did i spell his name right um

anonymous asked:

Could you pleeeeaaaase give me a reason why AR can't spell her own characters' names right? *cough*nicolas*cough*de lenfent*cough*

Um, autocorrect maybe??? But I get you, it always makes me think of Saint Nicholas aka old skool Santa Klaus… and then I have to put in annoyed 90′s Trent Reznor for Nicolas bc I LOVE HIM of reasons…

BUT…. I think I figured it out! In the translations of her books into other languages, maybe they spelled his name like that for some reason? And she got so many questions from ppl who wrote it that way TO HER that she assumed it actually WAS that way? BC she hasn’t really mentioned him in canon since 1985? IDK *throws up hands*

Regardless… even though he didn’t choose his name, Nicki has no patience for his name being misspelled.