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An Ex From The Past


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: Your ex-boyfriend comes to town and hates the fact you’ve moved on, and he tries to win you back.

Side Note: Y/EB/N = Your Ex-Boyfriends Name

It was a call you never thought you’d receive. Your good for nothing ex-boyfriend had somehow got a hold of your new phone number, and announced he was in town. Panic set in, Mac wasn’t back from work yet and you hated the idea of being alone with your ex.

The doorbell rang causing your body to freeze. The options were to pretend that you weren’t home, but your car was sitting pretty in the drive way so that wouldn’t work. The next option was to slam the door in his face, you liked it but nonetheless it was a risky move. The last option was one that you hated but seemed to be the best, to get this over with quickly and hope that Mac comes back real soon.

Opening the door, Y/EB/N was standing there a sight that now made your stomach turn. The break up was messy and didn’t end well. You swore of men after that, but then Mac walked into your life and showed you how a person should love another, things changed. He was caring, thoughtful, sweet, compassionate, loving, handsome and so many other qualities that made you fall in love with him quickly and suddenly.

Now a year later and the two of you were as solid as a rock. There had been hardships but not even those could break apart the relationship.

“What do you want Y/EB/N?”. You asked, not caring if it sounded rude.

He greeted you with a smile, but you knew better and was prepared for whatever ulterior motive he had. “Is that anyway to speak to someone that you shared memories with?”.

“I call you an ex for a reason. Now if your done wasting my time, I have other things that require my attention. Things that I actually want to spend my time on as opposed to standing here and talking to you”. Getting ready to slam the door in his face, Y/EB/N prevented that by jamming his foot in between the door.

“That’s harsh Y/N, even for you. Come on, I just want to chat”. He smirked and it made you feel physically sick.

Y/EB/N casually invited himself into the home you shared with Mac and it made you feel the upmost level of discomfort. You broke up with him for several reasons, but the biggest being that he treated you horribly. He was always ready to call out your faults but never his own.

“You have to be invited in to someone’s house, and I did not say that you could come in. So please leave!”. The tone you used was direct and cold. But as per usual he wasn’t listening.

“Y/N relax, I just want to hang out like old times. I’ve missed you, I’ve missed what we had”. He looked around and stopped when he saw a photo of you and Mac, the two of you were smiling. Picking up the next one beside it, it was of you and Mac kissing. Y/EB/N scoffed and put that one facing down.

Slowly making your way over to the bench, you reached for your phone and sent a S.O.S to Mac. While typing out another with the letter “x”. It was a safety measure that Mac put in place if your ex ever came to visit while he wasn’t home. Placing the phone back to where it was, Y/EB/N turned around. “Angus Macgyver”, he read picking up the mail that was laying on the coffee table. “What kind of name is that?”, he mocked and threw it back.

“He goes by Mac and his more of a man that you are. So if you’re done insulting the man I love, use the front door to be on your way out”. Maybe the wasn’t the smartest thing to say, but at this point you didn’t care, you just needed him to leave.

Just in time, you heard Mac’s car pull up the driveway. Y/EB/N must of heard it too because you could tell that he was panicking. He quickly muttered, “Fine I’ll go. Just came by to say a simple hello”. Watching as he made his way out the back door, as he was rushing to get out he knocked a table, causing the vase of flowers that were sitting beautifully on top to fall.

Mac came rushing in, “Where is he?”. His voice low and protective.

“He left as soon as he heard the car come up the driveway”, you replied bending down to pick up the glass from the broken vase.

“Did he hurt you?”, Mac stepped forward with his hands in a fist.

Throwing the glass in the bin, you inhaled deep and noticed that you were shaking. Mac rushed on over and pulled you into his embrace. “No, I’m just overwhelmed. I never thought I’d see him again. So him calling and showing up so unexpectedly took me by surprise”.

Mac rubbed your back and kept his eyes firmly on the back door. “His not coming near you again, I’ll make sure of that”.

Pulling away, you placed both hands on Mac’s chest. “I told him that you are more of a man than he is”.

His face lit up. “Oh yeah, that’s my girl. Knowing him, that must of been a blow to his ego”. You couldn’t help but smile at that thought. Mac grabbed your hand, “I don’t want to talk about him anymore. Let’s just lock the doors and go to bed. Because right now I want to spend quality time with my girlfriend”. He put emphasis on the my and Mac cheekily kissed you.

Following him down the hallway, you felt a lot safer with Mac around. “How can I argue with that”. Responding as the two of you entered the shared bedroom.

There was nothing better than being in the arms of the person you love and Mac was that person. Your ex couldn’t compare and seeing him again just proved to you that the choice to break up with him, was the best decision you ever made.

anonymous asked:

Jesus Christ, why do find Ozai hot?

Umm, this is an ambiguous question. You’re missing a noun there, so I’m going to try to answer this as generally as possible.

If you’re asking why I, Seyary, find Ozai hot? It’s because he is.

Look at the man:

Appreciate the smoulder. The perfectly manly jawline. That fucking ridiculously lustrous hair he probably gets combed thrice a day because he’s a diva. DEM CHEEKBONES.

I’m sorry. Even better smoulder. (I did not tweak this screenshot somebody please help me I can’t stop laughing!)

And he’s ripped as heck. Dorito proportions, six pack, wtf Ozai. Stop working out so much, you need to give other guys a chance.

Now, that’s my personal opinion on him. But since I’m not sure if you were asking about me, I’m going to address all possibilities from your question:

“Jesus Christ, why do you find Ozai hot?” could mean you’re asking Jesus Christ instead of me. No intent to offend any Christians with this answer of course, but Jesus has always been a man who was very kind-hearted, loved everyone even if they hated him, advised his followers to love even their enemies. Jesus Christ would tell you, Anon, that Ozai is hateful but you don’t have to be. The kingdom of heaven will be open for you if you’re not as hateful as Ozai. So hating Ozai is not something Jesus Christ would approve of (I went to catholic school, I’d know!), and denying his hotness just out of spite is a hateful practice. So don’t do it.

More importantly, the Bible’s ten commandments also establish that you mustn’t lie. The ninth commandment, was it? So Jesus Christ would not have lied and claimed Ozai wasn’t hot when Ozai is actually hot. He would have said Ozai is a very cruel man who needed to see the light from God, but he would have never thought Ozai was ugly out of spite for all the hideous things he did. So this is why Jesus Christ would hypothetically not deny that Ozai is hot.

