did i say i was going back to homework

the headcanon that izuku lowkey used to ship his mom with All Might is so cute…. 

imagine him going home for a weekend, and inko’s feeling conflicted for going out on a date with toshi when she can finally spend some time with her son 

…did he just s-say dad?”

New Girl - Three

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“No, no! It’s like this.” I shooed Tom out of the way and showed him how to grade the paper again. He groaned and put his hands on the back of the chair I was sitting in.

“Why don’t you just do it then?” I sighed, turning to face him again. It’s been three months since the bar incident, and Tom and I have been getting along quite nicely. We bicker here and there – but, like we’ve noticed, we’re completely different people. It’s expected. We’d go to lunch together, go grocery shopping together and we’ve even gone a couple of, non-successful, double dates.

“You said you’d help grade the homework! I have to make this test that I forgot I assigned tomorrow.” Tom looked at you, his eyebrows pulled in. “What?”

“If you don’t have the test ready,” his hand came up to pinch the bridge of his nose, “why don’t you just reschedule the test?” I opened my mouth to say something, probably to call him an idiot like I usually did, but noticed he had a point. I turned back toward the homework Tom was grading and reached toward my laptop, quickly hitting the ctrl + s keys and saving the work I had already done before closing my laptop. I heard Tom scoff above me, I looked up to see him shaking his head. “Idiot.”

“Shut up, Holland!”

“Well, you’re welcome.” It was my turn to scoff.


“Um,” he gave me a look that could only be a duh look, “for saving you time?”

“Oh, you’re right,” I said sarcastically, “thank you, Tom. For having common sense – for once.” He nodded his head, pursing his lips.

“You know what, (L/N)?”

“And they’re fighting again.” Tom and I directed our gaze toward the front door, seeing Jacob and Harrison walk through with a couple of boxes of pizza. I walked over to help Jacob with the drinks as he closed the door.

“We’re not fighting, we’re bickering,” I nudged Harrison’s shoulder, “it’s good for moral.” He rolled his eyes, a smile on his face as he passed me a plate.

“So, you going out with your boy-toy tonight?” I looked up at Jacob, sticking my tongue out at his childish tone.

“Don’t call him that, his name is Tony! And, no, it’s a school night.” I had been seeing Tony for about a month. We started out as just bed buddies and one day something just snapped. When we kissed we didn’t rush it, and he started to stay over more and then he asked me out – he broke the bubble.

“Well, don’t have too much fun with all that homework, tiger,” Tom grabbed his plate and winked at me, grabbing a beer and heading toward his room. I watched as he left, trying to ignore the burning in my cheeks after he winked at me. I tried to replace Tom’s face with Tony’s. Tony, Tony, Tony.

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Drag Me Down (To Hell) | 03

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Summary: There’s a darkness to your city, a murderous underbelly filled with crime and deceit that you’ve sworn to avoid at all costs. But the universe has funny ways of forcing your involvement in the form of a notorious mob boss and his young daughter.
Pairing: Jeongguk x reader
Genre: mafia!au
Rating: Mature (for themes; subject to change in later chapters)
Word Count: 11.534

Part 01 - Part 02 - Part 04 - Part 05

You don’t sleep that night.

After Jeongguk had pushed Surin into your arms and slammed your front door, his footsteps echoing loudly throughout the building as he left, the young girl had promptly fallen back asleep with her face nestled against your neck. You hadn’t been able to move for what might have been an hour, staring at the door in muted shock before finally regaining yourself to get Surin into your bed to sleep for the rest of the night, and then calling Jeongguk.

There was no answer, of course. You really hadn’t expected one. But there was no answer on the burner phone Jimin had given you the number to, or on Taehyung’s phone, or even Jimin’s. And Jimin had promised you he’d always answer your calls if he could.

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I guessed wrong;

staceyiscold  requested:

Hi could I have an imagine please?? Where the reader and either Monty or zach are secret cuddle buddies (like friends with benefits but for cuddles) and the boy develops feelings and avoids the reader so she confront him at school in front of his friends who don’t even know they talk and then it ends kinda fluffy kinda sexy? Not smut just not too cheesy! Thanks!!

author’s note: Sorry this is kinda late? i was quite out of it and i really need to sleep now but i hope this is any good!! aaaaa I don’t know how sexy I could turn this into?? I hope my ~sadness~ didn’t get much in the way (mainly i hope i didn’t disappoint hahahahaahkjasjd) i hope you enjoy it! hope i didn’t mess anything up!!!! it’s also quite long but i feel like i tried to shorten it up a bit. a mess. i apologize. /also i was the only one to read it so if any english mistakes,, again,, i apologize/

Originally posted by knightlley

I entered the school, trying to keep my small self-cheering to myself and walking with a teeny smile on my face. I greeted the kids I know, some greeted me back some just nodded at my existence, but none of that really bothered me. No, nothing could possibly bother me lately.

I was happy, is it too cheesy to say that?

Recently it is felt as if teenagers can’t feel happy, only stress and worry on their minds. Occasionally depressed, but it is the youth, mood swings are totally acceptable, which is how adults completely ignore any kind of scream of help coming from their children. With all the pressure coming at us, whether it’s socially with all the high standards or it’s school, which has really not any kind of low standards and you have to want, not need, but want to achieve a full score on anything.

But out of all the odds, I was happy. After everything that has been going on, being a little selfish and having a dot of happiness is what I deserve.

I went on and passed down the halls, getting to my locker and opening it. I felt a presence behind me but I brushed it off since tons of kids are walking there, but turned around when someone coughed and touched my shoulder to get my attention.

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Originally posted by pinkharold

when i got the idea for this i got so excited, i wrote it up so fast lol
anyways i hope you enjoy it and if you want a part two let me know x

It had been about a month and a half since school started, and I had a parent/teacher conference with Mason’s teacher. I showed up early, and as I walked down the hall to his classroom I heard his class singing the clean up song. I smiled as I got to the door, seeing all of the kids happily singing as they cleaned up their messes, cheering once the room had been cleaned.

I saw Mason’s teacher, and noticed he was wearing a red floral print shirt, one that most people probably wouldn’t be able to pull off, yet it looked great on him. He was tall, with short brown hair, and though I could barely see his eyes from across the room while at the door, I could still tell how pretty they were.

“Alright everyone, fingers on lips, please.” The teacher said, putting his index finger to his mouth and the students followed suit as they quieted down, then sat in their seats.

“Now, before you go make sure your field trip paper is in your take-home folders, as well as your matching homework. They are both very important. I would like both of them back tomorrow, but if you can’t get the field trip paper back tomorrow it’s okay. As long as I get it by friday.”

Just then, the bell rang and everyone got their backpacks and left for the bus, the teacher saying his goodbyes to them as they did so. I walked in and Mason beamed as he saw me, running to me and hugging me tightly.

“Hey sweetie, did you have a fun day today?” I asked him.

“Yeah!” He said excitedly, pulling away to look at me. “We learned about seasons today.”

“Wow, how fun!” I smiled.

“You must be Mason’s Mum,” His teacher said as he approached us, shaking my hand. I immediately noticed how gorgeous he was up close, but I quickly pushed the thought away.

“The kids call me Mr. Styles, but you can call me Harry.”

“Hi Harry, I’m (y/n).” I replied.

I started to get butterflies as his hand lingered a bit on mine before he pulled away.

Harry bent down in front of Mason. “Hey, Mase, do you want to go draw a picture while I talk to your Mum?” 

I thought it was cute that he’d only been Mason’s teacher for a short amount of time, yet he called him by his nickname.

Mason agreed, going to his desk as Harry brought him some paper and crayons. I then followed him to a table in the back of the room, sitting across from him.

“So, before you ask, Mason’s not in trouble,” Harry assured me.

“I just figured we should talk, as you couldn’t make it to orientation.”

I smiled sheepishly. “That makes sense. I’m so sorry I couldn’t come.”

“No need to apologize, I completely understand.” He smiled.

“Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you questions like I’ve asked the other parents. Just to get a sense of how things are for my students outside of school to see if we need to adjust things here.” He explained.

I nodded. “Ask away,”

He chuckled lightly. “So, what is Mason’s home life like? Does he have any siblings?”

“Well, his home life is fine. And no, it’s just me and him. He doesn’t have any siblings and his father isn’t exactly… around.” I said, looking at hands.

Harry frowned. “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that.”

“It’s fine, I’m managing on my own. I’d rather it just be me and Mason than having to deal with drama or visitation stuff. With me working, it would be so difficult to get him back and forth like that.”

“Do you have a babysitter for him?” Harry asked next.

I sighed. “I did, but she quit recently.”

Harry all but frowned again, then said, “Well, if you ever need someone to watch him after school or on the weekends then I’ll gladly do so.”

“Oh no, I couldn’t.” I waved him off.

“I’m sure you’re already busy as it is, and you technically already watch him five days a week anyways.”

Harry smiled. “Exactly, so what’s a few more hours here and there?”

I laughed, him joining in. “Thank you, I really appreciate it.”

Of course my son’s teacher had to be one of the most beautiful, sweet guys I’d ever met.

“It’s no problem,” He said as he pulled his phone out, tapping on the screen, and handed it to me. “Put your number in for me.”

I obliged, grabbing my phone and pulling up my contacts so he could do the same. Then we returned each other’s phones.

“Thanks for coming in,” Harry said nicely.

I grinned. “It’s no problem, it was nice meeting you.”

“The pleasure’s all mine,” He smiled back.

We looked over at Mason, who looked content as he drawled. I looked back at Harry and he was already looking at me, an adorable look on his face. As we looked at each other, a feeling washed over me, one that I couldn’t quite put words to. But the moment was interrupted as Mason came up to us.

“Momma, Mr. Styles, look at my drawing!” He said eagerly. It was a picture like most kids would draw of their family, everyone holding hands, except it was of Harry, Mason, and I. My eyes got wide, and I looked at Harry to see how he reacted. I expect him to look slightly uncomfortable, but instead, there was a big smile on his face. I mentally sighed as I looked at the picture again. It was honestly really cute. And I couldn’t help but think that it looked so… complete.

thank you for reading, if you have any other imagine ideas feel free to request them, requests are always open x

Study Buddies.

Brett Talbot x Female!Reader
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Author: T💕
Request: “Can you writte a Brett smut wheres reader is a typical good and shy girl and Brett really wants to fuck her :’) and one day they are alone at readers hause ;
and yeah, you know how it ends xD”
Warnings: Language and smut 😋

  “Alright, boys and girls, you all know the drill! Get your stuff out and get ready for some notes!” Coach droned.
  We all knew that he didn’t want to be here any more than any of us did. It was the same thing in class every single day.
  I got my stuff out and heard my phone buzz. I took it out, expecting a message from Scott McCall about pack business. But, it wasn’t Scott. It was Brett Talbot, my best friend.

