did i say doom

man i still remember when i was playing doom 2016 for the first time and I heard Samuel Hayden tell me “You’re going to have to extract the last Argent Energy core from the Cyberdemon.” I just had this visceral “what the fuck did you just say” reaction to that. I had been playing Doom for a little while at that point and yet I was still taken aback by hearing the word “Cyberdemon” spoken aloud by the game’s supposed “rational doctor” character. 

Like, he said that, and I was like “I’m sorry, what did you say? Did you say ‘Cyberdemon?’ Excuse me? You have something in this facility that you call the ‘Cyberdemon?’ Why?” 

For a short instant, my mind and Doomguy’s mind were one and the same. I experienced true immersion in a video game in my momentary shock at hearing the word “Cyberdemon” spoken out loud, instead of like reading it in an out-of-universe manual. Sam Hayden was responsible for creating something that he named the “cyberdemon” and I was pissed off.