did i say that i love her

I told her I loved her
but she didn’t say anything back.
She didn’t have to.
Because the look in her eyes said enough.
It told me to leave.
And so I did.
—  I know you didn’t want to hurt me but god damn it, why didn’t you tell me sooner. i would’ve understood. // ck.writes

okay, you know what? i really need to say that i am so incredibly satisfied with how they handled charlotte’s departure. because you know, i have been wanting her to be gone for a long time but that is mainly because of how negative she is to lucifer’s life but we can’t ignore the fact that she’s his mother and he clearly loves her. they didn’t let her off the hook for all the terrible things she did, but they also did NOT give her what she wanted and lucifer didn’t let her off the hook but he still showed her mercy. we can see how much it killed him to send her away but he knew it was what he had to do for the greater good. my god. this show never lets me down.

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One thing I have been thinking about is how Michael easy can say "I love you" to Sara and he was the one to say it first. But in other situations he seems very shy. Like when Sara told him she was in love with him he just said "Sara, about before. Me too". He also spoke in codes when he told Sara he knew she was pregnant. Would be interesting to hear your thoughts about this!

actually, michael wasn’t the one to say it first. she said it first, in a roundabout way on the train:

so i mean, it wasn’t her directly saying “i love you” but this was the first time the word love came up between them. and if you want to get really technical, she was the first one to actually say the words “i love you.”

michael did say he loved her and linc both before this happened, but if we’re talking directly between them, this was the first time. and she said it first. he of course replied and said he loved her too, but she initiated it.

i… don’t really have any thoughts on this other than that’s just the way michael is. it’s what he’d had to do up to that point, speak in codes, hide things in plain sight, so it’s only fitting he would keep doing it. it doesn’t mean he loves her any less, it’s just a part of him. 

"I don't care. Fuck you. Goodbye."

I don’t have the text conversation anymore, but it will be exactly one year since you sent this to me.
I truly loved you. For almost 2 years I was dedicated to you and only you. When you left the first time, it hurt me so badly. But I took you back a few months later.
It was your 26th birthday. I was happy for you. You showed me photos of your little niece who was only a few months old at this point in time. You loved her and you wanted to have kids. I couldn’t have kids physically.
When I told you that, you screamed and cursed at me. I don’t know what I did wrong.
You were mad I ruined your special day.
And you didn’t even have the decency to say we were over. Just a vague last message. Almost 2 years of talk on our future together, getting married and starting a life. 2 years of I love yous and I never wanna lose yous. But these are the only words I can recall.
Happy birthday once again. I hope nobody ruins your special day for you this year. Truly.

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why did you say that the thing cengiz said about it being difficult to show love feelings to sana keeps u sane? i thought it was pretty rude of him :( i mean, iman is so lovely.... it just felt like a lowkey diss at her

nooooooo i didnt see it as throwing shade or anything at all, first of all it confirmed that yousef does indeed love sana, and second of all, it IS hard as an actor to show emotions that you dont have. iman is lovely, BEYOND lovely, but there’s a difference between liking a person platonically and actually being in love with them. he has to act as if he’s romantically and sexually attracted to her, which is hard when you aren’t, even though you do like that person platonically. 

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Let's not forget about a comic con Gillian did last year (I don't remember which one). Someone asked her something about her opinion on the x files, I believe it was about Mulder and Scully though I'm not sure and she said that she would love to answer but she couldn't. She does have her opinion but some reason she can't talk about it

I think (though I’m going from memory) the question was around what she would do differently on The X-Files and it was from this con:

I have a feeling she wanted to say something a little beyond commentary on the MSR, tbh, and she had to be….appropriately diplomatic.

That aside, this is one Gillian’s most adorable and relaxed panels (she also tells the Blue Dress story) and for those who haven’t watched it…it’s so worth it.

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Me- *inhales* I- Everyone within 20 miles of me- Love Crybabytime we know. We get it your trash. You've seen her artwork everywhere but couldn't find her. You love that she ships Travlyn. You love that you have art work to feed your Travlyn addiction. You love that she ships the gaybabies. You think she's amazing. You wanna "do art good" like her. We know. We all know. Can you just stop Me- No.