          Brett💓: You look good today.😋

  I rolled my eyes and smile. My outfit wasn’t anything special. It was a black tank top, ripped jeans, and my all black converse.

         Me: Thanks, Brett! 😊 Shouldn’t you be paying attention tho?

  “Ms. Y/L/N? Do you want to read the passage from the book to the class?” Coach asked me.
  My ears got hot and my nerves got jumpy. “N-N-No, Sir.” I whispered.
  Finstock nodded, being aware of how shy I am. Someone else started reading and I tried to calm myself down. I hadn’t even realized that it took the entire class to calm my nerves. The bell rang and I came to the realization that I didn’t get any notes.
  “Shit.” I mumbled.
  “Woah-oh-oh! Such an ugly word from such a pretty mouth.” Brett walked to where I was packing my stuff.
  I sighed. “I know, I know, but I didn’t get any notes today. Brett, I don’t ever miss notes! What am I going to do?”
  Brett put his hand on my shoulder. “Don’t worry, babe, I’ll come over tonight and give you the notes and go over the lesson with you too.”
  “God, you are a life saver!” I hugged him.
  Brett squeezed my waist. “Alrighty then, go to class or you’re going to be late. I love you!”
  I waved and walked out the door. “I love you, too!”

         Brett’s P.O.V

  I groaned when Y/N walked out of Coach’s room. I’m glad she didn’t catch me staring at her cleavage that was falling out of her tank top. I adjusted the bulge in the front of my basketball shorts.
  Y/N is my best friend, and she has been for the past ten years, but now I can’t help but want to be more than friends.
  The final bell rang and I ran to class; the only thing I could think of was how I was going to make “more than friends” work when I go over tonight.

         Y/N’s P.O.V

  As soon as the last bell rang I sped out to my car. I wanted to get to my house before Brett did.
  I got up to my room and threw my stuff on the bed with a huff. It was super hot in my room, so I put on some shorts and threw my hair up into a messy bun. I took my books out of my backpack and started reading the passage from class today.
  Five minutes later, there was a tapping coming from my window. I smiled and opened my window to let Brett in.
  “Why couldn’t you use the front door?” I stretched my hands over my head and groaned.
  Brett’s eyes moved to my stomach, where my tank top had rode up.
  “Um, maybe because that is no fun at all?” He smiled.
  “Well, as long as you have the notes, I don’t care how you get into my house.” I hugged Brett.
  Brett hugged me back, but he held on to me for a little bit longer than he usually does.
  “Okay, let’s get our homework done, yeah?” I sat on my bed and patted the empty space in front of me.
  Brett came to me and put his backpack on the bed.
  “Don’t put your shoes on my bed, Brett Talbot. I will screw you up.”
  Brett raised his voice. “Your gonna what?!”
  I leaned back. “I’m gonna screw you up.”
  “Oh. Okay, sorry.”

         Brett’s P.O.V

  Holy shit! I definitely did NOT hear her say that last word. Y/N is seriously going to be the death of me.

         Y/N’s P.O.V

  Brett chuckled nervously. I shrugged it off. “So, what all did Coach talk about during class today?” I asked.
  Brett flipped to the page from class in his textbook. “The lesson was about the French Revolution. More specifically, the Tennis Court Oath.”
  I nodded and slid Brett’s notebook closer to me and finished copying notes for that section.
  “I love you, Y/N.” Brett said.
  “I love you, too, Brett.” I answered absent-mindedly.
  Brett took my pen out of my hand. He lifted my chin until I looked him in the eyes. “No, Y/N, I love you. I want to be with you. You have no idea what you do to me.”
  I couldn’t even find the right words to respond to Brett. “Brett…I don’t know what to say…”
  Brett leaned forward. His lips barely touched mine. “Say yes, Y/N. Say you’ll be with me.”
  “Yes, Brett. I’ll be with you.” I answered without even having to think about it.
  Brett closed the gap between our lips. I leaned back and pulled Brett down with me. Our books and other school stuff got pushed onto the floor. Brett’s hand moved to the front of my shorts.
  I broke the kiss. “Brett, I’m-I’m a virgin.”
  Brett gave me a sweet smile. “I’ll go slow, sweet girl.”
  “Promise.” Brett kissed me again.
  Brett helped me out of my shorts. I giggled a little bit. I pulled off my shirt, showing Brett my naked chest. Brett hissed and discarded his clothes faster than humanly possible. (HAHAHA)
  Brett pulled something out of his basketball shorts. A condom.
  “Awfully prepared for this, aren’t you, Talbot?” I quizzed.
  Brett blushed. “I-uh-well-you see…”
  I laughed and kissed his lips again, just to shut him up.
  Brett rolled the condom on. Brett put his finger on my clit. I started to moan instantly. Brett’s expert finger got me completely soaked in no time at all.
  “Are you ready, baby?” Brett asked.
  I bit my lip and nodded quickly.
  Brett pushed into me slowly. I squeezed my eyes shut and gripped his shoulder tightly. The sharp, tearing pain made my eyes well up with tears. Brett continued slowly until he was buried inside of my pussy completely. He stayed still for some time.
  “It’s okay for you to move now. I’m okay now.” I breathed.
  Brett pulled out some then slid back in. There was still some pain but it subsided after two of there strokes, and turned into pleasure.
  “How are you doing? Does it hurt?” Brett stroked my face with one of his hands.
  I moaned. “I’m fine. It feels good, Brett. Really good.”
  Brett laughed softly and sped up a little. My moans and his moans got slightly louder and louder.
  Thank god my parents aren’t home. I thought.
  With one particular thrust, Brett hit a spot inside of me that made me arch my back. “Holy fuck. I don’t know what you just did, but do it again.”
  A smirk appeared on Brett’s face and he duplicated his actions for the second time. An unfimiliar feeling started to form in my abdomen. It felt like a knot that was on the verge of exploding.
  “Brett, I’m–oh, god–” I panted.
  Brett groaned. “Me too, sweetheart, just a little longer.”
  Brett thrusted twice more and a feeling of euphoria  washed over me. Brett pulled out and laid down beside me.
  “That was like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life before.” I rested my hand on my forehead and caught my breath.
  “It’s better the second time, baby. Just saying.” Brett said.
  I smiled. “How about, in a few minutes, we test that?”

Danny: Well, while you guys take care of your stuff, I’m gonna get my chill on. Maybe kick back with a lemonade… something.

Jack: Hold on there, Danny, you’re going to come and help me.

Danny: What? Why? Why me?

Jack: Because you’re the last one here and because your activity isn’t that important.

Danny: Wait. Did I say chill with some lemonade? I meant I gotta do homework.

Jack: No. Too late.

Danny: *sighs* Fine.

Good Girl CH 12: Homework

“We’re home!” Chanyeol yells as we walk into the entryway. We all take off our shoes, Kyungsoo stops and holds me up so I can kick mine off easier. He doesn’t let go of my hand, instead leads me towards the kitchen where the others are waiting. They are all there; digging threw the fridge or cabinets finding snacks or something to drink like a normal family after school. I can’t help but find it strange, how different they are right now compared to how perverted, and even kind of rapy, they were on the first night we met.

“Baby,” Kyungsoo calls to me, bringing me out of my thoughts. Him and the others have collected around the island, eating the snacks they found and sharing them with each other. They all are staring at me, concern on their faces, Luhan comes over to me and places a hand on my forehead.

“Are you alright?” Luhan worries.

“Yea, I was just observing,” I laugh away their worries.

“Well aren’t you going to greet us?” Kris opens his arms to me expectantly. Without hesitation I walk up to him and wrap my arms around his waist, burying my face in his chest. “Did you have a good day at school?”

“Yea, it was fun.” I mumble back.

“Fun?” Kai scoffs, “Those teacher are fucking nuts giving us that much homework to do before break.”

“You boys are going to have to do that later, we have a meeting with our dongseangs.” Suho says from the other side of the island, and like Kris, he opens his arms when he looks to me. Kris reluctantly lets me go and I go hug Suho, he looks down at me affectionately, “Baby, you can go start yours in the dining room alright?”

“Do I have to do it right now?” I sigh, not wanting to do my homework ever, not when I have so many people I could be playing with. I can tell right away that Suho doesn’t like me questioning him, but thankfully Xiumin saves me by scooping me out of Suho’s arms and placing me on the counter in front of himself. He positions himself in between my legs, his hands on my hips, our faces even.

“Why baby? Is there something else you would rather be doing?” He smirks.

I nod, placing my arms around his neck, “I want to play with Daddy.”

“You can do that later,” Suho says firmly, “Then we can all play together.”

“So strict,” Xiumin rolls his eyes but helps me down off the counter. “Go to the dining room and do your homework.”

I pout as I shuffle away, stopping briefly to hug Lay, Chen, Baekhyun, and Luhan, before I find my way to the dining room. I sit down at the table that could sit 16 people, spreading my stuff out I barely take up a fraction of the space, sitting where the boys can’t see me from the kitchen. Their voices travel into the room, fun conversations that have them laughing. Annoyed that I’m stuck doing my homework I pull out my headphones and start listening to the music on my phone to tune them out. Starting my homework is the biggest struggle of my life, so I start with English, something I know fluently. That only takes me ten minutes, leaving me with math, my worst subject. After only a few minutes of trying the problems I’m already ready to pull my hair out.

My torture is interrupted by someone pulling out one of my ear buds, Namjoon smiles down at me, “How is it going?” His smile shifts into a cocky grin once he realizes what is wrong. “Need some help?” I look away from him toward the kitchen to see the others there talking in the doorway with my daddies, I mean oppas.

“Please?” I slide the notebook over to the empty seat next to me that Namjoon quickly slides into. “Joonie, I have no idea how you enjoy this stuff, I just makes me want to cry.”

He laughs, “Don’t cry, I’m here to help, now what don’t you understand?”

“Absolutely everything, math is not my friend,” I groan.

“Why didn’t you ask one of the guys for help if you were struggling that much?”

I pout, “Suho did not look friendly when he sent me out, so I figured I was not to interrupt. It looked like they were having so much fun.”

He rolls his eyes at me, “Don’t be fooled by their normalness, they are the same guys you saw kill a man a few days ago. They may seem like teddy bears and puppies but I can honestly say, they horrify me sometimes. Be careful.”

“Always with the warnings,” I tease, trying to lighten the sudden tense mood. “How about you help me out at the top student?”

