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Hot Water

Pairing: Theo x Reader (bc I’m theo trashhh)

Warnings: swearing, blood and mentions of injuries, not quite smut but flirting, nakedness and undressing, couple being in a bath together (but not like smutty, it’s actually rlly fluffy) (but at one point it’s kind of heated so yeah)

Summary: Y/N gets worried that Theo forgot about their plans, but it turns out he got hurt badly somehow while with the Pack. So, Y/N being the amazing girlfriend she is, helps give him a bath to clean off all the dirt and blood all over him.

A/N: can we just all take a moment of appreciation for tHEO rAEKEN. like seriously, this boy is finally being brought into the Pack and I’m LiViNg for it. Hope you enjoy this cute little fic I wrote today and thx for 100 notes on the last one ;)


I sigh, standing in front of the mirror, just staring at my reflection. The bags starting to form under my eyes were absolutely hideous. I’d been up since 10 pm waiting for Theo, who said he’d be here by then. I reach out, over the bathroom sink, grabbing my phone and looking at the time. 1:47 am, and still no sign of him.

I was honestly starting to get worried. It wasn’t like him to forget about plans, and on the rare occasion that it did slip his mind, as soon as he remembered he would send me a text. But, no, no text.

I start getting restless, my mind reaching crazy impossibilities like he’d been captured by Gerard or maybe Scott stopped thinking he’d changed from his old ways and just killed him. I shake my head, dismissing the ideas that were clouding my common sense.

My unsteady hand moves forward, grasping the sink handle and pulling it, a stream of water pouring down the spout. I cup my hands together, bending over and splashing the pool of water into my face.

I pull out the top drawer below the sink, retrieving my hairbrush and beginning the task of calming the wild strands splaying across my head. It kept me busy for a while, until the thoughts of Theo came flooding back into my mind.

I click the power button of my phone on again, seeing that it was now 3 am. I gave in, tapping onto his contact and pressing his phone number. No answer. I try again. No answer.

I groan, pushing both of my hands into my hair, combing it back. My brows lift and my eyes light up. Before I can rethink my action, I dial Scott’s number.

It rings once, my foot tapping impatiently. It rings again, my teeth digging into my bottom lip. “Y/N?” A panicked voice asks.

“Scott? What’s wrong?” I ask, hearing some wailing in the background, and the terrible engine of Roscoe.

“Y/N, we’re coming over to your place right now!” Scott shouts, the worry in his voice making my anxiety rise.

“Scott-” I begin, but he hangs up. I look at my reflection with wide eyes, hoping that nothing too bad had happened.

I leave the bathroom, going down the hall to my bedroom and throwing on one of Theo’s oversized t-shirts over my nightgown. I call out for my parents, but no one answers, meaning they decided to book a hotel room instead of driving an hour back home. Thank god for weekly date night.

I rush down the wooden staircase, my heart pounding as I open my front door. I’d rather sit on the front steps, basking in the moonlight, where I could see the blue Jeep pull up, rather than wait inside.

After what feels like forever in the warm, summer air, I hear a car driving down the far end of my street. I perk up, standing to peer over the bushes blocking my view. I let out a breath I was holding in, feeling the happiest I’ve ever been, seeing that worn down Jeep.

Stiles parks Roscoe dead in front of the path that leads to where I’m standing, Scott jumping out, even before it fully stops. He runs to me, closing his eyes and taking in a deep breath. He grabs onto my shoulders with his hands. “He’ll heal, okay? Just remember that,” he whispers.

“What?” I query, my hands shaking. I wiggle my way out of his grasp, looking over his shoulder, physically weakening at the sight.

Theo stands limply, wincing as Malia and Stiles try to help him get into the house. My breathing quickens, Lydia emerging from behind him, running over to me and wrapping me in a hug. “It’ll be okay,” she whispers. I take in a deep breath, managing to nod in response.

As he gets closer, my eyes trail over the rips in his clothes, the gashes in his chest, and how he’s basically covered head to toe in blood. His cool blue eyes meet mine, in a sort of determination, his movements becoming faster.

He reaches me with the help of Stiles and Malia, Stiles moving so that I can take his place. I gently lift Theo’s arm over my shoulder, trying my hardest to not break at how hard he’s trying to conceal his pain from me. I don’t care about the droplets of bright red dripping down his face as I kiss his cheek.

“Are- they h-” his voice is hoarse, so I stop him, my hand resting on his chest.

“Stop pushing yourself,” I whisper soothingly, knowing that him trying to talk right now, was not going to help anyone. “And no, my parents aren’t home. They’re staying at some hotel for the night.”

He gives me a forced smile, and I motion to upstairs, silently asking if he thinks he can reach the top. Being who he is, he nods firmly. “Okay, let’s just take it slow,” I whisper and he nods again.

Malia lets go of his right side, so he can grip onto the railing himself, but I stay by his left side, taking each step slowly with him.

“There you go,” I encourage. “Only two more steps till the top.” He groans, pausing and taking in a sharp breath.

“You know I love you, right?” He states through uneven breathing.

“You have no idea how much I love you,” I retort. His eyes scan my features and I grin, urging him to keep going.

“Raeken, you’re not quitting on me now,” I laugh weakly. At my words, he takes the last two steps, reaching the top and falling into me.

I gasp, but quickly regain my own balance to hold him up. I guess those workouts he forced me to do with him, actually came in handy. Scott, who was walking close behind us the whole way up the stairs, clutches onto the other side of him. Theo grunts at the impact, but gives Scott a thankful smile.

“The bathroom,” I say. “I need to get him washed up.” They nod as we make our way down the hall, the trail of dark red liquid seeping into the carpet. I pray those stains will come out or else I won’t hear the end of it from my mom, not even mentioning how to explain how the crazy amount of blood got there in the first place. (Maybe lying and saying I had a huge nosebleed. No? Okay.)

I let go of Theo, creaking the bathroom door open to let Scott haul him inside. Scott softly helps Theo down onto the floor as I run to my room to grab a few towels.

I return with the layers of cloth stacked in my hands, when Scott stops me outside of the bathroom by grabbing onto my forearm. “Are you good to deal with this on your own?” He questions.

I scoff, patting him on the back. “If anyone can deal with Theo, it’s me.”

“True,” Scott laughs. “We’ll all be just a phone call away.”

“Yeah!” Malia yells from downstairs. I chuckle light-heartedly, thanking Scott for helping while the rest of the Pack leaves.

“Anytime.” He kisses me on the top of my hair, in the brotherly way he always did, saying a goodbye, and closing the front door behind him.

I turn back to Theo, who’s propped his back up against the wall while sitting on the cold tile. I kneel down next to him, giving him a sad smile, dropping the towels onto the floor beside me.

“What the hell happened?” I query.

Theo chuckles humorlessly, shaking his head. “Trust me, you don’t want to know.”

I bite back my questions, knowing to fix him up, then interrogate him after. I take ahold of the hem of his shirt, looking up at him. “Tell me if it hurts, okay?”

“Trust me, Y/N,” he remarks. “Whenever you take off my shirt, it’s far from hurting me.”

My jaw drops and I slap his arm lightly. He raises his arms in mock defense, the wince from it not going unnoticed by me. “Just saying,” he laughs.

“Raeken you’re very lucky that you’re injured right now.”

“The person in pain would say otherwise.”

I roll my eyes, going back to the task at hand. Theo helps me by raising his arms, him wincing too many times for my comfort, as I pull the fabric upwards as fast as possible over his head, exposing his toned chest. I take the time to examine his wounds carefully, my thumb grazing over a gash that makes Theo take in a sharp breath.

“Sorry,” I apologize, widening my eyes and tenderly grabbing his jaw in my hand, rubbing his cheek with the pad of my thumb.

