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BTS reaction to their S/O calling their name multiple times and saying ‘I love you’

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Jin would find it the cutest thing in the whole world!

Ahh, you’re so cute!! I love you too Jagiya

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At first he’d find it annoying but obviously he’d love her back.

This girl smh

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Rap Monster

He wouldn’t even hesitate to have the biggest smile on his face

I love you too, so much’ 

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J Hope

He dies of happiness every time he hears his s/o say ‘I love you’ to him so when they did this he’d be the happiest person in the whole world

Ahh, you kill me every time

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He’d be so flustered and embarrassed but he’d love it so much

I know

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He would be so happy to hear those words even though you were annoying him slightly beforehand

I’m glad you do, because I love you too

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He’d be thrown off at first because he thought you were just annoying him but once you said ‘I love you’ he’d turn into the fluffiest human being in the world’

‘I’m glad it turned out to be something important’

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This has been a ride to remember. Disappointed SC aren’t together, but more disappointed that this reveal was done in such a low manner. I blame myself because after WS came to this fandom and Jess was treated so badly, i really thought that Sam was a victim as well. Stuck with another fandom troll, but one of high profile. Even after Jess and others left, still nothing from Sam. He did a great job ignoring. Love him as an actor, but as anything else he just seems to have fallen short.

This reveal was like teenagers dealing with responsibility. How hard is it to say something to your fans, besides vote or donate. Check out my IG and guess who I am with now.?

Some will stick this out. For myself I will not ship Sam and MM. I admit I dont like her actions, especially to her ex boyfriend Billy. No matter what happened between them, he did not need to be humiliated by MM on her IG during NYE. His nose was rubbed into their relationship and even taken to his IG. It was wrong in every way. You dont have to know someone to see how they treat others.

After three years of waiting this out as a fan, this is the best Sam could do? No he owes us nothing with his real life and how he lives it, but the innuendo and the constant GASLIGHTING of fans was really wrong. No matter what anyone says or thinks, it was what it was and manipulation was all over this fandom even during times MM was not around.

We don’t know the complete situation with Cait, but we do know she wasn’t innocent in this. She did say during the IFH that it was all for show. Whatever it was really fooled a lot of us.

WS is still trolling through this fandom and treating fans like shit. Sam has let him take over his fandom and I doubt he will ever get it back.

I need to remove myself from all this negativity and constant misdirection. I will come back once in a while. I know i will miss everyone so much, but this has been a sad place this last year.

i wish Sam and Cait the best of luck. I think this long wait till September is not going to be good. Now with this reveal some will leave, others will join in. I think the joy and enthusiasm that was here during the first Season and even the Second will not be as great. I will watch the show, but I know it will have lost that wonderful spark it used to have. The books will always be there for us to remember what it should of stayed as.

RDM and Maril are moving into new projects. I don’t think the show will get the TLC it deserves.

The Royals Season 3 Finale Recap:

So Robert was behind everything this season? What a scaly douchebag! He’s such a snake! No wonder he and Beck are friends. They are both douchebags. Simon was right! He will not make a good king. How dare he say that about Kathryn! He took away Eleanor’s happiness with Jasper and Helena’s. And he’s trying to hook up with Willow? Da fuck?

I’m glad Sebastian turned out to be a good guy. I do think Jasper is going to follow Len around next season. Watch out for her. Just like he did in the beginning of season 2. He’s going to show her that he does indeed love her. He’s going to prove himself.

Liam and Cyrus teaming up could be beneficial. They might be able to uncover everything that Robert has done. Maybe now Helena can realize that Liam was right. Robert was manipulating her and everyone else.

At least, we know that there is going to be a season four which I’m so stoked for! I can’t wait for things to get resolved. I really want Jaspenor to be happy finally and without any breakup drama. I also hope Liam and Willow can get together despite Robert’s plan.

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ok but on valentine's day lena isn't expecting much because she's never really had anyone to spend it with and kara fuckin,. kara has flowers delivered to her desk, brings her food from her favorite restaurant, and makes dinner for them that night and it's all so??? loving?????? and lena doesn't know how to like. deal with it i guess and she's so in love with kara

lena doesn’t know what to say or do and she starts crying as soon as she comprehends what kara did for her.

kara getting worried and frantic and apologizing thinking she did something wrong, but then she takes a good look at lena and she understands. she brushes lena’s tears away and kisses her face and hugs her, lets lena press her face to her shoulder.

then they kiss softly and kara tells lena she loves her, loves her with her whole being, and lena cries more even more.