Now, maybe the problem isn’t me or Jesus Christ. Maybe the question was meant to be: “Jesus Christ, why do I find Ozai hot?!”, alluding at you suffering from a severe crisis where you’re realizing Ozai is in fact hot as hell. Well, all the previous explanations apply. If you’re having such a crisis, don’t feel bad. We all know he’s hot. Doesn’t make him less of an asshole.

Nickelodeon say he’s hot too, see?

So maybe you were asking why did Nickelodeon say he was hot? I mean, I did post this screenshot once before so maybe that’s what prompted this ask… 

Anyways, fact of the matter is, Ozai was indeed designed to look like an older, scar-less Zuko. It was a cruel play from Bryke to make Zuko fans scream in outrage because they wanted to hate every little thing about Ozai, but if they hate his looks out of spite, they’re hating the image their beloved Zuko will have in the future (just, Zuko is scarred, of course). So yes. It’s hilariously cruel but it’s actually pretty funny. Ergo, even Zuko fans are forced to say Ozai is hot despite how much they may hate him, because if you were to think Zuko is hot and Ozai is not, it means you’re into teenagers only and if you’re over 18 years old you probably should be more interested in fully grown men instead of teenagers…

Lastly: SCIENCE proves Ozai is hot.

See this?

Just look at all that fire. A candle’s fire, according to wikipedia, is at 1,500°F, 829°C. Just how much heat do you think this shithead is creating through his bending? Yes, Azula’s fire is way hotter but that doesn’t mean Ozai’s isn’t. Try putting your hand in a fireplace and don’t get burned. You can’t. You can’t touch Ozai without getting burned either. Cuz’ he’s hot and his fire is hot, too (and hella aggressive, I don’t think he’d like being touched by strangers). Get it?

Long story short, Anon, if you’re actually indignant that people find Ozai hot, if you are simply not attracted to hot maniac bastards who want to set the world on fire

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well that’s on you, really. But it’s not every day that Jesus Christ and Science would agree on something. I’d say regardless of which one you prefer, you should believe them. Just sayin’.

Yup, I hate this place

(please excuse my terrible writing and if you love school then great! I won’t judge you for that! It’s totally fine, I just had to use a cliche-ish thingy so yeah)

Yup, I hate this place

Peter Maximoff x reader

(You are a mutant who has technopathy which is basically able to control technology.

Basically you have to go to a normal school because your mum wants you to at least have a normal school life. Since she’s your mum you agreed. You and Peter are also dating but he can’t come with you because, well he just can’t and let’s leave it to that okay?)

I walked down the hallway that was crowded by teenagers. They gave me cold, hard stares as I shuffled forward to the office.

“Hi…I’m uhh the new student here..” I say awkwardly. The secretary darted her eyes to me and then back to the screen.

“Y/N Y/L/N?” she asked while her gum chewing echoed in the office.

“Uhh yes. That is me,” I say. She gave me a pink sheet that I indicate is a schedule.

I excused myself out which then I was cornered by two, I’m guessing, jocks, who gawked at me, like a hunter staring at their prey.

“Oh what do we have here? Are you lost sweetheart?” the first jock asked who seemed to try to seduce me with his voice but ultimately failed.

“No, I am not lost, so can you please get out my way,” I coldly say while making the second almost flinch but just shrugged it off.

“No no sugar, we’ll show you around,” adding a disgusting wink at the end who, hem hem, tried to seduce me. Keyword is tried.

They scowled at me and turn away to their group of “friends” and girls with loads of heavy make-up.

I led my way over to history, which was pretty far. I seated myself to the back corner to be unseen and uninterrupted which failed. I was beamed at multiple times but no one seems to really care which I was totally fine with. A chick with dyed blond hair, caked in makeup, who also wore VERY revealing clothes, that wore high heels to manipulated people on what her actual height was came by to say something.

“Oh hi!” she says putting on a fake smile. “I’m Amanda (AN: Sorry if your name is Amanda, you could change it if you want) and you are..?”

“Y/N,” I respond. Before she could reply, the teacher came in, carrying his suitcase full of mystery.

“Okay class settle down and turn your textbook to page 293,”

Everything was a blur. Each class I had to introduce myself, yati yati, but right now it’s my last block. One of my options block. Of course since one of the options was coding I had to do it.

Everyone sat down and started typing away so I commanded myself to do the same thing. There was half of popular peers because they could do whatever they wanted and then there’s the other half full of nerd I guess they would call them. That’s when it started going downhill.

Well so we had a lockdown. And I know what you’re all saying, “Oh what that’s not that bad!” oh no hun you don’t know the reason why. Well apparently this school is kinda…well..anti-mutant. So a mutant (possibly me) was found and probably getting hunted down right now as I hear stomps behind the wooden doors and yells of commands and stuff.

So we had to hide in this corner because apparently corners are now the place you should go under an “attack” and that’s the most important and safest place to go, not a dumb idea at all! Anyway it’s been at least an hour and I was suppose to be home but yeah. Men (and women, don’t forget about equalization in our country) started filing in and talking to the teacher. For what I could hear over the talking, crying and the jocks who say they can beat up this “stupid” mutant, it was something mutant all right. They say that they saw a blur of silver. Omg Pietro Maximoff what are you doing here. After I thought that a flash occurred making all the papers to fly and swoop down. All the gunmen and gun women flash their guns up faster than you could say twinkie.

Suddenly it seems that all their bullets disappeared huh. They frantically look around until the one and only, Peter Maximoff stood there with a sheepish gin on his face.

“Y-you! You’re t-the m-mutant who broke in here! State your purpose!”a gunman demanded. Peter just shrugged.

“Why I can’t see my girlfriend? I’m sorry but is that illegal or something?” Peter asks. The popular girls started gossiping on which, I quote on quote, “freak” that’s dating him. I did hear someone say that he was kinda hot so that started and now they’re basically fighting over who his girlfriend is, how they’re gonna kill them and who gets Peter after. After like 42543 years later, I had enough. I wanted to go home, catch up on some seasons of Supernatural and stuff. So I said screw it, took Peter’s hand and dragged him off which kinda startled kinda started a few officers but whatever. So umm…yeah. Let’s just say that I’m never going back to any normal school again, just stick to Charles’s and spend more time with Peter.

I told my Mum to screw herself, just kidding she is my mother. I told her that I’m moving back to Charles’s school which she objected at first but then realised that I don’t really belong to those schools. (oh and Peter was there and she pretty much adores Peter) So yeah….my awkward first and last day of non-mutant school. It was a journey and I’m just glad that I was able to maintain a normal lifestyle and, just kidding I hated it and I don’t want to go back to that hell hole. Bye!

