did i really tag all those people


haha holy shit that’s a lot of people.

I created this blog on a whim in June at like 4 in the morning. I was sleep-deprived and thought that, after lurking in the Undertale fandom and seeing all the cool stuff fans were making, I wanted to join in too. 

I was really nervous posting up stuff, cause this is the first fandom I’ve ever actively participated in,and I had just started to draw digitally with a tablet only a couple of weeks before. 

But it turned out people liked my stuff. Lots of people did. (Including the people that I admired in the fandom omg!) And that encouraged me to keep doodling things. All of you were so kind to me and patient. I really loved seeing all the nice things people would comment or write in the tags. (I read those!) And seeing every notification of people liking or reblogging my work always made me really excited haha. 

So, I just want to say:

Thank you for all your kindness to this newbie ≧(´▽`)≦ Thank you for a great year, and I hope to have an even better new year!

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are you involved in the booklr drama?

I have been keeping up with it - I don’t use tumblr as much as I used to so I’m out of the loop a lot of the time. But today was one of those days where I fancied scrolling and spending some time in the depths of the site. Whilst I was browsing the booklr tag (which I always do because I really like finding new blogs to follow), I saw some posts and managed to get to the root of it all. I read for a while and I’ve got the general gist, I do believe.

I think, truthfully, that it should go without saying that we support marginalised people more than our like for aesthetically pleasing books. I thought it did go without saying that we were supposed to put morals before pretty books, but apparently some folk have really let that go and are blind to some problematic books. 

Many of us have allowed our privilege to allow us to overlook some problems in books and then have later found out that said book is problematic and have corrected our errors, but the way I see it is that someone attempted to correct another’s error and it has been taken as “bullying” for whatever reason; when, honestly, booklr is about staying aware of those things and I think that was severely overlooked when the lovely person attempted to inform someone else of their errors. (Might I add they were not informed as thus: F**K YOU. YOU ARE BLIND TO THE PROBLEMS IN THIS BOOK. YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT.) No. It was very eloquently put across, as are all of their posts about problematic books. Booklr is all about keeping those problematic books away - yes, you can still enjoy reading. Just because you are informed about problematic books doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy other books. Is your enjoyment of a book really more important than someone’s happiness or well-being? Problematic books can be so, so, so, damaging and I don’t see the problem with making everyone aware. I don’t see how it was “bullying”.  

There is no bullying in booklr regarding this, there really isn’t. Just people trying to look out for marginalised people and ensure that really problematic books aren’t supported. 

On that note: I’d like to apologise if I’ve shared/promoted books that are problematic. I severely, honestly apologise for that and I ask you to inform me if I have reblogged a problematic book, for I don’t want to promote that on my blog. :)

So no, technically I’m not.
I’m just a bystander, picking sides, too anxious to join in. Seriously, my anxiety bites at my kneecaps nine times out of ten, so I tend to stay quiet, despite how passionate I am. 


So, here’s my 2014 art summary. I feel like I’ve been woefully inactive this year (I was pretty busy with the last year of my degree), but I still did draw enough that I had at least one piece from every month I’d be happy with presenting as my current ‘progress’. Looking back I’m pretty sure the most significant change in 2014 was that I bought gold ink, fell in love, and then leaned more heavily on watercolours so I could use it more.

I’m really REALLY thankful to all of the people who have found and liked my work, and those who say nice things in tags, comments and sometimes in my inbox! THANK YOU EVERYBODY FOR JOINING ME IN 2014, ONWARDS TO A NEW YEAR OF DRAWING!!

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Hi there lovely person! All want to say is that I can't believe what those asshole said about your post. And what I still can't believe is that there's people who actually believe what the WSJ said about felix, like he said before that was a personal attack because of the fact that they only emphasize that his show was cancelled, they did not said a word about that other people who worked in that project lost their jobs, felix is a human like the rest of us, with ups and downs.

hello! it really is heartbreaking to go through the “pewdiepie” tag and see all the negative crap people are saying about him. blatantly stating he’s an “anti-semite” or that his “normalizing anti-semitism”, or the worst of all, just straight up calling him a “nazi”. it’s really ridiculous. i stopped watching felix a while ago, but i never stopped supporting him as a person because i know how genuinely good and positive he is and how much he wants to help people. and obviously his friends, people who know him personally have confirmed this, so it’s not just us fans idolizing him or anything. and i think the people who are against felix see us, his fans/supporters as some extreme pewdiepie fans who are 100% defending him and we are all nazis and anti-semites - when in reality, majority of us understand that what felix did wasn’t really thought out and that it was bad and, sure, he could’ve avoided the entire situation by never making the video in the first place, BUT he did apologize, he did CLEARLY state that he is not affiliated nor does he support any hate-groups and that the media has taken things way out of context just to ruin his image. it’s really sad to see so many people get manipulated by these “news websites” and whatnot, i wish people would just think for themselves - and this includes seeing the situation from all angles. :/

I never finished my Valentine’s Day rounds on Tuesday, I did some on FB and then tagged Trish in a picture of a sinister-looking egg, and then conked out on the sofa

I’m really struggling to build up the brain to word things at people so instead I’m going to cop out and say in one post that I’m really glad for all the people I know on Tumblr. I don’t know you all as well as I’d like to, and because of Life Things I’ve not spoken to any of you as consistently or meaningfully as I’d like to, but I’m so grateful to those of you that have put up with me zoning in and out and disappearing for days or even weeks on end, and especially those that have checked up on me.

You’re all great, ta muchly

There is nothing wrong with saying fuck, and I’m really unclear how something meant to be cathartic and fun would cause people to lose followers. Seems rather silly to me. For those who did lose followers over this, *shrugs* fuck em!

