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Last Week in Fanfiction

I’m sure nobody cares about this while our dashes are full of a very distracting Whitecaps game, (honestly I almost forgot to post it) but here it is anyway.      List #15 covers Captain Swans fics that were written or updated between 9/10-9/16. As always if I missed something feel free to let me know and I’ll add it. Happy reading! The authors and artists would love a like, reblog and/or comment. ❤️


Stealing Secrets  ch.13  by @itsalostgirlthing

The Rose and Thorn  ch.18  @qqueenofhades

We Can Find a Way  ch. 2  3  4  5  6  7  8  by @asthewheelwills (complete!)

Perfect Fit  ch.19  by @hooklineandswan

Wednesday’s Child  ch.10  ch.11  by @dani-ellie03

Highway to the Danger Zone  ch.1  by @distant-rose

Serendipitous Melody  ch.16  by @killiancygnus

Another Broken Soul  ch.1  by @suwya

MissMatched.com  ch.5  by @lenfaz

Through to the End  ch.7  by @whisperofgrace  (complete!)

The Right Place  ch.9  ch.10  by @jarienn972

Through the Hat  ch.10  by @ashar663 

The Promise  ch.6  by @flslp87

If Looks Could Kill  ch.27  by @wellhellotragic

The Reason  ch.13  by @xemmaloveskillianx

Frozen in Darkness  ch.4  by @tomeandflickcorner


I Thee Wed  ch.6  ch.7  by @justanotherwannabeclassic

Killian Jones and the Girl Who Lived  ch.3  by @thegladelf

Echoing Souls  ch.3  by @like-waves-on-the-beach

The Graceful Path  ch.6  ch.7  by @unfolded73

Tripping Over the Blue Line  ch.9  ch.10  ch.11  by @welllpthisishappening

Nuuk  ch.6  ch.7  by @wellhellotragic

Part of the Narrative  ch.3  by @emmaswanchoosesyou

Family Ties  ch.3  by @a-winterprince

Not in the Game Plan  ch.7  ch.8  by @onthecyberseas

Drowning is too Late to Learn  ch.7  ch.8  by @accio-ambition

A Wing and a Prayer  ch.7  ch.8  by @xhookswenchx

Waiting For the Moonrise  ch.4  by @lifeinahole27

       —Art  by @clockadile

The Long Way Home  ch.4  by @pocket-anon

To Everything a Season  ch.4  by @icecubelotr44

     —Image set  by @optomisticgirl

     —Image set  by @ab-normality

If the Stars Align  ch.4  by @swanslieutenant

     —Image set  by @acaptainswaneternity

Model Behavior  ch.4  by @shippingtheswann

      —Image set  by @acaptainswaneternity

When the Tide Turns  ch.4  by @trueloveseyeroll

Heathens  ch.4  by @mahstatins

Assassin’s Creed: Misthaven  ch.4  by @delightfully-difficult-pirate

       —Art  by @cocohook38

One Shots

Stranger on the Ground  by @evil–isnt–born

Straight as a Arrow  by @nightships

Play the Game  by @lifeinahole27

Anything  part 2  by @artistic-writer

A Part of Something  by @laschatzi

Fluffy Anniversary Smut  by @initiala

Accidental Eavesdropping  by @lillpon (daemon series)

Prompt  Prompt  Prompt  Prompt   by @thesschesthair

Evil Queens Curse  part 1  by @xhookswenchx and @gusenitsaa

Sharpening This Hook  by @whimsicallyenchantedrose

The Swan Princess  by @xemmaloveskillianx

Playing Footy  by @alexandralyman

10 Prompts I want to write

A/N: These are just some things that came to me while I was bored a couple days ago. Request are open and also parings/ships. 

#1. “ Don’t start a tickle fight when I’m supposed to be mad at you!”   

#2. “  Will you stop flirting with me, you just got seriously injured.” 

#3. “ Why did you punch him again?!”

#4. “ I thought you loved me, what happened to that?” 

#5.  “ I need to be alone right now.”                                                                     

#6. “ Talk to me!” 

#7. “Wait.…. how much baking powder did you put in this?”

#8. “ Why do you have Hannah Montana on your playlist?”                                         “ The real question is why don’t you have it on your playlist.”

#9. “ So you decide to forget about our anniversary to go stop petty crimes?”

#10. “ Look at me… just breath okay, he’ll be here soon enough”.”                                     


THEM !!!

