did i really just add another fandom to my other billion to keep up with

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(1/2) Maybe I'm the only one with this, but I don't get it why people are keep saying that MCU!Steve was MCU!Tony's childhood hero. Tony said both in CW and in The Avengers (if i remember correctly he reffered to it), that he actually hated Steve, because his father used to talk about him a lot, which annoyed the f*ck out of Tony. Tony didn't understand the fuss about Steve in the Avengers. In CW Tony looked so bitter/angry, when they talked about Howard and how Steve knew him, bc H. never...

(2/2) time with him. Obviously they became great friends, but I’m so confused why people keep saying Cap was his hero. I’m a huge Tony Stark fan, but I believe Tony had no idols in his prev. life - he had nobody to look up to, only a Ob*diah who betrayed him. Cap on the other hand could’ve meant a person to Tony, who was loved by his own father more than he himself. And this was a huge reason why Tony didn’t like Steve at first. Or am I wrong? :/ Thank you if you’ll answer my questions! :)

lol well the thing abt mcu tony stark is,,,,,,,,,,

he is so full of shit. and i love him but y u fckn lyin y u [etc.]

the reason why this isn’t immediately obvious is because it’s related to tony stark’s daddy issues. if he had a dollar for every issue in his life that can be traced back to howard in some way he’d probably have a billion dollars and oh my god 10 POINTS TO ME FOR THAT PUN PLEASE.

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