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bet namjoon tried his best to hide The Extremely Annoyed Face™ today when tae wiped chocolate off of jin’s lips and then sucked his thumb


i love the despair designs !

Friendly reminder

When Junko tried to kill Izuru

He stepped on her like stepping on trash

When Mukuro tried to kill Izuru

He bitch slapped her as if she was a small fly

When “this guy” tried to kill Izuru

This’s what “this guy” got (look hurt af and he died. Not Izuru’s faul tho)

When Komaeda tried to kill Izuru

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*gently put hand around Ko’s waist*

*gently took Ko’s gun*

*whispered to him*

Shot through Komaeda’s heart

See the difference  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

*Edit: Komaeda said he loved Hinata’s sleeping hope, didn’t he? Izuru’s (former) SHSL Hope and he’s “sleeping” inside Hinata at that moment. It makes sense now.


Happy national bean day birthday, @laiteevee ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

I saw the Night Court.”
He glanced sidelong at me. “I didn’t send those images to you.”
I didn’t care. “Thank you. For everything–for what you did. Then…and now.

A Court of Mist and Fury (page 289)

Okay but like Feyre just continued the conversation without thinking much about Rhysand saying “I didn’t send those images to you.” I never thought twice about it either but I’m rereading ACOMAF right now and it JUST HIT ME. Feyre saw the Night Court due to the mating bond. She saw places in the Night Court when she was under the mountain and it wasn’t Rhys sending her those images. It was the bond itself. It was comforting her. I’m gonna go cry now.

Right to Left ples.

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I just wanted to say something about this.

Honestly, I saw it too. I saw in him that he was settling for what he already had, and that for me was kinda sad to see. Don’t get me wrong, I have always had faith in him, but I admit that I did see him begin to lose sight and it became harder for me to find reasoning for it when people asked. I used to get messages asking me if he’s ok, if he is truly happy, what if he lost his spark, what if he’s losing sight, etc.

But in this past week alone, it’s completely turned around. I get messages from people that pride themselves in being a part of this community, I get messages from people like “what has he done now?!” when he does something weird, compliments to Mark himself for the way he’s been lately.

This right here, is a new era for Mark, the channel and this community and I am more excited than ever to see what’s to come.

Welcome back, Mark!

Obi-Wan Kenobi Has Never Had a Damn Day Off

Anakin’s Force Ghost: [watching very loud TV]
Obi-Wan’s Force Ghost: [sitting next to him, wearing glasses and reading a book called Coming to Terms With Your Traumatic Life]
Luke: [staring at them, annoyed] You know, eventually one of us is going to have to go talk to him. 
Anakin: [still watching TV, disinterested] …talk to who, son? 
Luke: …Ben, dad.
Obi-Wan: [smiling] Why, I’m right here, Luke. And you can talk to me any time. 
Luke: You know who I’m talking about, Obi-Wan. Knock it off. 
Anakin: …don’t sass your Obi-Wan like that, Luke. 
Luke: [shutting off the TV] GUYS. BEN. DARK SIDE. LITTLE HELP HERE. Are you seriously just going to sit here and watch soap operas while the universe goes to hell again?! One of us has to try and talk some sense into him! I think it should be one of you. 
Anakin: [immediately] Not it. [looks at Obi-Wan]
Obi-Wan: Ohhhh, no. I’ve put in my time trying to make people in this family see reason. I’m not helping that brat. It’s bad enough Leia gave him my name. 
Anakin: …there you go! He’s Ben, you’re Ben….you’re his, uh, Great Uncle? Just give him that face you always used to give me when I did something stupid. 
Obi-Wan: [makes a face]
Anakin: That’s the one! There. See? You already know what to do. You’ve got this. 
Obi-Wan: [defeated sigh]


“And when you fail to solve them, and lay blubbering like an ignorant child on the floor, you will know…that The Riddler... is better than you.”

Monster Trucks Was Good and I’m Kinda Pissed Off About It

So almost everything I’ve read about this movie has been astoundingly negative.  If you google its name, one of the first links you’ll get is an article titled “How did this Monster Trucks movie get made?”  The general consensus about this movie before it ever came out was that it was absolute trash that deserved to die forgotten and unloved - which is probably why it got shunted off to a January release date, on Friday the 13th no less!

Well, I just saw it.  I saw Monster Trucks and nobody stopped me.  And you know what?  It was good.

It’s not mind blowing.  It’s not high art.  It won’t make you rethink your worldview or ponder the nature of humanity.  But this is a solid movie.  It does everything it needs to, and it does so with a genuine personality.  It’s a simple, sweet little movie, and the fact that it’s been written off so matter-of-factly by almost everyone who’s heard of it kinda pisses me off.