  Because we are waiting waaaayyyy longer than Samurai Jack and Rick & Morty (no offense) until this 25th anniversary, Perriot finally show us a key visual teaser for one of the best 90s manga and they did it and let the fans thought about new anime (either remake or sequel) and seriously though, Twitter and Tumblr are insane with this XD~ but even though I know we might not have new anime, but the 4 main characters design are all “Yeeeeeesssss” to me, and on the bright side, and almost makes me wanna forget the Hiatus thing from Togashi.
 So sorry Adult Swim, that schedule-messing is a big NOPE to the fandom, and Togashi won  

Pieces of my Heart - Codas - Life and Death

Read on A03


This was going to be part of the original story but I decided to leave it out, I’ve written it for you now! More Codas coming soon!


Jughead walked through the apartment door and stepped on a toy.

“Dammit,” he muttered. “Every fucking day!” He kicked the toy across the room and shrugged out of his jacket and threw it on a chair. He didn’t hear any giggling and wondered where the girls were. He kind of hoped they were out cause he needed some time alone. He had left the studio early and just wanted to chill for a bit and think. Betty suddenly came down the hall and he forced a smile on his face. Not that he wasn’t happy to see her, he just needed to be alone for a bit.

“Hi Juggie,” she said warmly, coming over and wrapping her arms around his neck. She pulled him down for a kiss and he sank into it. Not even being in a bad mood could make him not like his sexy wife’s kisses. She pulled away and noticed his tired, irritated look. “You ok?” she asked, brushing his curl back off his forehead.

“Long day,” he muttered.

“It’s 3:00,” she said with a raised eyebrow. “You usually work till 6:00”

“Bad day then,” he said, pulling away and kicking his shoes off. “Where’s Jenna?” he asked, noting the quiet. Their 2 year old was never quiet unless she was passed out and he knew she wouldn’t be napping anymore.

“Veronica has her for the night, I wanted to celebrate with you today.”

“Celebrate?” Jughead asked confused as he opened a bottle of water and took a swallow. “Did I forget an anniversary? What are we celebrating?”

“I’ll tell you over dinner at the lovely Italian restaurant,” Betty said with a smile, running her hand over his chest.

“I really don’t feel like going out Betty,” Jughead said with a sigh. “I honestly had a bad day. I wouldn’t be any good company at all.” He tried not to sound irritated but he was failing miserably and he had a hard time keeping the scowl off his face.

“I’ll cheer you up,” she said with a smile. “I have some news.”

“Well tell me here, I seriously don’t want to go out,” he said. He knew he was being an asshole, but since it wasn’t an anniversary he didn’t figure it mattered.

“I…well, I guess I can,” Betty said, suddenly seeming unsure. “Are you sure you’re ok?”

“I’m fine Betty. What’s the news?”

“Well, if you insist, and just to say again, I wanted this to be more special, but……we are going to have another baby,” she said softly, a happy smile on her face, her hand touching his face. Jughead blanked for a second and blinked at her. The fact that it was amazing news didn’t even occur to him and his worked up idiot brain reacted before he thought it through.

“How are you pregnant? Are you fucking up your birth control again?” Betty reared back in shock, her eyes filling with tears.

“What the hell Jug,” she gasped. The hurt in her eyes slammed into his brain and he felt his heart drop.

“God, Betty…..I didn’t mean….” He started to sputter and she backed away from him in anger.

“You know what, Jughead, why don’t you just stay here and mope, like you clearly want to do and I’ll just get out of your fucking hair,” she spat and slammed out of the apartment.

“Betty, wait,” he called after her. He raced to the door and she was already in the closing elevator.

“Fuck!” he muttered angrily. “FUCK!” he then yelled as he slammed the door shut. “Jesus Christ,” he sighed as he dropped onto the couch. Could this day get any fucking worse. He grabbed his phone and called her. She didn’t pick up after 5 calls so he sent texts.

— I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean what I said.
— please talk to me
— where did you go?
—Betts, I’m sorry, I promise you, i think it’s wonderful news and I’m so fucking sorry.

She didn’t reply to anything and by 6:00 he was getting a little worried. He left the apartment and got on his bike and rode around looking for her. She wasn’t at Pop’s and he headed over to Archie’s. After he knocked on the door, an angry Veronica opened it.

“Is she here?” he asked with a sigh.

“No, but she was,” V said, her eyes spitting fire. He stepped around her into the apartment.

“Where did she go? Is she ok?”

“No, she’s not fucking ok Jughead. She came here to hold Jenna for a bit and might I add, crying the entire time and I gathered it was something her idiot husband did. At first I figured that couldn’t be because I don’t remember you hurting her at all since you guys got together and this would be a first. Yet when I asked if she wanted me to call you, she told me she didn’t want to talk to you. Now why is that Jug? What the fuck did you do?”

