did i say that i love her



To give and give and give

Yet still feel undeserving

To love so much more than you

Could hope for in return

To birth your third child

While my father reads the newspaper

How did you stomach it?

How do you still?

She says I must detach to self-preserve

She says A woman’s empathy is not a bottomless well

She says I must be more careful when speaking

She says I must always bleed discreetly

But where do I put it?

All of this rage

that I’m expected to stifle?

She says

Why do you insist on asking these questions?

When you know I’ve got no answers that soothe?

Mothers do not console their crying daughters by telling hopeless truths

She says

No bandage will cover the entire surface area of this wound

You must learn to pretend it isn’t needed

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i loved the way louise at first didn't believe dan when he said placenta was kind of his catchphrase way back when

that was funny, and i liked phil giggling at dan’s expense. but i think my favorite part was when she called dan out for thinking ‘vagina’ is a ‘rude’ word to say. it annoyed the shit out of me when dnp acted like ‘labia’ was the world’s most taboo swear in their who wants to be a millionaire vid so im glad that louise did her part in normalizing these run of the mill anatomical terms. good stuff 

“Canon” confessions

Moderator: “There was a lovely sequence in last week’s episode…uh the Mummy episode…where you’re on the phone talking to Danny and…I don’t know if this is deliberate or if I’m looking into it too much… but you say to Danny “I love you” but you’re looking at the Doctor… “

Jenna: “Yea…I did that on purpose. Yea, I’m glad you noticed that!”

Moderator: “It was brilliant. Wasn’t it?”

[crowd applauds]

Jenna: “Oh… I’m really glad you noticed that!”

              — Jenna at the Armageddon Expo on 10/18/2014

Three years ago today, Jenna set a lot of hearts aflutter when she “confessed” that her “I love you” was actually directed toward our favorite Time Lord known as the Twelfth Doctor. Fandoms have not been the same since!

Lost & Found

you left

and stopped talking

saying maybe a word or two

and a few dirty looks

i forgot

and just accepted it

because i tried so hard

but i don’t know if you wanted to try like i did

i found her

she’s sweet

and amazing

and i’m still getting to know her

and i’m finally happy

even though i miss you sometimes

i’m moving on…

i’ve moved on

Support 4 (SHIELD)

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The love for this is just 🤗❤


Warnings: NONE


Y/N looked down at the note.

There wasn’t much written on it just one sentence.

I thought it was cute how she said she was wearing her daddy’s shirt but the confusing part was that it wasn’t my shirt Y/N

I looked down at Brielle’s shirt, even though I already knew what or who’s shirt it was.

Why did he have to be so sarcastic with this though?

Just say be straight forward.

But that meant Dean had a conversation with my daughter.

“Bri, baby…” I said looking at her. “Did you or Unlce Seth read this?”

She looked up at me with innocent eyes. “No, mommy. Dean said not to read it and to give it to you.”

I nodded.

Okay so Seth didn’t know about this note, so that’s that.

But why didn’t he tell me, Dean talked to her?

Why does every time I figure one thing out something else pops up? I whined to myself.

“Hey Seth…” I blurted out causing both him and Roman to look at me. “Can you… um, can we talk for a second?”

Seth nodded. “Talk.”

I bit my lip.

Why couldn’t he get the hint?

“In the hall…” I said trying to avoid eye contact with Roman.

I’m pretty sure he’s curious now.

Not about me wanting to have a talk with Seth, that’s nothing new.

But the fact that I couldn’t do it in front of him, like usual.

“Alright..?” Seth mumbled as more of an answer.


The second the door closed, I shoved the piece of paper at Seth’s chest. “Dean told Bri to give this to me. He knows she thinks of Roman as her dad.”

“I saw him talking to her but I didn’t see him hand her this Y/N.”

So he did know.

“About that…” I said crossing my arms. “Why didn’t you tell me, Dean talked to her?”

“Y/N/N… It was just for a minute, and I swear I didn’t know he even came into catering. I got up to get Bri some water and looked over and Dean was sitting across from Bri.”

I nodded. “Again… why didn’t you tell me?”

“I just thought it was harmless. She didn’t say he said much, so I just treated it as a don’t ask, don’t tell situation.”

I groaned hitting his arm. “There’s never a don’t ask, don’t tell situation when it comes to my child.”

Seth sighed, probaly knowing I was right.