The script is tight.  There’s no unnecessary padding, but it also isn’t rushed or nonsensical.  The actors are all good and likable - there’s not really a weak link in the cast.  The story is focused - there’s no meandering detours or plot cul de sacs that go nowhere.  Everything in the movie exists for a purpose and forwards the plot.  The monster - which, if you know me, is the most crucial part of this story for me - is absolutely wonderful.  He’s adorable in an unconventional way, oozes personality, and is genuinely endearing.

I’m sure you’re imagining the movie has a lot of crude humor and other cheap jokes, but it doesn’t.  There are, like, one or two juvenile gags, and they’re both fairly understated and, more importantly, pulled off very well.  The rest of the movie’s humor - and there’s a lot of it - naturally comes from the plot.

The movie balances humor and tension really well.  It knows how seriously to take its premise - that there need to be genuine stakes, but also levity because it’s a goofy story at heart.  It is exactly what it needs to be.

Yes, the plot is a fairly typical “kid finds weird supernatural animal and tries to help it out” story - I’m sure many reviewers had dismissed it as an E.T. ripoff, but that basic plot predates E.T. by centuries.  The medieval folktale “Maud and the Wyvern” has the same premise and is just a bit more tragic about it.  In my opinion, Monster Trucks is a valid retelling of that premise - and honestly I prefer it to E.T., both because Monster Trucks is good and because I think E.T. kinda sucks.

All I could think about while watching this movie is how huge it would have been when I was a kid.  If this came out in the 90′s, it would have been the highlight of the summer.  There’d be toys everywhere, and to this day 90′s kids would look back on it fondly.  It wouldn’t be life changing, but it’d be a treasured memory all the same - a fun little monster story that would still hold up decades later, something you could enjoy with your own kids when you grew up.

Instead, because it came out in an age where far more bloated, needlessly convoluted action-adventure movies come out every single week, Monster Trucks was tossed out like wet garbage to be ignored and derided.  And that just sucks man.  It just fucking sucks.

Worse, people write it off because it’s premise is unconventional.  Some might try to say it’s because the premise is silly, but we accept a lot of silly shit in our movies nowadays.  The biggest film franchise right now, and one that’s pretty beloved at that, centers on a Norse God, an angry green giant, a robot man, and a soldier who literally wears the American flag fighting aliens and spies with robot arms.  That’s pretty fucking silly too - but because it’s the conventional sort of silly, it can be considered good, while everyone hates on poor Monster Trucks.

Also, Monster Trucks has a very nuanced but prominent pro-environment/anti-big oil company message, which is timely and important in my opinion.

Monster Trucks is a fun, sweet little movie with laughs, fun characters, and a simple story told very, very well.  I won’t say that you’re a soulless shell of a human being if you don’t see it, but I will say that you’re a bad person who has a lot to answer for.  I saw it and nobody stopped me.  I know I can’t make you see it, but I am sad if you stop yourself from doing so.

don’t let Creech down you heartless fools

Robbie Rotten is Literally a Troll

With the huge increase in popularity in the Icelandic Children’s TV show Lazytown, I quickly noticed that the original drafts had some root into icelandic folklore, for instance, Sportacus was originally an elf. In the kid’s tv show, it seemed to have discarded those cultural roots in place of something more Americanized- making a trickster elf into a superhero. It seems that all trace of Iceland has been erased (except for Magnus Scheving’s accent), but there may be more down the rabbit hole. 

I’m studying Anthropology, and have been a Storyteller for many years, with an emphasis in folklore from different parts of the world. When I noticed that the original Sportacus was an elf, I was quite intrigued. How much matched up with traditional Icelandic folklore? So, I looked it up. 

The most common nordic/ Icelandic folk tale is about beings called huldufolk (hidden folk) which can be recognized as being fairies, elves, and trolls. 

Sportacus matches up closely with the stories of the elves. In fact, he was one in the drafts that didn’t quite make it too far out of Iceland. However, Sportacus still has a lot of traits that match up with the elves from Icelandic folklore. One prominent story that comes to mind is a story about a town that loved to dance, and when the sheriff of the town banned dancing, the elves sided with the townsfolk who loved dancing to run the sheriff out of town. Does that sound familiar? An elf siding with someone who loves to dance to keep dancing and other activities alive in the town while stopping the person who gets in the way is essentially the plot of every single episode of Lazytown. While the original Sportacus was a lot more cruel in his tricks, the current Sportacus certainly bears resemblance to the original when it comes to motivation. 

Now on to Robbie Rotten. Who is he? In the show he is a lazy, rude, disguise wearing, and antisocial man who looks very different from the majority of the citizens in Lazytown. He is also the tallest character, and has purposefully distorted features. Given these traits, we can compare them. 

Trolls are creatures that are dim witted and easily outsmarted. They dislike most people and prefer to live in caves underground to avoid interaction. They are humanoid in nature, though often are shown as being larger than the average human. Their features are also distorted from humans, like having exceptionally long noses or chins. They are also considered to be clumsy, lazy, and poor mannered. 