“She didn’t tell you?” he asked slowly.

“No, she didn’t. So I’m guessing it’s something pretty personal and hurtful.”

“I just….I had a bad fucking day and I reacted badly to something she told me. I didn’t mean to, I just didn’t register what she was telling me for a minute.”

“Well what the hell did she tell you?” V wanted to know.

“That’s our deal for now. Do you have any idea where she might have gone?”

“I have no idea and honestly, from the pain I saw in her eyes, I don’t fucking know if I’d even tell you,” Veronica snapped.

“Stop being a bitch!” he snapped back. “I’m trying to find her and make it right.”

“Well you better, or I’ll kick your ass!” she said, her hands on her hips. Jughead rolled his eyes and looked around.

“Where is Jenna?” he asked.

“Archie took her for ice cream. They’ll be back in an hour.” Jughead nodded and left the apartment. He drove around for a bit and decided to check the river. It was still their favorite place to go to be alone. He let out a relieved sigh when he rode up and saw her car. He pulled his bike up next to it and killed the engine. He headed down to the water, knowing she had heard his bike. He found her at their usual spot, sitting against the rocks, only a few feet from where they had said their vows. His heart squeezed and he felt like a fucking asshole. He walked over slowly and she remained still, staring out into the water, her eyes red. He sat down next to her and pulled a knee up, resting his forearm on it.

Betty sat quietly, not looking at him. She didn’t want to look at him. His callous words had stunned her and for the first time in years, she had to stop herself from cutting her nails into her palms. She doesn’t know why he said, but it was so unlike him that it had cut especially deep. Still, as angry as she was, she wanted to move closer and borrow his heat but she remained still.

“I’m so sorry Betts. Please believe me, I didn’t mean to say what I said….I was just…..My dad came by the studio earlier,” he said quietly, his voice sounding hoarse. “My mom died yesterday.” He couldn’t have shocked her more if he tried. She turned and looked at him, saw the haunted look in his eyes and she knew it was all coming back. Everything he had worked so hard to get past and had finally gotten over a few years earlier, just came screaming back.

“Oh Juggie,” she whispered, forgetting her hurt for a moment. She turned and sat facing him, touching his face. He looked at her, his eyes shimmered with tears and regret.

“I’m sorry love, I’m so sorry for what I said. I didn’t mean it. My head was just fucked up with this and it didn’t even really register what you said and when it did, my brain forgot that it was amazing news and I just…..i’m sorry…” he said, his voice filled with sorrow. She shook her head and wrapped her arms around him and pressed close to him. Jughead wrapped his arms around her and hauled her into his lap, hiding his face in her hair. She felt him shudder and she held him tighter, hoping to ease some of his pain.

“How did she die?” she asked softly. Jughead leaned back against the rock. He was refusing to let his tears fall and his face was pained. He let out a bitter laugh.

“She killed herself.”

“Oh Christ,” Betty muttered in horror. The universe had dealt a morbid and horrifying hand of ironic justice. The woman, who over a decade earlier had told her son to kill himself, had gone ahead and taken her own advice.

“Fuck,” Jughead spat out. He lifted his hand and covered his eyes and Betty knew he was struggling to not shed tears. “God dammit,” he whispered when he couldn’t hold them in. He sat in stony silence and let them flow down his face. He clenched his jaw and stared at the river, this place of love and hate, where they shared life’s horrifying and beautiful memories.

“I keep thinking….”he began after a while. “Maybe I should have given her a chance…..”

“Jughead, don’t,” Betty said, shaking her head.

“No, really. What if she was just really lonely? I mean, if I had tried having a relationship with her…”

“Juggie, this is NOT your fault. Don’t you dare do this. Gladys chose the life she led. She chose to leave her husband and children behind and she came to you to apologize and you forgave her. She accepted your forgiveness and this is not on you. If she had any more regrets, it wasn’t on you,” Betty insisted. Jughead wiped his face and lifted her off his lap. He stood and helped her up.

“I need to go for a ride,” he said quietly.

“No,” Betty said softly. He looked at her and she shook her head.

“Please just come home with me, Juggie. Please. I don’t want you to be alone with this. I want you to come home,” she whispered, her own tears falling. She was afraid if he went off by himself he would let too much darkness back in. He swallowed, as if wrestling with the decision. “Please Juggie,” she begged. He nodded and she sighed in relief.