Mock me

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Member: Mingyu

Genre: Smut

Mingyu X Reader

Anonymous asked:Hi I just wanted to say that I love your account and enjoy it a lot. Can I ask for a smut where you’re teasing mingyu Infront of the guys and he ends up taking you home to give you your punishment. Thank you so much ❣✨

“How was New York? I’m really bummed I couldn’t go.” An in bed Wonwoo said to you and the twelve guys that surrounded him. He was bed ridden, forced to stay and rest while the other boys continued with the schedule. He hated being in bed and not being with his members, if it weren’t for his acute gastritis he’d be causing chaos with his best friend, your boyfriend Mingyu who hated that his best friend wasn’t with him.

“It was super cool, I loved it, I want to go back.” Vernon spoke up.

“Yeah it’s was the best. It would’ve been better if you were there.” Jeonghan said silence seeping into the dorm. You all had so much to say but didn’t want to in fear that it seemed like you were all showing off to poor Wonwoo.

“Wonwoo-yah look at how cool this is.” Your boyfriend Mingyu spoke up breaking the silence. He takes out the light saber the guys and him had gotten while in New York from the big Disney store bag he was holding. He had made sure to buy Wonwoo everything he had boughten himself to make sure his bestfriend felt included despite the fact he wasn’t able to go.

“It’s super cool! Did all of you guys get one?” He asks quietly.

“Yeah hyung, of course we did.” An excited Dino says taking the light saber in hand turning on the lights and noises the toy had.

“Don’t think I forgot about you Wonwoo. I got you one too!” Mingyus says voice excited and full of pride.

“You could barely get it for him.” Jun said and you recalled the trip to Times Square , where it was their mission to head to the Disney store and get the light sabers.

The store was packed and the boys made a beeline to the light sabers for there were only 13 out on the floor, one of which a kid no older than eight ended up arguing with your boyfriend to get one. But of course he wouldn’t let the boy get it, it was for his best friend so there he was repeating “no child” at the kid.

“Y/N-ssi had to explain to the kids mother why her boyfriend wouldn’t let go of the extra light saber.” Seungkwan said giggling as he recalled you explaining why he was repeating ‘no child’ and why it was so important to him to keep the toy.

Mingyu groans as the guys start to laugh at the fact he was arguing with an eight year old in limited English over a toy.

“Guys come on. I’m the third best at English!” “No child.” You say at him. The boys around you start laughing, Mingyu’s iconic line from the trip will never die down no matter how much he hoped it would.

He smiles widely as he walks towards you, he takes ahold of your hand while the boys continue to laugh.

“You won’t be saying no child when I make you moan out my name Y/N.” He whispers in your ear and you’re taken aback.

“Mingyu..” you manage to say. He smirks at your shaky response and snakes his hand around you to pull him close to him. You can feel his prominent bulge against you and you feel yourself shake at your core. He wants to take you right then and there for mocking him, it’s taking all his self control not to do so.


“You can’t just say that to me when all the boys are around.” You whisper as the boys continue talking about how beautiful time square is and how much they love shake shack.

“Oh I can do whatever I want.” He says as peppers kisses on your neck. You sigh in pleasure but feel awkward due to the twelve boys in the room.

He directs his attention from your neck to the boys, “We’re going to head back now and get some food. Wonwoo get better hyung.” He grabs you by the arm and pulls you away before you could say anything to the boys.

“Hey!” You begin to say but are silenced by your needy boyfriend desperate to teach you a lesson.

“Mock me again and I’ll take you wherever we are, got it?”

You pout as you get dragged from the hospital Wonwoo is staying at to the dorms a couple blocks away.

“Mingyu I’m sor-”

“I asked if you got it.” He turns to look at you, his pupils a dark brown color filled with lust.

“I’m sorry-” he turns to look at you eyes rolling at your inability to listen to him. He wants to teach you to never mock him again.

“Did I ask for an apology or did I ask you whether or not you understood the fact you don’t mock me unless you want me to have you yell out my name in public.” The dominance in his voice turns your legs into puddy, he was so hot when he wanted to assert his dominance so you didn’t mind the punishment.

“Yes, I got it I won’t mock you again.” You reply but you knew that it wouldn’t be enough for him until he has you sprawled open for him.

“Good girl, now let’s hurry home so I can guarantee you will no longer do so.”

You’re seated in between his legs, his head is tossed back as he groans out in pleasure. The wetness between your legs only seems to be growing by the minute; his moans and groans only seem to be making you wetter. Your hair is caught up in between his fingers and your delighted in the fact you have him so at pleasure.

“Y/N..fuck.” He groans as your teeth slightly graze him.

You lightly kiss his tip and smile up at him admiring him; the strands of hair that stick to his sweaty forehead, his closed eyes and parted lips… wow he was so hot.

“Y/N did I say you could stop?” He says snapping you back to reality. You look up at him innocently hoping he’d finally touch you. You stand up and place your hands on his shoulders. You stare down at him as he looks at you curiously. “What do you think you’re doing, Y/N?”

“I can’t take it anymore I want you to touch me Mingyu.” You pout as you straddle him, your wet clothed heat grinding against his bulging cock he groans as he feels the contact. You grind down your hips even harder against him to feel something, anything.

“Naughty girls only get more punishment, you know that Y/N.” He grabs you by the arms and puts you down on the couch so you’re laying down underneath him.

“You think you can mock me and then do as you please you naughty girl. You want punishment you’ll get it.” He says voice deep and laced with desire and dominance.

“I’ll touch you alright.” He begins to lower himself down on you, his dark brown eyes filled with hunger. He peppers kisses in between your thighs until he’s finally at your mound and plants a kiss. He pushes your legs open and takes a long lick savoring you.

“God your so wet.” You whimper as his tongue keeps on tracing you. He sucks slightly on your clit and you can’t help but squirm.

He brings his two fingers to your dripping core and lightly runs them along you before dipping them inside you. He slowly begins to pumps his fingers in and out of you as you moan out.

“That feels so good Mingyu-ah.” You moan as his lips attach to your clit again as he fingers you. Your chest rises as your breathing becomes more erratic. You can here him lapping up your juices as his tongue traces out his name against your pussy. You find your hands sliding down your body and attaching themselves to his soft dark brown hair.

He takes his fingers out of you and uses them to spread open your folds and lick you. He pulls his mouth away to look up at you, your juices dripping down his mouth.

“I told you you couldn’t touch daddy today unless daddy told you so baby.“You feel yourself on the verge of cumming as your legs clamp shut against him.

He pulls away and tsks at you, “Not just yet baby.” He brings his fingers to your mouth and you take them licking your juices clean from them. He’s so aroused seeing you lick his fingers like that. You get him so worked up, he wants to fuck you into oblivion but he wants to see you a whimpering begging mess before he can do so.