He leans into the touch, closing his eyes. “It’s okay, just finish undressing me.”

“Normally, we’re in different circumstances when you say those words.”

“Oh, trust me I know,” he chuckles, wiggling his eyebrows wildly at me, causing me to stifle a laugh.

I stand up, putting my hands out to help him up as well. He’s hesitant at first, but eventually grabs on. I surprise both myself and him when I’m able to hoist him up with little help on his part.

“Fuck,” he says incoherently. “How did I now just realize how hot you look in my shirt?” Heat rises to my cheeks as quickly as he utters those words, resulting in a smug look on his face from how he was capable of making me blush with only a few words.

I bend down, still a bit flustered, undoing the button and zipper on his jeans, my fingers digging into the waistband and pulling them down. I start the bath, pushing the knob all the way to the hottest temperature, just how Theo liked it. Countless mornings had taught me that, along with how he enjoyed his pancakes with an ungodly amount of syrup.

Theo’s fingers hook beneath the thin material of his boxers, but I stop him. “Let me,” I breathe. A smirk plays across his lips as he looks down at me, but I ignore him.

I pull down his last article of clothing, and shimmy under his arm to help him into the bath tub. He sighs in relief when his foot hits the water, the rest of his body easily following. Within milliseconds, his whole body is submerged under the hot water, except for his shoulders and up, an expression of euphoria plastered on his face.

The mirror above the sink starts steaming up when I remember something. “I’ll go get some bath salts,” I say, knowing that they helped me relax, so it wouldn’t hurt for him to test them out.

“Okay, just come back quick.”

My mouth turns upwards at his neediness, finding it really cute. I close the distance between us, bending down and pushing back the messy hair on the top of his head. I plant a wet kiss on his forehead, my hand trailing down to his cheek, Theo brushing his lips against the palm of my hand in response.

I pull away from him, the warmth abruptly disappearing without his touch. I go into my room to get the pink salts, returning almost immediately.

I pour some of them into the bath, at the far end of the tub. I sit down on a yellow towel laying on the floor right beside Theo, shamelessly staring at the beautiful boy soaking in front of me.

Even with dried blood caking parts of his brown hair, he looks damn good, and I kind of hate him for it. His thick brows are a deep brown, complementing his strikingly bright blue eyes. His rosy lips were another story; just the thought of them against my own made butterflies erupt in my stomach. The dark stubble dotting along his jawline, that often rubbed against my cheeks, made me tremble a bit. Every part of this boy was breathtaking and I knew there’d never be a day that I would get tired of the sight.

“Y/N,” Theo mumbles, his eyelids still shut. “Stop staring,” he teases, the corners of his eyes crinkling as his blue eyes open to focus in on me.

“Am I not allowed to check my boyfriend out?” I ask, dipping my hand in the water and splashing his face.

His jaw slacks, looking at me with wide eyes before splashing me back. “Theo!” I squeal, my clothes getting completely drenched.

“Sorry, but payback’s a bitch,” he jokes. I scoff, pealing the wet t-shirt off of me.

Theo’s eyes rake over my body, his tongue skimming over his lips, his posture straightening. “You’re going to kill me,” he growls.

I furrow my brows, looking down and realizing that the slip I was wearing was a little more translucent than I thought, especially because of how soaked it was. I smirk, my hands twirling all the strands of my hair on top of my head, creating a messy bun. My eyes stay glued on Theo the whole time, watching him devour my every movement.

“Now who’s staring?” I tease, my hands resting on my hips triumphantly.

“If it weren’t for me being in pain every second I move, you would be so paying for wearing that thing. Or rather, lack of.”

“You’re drooling, Raeken.”

“Please come in here with me,” he begs, splashing the water around as he moves to make room for me, wincing at the motion.

“I’ll have to think about it,” I say while pursing my lips, looking up at the ceiling, and feigning deep in thought.

“Please,” he groans. I laugh, but fall for those puppy eyes of his when I look back at him. They were my all time weakness when it came to him. I honestly believed that those things could stop wars.

“Okay,” I agree, his eyes lighting up. “But, only to scrub you down.”

Theo smiles as my right foot dips into the tub behind him, the water rippling. I sink into the hot bath, squeezing my legs on either side of him and getting a perfect view of the expanse of skin that was Theo’s back. His hands find my thighs, his fingers swirling designs over the delicate skin.

I extend my arm out of the bath, clutching the body wash. I put a dollop of the soap in my hands, rubbing the product to create some bubbles. I know a lot of girls enjoyed abs, but the muscles that flexed as my hands rubbed into Theo’s back were way too underrated.

I massaged the apple-scented foam into his shoulder blades, a contented sigh leaving Theo’s mouth, his body relaxing more with every passing second. “Feel good?” I ask, my hands pausing.

He reaches behind himself, grabbing onto my hand and pushing it against his shoulder again. “Don’t stop,” he mumbles and I obey. This goes on for a while until his whole back is clean of any dirt or blood, his eyes closed in a state of bliss.

“Can you lean back for me?” I whisper, him complying swiftly, his bare back flush against my chest, his body comfortably settled between my legs. I begin rubbing the product into his torso, feeling the faint heartbeat under my fingers. Theo turns his head a little, his mouth capturing my neck, sucking at some places while just leaving pecks at others.

I notice that his gashes and scratches were already at the later stages of healing, so he was perfectly able, at this point, to do this himself, but I couldn’t stop, because he just looked so happy; how his dark eyebrows were raised slightly, how the corners of his lips upturned, and how he lay kisses on any part of me that was exposed to him.

I finish lathering him with the body wash, squeezing the shampoo into my hands. Theo had a massive thing for me running my fingers through his hair; he practically begged me to do it whenever we were together. So, the moment my nails scratch delicately against his scalp, he lets out a guttural moan.

“Fuck,” he murmurs, my fingers running through his soft brown hair, wondering who was enjoying this more.

“I honestly don’t deserve you,” he states, giving me a genuine smile. I laugh, tugging his hair back gently so that I could give him a chaste kiss on his cheek.

Even after I finished washing him up and all his wounds healed, we stayed in the hot water, his back against me as I played with his hair, his lips on my neck every once and a while.

“You still haven’t told me why you ended up like this,” I say, my brows knitting together. Theo bites the corner of his lip, turning to face me and shrugging. This boy was something else.

Being in a Relationship With; Quinlan

((writer’s note: ah yes, Quinlan. The born. The character that so many love yet nobody writes about? Well I’m gonna fix that))

• The human side of Quinlan makes him care for you, but the Strigoi side makes him fear for you. He doesn’t trust himself to be able to keep you safe, from even himself. And that sometimes makes him distant.

• He will do anything for you; you’re his world. The one thing that makes him feel truly human. He doesn’t always understand how he feels, but he knows it’s important.

• Understanding and acceptance are important aspects of Quinlan’s affections. He is an outsider in a world where people discard those who do not belong, and knowing you care about him even through him being different, it will forever be something that keeps him fighting.

• Due to his sleeping patterns, there’s a chance you might never end up sleeping at the same time. Unless, of course, you go to get up and he decides that you need to stay in bed until nightfall. Who could decline the offer, though?

• He never feeds near you. He worries that even though you accept him you’ll be disgusted and not feel the same. Of course it’s ridiculous of him to say such a thing but he cannot afford to lose you, and avoids anything that could cause that.

• Expect a lot of situations in which you’ll have to explain modern things to him- like revolving doors, and toasters, and memes.

• While he’s never eaten human food, he loves to cook for you. He likes to see you happy, so he’ll make you your favourite food whenever you’d like it. He’s a damn good cook too.

• One thing’s for sure, Quinlan loves hugs. It gives him a sense of security and it’s his favourite way of showing affection. Who doesn’t love hugs?

