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Is That A Confession?

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“Oh Nochang there you are” you ran towards him with a smile on your face. “I’ve been looking all over for you. Siyoung wants to know if you finished the beats yet. He said you knew what he was talking about so he didn’t bother to explain anything else to me.”

Nochang nodded, “I know.” He remained silent as he guided you to where his computer was. It didn’t take more than two minutes for him to hand over the flash drive that contained what Siyoung was looking for. “Tell him if he has any problems he can let me know.”

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Soulmate!AU where Cisco sees color for the first time in a dark emergency room and then has to wait nine months for Barry to wake up

@cardinalstar Happy Flashvibe Holidays! I’m your secret santa and hot damn did I try hard at these gifs (this is… this is my best…. sorry). I hope you have a wonderful winter season, my dear!

Accompanying drabble under the cut, some fluff, very pure and good for the soul:

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42. Supercat please :)

things you said when you asked me to marry you

“Thank God you’re home!” Kara yelps, leaping up from the sofa and practically flying across the room to Cat. Shucking off her raincoat and letting her purse fall on the floor, Cat kicks off her heels in undisguised relief. She nods expectantly at Kara, waiting for her to continue.


“I’ve been having the weirdest day. Not long after you left for work, I got a call from some hotel in Italy.”

“A building called you?” Cat presses her hand to Kara’s forehead. “Have you been overdoing it again with the heroics?”

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Win a boyfriend? (requested)

Anonymous said:

hello! i was wondering if you can do a Dan imagine where Y/N wins a contest to spend the day with him but he thinks she is going to be another crazy fan. when they spend the day together he starts falling for her because it turns out she isn’t just a crazy fan and she treats him like any other person. this might be a stupid request but it sound cute :/

This was a brilliant idea! I may have gotten carried away and wrote a ton… but thank you for the request!! Hope you enjoy it!

(Word Count: 2887 Wowww)


“Come on Y/N you should just sign up for fun!” My friend Maggie told me as I looked at her laptop screen. She had pulled up a contest page to win a day with Dan Howell, aka Danisnotonfire on youtube. I had only found him a few months ago though Maggie who was, to put it nicely very dedicated to him and his best friend Phil. I myself though simply enjoyed his videos thinking they were thought out and planned well. She was trying to get me to enter the competition simply for the heck of it.

“It’s not even like I will win.” I shrugged not wanting to sign up for it, but Maggie’s eye was boring into mine making me groan loudly. “Fine! Give me the damn laptop.” I mumbled getting Maggie to giggle happily and hand me her mac book. I typed in my information for it on the site and rechecked to make sure all my information was correct on it before I handed her the laptop back. “There submit it.” I shrugged leaning back against the wall of my bedroom.

“Nope, you have to submit it yourself! If I do it will feel as though I forced you to do this!” Maggie Insisted turning her laptop to face me once more. I shook my head pressing the submit button. “Yes! See that wasn’t so hard now was it Y/N?” She teased before I threw my pillow at her.

“Shut up, Let’s play some Mario Kart now. I want to destroy you again.” I smirked shutting my laptop and stood up. She pouted before she got up herself and moved with me out of the room. I wasn’t going to lie, deep down I sort of wished to win the completion. It would be cool to spend the day with him, to simply hang out and get to know the Daniel behind the camera.

*Fast Forward*

It was about five in the morning when my phone went off with my ringtone of Maggie screaming “Answer it’s me you bimbo!” She had set it as her own personal ringtone when I had gotten this phone months back. I groaned rolling onto my stomach and unhooked the cell from charger. The screaming stopped when I answered it.

“what’s up?” I mumbled my voice filled with tiredness and yearning to go back to sleep. I sat up slowly turning my light on in the process of Maggie screaming incoherent words to me. “Dan Howell. Competition. Website. Go.” Was all I was able to comprehend. “Maggie! Slow down what are you trying to say?” I asked with a soft yawn.

“Y/N. Go to Dan’s twitter… right now…” She said more slowly her voice filled with excitement. I could picture her in her blue and white pajamas sitting on her bed bouncing a bit on the phone. I rolled my eyes and shut the light laying back. “Maggie, it is five in the morning. I’ll look at it when I wake up.” I said as I shut my eyes. “goodnight.” I added before I hung up to Maggie screaming “but Y/N It’s-“  I plugged my phone back in and rolled over going back to sleep.

