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anonymous asked:

I've had enough with those people accusing Sam having a better childhood and that Dean suffered so much to provide Sam a loved environment. It's not a goddamn competition! And why did they always, always ignore the fact that Sam did LOVE Dean, he's the one who complimented, encouraged Dean! I don't even remember when had Sam guilt tripped Dean into sth while Dean did it all the time. Sorry for getting carried away, I just wanted to ask which tag would you suggest me to search? Thanks!

Me too, Anon! If you want to read a ton of really great analysis on this very topic, check out our Young Sam tag. That one is undoubtedly the most likely to yield results specifically about the concerns you have, but these may also have some relevant analysis: sam and familysam and abusesam and formative experiences.

Too many people assume that because Sam’s experience was not equivalent to Dean’s, it was not challenging or damaging. Additionally, too many fans unquestioningly swallow the image of flawless-parent-Dean and take any assertions that Sam had a tough childhood as accusations against Dean, which they most certainly are not. There are also way too many ridiculous headcanons bouncing around in the fandom that a bunch of people accept as canon, like this one which queen-of-carven-stone so effectively refuted.

Dean certainly had many rough and harmful experiences that Sam can’t understand. Sam had many equally harmful experiences that Dean can’t possibly understand, too, and I think too many people forget that.

A short and incomplete highlight reel of Sam’s childhood experiences:

  • Sam has never known home or a mother’s love. The only life he remembers is the itinerant lifestyle of a hunter.
  • It’s the only life he’s ever known, and it is also a life he has never really felt a part of. He spent his childhood feeling unworthy and impure. His attempt to leave and seek a place he might belong ended up with his father disowning him.
  • Dean knew about hunting from a young age, but Sam was lied to for most of his young life and left alone in motel rooms as young as 9 years old and (and quite possibly as young as 5). Sam was dragged all over the U.S., dropped in motel rooms alone, and no one would tell him why they were doing that.
  • His English teacher when he was fourteen was the first person who asked what Sam wanted out of life rather than assuming that he’d go into the family business.
  • He had lost his mother and desperately wanted to know about her, but was yelled at when he asked. He didn’t know any/many of the details of her death until he was 22. He never knew Dean carried him out of the fire until then, either. He spent his whole freaking childhood seeking revenge for a loss he was never allowed to be a part of. Is it any wonder he thought to look elsewhere for a place to belong?
  • So many people in fanon assume that Dean always (or even often) supported Sam when he stood up against John. However… canon has scant evidence of this. In fact, most of the evidence points to Dean taking John’s side. 

That’s not unusual at all, of course. Dean seriously shouldn’t have had to bear the burdens placed on him from such a young age, but neither should Sam.  Sam’s experiences were no less harmful than Dean’s, and the effects of his unstable childhood have followed him into adulthood and beyond.

Loving You

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader (Y/N Y/L/N), Mentions of Sam Winchester

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 894

Summary: Love Conquers All. Right?

Warnings: Nothing but fluff…maybe a dust of angst…maybe…

Author’s Note: Heyyy guys! This is my entry for @avasmommy224‘s birthday challenge! I had two prompts! Both can be seen below in bold :) I know it’s a few days late and I apologize immensely for this. I really liked how this turned out! I really hope you all like it! Feedback is greatly appreciated, my loves!! 

Loving You

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anonymous asked:

(the anon from before) Thank you ^^, sorry I'm a kidcore blog and I try my best to be nice to each age regression community.., I don't think anybody deserves hate just because they are comfortable with a certain name they use like "cglre" or whatever.., we all like the same stuff, so why can't we be nice to each other and move on with our lives ;_;

Lol, I can literally write an essay on this. I’ve been here since the beginning. Prepare for a long ass post.

Playdoh-Princess Presents:

The History of the Regression Wars

Kidcore. Cgl. Long ago, the two nations lived in harmony and peace. BUT everything changed when the ignorance attacked. 

You see, this all started within the cgl community when minors started joining the community and making blogs of their own. Cgl then split into two camps: the “cgl isn’t a kink” crowd and the “coloring is a kink” crowd. Kidcore/toywave at this point hadn’t attacked cgl. We all interacted in one big age regression community. 

BUT when members f the cgl community started saying cgl was a kink community and called minor supporters “pedophiles,” kidcore/toywave distanced themselves and took on that rhetoric creating the community we all know and hate today: chire. 