• He’d love to teach you to use his sword (not a euphemism) or to shoot one of his guns. While it’s mainly because he loves to watch you try your hardest and adores the expression you wear when you’re concentrating, he likes to know you have some methods to defend yourself, in case the situation ever arose.

• Jealousy has never really been an issue with him, he’s certain that if you were with him you cared about him and would never dare do anything to hurt him or turn against him. And he knew for a fact that if anyone ever got too close to you and he showed up they wouldn’t bother for long.

//If you would like to make a request, send me an ask. I’m in a lot of different fandoms so don’t be afraid to be bold.

An Ex From The Past


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: Your ex-boyfriend comes to town and hates the fact you’ve moved on, and he tries to win you back.

Side Note: Y/EB/N = Your Ex-Boyfriends Name

It was a call you never thought you’d receive. Your good for nothing ex-boyfriend had somehow got a hold of your new phone number, and announced he was in town. Panic set in, Mac wasn’t back from work yet and you hated the idea of being alone with your ex.

The doorbell rang causing your body to freeze. The options were to pretend that you weren’t home, but your car was sitting pretty in the drive way so that wouldn’t work. The next option was to slam the door in his face, you liked it but nonetheless it was a risky move. The last option was one that you hated but seemed to be the best, to get this over with quickly and hope that Mac comes back real soon.

Opening the door, Y/EB/N was standing there a sight that now made your stomach turn. The break up was messy and didn’t end well. You swore of men after that, but then Mac walked into your life and showed you how a person should love another, things changed. He was caring, thoughtful, sweet, compassionate, loving, handsome and so many other qualities that made you fall in love with him quickly and suddenly.

Now a year later and the two of you were as solid as a rock. There had been hardships but not even those could break apart the relationship.

“What do you want Y/EB/N?”. You asked, not caring if it sounded rude.

He greeted you with a smile, but you knew better and was prepared for whatever ulterior motive he had. “Is that anyway to speak to someone that you shared memories with?”.

“I call you an ex for a reason. Now if your done wasting my time, I have other things that require my attention. Things that I actually want to spend my time on as opposed to standing here and talking to you”. Getting ready to slam the door in his face, Y/EB/N prevented that by jamming his foot in between the door.

“That’s harsh Y/N, even for you. Come on, I just want to chat”. He smirked and it made you feel physically sick.

Y/EB/N casually invited himself into the home you shared with Mac and it made you feel the upmost level of discomfort. You broke up with him for several reasons, but the biggest being that he treated you horribly. He was always ready to call out your faults but never his own.

“You have to be invited in to someone’s house, and I did not say that you could come in. So please leave!”. The tone you used was direct and cold. But as per usual he wasn’t listening.

“Y/N relax, I just want to hang out like old times. I’ve missed you, I’ve missed what we had”. He looked around and stopped when he saw a photo of you and Mac, the two of you were smiling. Picking up the next one beside it, it was of you and Mac kissing. Y/EB/N scoffed and put that one facing down.

Slowly making your way over to the bench, you reached for your phone and sent a S.O.S to Mac. While typing out another with the letter “x”. It was a safety measure that Mac put in place if your ex ever came to visit while he wasn’t home. Placing the phone back to where it was, Y/EB/N turned around. “Angus Macgyver”, he read picking up the mail that was laying on the coffee table. “What kind of name is that?”, he mocked and threw it back.

“He goes by Mac and his more of a man that you are. So if you’re done insulting the man I love, use the front door to be on your way out”. Maybe the wasn’t the smartest thing to say, but at this point you didn’t care, you just needed him to leave.

Just in time, you heard Mac’s car pull up the driveway. Y/EB/N must of heard it too because you could tell that he was panicking. He quickly muttered, “Fine I’ll go. Just came by to say a simple hello”. Watching as he made his way out the back door, as he was rushing to get out he knocked a table, causing the vase of flowers that were sitting beautifully on top to fall.

Mac came rushing in, “Where is he?”. His voice low and protective.

“He left as soon as he heard the car come up the driveway”, you replied bending down to pick up the glass from the broken vase.

“Did he hurt you?”, Mac stepped forward with his hands in a fist.

Throwing the glass in the bin, you inhaled deep and noticed that you were shaking. Mac rushed on over and pulled you into his embrace. “No, I’m just overwhelmed. I never thought I’d see him again. So him calling and showing up so unexpectedly took me by surprise”.

Mac rubbed your back and kept his eyes firmly on the back door. “His not coming near you again, I’ll make sure of that”.

Pulling away, you placed both hands on Mac’s chest. “I told him that you are more of a man than he is”.

His face lit up. “Oh yeah, that’s my girl. Knowing him, that must of been a blow to his ego”. You couldn’t help but smile at that thought. Mac grabbed your hand, “I don’t want to talk about him anymore. Let’s just lock the doors and go to bed. Because right now I want to spend quality time with my girlfriend”. He put emphasis on the my and Mac cheekily kissed you.

Following him down the hallway, you felt a lot safer with Mac around. “How can I argue with that”. Responding as the two of you entered the shared bedroom.

There was nothing better than being in the arms of the person you love and Mac was that person. Your ex couldn’t compare and seeing him again just proved to you that the choice to break up with him, was the best decision you ever made.


Street racers!AU

warnings: still mafia related, hints for the next chapter, this is a stand alone story but it will confuse you for a bit if you haven’t read the other series, more delays, secrets and betrayals in so deep, some fluff to compensate. 

You raced the car beside yours, taking a strong left drift before repositioning the vehicle. Kicking on the clutch to shift your gear to a four, you accelerated the car as it neared the finishing line. However, the one beside you got ahead and took over. The crowd cheered as your opponent hit the finish line and the girl swung the flag round.

The male got out of his car before you did and strolled towards you slowly until you heard the sound of sirens. Instantly, he grabbed your wrist and dragged you behind a building. Seonho trapped your body between his own and the wall. He glanced back and forth at the policemen huddled on the road.

When you heard footsteps approaching, Seonho panicked so you held his hand instead and jumped into the water. This caught the attention of the officers; however, they couldn’t see your bodies for you were deep underwater.

You pulled the older male with you as you got out of the water, you placed your finger on his lips as he was about to speak. The both of you succeeded in escaping, but you still had to keep moving.

Not later did you find a telephone booth, thus Seonho made his call lucky enough that his cash clung to his pockets. You wrapped your arms around your body, shivering at the cool breeze. Seonho saw this and wished for his friends would pick up the phone; however, they didn’t.

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Drunken Confessions

Originally posted by jimiyoong

(Disclaimer: Gif belongs to rightful owner.)

Yoongi x Reader (I think I have a problem. XD)

Genre: Best Friends to lovers, light smut, !CivilianYoongi

Warnings: Mentions of sexual acts, language

Description: One drunken night led to drunken confessions. What happens from there after your best friend admits to masturbating while thinking about you? A game of cat and mouse ensues and maybe something more will grow out of it.

A/N: Am I the only one that can’t stop writing about Yoongi? Like, I have all these other ideas for other members but Yoongi just won’t stop invading my head. I swear I have no bias. I SWEAR IT.

Anyways…uh…enjoy? This was meant to be a drabble but yeah..it isn’t.  Forgive me.

Word Count: 3.4k

“I’ve thought about you.” your best friend casually said as if it was no big deal.
You stared. Blinked, then took one sip of your vodka orange juice before staring at him again.

“You what?” you blurted. What else could you say? How often do you hear one of your best friends confess about jerking it with you in mind?

“This counts as a confession to absolve me of my, uh, …sins? Just so you know.” he raised his beer to you as if making a toast to make it official.