He cracks a smile at me as he begins to look threw the problem to see where I went wrong, finding it in no time. We lean closer together as he explains it to me, not really paying attention to the noisy boys in the kitchen.

Chanyeol’s voice carries into the dining room, “Where is Namjoon?” Namjoon and I both look up to the doorway at the sound of his name.

“He’s talking to Jooyoung,” Hoseok responds.

Xiumin suddenly sounds hostile, “About what?”

“She looked like she was struggling with some homework so he went to see if he can help,” Yoongi explains casually, not understanding the sudden anger.

Namjoon and I lean away from each other when we hear the group basically running into the room. We try to look as innocent as possible, even though we haven’t done anything wrong, the accusing looks on the other’s faces makes us feel as if we have. Namjoon stands and bows to his hyungs, a natural looking smile on his face.

“What is going on?” Kris glares at Namjoon’s closeness to me.

“I needed some help on a problem,” I explain simply with a smile.

“Why didn’t you ask one of us?”

I shrug, “Namjoon came by and offered.”

“We should start our meeting,” Jin says cheerfully.

“Baby, do you still need help?” Lay asks as he comes around the table to my other side, completely ignoring Jin.

“Are you struggling with the new stuff the teacher introduced or the stuff that you missed?” Sehun questions, leaning over the table to see my notes.

“I’m good now, Joonie explained it really well, thank you though,” I give them my best smile. “You guys can go do your meeting, I’ll be done by the time you guys are done.”

Lay doesn’t seem to believe me, “Are you sure?”

I nod.

“Lets do this and be done with it,” Xiumin pouts as he shuffles out of the dining room to the hall. I wave as they all leave, Sehun and Lay being last because of their reluctance to leave me alone with my homework. When they are all gone I put my headphones back in and try my best to do it. Thankfully I hadn’t been lying when I said that Joonie explained it well enough to me, I’m actually able to make it threw my homework in record time, cheering out loud when I finish. I pack my stuff in my back pack before deciding it should be okay from me to grab something from the kitchen. With a massive amount of snacks I somehow manage to just pick an apple. Using one of the knifes from the drawer I cut my apple and go sit in the room where I did the one on ones.

I cozy myself into the couch with a blanket as I eat my apple, but my boredom gets the better of me a few minutes later. I can’t get myself to wander anywhere, fear of breaking the rules so I decide napping will become my new pass time. For a few minutes I play mindless games on my phone before sleep takes me. Though I don’t sleep for long before I hear people calling for me, panic and anger in their voices. It takes me a minute to fully register what is going on, the voices go from yelling for me to yelling at each other.

“What the hell?” Xiumin yells from the kitchen.

“Her stuff is still here Hyung, don’t worry,” Jin’s calm voice tires to reason.

“Did you try to scare her again?” This time it’s Kris yelling.

Joonie tires to defend himself, “No! We didn’t really even talk about you guys, she said something about Suho being upset with her or something, that’s it.”

“You guys!” I call out. There is silence for a minute. “Marco!”

“Polo!” Chen’s sweet voice calls back. I hear them coming my way.

“Marco!” I say again.

“Hello there baby girl,” Chen smirks as he comes into the room, followed by the 18 other men. He sits down next to me, pushing the hair out of my face.

“Hi,” I give them a sleepy smile and a yawn.

“Nap time?” Kris teases.

I nod, “Math makes me sleepy.”

“Were you able to finish?” Joonie asks with a smile.

“Thank you for your help, you are a life saver.”

“I think you boys should be going,” Luhan gives them a tight-lipped smile.

I pout, “But they just got here.” Bad decision, really bad decision to say that.

“You want them to stay?” Suho raises a brow at me. The other’s just glare at my friends.

I hesitantly nod, “I want mama Jin to make his ox bone soup! I haven’t had it in a while and it’s perfect on a cold day like today.”

“You know what JooJoo,” Jin comes a little closer to me, but keeping a good distance at the same time with all these eyes on us, “We will be coming over on Friday so I will make it for you then okay? These guys seem like they want us out of their hair.” He gives me his cute smile that I return. Out of habit he reaches out and pats my head, another very bad decision.

Chen automatically slaps Jin’s hand away, “Ya, who said you could touch her?” He glares the older boy down, and surprisingly he actually looks really scary. In fact I see all the others take a step forward, a chilling glare set on poor Jin.

“Sorry, it’s out of habit,” Jin apologizes profusely.

“Habit? How often do you touch her?” Kai growls.

“You guys,” I try to calm tense situation down, “I think you are right, it’s time for these guys to go home.”

“We will see you guys on Friday,” Jin gives me a thankful smile as he drags his boys toward the doorway.

“Can I walk them out?” I look to Chen with my cutest smile.

Chen huffs, “I guess.” Without another word, or glance towards my glaring oppas, I jump off the couch and follow the boys threw the living room and into the hall.

“Joo,” Jin is obviously concerned, “What are you doing?”

“Walking you out,” I give him a sad smile, “And apologizing for making your guys friendship so stressed.”

They all smile at me, waving my apology away, “You didn’t ask for this situation, there is nothing to apologize for.” Like before, Jin reaches out to pat my head but he stops himself, “I got get used to not doing that.”

“Yea, no more physical affection with you,” Joonie declares.

“So no hug goodbye?” Kookie pouts cutely.

“Sorry Kookie, I would prefer for you guys not to get in anymore trouble because of me,” I pat the baby’s head.

“This is where we must part,” Hoseok jokes.

“See you guys in school tomorrow, see you on Friday Jin oppa,” I wave to them as they leave, the door slamming shut behind them. With that done I grimace at the idea of going back into the living room where I know they are all waiting for me. To think, this morning started off so fun and playful and now I’m horrified about what could happen when I go back into that room.

“Baby,” Baekhyun calls sweetly.

“Coming daddy,” My response is automatic. I go back the way I came to see them all sitting on the large couch, like actual dads about to scold their child. Standing in the middle of them room in front of them I feel awkward under their intense gaze.

“New rule,” Xiumin snaps, “No one is allowed to touch you but us.”

I nod, “Yes.”

“Come here baby,” Kyungsoo waves me over. Like a good girl I go around the coffee table to stand in front of him. Grabbing one of my hands he pulls me down into his lap. “Baby, I don’t ever want to see you be that close to other boys ever again.”

“Look at Kyungsoo-ya being possessive,” Chanyeol teases as he begins playing with my hair. “It’s good to know this is a group effort.”

“It’s time for you boys to go do your homework,” Luhan declares as he pulls me on to his lap.

“But I thought we were going to play,” Tao whines.

“We are, you guys are going to do homework,” Kris smirks.

Xiumin points to Lay, Chen, and Baekhyun, “That includes you three.”

“So you guys get her all to yourself?” Baekhyun glares.

“Just until you guys are done, so I would hurry up if I were you.”

The group of younger boys grumble as they get up from the couch and head to start their homework, leaving me with Xiumin, Kris, Luhan and Suho. When they are gone the four men look to me, and suddenly I feel nervous.

“Could I go change?” I ask shyly.

“Why? You look so cute in your uniform,” Luhan teases.

“Yes, baby, you can, I take you,” Suho stands up and holds a hand out to me.

“Why you? I want to,” Luhan holds me tighter in his grip.

“How about we all just go?” Kris suggest, standing up as well.

All the men agree but pout when Luhan refuses to let go of my hand as we walk to my room. Once we get there they decide to sit down on the bed to wait. I walk inside my closet to dig around for something to wear, but with so many options, it isn’t as easy as it usually is. After a few minutes, I’m standing there in my bra and underwear, Kris calls to me, “Baby are you almost done?”

Luhan starts teasing me, “Do I need to come in there?”

“Give me one more second, I can’t decide what to wear,” I continue scanning the shelves.

“I like this one,” An arm snakes around my naked waist while the other reaches out to grab a cute peach colored romper. My face turns red at the realization that he is pressed up against me when I’m wearing nothing but my underwear. My embarrassment is soon replaced with the same tingles I had last night as his hand slides up my stomach to cup my boob over my bra. “I like what you’re wearing now better though.”

I moan, “Daddy,” As he starts kneading my breasts. “Be gentle, they are sensitive.”

He chuckles, “I’m sorry baby, daddy wants to be gentle with you but you were naughty.”

“Naughty?” I can barely get the word out before he drops the romper and starts using both hands to play with my chest.

“You were too friendly with those boys. We don’t like it.”

“I’m sorry daddy, I’ll be good,” I whimper.

His hands finally slip under my bra to play with my nipples making me tingle all over, the squeezing and pinching only turning me on more. I don’t even try to hold in my moans, not caring if they hear me. He chuckles in my ear, “Baby, do you like when daddy is rough with you?”

“What the hell are you doing?” Xiumin growls in the doorway, “If you are going to play with our baby you have to be gentle.”

“But Hyung, our little baby seems to like it when we play rough with her, don’t you baby?” He pinches my nipples hard, send a burst of pleasure threw me.

“Yes Daddy!”

“Fine, then I want to play too,” Xiumin closes the door behind him.

Frozen Like Ice // Archie Andrews

Do you remember when we saw previews for riverdale and there was that scene that showed Archie frantically searching in the snow/ice? (Idk if they’ve shown that yet- I’m sadly VERY behind in Riverdale) but anyway, I was just wondering if you could do angsty Archie x reader based off that. Basically anything angsty where Archie is worried about reader/reader is hurt or missing or something is fine idk.Your writing is AMAZING all the love thanks ❤❤❤

I liked how this one turned out. Also thank you again for following my blog of imagines. The only reason I really started this is because I knew how it felt to wait for a request for months on end or it never happening, and I wanted to be a little different. I didn’t expect to love it and connect with people around the globe. Thank you again and enjoy this one!


‘Y/N, you’re not going and that’s final!’

I knew deep down there was something more to Jason’s murder, but Archie being a protective boyfriend, wouldn’t let me go and investigate near the lake where Jason was last seen. It had snowed heavily in the past few weeks, but it wasn’t the worst I’d seen in the past years.

‘What if you come with me? We can look together. It’ll be like…a date, but add in murder mystery to make it spontaneous.’ I suggested, which was followed by a glare from Archie.

‘Neither of us are going, Y/N. It’s too dangerous and I don’t want something to happen to you.’ He grabbed my hand, lacing our fingers together whilst we walked down the school hallway. I sighed, throwing my head back.

‘Archibald, I love you, but, I can do this. I could find something that could crack this case wide open and we can finally get answers.’ I argued, giving him a small smile that usually changes his mind.

‘No,’ he pointed at me and shook his head, ‘no “cute smile” that changes my mind, not this time. You’re not going to Sweet Water and that’s because I love you.’ I groaned, crossing my arms over my chest. ‘Don’t pout about it, alright?’

