did i say i was sorry

customer: hi i’d like to buy this thing for 20$ and i have this 10$ off  20$ coupon :)

me: ok :) your total is 10$

customer: i also have this coupon for 5$ off of 15$

me: sorry but your total is 10$ and this second coupon says off of 15$ so I can’t apply it to this transaction

customer: my original purchase was 20$

me: …..yes……., but the first coupon brings your total down to 10$ so I can’t use an ‘off 15$’ coupon when you’re only spending 10$. Did you want to get something else for 5$?

customer:  *gestures to the items* m y t o t a l i s 2 0 d o l l a r s :)))))))))))

me: yes… before the first coupon. when i apply a coupon your total goes down. you’re only paying 10$.

customer: wow what a rip off!! this is absurd!!!!

me: …….. :,)

yooooooo even if you reversed that and did 5 off of 20$ = 15$ total and you’d be left with a 10$ off of 20$ that ya can’t apply!!  dumb bitch

Dr. Schneeplestein: sorry, Anti, but pranks aren’t exactly my cup of tea. thankfully, i know something that is my cup of tea…

Dr. Schneeplestein: a cup of tea!

Anti: why did you just say that?

Dr. Schneeplestein: remember when i said, “thankfully, i know something that is my cup of tea”? i was just finishing the thought.

Anti: yeah, but you said that like an hour ago.

Dr. Schneeplstein: well, imagine if you were an outside observer just watching pieces of this conversation.

Anti, staring back at all of you reading this: oh god, you see them too?

Finally had time will power to finish a doodle I did when the last “bomb” happened :3

I already shared my thoughts about it on Twitter and I’m lazy to repeat myself so here, have this~

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TINK! I finally got to watch the ep and my roommate (watched maybe 40 episodes of spn with me) decided to watch it with me. We never talk about destiel cause I didn’t know how comfortable she would be with it cause she’s not really into shipping... anyway when dean says I do SHE SHOT UP AND WAS LIKE IS HE GOING TO KISS HIM? I cHOckED!! Then the bear scene she was like how the fuck did he know? AND THEN IN THE CAR she was like this is so gay sorry if you don’t see them that way BUT WOW. I died.

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can you please do a BTS reaction to after a one night stand you start getting dressed, they're afraid you're leaving, but you say "I'm gonna get a slushie, 'cuz I'm hot and thirsty, want one? Or food? Anything? I wanna treat you right." (My friend did this and the girl she was with cried bc she was so sweet)

sorry for having you wait this long (but i’m sure you must have forgotten about this already so). this is so cute!! thanks for dropping this in my asks!


You let out a small sigh of relief as you finally succeeded in safely navigating the huge apartment and spot your shoes (and the door, because you remember nearly nothing of last night) lying by the front door. you bite your lip as you tiptoe towards them and push a foot into one shoe, wondering whether you were using your thirst as an excuse to sneak away before your absolutely gorgeous one night stand wakes up and has to face the horror that was your morning face (or any face for that matter).

But no. You dismiss the thought with a shake of your head as you slip on the other shoe.You were a responsible person, therefore you would take responsibility for last night’s actions  (as much as you can’t seem to remember them), however awkward they may be.

Of course, it helps that the man you slept with looks like he should be on the cover of every fashion magazine ever published.

Deep in your thoughts, you do not notice the very same man when he pads towards you, half asleep but still concerned.

“Are you trying to sneak away?”

You swore as you jumped, your heart threatening to burst out your chest as his sudden appearance nearly takes the piss out of you. And of course, being you, it was only mandatory that your leap of fear would result in you tripping over your own shows and falling on your own face while your hot one night stand watches in horror.

The man jogs over and crouches, wincing at your whimpers of pain. “Are you alright? I must have scared you. Do you…–”

The rest of his words fade away as you take notice –really take notice– of his face. Memories of kind, understanding eyes and laughter from those lips float up through the haze that your memory has become.

He’s even more beautiful up close, and his gentle hands at your ankle only helped with that newly founded observation of yours.

“–…You seem a bit dazed. I didn’t see it, but did you hit your head? Oh no, do you need a doctor?” He sits back on his heels, worried. “Maybe I should call for an ambulance–”

“No!” You mentally smack yourself in the face in embarrassment. “I just need to…” Trying to remember what you needed through the enraptured haze of having him this close, your desperate gaze falls on your shoes.