“I was talking about your ex! How the hell did this evolve into you confessing about your spank bank material?” your cheeks heated up, most likely from the alcohol and not from the flattering information that your hot best friend thinks about you while he masturbates. Wait, did I just say ‘hot’?

“It’s one of the reasons she’s now my ex. I think I said your name like, once…hundred..times-ish, in my sleep.” he chuckled to himself.  

“Oh my god, no wonder she hated me.” you slapped him on the shoulder when he laughed at the look of your dumbfounded face.

When he wouldn’t stop laughing, and you suspect it was because he was already half way drunk, you thought it was a good idea to put in a few more punches so you could distract yourself from the random images of him touching himself flashing through your mind. It doesn’t help with the buzz that went straight down to your core though.

“Holy shit, woman, will you quit it?” he tried to sound pissed, but the slur in his words made him sound nothing more than an irritated drunkard, making you giggle. He grabbed onto your hands and pulled you close to him for a spontaneous side hug, and you quickly fit into his side with his arm around you.

“So, you’re not grossed out?” he gently bumped his head to yours.


“Shouldn’t you be?”

“Probably.” you shrugged, and Yoongi only hummed in response.
Once the two of you fell into a comfortable silence, you started thinking about things. Things that you shouldn’t be thinking about or even admit. As if you were on auto-pilot, your mouth did that thing you hated the most; speaking without thinking.

“I’ve thought about you too.”

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anonymous asked:

Jesus Christ, why do find Ozai hot?

Umm, this is an ambiguous question. You’re missing a noun there, so I’m going to try to answer this as generally as possible.

If you’re asking why I, Seyary, find Ozai hot? It’s because he is.

Look at the man:

Appreciate the smoulder. The perfectly manly jawline. That fucking ridiculously lustrous hair he probably gets combed thrice a day because he’s a diva. DEM CHEEKBONES.

I’m sorry. Even better smoulder. (I did not tweak this screenshot somebody please help me I can’t stop laughing!)

And he’s ripped as heck. Dorito proportions, six pack, wtf Ozai. Stop working out so much, you need to give other guys a chance.

Now, that’s my personal opinion on him. But since I’m not sure if you were asking about me, I’m going to address all possibilities from your question:

“Jesus Christ, why do you find Ozai hot?” could mean you’re asking Jesus Christ instead of me. No intent to offend any Christians with this answer of course, but Jesus has always been a man who was very kind-hearted, loved everyone even if they hated him, advised his followers to love even their enemies. Jesus Christ would tell you, Anon, that Ozai is hateful but you don’t have to be. The kingdom of heaven will be open for you if you’re not as hateful as Ozai. So hating Ozai is not something Jesus Christ would approve of (I went to catholic school, I’d know!), and denying his hotness just out of spite is a hateful practice. So don’t do it.

More importantly, the Bible’s ten commandments also establish that you mustn’t lie. The ninth commandment, was it? So Jesus Christ would not have lied and claimed Ozai wasn’t hot when Ozai is actually hot. He would have said Ozai is a very cruel man who needed to see the light from God, but he would have never thought Ozai was ugly out of spite for all the hideous things he did. So this is why Jesus Christ would hypothetically not deny that Ozai is hot.

Now, maybe the problem isn’t me or Jesus Christ. Maybe the question was meant to be: “Jesus Christ, why do I find Ozai hot?!”, alluding at you suffering from a severe crisis where you’re realizing Ozai is in fact hot as hell. Well, all the previous explanations apply. If you’re having such a crisis, don’t feel bad. We all know he’s hot. Doesn’t make him less of an asshole.

Nickelodeon say he’s hot too, see?

So maybe you were asking why did Nickelodeon say he was hot? I mean, I did post this screenshot once before so maybe that’s what prompted this ask… 

Anyways, fact of the matter is, Ozai was indeed designed to look like an older, scar-less Zuko. It was a cruel play from Bryke to make Zuko fans scream in outrage because they wanted to hate every little thing about Ozai, but if they hate his looks out of spite, they’re hating the image their beloved Zuko will have in the future (just, Zuko is scarred, of course). So yes. It’s hilariously cruel but it’s actually pretty funny. Ergo, even Zuko fans are forced to say Ozai is hot despite how much they may hate him, because if you were to think Zuko is hot and Ozai is not, it means you’re into teenagers only and if you’re over 18 years old you probably should be more interested in fully grown men instead of teenagers…

Lastly: SCIENCE proves Ozai is hot.

See this?

Just look at all that fire. A candle’s fire, according to wikipedia, is at 1,500°F, 829°C. Just how much heat do you think this shithead is creating through his bending? Yes, Azula’s fire is way hotter but that doesn’t mean Ozai’s isn’t. Try putting your hand in a fireplace and don’t get burned. You can’t. You can’t touch Ozai without getting burned either. Cuz’ he’s hot and his fire is hot, too (and hella aggressive, I don’t think he’d like being touched by strangers). Get it?

Long story short, Anon, if you’re actually indignant that people find Ozai hot, if you are simply not attracted to hot maniac bastards who want to set the world on fire

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well that’s on you, really. But it’s not every day that Jesus Christ and Science would agree on something. I’d say regardless of which one you prefer, you should believe them. Just sayin’.

‘Skating’ Lessons - Matthew Tkachuk

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Note: ok honestly im pretty sure i’ve spelt matty’s last name wrong every time i spell it so if its spelt wrong just hmu and tell me im dumb also v sorry this is terrible rip to all you reading

Mentions: Auston Matthews, Johnny Hockey

Warnings: matt’s an asshole lol

Requested by Anonymous: Can you do a matthew tkachuk imagine where he teaches you how to skate?   

Up Next: Noah Hanifin maybe idk

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I Missed You- Josh Dun (smut)

Request- Can I have a Josh imagine where the reader surprises him on tour after he’s been away for a few months” Maybe a little smut, super fluffy tho, I need some Josh in my life. Tyler helps with the surprise.

A/N- Warning you now. This actually sucks but I wanted to post it. Hope you enjoy still.

To Tyler

You’re my brother and you always said you would help me. SO will you?

From Tyler

Of course. What’s up? Are you okay?

To Tyler

Yeah I’m fine. I wanna come finish tour with you guys. I miss Josh.

From Tyler

So you don’t miss your brother?We’re blood Y/N. I’m hurt.

To Tyler

No I miss you too but I miss Josh more.

From Tyler

Okay so what do you want my help with?

To Tyler

I wanna surprise him. I want your ideas. You were always the creative one.

From Tyler

You’re right I am. I’ll book you a flight here tomorrow morning and Jenna will hid you all day. You can surprise him during the show or something.

But I’m putting you and him on a separate bus. What me and Jenna had to listen to last time was horrible.

To Tyler


From Tyler

You better be. I’ll text you your flight details in the morning. Love you.

To Tyler

Thank you so much. Love youuuuuuuuuu.

You went to bed with the biggest smile on your face. You were finally seeing Josh.

The next morning Tyler texted you the details for your flight. You were flying out in 3 hours and were going to stay with them for the remainder of the tour. You had a hard time when Josh wasn’t around. You had been together for the past 2 years and because of your work you weren’t able to go on tour with them. You were super excited to see Josh after being without him for the past 2 months.

Last night you packed everything you would need for the next 3 months of tour. You got to the airport and while waiting for your plane you called Josh.

“Hey Y/N. What’s up?” Josh answered the phone.

“Nothing just woke up and wanted to say good morning and that I miss you.”

“Awe I miss you too. I love you.”

“Only 3 more long months till your home.” you said trying to hid a smile.

“It will go a lot faster than you realize. I promise.”

“I know. It will go by super fast.” you said trying your hardest not to tell him you were on your way to him now.

