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I know you haven't reblogged the salty meme, but I want to know, how has rping changed since you first started?

ahh jeez… well, back when I first started, it was, like, august of 2013. I stuck more to my own fandom and other disney fandoms so I may have just never noticed these things back then.

but, nobody really formatted their posts. there was no indents, no small text, etc, just plain ol’ text. probably because a lot of people didn’t feel like learning coding just to do it. tags didn’t matter either. I don’t think many people I followed back then used tags other than to talk with their partner.

a lot of people didn’t use icons at all, let alone super edited ones with gif overlays and such, and those who did either used plain icons, or icons that were huge. I myself had no clue how to make icons ( I didn’t until around december when I had to make my own for an unpopular character, if I’m honest ) so I, along with some other rpers, used random pictures or gifs as reactions.

themes weren’t a symbol of your quality. even if you still had the default theme with a big, blurry gif as your header, everyone was seen equally. now, it seems like if you don’t have a container theme with heavily tweaked coding and a really nice background to go with it, you’re automatically seen as inferior, which is really dumb imo.

I’m not bashing anyone who formats, edits their icons, is brilliant with coding or a pro with photoshop. that’s not what I’m saying at all. in fact, I love the changes and I wish I had half the skill people do these days. but those are the the main changes I’ve noticed, off the top of my head.

wow, I did not mean for this to turn into a rant lmao

nic’s first attempt at making gifs.
  • janelle monae’s yoga video.
  • personal opinion : holy shit i did it and it ain’t too shabby. need to slow them down a bit, but overall, i’m pretty proud of myself.

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