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can you make a checklist on how to get into the gorillaz?? It seems like there is a lot out there and its hard to follow when i'm getting into it late.. thank you!!

Sure!!! I personally got into them by watching their G-bitez and music videos and it all kinda spiraled from there.

The band itself was made by Damon Albarn (Lead singer of Blur, does vocals and writes lyrics for Gorillaz) and Jamie Hewlett (Co-creator of the comic book “Tank Girl”, draws and animates for Gorillaz) after they were both watching MTV and they were like “hey music today sucks you know what’d be cool?? if we made an animated band” “cool we could call it ‘gorilla’ because we were both born on the year of the monkey!!!” sadly animal planet had already copyrighted “gorilla” so they just added a z to the end of it to make it cooler.

Here’s a playlist of all of their music videos/unfinished storyboards i put together (they’re all in order according to the storyline, but keep in mind that “do ya thing” isn’t canon): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLupIZC02E6mRz_uqFp8BiLuEZ3-ZUjJZB

Here’s a list of all of their interviews I’ve been able to find (You can learn a lot about the characters from these babies): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLupIZC02E6mT1RKRtEIu2RA4AraQnGnqu

Aaand here’s a list of all of their songs (there’s a bunch). Every one of them sorted from oldest to newest, every song after “We’ve got the power” is either a demo, rare or unreleased: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLupIZC02E6mTeUgeN3TVDF1kUgM11wlFI

Something to know about Gorillaz is that they have “phases”. Phase 1 was in 2001, when they released their albums “Gorillaz”, “G-Sides” and “Laika come home”. Phase 1′s art style was cartoonish and used very thick lineart. Phase 2 was in 2005, when they released “Demon Days” and “D-sides”. Phase 2′s art style was a bit dark and looked more realistic. Phase 3 was in 2010, when they released the albums “Plastic Beach” and “The Fall” in 2011. Phase 3′s art style was almost the same as phase 2′s. Then we have Phase 4 in 2017, their new album “Humanz” is coming out April 28th. It’s art style is the one that stands out the most to me, you can find most of the art on Jamie Hewlett’s Instragram (Hewll)

Alright, a big part of me getting into the fandom was my love fore the characters. I’m assuming you’re not a fan yet, so let me introduce them to you (i’m going to use powerpoints to explain each member if u don’t mind):

This lovely lad here is Murdoc Faust Niccals.

- He’s the band’s leader/bassist, and he makes sure EVERYONE knows that’s it’s his band and only his.
- He went through multiple other bands before he formed Gorillaz.
- He was born on June 6th, 1966 in Stoke-on-Trent, England. As an infant he was abandoned on his father’s doorstep.
- Had a very rough childhood, his father, Sebastian Niccals, would force him to preform on stage for booze money and it was absolutely humiliating for him.
- His nose has been broken a of total 8 times. The first time was from a bully at his school, the 2nd time was from his older (and only) brother, Hannibal, because Murdoc had touched his records and the other 6 times were from Russel when he got caught “doing it” with 2D’s now ex-girlfriend in the bathroom stalls of Kong Studios
- His middle name was originally “Alphonse” but he changed it to “Faust” after making a deal with the Devil in phase 1 to make Gorillaz the “biggest band in the world”. That’s also how he got his bass, “El Diablo”.
- did i mention he was a satanist bc he is
- He hangs around in his underwear a lot (especially in phase 2)
- He likes to either get naked or start pelvic thrusting in like every video, so be careful, young anon.
- He’s very crude but sometimes he can be very nice and adorable in some interviews ??? It’s so weird
- He likes making weird noises, like, a lot.
- Apparently can speak French and Spanish
- His reason for turning green all of the sudden in phase 2 is either because of alcohol poisoning or due to him tanning himself green. Jamie himself said that it’s because he’s an immortalist and his skin is now rotting but I’m not sure how true it is.
- He had a pet raven in phase 2!!! His name was Cortez and no one really
knows what happened to him but Murdoc seemed to love that bird.
- He also had a cape in phase 2 that he loved and wore like all the time but he lost it. Poor baby.
- He was based off of a young 1960′s era Keith Richards.
- He has a tongue longer than Gene Simmons’ and I’m not even kidding. His tongue is like a foot long
- His genuine laugh can cure cancer
- He had his own MTV cribs episode
- Here’s a playlist of every interview he’s been in if you’d like to know a bit more about how he acts.
- All of this sounds horrible but like half of the fandom sees him as charming and funny and the other half sees him as repulsive and downright mean so i guess listen to some of his interviews and make your decision (i’m part of the half that loves him)

This is 2D!!

- He’s the band’s singer, sometimes he plays the piano and melodica too.
- He’s anxious and a bit timid around people. He’s not that intelligent, but he’s an absolute sweetheart to pretty much everyone. He’s … a huge dork.
- He was born on May 23rd, 1978.  He was born in Hertfordshire, England and was raised in Crawley, England. When he was 10 he fell out of a tree and landed on his head, his hair fell out and grew back blue. He’s had horrible headaches since then, but his mother was a nurse and gave pills to help him out.
- His real name is Stuart Pot
- He loves horror films!!! Especially zombie movies.
- Apparently he smells like butterscotch
- He’s VERY tall. he’s like 6′1 and his legs make up most of his body. He towers over the rest of the band.
- His voice actor is Nelson De Freitas, but Damon Albarn provides his singing voice
- The lack of his two front teeth gives him an adorable accent
- He has a crippling fear of whales
- His eyes are black due to an 8-ball fracture that Murdoc gave him before the band was made when he crashed his car into the music store 2D worked at.
- His eyes turn white when he’s stressed or scared.
- His nickname “2D” stands for “Two Dents”. He’s called that because Murdoc’s car crash also gave him two dents in his head.
- Murdoc is seen physically abusing 2D throughout phase 1-3, but there’s a very likely chance that he’s going to stop and make amends in phase 4!!!
- Here’s a playlist of interviews that he’s been in
- Everybody loves him. I love him. I don’t think it’s possible not to love him.

This is Russel Hobbs!!