The man’s eyes follow yours, and the corners of his mouth droop. “Oh. I’m guessing you don’t want to stay for too long.” He sighs, and moves backwards with the intention of straightening up. “Let me at least call you a cab. ”

“No.” You reach out and grab a wrist, shaking your head. “No, I wasn’t trying to sneak away…Jin.” Your heart thuds as you recollect his name suddenly. “I had a hangover and figured you’d have one too, so I thought I’d–” You squint at Jin’s face. “Are you laughing at me?”

Jin’s slight smile turns into a look of horror. “No! I was just glad. Glad you’re not leaving, I mean. And also because… ” He pursed his lips against another smile and looked down at his hands. “It’s the first time someone’s wanted to do something nice for me and not the other way around.”

He looks up and smiles even brighter when he sees you blushing. “The coffee downstairs is horrible and way too expensive. Maybe I can make you some?”


You let out a breath you didn’t realise you were holding and trying to your best to be quiet, slowly unzip the hoodie that you’d found somewhere on the floor and decided to pull on. The slight scent of the coffee you’d bought from the convenience store downstairs wafted through the air, tempting your nose.

You didn’t know (or remember) much about the man you apparently had an (amazing) one-night stand with,  but of one thing you were sure: boy, was he a deep sleeper.

  You were sure he’d wake up the moment you started a racket (hey, you just weren’t a very coordinated person, okay?) trying to figure a way out of the comfy (and bachelor-seeming, thank god) apartment.

You shrug the hoodie off one shoulder and was about to take it off completely, when a surprisingly deep voice you only remembered in snatches from last night interrupts you.

The man props himself up on one elbow. “Are you leaving?”

You turn and face the good looking (very good looking, now that you see him better) man, ready to explain, but he sighs before you get a chance. “I guess you were.” He flopped onto his back again. “And after all that, here I was, thinking we had a connection. Turns out all I have is a hangover.”

You bite a smile back at his dry sarcasm, recalling that it was this very quality of his that had attracted you to him in the very first place. You take the rest of the hoodie off and let it drop to the floor before plopping onto the bed next to him. You grin as he raises an eyebrow.

“Figured as much. That’s why I went downstairs to get us coffee. Believe me, the way you were passed out, I could have left five times and you wouldn’t have noticed.

He stares at you. Then he looks away again, gracing the ceiling with a reluctant but still beautiful gummy smile. “Oh.”

“Yeah,” You grin too and cross your ankles, turning your head to stare at the ceiling in something similar to subdued contentment. “Guess we do have a connection after all.”


It’s not every day you wake up to a man as beautiful as Jung Hoseok, so the moment you open your eyes and take in the simply ethereal being in front of you, you thank whichever god or fate that had made you choose the very bar you met him in last night.
It was just the way the lazy morning light straining through the curtains played across the angles of this man’s face, or the way the hair that (very artistically) fell across his forehead exuded a slight mischievousness that took your very breath away.

From you place on the (ramshackle) bed, you avert your eyes and try to calm yourself down. You wish you could find something to drink, partly to cool the heat suddenly rising to your neck and partly to distract yourself from the snatched recollections of last night.

Water. I need a nice clear glass of ice water. But where?

You bite your lip and slowly prepare to edge yourself out the bed; just when a warm hand wraps itself around your arm, quickly travelling from your wrist to your upper arm. You look down to see Hoseok slowly blinking the sleep out his eyes. “Hey. Don’t leave.” He stretched, dispelling the last of the sleep in his system, slowly focussing on you as his thumb caressed slow circles into your skin. You try to pretend that this doesn’t affect you way more than what is considered healthy for a human heart, and let your head drop back onto a pillow with a floof. Hoseok smiles contently and dropped his hand to yours, firmly intertwining your fingers. “Thanks for not leaving. I meant what I said last night, ____.”

You smile and close your eyes at the memory, something you had dismissed as a whisper in a heated moment.  “I wasn’t going to leave. I just needed a glass of water.“ Hoseok smiles even wider at that and pulls you closer, the innocent gesture a wild contrast from what had transpired last night.

"I’m glad to hear that.”

You laugh. “Okay, but I still need that glass of water. Do you need something, Hoseok?”