“Yeah I was stupid. I admit that. But you know if I felt something wasn’t right, I wouldn’t hide it. I love Brielle just as much as you and Roman.” Seth finished and I knew he meant it.

Not that I didn’t know before.

Like I said I was just worried.

Like always.

But who wouldn’t be if they knew the birth father of their child could be lurking around the corner?

Then finding out he gave her a note, to give to me.

Brielle could’ve opened it, and it’s not like she wouldn’t know what it said, she is in second grade.

She may not understand but it’ll be enough to confuse her.

But unfortunately that’s my ex for you.

All ways living for the moment, doing what feels right that second not concerned about what’s the cone from his actions later.

Or how it could affect someone.

“I’m sorry. I just got so worried when I saw that note, and you know how my mind starts working. Especially when I found out Dean–”


“Did someone say my name?” Dean asked standing there behind Y/N and Seth with a smirk.


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I didn’t say what that congresswoman said, didn’t say it at all. She knows it, and she now is not saying it. I did not say what she said, and I would like her to make the statement again, because I did not say what she said. I had a very nice conversation with the woman, with the wife, who is…sounded like a lovely woman, did not say what the congresswoman said, most people aren’t too surprised to hear that. Let her make her statement again, and then you’ll find out.”

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How did things start out with Lacy? Was she intentionally made as your gf or did it just kinda happen?

I specifically designed her as my gf haha <3 but I must say her personality really changed from when I first made her…w her personality and physical design I kind of just looked at all the fictional characters I’d ever been in love with and tried to pick out the similarities and kinda fuse them together so she started off as that flirty cocky diva type that I love but she ended up turning into something less dramatic and more…gentle?? so yeah. that part just kind of happened lol

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This is the same anon about dandelion and roses for Mallura. I think the main difference between A//urance and Mallura is that Matt would actually stop flirting with Allura if she showed discomfort. But... in the episode she didn't show anything like she did with /ance. I am not hating on him (I love my boy) but damn... Lance stans are so intense. Here I am just loving my Mallura juice. Matt would treat Allura like the queen she is. Matt would hold her flower as she kicks ass and be proud.

yo… deadass? that’s the reason i like mallura and not a//urance. if allura didnt turn lance down literally everytime???? id be totally on board with it but she’s just… not interested and it just portrays a “if she says no keep flirting and youll get her eventually!” trope that i dont like

allura didnt react the same way to matt that she does to lance everytime. yeah matt imagined the blush (probably), but she did smile at him (after he said the whole you are so beautiful thing) so i just think it would be sweet??? it’s really not a bad ship…. and matt would be so good to her. she deserves it

I’m disgustated and shocked about all the hate you are sending to @lovingherisred13. Beatrice is an amazing girl, I don’t know her personally but I’m sure she’s a nice and lovely girl. You all are saying untruth things about her, horrible things, when she did nothing. You are making feel a good person bad for something that she did not! She deserved to go to the reputation secret session, and I’m sorry if you are jealous and envious about her because she went and you all didn’t.

We all talk about to be nice to each other, that we are all friends and stuff, and then you do this things. I’m shocked and profondly hurt.

Beatrice doesn’t deserve this and she is an marvelous swiftie. We support her.

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Fem!Ten x Rose, "i said i love you."? ❤

“..and that’s why the Voluxians have their harvest festival when the moons –” the Doctor stopped suddenly, brain finally catching up with her mouth. She turned and looked at Rose, confused look on her face. “What did you say?”

Rose smiled, nerves showing in the way she clasped her hands together and shifted her weight. She looked the Doctor straight in the eye and repeated what had made the Time Lady’s brain grind to a halt. “I said I love you.”

The Doctor rocked back on her heels, letting a soft smile spread across her face as her hearts beat doubletime. “Quite right too.”

“Wanker,” Rose said with a laugh.

“You apparently love me anyways,” the Doctor said, stepping close enough to pull Rose in by her hand.

“That is what I said.”

The Doctor leaned down and pressed her forehead against Rose’s. “I love you too,” she breathed.

“Good.” Rose answered before closing the distance between them and claiming the Doctor’s mouth in a kiss.

send me a ship and a prompt

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Yooooo i was wondering what do you think about Kurobane and Misumi's relationship? Do you think it was romantic in any sense? Kurobane did say that he loved him but do you think it was requited?

I really liked what @domeyashiro said in her footnote of the chapter 28 summary.

