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Little Ham Man (Small?Hamilsquad x Reader) 12.5

A/N: Thanks to the help of someone, this chapter is more plot based than bringing the story forward. I just wanted to explain some things much more clearly. Thank you!

WARNING: Sensitive subjects will be addressed ahead. Please do not read if you are not in a well state of mind.

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“Wait, Tom?” You asked, looking at him eat the instant macaroni and cheese. He glanced up from the pasta, chewing slowly, “How did you and James get here in the first place?” He shrugged.

“I just followed along. James was the one who…wow, this is really delicious. How did you possibly make this?” He questioned, pointing his fork at you. The pasta flung off the metal, almost hitting you. You dodged the flying shells, frowning at him.

“Thomas, you didn’t even answer the questi-“

“Oh, yes. Ask Madison, he knows more about it than I,” he chuckled, “This is the first time I gave the honor to him. He must be happy.”

“Not quite,” James said, walking in, “You did help, you mean. And Burr almost came too, but he was too late.” James said, sitting next to you.

“What do you mean? And who’s Burr?” You requested. He stretched out his arms.

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Something is Brewing Part 2: A Draco Malfoy x Reader Imagine

As in Part 1, you can sub another house in for Ravenclaw if you wish, but I felt that Ravenclaw best fit this storyline. If you see any errors that I may have missed in the hour and a half I spent editing this, please do not hesitate to let me know so I can fix them. I’m only human after all.

After being assigned detention in a Snape’s potions class, the muggle born reader must serve it with Malfoy, the same person who earned it for the both of them. Emotions continue to bubble as the two students skirt around what they feel, though tensions eventually come to a boil. After all, with eyes the color of smoky mirrors, who wouldn’t fall for Draco Malfoy despite their friends’ qualms? By the end of the night there is no denying that something is brewing.

