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it says on genji's blackwatch skin description that overwatch's cyberneticists are who upgraded genji. not mercy.

[regarding this post]

Thank you for the info.

For sure there was a team dedicated to taking care of Genji. I am sorry if this sounds like an excuse but considering Mercy was his attending doctor and Genji was unstable and hysterical, it makes sense to me that she was the one to check him up and get some brief feedback from him. Also Mercy’s tech kept Genji alive and helped him heal faster and better during the cybernization process so she was essential to his days in OW. I thought about adding a crew working in the background but it would affect how the whole thing goes so I presented the story as it is now.

Here have a cruel and shitty joke.

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omg i did not hear the dialogue of when anna touched britt's chest until it was pointed out, because britt was like "you touched my boobs again" and then anna apologized and then went on to touch her chest. asdkjfaksd!!!

OMFG!!! I just watched it back and she does say that. 

*Anna’s arm brushes Britt’s chest*

Brittany: You touched my boob again

Anna: I’m so sorry!

*Anna puts her hand on Britt’s chest*

It happens at around 30:40


@murdermayhemandjack Since I’m not going to like. Reply directly because I want both of these to stick together because this??? Like, guys, right here is why those books are so, so important, especially with Jack and Hector and how they interact with each other.

Like. Again, let me say this with a megaphone. JACK SPARROW AND HECTOR BARBOSSA ARE ACTUALLY FRIENDS

The last time Jack saw Hector, he was being forced onto that rumrunner’s island. The last time he actually physically laid eyes on Hector Barbossa, Hector Barbossa was uncursed, unharmed, and completely fine, outside of the mutiny on Jack part. The times that he and Jack were a (admittedly lopsided) team, Hector would make those comments, things along the lines of just kill them and be done with it or whatever, but they were remarks made in irritation, not in seriousness. When Hector Barbossa, on the deck of the Pearl, looks Jack right in the eyes and says, “Now, see Jack, that’s exactly the attitude that lost you the Pearl. People are easier to search when they’re dead.” This was not in irritation. This was in seriousness.

Like, I cannot begin to describe how wrong that must have hit Jack to hear Hector say that without what had always been previously irritation in Hector’s voice. Yeah, it’s been ten years, and yeah, Jack is totally going to kill this bastard as soon as he can, but you know. Here’s a man he thought was his friend once. Here’s a man that, when they met, was literally grieving a pet monkey. Here’s a man that he fell into a quick and easy friendship with over finding a ship full of rogue pirates. And the Hector Barbossa he finds on the Pearl is not that same man.

But you read the books. You watch AWE. And then look at Hector in CotBP. He talks a bit differently. He moves differently. His reactions are always, always slightly…I don’t know. Off. I feel like Jack could see that, that Hector wasn’t reacting the way the Hector he remembered would react to things, so yeah. He did things that would attempt to normalize the situation. Eating the apple was kind of two-fold, imo. It got under Hector’s skin, but it was playful. Which is why I will pound my fist on the table forever and say CotBP Hector is not the real man. You know who the real man is? The actual Hector Barbossa? Remember that guy that told Jack on Black Sands Beach that, “The world used to be a bigger place”? Yeah. Say hi to the actual guy behind the rest of it. Like. Hector was ten years into that curse by the end of CotBP. He was probably hanging on to everything he had left of himself with both hands, and I think Jack knew that. Because Jack knew him too well before everything went sour.

// Uhm okay well. I’m sorry if I’ve hurt anyone?? I’m not entirely sure what this is all about and I don’t like assuming. Although I can’t really think of anyone I’ve necessarily hurt. So allow me to say a general rule with me personally. If you have a problem with me or something I’ve done, posted, or said. Feel free to message me about it! I always try to handle problems in private so it doesn’t become a big ol’ pointing fest of “he did this, well she did this”. There are no good wars. None. If you have a problem, DM me. My DMs are always open. This goes for any problems, no matter how big or small. 

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"As far as I can see with the latest round is he posted a photo of NY .. end of story, he did not say he was in NY I took it as Sam sending his support for Gay Pride" Wellll except that he went as far as to add a filter to a photo he lifted. So what was the real intent there? And the hashtags just added to the implication of location. Pride is happening everywhere this month, why acknowledge NYC in particular? Sorry just can't buy innocence here when he's been party to fuckery for months.