He rises from the couch and pulls off his shirt in one swift move, your mouth practically watering at the sight of his toned and defined chest. You lean up and wrap your arms around his neck to pull him down to you, you take his lips into yours. As you do so you reach down to his crotch and begin to wrap your hand around his length. You slowly jerk him and he moans into your mouth, he’s angry that he’s turning into puddy for you. He doesn’t like that he’s letting himself be controlled by you but by god you looked so fucking good.

“Come on Mingyu you know you want me to do this.” You all but moan against his lips. He lowers his hips so you feel his cock against your thigh.

“Want daddy to fuck you baby.” He says voice deep as you continue to stroke him.

“Yes please I want you so bad daddy.” You whine. He moves his hips so he’s rubbing against your throbbing pussy, his tip touching your clit every now and then. His teasing is driving you insane,all you want to do is put him inside of you but you know that if you do he won’t fuck you and you definitely do not want that. He takes your hands in his and puts them above you and spreads your legs wider.

“You think you can get daddy weak for you baby. I’ll have you yelling my name in no time and we’ll see whose weak for who.” He pushes himself into you suddenly and you gasp at the full feeling. He picks up the pace in no time, his cock deliciously filling you up. He takes your right nipple into his mouth sucking and lightly biting it causing you to let out a loud moan. His hips are angled perfectly as well so that he’s hitting your g-spot and leaving you feeling so good you whimper his name.

“I love how you fuck me daddy. You make me feel so good.” He takes his hands from your hands above your head and sets them around your neck and lightly applies pressure so he’s choking you.

“You move your hands and daddy won’t let you cum today baby.” You nod in agreement biting your lip in pleasure. With every swift movement of his hips he seems to be burying himself deeper into you and you feel yourself about to cum. He feels that you’re about to reach your high and stops pulling himself off of you and pulling you up as well.

“Bend over baby I want to see you arch your back for daddy.” And you do as he says positioning yourself in all fours to receive whatever Mingyu will give you. He moves near you aligning himself with your entrance, moving his hand on your back and pushing your upper body down so your ass is up high and your chest and face are pressed into the bed. He slowly pushes into you filling you up slowly and deliciously. You begin to bounce against him shivering every time you go too forward and his cock seems to slip out.

“Oh my god.” You moan out as his hand lowers down to pinch and play with your clit. “Please let me cum daddy! Oh please.” You whine as he pushes against you at the same time you push against him. His other hand moves to your hair and he slightly tugs at it.

“Why should I let my baby cum? Will she mock me again if i do?”

“No daddy I promise I won’t but let me cum, I want to cum all over you please!” The pace of his fingers on your clit quickens as he leans down his lips near your ear and neck and he begins to pepper kisses.

You finally let go due to the way he’s pounding into you, the way his fingers trace on your clit and the way his lips leave a cooling sensation on your neck.

“MINGYU!” You moan out loudly as you fall apart on him. It’s euphoric and all you see is him, you tilt your head up to look at him and see his eyes shut close and his brows scrunch together. He’s close too the way you tell his name only seemed to push him over and soon he’s cumming inside you. His accelerated breathing and low pants echoing around you two. He pulls out of you and falls on the bed, sweat running down his forehead. You wipe it off and cuddle next to him, his arm instinctively wraps around you.

It seemed as if though he missed being inside you more than he missed being apart from his best friend.

Wanted this out as a little thanks to you guys for over 400 subscribers. Thank you and I truly appreciate you guys for enjoying my work. I promise to improve and hope you enjoy.


You are in the grocery store grabbing some food for yours and Steve’s apartment. Quickly you glance down at the list, checking off the box next to cereal. From the corner of your eye you swear you see your boyfriend. “Babe?” You ask, stepping closer to him. “Did you get a haircut? I thought you were on a mission? Where’d you get this jacket; you look really hot in it…”

You smirk, grabbing the black leather jacket with both hands. Something feels different but you shake it off. “Thanks hot stuff!” He grins. Blinking for a second, your face heats up. Usually he only calls you sweetheart or love in public, but this…kinda turns you on.

“How about we go home, Captain?” A smile breaks out on your face and you grab his hand. It’s really warm. “Wow your hands are warm!” You state, putting the groceries on the checkout area. Steve’s hands were almost always cold.

He helps place the different items on the area, “Well, you did say I was hot, gorgeous.” He smirks, leaning against the metal. You shake your head, swiping your card in the machine. “So…when we get home…what are we gonna do?” He asks in a suggestive tone, raising an eyebrow.

You pick up a few of the plastic bags with a curious expression. “Make food? I don’t know, maybe watch a movie? Unless you have other plans that I don’t know about.”

“I can think of a few.” He shrugs as both of you walk to the car. You get in and flick the engine on.

As you start driving, you cough, glancing over at Steve. “What do you want for dinner tonight?” You ask with a smile. He just shrugs and grabs your hand. “Okay, I’ll pick then.”

When you get to the house, you begin to prepare the lasagna while Steve’s in the bathroom. Under your breath you hum a song that randomly comes to mind. As you place another layer of cheese in the pan, your phone buzzes against the stone counter and you check the caller. Steve? Your eyebrows furrow together, “Hello?” You ask through the speaker.

“Huh. I usually get an hyper ‘baby!’ when I call.” Steve laughs, “Anyway, I’m on my way home right now. I’ll be there in like five minutes and then I’ll help make din-”

“Wait, Steve?!” You whisper-scream, clutching the countertop and looking at the bathroom door. “You-You’re home right now though!”

There’s a silence. “Uh, what? Love, I’m not-”

“Then there’s a man that looks exactly like you in the bathroom!” You cut him off. Peering around, you grab the closest thing next to you; which is a frying pan.

“Okay, calm down. I’ll be right there sweetheart. Remember; gun in the bedroom. I’m almost home.” He says in a rush, hanging up.

You nod to yourself, gripping the metal pan handle as the door to the bathroom swings open. The man emerges, walking into the kitchen, “Something smells goo- Woah, what’s up with the frying pan?” He exclaims, raising his arms up.

You hold the frying pan close to him, “Who. The. Hell. Are. You?” You manage to get out through heavy breaths.

He smirks, outstretching one hand towards you. “Johnny. Johnny Storm. But I also go by a number of nicknames; hot stuff, sexy, Human Torch.” His fingertips set on fire, making you jump a little. “The last ones kinda my alter ego; probably heard of me.” He laughs as you put the frying pan to his chest.