“I’ll follow you,” he said quietly and they walked to their rides. Once home, Jughead wordlessly slipped out of his jacket and shoes and went out to the balcony. Betty text Ron that she was home and things were fine for now and then she went to get something she had kept stashed in the freezer for whenever a need might arise. This qualified. She went out to the balcony and handed Jughead a pack of smokes. He looked at her with raised eyebrows.

“I know you haven’t smoked in a couple years, but I thought you might need one,” she said with a gentle smile. He didn’t argue and took the pack. Once he had one lit, she curled up on his lap and they sat in silence while he revisited his old habit.

“Hopefully I didn’t wake the nicotine beast just now,” she said softly. “But tonight you need a little relaxant and I’d rather it be that then alcohol.”

“You could have just taken me to bed like you did that last time my mother fucked with my head,” he said with a flat smile. She remembered that night well. She had insisted he use her to forget and he had taken her with a ferocity that left them both sated and sore for days.

“As much as I love some good hard rough sex, I don’t want to knock anything loose,” she said with a dry laugh, her hand on her stomach.

“God Betty,” Jughead suddenly said and flicked his cigarette away. “I shouldn’t be smoking around you,” he said angrily.

“I don’t think a couple will make a difference,” she said with a smile. Jughead placed his hand over hers and pulled her close. He took her face and gave her a long slow kiss.

“I’m so happy about this Betts. I am so sorry with how I reacted. This news is as amazing as when you told me you were pregnant with Jenna. I just wish Gladys hadn’t fucked it up for us.”

“Did FP say anything else about it?”

“At first they thought it was just an OD but then they found a note and realized she had done it on purpose. My dad was her in case of emergency person. Guess she really had nobody else.”

“What was on the note?”

“To my family. I’m sorry I was a disappointment. Sometimes a person just doesn’t care enough to continue.” Jughead’s voice shook a little and she hugged him close.

“Does your sister know?” she whispered.

“My dad wants me to tell her. Jesus, Betty, I don’t know if I have it in me,” he said, his eyes filling with tears again.

“I can help you,” Betty said, her hand on his cheek. “Shall we call her? That’s probably not a good idea though. Something like this needs to be said in person.”

“So what do we do? Fly her out?”

“Sure, why not? I haven’t seen her since Christmas and I miss her.”

“I’ll call her in the morning and see if she wants to come for the weekend. I’m sure she’ll think something is wrong.”

“We’ll just keep quiet until she’s here,” Betty said softly. “Are you going to be ok?”

“I guess,” he said quietly. “Just need to process awhile and grieve for a woman who I thought I had long left behind.”

“Well, even with all that, she was your mother and a part of you is connected to her. You’re allowed to grieve. As long as you don’t blame yourself. I won’t allow it Juggie. And believe me, I can tell when your mind goes there, so don’t let me catch you doing that.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said with a soft smile. He kissed her again, and hugged her close. “Thank you for asking me to come home. Probably wouldn’t have been a good idea to drive around with my mind full of this.”

“I love you Juggie, so much. I don’t like you feeling so sad,” Betty said with a sigh.

“I really am sorry love, so sorry about earlier. I know I keep saying it and I wish with all my heart I could take it back. I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking.”

“Not about babies obviously,” she said with a shrug. “It’s really ok. I understand your head wasn’t in the right place.”

“I’m still fucking sorry. God, I feel like such an asshole and if I had thought about it for even a second I would have remembered that we started trying a month ago. I just….”

“Juggie, stop. It’s ok!” He hugged her close and kept whispering he was sorry and she just kissed him to shut him up.

Four days later Jellybean arrived. Jughead had been able to process for a few days now and he was doing better but he was still nervous. There was hugs and happiness all around and he let her play with Jenna for a while and after a few hours of visiting, Betty went and put Jenna to sleep and Jughead asked his sister to sit on the couch with him.

“Ok, I know something is going on ever since you asked me to come out here and you need to spill now. Is everything ok?” JB asked, her worry evident.

“No, it’s not,” Jughead said slowly, not sure how to proceed. He decided to just get it done.

“Jellybean, dad got a call a few days ago. Mom died.” His sister blinked and just stared at him. She said nothing for a good while and when she spoke, her voice sounded raw and hoarse.


“She OD’d on purpose,” Jughead said softly. Jellybean swallowed and said nothing. After a while she got up and grabbed her coat. “Where are you going?” he asked quickly, walking over to her.

“I need some air,” she whispered and left the apartment. Betty came out and found him standing by the door.

“You ok?” she asked and looked around. “Where is JB?”

“She left. I told her,” he said.

“Oh,” Betty murmured, walking over to him. “Is she ok?”