I glared at him, raising my eyebrow. ‘Whatever. Fine, I won’t go.’ I raised my hands up in surrender. He pecked my forehead, then my cheek.

‘Thank you, just this once Y/N.’ He smiled. The bell echoed throughout the hallway, making me give Archie a quick peck on the lips.

‘I’ll see you later.’ I smiled, walking away from him down the hallway.

I knew he was going to hate me for doing it, but I needed answers.

And I was going to Sweet Water River.


I shivered, the snow being so cold and frozen. I trudged my way through the woods, looking around to see anything that could help us in the case. I knew I was completely going against Archie by doing this, but I needed to know and I wouldn’t stop till I found something.


I was sitting in Pop’s with Jughead, Betty and Ronnie, waiting for Y/N to show up. She promised that she would make it tonight. I checked the time on my phone, sighing in annoyance since she was 20 minutes late.

‘Archie, relax,’ Betty spoke up, ‘she’ll be here. Maybe she got caught up with her parents or school work?’

‘No, she’s done all of her homework and her parents know we come here every Friday night…something not right about this.’ I sat back further in the booth, feeling the frustration building up of where she could be.

‘Did she say anything else to you today that could suggest something else?’ Jughead asked, taking a bite of his burger.

My eyes widened, a light bulb going off in my head. ‘She went against what I said…’ I muttered, putting my letterman back on and standing up.

‘What? Archie, what is it?’ Ronnie asked, standing up with me.

‘She’s gone looking for clues at Sweet Water. Guys – she could be in serious trouble…’ I panicked, walking towards the exit of Pop’s.

‘Wait – we’re coming with you!’ Betty called out, my three friends following me.

Y/N, you just can’t help yourself, can you?

Y/N’s P.O.V

I ducked under another fallen tree, almost finding the place where Jason was last scene by Cheryl near the river. I looked around, seeing it was slowly starting to become dark. Okay, Y/N, 10 minutes then you go to Pop’s and play off that you didn’t completely disregard your boyfriend and went searching on your own accord, even though he told you no.

I squinted my eyes at one of the trees, seeing something carved into it. I moved closer near the tree which was just on the edge of the river, standing on one of the visible roots to see it clearer. I panted a little, looking up at the carving to see the initials on the tree being “J.B ❤ P.C”. I chuckled, nodding my head. I knew he loved her.

I heard a loud bang as I turned my head of where the noise came from as I felt my balance go, falling backwards into the snow behind me, little knowing it was apart of the river behind me. I let out and ear piercing scream, feeling the impact of the cold, icy water. The cold water made me instantly numb, no feeling in the bottom half of my body. 


I recognised that voice, and I knew I was in trouble now, but I needed him. ‘Archie!’ I screamed, feeling body sinking through the snow into the cold water below it. ‘Archie!’ I screamed louder, feeling my voice crack.

I could feel my body sinking further, finding nothing to grab hold of to pull me up. ‘Archie! Help!’

‘I’m coming! Just hold on!’ Archie exclaimed, desperation in his voice. My teeth chattered, feeling my hands beginning to shake. I was going to drown. This was it.

‘Y/N! Where are you?!’ Archie called out, closer then before.

‘I’m here! Arch! I’m sinking, I can’t pull myself up!’ I felt the snow starting to slowly cave in on me, blocking me from any view of Archie being able to find me. ‘The snows caving in, Archie!’

‘Where are you!?’ He repeated again.

‘Near the tree…near the river!’ I called out as loud as I could, feeling my body slowly starting to shut down from the cold water.

I could hear the steps coming closer and stopping, before I could see Archie digging his way through the snow. He looked down frantically at me, grabbing me by the jacket, hooking his arms underneath mine, pulling me up and out of the water. ‘It’s alright babe, I’ve got you…’ He mumbled, pulling me towards his chest, making sure I was completely out.

I was shivering and hyperventilating of the fear I was going to drown. Archie wrapped his letterman jacket around me, trying to keep me warm as he picked me up bridal style, holding me close to his chest.

‘It’s okay, you’re okay…’ Archie muttered more so to himself as he walked past Jug, Ronnie and Betty. Betty’s hand flew to her mouth in shock of my state. Was I that bad?

‘We gotta get her to a hospital, Arch.’ Ronnie stared down at me, not looking anywhere else.

‘We can’t, she’ll get questioned why she was out here in the first place. We’ll take her to my house.’

I felt my eyes drooping shut, feeling darkness consume my sights before I could hear another word.


I opened my eyes to no longer feeling cold or wet, but warm and safe. I looked around my surroundings to see it was Archie’s room and I was laying on his bed. I looked up to see him sitting at the edge of the bed, looking at me with worry.

‘Before you look at me like that, I wanna make you feel better by saying you where right and I was wrong…I’m sorry that I went behind your back. I just – I finally got the answer I wanted though. He loved her, Arch.’ I whispered. He moved closer to me, leaning down and kissing my slightly cold lips. I smiled, resting my hand on his cheek. I pulled away, resting my head against his. ‘Can you yell at me tomorrow? Please?’

‘Okay.’ He answered, laying down next to me as he hugged me into his chest, running his fingers through my hair as I felt my eyes close once more, feeling safe in the arms of my protective boyfriend.

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Upside Down Kiss Drabble

Pairing: College!Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: Peter strikes a deal with you if he helps you with your homework.
Words: 886
A/N: Thank you to @lethargicprofessor​ for editing.

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

“Hey Princess!” Peter called, entering your apartment building. You looked up at him from your work and smiled. Peter made his way to you, kissing your nose. “What’s that you’re working on?” He asked, and you turned your computer screen to show him your Spanish homework.

“Ah, yo sé que el Español te encanta.” Peter said, grinning at you. You rolled your eyes at him in response.

“Parker, you know for a fact that the only word I even got from that was Español.” Peter sat down, draping his arm around you.

“Así que tampoco tienes idea de que tan bonita te vez con ese atuendo y cuanto te quiero besar.” (So you’ll also have no idea how cute you look in that outfit and how badly I want to kiss you) Peter whispered in your ear. Scowling, you shoved him.

“How about you help me with this so that I don’t fail?” Peter studied the screen in front of you, helping you along the way. If there was one thing that you could count on the guy for, it was that he wasn’t going to do your homework for you.

You felt bad that you didn’t know Spanish. After all, it is spoken more than English in the world. The least you could do was try to understand it. However, whenever you looked at the language, it was like looking at Peter’s science homework. Complete gibberish.

“By the way, I was wondering if we could try something tonight.” Peter asked, looking at you with his big brown eyes. That puppy dog look made it hard to say no to anything.

“Since you’re helping me with this, I’ll agree. As long as it’s not that thing we tried last night.” You winked at Peter and a blush filled his cheeks.

“Yeah, that definitely did not go according to plan.” Peter said, rubbing the back of his neck. “This, I think, will be much easier.” Peter got up to go to your room, taking his backpack with him.

Though Peter did have a dorm of his own, he was never there. He had randomly been selected to room with Flash Thompson, and the two did not get along. Flash constantly called him ‘Penis Parker’ and had gotten everyone on their floor to start doing the same.

Luckily for him, you’d surprised him with a room key at the start of semester. The two of you had been dating for two years, and you thought it was time. Peter loved your present so much, he put your key on a silver chain and wore it around his neck at all times. That way, he’d always have a part of you near him.

As you submitted your homework, you joined Peter in the bedroom. He was hanging from the ceiling, and you weren’t sure what he had up his sleeve. You did, however, know that there was no way you were getting up there as well.

“Hiya,” Peter said, giving you a wide smile. You knew you’d promised, but this was taking a weird turn.

You knew Peter was Spider-Man. The boy was not good at keeping secrets, nor was he good at containing his jealousy. For the first couple months that you knew Peter, you hadn’t been able to keep quiet about the Avengers. You thought it was so cool that they all had their own superpowers, and you constantly talked about how attractive you thought they were.

One night, as you were telling Peter all about your not-so-secret crush on Thor had Peter had enough. “Oh yeah, well I’m a superhero too! And I bet I’m as good a boyfriend as any of those other guys.” Peter’s eyes became the size of saucers as he realized he’d said those things aloud.

The stupid grin that now took up your face was enough to let Peter know how you felt. He’d shown you his outfit, and answered your questions. The rest was well, history.

“I’m going to come down, slowly. And when I’m level with you, I’m going to kiss you.” Looking up at Peter you gave him a quizzical look, but shrugged your shoulders in response.

As Peter came down, you couldn’t help but become excited about this plan. As he stopped in front of you, you held his head in your hands. Closing your eyes, Peter’s lips crashed onto yours.

It was a bit of a strange feeling at first. You’d kissed Peter thousands of times. But where Peter’s chin was supposed to be, there were his top lips. And where his nose usually hit yours, was now his chin.

Though it took a bit to adjust, soon the two of you were kissing passionately. When you broke apart for air, you couldn’t help but giggle. “We should do this more often,” you said. Peter flipped down onto the ground before picking you up.

“But for now, I want to kiss you again like normal.” Peter said, laying you on the bed and crawling his way to you. By the time he made his way to you, he positioned himself so he was now straddling you.

“Let me make you feel like a princess.” Peter asked, his lips tracing your jaw. Unbeknownst to Peter, every second you were with him, he had you feeling like royalty.    

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Smirk - Luke Hemmings Smut

Pairing: Luke and Y/N

Word Count: 3.8k+

Rating: Smut-o-rama

Requested: Not in so many words

Looked at my poster of The Breakfast club and this little idea came into my mind.

I hated Luke Hemmings. I absolutely hated everything about him. I hated his cocky, arrogant demeanor, how he goofed off in class constantly, and that he always seemed to make me the object of his jokes. It wasn’t bullying exactly, seeing as I could more than stand up for myself, and often did, telling him to fuck off and shove a dildo up his ass, but his constant tirades of jokes and pranks got tiresome. But most of all, I hated how undeniably attracted I was to him.

It made absolutely no sense, for me to allow myself to develop feelings for this arrogant, cocky bastard, but it happened nonetheless. I couldn’t tell if he knew it or not, but he kept up his attitude all the same. I ignored him most of the time, trying to tell myself I was being irrational and that no contact was the best kind, but I could never let a chance get away for me to embarrass him the way he so tried to embarrass me.

Such an opportunity arrived one day when I was putting my books in my locker, getting ready to head off to my art class, a class I often found solace in. I could tell he was walking down the hall by the obnoxious amount of noise he was creating, but I wasn’t exactly expecting him to lean up against the metal lockers to talk to me.