He never really spoke about her, or them. Whenever her name popped up in a conversation, a look would cross his face and he held back whatever he wanted to say. It wasn’t that he was just heart broken, he missed the memories he’d made with that girl. And I couldn’t blame him. I’d loved him longer than I could ever remember, but.. he fell for someone else, and she replaced the gap I left. I wasn’t angry about this, I just regretted ever letting him go. And I hoped she did too.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write. (#54)

Buffy Summers dies and Spike can barely stand to look at the Buffy bot, every time she speaks to him you can see it destroying him inside because it’s not her and it’ll never be her again. From the moment Buffy chastely kissed him, and when she trusted him to take care of her sister, Spike knew that the Buffy bot could never take her place again. Buffy Summers would not offer love so freely to someone like Spike, understanding that about her is what ruined the bot for him and I think, made him realise that he would never hear the words “I love you” from her, and if he did he wouldn’t believe them. “No you don’t, but thanks for saying it.” It doesn’t matter that she is genuine in her declaration, Buffy Summers in Spike’s mind would not have said these words truthfully, these words belong to the bot, and the bot is not Buffy and she never will be.

Tyler Joseph x Reader Oneshot

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Tyler looked right into your watery eyes. You wanted to say a lot, you wanted to scream, you wanted to cry. You knew Tyler wanted to do the same things, everybody knows how it feels when you want to say something but you can’t because you’re about to cry. With all the power you have, you managed to say “T-Tyler..Leave. Ju-just leave.” you felt the first tears rolling down your cheek.

“(Y/N)..You are right. I’ve did a mistake and I am so sorry but-” Tyler said but you started to scream; “Tyler just leave! She loves you and you love her! Not me, you love her! Go to her, you will be happier! But please never forget me because I will never forget you.You are my first love.

All that Tyler could do was just a silent nod. He left. Your first love left, your hero, life-saver left. You were alone. You started crying, as loud as you could. After you realized that you stopped crying, the first thing that you saw was a picture of you and Tyler.

You got up and held that Picture in your hands. You started crying, again. You threw your favorite picture of you and your ex on the other side of the room. You heard a breaking glass, that was probably from the picture.

A few days later..

“I can’t believe that he deleted your pictures..” your best Friend said, looking disappointed on her Phone. “It is okay..” you said sadly. But it was not. You were so angry, so disappointed. He never loved you, did he? It was your fault. You said that he should leave, you said that he loves her, you said that he will be happier. You did it.

That was a really bad ending and I am not happy with it because its too short and that stuff! Please tell me if you liked it it is my first ‘work’! ♥ Request more stuff:)

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So I was just rewatching 3x05 and during the couch scene, I noticed or realized two things, one Jay/Jesse totally smiles after he kisses her, you can see his cheeks rise and fall from the side/back angle, right before they show his face and he says “cause I wanted to kiss you.” Second did they ever shut the door? You know before they started playing scrabble on their new couch?, cause I sure as hell hope so…lol random thought of the morning….Much Love, hope y'all had/are having a great weekend ❤️

Naomi: Well done ladies! That’s what I call a win! Although we had some problems, we did pulled it off. First, we should address the elephant in the room. Joslyn! Savanna! Come on in!

Joslyn: Naomi, I would just like to say that Savanna apologizes for the way she acted. She was just nervous and frustrated moving out to L.A and she’s glad you let her come back cuz she really loves it here.

Naomi: I’m glad to hear that. Now let’s move on to pyramid before another fight breaks out.

Naomi: First is Savanna. You’re here because you didn’t dance this week.

Naomi: Next is July and Sun. You both know why you’re here.

Ada: Naomi-

Naomi: I don’t even wanna hear it. What happened happened and we are moving on.

Aali conf: It really hurts my feelings that Ada would insinuate that Sun sabotaged July. Those two are great friends just like Ada and I used to be and I’m not gonna let a stupid dance ruin that.

Aali: Wait, I just wanna say that if you feel there was any foul play, we apologize but Sun and I love and respect you two and we don’t want to let this get in the way of our team or our friendship. Truce?

Ada: Of course it’s a truce.

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I love how Little Big Town treated the song and the songwriter, they wanted to see how the song will do if it willstand on it's on and still assured to the songwriter that they reveal her identity once they see the impact/success the song did on it's own. I feel like that how Taylor wanted TIWYCF to turn out however, 3 months in after the song was released and it was hugely successful Calvin still was not acknowleging her involvement thats painful af.

I obviously have no idea what their plan was, what their contingencies were, etc. but I will say that I couldn’t be more thrilled with how Better Man was released and how LBT has handled all of the questions. It’s clear that they love Taylor as a songwriter AND as a person, and I enjoy getting quotes from them talking about her and the song.