When I woke up it was about ten o’clock and my phone was ringing with the generic Iphone ringtone. I grabbed my phone looking at the weird number and raised a brow before I sat up. I rubbed my eyes and answered the phone. “Hello?” I questioned fighting back a yawn as I looked to my window, the light shining brightly burning my eyes slightly.

“Hello! Is this y/f/n?” The voice asked on the other side of the line. This got my attention. “Um, yes?” I responded. I heard a chuckle and then a “I’m sorry, did I wake you?” The voice sounded familiar, the chuckle as well but I couldn’t place the voice. I shook my head before I knew the stranger couldn’t see me. “No. Okay well yeah but I needed to wake up.” I yawned moving my feet off my bed. “Who’s this?” I asked as I stood up cracking my back to relieve a bit of pressure.

“Oh, yeah sorry! This is Daniel Howell. I’m calling about the competition you won.” He responded making me fully wake up. I guess I was to silent as I processed everything which made him add “Are you still there?” I took a deep breath “Yeah. Yeah sorry I- just wow…” I chuckled softly. “well. I was wondering when you wanted to hang out. I would pay for the cab to pick you up since I see you live in London as well.” He explained

We decided we could hang out at about noon today since him and I were both free and we would meet for Lunch at a restaurant nearby. After our conversation I hung up and let out a “HOLY SHIT HOW THE FREAK DID I WIN” kind of scream and did a little dance. Okay, maybe not a scream, but I did to a little dance. This was the first competition I ever won so I had every right to be happy!

I got ready for the day, eating a small bowl of shreedies, showering, changing, putting on some makeup. I wanted to at least look like a human when I met him. My outfit I chose was a pair of black distressed jeans with a white tank top a black leather coat and my black converse. I simply lined my eyes with a bit of eyeliner and mascara not wanting to overdo it before I heard my door bell. I tossed a few things into my bag, my phone, a charger, a camera, some spare cash as I went to answer the door. Dan stood there with a little grin on his lips, a flash of surprise in his eyes as he saw me. “Y/N?” He asked as if to make sure I was the right girl.

“Yup that’s me! It’s nice to meet you Dan.” I said with a smile as I took a step out of my door and locked it behind me. Dan watched with curiosity and took a step back. “It’s nice to meet you as well.” He said opening his arms indicating a hug. I raised a brow but chuckled and gave him a small hug. He moved his arms around me hugging me back a bit awkwardly before we both pulled away.  “Let’s get going. I’m starving!” Dan joked as he turned and walked towards the cab waiting for us.

During the cab ride we played twenty questions, or well. He played and I answered most of the questions were simple. “how old are you?” “21.” “how did you find me?” “through my friend Maggie.” “what do you do?” “I am a university drop out. Was training to be a teacher, wanted to be a writer instead.” The list went on from foods, to music, to how much of a fangirl I was about things. He was surprised though I wasn’t a huge fangirl over him.

“I was sure that the winner would be some obsessed girl. Which isn’t bad! I was just worried I would be kidnapped by one…” he joked grinning with a chuckle as he looked at me. I laughed along with him. We had gotten lunch and were walking down the street now as we thought of something to do. It was already like him and I were close friends. Especially when we were asked nicely to leave the restaurant because we were being “a distraction to those around us.” For laughing to hard at some stories we told. He had told me about his hamster, and I had told him about a time I accidently fell into a lake while trying to throw something.”

It was about five when he looked to me. “Want to go to my flat? We could play some video games if you want.” He asked raising a brow as if to judge what I was about to say. A smirk grew on my lips before I nodded “only if you wanna have your arse kicked in Mario Kart.” I said with a soft chuckle. “Is that a challenge?” he responded with a smirk as well.We got ourselves a cab and he gave the cabbie his address. I pulled my phone out texting Maggie a quick text since she was blowing up my phone with “tell me about Dan, give me a video, face time me!” Dan glanced over to my phone and chuckled softly “So that’s Maggie huh?” He asked looking up at me with a grin. I nodded texting Maggie to stop before I responded. “Yeah, major phangirl. She’s begging for you to face time her.” I shrugged as I went to put my phone away but he stopped me.