This also launched start of tons of anti-cgl blogs. I mean, members of cgl’s own community were saying it was toxic, that age regression was a kink and watching cartoons was inherently sexual. How could any person support a community like that? It was the perfect storm.

With members of the cgl community now getting hate from the “coloring is a kink crowd” AND chires AND anti’s, the sfw cgl crowd created their own separate bubble: cglre. 

At first, this was a great idea. Sfw littles and cgs finally had a place to call their own that was completely separate from any other toxic community. We created spin off tags: toyre, babyre, kidzspace! The world was our playpen. 

This happiness was short lived, however. Chires and anti’s continued to attack and harass cglre members like never before. Due to this, many members left the cglre community or just gave up regression all together. Even in cglre though, there were a few members who were starting to attack simply cgl blogs. (Which I totally took a stand against.)

After a few months, a new community was created: kidhearts. The founders of this community are ex-cgl(re) members. People where excited for a new tag, a new community to be apart of… But, of course, this ended as well. Now, the kidhearts believe that cgl is a kink. In my opinion, they did this as a desperate way of distancing themselves from cglre and gaining support from other age regression communities. 

So really, this all goes back to those members of cgl in the beginning, mainly the ddlg kinksters, who claimed cgl was inherently a kink. They sparked a fire under the asses of every other age regression community that has come after them. 

And here we are in the present. 

What will happen next? Kidhearts, antis, and chires are going to all get together and shit on cgl(re). Cglre will ignore them. I’ll make cute banners and record bedtime stories. My friends and I will hang out in Discord laughing about the entire shit show that is the Tumblr age regression community. LIFE will go on. 

Stress Reliever

Summary: Negan catches you in a cat fight with one of his wives and decides to screw your uptight personality out of you (consensually, of course!). 

Warnings: Swearing, smut, sex, a little bit of alcohol

Note: Two things – 1) I have begun tagging people in my fics! Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future fics! 2) If there is anything any of you are really uncomfortable with me writing about, please let me know, anon or not! I will make sure not to cover those things!

Originally posted by fallenhuntersx

Your uptight, stickler-for-rules, judgmental personality did not fade in the least after the world ended. In fact, those traits were merely enhanced by all the chaos. You didn’t get along with most people. Even after living at the sanctuary for four months, you did not find one person you even remotely liked. 

You hated the people you worked with; they were all morons. You hated the Saviors; they were mindless savages who followed Negan around like puppies. You hated Negan; he was a violent and arrogant asshole, although maybe deep down you could admit that he was good-looking. But most of all, you hated Negan’s wives. You always struggled to get along with other women, especially women who sat around on their ass all day and merely enjoyed “looking pretty”.

Unfortunately, you were forced to interact with his wives almost on a daily basis. You were in charge of doing their laundry and bringing it to their room. And every time you came into contact with them, there was always a verbal brawl. Between you calling them ditzy, lazy, and slutty, and them calling you a plain Jane, bland, and a bitch, there was never a dull moment when you interacted with them. 

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haha holy shit that’s a lot of people.

I created this blog on a whim in June at like 4 in the morning. I was sleep-deprived and thought that, after lurking in the Undertale fandom and seeing all the cool stuff fans were making, I wanted to join in too. 

I was really nervous posting up stuff, cause this is the first fandom I’ve ever actively participated in,and I had just started to draw digitally with a tablet only a couple of weeks before. 

But it turned out people liked my stuff. Lots of people did. (Including the people that I admired in the fandom omg!) And that encouraged me to keep doodling things. All of you were so kind to me and patient. I really loved seeing all the nice things people would comment or write in the tags. (I read those!) And seeing every notification of people liking or reblogging my work always made me really excited haha. 

