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Loving You

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader (Y/N Y/L/N), Mentions of Sam Winchester

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 894

Summary: Love Conquers All. Right?

Warnings: Nothing but fluff…maybe a dust of angst…maybe…

Author’s Note: Heyyy guys! This is my entry for @avasmommy224‘s birthday challenge! I had two prompts! Both can be seen below in bold :) I know it’s a few days late and I apologize immensely for this. I really liked how this turned out! I really hope you all like it! Feedback is greatly appreciated, my loves!! 

Loving You

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(the anon from before) Thank you ^^, sorry I'm a kidcore blog and I try my best to be nice to each age regression community.., I don't think anybody deserves hate just because they are comfortable with a certain name they use like "cglre" or whatever.., we all like the same stuff, so why can't we be nice to each other and move on with our lives ;_;

Lol, I can literally write an essay on this. I’ve been here since the beginning. Prepare for a long ass post.

Playdoh-Princess Presents:

The History of the Regression Wars

Kidcore. Cgl. Long ago, the two nations lived in harmony and peace. BUT everything changed when the ignorance attacked. 

You see, this all started within the cgl community when minors started joining the community and making blogs of their own. Cgl then split into two camps: the “cgl isn’t a kink” crowd and the “coloring is a kink” crowd. Kidcore/toywave at this point hadn’t attacked cgl. We all interacted in one big age regression community. 

BUT when members f the cgl community started saying cgl was a kink community and called minor supporters “pedophiles,” kidcore/toywave distanced themselves and took on that rhetoric creating the community we all know and hate today: chire. 

This also launched start of tons of anti-cgl blogs. I mean, members of cgl’s own community were saying it was toxic, that age regression was a kink and watching cartoons was inherently sexual. How could any person support a community like that? It was the perfect storm.

With members of the cgl community now getting hate from the “coloring is a kink crowd” AND chires AND anti’s, the sfw cgl crowd created their own separate bubble: cglre. 

At first, this was a great idea. Sfw littles and cgs finally had a place to call their own that was completely separate from any other toxic community. We created spin off tags: toyre, babyre, kidzspace! The world was our playpen. 

This happiness was short lived, however. Chires and anti’s continued to attack and harass cglre members like never before. Due to this, many members left the cglre community or just gave up regression all together. Even in cglre though, there were a few members who were starting to attack simply cgl blogs. (Which I totally took a stand against.)

After a few months, a new community was created: kidhearts. The founders of this community are ex-cgl(re) members. People where excited for a new tag, a new community to be apart of… But, of course, this ended as well. Now, the kidhearts believe that cgl is a kink. In my opinion, they did this as a desperate way of distancing themselves from cglre and gaining support from other age regression communities. 

So really, this all goes back to those members of cgl in the beginning, mainly the ddlg kinksters, who claimed cgl was inherently a kink. They sparked a fire under the asses of every other age regression community that has come after them. 

And here we are in the present. 

What will happen next? Kidhearts, antis, and chires are going to all get together and shit on cgl(re). Cglre will ignore them. I’ll make cute banners and record bedtime stories. My friends and I will hang out in Discord laughing about the entire shit show that is the Tumblr age regression community. LIFE will go on. 

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are you involved in the booklr drama?

I have been keeping up with it - I don’t use tumblr as much as I used to so I’m out of the loop a lot of the time. But today was one of those days where I fancied scrolling and spending some time in the depths of the site. Whilst I was browsing the booklr tag (which I always do because I really like finding new blogs to follow), I saw some posts and managed to get to the root of it all. I read for a while and I’ve got the general gist, I do believe.

I think, truthfully, that it should go without saying that we support marginalised people more than our like for aesthetically pleasing books. I thought it did go without saying that we were supposed to put morals before pretty books, but apparently some folk have really let that go and are blind to some problematic books. 

Many of us have allowed our privilege to allow us to overlook some problems in books and then have later found out that said book is problematic and have corrected our errors, but the way I see it is that someone attempted to correct another’s error and it has been taken as “bullying” for whatever reason; when, honestly, booklr is about staying aware of those things and I think that was severely overlooked when the lovely person attempted to inform someone else of their errors. (Might I add they were not informed as thus: F**K YOU. YOU ARE BLIND TO THE PROBLEMS IN THIS BOOK. YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT.) No. It was very eloquently put across, as are all of their posts about problematic books. Booklr is all about keeping those problematic books away - yes, you can still enjoy reading. Just because you are informed about problematic books doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy other books. Is your enjoyment of a book really more important than someone’s happiness or well-being? Problematic books can be so, so, so, damaging and I don’t see the problem with making everyone aware. I don’t see how it was “bullying”.  