- He’s the band’s drummer.  He makes remixes too!!!
- The living embodiment of “looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll”
- Quite possibly the most underrated character in the world
- He was born in Brooklyn, New York on June 3rd, 1975. He got possessed by a demon as a kid and fell into a coma for four years. After he woke up the demon got expelled tho
- When he was a teen, him and his friends were involved in a drive-by shooting. Russel was the only survivor and all of his friends possessed him, but the only one we really get to see is his closest friend, Del, he raps in Clint Eastwood and Rock the House, but we haven’t seen him since phase 1. 
- Russel misses Del very dearly, poor lad.
- After the whole shooting incident he was sent to the UK to live with his uncle.
- He’s an actual giant in phase 3 because he ate some radioactive algae 
- He loves fezzes!!!
- His hobby, besides music, is taxidermy.
- He’s the dad friend
- Here’s a playlist of interviews that he’s been in

Last but not least, this is Noodle

- She plays guitar for the band. She also sings and writes songs sometimes
- Noodle is very energetic and nice but she can also kick your ass
- She was born in Osaka, Japan on October 31st 1990
- She joined the band when she was around 10 but she’s like 26 now. I forgot to mention that the band ages with real time
- As a kid she was a part of a classified child super solider project under the management of a japanese scientist named Mr. Kyuzo. this is where she learned how to be badass. She knew professional karate at like 10 how cool is that
- All of the children in that project were deemed too unstable and dangerous, so they canceled the experiment and Mr. Kyuzo was ordered to kill all of the children (fuckin dark i know). After killing them all, Mr. Kyuzo was reluctant to kill Noodle, so instead he put her in a state of amnesia and smuggled her to the UK by shipping her to Kong Studios in a FedEx crate.
- She didn’t remember anything!!! The only english thing she was able to say to say was “noodle” and that’s where she got her name.
- She learned how to speak english and remembered her past in phase 2.
- Murdoc, 2D and Russel raised her (mostly russel tho). Noodle considers Murdoc and 2D her brothers and Russel considers her his daughter how CUTE IS THAT
- She loves Pokemon
- She had a flying windmill island in phase 2 it was incredible
- She had a cute radio helmet in phase 1 
- She also has a robot version of herself called “Cyborg Noodle” in phase 3. It’s a long story but Cyborg might be coming back for phase 4.
- The interviews that she’s in can be found here!!

The backstory is too long for me to write down, but you can find it over here! I hope i explained everything clearly- if not, or if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message!! I hope this helps you c:

Ai Yazawa End-of-Book Notes 1-21

So at the end of every volume of NANA, Ai Yazawa has a brief paragraph about the manga or just some introspection about her life. They give great insight into the series and I think only a few are found on the scans of NANA online, so I thought I’d share them all!

Volume 1

The creator, Ai Yazawa, told us, “I created this story so that it could be enjoyed as a stand-alone and, at the same time, have a complete ending that could be connected to an ongoing series.  I hope you’ll look forward to the future of the two Nanas!”

Volume 2

A note from Ai Yazawa: “I had thought that if the two Nanas met each other, they would probably be constantly fighting, but they seem oddly friendly.  What’s up with that?!  It’s one of me (not so) seven wonders (ha-ha).”

Volume 3

Since childhood, the artists I’ve looked up to haven’t been writers and illustrators, but mostly musicians.  Music provides me the most emotional effect and excitement.  If there was no music, I don’t think my creative juices would boil.  Music is that important to my life.

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 4

I realized one day that there are hit songs with the same names as the main female characters, NANA, JUNKO, and SACHIKO (the kanji for JUNKO is different, though).  It’s not that big a deal, but I sometimes just hum the melodies longingly.

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 5

In the initial drafts, Nana’s band was a rockabilly band like the Stray Cats.  But due to various circumstances, I didn’t keep it that way.  But if they were rockabilly, Ren, Nobu and Shin would have had pompadours.  And Yasu too?

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 6

When I was a child, I used to take piano lessons.  Even after I stopped taking lessons, I bought sheet music I liked and continued playing.  I’ve had my hands full for several years now, but one of these days I’d like to learn how to play jazz piano, which I’ve wanted to do for years now.

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 7

I had an opportunity to interview a group of professional musicians.  I showered them with questions, but they answered willingly, and it was very helpful.  I was having problems balancing the fictional world of manga-like simplicity and gorgeousness with a sense of reality.  But I realized again that what’s important is the humanity of the characters.

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 8

When I was in high school, there was a cool girl in my class who was a lone wolf.  I was really into a foreign New Romantic-type band then, and when she asked me one day, “Do you want to go to their concert together?” I was overwhelmed.  My heart fluttered more than when I was with my boyfriend (☺).  Have you had a Hachiko experience like that?  - Ai Yazawa

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Jason Todd/Red Hood X Reader- This is the Gospel

Here’s your finished request @abigailredgrave!!!  I really enjoyed writing this and I hope everyone else here will enjoy it, too!!!  Just a little reminder, this fic is in the Arkhamverse!! Also, this fic used Panic! At The Disco’s ‘This is the Gospel’ for some inspiration.

Warning: Mentions of torture, description of physical injuries, etc.

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Hi, sorry I'm new - is there actual proof that IICF and home were written when L & H were apart? What happened? (Also... Are there headcanons around this? Cause it's BEAUTIFUL) thanks!

yes, there’s proof and just be warned, because once you see all the timing you literally won’t recover. sorry this took so long, but i wanted to collect as much proof as possible to reeaaally fuck you up. :) 

so the OTRA tour break was from april 5th to june 4th, and the boys all talked about doing a lot of songwriting while they weren’t on tour. remember how they mentioned multiple times during MITAM press that they split up and went with different outside writers and came back with a bunch of material? that was during this time. 

the general fandom theory is that louis wrote home on april 14th, 2015, because that’s the song he wrote with liam and jamie, and he posted this on insta

they’d been apart for less than two weeks at that point. the next day, harry pops up wearing the famous blue bandana in west hollywood: 

and we assume it’s just a shout out to fandom, thinking that harry’s reassuring us that everything’s cool with them while louis is papped out at clubs every single night for weeks on end. not realizing that louis had just spent the day before writing what would become one of the most iconic relationship songs the band has done so far, and even made liam get all emosh: 

While Liam Payne said “Home” is the most meaningful song on the album for him but demurred about exactly why that is, he revealed Tomlinson tapped into his emotional side while writing and recording. “Having seen different things he’s gone through and different stuff this year – and obviously I’ve written a lot of songs with him – he can really get into that sensitive mindset to write songs, which is pretty cool.”

then louis was supposed to fly to LA to write with julian (and so he would have still been within the two week rule, as harry was already there and would be for a while), but julian changed his plans and flew to london. so the two week rule was broken, we were all sad but we understood, can’t be seen together, etc etc. 

we don’t know the exact day when iicf was written, as far as i know, but it was within those couple of weeks louis was supposed to be in LA and wasn’t. all we do know is that later, liam says he cried while recording it, anne says it’s her favorite, and louis says he cried too (DEATH!!!), and that harry has never, ever given an actual explanation of the meaning. here’s what he said in the track-by-track explanation: 