I will be curious to see if/when Taylor writes songs for other artists in the future if she will follow this same model of holding back the songwriting credits until a couple of weeks after the release. I thought it was really special to read reviews of the song from before Taylor’s name was attached to it.

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Louis, we know you love Maya as much as we do. If you're on the same flight, please give her a hug from us :) Have a safe flight both of you xoxo

I’ve got so many asks telling me to say hello to him and that we have his back, you’ve all been so sweet, but this message truly touched me, anon, the only one caring about me and what this could be for me! Thank you, you’re a real pearl. I’m safely home for a little while and that means the world <3 

Thank you, love you, hope you’re having a great day, wherever you are xx

Upon rewatching, I realized something. I was very very spoiled so I was expecting Daryl being extra sensitive and all obvious in his care for her. But I was NOT prepared for the Carol side of things. How can anyone doubt she loves him? I don’t remember her having opened to anyone in years, she just…unmasked and let go and entirely put her heart on her sleeve. She seemed to feel safe, loved, on the brink of full sanity…I dare say she looked more involved in the sentiment than he did, but that could be an acting thing. She is way better than he is.
Yea I’m still salty about Norman’s comment, but it’s true, though.

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does TCC ever say why Harry and Ron didn't go back to hogwarts for their seventh year? (Harry did love hogwarts a lot, I've always wondered why he didn't go back)

No, it’s not mentioned in the play. :)

From JKR:

JKR: Did you bet right? I mean, come on, nobody’s going to think Hermione wouldn’t go back.

SU: I predicted.  Yeah.

JKR: Of course she’d go back.  She has to get her N.E.W.T.s.  Ron was really done with schooling (laughs).  I think that it would be kind of tempting to go back just to mess around for a year and have a break, but he goes  into the Auror Department. He’s needed. Anyone who was in that battle the right side. Kingsley would want them to help clean up the- I mean anyone who’s old enough to do it, who’s over age , but Kinglsey would have wanted Ron, Neville, Harry, and they would’ve all gone, and they would’ve all done the job.  And I think that would’ve been a good thing for them too, because to go through that battle, and them be relegated to the sidelines, I think they would’ve felt a need to keep going, and finish the job.  So that would’ve have been rounding up the corrupt people who were doing a Lucius Malfoy, and trying to pretend that they really weren’t involved. – Transcript of Part 1 of PotterCast’s JK Rowling Interview, Dec 23, 2007

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I showed my dad a pic of Lauren (he knows I love her like a gay mofo) and he said she's super hot and I feel???????? Disgusted I would like to say. Maybe a bit jealous.

well fam that’s a little icky coming from your dad but he was not lying. what did you expect him to say? he has eyes!

I got a whole 4 hours sleep last night, but it was worth it to see Carol smile, to hear her laugh, to watch Daryl fight to protect the woman he loves, to hear his voice break, to see the absolute love in Carol’s eyes, to watch them both struggle to say goodbye.

And I wanna know what they did/said in the hours between light and darkness. I’d be happy if all they did was stare at one another.

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What did you think of legacy of mandalore?. I liked it for the most part but i feel Sabine saying that she wouldn't be fit to lead Mandalore felt like a cop out by the writers

I loved Legacy of Mandalore … except for what you said, yeah. 

Rebels spoilers to follow !!

It felt like a cop out for her to say she doesn’t feel fit to lead and the writers decide to follow through with that … but I’m honestly hoping it’s just Sabine being … insecure? Unsure of her place in mandalorian society? Feeling like an outsider. 

It’s not the first time Sabine had outright said no to the idea (uniting the clans, taking up the darksaber) only to eventually come around to it after some character growth. 

And, honestly … If anyone would be fit to lead by the time she unites the clans, it would be her. But it makes sense for her to not feel, or even see herself, as a defacto leader at this time. From what I understood, from the framing of those scenes right at the end, everyone else around her recognizes her potential, and her ability, moreso than she seems to. And she was definitely framed in those moments to be the future leader. Right up until she said that, anyway.

Of course, I’m always … uh, nervous? When it comes to women in the hands of writers who aren’t always the best with their treatment of women, in general. I’m also a little ehh about her saying outright she’s not fit. If anything, it kind of mirrors Tar Vizsla — in that she left to travel and become something more than just a mandalorian, but still a mandalorian at heart, and returns to unite Mandalore.

But, I can also see the political issues involved, too? That is, the super weapon she designed would be a huge, uh, issue — especially for other clans who were directly affected by its use. Even if it’s proven that she didn’t know the Empire would turn it on her people, she still designed something that can only be used for massive destruction. It’s not a great selling point for a leader who is trying to unite a fractured people for the long haul.