The word Kurobane uses here is neither ai 愛 nor koi 恋, but horeru 惚れる which is more ambiguous. It CAN mean to be in love with someone, but even if Kurobane meant it that way, Hirata probably interpreted it as a strong admiration / fascination which is the other meaning.

I think the two of them had a crazy close bond, you can see that Misumi feels the same way when he tells Kurobane not to go off on his own for revenge and his face is so damn vulnerable when he gets the news from Hirata. Were they romantically involved? Who knows? It looks pretty platonic on paper but a fangirl can dream. I’d like to think that they would’ve ended up together if Hirata hadn’t ruined it.

One of my close friends on here, @aswiftiesworld / @shkurteswiftie was supposed to be at the secret sessions tonight. But sadly some complications came up and she couldn’t make it. I tried my best to help her and she really deserved to go. But I can say for sure she will get her chance again and that makes me so happy. Shkurte, im so happy that taylor did invite you and took time to message you to say that it was okay you couldn’t make it and that she’d do everything she could to meet you on tour because I know how much you go through on the daily and I’m so happy that you have such a wonderful friend like taylor. I’m sorry you couldn’t make it tonight, but cheers to the future where I’m SURE you will meet her. Love you bud I’m so sorry that it didn’t work out this time. I really did want to help and even got the cash out of mah bank just in case something happened where you could go. I promise you that next time things will work out and you and dat amazing woman will finally hug. <3 everyone go send some love to shkurte

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If Sasuke and Sakura do have another child I hope it's a girl but I'm happy with just Sarada. It's a small but loving family and she was born because they wanted her not because they were trying to continue the Uchiha name. Also who says Sarada can't continue the Uchiha name even if she does marry Boruto? It's rare but there are occasions where the woman's name is taken or the two names are combined to make a double voweled name. (1/2)

Also who’s to say that even if they did have a son that he would continue the line anyway. He might not want to have children. (2/2)

Yup, agreed on all fronts, and that’s also a good point regarding the fact that even if they did have a son, there’s no guarantee he’d want to have children.

And yeah even though I know it’s not gonna happen, if Sasuke and Sakura were to have another child, I’d also want it to be another girl. The Uchiha clan had a very noticeable over-saturation of males in their history.

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I'm so sorry that you got accused of something you'd never do. It's cruel of people to be so prejudicial and assume that you would leak things from the SS. The fact that they did it anonymously makes it even more rude because they're not even brave enough to show you who they are. Please don't feel too bad about it, they don't know you and they are not in a position to go talking around saying you were the one leaking the info. Especially because it's untrue. Just remember Taylor loves you. 😚😚

I hope she doesn’t hate me for no reason…like she thinks I leaked information about rep…I would never do to her. I dreamed to meet her since ever and now I would never betray her. I love her so much, she’s so important and I’m feeling a crap rn

I am now writing this text because I am bored and I want to clarify something

ehm is the best I start times with why I wrote the text. it’s about certain shipper (I do not write which because otherwise they would cry)

but I think you all know what shipper I mean there :D

there is something about this argument

“Luffy doesn’t always save Nami a good example is Tb were Nami was forced to marry yet luffy told Sanji to save her ” this is wrong

Luffy has saved Nami on the thriller Bark! but I’ll get to that later

I’d like to start with the argument Nami is a husband stealer

this argument is wrong! Nami has never stolen a man! this shipper would say now: “but on the thiller Bark absalom from Lola "not correct!

as one can see absalom never wanted anything from Lola! he did not love her! was not married to her or at all with her! so how should nami steal absalom from Lola if he never wanted Lola ?

more I do not go to it now but I want to write something about Sanji "saved” Nami

Sanji did not really save Nami from Absalom he had failed!

He only weakened Absalom! the people who have really saved the nami were Zombie Lola and Nami himself!

to claim Luffy would not care the absalom wanted to marry Nami is stupid! because if he did not care he would not have sent Sanji!

but now an important part :D

Why Luffy did not go there herself to save Nami! quite simply he had to fight against Moria and Oz (I know only the German name I’m sorry)

besides, he had saved her life!Oz would have killed nami! but Luffy saved her from it! ( and Lysop ) :)

( and I’m sorry for my bad English I use a translator 😅)

