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Very relevant to Season 4

Going off on a tinfoil idea and assuming that EMP is real (real believer in it), we go back to the scene of Sherlock getting shot by Mary. We had left John downstairs, but what if John is not the victim as we see portrayed in season 4, as we’d assumed, what if he actually makes it to save Sherlock and shoots Mary from behind. I mean he did say “today we are soldiers” it would totally ft the scenario! Mary holding 2 people against gun point and one being a dear *cough* friend of his. But he nearly gets there with only seconds late causing the whole Sherlock in Mind Palace to go into effect. Now we’d have Mary gone, Sherlock in recovering, and CAM at the scene. Also, what if John is the one in “prison” (like Euros), since he would also needed an alibi!

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“Not so long ago, I had really bad tonsillitis. My sister, who’s also my roommate, was at work, so no one was home… It really hurt so I couldn’t even go to school, and I was crying in self-pity. But then suddenly my mom told me she just got to Seoul and she’s coming to my house to see me. My hometown is Iksan in the Jeolla province. Her coming made me cry even harder.”
“It must be really nice when your mom comes and takes care of you.”
“Yeah, but… there’s also been many times that she came when the house was messy… I’d get a message saying, ‘Mom will be at the station in 30 minutes.’ I’d shoot back, ‘Mom, why did you come without saying anything’ and head to clean the house right away.”

“얼마 전에 편도염에 심하게 걸렸어요. 같이 사는 언니도 일 가서 집에는 아무도 없고… 너무 아파서 학교도 못 가고, 서러워서 울고 있었어요. 근데 갑자기 엄마가 지금 서울에 왔으니까 집에 찾아온다고 하는 거예요. 원래 집은 전라도 익산이거든요. 그 때 정말 많이 울었어요.”
“어머니가 올라오셔서 챙겨주시면 좋으시겠어요.”
“네. 근데… 집이 더러울 때 갑자기 찾아 오시는 경우가 많아서… ‘엄마 30분 후에 역에 도착해’ 라고 연락이 와요. ‘ 왜 말도 없이와, 엄마’ 그러고 바로 집치우러 가죠.”

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Haha, yes that they are. But that’s not what I…

Lunar Snow White/ space Snow White? But yeah Scarlet is harder she’s fairly “normal” it’s Wolf who has the sci fi aspect to him.

Hm, I just noticed that Cinder, Wolf and Cress are the only ones who have a sci-fi aspect to them that refers back to their fairytale counterpart. I mean sci-fi things happen to Winter but plague-Snow White doesn’t sound … good. :P

But generally, Scarlet and Winter’s storylines don’t have as many tweaks. I guess that’s why I prefer Cress and Cinder because there, the mash-up of fairytale and sci-fi is executed best (for me).


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I think of scarlet as space ship pilot red riding hood

First of all, you, you are still a meanie! Making me choose between my babies, tsk. I did nothing to deserve this. :P

Anyway, it’s just that for me, Scarlet being a spaceship pilot is not as significant to her storyline? She doesn’t even fly so much (oh, and now i think, remember when Kai bluffed to those Lunar aristocrats about the Earthen military going to attack? Wouldn’t it have been cool if Scarlet actually rallied up the Earthen military and followed her grandmother’s footsteps in a way? I’m still a bit meh about Scarlet’s part in “Winter”).

Anyway, for me it’s important to Cinder’s characterisation and to the whole world that Meyer built, that she’s a cyborg. The same with Cress and her being stuck in a satellite. For me, Scarlet and Winter don’t have that one sci-fi descriptor. But that’s okay, it was harder to do the same with them story-wise.


Black man Charles Kinsey told police he was unarmed before being shot

Charles Kinsey, a therapist who works at an assisted living facility, was trying to help an autistic patient that escaped from a group home on Monday. Police arrived in response to a 911 call regarding an armed man who was threatening suicide. Kinsey was then shot by North Miami Police, despite being unarmed and pleading with the officers, his hands in the air. He survived and was treated for his wound.

“When it hit me I had my hands in the air, and I’m thinking I just got shot!“ the caregiver told WSVN. "And I’m saying, ‘Sir, why did you shoot me?'” The officer responded with simply “I don’t know.”

what she says: i’m fine
what she means: did nero shoot angelo? did angelo’s dead body get swept out into the waves? why did the footprints stop? why are there no footprints walking the opposite direction? did they walk backwards in their original footprints back to the car? will the galassias kill nero? why was he smiling? does that mean he let angelo go? are they gonna live in florida? was angelo lying in the backseat? what did the can of pineapples represent? did angelo become the pineapples like don orco became the lasagna? was nero talking to pineapples and hallucinating angelo all along? did the road trip count as a date? did they ever fuck?





Right so Usagi’s PERSONAL ARSENAL, and the inevitable ridiculous scrutiny I must give it.