So, I just want to say:

Thank you for all your kindness to this newbie ≧(´▽`)≦ Thank you for a great year, and I hope to have an even better new year!

gusthefarmer  asked:

How do you feel about the other issues people have with suckpencil? (ableism, exploitation, stealing ideas for merch, disrespect of ppl...)

i think she’s awful in every sense of the word.

ableism- I think her exploitation of mentally ill people is just gross. it makes my skin crawl that she sees nothing wrong with using mentally ill pople in crappy scary stories for a cheap thrill factor– because it turns out, oh, the deranged serial killer was mentally ill all along. she constantly demonizes people with ‘scary’ mental illnesses such as psychosis or schizophenia, and thus spreads the idea that people with those illnesses are all serial killers or something along the same lines, the same way the movie Split did with DID. heres a few sources of sixpenceee’s ableism. There’s also a weird stream of stories that contain child abuse in her tags, which is, you know… nasty. 

exploitation- I really think the biggest thing that’s popped up about sixpenceee’s explotative habits is the whole sixpenceeeheals bullshit. It astounds me that she sat down at her laptop, typed that out, made time to set it all up, read it all over and thought ‘yep, that’s good enough to post!’, then was.. confused? defensive? at the backlash. She issued a half assed apology that never really stated what she was doing was wrong, that she was trying to scam mentally ill kids who look up to her out of $30 in one of her pathetic get rich quick schemes she always seems to pop up with. That was just fucked up, man. Oh, and then she weirdlt started passive-aggresively reblogging posts that were defending her? She has like… no moral compass. (x) (x)

tshirts- When I found out about the fact that she was stealing t shirt designs. It’s as if we go, ‘wow, how can sixpenceee get any worse?’, and she sees it as a challenge. She’s even stolen things UNDER COPYRIGHT LAW and sold them to third parties for profit, which is illegal? and she could be sued– (correct me if i’m wrong, i’m no lawyer). There’s also the ‘stop human trafficing shirt’, ironic. It’s just constant money grabbing, constant note grabbing, for mediocre shirts or shirts with other people’s art on it. God, I hope she gets sued.

disrespect and general lack of human compassion- I’m just gonna say it– she’s like a badly programmed robot. Like, a one hellbent on attacking everyone and everything that calls her out. She often sends her followers to attack people who make callout posts, and then when people bite back, she acts the victim and whines that it isnt her fault. And she blocks, and blocks, and blocks… I’m actually pretty upset that she began sourcing her posts (good!) with the sources she’s went and gotten off of our blog without a thank you or a nod of the head or even unblocking us. It’s sort of like, ‘hey, don’t look at that blog who’s trying to help me out and credit original artists, look at ME! i sourced my posts, so stop making callout posts about me kthnxbye.’ It’s narcissism like i’ve never seen before.

tl;dr – sixpenceee? hate her

-Mod Vix

Summary: So many of you asked for a part 2 for sacrifices so here it is! I hope I did it justice.

Pairings: Mark/reader(Implied), Tyler/reader

Fandoms: Markiplier

Tags: @avengers-earths-mightiest-heroes , @i-am-an-outcast 

Originally posted by bekadmfb

               Three weeks. That’s all it took for them all to forget about you and move on with their lives. Three weeks and the knocks stopped, the calls stopped, and the texts stopped. It was a good thing. Maybe now you could finally settle down and move on with your life. Maybe, if you got really lonely, you could try one of those dating sites for people who didn’t believe in soulmates.

               None of that was true, however.

               Mark and Amy had refused to go on any sort of vacation until they saw you again. They stayed up all night, hoping that whatever they did wrong would just come to them. They weren’t the only ones with sleepless nights, though. Everyone had them. Kathryn had stopped smiling and cried when she thought of how it used to be between all of you. Ethan had been less playful. His goofy giggle was never heard and the darkest bags grew under his eyes.

               Tyler had the worst of it. He stayed up all night thinking about you and how you used to be. You were always so nice and pretty. Your laughter was amazing to him. He didn’t even know if you did laugh anymore. Were you eating as much as you should? Were you happy or were you suffering just as much as the rest of them?

               Tyler had seen how you smiled at Mark. He knew you loved him but he didn’t care as long as you were happy. Tyler could have told you everything and guilted you into being with him, but he wasn’t like that, he wasn’t selfish. He wanted to so badly! He wanted to make you his and his alone but he wouldn’t. Not like that. Mark had been beating himself up over how horribly he treated you. Over how bad he was, but that wouldn’t stop you from rotting away all alone and Tyler wouldn’t let that happen.

               He had to try, just one more time.


               You sat on your couch emotionless as you waited for your pizza to arrive. You hadn’t realized how hungry you were before until you felt sick. You had ordered it over thirty-five minutes ago. It should be here soon.