“Call her, I can talk for a few minutes.” He said looking at me seriously. I raised a brow questioning it for a moment before he responded. “She’s the reason you’re here with me. I want to thank her. Also she’s a fan and I wanna try to meet or speak to every one of them if I have the chance” He said. Moments later Maggie’s face appeared on my phone as I face timed her. I didn’t let her see Dan yet wanting to calm her a little. When I thought it was safe, I gave Dan my phone and they spoke for a bit. Maggie was being calm, or well… more calm than before as she stumbled over words to tell Daniel. Like the good friend that I am I recorded this on my camera for her since, well she was on her phone. Dan finished the conversation and handed me my phone back. I said good bye to Maggie then hung up as the cab stopped.

Dan got out and paid the cabbie as I got out of the cab. I moved to the pavement and looked up at the building as Dan turned to face me. “ready?” He asked as he moved to the door and opened it. I nodded and followed him inside and looked up the stairs forgetting how many there were. “Third floor.” He shrugged as he began his climb with me following. When we got to his front door I was mentally cursing how unfit I was, then he opened the door and there were more. “You’ve got to be kidding.” I muttered getting a laugh from Dan. “I know, we’re almost there though.”

After our final climb up the set of stairs I was in a familiar hallway, the one from his apartment tour video and a few others. “Here’s the lounge, feel free to relax and I’ll get us some tea.” He said nodding to me with a smile. I agreed and walked into the longue looking around. I moved towards the gaming systems in amazement before looking around at the few pictures hanging around to the Black sofa with Dan’s sofa crease. A chuckle danced from my lips as I moved and sat down next to the crease assuming Dan was going to claim his rightful spot. He walked in a minute later with the two mugs of tea. He had choosen the Rubix cube mug, and the hello kitty mug. He handed me the hello kitty one and sat down.

“So as I remember you said you were going to kick my arse in Mario Kart?” He asked smirking as I took a sip. He set up the game as I nodded “Im a master.” I replied casually setting my mug down and took the remote from him. The game began and after four rounds it was tied two to two with one last round.

“Ha! First!” He said as he over took me, but that was a mistake as I used my blue shell and knocked him out of first again. “what were you saying Howell?” I smirked looking at him as he exclaimed “what!” in an octave higher than his normal voice. I had beat him winning the last game and claiming victory. Dan set his remote down mumbling angrily making me laugh. “Sucks to lose.” I teased poking his cheek. He laughed and stood up shutting the system off. “There’s no proof that you won.” He said looking at me. I gasped shaking my head. “Rude.” I mumbled before a sound of thunder rumbled through the room. I looked up to the window seeing it was down pouring outside.

“Crap, how late is it?” I asked standing as he checked his phone. “about ten.” He responded looking from the window to me. “If you want… you can stay here for the night. I don’t feel like it’s safe for you to travel in this rain.” He said moving towards me. I looked at him raising a brow. “what about Phil? When is he returning?” I asked. Dan shook his head “He’s in Florida with some family.” He shrugged “You can stay in his room if you want. I have something you can borrow as well.” He added. As another stuck of thunder rumbled in the sky I nodded agreeing. “sure that’s fine.”

Dan smiled happily before he put up a finger indicating he would be right back before he ran out of the room. I smiled to myself chuckling at his happiness. For some reason I couldn’t shake the feeling of my own happiness off. I was spending the night with Dan. Well, at his house, not really with him but it was the same difference. He had proved himself to be quite a gentleman today. He was more sweet than I imagined, more handsome as well. The way his jaw clenched as he focused on winning, the smirk on his lips when he thought he would win. I shook my head getting those thoughts out of my head. I had just met him for god sake, but now that I was thinking of It I couldn’t let it go.

Dan came back in with a small pile of clothes in his hands for me but stopped raising an eyebrow. “Y/N why are you blushing?” He asked confused. My eyes widened as I now felt the blush on my cheeks darken more. “N-no reason! Thanks for the clothes!” I said moving to grab them and disappeared down the hall to change in the bathroom. I could feel Dan’s eyes on me until I went into the bathroom and shut the door.

I looked at my red face and shook my head as I changed into the sweat pants and shirt he got me. I washed my face and then looked at my outfit. I looked ridiculous in his huge clothes, but honestly what did I expect it would look like when he was a giant. I pulled my y/h/c into a messy bun on the top of my head to get it out of my face, then walked back out to the lounge. Dan had already changed into his own sweats and his grey tank top he used to wear in older videos. “How does a movie night sound?” He asked looking over at me holding movies but stopped seeing how I looked. A faint blush formed on his cheeks. “You look adorable.” He chuckled making my cheeks flame up a bit. I moved and fell back onto the sofa. “Shush!” I laughed hiding my face. “You’re a giant!” I added looking up at him.

Dan laughed along with me as he sat down on the sofa next to me. “I get that a lot.” He grinned as he pressed a button on a remote. “I thought we could watch big hero six.” He said looking at me as if to make sure it was alright. My smile grew a bit as I nodded. “Perfect sounds like a plan!” I responded as he pressed play. The movie began and by the end of it I was cuddled up against Dan with his arm around me. My head laid against his chest as I slowly dozed on and off. When the movie ended he moved a bit and looked down at me smiling softly. I looked up at him as silence filled the room.

His eyes glanced down to my lips for a split second before he looked into my eyes. It felt as though we sat there like that for hours before I felt him leaning in and his warm breath was right above my lips. I moved up gently connecting our lips and slowly we kissed. His lips were soft and tender against mine as he kissed me pulling me closer lightly. When we pulled away I looked up into his light brown eyes a blush on both of our cheeks. His lips came to mine again as he kissed me once more then pulled back before I could react.

A few seconds after he finally broke the silence. “Y/N would you like to go on a date with me… tomorrow?” He asked softly. A smile formed on my lips before I nodded “I would love to.” I said softly before he kissed my forehead and brought me back into his chest as we stayed there the rest of the night cuddling and watching movies.

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Fushimi falling asleep in Munakata's office, and Munakata's reaction?

So Fushimi maybe goes to deliver a report to Munakata but it turns out Munakata’s not there. This is maybe set between MK and S2, so everyone’s been working a lot of overtime and no one’s ever really seen Munakata sleep but they’re sure he probably does. It’s super late and Fushimi’s all annoyed because somehow he just knows Munakata’s probably still awake elsewhere working on things by himself like an idiot when he should just go to bed already, he’s making the rest of them suffer too. He sits down at Munakata’s desk all irritated, maybe playing idly with the puzzle Munakata left behind while he tries to convince himself that he’s irritated about Munakata’s actions but totally not worried, nope, not worried about the Captain at all. Eventually Fushimi finds himself feeling more and more tired and he kinda lowers his head onto the desk, thinking he’ll just rest his eyes a bit because he’s been up late with all this stupid overtime, and soon he’s fast asleep.

Munakata shows up about ten minutes later, busy with his own reports and stuff and he almost doesn’t realize Fushimi’s there until he’s halfway to his desk. Munakata’s momentarily surprised, seeing Fushimi sleeping all peaceful behind his desk, and then he kinda smiles and shakes his head like what will I do with you Fushimi-kun. He sweeps his coat off and puts it over Fushimi like a blanket, removing Fushimi’s glasses and maybe trying to situate him in a more comfortable position without waking him up. Then Munakata gives Fushimi a whispered good night and turns off the light as he leaves. The next morning Fushimi’s back at his own desk looking all irritated and when Munakata walks in Fushimi just shoves Munakata’s coat back at him, telling him not to do unnecessary things. Munakata smiles and asks how Fushimi slept, Fushimi counters with asking whether Munakata slept at all and Munakata just ignores the question and tells him not to overdo it as he takes his coat back. Fushimi clicks his tongue and is like look who’s talking and Munakata laughs a bit, point taken, as he goes back into his office.

It’s too quiet in the dark room when Barry rolls over and settles his cheek against the old, uneven scars covering Len’s arm. He reaches behind himself, fingers searching for the tangled mess of a sheet, and he pulls it over both of them, even though he knows that he should go and get at least a towel for both of them. But he doesn’t want to leave Len’s side, not when Len’s swallowing so hard that Barry can hear it, not when it feels like Len will disappear without saying a word if Barry so much as takes his eyes off the man.

