did i really just write a post about math

Secrets of the Magic Match Computer

Sometimes I get too inquisitive and my brain starts wondering about things it can’t really handle. Most recently, after writing this post about how the match process is similar to dating, I started wondering how the match computer actually paired people with residency programs. In medical school, I was told it was just magic.

To ensure that my non-math brain wouldn’t implode, I asked the best (and only) math guy I know on Tumblr for an explanation after he hinted in a reblog that he understood the process. And boy did he provide. Not only does he confirm that the match process is like dating (or at least like arranged marriages in the frigid Canadian North), but he actually makes the whole thing make sense. 

Enjoy this lovely explanation from Johnbowers after the jump. 

(Words his, gifs mine.)

TL;dr: Read it anyway because it’s awesome. 

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