               The TV flicked from channel to channel as you pressed the designated button over and over in your hand with a bored expression. There were no lights on in your house. Your apartment had been dark for most of those three weeks. You refused to look in the mirror in fear of seeing how horrible you really looked.

               A knock on your door caught your attention as you rubbed your eyes. You got up from the couch, feeling rather weak, and made your way to the door. You quickly unlocked it and opened it with the twenty dollars in your left hand.

               “Here, keep the change.” You stuck your hand out and looked up at the man, but a sense of dread filled you when you realized that it wasn’t the delivery boy standing before you.

               “My god, (Y/n).” Tyler gasped as he looked you up and down. You looked sick. Your skin was pale and your eyes were red. Your hair was a mess and bags sagged under your eyes. Tyler’s hands twitched she refrained from touching you.

               “Tyler, just,” you sighed. “Go home.” You want to close the door but his palm slammed against it.

               “I can’t do that. Everyone’s worried about you and…” Tyler trailed off, scared to say something he should have said a long time ago. “Please, I just want to talk.” You sighed again and ran a hand down your face before looking around. Your eyes went from the right to the left, to the floor, and back to Tyler.

               “Fine.” Your voice was quiet but he still heard it. You moved to the side and Tyler walked into your home. The first thing he noticed was how dark it was, then how cold it was. He shivered and squinted as he tried to see.

               “Have you been living like this all this time?” He asked. You nodded and flicked a light on. You blinked vigorously before adjusting to the light.

               “That’s not what you came here to talk about, though, is it?” You asked, hoping to get straight to the point so you could be alone again.

               “(Y/n),” Tyler turned back to you, “what happened?” You walked into the kitchen and took a beer out of the fridge before getting two more. If you were going to tell this story, you were going to need some alcohol.

               “Tyler, did you ever realize that your soulmate loves someone else?” You asked.

               “Yes.” He said after a moment of hesitation. “I had met her a long time ago but she had fallen in love with someone else. She got our ties severed.”

               “Were you the one to have to cut those ties? I know you felt that little pinch in your heart. I did too.” You cracked open one of the beers and quickly gulped it all down. You wiped a stray tear away and continued. “She asked me to do it.”

               “What do you mean?” Tyler asked, hoping that what he was thinking wasn’t true.

               “Amy was so excited for her wedding. I couldn’t just take that away from her!” You rested your head in your hands with your elbows on the table. Maybe Tyler wouldn’t see your tears if you hid them, but he would hear your broken heart in your voice. “Mark was so much happier with her! I couldn’t be so selfish as to take that away from them.” Your voice cracked under all the pressure. “So, I severed the ties, and I felt that little pinch and I couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone because-“ A sob broke through your throat and stopped you from speaking any more.

               “Because of what?” Tyler asked. He stood behind you, close enough to see your shoulders shaking.

               “Because who wants damaged goods?” You asked quietly. Tyler wrapped turned you around and wrapped his arms around you. You squirmed and tried to push him away but he wouldn’t let you go. He knew you need this just as much as he did all those years ago. Soon, you had stopped thrashing and began crying into his chest.

               “I would,” Tyler whispered to you. You stood there in silence and for a moment Tyler had thought that he had said it in his head, but you wrapped your arms around his stomach and he felt his heart rate quicken.

               “Thank you, Tyler. Really, but I don’t know if I can just fall in love with you.” Tyler was quiet. He was hurt, he wouldn’t lie, but he knew that there was a chance. Even if it was the smallest sliver of light, he’d keep reaching for it until it was either all gone or in his grasp.

               “Please, let me try to woo you.” He joked. You let out a breathy giggle. “Does that mean you’ll come back with me to see the gang again?”

               “Yeah,” You wiped your face, “after my pizza gets here.”


               You munched loudly as Tyler drove you back to Marks apartment. He had texted everyone to meet him there and they had all been pretty restless since. He smiled and shook his head when a piece of cheese fell from your mouth back into the box.

               “You hungry?” He asked. You simply nodded with cheeks filled to the brim. “You better hurry up and eat it all before everyone else wants some.” This only made you eat faster if that was even possible.

               By the time the both of you parked, your pizza box was empty and your stomach was full. You gave Tyler an unsure look when you saw the building and he simply took your hand. You both walked, side-by-side, into the lobby and down the hall until you came to a familiar door. Tyler pushed it open with ease and dragged you into the living room. Everyone there gaped at you with shock.