I’ve been working with Johan for a little bit; we did a couple of songs together. We did a song for Ariana Grande, and we did – he’s like a really good piano player. He’s just really good at it, so it’s quite natural to just sit with him at a piano and start playing. It was another one that kind of just, kind of fell down, out of, you know, it felt quite natural to like, sing it, and obviously if you get, like, a cool melody with instruments, you kind of decide whether it’s better to follow it or not. Sometimes it’s really cool, and sometimes it’s better to leave that as an instrumental melody, so.

which is basically “erm, um, PIANO. PIANO IS COOL LET’S. LET’S TALK ABOUT PIANO.” or also this

and then, at the MITAM listening party, the video for IICF turned out to be a literal homage to baby larry, showing unseen clips and sending us all spiralling.

later, as promo season rolled around, harry and louis very much claimed those songs as their own. the day the perfect EP was put on spotify (out of nowhere), louis tweeted this

and then (AND THIS IS POTENTIALLY THE WORST PART), when louis went in early november to vancouver and atlanta and the stalkers and update accounts started hinting heavily at a winter girlfriend who we’d later learn was danielle, harry tweets this

so basically, we don’t even need any headcanons. it’s bad enough all on its own. 

Amazed (a Leonard McCoy x Reader Fanfiction)

Ok, so it’s a bit past midnight here, but it’s still @yourtropegirl bday somewhere in the US I am sure!! I’ve honestly had this one stuck in my head for the longest time because I grew up listening to Lonestar, and this song has always struck me as something Bones would dance to. This song is so romantic and sentimental, so it always makes me think of Leonard. Thank you for challenging me to write this and letting me dedicate it to you for your special day. Let it celebrate what a gift you are to the world and to all of us writers here on tumblr. Happy birthday Heather. 

Word count: 1355
Rating: all
Warnings: none

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The Thunder Rolls - Part 1

Pairing: Dean × Reader

Word Count: About 2000

Summary: Dean and Sam are on a case in your hometown but the trail is running cold. Dean is hoping to make a move before they leave town and start another case.

Warnings: Domestic Violence

Please, if you are or ever find yourself in a situation of domestic violence, *do not hesitate* to reach out for help, support, or just to talk to someone about what is going on. The United States National Hotline (24/7 and Confidential) is 1-800-799-7233. This blog (http://togetherweare-strong.tumblr.com/helpline) also has hotlines for multiple other countries.

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors.


Sam and Dean rolled into town with the all too familiar rumble of the impala. To them it seemed like a straightforward case. Three demons had been causing havoc in the area. Not for any reason in particular, probably just to stir up the dust of the small conservative town. Earlier in the week, they had tracked all three demons to a beach house. They were able to take care of two but the third smoked out. They reckoned the thing was still in town but laying low based on sulfur that was found at several violent thefts.  However, they couldn’t establish a pattern and the trail seemed to turn cold. They discussed back and forth on whether they should head out for bigger and badder things. Dean argued they should stay but Sam saw right through his intentions. The fact that he had been eyeing a bartender every night gave him away, not wanting to leave town before he made a move.

You had been born and bred in this town. Never leaving for more than three days at a time. As everyone did in this town, you married young. Travis would have been a catch in high school and only after a year he swept you off your feet. Travis went straight to work in a factory full time. He was unable to move forward with his life, saying high school was the glory days and the best time of his life, it only went downhill from there.

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The Last One

Reader x Yoongi

Summary: BigHit Entertainment was supposed to be the start of your producing career, and when Bang Si-Hyuk assigns you to work with the popular group BTS, things don’t go according to plan because of the hot-headed, perfectionist: Min Yoongi.

Rating: NC-17

Status: On-Going

Prologue Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“Anyways, let’s work together and create some great songs for our album.” Namjoon smiled.

You nodded your head and smiled.

“Yes, let’s get started.” You replied


P-Dogg turned his chair, creating a squeaking noise that echoed throughout the room, causing Taehyung and Jungkook to giggle. In response, P-Dogg gave a straight face to them and the two boys attempted to constrain themselves. The other five members also sitting on the large couch motioned for the two to stop laughing. P-Dogg finally turned to Namjoon and folded his arms.

“So Namjoon you got something for us? I know you and Yoongi have been working on some songs, got a demo?”

“Yeah, I do. It’s not that good right now, I feel like it could use a little something.” He grinned while scratching his head.

“That’s what Y/N and I am here for. I’m sure it’s not too bad.”

Namjoon stood up from the sofa, fidgeting with his hands, as he made his way towards the equipment behind you and P-Dogg. He had that soft smile on his face making his dimples pop out as he sat in the chair in between the both of you. He plugged in his USB into the computer and clicked the mouse a few times before he gave a soft sigh.

“I don’t know why I’m feeling nervous.” He chuckled.

“Go on, just play it.” P-Dogg rushed him.

He clicked the play button and the demo track surrounded the room with it’s soft percussions.

“Going for a ballad this time?” P-Dogg asked.

“Kind of, I want the sound to be soft leading up to the chorus where the beat will become more intense.” Namjoon answered.

“Mm. What do you think of it so far, Y/N?” P-Dogg turned his head to look at you.

You bit your lower lip before responding.

“The rhythm is good, the harmony is good, so is the melody, but I do agree something is missing like–”

“Obviously, he just said that.” Yoongi sighed.

“Hyung.” Taehyung whispered while nudging Yoongi on his side with his elbow .

“What? I’m just stating the obvious.” He groaned.

“Well anyways, maybe what’s missing is some color? Don’t you think if we added another instrument like a piano, it would sound smoother?” P-Dogg suggested.

“Yeah I was thinking that it needed another instrument as well before I got cut off, but I was actually thinking of using some string instruments, like a violin instead. Since he said he’s going for a ballad-”leading up to an intense beat”-song. The violin could gradually increase its tempo.”

A small smirk grew on P-Dogg’s face, nodding in agreement.

“That actually sounds better than my idea. So Namjoon try adding that, and then send the new version to us later.”

“Okay, thanks for the advice.” He smiled, making his two dimples stand out again.

“So for this album, are you guys planning on have solos again or what?” P-Dogg said while breaking the silence in the room.

“Well we wanted to do something similar like our Wings album, but I was thinking instead of having a solo song each and individually perform it, we could just each individually write and produce a song, but sing it as a group.” Namjoon answered Yoongi spoke up to add something as well.

“Everyone’s already started writing song lyrics and producing some beats and other ideas they had in mind.”

P-Dogg placed his hand on his chin and nodded in agreement. He turned to you and noticed the confusion on your face.