“I also have a day off next week so I was thinking of sneaking home for the night. I miss my baby girl.” you could hear the smirk in his voice. “I had a dream about you last night. You looked so sexy. God I need you.”

“You can wait. Like you said it will go by faster than you think.”

“Are you at work?” he asked you.


“So do you think you could help me out a little.”

“Josh no I’m busy.”

“Where are you then?”

“Um the grocery store.” you lied.

“Call me when you get home? Please.”

“I’ll think about it. I have to go though. I love you.”

“Love you too baby girl.” he said before hanging up.

Finally you got on the plane and after a long 5 hour flight Jenna was picking you up at the airport.

Tyler and Josh were busy with interviews and soundcheck all day so you and Jenna hid on one of the buses. Josh was texting you all day but you ignored it. You wanted him to be totally surprised later and you were scared you might let it slip if you talked to him.

“They’re going on now so we should head in.” Jenna told you.

You made your way into the arena and when you heard that them playing you couldn’t wipe the smile off your face. You have been so close to Josh all day, but you couldn’t be near him. You and Jenna were on the side stage watching them. You couldn’t help but stare at Josh, all you wanted to do was run up on stage and kiss him. Finally it was towards the end of the concert. Tyler was about to make his speech that he always does at the beginning of trees.

“I just wanted to say how much everyone in this room means to me. We wouldn’t be here without you guys. Also some of the most important people behind the curtains. My wife Jenna supports us through everything, my sister Y/N puts up with Josh somehow, and we wouldn’t be anywhere without those two women that hold the most special places in my heart.” Tyler said.

Josh looked confused while sitting at his drums. Tyler continued with his speech but he kept looking over at you laughing.  “Hey Josh, did you hear me? I said your girlfriend is behind the curtains.” Tyler said into the mic confusing Josh more.

You and Jenna were laughing how confused Josh was. You couldn’t blame him, he thought you were at home.

“You should probably go out there.” Jenna said nudging you and that’s all it took.

You started walking towards Josh and when he finally saw you through the bright lights he stood and ran over to you, lifting you up and holding you tight.

“He didn’t believe me.” you heard Tyler laugh into the microphone as you two kissed. “Alright enough Josh. That’s my sister remember, I’ll kick you out of the band.” Tyler said and the fans laughed and awed.

“I’ll be on the bus. Tyler moved us to our own. I’ll meet you there. Hurry.” you told him kissing him once more before getting off stage.

You went to the bus you and Josh would be on. You were glad they had a lot of busses and you two would have this one to yourselves. You got changed into something Josh would like a little better than the leggings and hoodie you were in currently. He always said you look beautiful no matter what you were wear, but you knew his favorite was when you were in your matching lace black bra and panties. You sat on the couch waiting for Josh to come to the bus. It was about 20 minutes later when the door flew open then closed again as Josh ran over to you.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? I missed you so much.” he said kissing you all over.

“I know, it’s quite obvious.” you laughed as you felt his hard rub against your thigh.

“I missed my baby girl.” he said moving his lips to your neck. “Did I mention how hot you look dressed like this.” he says.

“I thought you would like it.” you smirked.

“I think I’ll like it more on the floor.” he said unclasping the bra and letting it fall to the floor.

You reconnected your lips with his and he grabbed your butt signaling you to jump. You did and he carried you back to the bunks. Never breaking the kiss until he put you down and crawled inside with you after removing his clothes, only leaving on his boxers.

He started kissing down your neck then moved farther down. He grabbed your lace panties with his teeth and started to pull them down, then grabbing them and pulling them off the rest of the way.

“No teasing tonight Josh. It’s been to long.” you said as he kissed your inner thighs.

“You’re right.” he kissed his way back up to your lips lining himself up with your entrance in the process.

He slipped inside you and let you adjust before setting a faster pace. He never broke the kiss. You didn’t want him to, it had been a painful few months without him and you were so happy to be with him. There was no way the two of you were going to last long, especially with the hard pace Josh set. It had been so long you could feel your climax nearing only after a few minutes.

“Fuck Josh. I’m gonna cum.” you moaned breaking the kiss.

“Let it go baby.” he said and a few thrust later you let your body fall into the state of euphoria.

Josh followed soon after your orgasm spilling inside of you. He rode out his high before falling to the side of you.

“I love you so much.” Josh said into your neck. “I probably looked like such a dumb ass up there tonight. I was so confused why Tyler was talking about you.” he laughed a bit.

“Your my dumb ass and I love you.” you kissed him and cuddled as close as you possibly could. 

He held you tight and you knew he wasn’t planning on letting you go. Not in the next night, year, lifetime. You and Josh were meant to be and you felt at home in his arms.

Mock me

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Member: Mingyu

Genre: Smut

Mingyu X Reader

Anonymous asked:Hi I just wanted to say that I love your account and enjoy it a lot. Can I ask for a smut where you’re teasing mingyu Infront of the guys and he ends up taking you home to give you your punishment. Thank you so much ❣✨

“How was New York? I’m really bummed I couldn’t go.” An in bed Wonwoo said to you and the twelve guys that surrounded him. He was bed ridden, forced to stay and rest while the other boys continued with the schedule. He hated being in bed and not being with his members, if it weren’t for his acute gastritis he’d be causing chaos with his best friend, your boyfriend Mingyu who hated that his best friend wasn’t with him.

“It was super cool, I loved it, I want to go back.” Vernon spoke up.

“Yeah it’s was the best. It would’ve been better if you were there.” Jeonghan said silence seeping into the dorm. You all had so much to say but didn’t want to in fear that it seemed like you were all showing off to poor Wonwoo.

“Wonwoo look at how cool this is.” Your boyfriend Mingyu spoke up breaking the silence. He takes out the light saber the guys and him had gotten while in New York from the big Disney store bag he was holding. He had made sure to buy Wonwoo everything he had boughten himself to make sure his bestfriend felt included despite the fact he wasn’t able to go.

“It’s super cool! Did all of you guys get one?” He asks quietly.

“Yeah hyung, of course we did.” An excited Dino says taking the light saber in hand turning on the lights and noises the toy had.

“Don’t think I forgot about you Wonwoo. I got you one too!” Mingyus says voice excited and full of pride.

“You could barely get it for him.” Jun said and you recalled the trip to Times Square , where it was their mission to head to the Disney store and get the light sabers.

The store was packed and the boys made a beeline to the light sabers for there were only 13 out on the floor, one of which a kid no older than eight ended up arguing with your boyfriend to get one. But of course he wouldn’t let the boy get it, it was for his best friend so there he was repeating “no child” at the kid.

“Y/N  had to explain to the kids mother why her boyfriend wouldn’t let go of the extra light saber.” Seungkwan said giggling as he recalled you explaining why he was repeating ‘no child’ and why it was so important to him to keep the toy.

Mingyu groans as the guys start to laugh at the fact he was arguing with an eight year old in limited English over a toy.

“Guys come on. I’m the third best at English!” “No child.” You say at him. The boys around you start laughing, Mingyu’s iconic line from the trip will never die down no matter how much he hoped it would.

He smiles widely as he walks towards you, he takes ahold of your hand while the boys continue to laugh.

“You won’t be saying no child when I make you moan out my name Y/N.” He whispers in your ear and you’re taken aback.

“Mingyu..” you manage to say. He smirks at your shaky response and snakes his hand around you to pull him close to him. You can feel his prominent bulge against you and you feel yourself shake at your core. He wants to take you right then and there for mocking him, it’s taking all his self control not to do so.


“You can’t just say that to me when all the boys are around.” You whisper as the boys continue talking about how beautiful time square is and how much they love shake shack.

“Oh I can do whatever I want.” He says as peppers kisses on your neck. You sigh in pleasure but feel awkward due to the twelve boys in the room.