WELL im a lil curious when u say everywhere bc,,, my work shouldnt show up much on google,,, IF I DID EVERYTHING RIGHT IT SHOULDNT BUT YK i dont tag travlyn for a reason htgiuhg BUT HEYYYY THANK U SM!! <3 <3 <3

also pls bby dont,,, say gaybabies thats rly not good ik u mean it as an affectionate term but i recommend not using it

Endurance -Dino Scenario pt 2

Dino: Angst Fluff

Word count: 834

Part 1

Synopsis: Dino ditched you for his girl- best friend and realizes her evil side

The day after, you sent a message to Chan telling him about the phone call from Yujin. Two hours later, he finally replied. ‘She would never do that, I know her well enough.’ What?! Did he just accuse you of lying? But everything you told him was true! Then he sent another message saying 'Please can you stop trying to interfere with our friendship, I cannot accept lying in our relationship, please, apologize to Yujin about your stupid lie.’

Your mind has gone blank after you read that message. What the hell? He wants me to apologize for no reason, when I am actually the victim? Yujin definitely loves taking advantage of Chan’s trust in her, doesn’t she. Tears uncontrollably strolled down your face. You angrily replied 'I’m not going to apologize for no reason. You don’t even know what’s happening.’

He left your message on read and didn’t contact you for days.

For the next few days, Yujin kept sending pictures of her with Chan and asked you to break up with him. You didn’t know how to reply, so you left it all on read. Finally, you sent a sorry to her.

You sighed and looked down on your wound, it was getting worse and it was infected as you didn’t clean it properly. You decided to go to the hospital to clean it properly to prevent a scar being left.

When you walked towards the reception, you saw Yujin and Chan. Yujin was holding onto Chan with her head facing down, as if she felt dizzy. Within a few seconds, they noticed you. Chan walked to you intimidatingly and questioned you directly “Have you apologized to her?” Without any change of tone. “Yes, via text.” “Show me.”

You were seriously hurt about the fact that he didn’t trust you at all, your heart has broken up into pieces. He snatched your phone from you and unlocked it. Opening the app for messages immediately. He clicked into your chat with Yujin and stared at it for a while, his eyes widened in disbelief. “What is this?” He turned his head to Yujin and showing the messages she sent you to her.

“Uh… Oh.. It was just a prank! You trust me right? Channie…” Yujin used her disgusting girly voice. She didn’t get any reply, Chan stared at your innocent face, and walked away.

You couldn’t sleep the whole night, you were in dilemma, a serious one. Would it be more suitable if you break up with him or endure it all?  You feel seriously selfish not breaking up with him, nothing is more important than being with the person one really loves. Although you loved him, you wanted him to be with the person he truly loves, not you. Or are you just being too sensitive and jealous? Gosh this is such a hard decision.

You decided at last to call him the next day and make a proper end to your relationship. He picked up immediately, “Hey…what’s up?” “Hey, let’s break up. I’m sorry to have wasted your time when you could be with someone you really care about.” There was no reply, you were so nervous and scared. “Why? What do you mean when I could be someone I really care about?”

Tears were strolling down your face uncontrollably. “You will understand and notice it soon, deliver my apology to Yujin too, thank you.” You ended the call before you could hear his reply.

You sat on the couch, spacing out after the call. Around ten minutes later, you heard the doorbell ring, you opened it and unexpectedly, Chan was standing there, looking miserable. “Please let me in.” His expression looked as if he got lost in a featureless forest or desert, looking for a sense of safety and belonging. You pulled the door wider to let him in. “Are… you okay?” You asked politely, trying to maintain your distance with your now ex-boyfriend.

“I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have accused you of lying and not trusting you and letting Yujin take advantage of my trust. I need you back, seriously, it felt like my world collapsed from the second you brought up the topic of breaking up.”

“You don’t have to do this if you feel guilty of thinking that I’m lying. It’s not a big deal, but it is a great deal lying to yourself. You need to follow your heart and go to the one you love, I don’t want to see you unhappy with me. Seeing you happy makes me happy. Please.” You said whilst you try your best to hold back your tears.

However, tears were strolling down from his eyes, really as if he was mentally and emotionally breaking down. “I’ve just realized how important you are to me, and I’ve been neglecting that all the way through our relationship and it’s my fault to have made you feel insecure. I love you and I am never, ever going to leave you.”

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What homophobic stuff did chyler say?Can you tell me?I have low-key been tire of her since she went far up floriana asshole

like the love of my life bianca said she acts like being gay is so foreign and alex being gay is such a surprise and she was just really i guess ignorant about our community which i can’t really fault her for but it rubs me the wrong way


The big drawing I have been talking about for a while is finally here! So I did it for my super duper friend @reptilerach ! I was a litte inspired by her story named “Rejection” and I know how much she loves the skelebros (maybe Toby too). So here we go! It’s also because I wasn’t fully satisfied with my first drawing of her.