Noonie I’m just excited that someone read something I posted and quoted it back to me! Thank you this is awesome. 

So here’s the thing about me, as far as SM is concerned this is it for me, this is as technically minded as I get. So when you say to me “add a filter to a photo he lifted” you might as well give that to me in Russian cause I got no fucking idea what that means. Same for hashtags, I know what one looks like, someone says hashtags to me and my brain immediately goes ‘hash browns’.

 As for Sammy H and ‘NY Gate’ just rack it up next to the other hundred ‘Gates’ we’ve had here. I think there is a space between ‘Kale Gate’ and ‘Fist Gate’. I just wanted to also say I’m glad that America has Pride month, I wish we had it here. Maybe Sam did the old close your eyes and where your finger lands on the map trick, maybe he just plucked NY out his ass, does it really matter.

 At the end of the day Noonie I don’t give a furry rodents bottom if he was or wasn’t in NY or why he was or wasn’t there. I don’t need to know where he is or what he’s doing or who he’s with everyday, that’s called stalking. Hell, I don’t even know those things about my own husband and nor do I need to, he’s an adult and I’m not his mother.

I am struggling to find what Sam has done wrong here. He posted a photo of NY, as far as I know that is neither a crime or a sin. Is it because DSC posted a photo implying she was in NY as well, is that why some are pissed at him? But I still fail to see how her post has him doing anything wrong.

He doesn’t control her or her SM, if anyone has a problem with what she posts then take it up with her. It seems Sam is guilty by association because his name at one point in time was linked to hers. If my husband fires someone at work I don’t get the blame just because my name is linked to his and they all know me. 

You are only responsible for your own actions/behaviour, you are not responsible for what others do or say.

As far as I am aware Sam’s name has only been linked to her’s by a couple of photos and a gossip site. I haven’t read anywhere that he has said/claimed her as his girlfriend, and if it wasn’t for the gossip site saying the word girlfriend I would never have thought she was. A friend yes a girlfriend no. They don’t act like a couple. In fact I think friends is probably to stronger word to use. I don’t think DSC has called him her boyfriend, but she certainly ran with it once it was put out there. But again, how is this Sam’s fault? These are her actions not his. 

Or are some pissed that when DSC pulls one of her predictable moves, Sam doesn’t call her on it publicly/or on SM? If he was going to do that, fuck the man wouldn’t have time to scratch his ass, he’d spend a majority of his time blueing with her. And if he did take her on publicly he would be called an asshole. How do we know that he doesn’t call her when she pulls this shit and does his biscuit?  And by publicly keeping quiet he gets called an asshole. He’s in the same situation when it comes to Shatner.

I think he has worked out by now that whatever he does he is still going to be seen by some as a shit stain. He can’t please everyone and nor should he have to, he can only do Sam, and that is enough. I don’t do Sam and/or Cait bashing, I ain’t about that life. If Sam or Cait do something I see as wrong I have no problem saying it. I don’t give a fuck who you are in this world, wrong is wrong. But as yet I have seen nothing I would consider to be bad/mean behaviour. 

I get that what I see as not a big deal others do see as a big deal. I don’t sweat the small stuff. And I have full trust and faith in what I see and believe to be true. I don’t second guess it or overthink everything Sam and Cait do or say. This fandom is about fun and enjoyment not pulling/picking/dissecting/catching them out on everything they do and say. Fuck that, that is exhausting, a waste of energy and taking up time I could be doing something enjoyable, like read fanfic or having a chat with one of the funny and intelligent ladies on this ship with me. 

I thank you again Noonie but if you will excuse me now I have a hot date on the Lido deck with a Shiptini and possibly a Pina Colada or 6 …. all of which will assist me in breaking out my sick dance moves with my fellow shipper sisters. 

Taking a break from regularly sad wondertrev posting to say, that I don’t understand why some people think that Diana and Steve Trevor falling in love as fast as they did is wholly unrealistic or rushed. 