“Do they produce their own music?” You asked.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, BTS usually composes and produces their music in their own studios. We usually just gather in the main studio only in the beginning to get some ideas, to work on the title track, get some ideas rolling and don’t meet up again until the actual recording, or if they request a meeting with us.”

Hoseok cleared his throat before adding to P-Dogg’s words.

“Yeah, after an incident with Yoongi-hyung and Bang PD, we were given some freedom to create and produce some of own tracks.”

“Was that really necessary to add?” Yoongi growled.

Jimin giggled and laughed while throwing himself over Yoongi’s lap.

“Come on, Hyung you know that’s how it went down.”

“Well anyways, you boys have another schedule right?” P-Dogg asked.

“Yeah, we have to leave pretty soon, but don’t feel like you’re not doing anything, this is a normal process for us, Yoongi and I will be back tomorrow to work on some demos with you.” Namjoon grinned.

After a couple minutes, a buff man opened the door and peeked his head in. He bowed to P-Dogg and greeted him.

“Sorry to interrupt, but I have to take BTS now to their next schedule.” He said in a low voice.

“Already, Sejin-hyung? We have to leave now?” Jin asked him.

The man nodded and checked his watch.

“We’ll be late if we don’t hurry.” He replied.

“Aw~ it feels like we just got here, and we didn’t even get to hang out with maknae PD.” Taehyung frowned.

“Well, we’ll just have to get to know her next time.” Jimin smiled at you with his crescent eyes. Jungkook and Taehyung nodded their heads enthusiastically in agreement.

The members excluding Namjoon stood up from the sofa, and waved goodbye to you and P-Dogg, all except Yoongi, of course. After they left first, Namjoon stood and turned to you.

“See you tomorrow then, Y/N.” Namjoon bowed out of courtesy before exiting the studio.

“Sorry about Yoongi’s attitude by the way, I’m sure Rin already caught you up  to speed about his reputation with new producers. He likes to put up a front but he’s a good kid. Anyways, did you get to touch the equipments around here?” He asked.

“Yeah, Rin let me explore some of the things. I’m still learning, it’s a little more advanced than the ones they have in the States.”

You both looked at the digital audio workstation, and you pointed out some unfamiliar keys. P-Dogg only nodded his head, adjusting his glasses before reaching for the computer mouse.

“Okay here, let me enlighten you a little more. We have a specific way placing the tracks in the computer. For example, the files are aligned from alphabetical order and each file within the files are numbered. Same method used everywhere, but I just wanted to emphasize the importance of it.”

He then moved to show you some components of the main studio, like the beat pads, stood up and opened the door near the exit, and showed you the inside of the the recording room. After getting comfortable with the main studio, you both walked into Studio #1, where they strictly recorded instruments, and then continued on until you both entered Studio #2 where Rin was working. When you two walked in, he turned around to greet you with a smile.

“Did the boys leave already?” He asked.

“Yeah, they left a while back, I just decided to give her a more thorough look at the studios, since you didn’t, punk.” P-Dogg teased.

“Well I’m sorry that I didn’t. I hope he didn’t bore you too much with his old people talk right?” Rin laughed while looking at you.

“No it was actually really good, I got a little insight on the studios and the recording rooms.” You smiled.

Rin smiled and showed you around Studio #2, where they recorded most of the vocal/rap/etc. You could see his eyes light up with glee when he touched and played with the D.A.W, this really was his forte. Even though you were hungry, the hunger was durable seeing Rin passionate about the studio. It was a reminder as to why you continued to be producer because you too loved working with music. Minutes later he looked at the clock behind you and P-Dogg, and realized he got too ahead of himself.

“Shit it’s already 4. You’re probably starving huh?” Rin sighed.

“Yeah, I could eat.” You laughed.

As you three were making your way out of the studio, Rin got a phone call and excused himself. While you were waiting, you texted mom letting her know about your day so far.

4:21 PM (Y/N)

Hey Mom! Just wanted to let you know how my day is going so far, I got to meet the people I’m working with and I was late today on first day! Sorry I didn’t text you yesterday, I got busy. But love and miss you!

You looked up from your phone and noticed Rin was done talking on the phone. He walked towards you and P-Dogg and smiled brightly.

“Well good news guys! We got jajjangmyung (black bean noodles) being delivered to us from none-other-than Mr. Slow Rabbit himself. He’s on his way down, but yeah he’s also a producer here.”

After a minute or so, you heard step coming down from the stairs and they become more noticeable until a tall man with sharp eyes and nose came down from the stairs, holding onto two large bags. He smiled and waved with one hand towards you guys.

“Is this n.RG? The producer Bang PD has been bragging and bragging and bragging about?”

“Oh I’m sorry.” You apologized while giving soft smile.

“I’m just joking! Are you hungry? I brought some food, these dudes never eat anything.”

You shyly nodded and you all followed him back to the main studio, where took out the bowls of black bean noodles. Slow-Rabbit handed you a bowl, chopstick. You took the bowl and noticed the thick black sauce over the pasta, you weren’t familiar with Korean food, so you hoped it tasted fine.

“Thank you.” You smiled.

He smiled as a response and began to eat as well. The taste was different, but it was good different. The sauce had a meaty and greasy taste, and the noodles were thick and soft; it tasted better than you expected.

“So Rin tells me that you’re from America right? Do they have this here?” Slow Rabbit says while pointing at the black bean noodles.

“No they don’t. This is my first time eating it, but it tastes really good.” You smiled.

“Sorry, I forgot you were from America. I’m glad you like it though.” Rin grinned while scratching his head.

After we finished eating, a strange tanned man barged into the studio and with a loud voice cursed Slow Rabbit for not inviting him.

“Ya! I see how it is, y'all are fake people!” He cried.

“Oh sorry, I forgot you were here this week.” Slow Rabbit responded.

The man turned over to look at you and he approached you with a creepy smile.

“Who’s this beautiful lady?” He asked.

“She’s the new producer: n.RG.” Rin answered.

He sat down in the chair across from you, in between P-Dogg and Rin. He began to intensely look at you with his eyes, and had no shame when you caught him, as he continued to stare. Slow Rabbit noticed his behavior and laughed.

“If you keep staring at her your eyes are going to fall out. Plus, they’re going to start working soon so let’s leave together.”

“Mm sure.” The man responded, he stood up and grinned at you, “By the way, the name is Ki-Woong. I hope to work with you soon.”

Slow Rabbit gave you a small pat on that back and headed out with Ki-Woong. Rin gave a small sigh and rolled his neck.

“Ki-Woong is always a pain in the fucking ass. I swear.”

“Is there something wrong, Rin?” You asked him.