There is no bullying in booklr regarding this, there really isn’t. Just people trying to look out for marginalised people and ensure that really problematic books aren’t supported. 

On that note: I’d like to apologise if I’ve shared/promoted books that are problematic. I severely, honestly apologise for that and I ask you to inform me if I have reblogged a problematic book, for I don’t want to promote that on my blog. :)

So no, technically I’m not.
I’m just a bystander, picking sides, too anxious to join in. Seriously, my anxiety bites at my kneecaps nine times out of ten, so I tend to stay quiet, despite how passionate I am. 


haha holy shit that’s a lot of people.

I created this blog on a whim in June at like 4 in the morning. I was sleep-deprived and thought that, after lurking in the Undertale fandom and seeing all the cool stuff fans were making, I wanted to join in too. 

I was really nervous posting up stuff, cause this is the first fandom I’ve ever actively participated in,and I had just started to draw digitally with a tablet only a couple of weeks before. 

But it turned out people liked my stuff. Lots of people did. (Including the people that I admired in the fandom omg!) And that encouraged me to keep doodling things. All of you were so kind to me and patient. I really loved seeing all the nice things people would comment or write in the tags. (I read those!) And seeing every notification of people liking or reblogging my work always made me really excited haha. 

So, I just want to say:

Thank you for all your kindness to this newbie ≧(´▽`)≦ Thank you for a great year, and I hope to have an even better new year!

A/N: Heroes of the Storm anyone? No? Okay well I’m just gonna dump this here anyway.

Featuring reader interactions with Diablo, Tracer, Tychus and Raynor with mentions of Genji, D.Va, Artanis, Alarak and Stitches.


Originally posted by securitylucy

“Aww jeez… They really did a number on you, huh?” You gently pet one of Diablo’s large legs as he softly rumbled. There were areas on the demon’s body where the scales looked like they had become a bit soft. You could also see markings in the harder scales on his back that looked like cuts from a sword. “Need me to go spawn some health globes?”

The Prime Evil exhaled smoke in a short and irritated negative. The injuries weren’t major, but Diablo had been surprised by the strength of the Nexus newbies. He shouldn’t have been, so he supposed this was all on him.

As a Nexus Caretaker, it was your job to make sure everyone stayed fit for duty. You helped organise the weekly roster and tried to cycle through everyone evenly. “You’ve been active for a couple weeks, big guy. I think it might be the time to find someone to replace you for a week.” You tapped in a few notes in your datapad. “I’ll be back later to check up on you and make a call.”

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I was just going through your art tag (its so good! You're extremely talented!) when unnoticed you drew Washington with the tooth gap and that made me irrationally happy??? I just really love Christopher Jackson's tooth gap??? And you draw him so well!!

Thank you! <33
I love those kind of small things on people! Tooth gap, freckles, red noses all kinds of things that makes a person them. 

It was really fun drawing Washington with his tooth gap and I actually did a full body drawing of him but I cropped it for some reason, 


So, here’s my 2014 art summary. I feel like I’ve been woefully inactive this year (I was pretty busy with the last year of my degree), but I still did draw enough that I had at least one piece from every month I’d be happy with presenting as my current ‘progress’. Looking back I’m pretty sure the most significant change in 2014 was that I bought gold ink, fell in love, and then leaned more heavily on watercolours so I could use it more.

I’m really REALLY thankful to all of the people who have found and liked my work, and those who say nice things in tags, comments and sometimes in my inbox! THANK YOU EVERYBODY FOR JOINING ME IN 2014, ONWARDS TO A NEW YEAR OF DRAWING!!


K, it’s without a warning or anything, really. But yeah, dis is me. -.-
Dear @mochishake ♥ tagged me at this bias&you selca thing. So I did this. Yep.
I tried to embrace (non-existent) similarities w/Jiminie, but I probably failed. But look, I put on some white shirt and stuff, so… yeah. I feel weird. Nevermind :D 
(PS: I would tag some people, but I don’t want to pressure you or something :< So if you feel like this tag is calling for you, do it! And tag me please so I could see it ♥ :) I’m sure you’re all beautiful people ^^)

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Hey dude you should chill about the OW lesbian thing. It was meant to be a joke, even if it's not all that funny. But it's not a big deal.