“Hey, Y/N,” he said, sounding oddly nice. I just glanced up at him shrewdly, knowing that this could easily be something else he was trying to get a laugh out of his asshole friends. He smirked down at me, taking my lack of speech as a continuation to continue. “I think you should help me out in that Calc class,” he said, looking at his nails like it was no big deal. I let out a laugh and looked up at him.

“And why, pray tell, would I ever consider doing something like that?” I asked sarcastically. I thought he was actually doing fairly well it that class, honestly. It was just another thing that pissed me off about him, how he had so much natural talent but he wasted it away goofing off in class.

“Well, honestly, I’m having a bit of trouble focusing in that class,” he told me while eyeing me up and down, the same smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes at him, trying to ignore the way his obvious once over made my stomach tingle.

“Sounds like a problem with the student, not the subject matter then,” I told him, swiftly shutting my locker and heading down the hallway. Luke, however, caught up with me and I sighed in defeat, knowing he would pester me the entire way there. Luke and I had an obnoxious amount of classes together, making my time all the more difficult.

“C’mon, Y/N, don’t make me sound desperate,” he whined at my side, as if whining would do any good. I scoffed at him again.

“Desperate for what? You obviously don’t need my help, I don’t know why we’re even having this conversation,” I told him, entering the classroom and going over to an empty seat. He sat in the one directly adjacent to mine and began setting his materials up there.

“Come on, Y/N, I already had to make up some lame excuse to try and spend some time with you, don’t make me sound even more desperate by making me say it out loud,” he continued to whine, something I would’ve been obnoxiously annoyed at had his words not triggered my attention slightly.

“You want to spend time with me?” I asked, genuine concern in my tone. I didn’t understand why Luke would want to possibly spend any more time with me than he had to. He just rolled his eyes and nodded, which prompted my question of, “Why?” He smirked at me again.

“Well, in case you haven’t noticed, you’re kind of hot,” he blurted out. While I felt my cheeks get red, Luke’s face remained impassive, that signature smirk still gracing his features. I managed to give a strangled sort of laugh as I began brushing my paintbrush across the canvas we were working on.

“I’ll see you in hell first, Hemmings,” I retorted, ignoring his gaze and focusing on my work. I heard him give an exasperated sigh as he waved his wet paintbrush around in his hands as he talked.

“Look, Y/N, all I’m trying to say-” but whatever Luke was trying to say was drowned out by my audible gasp as a huge blob of orange flew from his brush and landed directly on the sleeve of my white jumper. I looked down at the ugly blemish, mouth agape in fury. I knew it was an honest mistake, but everything about this moment was pissing the hell out of me. I looked up, fury in my eyes to meet his wide eyes, pleading with me to not overreact. I didn’t care. I dipped my brush in the royal blue paint I was using and flicked it with my hand, splattering blue all over his stupid white band tee.

Luke looked down at the spots on his shirt, his mouth twisted in anger as he looked back at me. He quickly put his brush in the purple paint and drew a thick line down the side of my face. I could feel the paint drying on my skin, only making me more angry. Just as I was about to shove my palette on his lap, I heard an angry voice behind us.

“Hemmings, Y/L/N, what do you think you’re doing?” our art teacher screeched at us as she swooped down upon us. I gulped, knowing trouble was just around the corner. She’d made a huge deal on the first day about us not wasting paint and keeping our stations orderly and clean. I looked up at her with guilty eyes, to see her already shaking her head at us.

“Guys, this means Saturday,” she said simply, going over to her desk and beginning to write on a slip of paper. I opened my mouth in horror, knowing she was referring to the annoying Saturday detentions.

“No, please, you have to understand,” but I was cut off by her sharp shake of her head.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, but you know how I feel about this. You and Hemmings better be here bright and early tomorrow morning, ready to serve out this detention,” she said, handing me the little pink slip with my name written upon it.

And that’s how I ended up standing outside the school on a Saturday morning at nine in the morning, waiting to spend  some of my valuable time doing absolutely nothing. With douchebag Luke. And probably no one else. I groaned as I began walking up the stairs and into the school, going to the designated room for detention.

When I entered the room, I saw that it was empty except for the desks with closed bottoms and Luke, lazily sitting at one with his feet up on the table. I shot him a disgusted look, sitting at a table far away from him and attempting to stretch my legs out. Much to my dismay, the front part of the desk was prohibiting me from still my legs all the way out, blocking my entire bottom half. I hated desks like this, they made me feel trapped. I put my book bag down in the adjacent chair and pulled out a notebook, preparing to at least get some work done.

Before I could do much work, I heard my book bag plop down on the floor beside me and I saw Luke take the seat beside me, smirking down at me. I looked up at him disdainfully.

“Fancy seeing you here,” he said, trying to sound funny and ironic, but just coming off as an even bigger douchebag. I rolled my eyes at him.

“Not really, considering you’re the one who got me in this mess,” I retorted, going back to working on my homework. I was already annoyed by his presence, but I oddly didn’t want him to leave. I didn’t understand my own damn feelings.

“C’mon, you’re not really that mad at me, are you?” he asked, trying to inject pleading into his tone, but I just rolled my eyes at him.

“Not only did you ruin my white blouse, but you also managed to land me in detention, I’d say I’m pretty pissed, yeah,” I said, putting my pencil down and abandoning any effort that was happening there. He just smirked at me.

“At least this way you get to spend a little time with me,” he told me, placing a hand on my arm and squeezing it gently. I didn’t like how my stomach reacted when he touched me, filling with nerves and clenching at the lightest touch. I tried to keep a steady face.

“And why in God’s name would I want to spend any time with you?” I spat at him. I didn’t expect him to get hurt or upset, but I certainly wasn’t expecting him to laugh and continue to smirk down at me.

“Oh please, we all know you have such an undying attraction to me, Y/N,” he whispered in my ear, making me hold back a shiver. I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not, so I just glared up into his face, but he continued. “Rightly so too, because you have absolutely no idea how incredibly sexy I find you, Y/N,” he told me, running a hand along my thigh, letting his fingers graze underneath my skirt. This time the shiver I let out was wholly involuntary.

“You can only imagine what I would do to that irresistible little body of yours,” he breathed in my ear, letting his lips ever so lightly graze against my jaw before going back up to continue talking. “I bet I could even make you cum right here, in those pretty little panties I know your wearing, just with my fingers. Hell, I’d probably have to use my mouth, I bet you taste so good,” he moaned in my ear.

My mouth had gone agape long ago and I could feel it going dry, just at the thought of what he could do to me. I didn’t want to give into him too easily, but I didn’t know what to say. I opened and closed my mouth foolishly, but was spared of giving a response by General Meyers, our assistant principal entering the room. He wasn’t really a general, but his no nonsense attitude and strict guidelines had earned him that name long ago.

“Hemmings, separate table,” he barked the moment he saw Luke sitting at my table. Luke withdrew his hand from my thigh, leaving me feeling a little cold at the lack of his touch, and raised his hands in surrender, walking over to another table. General Meyers glared at us.

“I’ll be in to check on you two periodically, no funny business, you hear me?” he all but shouted, and I nodded my head sheepishly, seeing Luke do the same only a smirk was still ever present on his face. General Meyers narrowed his eyes at us before exiting the room. I released a shaky breath as he did, attempting to calm down from what Luke was earlier saying to me.

“My offer still stands,” I heard Luke say as he sauntered over to my table again, sitting in his previous seat and placing his hand on my thigh again, stroking it up and down as if there had been no interruption. “I’d love to get you home, but we can still have some fun here.”

“Luke, you heard what General Meyers said, he’ll be in to check on us,” I hissed at him, hoping our conversation wouldn’t carry to wherever he was. Luke, however, just laughed again, leaning down to place open mouthed kisses along my neck.

“Angel, detention is already halfway over, the only time he’ll be coming back is to tell us we can leave,” he said in between kisses. “Let me have a little fun with you, Kitten,” he said, and I allowed my eyes to involuntarily close at his use of a pet name. I didn’t want to give into him, I really didn’t, but I couldn’t deny myself the fact that I could feel wetness pooling between my legs and my stomach clenching with want.

 I pulled my head away from his mouth sharply, peering into his face which was so close to mine. He looked back at me with hooded eyes and that God forsaken smirk. Without thinking too much more about what I was doing, I impulsively brought my face back to his, finally connecting our mouths in a heated kiss.

I could feel Luke’s surprise, knowing that he hadn’t expected me to react so quickly, but kissing me back with ease all the same. I could feel him fucking smirk into my mouth as he continued kissing me, pulling my face closer to his. When I attempted to deepen the kiss, he pulled his mouth away from mine, much to my dismay, but instead went back to its placement at my neck. I closed my eyes and allowed my hands to thread themselves in his blonde locks as he continued to lick, bite, and suck his way across the expanse of my neck.

“Plenty of time for the preamble later, princess, right now I’d really like to see what exactly I can do to you,” he murmured into my skin, and I hummed in response. I felt his hand rubbing slow circles on my inner thigh, slowly working his way up higher into my body. I thanked God I wore a skirt today, making it easier for Luke to slide his hand up toward my aching heat.

I gave a little shudder when he finally reached the warmth of my core. He smiled against the skin of my neck, resting his head on my shoulder and rubbing me slowly over my panties. I felt my cheeks heat up as I realized how embarrassingly damp my underwear already was, which of course didn’t go past Luke’s notice as he gave a small little moan.

“Angel, you’ve already soaked yourself through and I’ve barely even touched you,” he said as he moved his head down further, still rubbing me tortuously through my underwear. He kept kissing me down my clothed body until he had to move from his seat in the chair to the floor, positioned in between my knees. I saw him smirk up at me before pushing my skirt up to my waist, allowing him to have much better access to my bottom half.

Luke seemed content on torturing me as he moved his hands from my heat, making me whimper at the loss of contact. He slowly pushed my knees further apart, pulling me closer to him by the bottom of my calves, making my chair scoot forward. He leaned his head in, slowly kissing the side of my knee, moving his head oh so slowly inward, leaving a trail of kisses along my thigh. When he reached my core, he barely allowed his lips to ghost over my clothed heat, before continuing onto the other thigh. I groaned in annoyance and I could hear him laughing below me.

“Patience, Kitten, patience,” he spoke slowly into my skin, never breaking in his trail of kisses. When he reached the opposite knee, he placed one final kiss to the side of my knee before letting his hands slowly drag upwards toward my panties. Hooking his fingers around the edges, he slowly began scooting them down my legs, making me lift up on the chair, allowing him to fully remove my underwear. He looked at the pink Victoria’s Secret item in his hand, studying it, before putting it in his back pocket. I raised my eyebrows at him.