The sound of the door opening startles the both of you. You relax when you see the super soldier but keep the pan still. “Y/N, thank god- what the…” He sighs, coming up behind Johnny and grabbing his arms. “Who the hell are you and why do you look like me?” Steve snaps.

Johnny struggles in the soldier’s grasp, “For one; I’m Johnny Storm.” He grunts, jerking around, “And, no idea. Why do YOU look like ME?!” He fires back, raising his eyebrows.

As the two guys argue, you keep a hold of the handle. The resemblance is uncanny. “We should go to Bruce or Tony or anyone!” You interrupt. “I’m sure Human Flame here has some questions like we do.” You stare at your boyfriend.

“Human Torch!”

Steve thinks for a moment and sighs. “Alright. Let’s go,”

“Wait. I need to call Ried.” Johnny pipes up, “He’s a scientist too!” He tilts his head up. Slowly the super soldier releases him and he rubs at his wrist, “Geez, how are you so strong.” He mutters, pulling his cell phone out of the black leather jacket pocket

Steve stalks over to you, watching the man talk on the phone. He glances down and laughs, yanking the pan from your grasp. “I say gun and you grab the frying pan?! We have a gun for a reason!”

“I panicked!” You whine, throwing your arms around his broad upper body, “I thought it was you…” Your voice muffled by his uniform. This is so creepy…

(Part 2?)


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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 914

A/N: Yet again another request (I am loving all the requests btw, so thank you to those who’ve sent them in!) asking for Christmas smut! And yes, I do know that Christmas has passed but let’s just pretend… I’ve also decided to combine it with another request for Y/N to speak in their native language in front of Shawn for the first time. I didn’t want to make it a specific language just so it’s generalised and everything :)


The first Christmas spent together is always the most daunting. It’s been over a year now since me and Shawn started dating but it’s the first time he’s spending an extended amount of time with my family. His tour finished a week ago now and he’s so relieved to be able to spend time with everyone he loves. My nerves couldn’t be controlled when I saw him walk through the door on Christmas Eve to join my family for our traditions. There is still so much that me and Shawn have to discover about each other and I’m so excited for that. Shawn is always so loving and caring and cute and he always compliments me which just makes the both of us blush. I never thought I would be able to find anyone remotely as dreamy as Shawn. But I did and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

“Y/N… Are you even listening to us?” My little sister stubbornly asks me, pulling me out of my daydream. I look around the table to see everyone’s eyes on me, making me realise just how long I must have been distant for.

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Home Again | 1

We are thinking of making this a series. Please tell us if this is good or not. 

Two || Three 

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“GET YOUR ASS UP!” Stephanie shouted. “Steph! Give me another hour!” I shouted back. She ripped the blanket off of me. “Get up Y/N!” “Fine! Just get out!” She rolled her eyes and walked out of the room. To better learn the way of the Korean culture my parents sent me to Korea to live with my sister Stephanie. Mom said I need to get in touch with the culture. To get a better understanding she sent me to live with Steph. Okay, first off that was a terrible choice. I just got here and she’s already nagging me.Well I got here last week. I was born here but I wasn’t raised here. My parents had this thing going on. They loved to travel. All of my older siblings were born in Korea but raised in the foreign country. My older brother, Junki, raised in Japan, therefore we know the Japanese language and the culture. My other brother, Byungho, raised in China, therefore we know the Chinese language and the culture. And Steph, raised in France. Then there’s me. I was raised in the states. I feel left out compared to my other siblings. Korean was my second language while it was my siblings’ first language. And because of that growing up was harder for me when my family from Korea would come and visit. They would insult how I spoke it and my pronunciation. They would also insult my Hangul writing because at the time it was bad but they always said I was a disappointment to the family. 

I didn’t understand the whole deal with learning Korean and the culture. I’m not even fully Korean. My family isn’t either so I don’t see why Korean had to be superior to our other culture. When I would ask my mom would just sweep it under the rug and just hit me with the “Because we love you.” And I would just take it. When Steph moved back she got a job as an intern at this entertainment company. I believe it’s called JYP Entertainment. She’s an intern there and she’s giving me a tour of the building. She even asked her boss if she could and somehow he said yes. And that day was today, I didn’t want to go but she’s forcing me to. She even got mom on her side. I just don’t want people looking at me weird for being mixed. I heard that attracts a lot of attention here in Korea. In the states you could walk around being mixed and no one would even care. But here, you’re judged and that’s one reason I didn’t want to come back but I was forced to. 

I got up and walked into the bathroom. I took a quick shower and just put on some clothes without really thinking about it. I gathered my hair into a ponytail and brushed my teeth. I walked out of the bathroom in some jeans and just a sweater. Steph walked in and her eyes widened. “You’re not going to JYP like that! Fix yourself!” “Fix your attitude.” I shot back. She has changed a lot since moving back. I don’t like it. She was my favorite sibling because we are the only girls out of 4 children, but I’m kinda rethinking my choice of having her in that position. Byungho isn’t too bad. “I don’t have time for your smart mouth! Let’s go.” She grabbed my wrist and pulled me. We walked out of her apartment and began to walk to where I believe the JYP building is. “So you walk to work everyday? Why don’t you have a car?” I asked probably annoying the hell out of her. “I don’t need a car to drive to work. JYP is just a few blocks away. And I need to exercise.” She answered letting go of my wrist. “Do you have a boyfriend you’re not telling mom and dad about?” “You sure do ask a lot of questions for a 14 year old.” “You sure do hide a lot of things for 20 year old.” She only rolled her eyes and continued to walk. 

When we got there I was amazed at all the people here. I hid behind Steph, I was too scared to speak. My pronunciation was still not the same. A man in a suit walked up to her. He bowed as did she. I just quietly stood behind her. The man looked at me with a smile. “This must be your little sister Y/N, right?” “Of course. She’s really shy when it comes to new people. Say hi.” It took a little bit because they were speaking Korean. “Hello. I’m Y/N. I’m sorry for my pronunciation if it’s bad.” “It’s fine. Your pronunciation is very good.” He said. I gave a shy smile. “You can give your sister that tour now. If you need anything, I’m in my office.” The man said before bowing and walking away. He must be her boss? Mr.Park I believe. “Come on. I’ll show you every spot I can go. But there are so rules. Well one. Don’t touch anything. Okay?” I only nodded. (A/N: Korean is in bold. English is not bold.) She took me on a long tour of the building. Though it was long there was a lot of places I couldn’t go. Or she couldn’t go. But one interested me the most. And that was the trainee rooms. There was a section dedicated to trainees and only trainees. It was weird that Steph couldn’t even take a step in there. Me? I don’t listen, well I do, but I don’t like to. Steph received a business call and she left me with a staff member who didn’t even care about me. I slowly walked to the trainee section of the building without attracting attention. I heard blaring music coming from one room. I looked through the window and saw a room full of people but there was one kid in the middle. Well I can’t call him a kid. I don’t know how old he is. 

