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↠ one year.

wow, so it was officially one year ago today that I posted my first story on here. honestly it feels like time has gone by so fast, and I never could have imagined back then how much this blog would mean to me now. I had never really written any type of creative fiction before last year, so I was honestly really apprehensive when I started this whole thing, but I’m so glad I did because I’ve met some of the most amazing people as a result of it. I’ve also learned just how nice people can be over the past year, and I wanted to take a moment to thank anyone who has ever taken time out of their day to send me a message, no matter how short or simple. all of those messages have really meant a lot to me throughout this entire journey of figuring myself out in terms of writing. there were times when I was unsure of everything I wrote, and I still have those moments now, but it’s because of you guys who send me the sweetest and most encouraging messages, that I’m able to push past those insecurities, and so for that I’m sincerely grateful to all of you. last month I hit a milestone that I never thought possible, so I’d again like to thank all of you for that. even if you’re a silent reader who has never sent me a message, I’m still thankful that you liked something about this blog enough to follow it. I could say thank you a million more times to be honest, but I’d just be getting repetitive at this point lol. but I honestly just wanted to make this short little post to tell you guys that getting to share my writing on this platform means so much to me, as do all of you!

also I know it’s probably impossible to see, but these are all of my wips at the moment. I wish I could have been ready to give you guys like a one fic a day type of deal for my one year, but life was happening, so it unfortunately didn’t go that way. but all of these will hopefully be out very soon, some of them I’m extremely excited about, and I hope you all will enjoy them once they’re finally out. again, thanks guys. 💙💙💙

  • Norway: wow the stars are beautiful
  • Denmark: yeah they are
  • Norway: you know who else is beautiful?
  • Denmark: *blushes* who
  • Norway: Iceland
  • Denmark:
  • Norway:
  • Denmark:
  • Norway: did you know that he still sleeps with a light on because he hates the dark? he also doesn't like sour things and he hates anything spicy, so when he has to eat either of those types he makes this really cute "ick" face and scrunches up his nose. also--
  • Denmark: he likes sweet things right? chocolate especially, and he picks out the green m&ms because thats one of his favorite colors. did you see that framed photo of all of us on his dresser when you go into his room? it's just me, you and him, not even fin or sve. he gets so embarrassed about it.
  • Norway: i know, right? furthermore--

So I’m still working on other stuff! But I haven’t posted in a while since it’s all taking a bit to complete. I wanna put out more fic but why, why is it so difficult.

However! @jenetic777 mentioned the line from Faking it where it goes “ And Dipper really, really wishes Mabel hadn’t caught them wrestling in the closet that one time. It was awkward.”

And I elaborated on that, so. Here’s what happened there.

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SHINee’s back. Listening to their songs made me realize some stuffs. I know they aren’t as popular as groups like BTS, EXO, and other rising groups. I know that lately, songs like BTS’s Fire or Dope is really popular. All those music is great I admit, I like it, there’s a reason why those groups or why their music is so popular. Listening to SHINee’s comeback song this time made me realize that SHINee doesn’t go after the norm, kind of overrated, or popular trends. They have, did and tried out different type of styles. The thought “Ah… SHINee has their own colors.” just naturally came to me. I’m so overwhelmed by their charms, they are so radiant, highlighted with their unique colors. 

I’m so proud to be a Shawol, so proud of their music, so proud of SHINee. 


Type: Smut

Name: Little boys never learn-PART 2

Member: Jungkook

Y/N: Your name

Member Role: Submissive

“Just leave it to me…little boy.” You said in a sickly sweet voice. “But Y/N, I-I’ve never done this with anyone before. If you do this I’ll feel like you only did it out of pity because I like you…” 

 “Oh, really? You expect me to let you off after all those times you teased me. You sure are jailbait, you know that?” he looked away from you and blushed a deep shade of scarlet. You attempted to grab his length again, succeeding this time. He gasped at how cold your soft hand was and shook his head side to side. You began with slow strokes up and down his large member. “Why-why does it feel like this?” he whined, “How does it feel Jungkookie?” you smirked as he struggled to find the correct words.  “I-it feels good! Too good!” he cried as sweat formed on his forehead. “Ah, ah please go faster.” 