The hobbies of trolls are also quite telling- they enjoy kidnapping people (even if they do not know what to do with them afterwards) and disguising themselves to trick humans

Robbie Rotten spends all of his time making poor schemes to trick the humans of Lazytown. Many of his plans involves kidnapping one of the citizens of Lazytown, though after they’re captured he often doesn’t know what to do next. He ultimately wants to be left alone in peace and quiet in his underground cavern. Most notably, he uses disguises to try and accomplish his goals, just like many trolls do in traditional Nordic tales. 

The only Troll characteristic that Robbie does not possess is the aversion to sunlight, but hey, no theory is perfect.

One Little Tattoo

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You stood and pulled down your shirt over your hips. From across the room, Dean’s eyes watched the skin disappear. The way you’d been sitting on the couch made your shirt ride up and sit in the middle of your hip, revealing half of your anti-possession tattoo. Just before you had covered it, you noticed Dean staring at you, and you definitely did not miss the way he licked his lips subconsciously. You suppressed a chuckle and resisted the urge to speak up. Your willpower faded when you saw him drop his gaze and bite his lip.

“What were ya lookin’ at, Dean-o?” You sauntered toward him.

“Huh - what? Nothin’!” He stammered, cheeks gaining the slightest bit of pink.

“I think I saw you looking at this.” You pinched the hem of your t-shirt and pulled it up to where it had been before.

Dean’s eyes grew wide. You’d never been this blatantly bold with him before. All the flirting you’d done had been subtle, innocent. This was different.

“You have the same one, what makes my tattoo different?” You let go of your shirt but left it where it was.

“Mine is - yours is - it’s just different.” He looked away from you.

“Different because of where it is?” You leaned a hand on the edge of the table and smiled down at him.

“Maybe that’s it.” He shrugged, still not looking at you.

“Dean,” you sighed.

“Yeah, that’s not it. It’s because it’s you. The way that one little tattoo just peaks out from under your shirt? It’s like this little sneak peek of what you’re hiding.” He confessed.

“One little tattoo…” You chuckled, shaking your head.

He looked up at you with an eyebrow raised in confusion.

“What if I told you it wasn’t just one?” You reached down and lifted the side of your shirt again.

He watched with careful eyes as you peeled the shirt up your right side, revealing the rest of your anti-possession tattoo. What he didn’t expect was the intricate web of warding symbols that followed, running up your ribcage and up under the swell of your breast.

“Jesus, sweetheart.” He huffed, trying to ignore the tightening in the front of his pants.

“How can you still find this stuff sexy? It’s all… lore stuff. Like this one?” You pointed to the one right under your breast. “That will burn the skin off of a werewolf if they touch it.”

“All tattoos are sexy.” His tongue flicked out over his bottom lip.

He stood then, his hand meeting yours on your right side and groping at the bottom of your shirt on the left. He raised his hands and pulled your shirt up over your head. Dean’s pupils dilated as he closed the space between you and pushed your back against the wall.

“Gonna see what else I can find.” He snarled, hands groping wildly while his lips devoured yours.

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hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahaha why is Max being. So mean :) what the fuck :) shadowhunters writers :) who :) gave :) you :) the :) right :)

It Does Not Make Sense

LESTRADE: Did you know?
JOHN: Of course I didn’t.
LESTRADE: You didn’t see him take the scalpel?
JOHN: Nobody saw him.
LESTRADE: So you didn’t know what was about to happen.
JOHN: Of course I didn’t know.
LESTRADE: Well, there must have been some build-up. He didn’t just suddenly do it.
JOHN: Look, I didn’t know he had the bloody scalpel.
LESTRADE: Ohh, Christ! I keep wondering if we should have seen it coming.
JOHN: Not long ago, he shot Charles Magnussen in the face. We did see it coming. We always saw it coming. But it was fun.

This is the dialogue between John and Lestrade from TLD. In the show it is interspersed with the scene from the morgue. This is what they actually say - and it does not make sense. 

  • John does not even try explain the build-up, the strange behaviour of Culverton Smith, the fact that Sherlock had been using for weeks or months. 
  • John telling Greg just like that Sherlock shot Magnussen - a fact that was hushed up during a super secret meeting with Mycroft, Sir Edwin, and Lady Smallwood. (But then Greg also knew about Mary’s past so maybe he is the one NSY officer who knows all the secrets).
  • And what would have been the “fun” of Sherlock killing someone? And who saw it coming? Surely not John who thought Sherlock was the wisest and kindest man he ever met? 

(source of dialogue: Arianedevere)


alec hirch: its so weird that people like ford!!! after all hes so unlikable and unemotional and disgusting and yet people relate to him??? i cant see why!!!

survivors of abuse and trauma who see themselves in ford: