did i say pizza


my anxiety has been awful all day. Driving into the city to the allergy place where I’ve never been, terrible traffic, being nervous about all the pricking at my appointment, then worried my phone would die and I would be lost.. Everything went well, I’m just so mentally exhausted now. Husband is on his 5th week or so of working 12+ hour days (15 yesterday), 6 days a week, so I’m not able to vent much there. He really tries but I know the back of his mind is like …seriously? ON THE UPSIDE I did want to say f it and get a pizza for dinner. Even made the plan with hubs - but then I knew cheating that bad would only make me feel waaayyy worse, and it didn’t even sound good enough to throw away so much work. So I settled for a normal burger (w/o bun), salad, and water at a local restaurant. So… overall success I suppose? Thanks for listening to my rant❤️

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