He directs his attention from your neck to the boys, “We’re going to head back now and get some food. Wonwoo get better hyung.” He grabs you by the arm and pulls you away before you could say anything to the boys.

“Hey!” You begin to say but are silenced by your needy boyfriend desperate to teach you a lesson.

“Mock me again and I’ll take you wherever we are, got it?”

You pout as you get dragged from the hospital Wonwoo is staying at to the dorms a couple blocks away.

“Mingyu I’m sor-”

“I asked if you got it.” He turns to look at you, his pupils a dark brown color filled with lust.

“I’m sorry-” he turns to look at you eyes rolling at your inability to listen to him. He wants to teach you to never mock him again.

“Did I ask for an apology or did I ask you whether or not you understood the fact you don’t mock me unless you want me to have you yell out my name in public.” The dominance in his voice turns your legs into puddy, he was so hot when he wanted to assert his dominance so you didn’t mind the punishment.

“Yes, I got it I won’t mock you again.” You reply but you knew that it wouldn’t be enough for him until he has you sprawled open for him.

“Good girl, now let’s hurry home so I can guarantee you will no longer do so.”

You’re seated in between his legs, his head is tossed back as he groans out in pleasure. The wetness between your legs only seems to be growing by the minute; his moans and groans only seem to be making you wetter. Your hair is caught up in between his fingers and your delighted in the fact you have him so at pleasure.

“Y/N..fuck.” He groans as your teeth slightly graze him.

You lightly kiss his tip and smile up at him admiring him; the strands of hair that stick to his sweaty forehead, his closed eyes and parted lips… wow he was so hot.

“Y/N did I say you could stop?” He says snapping you back to reality. You look up at him innocently hoping he’d finally touch you. You stand up and place your hands on his shoulders. You stare down at him as he looks at you curiously. “What do you think you’re doing, Y/N?”

“I can’t take it anymore I want you to touch me Mingyu.” You pout as you straddle him, your wet clothed heat grinding against his bulging cock he groans as he feels the contact. You grind down your hips even harder against him to feel something, anything.

“Naughty girls only get more punishment, you know that Y/N.” He grabs you by the arms and puts you down on the couch so you’re laying down underneath him.

“You think you can mock me and then do as you please you naughty girl. You want punishment you’ll get it.” He says voice deep and laced with desire and dominance.

“I’ll touch you alright.” He begins to lower himself down on you, his dark brown eyes filled with hunger. He peppers kisses in between your thighs until he’s finally at your mound and plants a kiss. He pushes your legs open and takes a long lick savoring you.

“God your so wet.” You whimper as his tongue keeps on tracing you. He sucks slightly on your clit and you can’t help but squirm.

He brings his two fingers to your dripping core and lightly runs them along you before dipping them inside you. He slowly begins to pumps his fingers in and out of you as you moan out.

“That feels so good Mingyu-ah.” You moan as his lips attach to your clit again as he fingers you. Your chest rises as your breathing becomes more erratic. You can here him lapping up your juices as his tongue traces out his name against your pussy. You find your hands sliding down your body and attaching themselves to his soft dark brown hair.

He takes his fingers out of you and uses them to spread open your folds and lick you. He pulls his mouth away to look up at you, your juices dripping down his mouth.

“I told you you couldn’t touch daddy today unless daddy told you so baby.“You feel yourself on the verge of cumming as your legs clamp shut against him.

He pulls away and tsks at you, “Not just yet baby.” He brings his fingers to your mouth and you take them licking your juices clean from them. He’s so aroused seeing you lick his fingers like that. You get him so worked up, he wants to fuck you into oblivion but he wants to see you a whimpering begging mess before he can do so.

He rises from the couch and pulls off his shirt in one swift move, your mouth practically watering at the sight of his toned and defined chest. You lean up and wrap your arms around his neck to pull him down to you, you take his lips into yours. As you do so you reach down to his crotch and begin to wrap your hand around his length. You slowly jerk him and he moans into your mouth, he’s angry that he’s turning into puddy for you. He doesn’t like that he’s letting himself be controlled by you but by god you looked so fucking good.

“Come on Mingyu you know you want me to do this.” You all but moan against his lips. He lowers his hips so you feel his cock against your thigh.

“Want daddy to fuck you baby.” He says voice deep as you continue to stroke him.

“Yes please I want you so bad daddy.” You whine. He moves his hips so he’s rubbing against your throbbing pussy, his tip touching your clit every now and then. His teasing is driving you insane,all you want to do is put him inside of you but you know that if you do he won’t fuck you and you definitely do not want that. He takes your hands in his and puts them above you and spreads your legs wider.

“You think you can get daddy weak for you baby. I’ll have you yelling my name in no time and we’ll see whose weak for who.” He pushes himself into you suddenly and you gasp at the full feeling. He picks up the pace in no time, his cock deliciously filling you up. He takes your right nipple into his mouth sucking and lightly biting it causing you to let out a loud moan. His hips are angled perfectly as well so that he’s hitting your g-spot and leaving you feeling so good you whimper his name.

“I love how you fuck me daddy. You make me feel so good.” He takes his hands from your hands above your head and sets them around your neck and lightly applies pressure so he’s choking you.

“You move your hands and daddy won’t let you cum today baby.” You nod in agreement biting your lip in pleasure. With every swift movement of his hips he seems to be burying himself deeper into you and you feel yourself about to cum. He feels that you’re about to reach your high and stops pulling himself off of you and pulling you up as well.

“Bend over baby I want to see you arch your back for daddy.” And you do as he says positioning yourself in all fours to receive whatever Mingyu will give you. He moves near you aligning himself with your entrance, moving his hand on your back and pushing your upper body down so your ass is up high and your chest and face are pressed into the bed. He slowly pushes into you filling you up slowly and deliciously. You begin to bounce against him shivering every time you go too forward and his cock seems to slip out.

“Oh my god.” You moan out as his hand lowers down to pinch and play with your clit. “Please let me cum daddy! Oh please.” You whine as he pushes against you at the same time you push against him. His other hand moves to your hair and he slightly tugs at it.

“Why should I let my baby cum? Will she mock me again if i do?”

“No daddy I promise I won’t but let me cum, I want to cum all over you please!” The pace of his fingers on your clit quickens as he leans down his lips near your ear and neck and he begins to pepper kisses.

You finally let go due to the way he’s pounding into you, the way his fingers trace on your clit and the way his lips leave a cooling sensation on your neck.

“MINGYU!” You moan out loudly as you fall apart on him. It’s euphoric and all you see is him, you tilt your head up to look at him and see his eyes shut close and his brows scrunch together. He’s close too, the way you yell his name only seemed to push him over the edge and soon he’s cumming inside you. His accelerated breathing and low pants echoing around you two. He pulls out of you and falls on the bed, sweat running down his forehead. You wipe it off and cuddle next to him, his arm instinctively wrapping around you.

It seemed as if though he missed being inside you more than he missed being apart from his best friend.

Wanted this out as a little thanks to you guys for over 400 subscribers. Thank you and I truly appreciate you guys for enjoying my work. I promise to improve and hope you enjoy.


You are in the grocery store grabbing some food for yours and Steve’s apartment. Quickly you glance down at the list, checking off the box next to cereal. From the corner of your eye you swear you see your boyfriend. “Babe?” You ask, stepping closer to him. “Did you get a haircut? I thought you were on a mission? Where’d you get this jacket; you look really hot in it…”

You smirk, grabbing the black leather jacket with both hands. Something feels different but you shake it off. “Thanks hot stuff!” He grins. Blinking for a second, your face heats up. Usually he only calls you sweetheart or love in public, but this…kinda turns you on.