He shakes his head, placing a kiss on a mark he himself had left on your shoulder the previous night, then tucks his head into the crook of his neck, the slight smile on his lips shaping themselves across your skin. “Everything I need right now is lying next to me already.”


Jeez, he’s beautiful.

You bite your lip and marvel at the way the sunshine played across the small dips and divots of the muscles in his arms and back. The tan skin that stretched across them seemed to have a glow of its own, a nice golden that reminded you of how heated last night was.

You suck in a breath. Last night. How on earth did you manage to find him?

You place your hands on your hips and swallow, realizing how parched your throat was. Maybe you should find a drink, something to get you ready for the difficult conversation you would have to face once the gorgeous man in the bed woke up.

You snatch your shirt off the back of a chair and slip your arms through it, thinking off what to say when he did wake up. Your mind remains blank, staunchly protesting against its excersise in the absence of coffee.

Sigh. Maybe I’ll just have to wing–

“Uh. ____, isn’t it?”

Shit. You swivel, the neck of the shirt still around your face. “Yeah…uh, Namjoon.”

His eyebrows raise when you remember his name correctly, a smile slowly taking residence over his lips and coaxing dimples out. Crap, he’s cute.

“Yeah.” He blinked at the awkward way you half-wore your shirt. “Do you need help with that?”

Blood rose to your cheeks, embarrassment quickly replacing your admiration of his cute nose. “Uh, no.” You pulled the shirt fully over your head, still flushing, and look around for your shoes. “Now, if I could just find shorts I’d be all–”

Namjoon looks up at you in middle of poking a (toned) leg out of bed. “You’re leaving?”

You pull a shoe out from under the bed and sit back on your heels to meet his eyes, blowing a strand of hair from your eyes. “Yeah, I just–”

Namjoon leaned forward, panic in his eyes. “_____, I know I might be a bit too forward in saying this, but if I didn’t, I’d never forgive myself.” He pulled his pants on and stood up, giving up on buttoning them in his haste. He raised his firm, bony hands in a helpless gesture. “Last night… was amazing. You were amazing. It isn’t just about the sex, but we clicked in a way I can’t explain.” He ran a hand through his hair, spiking it up in frustration. He was a (beautiful) sight, all shirtless, lean frame and unbuttoned dress pants, like a rugged Greek god.

“I know people say one night stands are no strings attached, that commitment has no place in it. But, ____, I for one, don’t want this to stop here. Let’s grab some breakfast and talk this out.” He raised earnest eyes to where you kneeled next to the bed, a shoe in one hand. “Don’t leave,  _____. Please?”

You gulped, and slowly stood up. “Namjoon.” You set the shoe down. “I was leaving to get some water from the kitchen.” You watch as realization, following embarrassment, blooms on his face. “Um, do you– do you want some coffee? With me?”


“You’re very quiet outside the bedroom.” You jumped nearly a foot in the air. Clutching at your heart, you turn to face Park Jimin, standing in the doorway to his bedroom, watching you struggle to tiptoe across the apartment floor.

“Excuse me?!”

“I’m not a very deep sleeper, but you still managed to get this far without waking me up. Which is quite a surprise to me, since you were quite loud last night, _______.”

He remembers your name. Jimin remembers your name! “You weren’t so bad yourself, Jimin.”

He grins, perfect teeth catching at his lower lip. The smile transforms his face completely, turning him from a debonair one night standee to cute the-boy-next-door. “Touchè.” He ruffled his hair, and you smile at his cockiness. “We both were pretty loud last night, and a noise complaint from my neighbours is soon expected. But it doesn’t matter, since last night was great, as we told each other throught the course of it.” The smile dropped as he folded his arms, a small wrinkle forming between his eyebrows. “So why leave?”

Your grin falls from your face too when you hear his words. What? “Jimin, I’m not leaving. I mean, I’m not leaving, leaving.” You hold your wallet up. “I wanted to get some coffee for us, or something to eat from the deli I saw downstairs last night.” You bite your lip, slightly pleased (just a bit) at how upset Jimin has seemed when he thought you were leaving.

He raised hopeful eyes towards you, your heart already fluttering. “You’re not leaving?”

“Why would I?”

“You don’t have to jump from the window to make your escape. There’s a perfectly functional elevator in the building, and I’m not going to hold you hostage if you want to leave.”

You raise your eyebrows and turn away from the glass of the window, tearing your eyes away from the street below to the boy in the bed.