Jungkook was now releasing heavy pants of air and high-pitched whines that filled the empty classroom. Looking up at him, you could see the desperation and pleasure in his large brown eyes. He looked beautiful like this, mouth wide open, sweat dripping down his porcelain face and chest rising and fallling unsteadily. Opening your mouth, you placed his large member into your mouth and sucked harshly. He bucked his hips causing you to gag momentarily but you promptly regained posture. Without warning Jungkook came in your mouth with a soft grunt, his eyes became glassy at the extreme euphoria he felt at that moment.

 After swallowing the semen, you got up and attempted to leave without a word until you heard a dazed voice murmur “I can’t believe she noticed me.” It was strange how insecure Jungkook was, yet he was so popular and good-looking. He could have any girl he wanted, including teachers. You had decided from now on Jungkook would be your boy, he would be yours. You could give him all the things he needed and more and knowing how he felt about you made your decision more plausible. “Jungkook.” The tone of your voice caused the boy to sit straight up and look at you with worried eyes. “I’ve decided from now on that you’re going to be mine.”  Jungkook quickly processed your words and broke out into a smile of disbelief and joyfulness. Bouncing on the chair like a little child seeing candy. “I’d like that. Very much.” For the first time in a long while, your heart fluttered and your stomach felt as if it had butterflies in it.

 It’s done and dusted, feel free to request any scenarios, fluffs, smuts etc that you want. But please check my page to see who I write for. :D:D:D

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Y'all really out here making that anon feel like shit for saying their opinion smh. I'm sure her intentions were harmless and didn't even know. I think next time if you run into those type of opinions you shouldn't be angry at them instead just stay clam about it.

if this is directed at me then all i’ll say is read the messages thoroughly and you’ll find that i didn’t intentionally make them feel like shit nor did i swear, start rage ranting or do anything remotely unfair. i didn’t stray away from the subject at hand and i happen to pride myself on being a pretty reasonable person. i said to that specific person that i valued their opinion and then respectfully brought up my own issues with their messages. i cannot control what my followers say or do, and i’m not going to sit here and let you hash out an anonymous argument on my blog lmao please take this up with each other i write fan fiction in my spare time and shitpost jungkook gifs i don’t want to be a part of this unnecessary civil war where you all hide behind anonymous buttons and say shit about each other. i will thank those who support me and my writing and elegantly take on any criticism i may receive

There was a guy I was playing with that I met through high school, and he ended up introducing me to Josh. They had worked together at Guitar Center. It was just one of those really organic type of friendships, where you just meet somebody at a job. He introduced me to Josh, and when you meet someone, you’re like, “Hey, yeah, let’s hang out sometime.” I don’t know how many times I say that and it never happens. Well, this one actually did happen, we actually did hang out once. I’m glad that we did because the first time we did, we stayed up until all hours of the night talking about our dreams and our goals when it comes to music. When I got to that conversation, I was like, “This is a guy I want to play music with.” So, we just met through mutual friends and a good talk, and we’re still going strong.
—  tyler joseph (on how he met josh)

I know I’m new to tumblr and no one really knows who I am or probably cares about what I have to say but this has been all over my dash and I wanna talk about it.

I love “Best Of” compilations, I love compilations, and I love montages. You know why they are hilarious. It’s all your favorite youtubers funny jokes and funny moments thrown into one easy video to watch.

You know what else those types of videos have helped pull me out of my depressions and helped with my bipolar more times than I can count. When I am sad it is just right there one whole video of hilarity and awesomeness that I can just play and laugh along with, without having to watch entire videos.

I am so beyond happy @therealjacksepticeye is making these videos now and I hope he doesn’t let the hate stop them because I thought it was brilliant. It made me laugh and cheered me up. There is nothing wrong with a compilation video and it in no way shape or form makes him a sellout. If anything it shows how much he cares about us. He took time searching through all his videos and taking out the bits that were super funny and put them together to make us laugh so we didn’t have too.

I love your channel Jack and I love love loved the best of video😍

That is all!

I thought it made sense, honestly. I’ve also kind of felt that same thing, but I didn’t share it publicly at all. But I did feel that it made sense for those two to ultimately have this type of connection. It did seem like they had an intimacy that was, you know, really rich and organic and really kind of easy. For Michonne, he was just kind of the man she met who really was her match, who really was like a man she can really respect, you know?