Rin didn’t say anything for awhile and finally after a while looked up at you and smiled.

“He’s just an annoying guy who thinks he’s the shit and boss around here. You make one hit song and you suddenly think you have superiority over others, if he ever bothers you just let me know.” He finally said.

“You ready to start working again?” P-Dogg said while cutting the silence.

You got up from your chair and sat in the seat in between then and nodded your head.


That’s it for part 3! I know I said I was going to take a small break, but I was inspired to write part 3 (sorry it’s short though). I will still be writing some one-shots soon, so please look forward to that. Part 4 will have more interactions with Yoongi and Namjoon (a bit of Taehyung) Hoped you guys like part 3! Don’t be afraid to send me some love/requests/opinions! ❤ xoxo until next time

seventhofaseventh  asked:

Hey John, since I've seen you answering some questions I thought I would ask one too. I'm just learning to play guitar, I have this beautiful MiM Fender Strat and I love it, but my only issue is that a lot of your songs I want to learn are on acoustic and don't sound great electric, at least not for me since I'm still new. So I have two questions. When there are electric guitars, what guitar is used, and what are some mountain goats songs that I could learn that sound good on electric?

Two things here – I’ve played very few on electric guitar, and I’m not very good on electric - different discipline, though I’ve developed over time. “Idylls of the King” I played on an ESP I used to have & occasionally write on. “Dinu Lipatti’s Bones” I played on a ‘78 Custom Les Paul they had at the studio where we were working, that’s one of my better electric moments. (I also did the piano and am still proud enough about it to mention it parenthetically.) “Lovecraft in Brooklyn”…possibly an ASAT? Maybe a Fender Jag? I do not remember, that one’s sound is really more about the pedals (possibly my T-Rex Bloody Mary though possibly the Centaur that JV loves) though I think I played electric well on that song. “Design Your Own Container Garden,” again the ESP. 

But the thing is, if you play electric, just change the way the song is played. Your version of my song doesn’t have to sound like my version: rework how it’s played to suit the instrument you’re playing it on and it’ll be better, in my view, than if you’re trying to make it sound like the original. Make it yours! If you try to do my patented attack-the-guitar-like-it-owes-you-money technique on electric, it won’t sound good. In my experience when you play an acoustic tMG song on electric, use a medium-light pick and use a lot of upswing – treat it like it was jazzier than it is in the original and you’ll find places to go with it. 

Butterflies and Hurricanes

Genre: it’s like, fluff and kind of angsty.

Words: 6,135 (I am sorry.)

Warnings: Negative thoughts, maybe? Some swearing too.

Summary: Phil Lester, also known as AmazingPhil, ends up falling for the cute piano player who likes to play Muse on his recitals, even when he kept telling himself it would never happen. youtuber!Phil/pianoplayer!Dan

A/N: The AU no one was asking for! This only happened because I was like, “Man, I wonder if Dan knows how to play Butterflies and Hurricanes” and this is how it ended. oh god. I have no self-control. 

(also, I listened to Psycho, Hyper Music and Hyper Chondriac Music while writing this. You just need Matt Bellamy screaming not-romantic lyrics to write cheesy stuff.)

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You’re in a band that plays rock/heavy metal/ pop-punk/metalcore  (SEVENTEEN)

S.Coups: -you had fans who shipped you with people you met on Warped Tour but you insisted you loved your dorky boyfriend. He had your heart more than any tattooed male artist would. He was supportive always listening to you sing or scream whatever it was even if it wasn’t something he really liked. He really liked you though so it was worth it- “you’re so talented and I don’t know how your doesn’t hurt after that but I don’t plan on finding out”

Jeonghan: -you were his crush for almost 2 years when he heard one of your groups songs in a music store. He got to go to a fan signing he was to nervous to go alone so he took Seungcheol who wasn’t interested at all. During it someone had pointed out that other famous people were there so you instantly began looking around and he knew he had to get your attention somehow- “Seungcheol help me please I need her to notice me and me alone might not do it, wait nevermind she sees me”

Joshua: -you were Joshua’s childhood friend so he watched you grow into the metal head you were. He recently heard that you were on a world tour and even had a stop in Korea soon. So during an interview it was brought up from a previous interview that the two of you were talking again after not communicating much since he left L.A.- “oh yeah Y/N is a very talented person, I’m proud to see her where she is now she’s very good at the lead guitar. I can’t wait to hang out again but I’m not looking forward to rumors”

Jun: -you were more of an acoustic artist who was really into the songs but only got interested in playing them acoustically. So your recent cover was actually learning the acoustics to Rodger Rabbit because you and Kellin Quinn had a decently similar voice. He always loved it when you could sit there and comfortably play for him it was calming for the both of you- “you have a very pretty voice jagi. You seem so perfect for the song”

Hoshi: -you were full of surprises those who’ve heard you preform knew you liked to scream and shout if you could but you had a very soft side. You could play the piano which was when you played Good Night Moon for him, you even did it in Korean so he felt it more. He wasn’t sure how to show  how much he liked this side more than the other but you liked the other more- “it was very beautiful honey you should look into it more. Your normal singing voice deserves to be shown more often”

Wonwoo: -he met you at a party when you guys were playing All Time Low songs and he noticed you were a bassist which he thought was weird because of the length of the neck on it was decently long. But you showed you knew what you were doing. After that he managed to get your number and he was so excited to talk to you to the boys- “she’s a bassist, I’ve never seen a female bassist before. She’s very skilled at what she does and I think she’s more passionate about her music than use. I’m in love”

Woozi: -you played guitar your whole life so it wasn’t anything new when you got on Joshua’s case for not playing something right. He challenged you to play something you went for Of Mice& Men, When You Can’t Sleep At Night. You weren’t on key vocally but he got the general idea you could play the acoustic and probably even more. Joshua sat down beside and asked if he knew you could play- “it’s how I met her, she tuned my guitar. She knows her stuff. I don’t even get on her when she takes the instrument from me”

DK:  -he was in love with you as soon as he met you, you were very much into rock and all he ever wanted to do was show you off to the boys so when he got his chance he didn’t remain still what’s so ever. He even hoped one day you’d want to collaborate or something- “guys we’re almost there. You’ll be amazed at her drumming and singing. It looks so tiring but she so good”

Mingyu: -it was easier to say you were in the pop-punk industry as an early teen but after that you kinda dropped off the earth. And resurfaced in Korea where you became an idol and never once mentioned your past. But of course the internet remembered once one boy heard they all heard. So Mingyu got shown a video he was amazed how good you were at the bass and the fact you were so cute as a preteen and up to the point you were 14- “oh my look at her, she was so cute. Puberty really changed her though. I wanna hear her play. Guys we should make her or something”  