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Lazy Saturday ~ Choi Youngjae

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This is one of the fluffiest things I’ve ever written and it makes me want to implode. Why do I choose to do this to myself? YOUNGJAE IS THE CUTEST LIL BEAN EVER AND HE NEEDS MORE THINGS WRITTEN ABOUT HIM.


     It was a warm Saturday morning and you were happily cuddling with your boyfriend Youngjae. Between the two of you, you decided that today would be a day of relaxation. Neither of you wanted to do much and just enjoying each others company sounded perfect.

     "Youngjae?“ You mumbled, snuggling farther into his chest. His grip around you tightened slightly as he kissed the top of your head. "Yeah babe?”

     "Do you want to get a shower?“ You asked, hoping he would accept your offer. He looked at you with a questioning look and cocked an eyebrow. You chuckled and hit him playfully in the chest. "I mean an actual shower. Get your mind out of the gutter.”

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On stage with Rupert Graves and Jonathan Aris

Aaaah so I’m finally home after our coach got stranded in Ghent because of the strike in Calais yesterday, but it did gave me extra time to write everything down.

Okay let’s start with saying I was very scared to go to this con and meet Rupert himself. I thought Rupert would never have met a cosplayer before. I had a feeling the other actors might, but Rupert? He doesn’t do many events ao I figured this would be his first convention. There aren’t that many Lestrade cosplayers out there, so I was genuinely scared he would be uncomfortable or weird him out with the idea of someone attempting to look like him. 

I met him twice on the first day, although both meetings were very casual. Day two was when it got interesting:

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Rehearsal bloopers and other stuff

I’ve picked up on some stuff that happened at the rehearsal but not at the actual concert:

  • They were not hanging from the ceiling in the beginning. Instead they came up the same way Bjarte did, through the hole in the stage, standing back to back (… or wings to wings..?)
  • During Magnus’s solo, someone in the crowd threw a Massachusetts-burger at him (did it hit him in the face? Can’t remember). He looked really sad, and the person who threw it did the heart-sign towards him afterward. Still.. Idiot.
  • When Bård was beginning to sing Someone Like Me, he had to put on the leather jacket while singing. He couldn’t get his arm through the sleeve, no matter how much he tried, until he said “AH FUCK IT” and threw it away. Maybe that jacket wasn’t expensive enough. (But the whole thing was sooo cute!)
  • Vegard was hacking up the chair with an axe (during “Shabby Chic”) with much more force than on Friday, and a big piece flew right at us, and would’ve hit Hanna in the face if she hadn’t reacted with her arms. Vegard saw this and had a brief moment of panic. He definitely toned it down a bit during the real concert.
  • Bård messed up the lyrics to the Fox, AGAIN. I’ve been starting to wonder if they do it on purpose as a gimmick, but he got it right on Friday. At the rehearsal he mixed up “Frog goes croak” and “Cow goes moo”, which made him laugh and said “Aw fucking hell” or something mid-song. 
  • They did not have cheerleaders during Massachusetts.
  • As far as I can remember they did not have so much autotune during The Fox. It sounded great at the rehearsal, so I don’t really understand that decision. Maybe they were making fun of people who use autotune by overdoing it. This is Ylvis after all.

And this one surprised me the most:

  • At the rehearsal they didn’t have all the extra singers for “Sammen Finner Vi Frem”. So Bård, Vegard and Calle had to mimic them, running back and forth between the choir and the mics, Bård making a little show of being totally stressed out, not being able to choose which microphone he should use, Vegard pretending to be that really young girl, and Bård doing most of the other female voices. I was fucking priceless, and this was the performance that definitely made me laugh the most. I just watched the clip from the real concert, and I have to say the rehearsal version was far better, in my opinion. It was so much more comedic, it fit better into the show. 

The rehearsal also had a lot of pyro, but far less then the concert, especially during Jan Egeland. There were some technical issues with the microphones not being switched on in time, and a little glitching with the big screens and lyrics. Other than that it was pretty much the same (“same” being fucking E-PIC). And even though it was just a rehearsal, it was still the best live act I’ve ever seen in my entire life.