I wasn’t overreacting though. All I said is that I’m still going to ship Gency and Meicree and oh my god I forgot about Anahardt. And yeah I poked fun at the fact that jokes are supposed to be funny.

The people who are really overreacting are those who won’t let people ship in peace, like Phar/mercy shippers. (Did the slash so this won’t appear in their tags because I’m not a dick. Fuck you to anyone who puts ship hate in a tag. I wanna see my cute cyborg and angel kissing, not you whining over why you don’t like it.)

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As a Destiel shipper I wanna say thank you to those who did create the "Destiew" tag and others, because it was really considerate of you guys! I don't mean that in a sarcastic way at all, I genuinely appreciate it. Thanks for being part of the fandom that doesn't go crazy, and just bash one another in their own tag! :) Sorry some destiel fans DO go crazy, and pretty much hunt for destiew tags just to complain and "prove" you wrong. I hope that you enjoy the finale, I'm sure it'll be kickass!

Now this is a Destiel shipper that is actually rational, I wish there were more people like you who understand why we have a tag like “Destiew”, thank you for understanding and i hope that you enjoy the finale too

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Something I've been wondering since you've seem to have read killing stalking. I don't know too much about, it has a stalker and I think some serial killer and some psychological horror shit and usually I'd be down but I've also heard that romanticizes abusive relationships? In which I am not about that. On another hand I've hear it's the fandom romanticizing it, and that it's a genuinely good psychological horror that has an abusive relationship. I want to hear your stance on it?

It’s a genuinely good series that does not romanticize that kind of “relationship” or whatever the fuck is going on at all. But. Of course, like most fandoms, there are THOSE fans.

I’ve seen fans LEGIT ship them. Or people who treat the characters as “perfect little babies who did nothing wrong” and ummm NOPE. NU-UH. 

Most people who are fans are intelligent enough to know its NOT a romance/”yaoi” series and treat it as a psychological horror as it should be. Cuz that’s what it fucking is. But the fans who romanticize it def give off a bad impression to people who havent read it. 

It’s a bummer really haha I love looking through the Killing Stalking tag cuz the fanart….is so gorgeous. It’s so different from the YOI fanart (as it should be) but seeing posts from gross people who think like that really ruins it for me! I scroll passed those people so fast dude. 

ANYWAYS It’s very good and it creeps me the fuck out and it inspires me to get into darker art fersure. It’s uh…very….graphic and dark though like…this is your warning. It’s fucked up. Like. Fucked. 

danielaherondale  asked:

is it possible that you could post the scene where julian smokes?

There isn’t really one scene where Julian smokes. In the first draft, he smoked all the time, and then in the second draft I wrote over those scenes and he no longer smoked. I know it’s weird to imagine, but characters change; they evolve and become different people, the final people they were meant to be.

I did find a scene that was cut in its entirely that mentions Julian’s smoking. It’s under the keep reading tag.

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sorry for how unorganized this is

please don’t fake DID… it’s not fun, its not quirky. its a daily thing i struggle with and have struggled with my whole life. im honestly tired of hearing this go around… im not saying that those who are self dxed are faking it… im talking about those who maybe saw a couple things on tumblr and believed that they had it and continued to construct a “system” from the little information they knew about it. 

i’ve had alters ruin friendships, relationships, and jobs. i don’t openly talk about this much because there are people that will hear about what i have and construct something based on the little information i gave. human nature is to adapt to those around you but some people are more “monkey see, monkey do”. faking an illness is not a good thing to do. it does so much harm to those who go through their life constantly battling it…

to those children just learning about all these mental illnesses, please seek resources other than tumblr and talk with your friends who have these illnesses… learn about them instead of making something quirky out of them

📚– ‘‘…Okay, here we go:

  • I refused to let my hair grow out because I thought it’d make me look ‘girly’. …Really?
  • Hey, my personality matched my wardrobe: a disaster.
  • The jacket was alright but I got the shirt somewhere obscure and claimed I was making a ‘fashion statement’ by wearing it.
  • Those shoes were an aberration to the human eye.
  • I judged most people all the time and did that one stupid thing with the jacket where you put your hands in your pockets and rise your head like a cocky little shit.
  • The shirt can go burn in the Distortion World.
  • I always walked like I was shitting myself.