“I have no idea. She hardly said anything. Should I go after her?”

“Maybe text her first.” He nodded and grabbed his phone.

J: are you ok?

JB: I’m fine, I need to think.

“Just give her some space,” Betty said, sitting on the couch. Jughead sighed and sat next to her. A couple hours later, the phone rang. It was Archie.

“Hey Archie, what’s up?” Betty said when she realized who it was. She went still and looked at Jughead and he furrowed his brown in question. “Ok, thank you, I’ll tell him.” Betty hung up the phone and sighed.

“JB is at the dust club. Archie is playing a set and says she is really drunk.”

“God dammit,” Jughead sighed and got up to get his coat. He kissed Betty and was out the door.

When he got to the club he was informed that Archie had taken his sister to the back to get her away from the crowd. He heard the noise as he approached Archie’s dressing room. He opened the door and found a very annoyed Veronica trying to control an extremely drunk Jellybean.

“Ahhh there he is, the bearer of shitty news,” Jellybean exclaimed swinging the bottle she refused to let go of in Jughead’s direction.

“What the fuck, JB,” he said angrily. Veronica stepped back and gladly let him take over.

“What? Can’t a girl drown her sorrows?”

“You have enough sorrows about mom to get hammered?’ he asked, a little surprised.

“What? You mean the woman who abandoned me with my grandmother? The woman who didn’t give two shits about me and chased a fix more than she chased her own kid?” Jughead swallowed. Jellybean had never talked about her experiences and he had never asked, assuming she had been happy with their grandmother. He realized now how foolish that was.


“No,” she said, stopping him. Her face was streaked with mascara from angry tears that kept easing out of her eyes. “She abandoned us both Jughead. She hated us both. Sure she said shittier things to you than me, but it didn’t hurt any less. I know I’ve never talked about her to you but that’s because I wanted to forget and yet, here she is again, fucking with our heads in the worst way….how can I fuck with Jughead and Jellybean today? Oh, well how about I kill myself. She takes herself out completely. Well fuck her! Fuck her and her bullshit. Now I don’t have to think about her ever again!” she yelled, her face twisted with hurt rage. Jughead’s heart broke a little. He walked over and pulled the bottle from her hand.

“JB, it’s ok to feel grief,” he said, his eyes full of tears. “I feel it too,”

“No, I won’t grieve for her,” Jellybean cried, even as her body started to shake with sobs. “I won’t fucking grieve her!” Jughead pulled her into his arms and held her tightly, crying with her. He held her for a long time until she was calm and he pulled away and grabbed some tissue and wiped her face. It didn’t help much and she let out a laugh and pulled out some wet towelettes form her bag.

“Let’s go see dad,” she said after she cleaned her face up. He agreed and wrapped an arm around her shoulder so she wouldn’t stumble and fall. He thanked Archie and Ron for taking care of her and they left.

When FP opened the door to the trailer, Jughead could see that he hadn’t been having it any easier than them. His eyes were bloodshot and he looked like he hadn’t slept in days. He stepped back and let them in without a word.

“Have you been drinking?” Jughead asked quietly.

“Surprisingly, no,” FP said with a sigh. “I chose to deal with it by smoking pot. Judge me another day please,” he said, flopping down on the couch. Jughead said nothing and he sat in the chair. Nobody said anything for a while and the silence was deafening.

“I’m sorry,” FP suddenly said quietly. “I’m sorry for everything that you kids have been through. You deserved better than this and I’m so fucking sorry.” Jellybean let out a sob and Jughead said nothing. “She really did a number on us, didn’t she?”

“Why did you marry her?” Jughead asked quietly. “Ive always wanted to know.”

“Believe it or not, I loved her. She was a spitfire when I first met her and I fell in love immediately. Of course, by the time you kids were born and I realized she hated me and pretty much everything and everyone else as well, it was a little too late for second thoughts. My only regret is letting her take you, Jellybean. I should have come after you.”

“It wouldn’t have made it any better and no offence dad, grandma took better care of me than you could at the time.”

“I guess that’s true,” FP said sadly.

“Are there any happy memories of her that we can think of?” Jellybean whispered. They all thought long and hard and there really wasn’t any.

“She was always mean and angry,” Jughead said quietly. “I was afraid of her from as early as I can remember. Despite the fact that you were a drunk dad, you still were the better parent and that’s kind of horrifying if you think about it.”

“I loved you kids and when I realized she hated my guts….well, I decided alcohol liked me and so I let that soothe me every night and for that, I’m so sorry you guys, you really deserved better than this bullshit.”