It looks to me like Usagi has one of Rei’s protection charms, a club of some sort(?), a fucking TASER, a whistle, a can of mace, and a gas mask.

Of course you know the most important question.


The charm is the easiest: that’s Rei. Personally blessed, no question, and I’m going to steal a moment to say that emotionally I am curled into a ball and crying about how 1) Rei felt her blessing was more than sufficient protection (EVEN IN THIS YOUR EGO IS BOUNDLESS), and 2) it’s the only personal item there, and is like a representation of Rei herself. “If I’m not there, you’ll have this, so I’m still there.” I’M DYING IT’S SUCH A MIX OF REI-STYLE PRACTICAL AND TRYING SO HARD TO NEVER ACTUALLY LEAVE USAGI

The taser is absolutely MInako. And she probably has five more ready to hand out at any time. Quick, easy, and effective. “If you think anyone is coming to hurt you, don’t hesitate. Taze their ass. LIKE HIM, QUICK!” “Minako-chan, that’s our math teacher.” “I KNOW TRUST ME HE WILL HURT US TAZE HIM TAZE HIM.”

That leaves the club, the whistle, the mace, and the gas mask.

I think the club is from Mako. It’s the most tactile item in the lot, and it sits perfectly with how Mako thinks. “Someone’s giving you shit, hit them hard and often.” She knows Usagi probably isn’t very effective with it right now, but you know the club will also come with personal lessons on how to use it. And cupcakes. Probably with little icing clubs on them.

The whistle, mace, and gasmask I think are all Ami. The whistle I’m guessing is a police whistle, which OH AMI WHAT CAN THE POLICE DO. But it’s a practical solution to a problem “Usagi is in trouble, the police can help”, as well as perhaps creating a scene to help dissuade the bad guy from doing anything or allowing Usagi to slip away.

The mace is pretty self-explanatory, and again works in the same thought process as the whistle: use it and get away. The gasmask? Well that’s Ami being practical too. Ideally Usagi will put it on BEFORE using the mace. This IS Usagi we’re dealing with, and Ami’s well aware that the odds are 50/50 at best for Usagi spraying in the right direction first time.

Drunk Love (Dylan O’Brien Smut)

“Dyl! Y/N! We’re here.” Tyler yells from the front. I advert my gaze to Dylan’s house.

“Thank yo- Hey! You never told me you had a twin.” I say as I look at the front and see two Tyler’s looking back at me. I giggle and stumble off Dylan’s lap and land on the hard concert.  

Dylan falls out of the car and lands on me with a loud thud.

“Ow!” I whine, but I don’t feel a thing.

“Oh baby, did I hurt you.” Dylan says panicked. He shoots up like a rocket before reaching down and dragging me up. “Do we need to go to the hospital? Tyler! Tyler! Call 911! Y/N’s hurt! She’s going to die and I-”

I cut Dylan off with a giggle. “I’m fine. Let’s go inside. Bye Posey!” I yell through the window. I hear him laughing at our drunken state as Dylan and I run up to the door. Wheels screech behind me and I know he has left.

“Where’s my keys?” Dylan pats his back pocket in search for his key. I look down at his trouser and see a key shaped bump in his front pocket.

“I found it.” I reach down into his pant pocket and search for the keys. I notice the slight bludge in his pants grows as I swish my hand around. I giggle before finding the keys. I pull them out and hand them to him. “Here.”

Dylan grabs the keys and searches for the right one before picking a gold key and shoving it into the door. He turns it and the door unlocks.

Dylan pushes the door open and guides me in. “Mum! Dad! Julia! I’m home!” He yells, followed by silence. “They must have gone out.” He says.

His grip on my hand tighten as we walk up the stairs. He leads me to a half open door, when we walk in there are a few shirts lying around along with some papers, other than that it was pretty clean.

The door closes behind me and suddenly I’m push against it. Dylan stares into my eyes and I stare back. The room is silent for a moment until I can’t take it anymore. I learn forward and our lips meet. He seems to snap out of his daze and his hands explore my body, as does mine.

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Fanmeeting in Kobe Day 2 (23.04.16)



he KNOWS how much maya has suffered with her dad leaving. she most likely took the time to confide in him and he just wants her to be able to put that part of her life she’s struggled with for so long behind her. this idiot right here is all shyly leaning forward like ‘sweetums don’t you think you’d feel better if you did this? you know that i just want you to succeed and be my happy little munchkin in life.’

maya turns around in sassy wife mode all ‘excuse you? did i give you permission to speak?? your my bby and all but back tf up and stay in your lane’

LOOK AT HIM HERE he’s playing with his fucking pen, all nervous and awkward turtle, like ‘shoot what did i just say? her luscious hair flip distracted me again and her eyes and her face and her everything..shit where am i again?’ oh yeah that’s right: i was looking forward to assuring maya’s eternal happiness!! all will be right wifey no worries

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