“How about we go home, Captain?” A smile breaks out on your face and you grab his hand. It’s really warm. “Wow your hands are warm!” You state, putting the groceries on the checkout area. Steve’s hands were almost always cold.

He helps place the different items on the area, “Well, you did say I was hot, gorgeous.” He smirks, leaning against the metal. You shake your head, swiping your card in the machine. “So…when we get home…what are we gonna do?” He asks in a suggestive tone, raising an eyebrow.

You pick up a few of the plastic bags with a curious expression. “Make food? I don’t know, maybe watch a movie? Unless you have other plans that I don’t know about.”

“I can think of a few.” He shrugs as both of you walk to the car. You get in and flick the engine on.

As you start driving, you cough, glancing over at Steve. “What do you want for dinner tonight?” You ask with a smile. He just shrugs and grabs your hand. “Okay, I’ll pick then.”

When you get to the house, you begin to prepare the lasagna while Steve’s in the bathroom. Under your breath you hum a song that randomly comes to mind. As you place another layer of cheese in the pan, your phone buzzes against the stone counter and you check the caller. Steve? Your eyebrows furrow together, “Hello?” You ask through the speaker.

“Huh. I usually get an hyper ‘baby!’ when I call.” Steve laughs, “Anyway, I’m on my way home right now. I’ll be there in like five minutes and then I’ll help make din-”

“Wait, Steve?!” You whisper-scream, clutching the countertop and looking at the bathroom door. “You-You’re home right now though!”

There’s a silence. “Uh, what? Love, I’m not-”

“Then there’s a man that looks exactly like you in the bathroom!” You cut him off. Peering around, you grab the closest thing next to you; which is a frying pan.

“Okay, calm down. I’ll be right there sweetheart. Remember; gun in the bedroom. I’m almost home.” He says in a rush, hanging up.

You nod to yourself, gripping the metal pan handle as the door to the bathroom swings open. The man emerges, walking into the kitchen, “Something smells goo- Woah, what’s up with the frying pan?” He exclaims, raising his arms up.

You hold the frying pan close to him, “Who. The. Hell. Are. You?” You manage to get out through heavy breaths.

He smirks, outstretching one hand towards you. “Johnny. Johnny Storm. But I also go by a number of nicknames; hot stuff, sexy, Human Torch.” His fingertips set on fire, making you jump a little. “The last ones kinda my alter ego; probably heard of me.” He laughs as you put the frying pan to his chest.

The sound of the door opening startles the both of you. You relax when you see the super soldier but keep the pan still. “Y/N, thank god- what the…” He sighs, coming up behind Johnny and grabbing his arms. “Who the hell are you and why do you look like me?” Steve snaps.

Johnny struggles in the soldier’s grasp, “For one; I’m Johnny Storm.” He grunts, jerking around, “And, no idea. Why do YOU look like ME?!” He fires back, raising his eyebrows.

As the two guys argue, you keep a hold of the handle. The resemblance is uncanny. “We should go to Bruce or Tony or anyone!” You interrupt. “I’m sure Human Flame here has some questions like we do.” You stare at your boyfriend.

“Human Torch!”

Steve thinks for a moment and sighs. “Alright. Let’s go,”

“Wait. I need to call Ried.” Johnny pipes up, “He’s a scientist too!” He tilts his head up. Slowly the super soldier releases him and he rubs at his wrist, “Geez, how are you so strong.” He mutters, pulling his cell phone out of the black leather jacket pocket

Steve stalks over to you, watching the man talk on the phone. He glances down and laughs, yanking the pan from your grasp. “I say gun and you grab the frying pan?! We have a gun for a reason!”

“I panicked!” You whine, throwing your arms around his broad upper body, “I thought it was you…” Your voice muffled by his uniform. This is so creepy…

(Part 2?)

Jaylos Week - Fashion

Evie and Mal were too busy planning for global domination or painting their nails or making out or whatever the hell they did when Carlos wasn’t around. While he loved getting to spend time with his friends at work, he also knew they the three of them frequently got distracted by each other and goofed off until they had wasted the whole day. So Evie, genius that she was, placed an add on Craigslist (without his permission, thank you very much) looking for a cheap model, with whom Carlos would actually get work done.

Still, the knock at the door took him by surprise and Carlos rushed to open it, doing his best to make a good first impression. If things went well, he would hire this guy indefinitely. If things went really well, this model would tell other models and help to get Carlos’ designs more attention in the fashion industry. Carlos sighed. He would love to finally be known for his own work rather than for his mother’s…breakdown.

With the pencil behind his ear and hair he messed up subconsciously, this impression probably wouldn’t be the best. He composed himself behind the door, taking a deep breath and reaching for the handle.

On the other side, with a smile as blinding as the sun, was a guy just slightly taller than Carlos. He had long, black hair around the darkest eyes Carlos had ever seen and defined muscles. This guy was definitely model material. He was someone who would look good in anything.

He would look even better in nothing.

Carlos bit his lip. Oh shit. Don’t think things like that. A stiffy would definitely make for a bad first impression.

“Hey,” the stranger said slowly. Carlos shook his head, he realized he had been staring at the model in silence. “I’m Jay. You’re De Vil, right?” He still had a warm smile through the awkward moment and outstretched his hand.

Carlos wondered how red his face was getting. He nervously shook hands with Jay. “Yeah, I-I am…but Carlos is fine.” Years ago, Carlos would have been proud to be recognized for his family name, but now he wanted to distance himself from his mother as much as he could.

“Okay, Carlos,” his tongue dragged on the l in a way that made Carlos inhale sharply. “I’m here for your modeling gig.” Jay swept a hand down the length of his body and winked. “Dress and undress me as you wish.”

“Gladly.” Shit, he didn’t mean to say it like that, so breathless and excited. But, thankfully, Jay still laughed, sweet and musical. Carlos stepped back and Jay moved past him, their bodies brushing slightly.

“Just so you know, in case you put that add out to murder me, I told my friends where I was going and who you are.” He smirked over his shoulder.

Carlos’ lips quirked up. “Just in case you responded to that add to murder me, I told my friends and family who you are and when you would be here.”

“Darn. Well since we clearly can’t kill each other anymore, what do I dress in first?”

Carlos led the way to his little studio room, racks of clothes and sewing thread everywhere. A raised platform sat in the middle with spotlights facing it and Jay jumped on top right away.

“I’m ready for my close up.” He struck a dramatic pose, his shirt riding up slightly to reveal a toned stomach.

Swallowing and averting his gaze, Carlos reached for his tape measure. “I, uh, have to get your measurements first.

It would have made more sense for Jay to step down from the platform, but Carlos’ head was a bit dizzy, so he stepped up with Jay and the tiny surface forced them close.

“Arms out.”

Jay did as instructed and Carlos ran the tape down his skin, letting his fingers trail just longer than what was necessary. He moved against the bronze skin, thankful for the sleeveless shirt Jay chose to wear. Carlos allowed himself time to simply touch the muscles and run unprofessional thoughts in his head.

“Feet together.” Why was it so hard to speak all of a sudden?

The model obeyed and Carlos knelt in front of him, running the tape up his leg, the coarse denim still warm under his hands. He curled his fingers around muscular thighs and moved closer than he needed to to read the numbers on the tape.

It took him longer than it should have to realize what a compromising position he was in, kneeling in front of Jay, face just inches from his belt buckle. Carlos gasped and flushed red, but he didn’t move. It had certainly been a long time since he had been in this position and his last guy hadn’t been nearly as good looking as Jay. The desire to reach out, touch Jay and unzip his pants…

Damn it. He had to be professional here. The De Vils could not handle another scandal. Carlos stood abruptly, shaking his head. He had to force himself to look up at Jay, make sure he wasn’t freaked out or disgusted. But when Carlos met his gaze, Jay was watching him intensely, eyes dilated and lips parted.