This is just one/my opinion, but I don’t think it was at all… the romance in Wonder Woman was like 10 percent of the over-all film and mostly in the third act when there was a temporary pause in their battle where they could analyze their feelings. It was initiated by Diana who had full autonomy in their love scene (it’s up for debate if they slept together or just cuddled), and it was her who set the pace of how fast or slow they went when she invited him into her room. Is it unrealistic to know you’re in love with someone after only knowing them for two weeks? I don’t know tbh, it’s rare, possibly? But I’m also a firm believer in when you know, you know. Either way Diana and Steve Trevor didn’t exactly meet in the best of circumstances to truly dwell too long on their feelings and do the whole back-and-forth act that we’re all exhausted watching from our other OTPs on our favorite shows, there wasn’t any time for that (that was always obvious, I think)

I guess my point is, if you can find one (because this probably reads like a mess), Steve Trevor was going to die and he knew that, so why not tell Diana how he felt about her before inevitably giving his life to his mission, then regretting he never got the chance too in mid-air? 

I doubt falling in love with her at the end of the day was ever the plan, certainly not, it just happened–such is life (or movie cannon). In spite of them falling in love however, they never lost sight of their mission and goal of ending the war/stopping Ares was always clear. At the end of the day, Diana did something very human, and that was just falling in love (”it’s not about what you deserve it’s about what you believe, and I believe in love,” that whole bit) and even though she didn’t have the chance to say it back I doubt she’d still be missing Steve 100 years later if she hadn’t felt so deeply for him.  


???: “Oh, I’m Rick? You don’t remember my face?”
Rowan: “I’m really sorry..?”
Rick: “Ah.. We both volunteer at the Soup Kitchen on Sundays! I’ve seen you in the hallways before. I always come in at 12, just when you’re about to leave, right? You always have shifts from 9 to 12, if I remember correctly?”
Rowan: “Oh! Now you say it, yeah.. I think I’ve seen you before. You did look familiar actually. I’m really sorry for not recognizing you..”
Rick: “It’s okay! We’ve never really spoken before so I understand. Honestly, I’ve been wanting to talk to you.. but every time I go looking for you, you already left or somehow you’ve to dodge me one way or another.”
Rowan: “Oh, I’m sorry! It’s not on purpose, I swear.”

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Okay, let's say they were blindsided by solo Harry and weren't expecting this huge solo rollout. They are certainly aware of it now and from this moment on, if they keep saying that this is just a hiatus, I'm sorry but that would make them no different than Harry. I've learned my lesson, I'm not gonna try and defend people that I've never met. I did that when I was a harrie and honestly I've never felt stupider.


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don't get me wrong, i love boyf riends. but like they loved each other because for TWELVE YEARS they were all each other had in the friend category. i like to think michael was jealous of christine because he didnt want jeremy to favor someone else over their friendship, which might have been the most established and organized part of both of their lives. i just want someone to go in depth on their platonic relationship (im rambling sorry)

i feel like michael was supportive of jeremy’s pursuit of christine because, above all, he DID love jeremy and wanted him to be happy, but there was definitely some not even necessarily romantic jealousy in there like, jeremy tells michael that he flaked on giving christine her letter and he basically says “well u could always just hang out with ME instead”

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Fun story, my step dad used the wrong pronouns in a store, and I cleared my throat(they did this constantly so I as tired of it) and he jokingly went "Sorry, h I m" and the cash register guy, who I've know for yers asked, my stepdad steps in and said I wanted to be a boy, he can regester guy looks at me, and goes "really? And before I could answer he says "nah, you're to pretty to be a boy_

Punch both of them

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i like how we have mutual feelings on support and cute reposts and we just kind of silently agreed not to talk about the fact my blog is nsfw

Um? I’m not following you and I don’t know how to feel about this ask because I honestly didn’t notice you or your blog and the first interaction between us is you pointing out you reblog straight up porn and like????? I’m sorry???? ; __ ; I’m not really comfortable at all but like I guess I’ll say hello out of courtesy…………….. *cough* um…….. I did not consent to this? Hahahahahahahahaha ; __ ; *sweating* new rule guys dont tell me you’re a nsfw blog because if I click on it and see porn I’m not gonna feel comfortable at all by you?? Um… also… don’t do that to anyone ever??? Don’t go up to people and tell them you’re a porn/kink/nsfw blog ever because some people don’t want that exposure plus it’s just a little strange…. *looks around for someone to hug* ; ___ ; akk

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Hi, I messaged earlier in the week but I think I did it wrong as I'm new to this (sorry if you've seen it + I've repeated myself!) I've been checking every morning and evening your blog since January and I just had to say thank you for all your theories and just spending the time on this blog! I'm really hoping AD is twincer but I have to wait until after 6 pm to find out because of my college induction day! I hope the finale is amazing - trying not to cry rn(I hate endings)

