did i say tea

  • Kongou: I'm so happy to be a unique and popular character.
  • Iowa: So I heard you like Engrish
  • Kongou: Er, well... at least I still have my Britishisms like tea time-
  • Warspite: Did somebody say "tea time"?
  • Kongou: Shit!

Things that make me beyond happy:
-sweet desserts
-validation love and support
-did I say Samurai Jack? Oh well SAMURAI MCFREAKING JACK AH
-fidget toys
-my OCS
(This is random, but my parents suggested I write down things that make me happy so I can get rid of the negative in my life ❤ )

Kamui & Lazward [S Support]

Kamui: Lazward, hello.

Lazward: … Kamui-sama. In the end… we’ve met again, huh… oh well… if we’ve met, I…

Kamui: Eh…? I-is something wrong?

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anonymous asked:

I walk into a Taco Bell in my work uniform that is very obviously NOT a Taco Bell uniform and as I am in the middle of pouring my drink, this old woman comes up to me and demands to know why there is no sweet tea out. I legit did not say a word; I just stared at her with mixture of pity and disdain.

Fox hadn’t done much since being caught by Mrs. Stark; she kept her head down, followed the rules. Tried her hardest not to call Petyr, to give the drugs over whenever she received them, to not break. She was more prone to get lost in her own head, just like in that moment.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did you say somethin’? Did you need somethin’? Tea?” 

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