Still breathtaking, even as he knuckled his own head through a mass of bed hair and squinted at the light pouring in through the window. “The window’s too high anyway.” He said matter of factly.  You realize that he’s not even trying to be rude, Kim Taehyung was just the kind of man to speak his mind however he wanted to in that deep, sensual voice of his. “If you try that route, and break a few legs, I’ll need to take you to the hospital, and you’ll have to spend even more time with me.” He grinned and leaned back on his hands, lean muscles moving beneath the smooth tan skin.

You leaned against the windowsill, matching grin for grin. “Who said that would be a problem? Granted, I’d like to spend more time with you with both my legs intact, but as long as there’s more time, am I right?”

His grin grows wider. “Right.” He leans forward, and locks his hands in his lap. “So you don’t want to leave?”

You shook your head and resumed looking out the window, scanning the street below for what you wanted. “All I want right now is to buy some tteokboki from that vendor I saw hanging around last night, because I’m famished. That’s why I was looking out of the window, to see if I could spot my deliverer of glorious morning snacks.” You grin and bring your finger to the glass. “Speak of the devil.”  You smile as you feel strong arms go around your waist, a chaste kiss that was insignificant compared to last night being pressed to your neck. “Would you be interested in making a purchase with me?”

“Don’t mind if I do.”


Ohgodohgodohgodohgod. How old is he?

You winced at the thought of him being too young. His muscles said otherwise, but his peaceful sleeping face and the small pucker of his (beautifu– ______!) lips told a whole different story.

You let out a small huff of breath and began looking around for your clothes. Be rational, ______. You’re not stupid. You would have known what you were getting into last night. Right? You raise your head too fast, almost throwing out your neck in the panic of considering the possibility that you hadn’t known what you were getting into last night. But you had right?

Your mind was too scrambled, too unorganised to think properly. It was too early, anyway, and the hangover that stood at the threshold of your senses mocked you further.

Coffee. That’s it. You pull your shirt on and straighten up, determined to find the kitchen and get some coffee on. Coffee for two, yeah. Maybe you and Jungkook could talk this over and clear stuff up. Maybe the two of you could even–

“No! Not until you know for sure!”, you reprimand yourself.

“Not until I know what for sure?”

You muffled a scream and whipped around, further startling Jungkook who was already doing a pretty good imitation of a bunny caught in the headlights. “Shit! You scared me!”

“Well– you scared me.”

You place your hands on your hips and concentrate on your breathing.

“Are you alright?”

Gosh, he’s cute– _____! “Hey, would you mind telling me how old you are?”

Jungkook folded his arms, a corner of his mouth lifting in a smirk. “Ah. I’m past the legal age, if that’s what you were wondering.”

“You get asked that a lot?”

“Not much. I’m usually not the type to have one night stands.”

Your heart plummets to the bottom of your boots. “Oh. Are you- are you upset? That we did this?”

He played with the fingers of his hands. “Funnily enough, no.” He cocks his head. You observe that he’s very cute with a clear conscience for the first time. “Are you?”

You shook your head, a little breathless. “No.”

“Then why are you leaving?”

“I wasn’t–” You look down at your half dressed state, the perfect picture of a one night standee that didn’t have the guts to stay around. “I wasn’t leaving.  I just needed some coffee to wake me up, so I was dressing to go check out your kitchen.” You offered Jungkook a tenative smile. “I want to stay.”

“You’re sure?”

“Just for the coffee. And you, of course. I mean, if you–”

He grinned genuinely, and you realized he was fully beautiful, not just simply cute. “Okay. In that case, I shouldn’t give you these.” He shook a pair of jeans in his right hand. “If we’re staying in, then you’d look cuter without them, just like you do right now.”

why do I write so much?

also why do i write everything down on paper and realize at the last moment that i havent actually typed it all up?


p.s. if anyone of you are the ones requesting for english music from our boys: stop. you stan a kpop group. let them kpop.

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You know that actually did help. Maybe it's knowing that someone I've come to look up to is going through or has gone through something similar. Or maybe it's just knowing that someone else cares, even if I know you don't know me. So I wanted to say thank you. And maybe sneak in asking for a hug? Sorry, I haven't had a hug in a long time.

