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“Everyone thinks we’re dating.” Simon randomly announced in the middle of of his and Jace’s second weekly movie nights.

Jace hit the pause button on the remote and gave Simon a quizzical look. “And?”

“That doesn’t bother you?”


Simon stared at Jace. “It doesn’t?”

“Why would it?” Jace asked, raising an eyebrow. “I mean… aren’t we?”


“Aren’t we dating?” Jace repeated. “I mean, this is a date, right?”

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I haven’t said anything yet!

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Sherlock: Headcanon being Mycroft's daughter and skipping school for "working" with your uncle

Can this actually be my life please I wanna work with Sherlock. I had fun writing this AHHAH thanks for the request anon!

Being Mycroft’s daughter and skipping school for “work” with your uncle:

  • Sherlock likes taking you along to cases for three reasons: to annoy Mycroft, your deductions are entertaining, and sometimes you make good suggestions.
  • “This case is particularity gruesome, Sherlock.” “Call a cab, John, we’re picking up (y/n).” “Did you not just hear me say ‘gruesome’, Sherlock?” “I know. Perfect for (y/n).”
  • Mycroft obviously doesn’t drive you to school everyday, one of his assistants do. 
  • Sherlock is already at your school, waiting for your car to drive away. 
  • “Sherlock, I really don’t think we should be taking (y/n) out of class-” “Shut up John, the case is much more interesting than whatever Literature class (y/n) is in right now. She’s much too advanced for that educational nonsense.” 
  • Sherlock goes to the school office during your first class.
  • “(y/n) Holmes, please report to the office. Your uncle is here saying there is a family emergency.” “Family emergency? I don’t think- Sherlock!”
  • You love hanging out with Sherlock and John. John likes hanging out with you too, but he disagrees with Sherlock on taking you out of school. Sherlock doesn’t care. 
  • Sherlock always asks for your opinion before John’s. That kind of pisses John off, but then again he’s secretly fascinated at how tolerant and nice Sherlock is to his niece. Watching the two of you interact restores some faith in John that Sherlock is actually human.
  • “Ew, Sherlock look! That’s gross!” “Yes, good deduction, very articulate. Gross indeed.”
  • Sometimes Lestrade is there, and he’s always confused when he sees you. 
  • “(y/n)? Isn’t she supposed to be at school?” “No, Lestrade, she’s here to help replace Anderson. And don’t you dare call Mycroft.” “I already did.” “George!” “It’s Greg!”
  • So Sherlock has to rush you back to school before Mycroft is there, but his car is already waiting outside the school.
  • “Hi dad.” “Don’t ‘hi dad’ me, (y/n). Where’s your uncle?” “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “Really, (y/n), you’re as difficult as your uncl- SHERLOCK! GET IN HERE RIGHT NOW!”
  • So Sherlock has to sit next to you in the car and the both of you usually get a lecture. Mycroft lectures Sherlock about taking you out of school to see dead bodies and he lectures you about actually going with Sherlock. 
  • But that doesn’t stop Sherlock from taking you to more cases and it doesn’t stop you from joining him. 
Dear Her Ex,

When she was with you, you hurt her. You called her names and instead of a kiss goodnight, you ended the night with her in tears. You’re an idiot. You didn’t even know what you had…

You pointed out all her imperfections and her flaws and you used them against her just because you could. Because you wanted to hurt her.

You cheated and even stole from her. You flirted with other girls in front of her, even made out with one when she was inches away from you.

And another thing, she told me that you hit her - that you put your hands on her. How fucking dare you put your hands on her. If it wasn’t for her, I would have punched your lights out.

But now…

Now she’s with me. And if you ever put your hands on her, if you ever hit her again - I’m gonna hit you. Repeatedly. In the face.

When she’s with me, she doesn’t feel the way she felt when she was with you. I love her flaws, all of them. And her imperfections? They aren’t imperfections, they’re perfection. I don’t care what you told her or what she tells herself, its not true.

Her imperfections are perfect. And she is, herself - the perfect imperfection.

I just want to tell you one more thing: you really did fuck up.