[Y/n] - your name
Y/L/N - your last name
~~~ - used to indicate the passage of time

Warnings: Other than two extremely mild curse words and the tiniest bit of suggestiveness, none :)

***If you haven’t read Part 1, please do so. This is not a shameless self-promo, it’s just a notice that some of the story may not make sense if you haven’t done so.***

Word Count: 4,158

The aged bark of the willow tree is at my back, as breeze off the black lake ruffles the pages of my DADA book. It has been a long day, so I decided to get some fresh air and a study session in before dinner. Draco was absent in potions today, but Snape made it clear that our detentions would still be served.

For the entirety of this day I’ve been dreading tonight, however the note tucked away in my potions notebook has created a vague sense of anticipation in my chest.

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Ladynoir July Day 4: Scarves

A heads up for new readers. All of my Ladynoir July stories are one story, so I suggest reading them in order for everything to make sense. Here’s a link to day one.

Parisians everywhere were annoyed by the sudden cold snap that had plagued the city for the past week. Marinette secretly wondered if it was an akuma. And of course she’d spilled coffee on her favorite scarf on her way out the door, so she had no choice but to grab the one she’d finished last night.

She could only hope a certain feline hero didn’t see. Even Marinette wasn’t sure why she’d made the scarf. Part of her had entertained the idea that it was intended as a gift for Cat Noir. It fit his color scheme, after all. Most of her had known from the beginning, however, this was yet another piece of evidence that her feelings towards her partner were slowly changing. As such, she had never expected it to see the light of day.

Of course, the weather, coupled with her own clumsiness had other plans.

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did you just changed your url? this new is amazing keep it!!!!

Oh, wow, that was fast lol. And yes, I did change my URL (I forgot to make a post about it lmao) and despite loving my old one I really wanted to change it for this one because I wanted to use the icon I’m using right now and it would be weird using it with Clara’s name on my URL lmao. I’m glad you liked this new one I intend to keep it for a while. :)

for @ouchmyfeels! happy valentine, i hope you don’t mind a lil bit of hs au and idiots in love and first smooches

It’s a gorgeous morning when Derek’s older sister kicks him out of his own bed and makes him faceplant on the floor so hard he almost dislocates his nose.

“Laura!” he growls, embracing his new home on the hardwood floor and considering just giving up on life as a whole and just staying here forever. At least he can’t be thrown off the floor, since he’s already on it.

“Wake up, lazy butt,” Laura shouts right in his ear, making him take a swipe at her, his claws barely missing her cheek.

“Go away. It’s spring break, let me sleep.”

“Most kids your age go on road trips and break the law on spring break.”

“Most kids my age can get drunk and I don’t particularly feel like babysitting a bunch of drunk idiots.” He flops onto his back and blinks up at her.

“Funny you should mention babysitting. I have a surprise for you.”

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Reunion special

Little one shot thing because I believe people change :)


11 years, 5 months since I left college.

7 years, 2 months since I graduated uni.

6 years, 8 months since I married my best friend.

4 years, 7 months since the birth of brianna.

2 years, 1 month since Patrick joined his sister.

1 year, 3 months since my first book was published.

4 months since we moved back to Stamford.

3 weeks since I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child.

2 days since we finalised the papers to our new home.

But only 1 minute since my heart nearly stopped when Stacey Stringfellow started walking towards me.

My palms started to shake as I held onto Patrick’s hand that fraction tighter, why was I Stupid enough to think that after all these years Stacey wouldn’t still be here. She still looked the same, pretty and thin. The aura of her presence still screamed bitch at me but that smile she had slammed across her face looked pleasant maybe even comforting. I looked for the fastest escape route but that was blocked of by some old codger with a wheelbarrow. Typical Stamford. I looked to find my husband still ordering our food inside the chippy being distracted by Brianna who is showing him her ballet moves. I am desperate for him to notice me but I lost all hope as I noticed Stacey was now standing a few feet away rooted in the one spot giving me a confusing look.

“Rae… Rae earl?” She questioned me.

“Stacey” yes I may of said that a bit bluntly, but I wasn’t going to act like this girl was my best friend when she made me college years a living hell.

“H-how are y-you? Who’s this little fella?” Is she nervous! Did he just stutter her words to me?

“I’ve been good.” Yup still blunt. “This is my son Patrick” this time I managed a smile as I looked down at my little boy kicking around a loose stone.

“Are you living back in Stamford again?” What’s with all the daft questions. This women never had the time of day for me now she is trying to strike a conversation with me. Sigh. Be nice Rachel.

“Yeah we moved back few months back, being a writer it’s easy to pack up an move… What about you?” Ok, that wasn’t to bad. I wonder if she noticed my eye roll.

“Moved back about 8 years ago actually. I’m actually a hairdresser down at clippers hair dressing studio and Simmy manages the local sports shop” I couldn’t help but gasp at that reply. What did she just say…