Do Vietnam veterans feel guilty? Only one individual in ten ever fired a shot in anger. Even Marines in the field rarely knew if they hit anything. Rambo has “59 confirmed kills,” first tour, and scores another 90 during the film, for a total of 149, not counting blood trails, civilians, and water buffalo. My own score was perhaps more typical. In Vietnam I fired more rounds than the Stonewall Brigade fired at the Battle of Gettysburg. I was highly motivated, but my body count was a standing joke: I killed as many of them as they did of me. Looking back with flawless hindsight, I hope I hit nothing but trees, and I hope the trees lived. If I did kill a human being in Vietnam, it was a tragic accident or self-defense; I regret it, but I do not apologize.
—  Gustav Hasford, “Vietnam Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry,” in Penthouse, June 1987

okay when I first watched the show I remember seeing the scene with the camera and just being so shocked like….. This is a main character? Are we supposed to like him or not? Because that was so weird and disgusting. And then so many people brush it off as “Oh he’s never had friends so he doesn’t know any better” like…. Okay…. But let me just say you don’t need friends to have fricken morals and even still Jonathan knew what he did was wrong, he felt guilty and when the girl (I’m having a brain fart on her name) saw him developing the pictures he immediately took them down /because he knew it wasn’t something he should have done/ and I’m not sure or not but like did he ever even apologize? If I remember correctly he did one of those “well I’m sorry but"s and basically tried to tell Nancy to completely brush it off, she should just forgive him despite the fact he just did something creepy and illegal and just overall perverted. And like okay that one scene where she says how she was starting to think he wasn’t a pretentious creep and then he flips around and goes at her saying how he thought "she wasn’t like every other girl” and like honestly? The completely ignores who Nancy is and pushes her into his own version of her he made up in his mind, how can you ship her with someone who does that??? And also that whole “not like other girls” thing is so completely misogynistic and just every single thing about that scene reminds of those creepy dudebros who feel entitled to everything and have major victim complexes. Like literally everything about Jonathan just gives me Bad Vibes and like I feel like the show never acknowledges the bad things he does, they just kinda push it off as “well he helped fight the demogorgon so really he’s a good guy” like okay but that doesn’t disregard what else he’s done. He had no real character development or redemption, it was all just swept under the carpet

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I am so disappointed that the AMAs barely has any diversity in their performers list, although I know I should've expected it. I really would love to support BTS and watch but I honestly don't want to anymore. The black community is never represented and it breaks my heart. I don't want to bring bad vibes to your positive blog(which I love so much btw❤️❤️)so I'm sorry if I did. But yeah..😕

Yeah that’s why a lot of Black artists say they’re done with award shows because they don’t get nominated/ invited to perform, it’s frustrating because Black people be having the biggest hits all year round but get little to nothing at award shows

  • He obviously did his research
  • Saying that they don’t need to make a(n) song/album in english
  • Actually talking about their music and what they mean
  • Treating them like individuals
  • Talked about their dreams and struggles
  • Talked about how music transcends language which BTS has been saying from the start
  • The pressure they felt and the journey that took them where they are now
  • How amazing ARMY is, instead of asking for crazy fan stories
  • Not fucking asking who their celeb crushes are


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Letting out a whoop of excitement, Aidan grabbed Angel’s keys, and streaked across the shop to bound out the door. Tito immediately snorted as soon as Aidan was gone. “Man, Angel, what’re you gonna do about that kid? I feel so bad for the guy, y’know, but still… I’m sorry about your dad, man. I know I’ve said it a hundred times–”

“Then you don’t gotta say it again, do you?” Angel asked softly, trying to rub the sudden exhaustion from his face.

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-hour later-

been following this dude for awhile….Is he really leading me out of here..?” Asa ponders to herself, keeping her distance between her and the human. “I swear if hes leading me so he can catch me, ill blast his head off before-

“…I can hear you, you know.” he says suddenly, Asa raising a brow.

“Psh, he cant understand me hes a-”

“Because im ‘human’?” he chuckles

Asa suddenly goes wide eyed, “W-Wait you can understand me???” 

The human sighs and smiles, “ Well i did say i could hear you. Do i need to repeat you word for word?”

She goes silent for a second, before stepping closer to him, “S-Sorry i said that then……Didnt mean to be so rude…”

“Its alright, i expect that reaction to free pokemon. They arent comfortable around humans, and have good reason to be too….”

“…Y-You know im not domesticated???” she steps next to him, “W-Wait then why arent you catching me?? Why are you helping me??”  she asks curiously.