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HC for the Paladins having a very sweet and kind female human teen best friend who cannot speak but let's her action speak for her (puts a hand on their shoulder and smiles warmly when their down, hugs them when their emotional, and holds their hand when their getting angry to calm them down) and they realize that they love her ? Omg this is so cute

um yes i am for this honey as someone who used to be mute i f e e l this


  • He loves the way your shoulders rise and fall when you laugh quietly at something he said or did
  • The two of you always high-five after a mission went successfully
  • You come up with a secret handshake just for fun and use it when something really rad happens, i.e. Keith got roasted by Lance
  • It’s the way you act so similarly without saying anything, and appreciate him for his humor and personality that makes Lance realize he loves you


  • You’re v gentle any time you touch him, usually to get his attention if he’s invested in something like engineering or baking
  • He’s very sweet and patient with you, and you return all of his help and advice with a kind smile
  • If he’s ever freaked out or anxious, because he gets this way often due to others’ shenanigans, you give him a soft, warm hug and rub his back (if you’re tall enough lmao Hunk is a tol boy)
  • It’s all the gentle, caring actions of yours that lead to him wanting to be with you


  • He was kind of the leader, and after Keith’s whole “thing” in Season 4, kind of has to take over again, causing immense stress
  • You hold his hand when the two of you are just trying to relax, which really helps ground him
  • You guys cuddle up together, keeping him feeling warm and safe
  • You sometimes trace the patterns on his arm just because it’s comforting to the both of you
  • Like Hunk, it’s your gentle and caring attitude that really makes him fall in love with you


  • She takes the time to learn sign language and other motions you like to use so you can talk without talking
  • She feels her heart swell when you smile at her because she correctly figured out what you tried signing
  • Whenever you succeed at something, you fist pump in the air and it always makes Pidge smile
  • It’s after one of these that she realizes, gosh, she loves you


  • Whenever he’s getting worked up over something, all you have to do is put a gentle hand on his shoulder and he realizes he’s overreacting
  • He enjoys getting a gentle hug from you now and again, cause, who doesn’t?
  • When he leaves for missions (S. 4), you grab his hand gently, just for a moment, and he knows you want him to be okay
  • It’s while he’s flying his lion, while on a mission, that he thinks of this and is enamored

- Mod Georgia -

wip weds :)

A return to Hedda! I don’t know where this burst of productivity has come from, but can I keep it please? So help me, I *will* finish this fic one day! Maybe not until I’m 80, but I *will*. I don’t even care if no one reads it, it is my precious baby and I will love it forever.

“Treize Khushrenada was my cousin,” she told him presently.

Did she imagine the tiniest stutter in his step?

“So I have heard,” he answered coolly, giving away nothing.

“You killed him. And when you did so, you single-handedly ended the war,” she observed. When he remained steadfastly silent, she turned to him and caught up his hand in both of hers. That elicited a reaction; he gawped at her, fish-mouthed. “Please, Mr Chang, don’t think I’m saying these things to cause bad blood between us. Quite the opposite. Only a true warrior could have sent Treize to his grave. He would have had it no other way, I know. I long for us to be friends.”

With coldly precise movements, he removed his hand from hers. “I am not a man with whom many wish to be friends.” She caught the slight sneer in the way he said that final word, friends, and would not allow herself to be disuaded.

“Then perhaps they do not see what I see.”

“They see what is there to be seen,” Wufei said sharply. “They see a man who disgraced himself and his colleagues and who must work before he may redeem himself.”

At that Dorothy had to smile, ducking her head slightly. She leaned in close to Wufei’s ear, as she would a confidante, and murmured, “But that’s not how everyone sees you. Is it, Mr Chang?”

He stared at her. “I don’t follow your insinuation.”

Her smile broadened. “Why, Miss Relena, of course!”

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girl im mad just reading your tags for that post you made for the video i cant watch it lmao. what does she say, that china helped make the hc too?? lol why would she ever do that? china said she read the book and i cant see her being ok with her character's best friend, who are ride or die for each other (china's words when she described harry!) getting with a character that bullied hers. it makes no sense!

Ikr! The fact that she said her Kenny AND CHINA but she left out Thomas…so Thomas didn’t help make the hc China did? Naw I’m not buying that also other things to note in the interview was her saying stuff like Harry was MAL’S first love not the other way around and she said something along the lines of “and then he(Harry) has that little thing with Uma.” And I’m like…little what do you mean little? she also mentions how their was an awkwardness/tension between Harry and Ben and basically saying that they are both like “oh she’s my girl.” And yeah it was just DRIPPING with unprofessionalism and bullshit and China has already stated the FACTS showing that she read the books no where did she mention a love triangle.