               “Listen,” You started, not wanting to start an awkward silence, “I know you guys are probably pretty upset with me and I admit that what I did was childish but I didn’t know what else to do.”

               “(Y/n), we aren’t upset at all,” Ethan said. “We’ve missed you so much. What happened?” You bit your lip and looked to Tyler. He nodded to you and you began your story. From beginning to end they all listened intently. Mark and Amy grew guilty expressions once it all sunk in.

               “I know I probably should have told you all in the first place but I just couldn’t bring myself to ruin your happiness. I think I found someone else, though. Someone who’ll make me as happy as the both of you.” Your eyes drifted towards Tyler, who was looking pretty smug in the corner.

               Tyler had managed to woo you just as he promised and three years later, the two of you got married. You thanked ark for breaking your heart so long ago because he caused you to find your true soulmate. Fate had always had funny ways of making things play out.

If “Destiel is canon”...

…then Dean Winchester has the shittiest boyfriend on the planet.  He ignores Dean for weeks, isn’t afraid to lie to and manipulate him/his feelings, steals from him, never apologizes without an ‘it was for your own good’ or ‘it was all your fault anyway’, isn’t afraid to beat the crap out of him ‘if necessary’, rarely shows up when called, and spends most of his conversations talking directly to his brother.  The only semi-decent thing Castiel did all episode was heal Dean’s likely broken elbow.  Forget a “boyfriend” - Castiel is a miserable friend. Of course, the people who think Destiel is canon are also so deluded that they don’t seem to realize those are all abusive behaviors.  I guess we shouldn’t expect any better from people too stupid to realize that Dean Winchester is straight after they’ve been both told and shown multiple times.  At least the Destiel fanfiction writers can write Castiel to act more…decently? Less abusive? Something.

anonymous asked:

are you involved in the booklr drama?

I have been keeping up with it - I don’t use tumblr as much as I used to so I’m out of the loop a lot of the time. But today was one of those days where I fancied scrolling and spending some time in the depths of the site. Whilst I was browsing the booklr tag (which I always do because I really like finding new blogs to follow), I saw some posts and managed to get to the root of it all. I read for a while and I’ve got the general gist, I do believe.

I think, truthfully, that it should go without saying that we support marginalised people more than our like for aesthetically pleasing books. I thought it did go without saying that we were supposed to put morals before pretty books, but apparently some folk have really let that go and are blind to some problematic books. 

Many of us have allowed our privilege to allow us to overlook some problems in books and then have later found out that said book is problematic and have corrected our errors, but the way I see it is that someone attempted to correct another’s error and it has been taken as “bullying” for whatever reason; when, honestly, booklr is about staying aware of those things and I think that was severely overlooked when the lovely person attempted to inform someone else of their errors. (Might I add they were not informed as thus: F**K YOU. YOU ARE BLIND TO THE PROBLEMS IN THIS BOOK. YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT.) No. It was very eloquently put across, as are all of their posts about problematic books. Booklr is all about keeping those problematic books away - yes, you can still enjoy reading. Just because you are informed about problematic books doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy other books. Is your enjoyment of a book really more important than someone’s happiness or well-being? Problematic books can be so, so, so, damaging and I don’t see the problem with making everyone aware. I don’t see how it was “bullying”.  

There is no bullying in booklr regarding this, there really isn’t. Just people trying to look out for marginalised people and ensure that really problematic books aren’t supported. 

On that note: I’d like to apologise if I’ve shared/promoted books that are problematic. I severely, honestly apologise for that and I ask you to inform me if I have reblogged a problematic book, for I don’t want to promote that on my blog. :)

So no, technically I’m not.
I’m just a bystander, picking sides, too anxious to join in. Seriously, my anxiety bites at my kneecaps nine times out of ten, so I tend to stay quiet, despite how passionate I am. 


So, here’s my 2014 art summary. I feel like I’ve been woefully inactive this year (I was pretty busy with the last year of my degree), but I still did draw enough that I had at least one piece from every month I’d be happy with presenting as my current ‘progress’. Looking back I’m pretty sure the most significant change in 2014 was that I bought gold ink, fell in love, and then leaned more heavily on watercolours so I could use it more.