“I love you daddy,” JB whispered and hugged FP as he shed a few tears. Jughead smiled at him when he glanced in his direction.

“You know I love you, Jughead, right?”

“Yeah, I do and I love you too.”

“Well, at least her bullshit brought us this moment, right?” he said with a sad smile. They chuckled and FP turned his attention to JB.

“Now, who the fuck let you drink. You smell like a bottle of tequila and don’t deny it girl, I know what the shit smells like.” She sighed and lay back on the couch.

“It won’t happen again,” she muttered as her eyes closed. FP grabbed a blanket and settled it over her. He turned to Jughead.

“Go home to your family, I’ll bring her by tomorrow.” Jughead nodded and gave him a hug and placed a soft kiss on JB’s forehead and headed out.

Betty was waiting for him when he got home. She ran to him and threw her arms around him, holding him tight. His arms came around her and he breathed her in. She stepped back and held his face.

“She ok?”

“She’s with my dad, she’ll be fine.”

“What do you need Juggie? How can I help?” Jughead rested his forehead on hers.

“I need you,” he breathed. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed herself against him, taking his mouth in a kiss. Jughead picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom.

“I love you,” she whispered as he pressed her down on the bed, his mouth and hands hungry and desperate, needing her to heal his heart. She gave him everything, and he gave her everything in return. His mouth moved to her stomach, placing kisses all over the smooth skin, not yet showing the growing child.

“I love you,” he whispered. “We will love you with everything we have and we will never hurt you.” Betty felt his tears drop on her skin and she started to cry. He came up over her and rested his forehead on hers. “One last time, love, I am so sorry and I promise you, I will never ever hurt you again.” She nodded her understanding and pulled his mouth to hers. They spent the night loving and healing and the ghost from his past was completely banished and she would never hurt him again.

I Wished [Rap Monster Angst]


When you have a husband as an idol, you don’t and can’t spend much time together. But when he doesn’t come home not just because of his job, but because he’s tired of you, you feel like shit.

It was either a “Hi” or “Bye”. Nothing more, nothing less. It has now been 2 months since Namjoon started to ignore you but what could you do? Your marriage wasn’t even official.

“Hey… it’s me, Y/N. It’s our second anniversary today as a married couple. I cooked your favorite food and I have something I want to tell you. Give me a call, yeah? I love you” you said to the voicemail. The dinner was waiting in the kitchen and it was already 10pm. You didn’t always wait for him until this late, but today was something special and you wanted to surprise him. If he even came home…

30 minutes passed, and soon 1 hour, 2 hours and 4 hours passed. He’s not coming home today either. He doesn’t even remember what day it is.

With a sigh you got up from the couch and went to your shared bedroom where you changed from the beautiful dress to one of his t-shirts. You placed back the dress in the closet and got ready for bed when the front door opened.

He was home.

You stepped out of the bathroom and saw Namjoon taking of his shirt before turning around to you. You gave him a weak smile and walked towards him and wrapped your arms around his torso. You could hear him let out an annoyed sigh but he patted your back lightly.

This wasn’t what you wanted, you wanted his warm hugs and his passionated kisses. You missed him, you missed the Namjoon that loved you endlessly and could do anything for you.

“Where have you been?” you asked in a low voice, not letting go of him even if you knew that you had to.

“Just out with the boys and some girls from the stylist team” he answered carelessly. You gulped and nodded slightly.

“Did you get my voicemails?” you asked and looked at him. Namjoon was confused, which meant that he hasn’t got them yet.

“No? Then… just delete them later” you said a little too harsh. But he deserved it, not only did he forget about your anniversary, but he even went out with the noonas and the boys without telling you or giving you a call saying that he would be home late.

What’s your problem, Y/N?” he asked and looked at you, his eyes burning with anger. “I can’t even go out and have some fun now? I have to be at home like a little baby with you just because we’re married? Seriously, Y/N? I have my own life you know. I’m still young for fúck’s sake and I have friends unlike you” he continued without thinking about your feelings.

You just starred at him, tears forming in your eyes while you tried so hard not to show him your weak side.

You were quiet, which made Namjoon think that he could talk more about your flaws. He insulted you without regreting it. He said those words like he meant it and it hurt.

Yeah thought so, please think twice before you talk to me like you’re my mother when you’re not even a mother yourself” he said and pushed you back a little, giving him space so he could go to the bathroom and get ready for bed.

You looked down at your little bumpy stomach and bit your bottom lip as hard as you could, almost so hard that you could taste the blood. You’re not even a mother yourself.

