did i seriously just use that joke what is going on rn

guess who’s making another post about robert and liv???

yep, it’s me. wow, what a surprise.

ok, so after today’s ep, i had a couple of minutes of complete bitterness for the lack of robron (and the fact that the only scenes they did have included liv) but i’m over it now, i’ve had some time, i’m calmer.

here’s what i want to talk about: liv being rude to robert when he cracks a joke with her. i know there are people in the fandom who think her reaction was seriously over the top and that she was pretty fucking impolite considering he didn’t say anything that bad, but me being me, i want to go deeper.

so here’s my theory, and i’ve actually already put a lot of this into tags from gifs i’ve reblogged, but i needed to write it down properly. basically, liv’s relationship with aaron is tenuous. yes, they seem like they’ve been brother and sister for years, the bond is STRONG, but to liv, she is on seriously uneven terrain and she’s second-guessing herself constantly, over-analysing everything bc she’s not sure of where she fits in.

we’ve already seen this yesterday when sandra wanted to move to ireland and aaron sided with her rather than liv, at which point she said: “typical. one day i’ve been here and you already want to see the back of me”. aaron’s tried to put her mind at rest several times, assuring her that he wants her there, but she’s had a lifetime of not feeling like she’s wanted, of being passed around, of never having a home, and you don’t shake that off in a day or two. that takes time.

add to that the fact that she basically sided with her dad for a lot of the time aaron was going through the court case, and the guilt that is likely still eating away at her because of it - i mean, she knows she fucked up, she knows she betrayed aaron, called him a liar, was ready to ruin any chance he had of getting justice - and suddenly it’s not that hard to understand why she lashed out at robert.

because her being rude had zilch to do with her not liking him (yeah, ok, they’ve got off to a rocky start, but that’s not what this was about). it had everything to do with robert hitting her where it hurt - reminding her that she isn’t trusted, that she isn’t family, that she’s betrayed aaron before and she’ll do it again. obviously, robert didn’t mean it like that. it was a joke, something he thought would make her laugh or would start off some banter between them, but liv didn’t take it like that. her first response was: “i wouldn’t steal from him. he’s my brother” and when robert explained he was joking, she saw it more as him putting her in her place, and so she did what someone does when they’ve been cut to the quick and have no defence - she bit back with much more venom than was necessary.

liv isn’t a bad person, she isn’t acting out just because she’s a ‘troubled teen’ - she’s a young girl who has never had a family or a home or any kind of stability in her life, and the one person who loves her unconditionally is also the person she has repeatedly hurt (something robert can empathise with lbr) and it’s going to take her a long time to get over that guilt and stop taking everything as an accusation or a personal dig.

i think we just have to give her a bit of time to realise that