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Why do you like minori so much, she's awful. She literally tried to make mob kill his cat :/

Minori was being possessed by an evil spirit. Although we do know that she was a bratty girl and possibly bullied kids before Mogami, we are shown that Mogami made everyone in his universe about 10x more evil than they actual are just to torture Mob. During the events of the Mogami arc and in the Mogamiverse, Mogami is basically controlling the way Minori acts to make her more evil, twisting her mind to make her a borderline murderous person. Minori is nothing but a pawn in Mogamis hands, a puppet to use to torture Mob and make his life a living hell. We’re not even sure how conscious she was during most of the time in the Mogamiverse, seeing as she claimed to have forgotten most of what had happened. 

She was a possessed 14 year old with almost no control over her own actions in the Mogami arc. She apologized and is visibly disgusted and upset with her own actions. 

If Mob believes that she can change, I think we should believe in her too.

#86: “Fine. Don't say anything and make me worry.”  -AJ Styles.

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You worked backstage for WWE. Helped out with the soundboard.

You’ve been working for WWE for about 2 years now and you couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

There were so many phenomenal people that also worked here and made it feel like home.

There was one particular person you looked forward to seeing every day. AJ Styles.

The two of you have had a thing for a few months, but kept it to yourselves.

One day when you were setting things up for the show tonight, Hunter came out and asked you to come to his office. AJ happened to be there with you when you were setting up.

With no other choice, you followed Hunter to his office.

Uh oh. Was he going to let you go? Fire you? You knew this couldn’t have been good, but you had to go with it.

“Have a seat, Y/N.” Hunter said, gesturing to a chair.

You sat down, swallowed hard.

“So Y/N. I heard you used to wrestle back in the day before coming here. Is that true?” Hunter asked you.

This was unexpected.

You opened your mouth thinking of the right thing to say, “Uh, yeah I did. Nothing big, just places around home. Why do you ask?”

“I’m going to let you in on something. We just had to let go of one of our female superstars and I have heard that you were pretty good. I was thinking, if you were interested, if you’d like to train to become a wrestler.”

You didn’t know what to say. You loved your job, but wrestling was the DREAM.

“I am very interested. But what about my job? Would you be able to find a replacement?” You asked.

Hunter just laughed, “Of course I will be able to find a replacement. It won’t be easy to find someone as good as you, but we will deal with it.”

“This is amazing. Thank you so much!” You stood up and gave Hunter a hug.

“You’re welcome, just keep this on the downlow until we figure out a story line for you and figure all those things out.” Hunter stated.

“Sounds good. Thank you again. I don’t know if I will ever be able to tell you enough.” You said as you walked out the door.

AJ was of course standing a few feet from the door, waiting for you to come out.

“What was all that about? Are you okay?” AJ asked.

You just looked at the ground, “I am okay, I just can’t tell you what we talked about in there.”

“Fine. Don’t say anything and make me worry.” AJ said to you.

“Trust me, it’s good news. I just have to wait to start telling people. I promise you will be the first to know!” You said.

“Okay fine. As long as it’s good news and I still get to see you everyday.” AJ said with one of his half smiles on his face.

You took AJ around the corner where there weren’t any people. “You have nothing to worry about.”

You grabbed AJ’s face and pulled it down for a kiss.

OHHHHHH MAN LOOK AT THIS HEADCANON WHATEVER THING!!! It’s from that, once again, that headcanon blog that I should just put in here so they know I wrote up a fanfic based on their thingys there @ndrv3-headcanons-and-shit , but ahhhhhh! 030!!!

I am a sucker for this sorta thing I guess, Yandere!Amami, Despair!Amami, ya know, just, ahhhhh, I got real hype writing this and just, ahhhhh >.>;; I wrote like 3k words in 2 hours because my hype got too real guys >.>;; Anyways, yeah ^u^ Hope you enjoy :33

Warnings: Yandere-attitudes, so if that bugs ya, pls don’t read 0u0 Also, uh, it gets NSFW-ish in the sense that there’s some pervy stuff here, for the 69 lololol :pp 

Only Despair and You

Despair was all Amami Rantarou had.

Despair had taken his family at a young age, leaving him orphaned in this cruel and unforgiving world. The young Amami had to fend for himself and learn how to survive. Despair had told him how to push his emotions aside and empty himself of all feelings. It made coping with the world much easier. Despair taught him how to lie to others, how to put on an act to make people think you were sane, because people didn’t take to kindly to those of Amami’s nature. Despair was the only was Amami could exist in this world, the only way he could communicate, to co-exist with nature itself. Without despair, Amami was just some nobody that no one cared about it.

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Pearl and Rose

I don’t usually post stuff like this but I feel the need to say something.

In regards to the relationship between Pearl and Rose. Yes, it’s unhealthy, but I don’t think the show is trying to say that it isn’t. We’ve seen that this hurts Steven, and we’ve now seen it hurt Connie. In fact the longer Pearl holds onto it the worse she blows up and on some level I think she realizes this but pushes it back. And in doing so, it gets worse. 

And I also don’t think she has the ability to recognise when she’s gone too far until it’s too late, which is why both times Steven’s had to bring her out of it. And the other gems probably realize her obsession isn’t right but don’t know how to say it.

I don’t think the show is trying to tell us that this is a healthy relationship. I think it’s trying to tell us it isn’t. In order for Pearl to get better, she has to move on, something she just can’t seem to bring herself to do. So she holds onto her love in an unhealthy obsession she can’t get over. In the end she’s going to need a hell of a push, or she’ll just keep going until Steven’s not there to stop her from doing something rash.

It’s brilliant the way they’ve built it up, but again, this is not healthy and I don’t think it’s supposed to be. I think it’s supposed to show us the dangers of holding onto one-sided love, or anything for too long and becoming obsessed. In fact, this episode demonstrated first-hand how dangerous it can be. You should never put another person above your own life. You are not nothing and you shouldn’t feel like you are, which is exactly what Steven was so afraid would happen to Connie. It gives us a lot of insight into Pearl and how she views herself. Not as important as Rose, but so obsessed with her that she put her own life at risk to protect her, valuing Rose’s life above hers and acting as though her only purpose in life at all were to protect Rose.

Which is interesting. So we know how it must have felt when Rose gave up her physical form. Pearl, devoting her whole life to protecting this one person, now doesn’t have her anymore. So she projects her own views onto Connie in an unhealthy manner without realizing why it’s wrong. The episode wasn’t showing love, it was about drawing the line. You and your partner are equally important, and obsession can lead to some nasty issues that don’t go away easily. So it’s really nice to see Steven recognise this and snap Connie out of it, it gives such a clear message that I don’t think Pearl even realized.

I really hope Pearl can get over Rose, for both her sake, and everyone else’s.