I hope that’s enough to make it clear it wasn’t anything remotely ‘cute’.’’

Sherlock/Doctor Who Parallels Masterpost

Here we are, all the curious and telling Sherlock parallels in Doctor Who, Series 9!

Episode 1: The Magician’s Apprentice: “You’re the puppy.”

Episode 2: The Witch’s Familiar: “Compassion, then?” “Always.”

Episode 3: Under The Lake: “I have to go back to the beginning.”

Episode 4: Before The Flood: “Tell her you’re in love with her, and always have been.”

Episode 5: The Girl Who Died: “I’m so sick of losing […] I’m sick of losing people.”

Episode 6: The Woman Who Lived: “I am flesh and blood, my love, but all you see is a ghost.”

Episode 7: The Zygon Invasion: Truth or Consequences

Episode 8: The Zygon Inversion: “Lie and you die.”

Episode 9: Sleep No More: “I think the Professor has been playing a long game.”

Episode 10: Face The Raven: “I did this to save you, you silly old thing. Do you really think I could lose you now?”

Episode 11: Heaven Sent: “I have to tell truths I’ve never told before.”

Episode 12: Hell Bent: “People like me and you, we should say things to one another.”

Tagging those who might be interested (but please tell me if you’d rather not be tagged, it’s not a problem! <3) @waitingforgarridebs @twocandles @cupidford @miadifferent @storm-nightie @mollydobby @bug-catcher-in-viridian-forest @wellthengameover @thechristmasrapture

sexual weekend

Hello! Sometimes starting on fridays or saturdays (and continuing through sunday) this blog goes nsfw, I (finnyisbored) answer stuff from my inbox that has been sent to me based on the bullets below!

  • mlts (most likely to)/mtl (most to least)/fmk (fuck, marry, kill)/etc
  • sexual fantasies
  • blurbs/blurb requests
  • (unpopular?) opinions
  • headcanons
  • questions you may have (i try my best to give advice!)
  • it can be anything sexual/romantic regarding Dan Howell, Phil Lester, any of BTS, EXO, and GOT7!
  • really its just a slumber party - so dont be afraid to talk!

notice: if a link is not working, please let me know!

FAQ (under the cut!)

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I just went off on Twitter about this, but it’s worth repeating here.

Stop giving attention to YouTube “celebrities” that continuously say racist, sexist, transphobic, slut shaming etc bullshit. This is a general rule of thumb, but I’m going to specifically drill down on people giving attention to racist content creators.

Stop letting known racist trolls profit off black rage. It doesn’t matter if you hit dislike, it doesn’t matter if you cursed them out in the comments, a view is a view. YouTube views equal MONEY. These people are purposefully saying hateful things to get you upset and profit. They WANT Black twitter to drag them. They WANT their video to go viral so they can rake in those adsense dollars. Google doesn’t care if people are mad at the content, all they see are view$. If you’re really that desperate to put someone on blast, make a gif set. Stop sharing shitty videos. 

Stop sending me messages with, “Woa have you seen this racist video X did? What do you think of it?”  You already know what I think of it. How do you expect me to feel about some white person doing blackface, dissing black lives matter or saying the n-word? I avoid this content because it upsets me. Stop sending me problematic videos and asking me to weigh in or go after these people. I currently have 20 messages in my inbox about the latest “why can’t white people say the n-word?” video and I’m really not interested. 

Don’t tag me in tweets with racists. I don’t need those people in my mentions all damn day. I’m not going to argue with these people on your behalf. 

Don’t send me screen caps of something your racist friend/significant other/classmate/etc said. 

It’s not my job to go after every racist on YouTube.  I don’t have the time or energy. Every. Single. Time. I open my mouth and say something about these SAAAAAME creators, I open myself (and the people I care about) up to harassment. I’m not doing it anymore. If you have a problem with something someone said, tell them so. I’m not your attack dog. 

ey i just wanted to say sorry for how ive been lately. i dont care if i made those jon-tron people mad honestly because they themselves dont see the problem with his words so they can live their sheltered lives, who cares. but mostly to the people who follow me n had to see me go off on people. i get really aggressive sometimes hehh. a huge flaw in me. hopefully that stuff wont come back anymore. because i plan on blocking anyone else who reblogs it saying “he did nothing wrong”. as i said before, you can like somebody but you dont hafta defend em all the time.

ill maybe answer asks about it tho but ill tag those.