“Simmy? Simmy-Simmy? You married him? Well that doesn’t surprise me, you guys acted so much ALIKE” this time I defiantly know she saw the eye roll because the smile faded and her eyes hit the floor. Maybe I was being to harsh.

“Look Rae… I know nothing I can say now will replace my actions when I was 17 but I want to apologise. I was a cow, I acted awful to you and I just want you to know that I’m sorry. I’m not the person I was before, since having my son braylen I really had a change of heart. For his sake and mine, even Simmy has changed. We understand what we did was wrong and if there is anyway we could make it up to you, we would be happy to do so…” I tried to close my mouth before I caught flies but I couldn’t believe what I just heard.

“Stacey… I-I… I’m sorry did you just say sorry” she just nodded in reply to me. I felt the disbelief wash over my body.

“I forgive you… Wow… Did I really just say that? YES! Yes I did.. Stacey I forgive you. It is over a decade later and I’m glad your still not a cow” I couldn’t help but laugh at my own words.

“Thanks Rae, even though I don’t deserve it”

“Everyone deserves a second chance Stacey. I’m just glad you’ve got the courage to say it. Means a lot, honestly”

Her arms were now around me. Her fucking perfect hair slapped my face but I didn’t care because Stacey Stringfellow was actually hugging me NICELY. I actually embraced her back for a few seconds before I heard the chippy doorbell chime.

“What going on?” The strong voice of my husband echoed a bit louder then he intended, but I think he was in just as much shock as I was.

“Finn..” Her voice was high as she let me go and caught the eye of my confused husband who was holding our daughter and the food.

“Stacey…” He shifted his body towards me me and continued. “Babe what’s going on?” All I could to was giggle, if a strong enough breeze gushed through he would be knocked on his arse.

“Stacey and I were just having a catch up love” his blank face didn’t change.

“Look I really need to head off but if your willing to catch up more you can pop over to the salon I’m there most days. I’d love to see you again and Rae I truly am sorry” and with that she continued her journey down the street but not before turning and waving goodbye. My state of stock was slowly seeping away.

“What the fuck was that” Finn whispered in my ear and all I could do was laugh.

“Oh finny… Never mind. Now are we going to head to the park for lunch or not” I said as I pushed him in the direction of the park trying to uproot his feet that seem to be stubborn. “Come on this pregnant mummy needs food”.

“Yeah daddy I’m hungry to” brianna always knew when to speak at the right time.

“Ok, ok we’re going but you girl are going to tell me what all that was about tonight aye” oh his devilish smile still got me hot under the collar, I didn’t plan on explaining anything to him unless it was the details of his body. Then maybe I might tell him but until then I liked this frazzled Finn of mine.

I smiled walking to the park rethinking mine and Stacey’s conversation. Looking a the tips of my hair I decided that I was in a desperate need for a haircut.


Thank you, hoped you like this short fic :)

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Love and Evasive Action - Chapter Nine

Hello everyone,

This is an AU fanfiction. If you want to read the other parts you can find them on my fanfic page (which I will update in a moment)

Thank you for reading!

Chapter Nine

The first time Hannah sees Grace, really sees her, she thinks that she must have seen her before, but not registered it, somehow.

But as her train slides away, leaving the pretty, pretty, girl, red faced on the platform, Hannah waves, and the girl waves back, and everything is right in the world.

Mr Johnson mutters under his breath, as he reorganizes his briefcase, no doubt something offensive about clumsy Americans and their presence in his life, and Hannah has a difficult time to not succumb to a complete fit of giggles, as everyone else in the carriage stares straight ahead and pretends that they saw nothing.

British people are so strange.

Hannah keeps the memory of the American girl, with her flood of apologies, close to her chest for the entire day, and finds herself grinning at her screen as she works, whenever she dwells upon it for too long.

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So every christmas eve my family and my best friends family spend the evening together. We have known each other for nearly 13 years now and we are seriously long lost sisters, I call her mum and dad exactly that and her father even helped me with my elective choices for high school (I don’t have a father).I really don’t know what I would do without her and her family, i am just so lucky to have them. Anyway last night we are about to do the present exchange and I have her the present from me and she gave me my present from her. We both have so many places we want to visit together but to be honest our families are both very different financially, she has been overseas numerous times and even went on an exchange student program to Norway whereas the furtherest place I have been is to Darwin (the top of Australia) . So even though we both had dreams of travelling the world I knew deep inside it was going to be a while before that happened. So she opened her present then I opened mine, her family started yelling ‘start recording, make sure you get this!’ And I was like ok this is weird, this present seems so small. So i unwrap it and I see an ‘oyster’ and I seriously did not know how to react I was just like ‘woooow’ this is beautiful * I really did think this, I just didn’t know why they had to film my reaction and then my best friend says ‘Anita, the world is your oyster!’ And I was thinking yes I understand here is an oyster and that quote mentions an oyster wow how punny. And then she tells me to open it and inside was this note. Next year instead of celebrating the end of school at schoolies up at the Gold Coast in 2014 my best friends family is taking us across Europe, all expenses paid. All I need is a passport and spending money. I have never experienced a christmas miracle, but I am quite certain this is one. Some people are too wonderful to be real and I don’t what I have done to deserve this. I really am not bragging, I just wanted to acknowledge the amazing people who live on this earth. Thank you Col, Jules, Bo, Dan and my gorgeous bestfriend Mim. I love you all so much.