I’m really REALLY thankful to all of the people who have found and liked my work, and those who say nice things in tags, comments and sometimes in my inbox! THANK YOU EVERYBODY FOR JOINING ME IN 2014, ONWARDS TO A NEW YEAR OF DRAWING!!

@ all of yall makin promo posts in the yaxawa tag and trying to act superior to everyone else for “knowing all along”: i see you and im not a fucking fan of what you’re doing.

if you knew something why didnt you speak up? why didn’t you act? why did you sit there and do nothing? why did you continue being mutuals with someone who supported this kind of content?

also for those of you making promo posts, really? someone gets called out for pedophilia and you’re trying to draw the attention to yourself instead of helping spread the CORRECT information along abd helping victims of pedophilia and such.

you people constantly wonder why misinfo gets spread around and its because idiots like you are clogging the tag with your nonsense.

anonymous asked:

I was just going through your art tag (its so good! You're extremely talented!) when unnoticed you drew Washington with the tooth gap and that made me irrationally happy??? I just really love Christopher Jackson's tooth gap??? And you draw him so well!!

Thank you! <33
I love those kind of small things on people! Tooth gap, freckles, red noses all kinds of things that makes a person them. 

It was really fun drawing Washington with his tooth gap and I actually did a full body drawing of him but I cropped it for some reason, 

The Cave

Been a long time coming for this one holy hell. SatToonz piece for @bloody0bfonteri‘s Daemon!AU, as a reminder and to people who may not know this does feature Xenophilia, so if you are not a fan be weary. Under the cut is also the full list of tags, so pay mind to those. 

Huge thank you to @xxsilver-wraithxx and @alitomy-ao3 for pushing me to get this monster done. Guys really did help a lot and I hope you all enjoy this. 

Word Count: 7764 

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Anti - Nalu

My Gosh So I was just looking for more nalu posts in the nalu tag and then there were 2 posts wherein this blogger has  posted their bloodlust against nalu shippers. Mygoodness, in my opinion what a total waste of time, maybe you should just focus on what you like and stop targeting nalu shippers out there just because we ship nalu? Like we care about your opinion. It just really irks me to see an anti-nalu post in the nalu tag. I respect people who has different ships from mine, why can’t you? Also, don’t generalize nalu or even jerza shippers. NOT ALL are harassing Hiro Mashima just because they did not get the ending that they want. Clearly, those who were harassing Hiro don’t know what the essence of Fairy Tail is. 

I internally wanna argue about your opinions on Nalu, but my logical side of the brain is warning me that it won’t go anywhere. And, I loathe ship wars because -

1) Total waste of time, energy and effort

2) How much more childish can you be? Smh

All I want, is that you take your opinions somewhere else and don’t tag nalu with it. Please. Some may just ignore it, others will have an eyebrow up and then scroll the next, but I’m afraid I can’t stay silent about it lol. Like I need to protect my babies but that’s just me. 

And I want to remind you that not all in the fandom are close-minded bigots who clearly don’t know how to appreciate Fairy Tail and Hiro’s effort. Sadly, it pains to me to see those people harassing Hiro also but unfortunately I dont know how to stop nor prevent them from doing so.

Today I finished this little tfb thingy. It’s lyrics from the song historic cemetery off of the album back on top. Historic cemetery brings back a lot of weird times in my life. I can’t say I don’t miss those times. I’m not going to lie about that. But those time have now negatively and positivity effected me. Those people from those times are no longer in my life. One thing led to the next and it was over like that. But that’s life. Those times taught me who I really am independently. Those times taught me that not all people are forever. There’s always a goodbye of some sort rather it formal or not. So here’s an ode to those many goodbyes said and done last fall. Those many goodbyes that changed me and maybe made me better, or maybe put me down. And here’s for the goodbyes thought but never said. Goodbye, and thank you for what had happened while it lasted. It was good and it’s unfortunate it had to go as it did.

To those that have signed up for the Fishblr BBAT:

I’m getting some people signing up that don’t seem to actually have anything to do with fishblr at all, that are putting things like “or you can send me other art” in the form when I feel like I was pretty clear that this is about fish? It’s intended to be a fun thing for the fishblr community, if it was just a general art trade it would have been advertised as such.

I have very mixed feelings about this. At surface level, I’m not crazy about it. It feels like those doing this might just be signing up for it because they think the concept is cool, even though they aren’t really all that into fish.