The8: -you went from a Kpop idol to a KRock artist in less than a year in your groups debut, Kpop wasn’t hard enough for you guys and really didn’t allow you to show off your skills instrumentally. He was a fan of yours for awhile and was so thrilled to be able to see you perform in person than just some YouTube video- “she’s so much better in person. I wish I could talk to her”

Seungkwan: -you were a drummer and a really good one at that but you didn’t show it off to tons people. He came to one of your performance because he was curious about what his girlfriend did when she wasn’t around him. So after your set he was infront of you wanting to talk- “why didn’t you mention this? You’re amazing! You should teach me! Or at least let me hear you play now”

Vernon: -you looked up to a rapper even though he was a vocal man, Ronnie Radke. If you were asked a song by him that you enjoyed it was ‘Asshole’. Hansol loved how bold you were and how when you were on an interview you started rapping off the song in English. So as swear word after swear word left your mouth he was dying of laughter and embarrassment- “do this Ronnie Radke have anything clean? There should be a limit in how much you can swear in a day Y/N”

Dino: -during the summer you went on Warped Tour with your J-Rock group and you were so much younger than everyone else but all of them found you very interesting. During an interview you were asked what kind of guy you liked ‘I don’t like you or any kind of guy here. I like my boyfriend lost he’s very sweet and adorable’ you said as clearly as you could before you started getting teased. And when you got back you told him the story and he loved it- “at least you’re honest right? I’m glad none of them were into you like that I think most of them are scary and I wouldn’t be able to fight them if they had tried anything”

Young Forever

Jungkook X Reader


A/N: Triggers for the following: miscarriage and death.

Summary: it didn’t matter how old you were, a life with Jeon Jungkook was one that lasted forever.


It was beautiful. Spending the rest of his life with you. He didn’t think about anything else. For Jungkook you were the only reason he was alive. It didn’t matter if his career were to end, if the world were to end even, he wouldn’t care unless you weren’t there for the ride. And when he finally got the courage to, as they say, “put a ring on it” (you were most certainly not an it to him but he got the gist of it) he was over the moon when you too felt the same way.

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Hannibal Rewatch: 1x08

Season 1, Episode 8: “Fromage”

**Warning: rewatch blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

This is just gonna be a straight live-blog this time, with pauses for longer thoughts on occasion. There are… a lot of occasions. This is a lot of live-blog. SETTLE IN, FRIENDS. It’s “Fromage” time.

GAHH WHAT IS THIS FIELD & STREAM CENTERFOLD, oh my god warn me next time I almost choked on my Vert Chaud. He is literally stretched out in front of a bed with two buttons undone working on a boat motor surrounded by fluffsome dogs, I just…. *sips drink while cocking an eyebrow* Bryan….

Will you actually live in an Andrew Wyeth painting. I adore Wyeth’s beige bleakness so it’s like this is finely designed to rend my heart apart, and I sincerely appreciate it. Also the fact that Will is hallucinating animals in pain is bringing me a lot of pain. It’s almost like the animal’s voices are his own cries, but he has to frame it as others he can help, because god knows he’s not gonna help himself.

Cello Kid: “I should learn to play the easier strings first, then the harder ones.”
Tobias: “No you shouldn’t.”
Me: “Damn straight, that’s why you’re not allowed a saddle when you’re learning to ride.” *sips drink again, Westernly*

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Hey, look! Another silly bit of SoMa fluff I wrote!

On ff.net: [link]

Coffee# 1

Maka had always thought huge, big-name coffee chains were pretty ridiculous. Why pay five dollars for a coffee when she could make it herself in her new coffee pot for a fraction of the cost? Perhaps “new” wasn’t the right word to describe it, but the man at the yard sale had called it “old but reliable”, and when she bought it, his guarantee had been good enough for her…

“Old but reliable” my ass, Maka thought begrudgingly as she walked into the overpriced DeathBucks establishment down the street from her apartment one afternoon after sadly watching the coffee pot make a wheezing noise and begin to spark. Normally, she would just buy coffee from the machine at the university, but the whole reason she had bought the damn garage-sale-coffee pot in the first place was because the machine had been removed.

She waited impatiently in the annoyingly long line up in front of the counter. She was grumpy and tired from attending her early lecture (she had the good fortune of being saddled with all morning classes), and she knew if she didn’t get some caffeine in her she just might break down.

“Coffee. Black,” Maka said before she’d even stepped right up to the counter. She hadn’t bothered hiding the disgust in her voice or covering the scowl on her face, but her bitterness faltered she looked up at the barista. The very unique looking, very hot young man behind the counter raised a pale eyebrow.

“Bad day?” he asked.

Her words tumbled out of her before she could even think. “Well, yes, as a matter of fact. My coffee machine broke, so until I can buy a new one I have to get my coffee from a money guzzling store where the lines are way too long and… Are you the only one back there?” she asked in disbelief, peering around the cappuccino machine. “That’s unbelievable! I have work to do!” She hadn’t noticed how her volume had steadily been rising until she was all but screeching in the man’s face.

“I’m sorry, Pigtails. I know the world normally revolves around you, but as the guy who has to work this shift by himself, I gotta say it’s pretty damn uncool to yell at me over things I can’t do anything about,” he said coldly, his red eyes bearing into her like a drill. Maka gawked at him, severely taken aback. Sure, maybe she shouldn’t have directed her anger at him, but he was still being an ass about it.

She slapped down five dollars on the counter, snatched her change from him, and stomped off to wait for her order, cracking open her book for some reading on genetic anomalies. A minute later, the young man’s deep voice called out loudly “Pigtails. Your coffee.”

Coffee #2

There were fewer people in line next day, but still, only the, white haired, annoyingly gorgeous guy was working.

“Pigtails,” he regarded her dryly.

“I could get you fired, you know,” she told him bitterly. “Black coffee.”

He wrote “Pigtails” on her cup.

Coffee #4

“What are you always reading?” he asked, leaning across the counter.


“What kind of books?”

She noticed his name tag for the first time, partially because since that first day, she hadn’t let herself look right at him for too long. Soul. Odd name.

“Books for school,” she responded.

“What are you studying?” he asked.

Maka looked at him and pursed her lips. “Why are you so interested?” He shrugged. “Shouldn’t you be filling orders?” Maka asked him.

“Kilik’s got it,” he said, gesturing to the other worker behind him. For the first time that she had been at the cafe, there was another person working behind the counter. He had greeted Maka with a good-natured “Hi, may I take your order?”, which was a huge leap from Soul calling her Pigtails, and passed the order off to Soul, who was on drink duty. Maybe they realized he’s too insociable to work the cash, Maka thought coldly, though she didn’t entirely mean it.