“For safe keeping,” he told me, keeping eye contact and maintaining that annoyingly endearing smirk. He allowed his eyes to travel down my body to my now bare core, and I heard him let out an audible moan.

“Babe,” he said, keeping his eyes locked on my dripping pussy, “I do believe you look good enough to eat,” he whispered, slowly dragging his fingers up to my folds and easily sliding them around, spreading my wetness. I let out a whimper at the contact, and Luke tore his eyes away from my core long enough to smirk up at me.

“Feel good, angel?” he asked, and when I nodded my head desperately, he grinned up at me, pulling me slightly closer and settling more comfortably between my legs. “Babe, you are in for it,” he told me, but I wasn’t sure if he was talking more to me or himself.

He continued running his fingers slowly up and down my folds, stopping every so often at my clit to give it a sharp little rub, making me whimper and thrust my hips upwards for more friction. He brought up his other hand, spreading me out before him and I could feel his hot breath hitting my core. I felt him lean his head in and give a hearty sniff, moaning as he did so. He then nudged his face along my folds, allowing his lip ring to nudge my clit, making me gasp at the cold feeling on my hot bud. Before I could get too impatient, I felt him bring his head closer, barely kissing my clit. I let out a rush of breath, instantly wanting more, but Luke was determined to drag this out.

Luke slowly dragged the tip of his tongue up from my entrance to my clit, allowing his fingers to softly wander around my my folds as well. I bit down on my bottom lip to prevent myself from crying out when Luke began flicking my clit lightly with his tongue, circling my entrance with one finger. He moaned into my pussy at the taste and closed his lips around my sensitive clit, continuing to flick his tongue around it, and slowly pushed one finger into my entrance.

By now, I had my head laid down on the table while Luke was completely concealed beneath it, diligently working against my shaking bottom half. I had my legs thrown over his shoulders, pulling him closer to my core by wrapping my legs around him. I was breathing heavily as he began pumping one finger in and out of me, curling it up every so often, making me whimper. His mouth was still latched onto my clit, but he was now switching back and forth between long pulls with his mouth and soft little flicks of his tongue.

Through my haze of pleasure, I heard noises from the adjacent room and my head shot up while Luke remained in his position between my legs. I listened as closely as I could and vaguely heard footsteps making their way to the door. I tried to scoot my chair back, but Luke remained in his place between my legs.

“Luke!"I hissed down at him and he stilled his movements, if only slightly. "Someone’s coming,” I told him breathlessly, expecting him to come up from underneath the table, but instead he just pulled my chair closer, keeping his mouth on me and concealing himself beneath the table.

Moments later General Meyers entered the room, and I did my best to look as normal as I could while still feeling Luke slowly trace his tongue up and down my core. Despite the fact that I attempted to kick him to stop his movements, he continued his ministrations, and I could even feel him smirking into my core. General Meyers took one look around the room, taking note of the fact that Luke wasn’t visible and settled his glare on me.

“Where’s Hemmings?” he barked, and I cleared my throat, trying to focus on his voice instead of Luke’s tongue, which was slowly dragging down toward my entrance, as he slowly pushed it in.

“He, uh…bathroom?” I managed to squeak out, and he narrowed his eyes at me, heaving a sigh. I tried not to moan out as Luke began darting his tongue in and out of me, curling it upward like he did his finger and sucking on as much as he could get in his mouth.

“Figures,” I vaguely heard General Meyers say above me as he fixated me with his gaze. I tried to look as normal as possible while Luke was slowly bringing me closer to edge. “Well, you can leave then in about five minutes,” he told me, and I nodded at him as best I could. He turned on his heel and began exiting the room. When the door finally closed completely, I let out a soft moan, reaching my hands down into Luke’s hair, and forcing him closer to me.

“Finish me off before I have to leave,” I whined desperately down at him, and I felt him hum in response into my heat, only making me moan out more as the vibrations traveled through me. 

Luke got down to work much more quickly now, moving his mouth back up to my clit and sucking harshly, not even worrying about the slurping noises which were now coming from him. He brought his hand back up to my pussy, thrusting two fingers in suddenly and curling them upwards, making me moan out loudly and bite at my lip.

“Come one, baby, give me a proper taste of you,” he growled into me, making me moan again, louder this time. I could feel myself coming closer and closer to edge as he began sucking on my clit harder than before, moaning into me, making the vibrations edge me on. After curling his fingers in me roughly once more, I let out a high pitched moan as I began to unravel. I felt myself let go, spilling over into Luke’s mouth, as he moaned once more, greedily licking up at the mess I’d made.

After I’d calmed down slightly and Luke made sure he’d gathered everything I’d spilled out, he looked up at me from between my legs, giving me a smug smirk. I gave him a half-hearted smile back as he slowly stood up, towering over me and lifting his hand to wipe his mouth. Slowly, he leaned down, leaving a lingering kiss on my lips before straightening up and heading over to his desk.

I looked at him confused as I pulled my skirt back down, not failing to notice that my panties were still poking out of his back pocket. He scribbled something down on a piece of paper, ripped it out, and gathered his things before walking past me, only slowing to drop the paper on my desk. He smirked at me before he left, letting one eye drop in a wink as he closed the door. I looked down at the paper in a daze and felt my own lips lift in a smirk as I read his untidy scrawl. There was a quick note, followed by an address.

My place, eight tonight. Can’t wait to see you there, Angel. ;-)




Six Steps ~ Chapter Four

A Byun Baekhyun Playboy & childhood friend AU

Requested by baekmuffin

Genre: Angst // Romance // Smut 

Member: Byun Baekhyun

Summary: (of this series) As childhood best friends, you and Baekhyun were and are close in every way possible. Except for the fact you unfortunately have feelings for him and he happens to never look at you that way. What happens when he does?

Summary: (of this chapter) Let’s see. Baekhyun’s confusing actions and words are explained. Sangmi is here too :) And…another confession. 

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter three} {Chapter four} {Chapter five}

WARNING: There’s smut here, so I warn you in advance. If you feel uncomfortable AT ALL, you can legit just skip that part. I won’t be offended at all :) Also, it’s not important, I’m serious, I just wanted smut. It will not impact the story in any way if you don’t read it. 

“Mhmm. Is that promise…do you still want to keep it?”

“Why?” he says, dodging your question.

“Because,” you say, pushing back the thought of telling him how you feel. Unable to say anything, he patiently waits in front of you.

“Princess?” he asks.

You think of the promise he made you years ago. So you decide to tell him anyway. “Would you still stay with me if I told you that I love you?”

His face says one thing, but his words say another thing. “Princess,” he whispers. “Don’t-”

“No,” you say, cutting him off. “Don’t you fucking dare not give me a straightforward answer.” you look at his face and already see the answer there.

It’s a mix of several different feelings. Confusion, vexation, anger, and the last emotion you expected to see. Love. But it isn’t the type of love you wanted to see. It’s a love he doesn’t want existing. He loves you, it just so happens he doesn’t want to. But you need to hear it. You need to know for sure that you’re right.

“You do, don’t do?” when he doesn’t answer you and just stares, you repeat yourself. “Baekhyun, you love me, don’t you?”

“Yes,” he says, letting out a breath and blinking rapidly.

You already know what he’s going to say next. He’ll back up his answer. “But?” you say, prompting him.

“But…I don’t want to.”

You knew this was coming, but you just thought he wouldn’t say it for the sake of your feelings. “Why?” but you already know.

“Princess. You know who I am. You can predict my every action and word I’ll say or do next. You should be able to predict this one.” he says jarringly as he opens the lobby doors and walks out.

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gone | final

Originally posted by dreamyoongi

genre: angst, fluff, college/university!au,

pairing: yoongi x reader

word count: 2.3k

description: you were young and foolish, he was not.

part one: xx;; part two: xx

You lay on Sicheng’s bed with your arms crossed against your chest while Sicheng leant against the door staring at you.

“Are you okay?” he asks finally.

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We Don't Need No Education

Request: Hey!❤ I was wondering if you could do a story, were the reader is really stressed because of school and homework, but then the brothers cheer her up (you decide the relationship between the reader and the brothers)? I’m kind of feeling like that at the moment, so it would make my day a whole lot better to read that💕 You are a huge inspiration, Taria!

Thank you Nonnie <3! I love you and you compliment.

Forever tag list: @Freaksforthewin , @thewinhunter, @cambriacaneatnoodles, @brokennoone , @youtubehelpsmesurvive , @chrisevansthedoritobastard , @winchesters-favorite-girl , @we-know-a-little-about-a-lot @godh8salyssa @dean-baby-Winchester @i-am-an-outcast , @animexchocolate

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“Nope.” You slammed your textbook shut in an irritated manner.

“I’m done. I’m dropping out.” Plopping your body down onto your bed you accidentally kicked all your school work off and onto the floor.

“Not like I’m gonna need that anyways.” Both of your arms folded together and covered your eyes.

School was beyond stressful. Middle school? Pain in your ass but you could handle it. High school? Totally different ball park. Just when you think you’re doing good, a damn wrecking ball would come and knock you back to square one.

Dean was just returning with your requested pie. Also known as pizza. And his own personal choice of pie. Also known as his addiction. When you didn’t come out to him calling your name, him and Sam must’ve assumed the worst because they came in, guns drawn.

“Whoa, what the hell?” Their entrance caught you off guard. Then again, anybody entering with guns pointed in your direction may cause a bit of a surprise.

“Language.” Sam always had to be the “mom” brother and keep you in check.

“Yeah, sorry but what did you guys expect? A group of monsters to be in here?” You were sitting up now, your legs hanging off of your once neat bed.

Dean exchanged a certain look to Sam.

“Ew! Why would I bring a boy over here?” They both had a bit of an embarrassed look. You knew them so well.

“And why would you guys come in here shooting if I did?” After thinking about it for a minute, you took it back. “Don’t answer that. But if you’re going to kill something. Please- shoot my textbook.” Pointing under the bed you stood up and stepped back as if saying “there’s the bad guy”.

“Wait. You’re telling me you’re all in a bunch because of homework?” Why did Dean seemed so surprised? It was homework. It was naturally stressful.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I forget that you never did yours and instead were too concerned with-” the look he shot you got you to change the last part of your response. “Other things…”

“Do you want some help?” There goes Sam again, with his big brother hero hair on.

“Burning the books? I mean, if you want to pitch in.” “

No, we’re not burning the books. Take a break. It’ll help.” The Moose boy was leaning against the wall.

“Sure, I’ll take a break. How does for the rest of my life sound?” You repositioned yourself to sit down on the bed, getting ready for this big talk.

