did i say 1 hour


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Life update:

1. I did 2 hours of algebra review because I realized I remembered jack shit about math when I opened my calculus book yesterday - for fun

2. I’m writing a paper about the forces that could potentially end humanity as we know it using social theory and basic human decency - just because

3. I’ve been complaining about this terrible sociology textbook I had to buy for a terrible class and wished I could find something better. I was at B&n a couple days ago and I saw the textbook of my dreams and I got so excited that I just bought it - on a whim

…….i have no idea where any of this is coming from

confession hour: i spend more time than i’m proud of watching those low-key terrible PHAN PROOF and WHY I SHIP IT videos on youtube. there are only like 10 pieces of “evidence” that show up in all of them but i still eat it up.