“….Its odvious, to be honest, no offense.” he smiles and looks back at her, “And i think capturing pokemon to make them fight is, disgusting. Humans are such a corrupt race, forcing pokemon to fight eachother till the other gets too hurt to move, or stops moving forever. I want to make sure you dont have to live through that, better being free, right?” 

Asa stares baffled, but she nods in agreement….She wasnt sure if he was sincere or one of those weird pokemon activists…But he seemed, trustworthy for some reason..

Soon, they near Nimbasas city South entrance/exit. 

“Heres the exit, are you capable of scailing the walls?” he turns his head.

“Nono, im alright, but thanks uh….Heh, never got your name uh, what should i call you?” Asa rubs her crest embarresed.

He simply shakes my head.

 “My name isnt important, just go back to your friends, ok?”

Asa shrugs as she begins to scale up the wall… “Well, thanks Dude…Stay safe!” she waves as she climbs up, and jumps over the wall.

Asa lands in the desert resort, her feet being more than fimiliar with the sands. “Second territory sweet territory….” she walks to try and find her group, that of which she does sooner than she expected. She runs over a sand hill and slides down with ease, “Hey guys im back!!!”

The group looks over to the fimiliar voice as bacon wags her tail happily, “Mama!!!” the salamance runs over to asa, giving her a loving nuzzle. The rest of em go over to her, either angry, concerned or something else.

“Yeah sorry, i ended up running to lookit a store and i met this human who could understand me and-GYACK”

Beck punches asa right on her head, “do you REALIZE HOW OFF TRACK YOU MADE US YA GOD DAMN CHERRY ROUGE” The gengardevoir continues to scold asa before she stops, “Look, we cant waste anymore time now. We gotta go, lets find that damn city before were too late..Lets go in groups.” Beck looks over them all with her arms crossed. “Asa, youre with me. Victor,po, an lil susie, Youre all a group. Then Mariposa,Bolin and bacon will be the last ones, If anything happens,call me through psychics, understood?”

Both mariposa and victor nod in understanding. Bolin odviously looks irritated being seperated from his family, same goes for bacon.

“Good, now lets go.”

-The group has split-


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I agree ouma and kaito sacrifice their live to try to end the killing game(sorry if i misspelled the names)

But that wouldn’t have happened if Harukawa-san hadn’t tried to kill Ouma-kun in the first place.


T-To say such a thing so easily, you really don’t understand how humans work!

I-I’m sorry. Did I say something wrong? I only stated the way things happened?

And what are you saying? That’s robophobia you know!

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I'm sorry if you've been asked this before but how did you get into art? And how did you realize it could be more than a hobby?

I got into art through comic strips and Norman Rockwell. I liked the drawings so much that I spent a lot of time copying them into notebooks, and eventually started drawing my own stuff. By (I wanna say 5th grade?) I was writing “I will be a professional cartoonist” into a notebook 5 times a day because I’d read somewhere that Charles Schulz did that before Peanuts. I was a ~fun~ kid.

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33 with Sam drake? If you will. :)

Sorry, it’s short! But I hope you enjoy it never the less! #33 Is that mine? Prompt List~

Sam stopped and stared at the baby in your arms. He had been gone for a few months to help his brother and you decided to hang back at the house. He didn’t get to have much contact with you, so seeing the baby in your arms made in freeze were he stood.

“Sam! When did you get back?” You smiled as you walked over to him

“Uh a few hours ago. I called you but you didn’t answer.” Sam answered never taking his eyes off the baby

“Oh! I’m sorry sweetie I’ve been super busy today.” You scratched the back of your head

Sam just couldn’t wrap his head around the baby. Was it his? Why weren’t you saying anything about it? He was positive you would have told him if you were pregnant.

“Sam?” You waved your free hand in front of his face.

“Is that mine?” He finally looked at you

“Is what yours?” You raised an eyebrow

“The baby (Y/n), is it mine?” Sam pointed at the baby in your arms

“No the baby isn’t yours.” You giggled and laid it down on the blanket on the floor

“If not mine then whose? Oh my god, your cheating on me.” Sam dropped his bag and his face paled

“Samuel Drake I am not cheating on you! I’m babysitting for my friend.” You shook your head and grabbed his bag from off of the floor

“Oh thank god.” Sam breathed a sigh in relief and pulled you into a bone-crushing hug.