BUT, I did also say:

“You don’t have to actively participate in the tag to be a fishblr. If you tumblr, keep aquariums, and are at all involved in/aware of anyone who participates in the tag that’s good enough for me. That means those that just read are still welcome to join!”

I meant that more for those users that are interested in fish and would like to participate, but might worry they’re not active enough, or for those that would fishblr but have been turned off by some community drama at some point or another. It wasn’t really meant to mean random people could sign up because they just want to do an art trade. Though they probably do have to be following at least one person that is at all associated with fishblr to have found it.

Some are even saying they don’t keep fish, which means they don’t exactly meet the definition above. But I don’t know if that means they don’t have fish right now or if they just aren’t interested in the aquarium hobby. I don’t want anyone who is into the hobby but that doesn’t have fish right now to feel left out either.

I’m really torn on how to handle this.

So to those participating in the event, what do you think?

Would you like me to moderate this and address these people, or do you think it should just be left open, that we shouldn’t regulate it for fear of “gate keeping” the community?

(I just know that if someone else were running this, and I got assigned someone that doesn’t fishblr, flat out says they have no fish, and is baiting for non-fish art I would be pretty frustrated/disappointed? But that’s just me.)


Reaper: “Did you take enough healing potions?”
Neptune: “A few. Why? You think there’s going to be lots of trouble on the way?”
Reaper: “We’re on Shara. There’s always trouble.”
Neptune: “If only magic wouldn’t leave traces…we’d be there already.”
Reaper: “…My magic didn’t use to leave any traces.”
Neptune: “Yeah, about that whole being a god thing,-”
Reaper: “-Don’t waste your breath with questions.”
Neptune: “It’s my decision what to do with my own breath. So, I’ve been wondering. Why is this necklace so important to you? So important that you’re risking a lot to get it back.”
Reaper: “It’s mine, and it belongs only to me.”
Neptune: “I think there’s more to it. Either it's very important and powerful, or it’s really nothing at all. You’re just using it as an excuse to tag along for whatever reason.”
Reaper: Why would I choose deliberately to spend even a day in this tiny wagon with you?”
Neptune: *Blinks* Autch.“
Reaper: "I know you feel the same.”
Neptune: “True. I just have some manners.”
Reaper: “You’re a kitsune. You steal and trick people.”
Neptune: “That’s a pointless point. Not all kitsune steal.”
Reaper: “You broke into Fenix’s vault and almost stole from Nesryn’s temple.”
Neptune: “…Fenix doesn’t need that much jewels. And how the hell did you know that?”
Reaper: “Those statues aren’t there for nothing.”
Neptune: “That’s…good to know.”


“Oh, seriously?!” Crowley groaned when you tossed him your phone, giggling. “I loathe snapchat.” He rolled his eyes and handed the phone back to you.

Ever since the app updated, you’d been messing around with what you could do, drawing on different people, putting stickers over things - your favorite was when you replaced Dean’s beer bottle with a cat. This had to be your best work. The horns and little red tail on Crowley made you wheeze with laughter.

“Enough!” He snapped his fingers and the video was gone.

“Aw, come on, Fergus. Let the lass have a little fun!” Rowena snickered from the corner.

“Mother, now is not the time to encourage her behavior. It’s bad enough she’s been spending all that time with the Winchesters and their angel pet. The last thing I need is her starting one of their little prank wars down here in my hell.” He rolled his eyes again.

“Dad, you’re such a stiff. Lighten up a little. I’m just having fun.” You shrugged and took another video, seeing how you could tamper with this one.

Crowley snapped his fingers again and your phone was shattered in pieces on the floor. You stared down at it with your eyes wide and your jaw dropped. You weren’t sure what you felt. Anger? Sadness? Disappointment? You didn’t know. You snapped your fingers and disappeared, heading for the bunker to be with the guys.

“Cas? I know I’m like… half demon or whatever, but can you carve that stuff into my ribs like you did for Sam and Dean? I don’t want my dad to find me. I’ve had it with him. Hide me from him forever.” You put a hand on your hip as Dean entered the room.

He stood and watched as Castiel touched your forehead, concealing your location from the family you thought you had. Turns out, your father’s enemies were the people you could trust, the people who really loved you. What you’d been hearing all those years you spent with the Winchesters was true - family don’t end in blood, and it don’t always start there either.

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