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Soulmate!AU where Cisco sees color for the first time in a dark emergency room and then has to wait nine months for Barry to wake up

@cardinalstar Happy Flashvibe Holidays! I’m your secret santa and hot damn did I try hard at these gifs (this is… this is my best…. sorry). I hope you have a wonderful winter season, my dear!

Accompanying drabble under the cut, some fluff, very pure and good for the soul:

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Though, she wasn’t sure this is what that was. Living in the same room for weeks, only taking breaks to talk about what was eating her– to anyone else it might have sounded like hell. To her, last year it sounded like hell, but now it was something she found relief in. Everyday, the constant routine. She was sure she wasn’t ready to be out, but everyone else seemed overjoyed at the leaps and bounds she was taking. Savannah however, wasn’t sure. But she trusted her therapist, and if he’d said she was ready, then maybe that’s exactly what she was. 

He told her go to out in little doses. Not to overdo it, so she was taking his advice. So far it’d all been right, and she wasn’t doubting him now. Her little dose today was the bakery. Everyone liked sweets she knew she did. “What’s the difference–” She looked at the cupcakes behind the glass. “I mean, they both look like chocolate, and I don’t know if there’s more to it than that.” She paused, “am I missing something?”