Coffee #5

Maka opened her mouth to place her usual order, but Soul had already punched it into the register.

“Normally, I don’t trust guys to order for me,” Maka said. He smiled. He had sharp teeth, but Maka barely noticed them; she was too busy looking at his eyes. Although his lips were drawn back in an almost crude smirk, his eyes crinkled at the corners and filled with life. She paid, retrieved the steaming hot drink from Kilik, and sat down in her usual spot.

The red chair and small circular table she had claimed as her workspace was right beside a keyboard that sat untouched in the corner of the warm cafe and gave her a clear view of Soul as he moved around behind the counter.

Coffee #8

“Pigtails,” he regarded her, nodding his head slightly. All traces of any negativity surrounding the name had vanished.

“Soul,” she said, nodding back and fishing her money out of her wallet. Maka hoped she would still be able to afford her daily fix before the next week was over.

“What’s your name?” he asked suddenly. She looked up at him, confused, then realized that, thanks to his nickname for her, he’d never bothered to actually learn her name. She contemplated whether or not she should tell him.

“Maka,” she said after a beat. He smiled. Maka turned away, hoping he hadn’t seen the blush that had risen to her cheeks.


In addition to her change, Soul handed Maka a red, plastic card with the DeathBucks logo on it and the words “Welove our loyal friends” written in gold cursive letters.

“What’s this?” she asked, turning the card over in her hands.

“Rewards card. Employees can give them out to frequent customers,” Soul responded. He was blushing, and so was Maka, but neither of them noticed the redness on the other’s cheeks.

“Thanks, Soul.”

“Hey, I work here too!” Liz, the other worker besides Kilik who seemed to share Soul’s shift protested. Maka rolled her eyes slightly and thanked her, too.

Coffee #15

Maka was having trouble focusing. Her work load hadn’t been too heavy lately, so she felt disinclined to power through it. Not to mention, she found herself constantly being distracted by the way’s Soul’s fingers drummed methodically on the counter as he took orders. She noticed how he would rake a hand through his hair when he was trying to figure out how to spell a customer’s name, and how the scowl that rested on his face dropped for a split second when they made eye contact across the room.

When there was no line up, Maka pushed herself up from her chair and walked over to where Soul was leaning on the counter, looking bored as hell.

“Why do you always work this shift?” Maka asked. He blinked a few times, as if he couldn’t fully register the question.

“Cause I’m always available this shift,” he shrugged. “Why do you always come here during my shift?”

“Touché,” Maka said approvingly.

They talked for a long time, only taking pauses whenever a new customer came in to order something until Maka left to meet Tsu.

Coffee #17

Maka had spoken too soon about having a light workload. Not three days had passed and she had been hit with three upcoming tests and a quiz, all scheduled over the same two days. She was so engulfed in her studying from the moment she sat down, Soul had to actually come out from behind the counter to set her coffee down on her table, causing her to look up at him.

“It was getting cold,” he told her, peering at the papers and books that were crammed onto the small table in front of her. She noticed for the first time how tall he was.

“Thanks,” she said, smiling gratefully. He shrugged and returned to his post.


“How’d the first test go?” Soul asked.

“Ok, I think. I’ll let you know when we get the marks back,” Maka responded, holding out her money to him.

“I’m sure you did well. You were studying like crazy yesterday,” he said assuringly. Maka’s stomach did a flip-flop at his smiling eyes.

That day, she hung around longer than usual. A lot longer. Soul nearly spilt three different orders because he was so distracted by the adorable way Pigtails frowned when she had to double back and check something in her notes.

When his shift ended, Soul said good-bye to Liz, who had picked up a double shift for that day, and entered to the door marked “EMPLOYEES ONLY” to stow his red apron in his employee-issued-locker and grab his sweater and phone before his second job started up.

Maka was still there when sat down at the piano. He didn’t notice her at first, and he was almost thankful for that, because he didn’t think he could start playing with those gorgeous green eyes watching him.

When he finished playing his first song, and the music released its hold on him, he noticed her watching him. She had a dreamy, far away look on her face. When she realized he was looking back, she reddened and looked down at her books again. Why did she have to sit so close to the piano? More importantly, why did she have to be sogoddamned distracting?

Coffee #19

“You play really well,” Maka blurted out. Soul looked up at her, seeming somewhat dazed for a moment, then smiled a little.

“Thanks,” he said, sliding her cup across the counter at her.

“Do you play every day?” she asked. She started shaking as she tried to fit the cap so it clicked softly on the lip of the cup.

“No,” he said. “Just Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.” He must have noticed her fidgety hands. “You okay, Pigtails? You look… kind of nervous,” he remarked. She nodded and bit her lip.

“So, you get off at four normally, then?” she asked. He nodded, red eyes looking slightly unsure. Maka took a deep breath.

Just ask him, she thought. Now, do it now. Don’t just stand their with your mouth open. Say something!

“Bye!” she squeaked out, then rushed out of the store entirely.


After three days of avoiding every DeathBucks in the city and building up her courage, Maka walked into her usual cafe and slammed her hands down on the counter, making Soul look up in alarm.

“Uh, hey,” he said, eyes wide. “Coffee?” He turned to pour the hot drink into one of the cardboard cups. Maka dropped her money on the counter. As she waited for her drink, hands busying themselves with the ends of her sleeves, she faintly heard Soul humming to himself. He pulled the cap off his sharpie and glanced back at Maka, his cheeks holding a pink tinge, then scribbled something down on the cup. When he turned back around and placed the coffee on the counter, Maka burst.

“Date. Today. You and me.” Her words came out harsh and demanding. Her entire face was burning red. Soul stared at her and said nothing. After a few moments of silence, she deflated and stepped back. “Okay. Guess not. Sorry.” No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t string together a full sentence. “Bye.”

She was halfway down the block when she heard a familiar voice calling down the street.

“HEY, MAKA!” she turned around to see Soul jogging after her, a cup in his hand. He reached her, a huge grin on his face, and held out the cup directly in front of her face. “You forgot your coffee.” Maka stared at him for a moment, then looked at the cup. Written in thick black Sharpie was the word “Pigtails” with an arrow towards the opposite side of the cup. Hesitantly, Maka took the cup from him and turned it around to read “Date?”