You have appeared to my life,
Feel like I’ll never be the same

What a perfect day to remember that 'No Sanctuary' is the highest-rated TWD ep in existence:)

And why is that, you might ask? Well, the ep had:

  • Epic amounts of Carol 
  • Team Family working together, having each other’s backs, and fighting as a totally cohesive unit 
  • Like did I mention Carol? 
  • Multiple scenes with hugely satisfying emotional resonance – Tyreese fighting Martin, Carol figuring out what she’s stumbled into at Terminus, TF never giving up even when the odds looked way stacked against them, the Tyreese/Sasha reunion, the Rick/Carl/Judith reunion (watched by misty-eyed Carol and Michonne) 
  • Also did I say there was a lot of Carol? Because there was. A lot of Carol.

little things I really appreciate about day 5:

  • the main dude has all of the makings of the broody antihero lead but is actually a chill puppy who just cares about the kids in his life
  • the main brains of the show are a black pilot, a lesbian doctor, and a teenager with adhd
  • “i’m the asshole who raided the pharmacy. singular.” “i’m also a single asshole.” is the FULL EXTENT of any kind of flirtation/romantic anything between the main male and female characters (even before jake finds out ally is gay), and is their first interaction
  • related to the above, there is no jealousy or bad blood or anything gross between ally’s girlfriend and jake (who is now her close friend) when they meet 
  • no threat of sexual violence used toward anyone, even though we’re in an apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic world and that’s become the ~norm in dystopian fiction
  • the main guy is seeking redemption for the death of his sister and mother (in which he is blameless, but feels guilty), and the main girl is just trying to save the world and find her girlfriend - pretty much a swap of the typical action dynamic
  • ally isn’t sexualized, even by the male guard near her when she is in her underwear
  • most people in this world are super willing to help each other??? like it’s not ‘let’s exploit this situation for personal gain’ at every turn which gets hella irritating in dystopian fiction
  • stephanie drapeau’s face and arms

i think i would literally chop off my limbs for dan and phil to do the roast yourself challenge

I just really do not understand where people are getting the idea that Kavinsky loves and is honest with himself, especially when compared to Ronan.

Kavinsky does not accept himself.  He does not have an unapologetic view of his sexuality.  He calls Ronan queer slurs throughout the entire book and mocks him for his perceived sexuality.  It’s not cute, it’s not flirting: it’s hate.  It’s the bigot fixating on what they perceive as a flaw in someone else because they can’t accept that in themselves.  The fact that he shares aspects of that sexuality with Ronan only makes it obvious that Kavinsky does not view that aspect of himself with acceptance.  As a matter of fact, the one time he displays his sexuality toward Ronan in the book was after he had drugged him so he could not possibly reject his advances, which, on top of being assault, also reinforces the idea that Kavinsky can only be ‘himself’ when he has eliminated the opportunity for someone else to reject him.

Furthermore, the strange idea that Ronan hates himself because he’s gay (and is therefore not a positive lgbt character) is a huge oversimplification of his character that reduces all of his experiences down to the fact that he likes men and ignores every other reason he gives for his self-hatred.  Ronan has severe PTSD that stems from finding his father’s corpse in the driveway.  He hates himself because he couldn’t save him, hates himself because he didn’t fight harder to stay at the Barns, hates himself because there are horrors in his mind, hates himself because he doesn’t understand who he is.  He… doesn’t hate himself because he’s gay.  He keeps his sexual identity as a secret from himself because he is afraid.  The book spells this out.  He doesn’t understand himself- his powers, his PTSD, his sexuality- and his lack of understanding is terrifying. Dream Thieves is about Ronan overcoming his fear of himself, finding out who he is, and accepting himself for it.

At the end of the book, Kavinsky literally summons a monster fueled by his own self loathing.  This monster kills him, an act that’s basically spelled out to be suicide.  Ronan, by contrast, realizes that he doesn’t hate himself and controls his own monster because he finally understands it (meaning he understands and accepts himself).  I can’t fathom how Ronan’s character arc is not immensely more powerful and positive than Kavinsky’s, due to that reason alone.

I love Kavinsky a lot (he’s probably one of my top 3 favorite characters), but using him as an ideal model for an honest or self accepting lgbt character and then turning around and saying that Ronan is not just makes absolutely zero sense to me.


written by francis, edit by sur

“Hey, you’re that exy player aren’t you?”

The question comes from behind him, and Neil freezes. He cut through the baseball field on campus to get to his next lecture easier, a route that isolated him and one he wouldn’t have taken a couple of months ago, but Neil let his guard down.

He let his guard down.

He can tell by the tone of voice that he made a mistake.

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My parents are totally against veganism but I stuck through it and refused to eat shit and guess what? We did a blood test. I'm perfect, my dad has high cholesterol 😂 says a lot right there 🌱💪💯

That’s awesome!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

How i see AfterDeath
  • Reaper: I love you, sweet inmortal~
  • Geno: ////...*whispers* I... love you... too...
  • Reaper: What did you say? ///
  • Geno: I say... SHUT UP YOU ASSHOLE!!! *pinch*
  • Me: ....Perfect♡♡♡