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So - is Cassandra the 'team' shopper, or does everyone have a turn picking out mission outfits? 'Cause she was super into (in the best way) getting those clown outfits - 'not with magic, with WHIMSY', but the clubbing outfits could've totally been Jake, and his offended 'There's nothing about this that says cowboy' would make more sense - especially as Cass has never been before. Will Ezekiel and Eve get outfit picks? Will Jenkins? I just thought I'd share my thought. Have an awesome day.

Agh! I don’t know but wouldn’t that be funny! I would think Cassandra loves shopping for her friends so they just let her cause who can say no to that face? ;) But yeah I’m sure Jacob picked his own outfit for the clubbing bit because he did get super offended that the guy said cowboyXD oh poor Jacob he doesn’t realize it’s not always the clothes that stereotype him;1 I would love to see Jenkins pick out their clothes because I feel like they would be dressed like him all prim and proper;) but yeah I definitely think they let Cassandra pick most of the outfits on missions:3

You have an awesome day too, anon! Thanks for dropping by!

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I think that mor loves azriel you can see it in her actions when she asks feyre to paint her eyes next to his or when she was scared when he was hurt and stuff like that :)

Yeah. I think she loves him. Don’t get me wrong. I just don’t think I’d wager it’s romantic love on the little information we got. If it is, I need more. Feyre repeatedly told us Azriel loved Mor, but not once did she say Mor did. I need more info. But I will say that the scene in the cabin where Mor gets defensive is the one shred of evidence you could argue to me could be grounds for romantic love. Because I could see them having a secret affair or something and that being the reason she looked “wary” when Feyre was prying the subject. Her going to Azriel when he was hurt is love on a most basic level. Going to an injured Azriel when he’s hurt can fit anywhere between friendship love and romantic love. I need more! Anyone would have done that. BUT I’d argue that she didn’t necessarily go to him because he was hurt, I think she went to him because whatever she saw in the king freaked her it enough to drop their only weapon. And to her, Azriel is a safe place. That’s the only other time in the book I could make a case for something more than friendship love. But it’s still a thin argument because of their shared traumatic experience.

I kinda wonder if Mor didn’t try to make a move on Azriel and got rejected. Cuz in the cabin, she tells Feyre that Azriel would be the issue. That she could strip down and he wouldn’t touch her. And IF THAT HAPPENED, it would be HARD to get over. That kind of rejection, Az not doing anything while she’s standing in front of him naked, would be CRUSHING. Especially, considering he found her broken naked body in the Autumn Court. That would fuck with Amir’s head and create a wound that Azriel would have to really REALLY spend some time trying to make up for. If that makes sense? That’s the kind of info I need to say, “ok. She does love him. But he rejected her with his silence, and that’s why she actively ignores him when he’s staring at her/let’s Cassian play the buffer etc.” Because that would fit. And it would make sense as to why she keeps him at arms length. Because he hurt her (and then the whole rift with Rhys and his friends thing—but I think Cassian solved that). So yeah. I hope Weber an explanation because I NEED TO KNOW!

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How did you feel about being miss Grunwald who took Alison from her gave? Cause I hate it. I already hate when they put supernatural things in shows that are suppose to be in real life, but with her it was worst cause she wasn't a relevant character. I mean, imagine if it was Ian who did it. It would explain why he wasnt surprise that Alison was alive, maybe why he was so shady. But any other character who was actually a character from the show and not from a spin off would be better, imo.

Exactly. I was going to say Ian, then I kept reading and you already did. I’ve always said that Ravenswood should’ve never been a PLL spinoff. It should’ve just been another show on Freeform, from the writers of PLL. But have absolutely nothing to do with PLL. I actually love Mrs. Grunwald as a character. She’s freaky and mysterious, although i can only take her in doses because I agree that supernatural elements shouldn’t be in Rosewood. It still bothers me to this day that one hour away from Rosewood is a town of ghosts. I hate that that exists in the world the girls are in. Back on topic, I agree that it would’ve been better to be a main character to save her. But because I enjoy Mrs Grunwald, I was okay with that reveal. (I sound like I’m contradicting myself, I know. I hate the supernatural, but I love Grunwald. Can’t explain it!)

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Dear ricepunch, 1) I love your notes at the ends of the chapters translated by you as well - Not sure why - never happend to me before; 2) god bless you for translating; 3) how much is a domain? Any way we can support you with that? 4) Happy Valentine! Much love to you - despite not knowing each other we do have a shared passion ;)

1 & 2. (´・` )♡  i can’t believe u like my notes

3. idk but it’s ok!!! i did say i was too poor to get one but honestly i can, i just think it’s a waste of money

4. happy happy happy late valentine to you too!! i hope yours was better than mine (which i spent eating chocolates that my sister got from her boyfriend)