“I’m serious, Y/n.” When wasn’t Sam serious about something like your education?

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure she’s serious too.” Dean had finally chimed in. You held your hand out agreeing with him.


“Yeah yeah I know Dean. ‘Do your work. Eat some food. Get some sleep.’” You mimicked the way he would say it, trying your best to sound manly and make your voice go deep.

“Why don’t you come out and eat your gross pizza I got for you?” He was only calling it gross because it was the all veggie meatless kind.

“And then you can-”

“Come back and do work. Yeah, I know Sam.”

Beautiful Goodbye

Author’s Note: So I’ve heard from a few people on Twitter who wished the goodbye scene was longer/explained more about why Abby chose to take off the necklace with Jake’s ring. Since I agreed, I decided to write a short (well okay, close to 4,000-word) thing about it from Marcus’ perspective. So basically, this is my interpretation of how the goodbye scene could have gone down if the writers hadn’t chosen to cut away after the kiss.

Rating: M-ish? I’m TRASH and hyped up on The Scene, so of course there’s sexytimes.

It was dark in the tower, save for the flickering of a few candles aligned at the sides of the hallways: hardly enough to fend off the blackness of night. Striding through the empty corridors, Marcus mused on the iciness of the streets below. The danger that lurked in every shadow, the hatred hidden in glares and deciphered through threats. His chest ached, remembering the ambassador’s hatred of Skaikru, his refusal to choose diplomacy over violence. A stab of pain so intense that it might have been he, not the Ice King, who’d been shot.

How deftly Marcus had tried.

How decisively he’d failed.

There has to be another way, he’d thought, urging Roan to delay his battle in favor of negotiations. And he’d been so sure he could do it – so confident they would see his side, cherish life over bloodshed – that the ambassador’s refusal had knocked the breath from his lungs like a punch to the gut. Diplomacy, he knew, was far from an exact science. There were no guarantees. But to have failed now, at such a crucial time…he could hardly offer himself forgiveness when regret was the only emotion available.

Octavia had barely looked at him after that; instead of remaining with him, she’d chosen to seek out Indra. Since midday, he hadn’t so much as glimpsed her. Marcus thought he’d seen something pitying in her gaze – something that spoke more than her words ever could, something that implied she blamed grounder politics and not him for his shortcomings – and as small a gesture as it was, he appreciated it. If nothing else, at least she’d been willing to give peace a chance.

A soft breeze blew through an open door, and Marcus breathed out a soft sigh as the coolness of the night wind washed over him. As loath as he was to admit it, there was nothing more to be done. He would have to accept whatever came in the morning, swallow the bitterness of self-loathing that had burbled again inside him when the boy mentioned what the chip had forced him to do. Focusing on what came next was easy when hope was abundant, but in its absence his mind turned back to territory it had explored a thousand times before, terrain he and his people had mapped out so well.

It was a land of remorse.

Dwelling on the past did him little good, but in times like these it became harder to construct a dam strong enough to hold back their tide. A few more seconds, and he could have taken Bellamy’s life. Had ALIE’s hold over him not been broken in time, had his hands not relaxed and his composure returned, his story might have been an echo of the young grounder’s. Their hatred for Skaikru might have been pronounced, but the boy had no inclination of how alike they really were. The shame they shared.

If he’d told him what he’d been forced to do, a member of Skaikru equally torn by his actions under the influence, would it have helped? Could it have saved whatever fractured bond they might have with the grounders? More importantly, could he even trust his own voice to recite so sensitive a memory?

He could still feel it; the sickening agony of looking down and seeing the eldest Blake sibling on the dusty throne room floor, gasping for air, his face bruised and bloody. The look in Bellamy’s eyes shone forgiveness mixed with fatigue while his own blurred with tears, appalled with himself for what he’d been forced to do. What his hands and legs and arms had done without his consent, all because of a woman in a red dress and a computer chip.

He remembered something else then, drifting back to him through the listless fog of misery. A gun pointed to Abby’s head. She’s still here, he reminded himself. Bellamy’s still here, Clarke’s still here, Octavia’s still here. There is still hope.

And hope, as he’d come to know from the woman who held his heart in her hands, her smile, her sigh, was everything.

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The Perfect Shot

Part Four

Originally posted by crossoceans

Pairing: Jughead x reader

Summary: the reader helps Betty and Jughead investigate another lead in Jason’s murder

Warnings: mentions of death, mild swearing

Part One

I sat across from Jughead, watching him scarf down the cereal as if he might not eat for days.

“Slow down,” I said softly. “We don’t have to leave for another ten minutes.”

He gulped back a huge mouthful. “Sorry.”

My eyebrows shot up in surprise at the apology, causing him to roll his eyes. “What?” he asked, staring at me with his head cocked to the side.

“Nothing,” I shrugged. “It’s just… what’s with you? You’ve been acting weird.”

He squinted his eyes at me, demanding more explanation.

“You haven’t insulted me for days.”

He grunted, returning to his cereal. “That can be arranged.”

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A Dangerous Game (Suho Mafia!au fic) Chapter 21 - What Do You Want From Me?

Originally posted by exoturnback

Warnings: Violence

Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7, Ch. 8, Ch. 9, Ch. 10, Ch. 11, Ch. 12, Ch. 13, Ch. 14, Ch. 15(M), Ch. 16, Ch. 17(M), Ch. 18, Ch. 19, Ch. 20 Ch. 21, Ch. 22, Bonus Chapter

“She’s been taken…”


As everyone practically tumbled into the penthouse behind a calm looking Minseok. He walked over to Suho who was still trying to calm the sobbing Jinwoo.

“What did you mean by ‘she’s been taken’?” he questioned.

Junmyeon looked at him worry written all over his friend’s face. “When I got back to the building there were those pizza boxes on the ground in the lobby along with her wallet and when I got up here Jinwoo was crying and said that Y/N went to go pay for the food and never came back around the time that his cartoons started…which is around four.”

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- dad captain
- ace or that one all round guy
- gets some sort of injury every playing season
- really good team talks, really embarrassing point celebrations
- probably one of the reasons why his team is very well known around the country
- makes sure everyone drinks enough water during any sort of resting break
- *jae gets called off*
- sungjin, from on court: stay hydrated!
- race between him and wonpil to lift spirits
- “they scored one point, we’ll score two more!”
- knows all the cringey lines
- blames himself for every loss
- never takes credit for any win
- friends with all the captains
- (”sungjin isn’t as scary as he looks. I watched him cry during ‘The Notebook’.”)
- spare kneepads for his team
- came up with the idea of having their names on the back of their jersey (brian sided with him immediately)
- seems calm on the outside
- danger sounds, clashing pans, red flashing warning lights on the inside
- only when wonpil is serving
- he’s been hit on the back of the head one too many times

- even though he looks like tsukki, he’s part of the pretty setter squad
- works best with brian
- likes to remind sungjin that, he, jae, is his hyung
- ‘accidentally’ hits wonpil with volleyballs
- just shows his accuracy, and so, why he’s a setter
- causes most injuries whenever he gets the chance to attack
- watch out for his serves
- chicken man is gonna send the deadliest of serves your way. spectators, watch out for the rebound
- superstitious
- ‘jae you don’t need your glasses’
- ‘we’ll lose if i don’t wear them’
- has to get a new frame after every 2 or 3 games cause they always break
- claims he taught dowoon all the tips and tricks
- his setting pattern varies all the time even his teammates get confused
- ‘i thought you were passing to brian!’
- ‘so did they.’
- says his cues in different languages
- ‘i told you to go left’
- ‘how was i supposed to know when i can’t understand you!’
- laughs when wonpil someone falls
- may be most confusing but makes the best plays. honestly.

young k
- ace, no doubt
- has YOUNG K (capitalised and double bolded) on the back of his jersey
- paid extra to get it done that way
- rarely washes his kit (pls shower)
- gets banned from matches by sungjin unless he showers and cleans his kit
- late night training
- followed up by completing his homework due for the next day
- usually forgets his water to practice
- steals wonpils
- finds any moment to snack
- ‘it helps me get energy back’
- ‘brian, thats a Super-Fruiter, Extra-Sour, Happy-Lucky-Trail, Wine Gum Mixture.’
- most likely to succeed in the sport but chooses academics over continuing with the sport at the start of one year
- immediately regrets his decision after one day and goes running back to the team
- poor dowoon had his hopes up for being the ace
- low-key the reason why people from other schools cheer for their team
- prime time for sweaty!brian and forehead!brian… maybe even bandana!brian if youre lucky
- sleeps after every game
- misses half of the warm up because he was asleep between matches

- libero or reserve
- team’s number 1 cheerleader
- #letwonpilplay
- first one to step forward when dowoon says he needs help with practice
- actually the one who washes brian’s kit so that he can attend the matches
- bakes treats and snacks for the team
- when he finally is on court, he can be a great setter
- but a terrible server
- which is why he’s a reserve (wonpil work on ur serve then u can be on the court team)
- lord save us all, who knows who’s going to get hit with his serves
- good thing he’s useful defence too
- team formation when he’s on : 4:2 (4 attackers + switching libero, 2 setters)
- makes other teams scared to hurt him
- used to get knocked over whenever he received a spike
- now he only stumbles
- hands out premade thank you cards to everyone on the opposing team after the game
- and congratulations cards if they’re beat
- once handed out ‘congratulations on your baby’ cards cause the store ran out of general ones

- the next generation’s ace
- seems quiet on court
- ‘big buff boy can’t do anything’
- boom, spike to the face
- highest jumper
- picks his own number cause he can get away with it
- sungjin goes against him saying it needs to be orderly
- dowoon got his own number
- most competitive. against brian.
- he just really wants to be ace
- tries to play mind games by shouting out things for the other team to hear (but rly does want the ball)
- other team easily catches on  that he’s being ignored
- but don’t worry that’s a secret team tactic
- dowoon doesnt know about it
- get dowoon rly annoyed so that he spikes the ball terrifyingly hard a few times when it gets passed to him
- now he needs to do that all the time without being provoked to become ace
- really just everyone’s favourite player and always gets player’s player of the season award
- can earn 10 points by making the other team continually make mistakes
- doesn’t go along with the receive plan. ever.
- legit just everyone’s favourite player, they will fight you if breathe the wrong way around him.

Dating Woojin Includes

Admin Min🌱

Stay safe if the hurricane is near you loves!