Twice a day since January… wow, that’s dedication. Thanks so so much 💙💙💙

don’t stress, just stay off social media and you’ll be fine! All the posts by everyone on Tumblr will be here waiting for you when you’re done :)

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hiii! do you have any fics similar to peachyryoma's my ex-man found a new boyfriend? like a member watches another member he dated move on with other people, with a happy ending tho? if that makes sense. i sent you a similar ask before but i think it got eaten😂 thankssss

i didn’t get it! sorry anon. and i’m gonna have to say sorry again, because i’m not sure of anything specific like you’re looking for. ): …however, i did find some fics you might like! otherwise, if any followers know anything closer, please reply/submit!

little do you know - vkook/taekook
Summary: Taehyung has been running away from Jeongguk for seven years. Now is the time to be brave.

tu me manques - yoonmin
Summary: Jimin thinks they broke up because Yoongi got tired of him, but a box of letters he finds underneath his bed tells an entirely different story.

i think i made you up in my head - jinmin
Summary: The thing was, Jimin wasn’t supposed to be in Seokjin’s flat, not now, not ever. It wasn’t because the last time they saw each other while conscious was when they were both yelling and throwing ceramic plates and knickknacks at each other, though that did play a part. A really huge part, in retrospect, but still
     Jimin wasn’t supposed to be here, in Seokjin’s kitchen, commenting on his burning eggs like they were living some fucked up domestic romcom all over again. Seokjin knew, because he’d just seen Jimin the day before in the ICU, bruised and bloody after a car accident in Itaewon. Seokjin knew, because he’d just come back from signing the papers at the damn hospital himself after they’d told him he was Jimin’s only emergency contact even after all those years. If Jimin was in a hospital bed on life support, then the Jimin Seokjin was seeing now had to have been his imagination. He had to be.
     Or he could be a fucking ghost. Seokjin didn’t know which one he preferred more.

A Comfort-Coloured Thing - jinmin/2seok
Summary: Bedtime stories are for babies.

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their first apartment is like pastel/muted tones and it's super aesthetic cause um those girls love that stuff. brooke's cat and christine's bird both have corners in their living room with a cool cage for the bird and an awesome scratching post for the cat. i love playride so much ughh

they invite michael and jeremy over and michael just says “did melanie martinez throw up in here”


“I know” he cried as the enormity of it pressed in around him choking off his air “All I wanted was to feel better. To feel loved. I didn’t think…”

“It’s going to be alright” she soothed pulling him close rocking him in her arms like she did when they were kids and he’d had a bad dream “we’ll figure this out together. I promise it’s going to be ok.”

“I’m sorry that you always have to take care of me” he muttered into her shoulder “everyone would be better off if I had jumped off the bridge that night.”

“What? What did you say?” she demanded pushing him from her shoulder. Holding his face between her hands “don’t you dare think that’s an option. I’d be lost without you. Our dads would be devastated. How do you think Waylon would feel? He loves you.”

Tears streamed down his face “I’m sorry. I try not to think about how awful everything is. How people hide who they are behind smiles. I wonder what evil lurks behind those smiles. I just want peace. I don’t want to be like this. I don’t want to die either. It’s just sometimes the dark thoughts surround me and I wonder if it’d be better to not have to think at all ever again.”

Shaking him she demanded “when these feelings come up call me. Call dad or daddy. Waylon or anyone else. We’ll drop everything and come to you. You’re not alone. You have people who care about you. Who want to help you.”

“I…” he turned away from her intense gaze “I don’t want to be a burden. You have lives to live. You don’t need me hanging around like a dead weight around your necks.”

“Then talk to that therapist. Tell her everything you just told me.” She pulled him close “you don’t have to suffer through this alone.”

“I’ll try” he said “I promise I’ll try.”

Teach em how to say goodbye~

//Heyyo mun Angel here.

Just like the title says, I will be saying goodbye to this blog. (AKA deleting it.) 

I’ve had a wonderful time with the BATIM community but it’s just not for me. I’m not satisfied no matter what of my drawings and I don’t have as much time as I did before to attend the blog. So yeah. That would be all.

Sorry for the inconveniences and thanks for all the love you showed me while I was here.