Le gros dessin dont je parlais depuis tout ce temps est finalement arrivé ! Donc, j’ai fait ce dessin pour  ma super giga amie @reptilerach ! J’ai été un peu inspirée par son histoire “Rejection” et je sais à quel point elle aime les skelebros (peut-être Toby également). Alors voilà ! C’est aussi parce que je n’étais pas totalement satisfaite du premier dessin que j’avais pour elle.

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I gotta ask. Where did you get the inspiration for your fic Cherry Boy? I fall more and more in love with every chapter you write, and I gotta say, your portrayls of all the characters are my favourite things in the world. You are a blessing to the fandom. You and Vixenfur both. But...what was the idea behind Cherry Boy?

Ahhh, omg thank you so much!! This is hella sweet 
I 666% agree about Vix, and it’s funny you mentioned her actually, because she’s kinda one of the main reasons I thought of it in the first place lol. I joined the Mikayuu Hell skype group she created way back when season one was airing, and that’s where I thought of it. A little over a year ago I actually scrolled back several months just so I could screenshot the conversation haha. Fortunately I still have those pictures saved (albeit a bit blurry for some reason)! Lmao gonna put a read more here bc jesus fuckin christ

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“You’re eyes are like a blizzard broken crayon” He said awkwardly

“Excuse me?” Replied Ashlyn with raised eyebrows

“Oh shit, why did I say that? Of all the things I could have said to her THAT is what comes out of my mouth..” He cussed himself before trying again “I mean… They’re really blue, like a crayon I had as a kid, it was called blizzard blue but Lucy broke it, I really loved that crayon, it was great, the best crayon ever, they should have put two in every box…”  He was talking so fast he wasn’t even sure what exactly he’d just said to her “what the hell is wrong with me?” He thought

Ashlyn laughed “Oh Tys, you’re so cute!” She said

Omg, she thinks I’m cute!!!!!” Thought Tyson as he blushed.

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4 and 7 with Simon?

“You can’t keep doing this.” You sighed, Simon still tapping on his phone.

“Doing what?” He asked, still on his phone, not even bothering to look up. Un-freaking-believable. 

“This. You are constantly on your phone doing who knows what. What can be so important that you can’t even look at me?” You questioned, your voice cracking at the end.

“Say something then!” You yelled, after no reply.

“I’ve met someone new.” Simon admitted, in a small voice.

“You did what?!” You ordered, tears spilling out of your eyes, throat tightening up.

“Things have not been working with us for a few months lately. I’ve been wanting to tell you, for a while now.” He began, making your heart shatter.

“I love her, Y/N, I’m sorry but I do. I wish that I could change everything, but I can’t. I’m so sorry, Y/N.” He finished, trying to touch you.

“How long?” You asked, yanking away from him.

“How long what?” He asked.

“How long have you loved her for?” You demanded.

“Almost a year.” He said timidly, making you crumble onto the floor.

“Get out.” You croaked out, feeling numb.

“Y/N, I-.” Simon started.

“I said get out, I want you gone!” You bellowed, getting up and pushing him out of the door and slamming it shut.

You screamed, your whole world spinning, destroying you piece by piece. 

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Hey so I was wondering do you think they are going to incorporate the triangle or will they leave varchie and bughead alone. There will be obstacles of course but do you think bughead will be endgame.

I honestly believe they won’t. I think the triangle is done. The very idea of THIS Betty chasing after Archie now would be character assassination of the highest order and would permanently and irreparably destroy the core four friends (which I believe RAS would never do!).

I’ve said it before, but there is NO WAY this Juggie would recover from having the only person in his life to whom he trusts enough to physically say the words, “I love you” leave him for Archie. Their whole argument at his birthday made it VERY clear that Betty choosing Archie - only slumming it with him until Archie changed his mind - is a very real and valid fear of his. Regardless of how he now appears to feel secure enough to be vulnerable with Betts - if she did that he wouldn’t forgive her. It would be as though everything he ever thought had been made real. No way.

And that’s not even going into the logistics. The showrunners are very aware of why people are watching Riverdale. They know why Bughead tweets gets ten times more retweets (or more) than that of other pairings or characters. They know all of this and have been smart enough to adequately market Bughead accordingly. Articles and Cons with questions all pointing towards their relationship (and Jughead as the main character as well). Imagine how many of us would stop watching if Bughead were ruined! If Betty ruined Jughead like that. It would be insanity. There may be people who like the other pairings - but there are more of us than of them and RAS and tptb know this.