He was dancing! Like really good. I honestly can’t dance. I’ve just never tried to. I never saw the point of me trying to dance but I did enjoy watching other dance and perform. I used to love when mom would take me to local recitals. My favorites were ballet and hip hop. I know they are two different ones but I loved those the most. There was the one female dancer I loved more than anything. Her name was Gigi Madrid (A/N: Made up. This is not a real person.) She did both ballet and hip hop. She could make anyone want to learn how to dance. I was one of those people, but I just didn’t follow through. But this guy, he was really really good. I smiled without realizing it. When the music stopped he looked over the window and winked at me. My eyes widened and my cheeks got hot. He was really cute. I pointed to myself and he nodded without anyone noticing. Am I blushing? “Y/N!” I turned around and saw Steph rushing toward me. I just looked down. “What the hell is wrong with you?! You can’t be here! You’ll get in trouble!” “I asked her to watch me.” I heard an unfamiliar voice. An unfamiliar guy’s voice. I looked behind her and saw the guy who winked at me. I felt my cheeks heat up once again. 

Steph turned around. “Kid, get back in there. You’re a trainee. Don’t worry about my sister.” “Ms. L/N, do you know I could tell management of your behavior and get your internship cancelled. Let her stay with me or else.” He threatened. I don’t like when people threaten someone close to me but for some reason when he did it I didn’t say anything. It was kinda hot that he wanted to spend time with and would do anything to do just that. He was good looking after all. She scoffed and walked off. “Thanks for that.” “No problem. I didn’t like that she was yelling at you. Have you eaten?” He asked. I just shook my head no. “I’m free right now. Let’s get you something to eat.” “You don’t have to. I could eat later.” I said. “You need to eat. Trust me. Think of it as a gift. I’m Park Jaebeom by the way. You can call me Jay.” “Y/N.” I said before smiling. 

This is the first chapter of a series we are thinking of making. Please let us know if we should continue this. Sorry for any mistakes. 

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The Neighbour

This is my first time publishing a fic/imagine so if there are any mistakes please ignore them. Hope you ‘enjoy’ it!

As it’s Antoine’s off today you decide to have a day in at the pool. You’re wearing your red bikinis which are Antoine’s favourite. You know he finds you really sexy in them. “Did I tell you that you look so fucking hot?” He says with a cheeky grin. 

He’s in the pool and you’re laying on the sunbed trying to get a good tan. You laugh at his comment. “Yes you did. About hundred times." 

 He shakes his head unbelievably and his wet hair splashes into your legs. "Wanna get in the water?” He asks with a smirk. You know what he has in mind but you’re so comfortable in your position, you shake your head no. “Laters.” You say with a wink. 

A few mins passes then a visitor comes through the door. “Hola!” says the visitor, Ronaldo. “Hey you!” You say getting up to greet him. You look at Antoine he’s not bothered, he just nods to Ronaldo. “

You look fab!” Ronaldo says examining you with an admiring look. “Thanks.” You say not sure what else to say about his comment. You invite him to Antoine’s sunbed which is right next to you. 

Antoine is still in the pool but he quit swimming, he’s on the side of the pool looking at two of you. “Again, sorry about the uefa award.” Ronaldo apologises to Antoine but instead of replying Antoine just shrugs. 

For about fifteen minutes you and Ronaldo hold on a really funny conversation. You certainly did not know he was this funny. All the stalker fans, crazy girlfriends… He has so many to tell. 

“Oh god your back is burning! Want me to put some spf on?” He suggests pointing at your back. Before you get a chance to reply he’s already up and applying spf to your back. It feels weird that it’s not Antoine who’s doing it. 

“Wanna take your fucking hands off my girlfriend?“ Antoine hisses and you realise that he’s out of water standing right in front of you. You are so confused that Antoine’s acting this way. "Baby, he was just trying to help.” You explain. But Antoine doesn’t even look at you, he’s too concentrated on Ronaldo.

Ronaldo gets up. “Calm down bro, no need for drama.” He says to Antoine with a calm voice. This makes Antoine even angrier. “If I see you even trying to come next to my girlfriend again it won’t be good for you." 

You’re shocked. Antoine rarely gets angry and you have never see him like this before. Ronaldo just shakes his head and leaves before something bad happens.

"I can’t believe you just did that.” You say looking at Antoine. “Well I can’t believe you flirted with him right in front of my fucking eyes!” He shouts. You can’t believe what he’s just said. “I did not flirt with him! I was just trying to be friendly unlike you!” You fire back. 

“Well don’t! This guy takes everything away from me.” He says with a softened voice. “I just got scared that he’ll take you too.” He sinks into the sunbed, looking down at his hands. 

Your heart melts. You sit next to him. “I love you so much. I won’t ever leave you.” You kiss his cheek. He looks at you with so much love that you feel like you’re going to explode. 

“Ever?” He asks smiling. “Ever.” You reply without hesitating. He pulls you into his lap. “Even though I’m gonna punish you for what you did?” He whispers into your ear. 

You giggle. “I love you for it.” You say as he starts kissing you passionately. You wrap your legs around him as he starts carrying you to the bedroom. “You’re not getting out of bed today.” He says out of breath.

When you’re minding your own business looking at pics of your bias and someone asks, “Who is she?”
This game is hilarious
  • Motoki: Whatever you do, do not fall in love with any of these guys.
  • MC: Ok.
  • (10 chapters later)
  • Motoki: WHAT DID I SAY?
  • MC: Sorry! He was just so hot and we get along and we like each other.
  • Motoki: JK! I'm happy for you.
  • Why did he warn the MC at the beginning? If a romance is presented as forbidden, but then at the end, you go "LOL nevermind," was it really forbidden in the first place?
  • *scratches head*
My Hero - Austin Carlile

Hiya, could you do a austin c /alan ashby one where you go to a high school reunion & you bump into your ex bf and he starts being really condescending to you & austin defends you then you go home and he says you’re perfect & smut/fluff love u guys x

Well you said Austin twice so I decided to do it with him. Wasn’t into writing smut so I left it implying… hope you like reading c: 2,379 words - written by Emma.

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Imagine while dating Dean, you find yourself pregnant, and think you're going to be a bad mom

Imagine while dating Dean, you find yourself pregnant, and think you’re going to be a bad mom.