Love story - Matt/Nash Part 5

All parts –> http://mattisthebae.tumblr.com/tumblr.com/post/87015628444/love-story-matt-nash-part-1 :)

“Come on, let’s go” I said to Nash and i dragged him with me.

Should I tell Matt? That I had been in bed with Nash? No, he’ll just tell me how stupid it was of me. But I will certainly tell it to Sarah my best friend. We had gone into the hallway at school, Nash’s arm around my shoulder and my arm around his waist’’ wow what’s with you two?“ asks Sara” nothing’’ I said,

“Well I need to go to class now, we meet for lunch?” he said’’ yes’’ I said, and he went slowly down the hall, there was not even elapsed  5 minutes of the school and he was already started to flirt with other girls, I must turn to it if I need to be with Nash.

“Well you and Nash?” Said Sara’’ what’s wrong with it’’ I said as if I did not know what she was talking about’’ how did it go with that homework help, did you guys even make anything at all? she asked,“ we did actually in a while and so we did something else” I said,“ and what was in otherwise?” she asked with a smirk’’ ohh I donøt know how to say it Sara!“ I said frustrated ’‘just say it your fool” she said,

“I lost my virginity to Nash” I said finally. She stood there speechless and looked at me like I was sick in the head or something similar.
“Really?” She said’’ yes, why?“ I asked” wow that’s just freaky, you’ve just been in bed with the school’s hottest boy Nash Grier, mom is proud’’ she said proudly

“Wow i thought you were so disappointed in me and what does Matt think? He actually said to me that I was a whore if I slept with Nash, he has actually been around me a lot at the moment, every time I’m with Nash, he always comment on it and say why I should not be together with him,” I said annoying’’ haha ​​it’s because he can’t get you, he’s just jealous (Y/N)“ she said while we walked to class” Noo hello me and Matt have been best friends since kindergarten so why would he like me?“ I said, Sara didn’t have to answer for our teacher came.

After two hours we talked again about Nash and me, we were going to lunch and of course he sits along with some other girls UH” hey Nash’’ I said to break their conversation, Nash turn around and face me
“oh hey (Y/N) come and sit down,” he said, and the only place there was room for was next to Cameron Nash’s best friend’’ no no (Y/N) you have to sit here’’ and he showed with his hands were i should sit.. On his lap. I sat on Nash’s hands was around my waist it felt good to be in Nash’s embrace.

Matt did not seem to be happy he sat with his head down all the time’’ do you want get out of here?“ said a voice that made ​​me interrupt my thinking” yes why not’’ I said, and went with Nash out “where are we going?” I asked, and laughed a secret place’’ he said, and opened a door.

“What are we doing in here” I asked, but I knew what Nash wanted to do’’ I just want a kiss “ he said and kissed me hard and sweet at the same time his hand around my ass and squeezed it” Nash’’ I mumbled into the kiss’’ what?“ he said” my butt still hurts after yesterday’’ I said “ just get used to it,” he said and towered redirected to me again.
“Nash i don’t want to do this” I said and pushed him away “ hear here I am doing what I want, and you certainly should not decide what I can and can not do,” he said and came right up to me his expression in his eyes were expressionless,

Where is the old Nash him I lost my virginity to. His hand came up slowly past my face and stroke to a hair away “ now (Y/N) listen carefully” he said, his hand behind my neck and turned my head to the other side so he could talk in my ear’’ we are my girlfriend now, okay? I can do whatever I want to do with you when I want, and anywhere and if you just say this to anyone .. You will regret it, understand?“ He said and squeezed my neck a little harder.

’'Yes’ 'I said, expressionless, I didn’t want him to see how scared I actually  was, I was about to shit his pants when he said” I can do what I want to do with you’’ what the fuck is that supposed to mean?

The bell rang, finally my life saves, he was still close to me I was about to panic and my heart was about to jump up from my throat until he turned to the side so I could go, I ran to the door skip the door open and then I just ran home, I didn’t stopped once and I did’t even looked back once.

When I thread into the door my mother was there’’ why ain’t you in school?“ She asked fishy’'our teacher was sick so we got free early” I said’’ oh alright’’ she said, and went outside in the garden. I was not the best liar but somehow thought my mother always on me, i always feel bad to lie to my mother she has so much confidence in me that it hurts to see sometimes.

After my mother had gone out, I got loose for something to eat, yes I didn’t eat anything up on school because Nash was about to make me shit my pants. After I got something to eat, I just want to cry, so I ran up to my room and start crying my ass off, I have been there for about 2 hours.

The doorbell rang at the front door i didn’t responded, I don’t need to cause my mother would certainly open the door for the person who was there. “ (Y/N) you have guests” she shout, who would turn up at my house? I stood at the end of the stairs and looked at the person who was in my front door .. Nash Grier.

Part 6?