SO yes. Bughead will be endgame. Honestly, I don’t even see a ‘break-up’ in their future. Tension yes. The Serpents and the Southside are bound to cause tension - it’s a Riverdale Civil War after all. But I am pretty confident that Bughead is solidly endgame.  

Thanks for the question!  💙💛

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I am so happy that she finally realized how much she is in love with Bucky!! It's about time she realized it too. I feel like Bucky was on his phone the whole time with Nat because he was trying to get a hold of her. He asked her where she has been all day. They just need to say it to one another. Nat did say that basically everyone in NYC knew. Haha.

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I just wanna knock their heads together sometimes!

hey, guys, remember this from Everlasting Darkness?

“Why did you say that?” Ursula asked as they both walked in the empty hallways. The students had classes at the moment, so there was no witch in sight. She couldn’t believe the lie the other witch just told, it embarrassed her to no end.

“Well, I was your first kiss, wasn’t I?” Croix answered. “Although it was because someone thought it was a good idea to bring a love bee to school.”

How about I write it?

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i was tagged by @pureren​ so hi again i guess lol

Pure’s Questions

1. Do you connect with people easily?

i like to think so. i don’t have very much to say about this one though because i just click with people really fast and its probably because im like, a really agreeable person who has issues saying no to other people. 

2. Did something good happen to you this week?

yes!!! yesterday was my girlfriend’s birthday and we had our first kiss together and man, i really love her. and also like, this week ive gotten to see her so much and she makes days better even when we’re both having shitty mental health days. i just, like, love her so much and neither of us normally has the time to see each other Super regularly so it was really nice to just be around her this week 

3. What’s the personality trait that annoys you most in other people?

um this isn’t a personality trait and this is actually going to sound really bitter but it’s because i’m bitter and angry but i hate when white people do this thing where they pretend to be black women 

4. If you could participate in any existing tv reality show, which one would you choose?

any show on HGTV and i know that doesn’t really count but there’s nothing i love more than house shows (that’s a lie, but like, )

5. What’s something you’re insecure about?

um jeez this is a tough one but we can just assume that im insecure and unhappy with almost everything abt myself physically, but let me talk about my shitty personality. i am like, really dull. i never have a lot to say and every conversation i have with anyone totally relies on them having things to say. and in all my conversations, i have to repress the urge to run and stop and duck out of a conversation that i want to be in. like, i’m surprised that i have as many friends as i do because i’m boring with no conversation skills at all. and also crushing social anxiety is an issue. 

6. What’s your favourite way to hang out with friends?

i REALLY like to just sit on my bed with friends and just be with them. like, even if we don’t talk i just like to be around my friends. and idk, watch videos or watch tv. i really enjoy just casual hangouts where there is no pressure at all to do anything.

7. What’s your favourite fic trope?

OK ok i have like,,,,,a big thing for like……sick characters being taken care of their significant other. that’s like, my shit man. i have low fic standards in general  but if it’s an hc fic it’s almost guaranteed that i’ll love it. i just……………. love it so much. it’s so good. 10/10. my fave. 

8. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve liked in the past?

i used to think that john green was the Best Author, maybe ever. i read all his books, watched all his videos, and listened to his advice like, Religiously. i thought he was so deep and that those teens who he wrote about. it’s terrible and i literally can’t believe that i was so far up that man’s ass. him and his fake ass characters. GOD remember the fault in our stars ?? i thought it was so amazing this is so embarrassing i crave death 

9. What do you consider to be the best period of your life?

right now. i only recently started to get help for those fun Mental Illnesses. and also i met my girlfriend and she just makes things better. so yeah, right now. 

10. What do you consider to be the worst period of your life?

probably like a year ago when i was having panic attacks weekly and i was sad all the time and i was still dealing with the fact that i wasn’t straight. that was pretty shit

11. How did you meet your best friend?

i’ve known my best friend since i was three. we met in school and have been friends ever since

My Questions

  1. What do you love about yourself? 
  2. What’s the best thing about a person you love? 
  3. Do you have a favourite TV show? (if not watch brooklyn nine nine trust me)
  4. Do you enjoy going to the movies to hang out with friends? 
  5. What’s something that you’re passionate about? 
  6. Are you still happy with your seventh grade self? 
  7. Do you enjoy art galleries and museums, or are those boring for you?
  8. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
  9. What’s an accomplishment of yours? 
  10. What was your favourite thing about your childhood? 
  11. Any fandoms that you’re apart of? 

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