It was many kind of thoughts in your head. Sad ones, angry ones but most of all, you were broken, so broken. You were tired of him always making you mad about the most ridiculous things. You were tired of the way he treated you and you were tired of your feelings for him. Why couldn’t you just stop those feelings?

Namjoon came out from the bathroom and without giving you a glance, he took his pillow and walked out of your shared bedroom. Leaving you there by yourself, once again.

That night you couldn’t sleep even if you closed your eyes and counted to 100. Everything went wrong. Your marriage wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Walking out to the livingroom with your bag of clothes, you saw him asleep on the couch with his long legs spread on the backrest. You couldn’t help but smile a little. That was the man you fell in love with. The Namjoon who was funny and weird.

You knelt down beside him and looked at him, every part of his face. You lifted up your hand and placed it on his cheek, caressing it slowly.

“I love you, so much” you muttered, tears falling down your cheeks. But I can’t keep letting you hurt me.

“Namjoon-ah, we’re having a baby… I was going to tell you about it today actually. But… everything went not as planned. I wished we could go through this together, bu-but I don’t think I can handle this anymore, Namjoon-ah” you continued, talking to yourself but still to him. You somehow wished that he could hear you.

“I’m leaving now, jagiya”


Oh God, I’m seriously crying. I cried WHILE writing this, is that normal? It’s not just me, right? Because holy pigs, this Namjoon angst was so freaking heartbreaking. I can’t even handle this right now.

But what did you guys think of it? Should I do part 2? Yes/No? Let me know!

Thank you sooo very very very much for all the support from my earlier BTS scenario (One Last Time). I really appreciate it! So thank you, thank you, thank you!


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Summary: You make dinner for Junior after a long day together, and while washing dishes, you both end up getting wet.

Genre: Smut

Length: 1576

Requested: Ship+smut

You hummed as you stirred the food in the frying pan. Your hips swayed to the music in your head, and you picked up the handle to the pan and flipped the stuff around. You were making dinner for your boyfriend, Junior. He worked really hard every day, so you wanted to make him a special meal. You were just finishing up the stir fry, the rice was in the rice cooker, and you had some meat in the oven. It was all almost done, which was good, because Junior would be home any minute.

You felt hands slide onto your hips, making you jump. “Mmm, this smells delicious!” Junior whispered in your ear.

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Rocky Lynch Imagine for Kaylee

“Baaaaaaaaabe! Rocky! Roooockyyy!” You yell, your voice hoarse from coughing and puking all day. After a couple moments you huff and flop back onto the hotel bed, pulling the pillow over your head.
Your boyfriend, Rocky, had invited you to go on tour with him which you happily obliged but unfortunately you ate something bad and got a really bad stomach flu that kept you bed ridden for the whole week.
A couple seconds later you feel the pillow slowly move from your face, being replace by a cool wash cloth on your forehead. “Rocky is out with the boys. He had me check up on you.” Rydel says as she moves your hair from your face, smiling gently down at you. “How’re you feeling?”
“Sick. Upset. Cold. Just…bad.” You croak out, slowly sitting up and taking the offered water bottle.
You couldn’t believe that he actually went out! This was supposed to be your guys’ day and he’s out and having fun while you’re puking your guts out. “Worse one year anniversary ever.” You grumble.
“Wait, it’s your anniversary today?” Rydel asks, arching an eyebrow.
“Yeah and he probably doesn’t even remember.” You sniffle, curling back into the blankets. “Thanks for checking up on me but I think I’m just going to go back to sleep.” You sigh and watch her nod.
“Okay, Kaylee but don’t hesitate to call or bang on the wall. I’ll be next door. I’ll bring lunch over in a couple hours.” She says, standing up and setting the bottle down, smiling empathetically at you.
You grumble out a thanks and close your eyes, your hurt feelings mixing with your fever as you sniffle and fall asleep.

