did i ruin a surprise

Today, I fucked up... by trying to surprise my girlfriend for our 2 year anniversary

Yesterday I booked a ticket to Denver to surprise her for our anniversary and did not tell her about it. 20~ hours later (flight from home to Denver w/ transits) I arrived and took an Uber to our apartment. Knocked on the door few times, no one answered. I did not want to call her to ruin the surprise but I had too. The second I called her she said: “Uhhhh.. no way!” I was like “Yay! She was surprised that I got here and did not expect this”. Then she told me she is at Dulles Airport (her flight’s transit airport) on her way to my home country.

So I am at the airport now spent $3000~ on airplane tickets waiting 4 hours for the next flight back home to talk about my fuck up with my girlfriend over dinner, hopefully something is open at midnight(when I get there). 

by MeshariKw

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i should be working on filling a sketchbook for my intake, yet here i am, procrastinating by colouring doodles of my kids :v truth is, i’m just scared of ruining my moleskine. 

matchallama, i did a surprise bonus alder! hehe