Dean x reader

Word count: 1634

Author: Muffin

Warnings: hm… None really

Being a hunter, you’d never be in this situation. You loved Dean, he loved you, and maybe you two started doing things without protection. Every morning after, it ticked your mind, and you just brushed it off like the usual.

When you had thrown up in secret every morning, you grabbed a pregnancy test while on a run just to make sure. Just to make sure. You brain wracked as you drive to the motel, palms sweaty. You looked down at Baby, still sitting on the seat.

“Hey… You don’t think he’ll freak, right? You’ll always be his baby… But if there’s a little one in there,” you looked down at your stomach. “You’ll be given a run for your money.” And with that, you shut off the Impala, and went inside after locking her up. You slid the pregnancy test in your jacket before entering. “Hi guys!”

Sam’s eyes drifted up to the bag you held, and he gave you a questioning look. “Salad?” He asked. You nodded, taking it out and passing it to him.

“Hey baby.” Dean was immediately up, walking over, kissing you. “Ohhh you sweet girl,” he pulled out two pies, one pecan, his favorite, and the other chocolate, your favorite.

“Save those for the movie!” You called, going to the bathroom, closing the door. Locking it, you unwrapped the box and opened it as quiet as you could. Eyes wide, you looked at the directions, went to the bathroom, washed your hands and watched the stick. You pulled out the old pocket watch from your grandfather, watching the time. “Come on, come on…” You glanced back and forth, pacing, having taken your boots off. You toed the floor anxiously, biting your lip.

And there was the answer. You were pregnant. You lit up completely, hiding your squeals behind your mouth and shoving the stick in your pocket when Dean knocked.

“Y/N, you okay?” He asked from the other side of the door.

“I’m fine, Dean!” You smiled, washing your hands yet again, opening the door. You hugged him full force, and he stumbled a little, hugging you.

“Woah! You okay there?” Dean chuckled, smiling. His hands settled around you, and you smiled, kissing along his jaw.

“I’m perfect. Wait, no I’m not perfect but I’m just peachy!” You stood on your tip toes, kissing his nose. He blushed, and you ran to the couch, sitting down. “You coming to watch Sam?” You asked, and he got up, mid salad, sitting on his bed behind the pair of you.

Dean shrugged at Sam, who gave him a weird look, sitting down with his arm wrapped around you. The movie started, and within two and a half hours, two pies, a salad, and half a bag of popcorn had been consumed by the three of you and Dean was in food coma.

Wriggling out of his grasp, you felt subconscious about your belly, sitting on the bed across from Sam. “Sammy?…” You called softly, watching him look over, sipping on a beer.

“Yeah?” Sam’s eyes met your e/c ones, watching you tear up.

“C-can I tell you something?” You folded your arms over your stomach, sniffling. Moose sat up, worried now. Slowly but surely, you pulled out the test, passing it over to Sam.

“You’re pregnant?” The words came out shocked and a little concerned. Sam watched you break down, hugging you. “Oh god, Y/N… When did you find out?…” He asked, hearing your quiet sobs.

“E-earlier… I was so excited… B-but I’m gonna be a bad mom… All I know is… Is…” Your breath hitched at your past, not wanting to relive your abusive family after your immediate one died in a demon attack. After that, your little brother died when in that abusive hold. “Is the way it was at my Uncle’s and- and the little bit of my dad…” Tears rolled down your cheeks, and Sam held you tight.

“It’ll be okay… You won’t be a bad mom. I promise. You don’t want to be your uncle or your aunt, which will help you…” He rubbed your arm, holding you. “Dean can help too… He knows about kids, I know a little bit… You were there, helping us with the shifter baby…”

You laughed. “I sang it to sleep, fed it, and changed its diaper, it wasn’t a lot.” You rubbed your eyes, make up ruined.

“But that’s the thing… It was. You knew on instinct. You’ll be fine, I promise.” Sam reassured. “I’m gonna be an uncle Sammy!” He hugged you again, and you laughed, feeling at peace for the night.

The next morning came rapidly, and you slept later than usual. Dean had gone to get breakfast, leaving the motel to you and Sam. After throwing up a lot, you emerged, and Sam chuckled. “You aren’t too far along, huh? Maybe a month and a half?” He commented. “I was on google, and it said morning sickness comes along from three weeks to almost 3 months, and you would be showing if you were 2 months.”

“Morning sickness?” You heard the flutter of wings, screaming when Castiel appeared from nowhere. “Y/N is with child?” He asked, eyes turning to you. Scared to respond, you nodded. A small, awkward grin formed on the angel’s face, and you couldn’t help but laugh. “Does Dean know?” He approached you, asking silently to touch your stomach.

You nodded, and smiled. “Not yet. Sam and I were just talking about setting up the place to surprise him.” You told him, shivering as he touched your stomach. “What do you think?”

“Well, I myself do not know much about fledglings, or children, or parties, so do you care if I bring an angel who does know these things?” Castiel tilted his head slightly to the right, and you couldn’t help but aww. He was just so cute!

“No! Not at all, bring them down.” And not a moment later, you regretted your decison. The archangel Gabriel stood in the room, a smirk placed on his lips. “Gabriel, oh geez you-”

“You’re carrying Deano’s baby, I hear? Congratulations!” Gabriel smirked, chuckling under his breath. You hit him, and he winced. “Aww, you think you can hurt me. You’re really cute. Lift your shirt.” You gave him a horrified look, and his eyes widened, laughing. “Not like that, but you know you want to.” He winked.

Slowly, you lifted Dean’s oversized T-shirt up, Gabriel placing a hand on your not-showing belly. “Cassie here was right on target. Month and a half in, good for you!” He patted your abdomen, your shirt going down as you shifted uncomfortably. “I say we go with green. Big banner telling the hunter he’s gonna be a daddy-”

“Can I put something in here? How about no huge banner, please! He’s not like that, he’ll get freaked out…” You sighed worriedly. “And… what about me? I’m scared to death of having this baby!” All three men had stopped in their tracks, Gabe the first to speak.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, I didn’t mean to be so controlling. This is huge in the angel world, really. The righteous man’s girl is having a baby.” Gabriel had a soft smile. “What if…”

Later on that day, the four of you were ready, Castiel being taught by Sam how to play on the game system Dean had insisted getting a while back. You and Gabe were finished making the pie, and Gabe put his hands on his hips. “Well, I say we did a damn good job.” He touched the hot pie, adding the touch it needed. The door handle fumbled, and Gabe cooled it immediately before disappearing.

“Y/N, I’m here, sorry it took so long-” Dean paused mid sentence at the smell that entered his nose. Wow, it was heavenly. (No pun intended XD it just happened.) “Is that pecan pie?”

You turned your head up at his words, smiling slightly. “Yeah! It is! I made it myself… You wanna try it?” You asked, wiggling the pie in his direction. He nodded eagerly, setting the late food down. Grabbing a fork, he eyed it, waving.

“Hey Cas!” He dug in, eyes widening at the taste. Suddenly he was pushed into a vision Gabe had put in the pie, smiling. It was later on in your pregnancy, and he was kissing your belly tenderly, and then it went even farther by showing him holding the hidden baby in his arms… The vision went on, and when his head cleared, he saw Cas, Sam, and you surrounding him.

“So?… Are you in?” You asked, blushing darkly. He shook his head, looking up at you, standing. Dean cupped your head in his hands. “Dean… I’m having your baby.”

“Of course I’m in!” Dean yelled after a minute, kissing you deeply, lifting you off the ground. “Oh my god… A baby…”

“God is not a baby, I reassure you, Dean. She was telling you that she is having a baby.” Castiel nodded, and Sam laughed, rustling his hair. Dean did too.

“A baby… How far are you in?…” Dean questioned, rubbing your arm, a smile on his face as his forest green eyes locked onto yours. You smiled, hugging him yet again, fear kicking in.

“A month and a half… I’m so happy… but I’m really scared, Dean. Birth is nothing to joke with, I have seen too much sixteen and pregnant.” You shook your head. You couldn’t think like this, it was seven and a half months away.

“Baby… I know it will be scary, and confusing, but I will be there to help you… I promise.” Dean kissed you deeply, and you finally settled down. It was time to start your family, and you couldn’t wait.


There is no sass like Hardison’s sass in the middle of the convoluted conning of a con-man, involving chocolate, THE Nature, moonwalking bears, the front end of a horse, haikus and oh, yes, a cyber heist.

Neighbors with the allies

You heard him first. “Throw it over here, Dude!” That’s when you saw the football fly over your tall, wooden fence. It nearly hit you as it landed on the ground. You put down the box and picked up the ball. “Uh, Broski, could you hand that back?”

You looked up to see a blond man with a cowlick and a blush growing on his face peering over the fence. “This is yours?” He nodded before you handed up to him. “This is the perfect time for me to introduce myself. I’m (y/n), your new neighbor. You are?”

The ball thudded to the ground on the other side of the fence. “The name’s Alfred!” His blush was a bright red.“ He struggled to stay up that high as he said, “Would you like to join my brother and me for some grub? We’ve cooked enough for one more!” You nodded and laughed. “Just come to the gate in the front!”


The house wasn’t very big, and neither was the neighborhood. Within thirty minutes you had met everyone on your street and had been invited over several times. There was one person that you hadn’t met, and it was the person who live right next to you. The chance presented itself to you when their mail was delivered to the wrong house.

The door opened almost as soon as you knocked. The smell of syrup welcomed you. “Oh, hello there,” the man who opened the door said. “How can I help you?”

You held up the mail. “This was in my mailbox. Just thought I’d give it to you!” You handed it to him. “I’m (y/n)! I just moved in next door!” He was a little attractive, and you didn’t know what to do.

“Thank you!” He pushed his glasses up his nose. “I’m Matthew. Hopefully I’ll see you again.” You exchanged your farewells before turning around and going back home.

Your new neighbor was always cooking. They had started when they moved in and everyday after that, and it smelled delicious. You could never make your own food smell that good, and you were a bit jealous. You wanted to meet your neighbor that could cook so well.

That wish was granted when someone knocked on your door. You opened it to find a man with a long ponytail carrying a pan. He seemed frazzled. “I’m sorry! My stove is acting all wonky! Can I make my dinner over here?” The smell was wafting to your nostrils. “I’m Yao if that persuades you any.”

You pointed at the half cooked dish. “If I let you in, can you make that for two?” He sighed loudly before nodding, obviously annulled. “Sweet! Come on in!”

Even though you had lived in the apartment complex for a year, you never had time to get to know your surrounding neighbors. There was always one though. This neighbor played their music too loud and was up at ungodly hours of the night. Sometimes, it made your jaw clench and your hands shake. This carried on until you decided to do something about it.

It was one a.m. when you began banging on their front door. The music didn’t even stop when the door opened for you. There stood a young man in his pajamas with a book in hand. “Can I help you?” He seemed confused. Understandable.

You blushed a bit. “Oh no, you’re hot.” He chuckled. “Did I jut say that out loud?”

He nodded. “Yes you did.” He leaned against the doorframe. “I’m Arthur.”

“(Y/n).” You pinched the bridge of your nose. “Don’t distract me! I came over to tell you to turn your music down! It’s way too loud!”

He gave you a thumbs up. “Sleep tight, Love.”

You didn’t exactly know his name. You didn’t really need to. All you needed was to gaze upon his beauty from afar. Every evening, he’d prune his rose bushes. It was the perfect time for you to wash dishes and glance at him from time to time. It was going alright, until today.

It was the regular routine. Wash dishes. Stare at the beautiful man. There was a pause to wash another dish before looking up, and when you did, he was gone. That was right. You continued to dry the dishes before a small tap came from your window. The man with hella good hair was standing right there.

He motioned for you to open the window, and that you did. “Hello,” he stated with a smile.

“Oh, Uhm, hello. How can I help you?” He put a rose on the window sill. “Oh.”

“I saw you watching me. Understandable.” He twirled his own hair. “I’m Francis. What’s your name?”

“(Y/n).” You picked up the flower carefully.

“Well, (y/n), feel free to stare anytime, but, trust me,” he began to walk away, “I’m much better up close.”

The big house next to you had always been lived in. Out of the four people that lived there, three were skittish. Each time you had tried to talk to them, they cowered away. It was weird. You thought for a while that there was a possibility that they simply didn’t like you. To set that straight, you baked them a cake.

You marched right up to the doorstep and knocked. A second later, the teenage boy answered the door. “Hello there. My name’s (y/n)! I live next door.”

The boy nodded. “Oh yes. We know you. What do you have there?” You stretched out your arms. “Cake! I love cake!” He took it from you. “Come on in, you must meet Mr. Ivan!” He took you into a large parlor complete with an equally large man standing in front of the fire. “Mr. Ivan, this nice person baked us a cake. I told them that they had to meet you!”

He scurried away, leaving you with the man. “I’m (y/n). I live next door!” He turned. You about froze in your spot. He was cute and intimidating all at once. “You must be Mr. Ivan,” you chuckled nervously.

“Yes I am.” His boots made a loud footstep as he walked towards you. “I have to know, what kind of cake is it?”