, tombstones and skeletons were scattered across the floor, spider webs crept in the corners, a few zombie posters were slapped to the walls and even pumpkins-the pumpkins that he and Mark carved-were placed on their respective sides of the bed. 

He watched the candle in his pumpkin flicker for a few moments before tears sprung to his eyes.  He may have been over emotional because of his high fever, but it was one of the sweetest things anyone had ever done for him. 

Mark’s words bounced around inside his head: I’m going to make it alright.  

As the tears were spilling onto his cheeks, the man himself came through the bedroom door in a Charmander onesie.  

He smiled at seeing Jack awake, but it was wiped off his face and replaced with a worried frown at the sight of Jack’s tears.  

"Oh, my God.  Jack are you alright?”  He rushed to his side, the tail of his onesie smacking an unsuspecting skeleton in his rush. “Show me where it hurts.  I can take you to the hospital.  I knew you were sick, but I thought you were getting better." 

Jack, completely disregarding Mark’s frantic worrying, curled his fists into the front of his clothes and used all of his strength to haul Mark into a kiss.  

When Mark pulled away, he smiled but gave Jack a curious and slightly concerned look. 

"You big idiot.  You know how much work you’re going to have to do to take all of this down? All for me?  You have to be the dumbest person ever oh my God, but this is the sweetest thing that’s ever happened to me how dare you be so kind, Fischbach.  Now stop with the mother henning and get your fine fiery ass over here and kiss me.”

Mark burst into laughter before placing another quick kiss on Jack’s lips.  "I told you I would make it alright.“