To everyone who helped me with FUCK-FEST,thank you. There are far too many of you to name individually, and I’d end up missing some, so I won’t even try. Just know that you all have my heartfelt gratitude for tagging, submitting, sending links, or just blogging posts that would roll across my dash. You are AMAZING, and I love you all. 

Just in case some of you are wondering, I do post fuck posts on a regular basis, but every once in awhile, I feel the need to post multiple posts. When I did this in the past, many of my followers (then) decided they would like to join in, and since I can’t deny you all your fuck posts, nor the fun of finding as many as you can, I had to make this something for everyone. As I said before, “help me, help you, have some fucking fun”. Come on, you know it was fanFUCKINGtastic! *wink* You wanna do it again, don’t you? hehehehe

REALLY, thank you all for participating, or just coming along for the ride. If I missed any posts, I apologize. I did my best getting to all of them. ((((hugs)))) and kisses! 


They did such an amazing casting job, not only picking people who look the part but also those who really understand the characters. Lucy Fry, for example, read the book repeatedly and researched grief and loss to better channel Lissa’s personality. Zoey Deutch, meanwhile, practically has Rose’s spunky and fearless personality already! You see it when you meet her. All of the actors, big or small, managed to deliver their roles and really capture the power and emotion of the characters that I originally intended in the book.” — Richelle Mead (x)

The pixiv artist MOTO from yugioh ARC V fandom(namely fruitshipping) who is also my dear friend is really mad about her arts being spread around without her permission

Her pixiv link is here: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=1962857

if you see any of those pictures floating around without permission tag(she did mention she gave out permission to post some pictures on tumblr to FEW people) please ask them to take it down. I’m going to re-examine all my picture posts and do the same.

She said if the problem persists, she’ll shut down her pixiv page and twitter account. You don’t want that to happen. You wanna keep seeing her art and enjoy them? Please help to do so.

And to tell you the truth, it’s not just her, almost all artists that I know are uncomfortable about this issue but they just don’t speak up because of language barriers. Most of them are fine if people ask for permission though! So please ask their permissions first!

I also do know that some artists actually make tumblr accounts just so they can stop ppl from spreading their arts on tumblr without their permission. In that case, I’d be happy to reblog their original art, but yeah it can get confusing I know. Is it the original artist posting their art? Or is it just random someone posting their art? So I’m gonna try to only reblog arts with permissions and all the arts that I THINK are from original artists, when I find out that I was wrong and it does indeed turn out to be random person posting arts without permission, I’m taking that post down.

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The Angel of Secrets
Write about a character who has been in hiding for several years, after allegedly causing the death of countless innocent people. The catch? This character is finally found, and their captors are preparing their public execution. Double catch? This character did not actually cause all those deaths. They took the blame, in order to hide an even more terrifying truth.

Any work you create based off this prompt belongs to you, no sourcing is necessary though it would be really appreciated! And don’t forget to tag maxkirin (or tweet @MistreKirin), so that I can check-out your stories!

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HEY HEY HEY GUYS~ Kitty, here again! ≧◡≦ I’m here to post my OFFICIAL OFFICIAL 2016 First Follow Forever! Okay, first of all … my ‘New Years’ ff didn’t really settle with me correctly. (◕︵◕) Ugh, it’s probably an inner-conflict with myself cause … in the end, I didn’t like the fact that I rushed it and got lazy with it. Ngh~ Do forgive me. Like first, I probably tagged people who unfollowed me and /sigh/ I should’ve just done it all so no awkwardness like that would happen (for those who I did that too… I’m sorry :c But I guess they won’t see it now, huh?) So, here I am starting over!

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introducing the NEW PAGE...

how did i spend my entire sunday, you ask? well, i’ll tell you!

so, oftentimes when people are like “hey do you have any caps of [episode]?”, i’m like “probably. check the episode tag!” but i never really made it obvious that checking an episode’s tag is a thing you can do, y’know? they weren’t really accessible.

well, those days of confusion and terror are over! on the new Episode Directory page, you can find a nearly-complete list of seasons and episodes so you can browse the tags to your heart’s content. wanna look at all the caps from every episode in, say, season 9? you can do that now. you have that power. 

i also made an episode guide page featuring the most common “what’s the episode where…” questions that come through. if you have vague memories of an arthur episode and want to know if it’s real or if you dreamed it, you could find the answers you seek on that page. 

so in conclusion:

I love you

thank all of you for helping me this time

I feel I am the luckiest person in the world 

I actually cried because of happiness this morning when I saw those who tagged me in post and those message, letters

that person have talked to me and apologized (it’s really brave and I am glad they did that!) , taking all reposted pics down , they are very sorry. 

I am very happy that I saw therewere many people who support them and help them to fix thing right, you are wonderful.

so I think this thing can end here


I saw all you guys tagged me and those message

I am sorry that I can’t reply them soon  and I don’t know if I can post anything else today

but I will do it as soon as I come back

again, thank all of you who helping me and supporting me this time

your words warm my heart and I wish I can just smooch and hug you right now

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The Swan Queen nation attacks again!
  • Swen enjoying the SQ tag: omg! did you see that Lana and Jen will have a secret scene together?! AAAAHHHH *freaks out*
  • Swen: Wait, what?
  • OUAT PR: Those rumours about Sean, repeating, about SEAN, are not true. Please, stop being cruel.
  • Swen: What the hell are you guys talking about?
  • People defending Sean: *shares information about every detail of this rumour with thousands of people and spreads even more the damage*
  • Swen: Oh. I see, so... are you saying that we did this? Really?