An hour and a half later Rocky walks in holding two bags of food, one of them containing soup for you. “Hey babe, Rydel was just bringing this over so I figured to take it over instead.” He says as he kicks the door closed, placing the food on the nightstand next to your current home; the bed.
You set the book that you were reading down and run a hand through your messy hair before grabbing the soup with a huff.
“Is everything alright?” Rocky asks slowly, grabbing out the sandwich that was obviously for him and taking a bite.
“No everything is not alright!” You snap only to cough violently.
You watch as both of his eyebrows shoot up out of surprise. “Why, what happened?” He asked, setting his food down. “Did I do something?”
“No you didn’t do anything, that’s the point, Rocky. You didn’t do anything other than go out and have fun.” You say bitterly, taking a sip of your soup.
“Don’t get snappy at me, Kay, you’re sick and the guys wanted to hang out.” Rocky says sternly as you roll your eyes.
“So you go out while your girlfriend is flushing her insides down the toilet and leave your sister to take care of her.”
“You like Rydel, I didn’t think it would be a problem!” He says, defending himself.
“She’s not the problem! My idiot boyfriend is!” You retort, flailing your arms, causing some soup to spill on your lap. You quickly move it and set it on the nightstand, getting up to walk to the bathroom.
“I’m not an idiot! What the hell did I do to have you so pissed off at me? Can I not hang out with my family anymore?” He snaps, following you to the bathroom.
“Did you seriously forget?!” You spin around to face him, anger heating your cheek to compliment the hurt in your eyes.
“Forget what?” Rocky asks, crossing his arms.
You shake your head and turn to walk to the bathroom again only to be stopped by your boyfriend moving to stand in front of you. “Forget what?” He repeats.
“Our anniversary, Rocky! Our one year anniversary!” You shout before groaning, eyes going wide as you push him out of the way, reaching the toilet just in time.
Rocky sighs and runs a hand through his hair before bending down next to you, holding your hair back and rubbing your back. “You think I forgot?” He asks gently, his tone completely different from five minutes ago. “Kaylee, just because I went out for a bit doesn’t mean that I forgot our one year.”
You sigh and wipe your mouth, flushing the toilet, taking the water bottle he had and rinsing your mouth before turning around to face your distressed looking boyfriend. “But we were supposed to be together all day.” You sniffle, leaning against the bathroom counter.
“Kaylee, I’ve been with you all week. I just spent a few hours getting food, signing stuff, and buying things with the guys. In fact, before you start shouting again and get us into a bigger fight,” He says, grabbing a box from his pocket. “I was actually getting you something.” He says as your eyes get stuck on the dark box. He chuckles lightly and opens the box to reveal a locket. “I saw it and thought of you.”
You smile and wipe your eyes as you hug him. “I’m sorry I snapped.” You mumble against his chest.
“I’m sorry too, babe. I love you.” He says into your hair, rubbing your back.
“Even when I’m yucky and sick?” You sniffle and look up at him with puppy eyes.
“Even when you’re yucky and sick.” He chuckled and nodded, kissing your forehead.
“I love you too Rocky.”
“Happy Anniversary.”

mcknighty9  asked:

What's your favorite Sentai and why?

I know it’s the obvious choice but there are so many reasons I love Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.

1) The characters

Every single member of the Gokai Galleon crew is a unique personality and a great character.  All of them have good points and bad points which is what any good protagonist should have.  

Then there’s Gai, the ultimate fanboy wish fulfillment character. How many of us haven’t wanted to be able to join our heroes in saving the universe?  He’s awesome (except for his power-up, that looks so ridiculous).

2) It’s the Best Anniversary Special Ever

Sure, maybe Kamen Rider Decade had done the entire concept of a character able to change into previous heroes before but I honestly think Gokaiger did it better. Instead of replacing the original actors with new, altered versions like Decade, they got the original actors to all come back and reprise their roles (when possible). This made it feel much more like a tribute to what came before.  It also brings me to point 3.

3) The Timing 

Gokaiger came out just before the horrible Fukushima earthquake and nuclear disaster. The original plan for the series only included six past series characters showing up but after the disaster, the previous Sentai actors reached out to their fellows on Twitter and got more and more to come back as a way to cheer the children of Japan during a time of Crisis.  That’s just AWESOME!

4) It’s just FUN!

For all the above reasons and because of the writing, this show just makes me smile and feel good about it every time I watch it.  The tribute episodes nicely capture the feel of the series they are paying tribute to and can alternate between incredibly goofy (The Gekisou Sentai CarRanger episode) to sweet and somewhat melancholy (The Chouijin Sentai Jetman tribute). Seriously, who could ever forget that Bakuryuu Sentai AbaRanger tribute episode with the homemade AbarePink key? 

As a Sentai fan for over 20 years, this show just hit me in all the right places. The writing, acting and design of the show are just outstanding and another thing that I felt it did better than Kamen Rider Decade as far as being an Anniversary series was to be not only a tribute to what came before but also its own thing.  Tsukasa always felt like a Cipher with powers from other Riders (imho) while Marvelous and his crew were characters first and borrowers of a legacy second.  They could have worked divorced from the gimmick of the show as their own Sentai team. I feel like Toei learned from the previous Anniversary series on what they could have done better and then did it.

That is why Kaizoku Sentai GoKaiger is my favorite Sentai of all time.