Be professional, De Vil! Come on!

“Umm, I-I have some stuff th-that should fit. Then I can get a, uh, a couple of photos in.” Was his voice trembling?

Carlos stepped down, quickly putting as much distance as he could between them. He reached for an outfit and handed it out to Jay, who took it with a curious look.

“Am I just changing right here with you? I mean, not that I would mind.” Another intense look, almost challenging, but his voice was so light.

Carlos took a moment to register what Jay was implying and shit his face was definitely red now. Jay was flirting with him. This gorgeous model was flirting with him. The nervousness Jay originally instilled in him was replaced with the confidence Carlos had forgotten he had.

He was Carlos Oscar De Vil! Yes, his mother was crazy and yes, he was having seriously unprofessional thoughts about the model in front of him, but Carlos was starting his own clothing line. He was making a name for himself in the fashion world. He had finished his college degree a year early. He had friends, he worked hard and he wasn’t half bad looking for someone who slept as little as he did. Carlos stood straighter and looked Jay in the eyes, meeting his challenge. “Maybe later. For now, there’s a bathroom on the left.”

Jay smirked at his response and moved quickly, still striping of his shirt on the way, gracing the designer with a view of his broad back and thick shoulders. Carlos suddenly had the desire to be back on his knees in front of Jay

Get a grip!

He returned quicker than Carlos anticipated, dressed dashingly in a red vest and dark slacks.

“How do I look?” There was a tease in his voice, like he was daring Carlos to say what he was really thinking.

So he did. “Handsome. Very handsome.”

“I was gonna say hot.”

“Of course. But not because of my clothes.”

It had been a while since Carlos had been so interested in someone, he hoped he was flirting right. It sounded like something Evie would say and she had given him extensive lessons. Carlos recalled everything he had ever learnt from Evie in that moment and waited nervously for the response.

At the wolfish grin Jay gave him, Carlos could guess that was the right thing to say.

Yup, I hate this place

(please excuse my terrible writing and if you love school then great! I won’t judge you for that! It’s totally fine, I just had to use a cliche-ish thingy so yeah)

Yup, I hate this place

Peter Maximoff x reader

(You are a mutant who has technopathy which is basically able to control technology.

Basically you have to go to a normal school because your mum wants you to at least have a normal school life. Since she’s your mum you agreed. You and Peter are also dating but he can’t come with you because, well he just can’t and let’s leave it to that okay?)

I walked down the hallway that was crowded by teenagers. They gave me cold, hard stares as I shuffled forward to the office.

“Hi…I’m uhh the new student here..” I say awkwardly. The secretary darted her eyes to me and then back to the screen.

“Y/N Y/L/N?” she asked while her gum chewing echoed in the office.

“Uhh yes. That is me,” I say. She gave me a pink sheet that I indicate is a schedule.

I excused myself out which then I was cornered by two, I’m guessing, jocks, who gawked at me, like a hunter staring at their prey.

“Oh what do we have here? Are you lost sweetheart?” the first jock asked who seemed to try to seduce me with his voice but ultimately failed.

“No, I am not lost, so can you please get out my way,” I coldly say while making the second almost flinch but just shrugged it off.

“No no sugar, we’ll show you around,” adding a disgusting wink at the end who, hem hem, tried to seduce me. Keyword is tried.

They scowled at me and turn away to their group of “friends” and girls with loads of heavy make-up.

I led my way over to history, which was pretty far. I seated myself to the back corner to be unseen and uninterrupted which failed. I was beamed at multiple times but no one seems to really care which I was totally fine with. A chick with dyed blond hair, caked in makeup, who also wore VERY revealing clothes, that wore high heels to manipulated people on what her actual height was came by to say something.

“Oh hi!” she says putting on a fake smile. “I’m Amanda (AN: Sorry if your name is Amanda, you could change it if you want) and you are..?”

“Y/N,” I respond. Before she could reply, the teacher came in, carrying his suitcase full of mystery.

“Okay class settle down and turn your textbook to page 293,”

Everything was a blur. Each class I had to introduce myself, yati yati, but right now it’s my last block. One of my options block. Of course since one of the options was coding I had to do it.

Everyone sat down and started typing away so I commanded myself to do the same thing. There was half of popular peers because they could do whatever they wanted and then there’s the other half full of nerd I guess they would call them. That’s when it started going downhill.

Well so we had a lockdown. And I know what you’re all saying, “Oh what that’s not that bad!” oh no hun you don’t know the reason why. Well apparently this school is kinda…well..anti-mutant. So a mutant (possibly me) was found and probably getting hunted down right now as I hear stomps behind the wooden doors and yells of commands and stuff.

So we had to hide in this corner because apparently corners are now the place you should go under an “attack” and that’s the most important and safest place to go, not a dumb idea at all! Anyway it’s been at least an hour and I was suppose to be home but yeah. Men (and women, don’t forget about equalization in our country) started filing in and talking to the teacher. For what I could hear over the talking, crying and the jocks who say they can beat up this “stupid” mutant, it was something mutant all right. They say that they saw a blur of silver. Omg Pietro Maximoff what are you doing here. After I thought that a flash occurred making all the papers to fly and swoop down. All the gunmen and gun women flash their guns up faster than you could say twinkie.

Suddenly it seems that all their bullets disappeared huh. They frantically look around until the one and only, Peter Maximoff stood there with a sheepish gin on his face.

“Y-you! You’re t-the m-mutant who broke in here! State your purpose!”a gunman demanded. Peter just shrugged.

“Why I can’t see my girlfriend? I’m sorry but is that illegal or something?” Peter asks. The popular girls started gossiping on which, I quote on quote, “freak” that’s dating him. I did hear someone say that he was kinda hot so that started and now they’re basically fighting over who his girlfriend is, how they’re gonna kill them and who gets Peter after. After like 42543 years later, I had enough. I wanted to go home, catch up on some seasons of Supernatural and stuff. So I said screw it, took Peter’s hand and dragged him off which kinda startled kinda started a few officers but whatever. So umm…yeah. Let’s just say that I’m never going back to any normal school again, just stick to Charles’s and spend more time with Peter.

I told my Mum to screw herself, just kidding she is my mother. I told her that I’m moving back to Charles’s school which she objected at first but then realised that I don’t really belong to those schools. (oh and Peter was there and she pretty much adores Peter) So yeah….my awkward first and last day of non-mutant school. It was a journey and I’m just glad that I was able to maintain a normal lifestyle and, just kidding I hated it and I don’t want to go back to that hell hole. Bye!


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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 914

A/N: Yet again another request (I am loving all the requests btw, so thank you to those who’ve sent them in!) asking for Christmas smut! And yes, I do know that Christmas has passed but let’s just pretend… I’ve also decided to combine it with another request for Y/N to speak in their native language in front of Shawn for the first time. I didn’t want to make it a specific language just so it’s generalised and everything :)


The first Christmas spent together is always the most daunting. It’s been over a year now since me and Shawn started dating but it’s the first time he’s spending an extended amount of time with my family. His tour finished a week ago now and he’s so relieved to be able to spend time with everyone he loves. My nerves couldn’t be controlled when I saw him walk through the door on Christmas Eve to join my family for our traditions. There is still so much that me and Shawn have to discover about each other and I’m so excited for that. Shawn is always so loving and caring and cute and he always compliments me which just makes the both of us blush. I never thought I would be able to find anyone remotely as dreamy as Shawn. But I did and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

“Y/N… Are you even listening to us?” My little sister stubbornly asks me, pulling me out of my daydream. I look around the table to see everyone’s eyes on me, making me realise just how long I must have been distant for.

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