Originally posted by woojinnies

- he probably accidentally confessed
- awkward smiles on his end
- you crying over how cute he is
- you’re probably the one initiating skinship first until he gets very comfortable
- he’ll eventually become his normal self again
- you both could be watching a movie
- and he’ll stare at you intensely until you notice it
- “ something wrong? ” you’d ask
- sheepishly tries to make up excuse but ends up blurting out something about you being too pretty he couldn’t help it
- giving you soft kisses is his favorite thing??¿¿
- he’s just that soft
- dance competitions between you both
- we all know he wins
- you may be a little uncoordinated anyways
- he does a lot of competitions
- and of course you’re always there because you love being the supportive girlfriend
- plus who doesn’t love seeing Woojin dance?
- loves spending lots of his free time with you
- doesn’t really matter what you’re both doing as long as he’s by your side
- whether it’s watching a movie or cuddling or just eating and watching TV
- personally you love it
- and how could you complain when the love of your life is literally such a soft teddy bear?
- isn’t really able to hide his jealousy well
- will invite you over to the dorms on the weekends
- ends up playing video games with Daehwi and forgets about you
- you go to the store or to hang out with another member
- lowkey silent treatment
- and that’s when his puppy mode kicks in
- follows your around everywhere asking what he did wrong
- puppy eyes ( I couldn’t I survive I tell you )
- (Y/N) I’m sorry please love me he’d say
- you wanted to laugh so bad because you weren’t even that mad
- “ Why’d you go out with Jihoon and Jinyoung and not meeee”
- “ Are you falling for their visuals ”
- he’s already dramatically gasping
- extra but lovable
- whines but it’s so cute
- brings you food whenever you’re too tired to leave your house
- tries to nurse you back to health when you’re sick even risking himself
- attempts to help you with homework when you’re overly stressed but only ends up distracting you away from it
- you’re fine it’s that though because we all know you’d rather be cuddling woojin than think of that dreaded essay
- FaceTimes when he’s away at competitions
- hangs up when one of you falls asleep
- Y'all fluffy I swear
- lots of love
- the snaggletooth grin
- on the floor
- shy af when he first says I love you
- cheeks turn crimson while he receives teasing from the rest of the group
- you’re both never gonna live it down
- late night snacks and talking to each other
- cause he gets off of practice pretty late
- but it’s okay you’d lose sleep for him
- a sentence you’d never think you’d say
- anyways a very cute relationship
- full of blushing and shy skinship at first
- but GOALS when you’re both comfortable

Jisung | Sungwoon | Minhyun | Seongwoo | Jaehwan | Daniel | Jihoon | Jinyoung | Daehwi | Guanlin

Parting Gifts: Chapter 1

Author: @hillywooddestiel

Characters: Dean, Sam, sister!Reader, Clarissa (ofc), Chuck (brief), Amara (brief)

Warnings: Maybe it’s a bit angsty? I don’t really think any warnings are needed (but they will be in future parts)

Word count: 1.5k

Description: Chuck and Amara leave Earth. For how long, no one really knows. But, they don’t leave before giving Dean a message, supposedly some kind of gift, that will turn his and Sam’s lives upside down. What is it that’s so important and can be found in a small town in Ohio?

A/N: Hello, it’s me again! Quick disclaimer, in this series, Amara’s gift to Dean is not Mary, she is not in this series. Sorry to any die hard Mary fans. But, if you like sister fics then you’re in the right place. Hope you like my new series xx Masterlist


We’ve been driving for hours. I don’t even really know where we’re going, I’m just following the extremely vague instructions that Chuck and Amara gave me before disintegrating into thin air and leaving Earth.

“Dean, you gave me what I needed most. I want to do the same for you.” Amara smiles, reaching out her hand to hold Chuck’s.

“Head to 12 Hudson Avenue, Newark, Ohio.” Chuck chimes in, a knowing look playing on his features.

“Ohio?” I ask puzzled. Why would I want to go to Ohio?

“Yes, Dean. I think she’s waited long enough…” Amara finishes her cryptic message before becoming swirling wisps of light disappearing into the atmosphere.

“Are you sure you remembered the address correctly?” Sam asks for what must be the millionth time this car journey.

“Dude! It’s right, I’m not stupid. But what do you think she meant, ‘she’s waited long enough’?”

“Well, Dean, it normally means that a woman has been expecting something to happen for a while and this woman is in Ohio.” Sam sasses, chuckling to himself. Rolling my eyes, I turn up the radio and continue down the streetlight lit highway.

It’s almost two in the morning when we finally pull past the ‘Welcome to Newark’ sign. Too tired to be picky, we opt for the first motel we pass, booking our usual double-queen bedroom and dropping onto the creaky mattresses.

“Maybe it’s one of your one night stands from years ago and she’s finally ready for you to meet your kid?” Sam says, at it again with the sarcasm.

“That’s not funny Sam. Besides, we’ve never been anywhere near Newark. Or Ohio that much.” I close my eyes to try and get some sleep, not bothered that I’m still in my normal clothes.

“Maybe she moved. People say Ohio has great schools.”

“Shut up Sam!”

Once I’ve finished my waffles and Sam is done complaining about my health while eating his own rabbit food, we get back in Baby and make a beeline for 12 Hudson Avenue. The neat trees either side of the sidewalk and neutral coloured houses are not what I was expecting; I thought we would find a haunted old warehouse or something.

“This is someone’s house.”

“I can see that Sam, I have eyes.”

“Why would God send us here?”

“I don’t know. Let’s go find out.” Crossing the road of this very ordinary looking neighborhood, I walk up the steps of the porch first, closely followed by Sam. I gently knock three times on the door then stand back.

“Look, no one’s coming. Let’s just go before we get caught up in something new.” Sam sounds agitated now.

“Relax, would ya? Give them a moment to answer the door at least.” I scoff over my shoulder to him.

Suddenly, on hearing shuffling behind the door, I snap my head back around.

“Um, hello? Can I help you?” A timid young woman, girl really, answers the door.

“Err… Maybe. Is your mom home?” I stutter a little trying to find my words. I probably should have thought about what to say before knocking.

“Sure. What’s this about?” Before I can answer, an older woman, presumably her mother, approaches the door.

“Who’s this?” She asks the girl but continues to look at Sam and I, narrowing her eyes a little.

“Um, hi there. I’m Dean, this is Sam. Winchester. We came because-”

“I’m sorry, did you say Winchester?” The woman fluttering her eye lashes very quickly as her eyes glaze over with tears. She manages to fight them back though.

“Yes.” I look to Sam but he just shrugs. What the hell is going on?

“Right. Well, um, you’d better come in. Y/N, go to your room and do your homework.”


“Go, please honey.”

The woman, who finally introduces herself as Clarissa, shows us through to her living room, asking us to sit on a floral patterned couch. It’s a nice home, I notice upon looking around. Goofy family photos decorate the walls and shelves, a piece of kids artwork hangs next to the TV, school papers and books are piled up on the coffee table. Clarissa rushes about in the kitchen, fixing up cups of coffee and muttering the odd swear word. I wonder what’s got her so jumpy. She looked like a deer in headlights when I said our names so, maybe she’s heard of us. Or Dad. He’d be about her age now, maybe a bit older.

Flustered, Clarissa brings out a tray of drinks, her hands shaking and spilling the boiling liquid a little.

“Sorry, I forgot to ask what you wanted. Hope you like coffee.” Her voice wavers like a leaf in the wind.

“Coffee’s fine. Um, we were just wondering, how do you know us?” Sam tries his tactile approach. Clarissa sniffs, sighs and then looks up to the ceiling in a futile attempt to hold back more tears.

“Well, um, I don’t know you exactly. I knew your father, John, and he, um, mentioned you a lot. He was always so proud.” It feels strange to imagine Dad boasting about us to someone. He was always so cold and strict to us, me especially.

“You spoke to our dad?” Sam continues.

“Yes. We met once at a bar when he was passing through town. It was a jjin I think he said. Things… escalated, and then he left town the next day.” Clarissa’s cheeks are burning red, but I’m more focused on the fact that she knows about monsters.

“So were you a hunter?” I can’t help but ask.

“No, never. John just told me all about it and his life when we spoke. He’d send me letters and call from time to time. Although I think he was more interested in hearing about Y/N and how she was doing.” She smiles bashfully at the floor while reliving her past.

“I’m sorry, Clarissa, why would Dad want to know about Y/N?” Sam wonders, just as confused as me.

“Fathers like to be involved in their daughters’ lives don’t they?”

“Come again?!” My voice goes quite high pitched from pure shock. Father? Daughter? Sister? Surely if Sam and I had a sister dad would have told us. Then again, we had no idea about Adam until it was too late.

“Um, yeah. John is Y/N’s father. Wait, is that not what you came here for? Did you not know?” Clarissa rambles, acknowledging our dropped mouths. We have a sister. A little sister. And she really is little, she only looked about 17. I take a second look around all the childhood photographs, really noticing her in each one. Dark brown, almost black, locks just like Dad, freckles peppering her face just like me, mysterious eyes that look like a wide mix of colours just like Sam. The resemblance is quite striking actually.

The three of us turn to watch the stairs as Y/N comes bounding down them,

“Mom, can I go- why are you all staring at me like that?” She pauses to give us all a bemused look. “Am I in trouble or something? Cos it was already broke when I found it, I swear.” Y/N raises her hands in defence.

“Sweetie, can I talk to you for a minute? In the kitchen.” Clarissa motions with her head to the open door.

“But it wasn’t me!” Y/N whines jutting out her bottom lip before trudging into the kitchen.

“No, its about something else. And what’s broken?”

“Nothing!” Then I don’t hear much else after the door closes.

Sam and I sit in awkward silence for what feels likes an age, unsure of what to say and still processing this new information. Are there any more kids Dad secretly had that we don’t know about? And why would Amara and Chuck want us to find her? Our lives are messed up enough, we don’t need her getting sucked into it all. She has the perfect life here and it should stay that way; having Sam and I around is just a sure fire way to get killed.

“WHAT THE HELL?!” A screech comes from the kitchen as the mumbling grows louder. As the door swings open, Sam and I twist our heads around in unison. Y/N storms in, fumes practically coming from her ears and her fists clenched. “Is it true?” Her nostrils flare- for a kid she is quite terrifying when she’s angry.

“Is- is what true?” Sam stutters.

“Are you my brothers? Was John your dad too?”

“Um, yes?” My answers comes out like a question and it’s clearly not what she wanted to hear. Letting out a half groan/ half scream, Y/N stomps out through the front door, slamming it behind her and causing the whole house to shake.

“Um, should we… Should we go after her or somethin’?” I turn to Clarissa.

“No, let her calm down and come back when she’s ready. She’s always had quite a short temper.” She sighs, rubbing her thumb and forefinger over her forehead. “But I have to say that could’ve gone better.” She gives a delirious laugh. Gee, you think?