“Welcome home you big goof.” You said and hugged him back

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Soooo like Anon said 10 with Jason about Lucy but to someone else ( Roy or Jen or someone). Basically him being like “noooo I’m not obsessed with her...” and them being like “sure man suuuuurrreeee”

10.- “I wouldn’t say obsessed. More like… thoroughly enjoy.”

I wrote this during the week and I’m really tired to edit so I’m sorry if there is anything wrong.

Tags: @insideoflit @speedypan @the-shadow-of-atlantis @werewitchling @maryenette

Word count: 388

Jen looked at Jason, there was a glint in his eyes that he didn’t bother to hide, as he usually did whenever something– someone, made him happy.

From the chair at the side of her couch, he rose his eyebrows at her, “what?”

Jennifer rolled her eyes and chewed over an orange gummy bear, “nothing.”

“But you’re looking at me weird.” He squeezed the golden fabric of an small pillow he found at the side of the chair.

“You like her, Jay” Jennifer said matter of factly.

Jason smiled, a gesture almost automatic as his thoughs were filled with how her fingers slowly passed the pages of the books she could not stop talking about, how messy her hair was in the mornings, how just hearing her laugh seemed to be enough to cheer him up; and every other little detail that colored his chest with warmth.

The spark took over his eyes again, his whole face beaming before he ran a hand over his forehead and hair, as if brushing the way he was feeling away. It was brief, but it was there and Jen saw it.

Cleo passed around his legs, giving Jason a brief look as he squeezed one of her favorite cushions. Jen patted an spot beside her and the cat jumped with grace to the couch, settling her head in her owner’s lap.

“Lucy once gave Riddler that look your cat just gave me, she was mad because he made a bad comment about nuns…” Jason laughed, “she kicked his ass that night.”

Jen shot him an ironic glance, petting Cleo with one hand and separating green and red gummy bears with the other.

“What I’m trying to say is,” he threw the cushion in the air and catched it, “is your cat mad at me?”

“Well, that’s her favorite nap pillow.” Jennifer examined her nails while Jason dropped the object in the floor. “But that’s not important, Jason you’ve been mentioning Lucy since you stepped in here two hours ago. Anything and everything seems to remind you of her, you’re either obsessed or you lover her.”

Jason grinned, “I wouldn’t say obsessed. More like… thoroughly enjoy…”

“Enjoy what, Jason?”

“Her company, I… I don’t know.” He scratched the back of her head and looked at the floor, “I just like being with her.”

Jennifer growled in frustration and shoved a handful of sweets inside her mouth. One day, she promised herself, she would get him to say it out loud properly.

@moenecropyromancer OK, I finished reading Alphabet Soup and let me say, that was one of the wildest adventures I’ve had in a while.

  1. The author started it before BW was even in english
  2. Watching the author comments get more confident and stop having “I’m sorry it’s bad” in them
  3. Can’t count how many times I wanted to sucker punch N for being incredibly dense. or how many times I wanted to cry over this kid.
  4. It’s 37 chapters
  5. this was the beginning of the creepy A-N theory, good lord. I know the Truth now.
  6. It was great but the ending was pure evil and surprisingly gruesome (yes, I skipped the 2nd to last chapter)
  7. why do BW fan-versions have to be so dark
  8. (will I ever learn?)

I am worth more than your smirk, your smile, your words whispered from mouth to ear, saying “look at her, you know who she is? you know what she did?” 

I am worth more than your backhanded compliments and your outright insults, the words no longer whispered, but screamed in public view, painting my image in muddy browns, trying to bring me down.

I am worth more than the physical torment, the tripping, the pushing, the hitting, the chasing that everyone but you seems to find a little too much

I am worth more than the “he’s doing this because he likes you” bullshit. I think I know the difference between torture and affection

I am worth more than your lack of apologies when I call you out, than when you say I should “brighten up” and that its all “just a joke” because its not a joke when its happening to you

I am worth more than being called callous and an asshole and insane when I finally break, when i finally reciprocate and do the same things to you, because when I do it its uncalled for

Thank you for teaching me my value by trying to strip me of it. I hope that never again will I ever believe someone when they say I’m worth less than the dirt beneath my feet, but I know that one day I might doubt my worth, and I hope that when I do, I think of you.