[TRANS] 'Singles’ September 2015 - “8 Hours with INFINITE” (full)

The deadline for ‘Singles’ is the 16th. 17th is when the editor, after being tortured by the thought of deadline all month, can finally relax and sleep in. But August 17th was different. The editor had to go to the studio, with fatigue from the previous day heavy on her shoulders, and shoot the cover of ‘Singles’ September issue in commemoration of its 11th anniversary. She thought as she waited for the six members, “I can do this only because they’re Infinite.” It didn’t take long for her to realize why their nickname was beagle!dol; no, it didn’t even take one minute. Sunggyu and Dongwoo, as if they wanted to blow the studio away, practiced singing on top of their lungs for their musical, ‘In the Heights’, which will be coming to theaters soon. Sungyeol kept whispering something to himself as he read his script for ‘D-Day’, which is to be aired in April. Other members were the same. Sungjong greeted the staff affectionately as he looked around the studio; L took a careful look at the clothes that he wore for the photoshoot; and Hoya sang ‘Holding the End of This Night’ intermittently and danced. We will now reveal our record of August 17th, when we spent 8 hours with Infinite. Even though all of us were sad that Woohyun missed the shoot because of his health condition, we were still able to feel the whole group’s limitless energy.

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A List of The Wedding Shenanigans - OTP:  Stupidly Adorable Nonagenarians

1.  The wedding of Steven Grant Rogers and James Buchanan Barnes was supposed to be a secret.  Or at least kept just within their family and friends. 

Naturally, everyone and the cats knew about it.

2.  Food was an important part of any wedding reception.  Pepper, of course, had the caterers.  The rest of Steve and Bucky’s apartment building went into a frenzy of cooking and Filipino-style fiesta spirit, led by Lola Aquilina, who was very fond of “Kapitan Pogi” and “Sarhento Tisoy." 

(For the record, there were about four Filipino-American families in the Bag End Apartment Building.  At least two of those families had Lola Aquilina as matriarch.)

It must be admitted that Lola’s Kapitan Pogi and Sarhento Tisoy were very fond of her menudo and molo soup.  Therefore, this was added to the wedding menu.  

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Fic: A Little Time

Post ep 6.05.

thanks to Corinna xo

If tumblr isn’t working try it here on AO3

Kurt grew up on classic Disney and the Golden Years of Hollywood. His pre-teen heart beat to well-worn romances. The boy met the girl, there was wooing, there were misunderstandings and eventually the pair overcame every complication and heartache and fell deeply in love. After that, they kissed. Kurt always blushed and hid his face when they did, but he knew what it meant. One perfect kiss and the lovers already had their happily ever after.

He’s in his 20s now. He’s grown up. He’s learned that no matter how complicated the story, no matter how deep the love, the kiss is not the happily ever after.

“So that’s all you needed to do?” asks Rachel. They’re sitting side by side on the edge of the stage after the invitationals, looking out at the darkened auditorium. “You just needed to kiss Blaine and the hideous Sue puppet thing would let you leave.”

“Rachel. There is no just about it.” He’d expected kissing Blaine to bruise his already aching heart. It was worse than that. Kurt touched his lips to Blaine’s, shared Blaine’s breath - he forgot himself and curled helplessly into Blaine. And he did it knowing that it was the last time. This wasn’t the happy ending, it wasn’t even a new beginning. He can still feel Blaine’s fingers, sweet and sure at his neck, a reminder of everything Kurt had and threw away.

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anonymous asked:

Rfa, V, Saeran reactions to musically inclined/talented MC? A choir student who's great at harmonizing, able to play the piano by ear and also knows a few other instruments

I honestly LOVE music and singing. It’s one of my biggest hobbies! 

~Admin MP


Thinks anything MC does musically is talented af
Cries when he hears them sing 
When they write him a song about LOLOL he almost proposes right then and there
Likes to sit right next to them on the piano bench and watch them play
Asks if they can help him learn
Gets flustered when they put their hands on top of his to help him put his fingers in the right places


Constantly sings “HEY NOW YOU’RE AN ALLSTAR” trying to make them continue because
1. memes 2. he really likes their singing voice
If he’s feeling down or anxious he shyly asks them if they can sing to him
Whenever they sing love songs in different languages he passes away (he can understand it all so he’s not fooled)
Records them singing and playing guitar on a lazy Saturday morning once and watches it whenever they’re apart for too long and he starts to miss them (which is like eight hours)
Always makes them sing at karaoke so he can show them off


The first time she saw MC playing violin she was struck by how elegant they were
And when they started singing along softly in latin
Jaehee Kang has experienced a server error
She has to actually leave the room and cover her face with her hands
MC writes her a song to confess their feelings
Poor Jaehee had no idea what was coming
It’s a surprise Jaehee survived it
She turned so red everyone was afraid she was going to explode
Hums the song while she works 
MC comes up behind her and sings it into her ear
Jaehee proceeds to melt


!!!!! Him too !!!!!!
Sings duets with MC all the got damn time
“We sound like angels, look like angels…Are we angels?”
Impressed with how many instruments they can play
Asks them to play instrumentals for his musicals
Says his dream is to perform a musical his MC wrote one day
Takes videos of the two of them singing constantly
One finds its way onto YouTube and goes viral
Zen’s like “it’s about time you became famous for your talents, MC”
Teases them while they’re playing their flute and has to run before he gets smacked with it
Screamed when they cleared their spit valve from their French Horn
“if the spit builds up it–”
“I know I’ll–”


Knows how to play piano
Often tugs MC to the piano bench so they can play a duet together
Likes to listen to MC sing in the shower
Buys them the best equipment money can buy
“Jumin, I don’t need a solid gold trumpet. Besides, that doesn’t seem like a very good metal for sound vibrations”
“nonsense it’s perfect”
Is surprised by the fact that MC can play the cello
It’s almost as big as them??
Once, MC sings a lullaby to Elizabeth 3rd and Jumin proposes to them right then and there
Constantly likes to mention to everyone how talented MC is
Lies his head in MC’s lap while they sing softly and run their hands through his hair


He LOVES the sound of MC’s music
His favorite instrument is a harp
And when he heard gorgeous, melodic harp music he was actually 100% certain he had died and gone to heaven
Follows the sound until he hears it stop
MC got embarrassed when they saw him
“Sorry, was I bothering you?”
“No, I loved it.” And V seriously did?
He’s such a fucking romantic?
When MC plays the ukelele and serenades him with ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love with You’ (The 21 Pilots version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ThQkrXHdh4)
He turns into a huge sappy puddle
Sways slightly with a smile, pleased smile whenever MC plays/sings


He sometimes has his bad days
They’re days where he just can’t focus and his entire mind is one giant white noise machine
But what helps him calm down is MC’s guitar playing and singing
They do it to help soothe him if he’s upset 
When he feels better he’ll shyly join in the singing
MC thinks he’s fucking adorable when he sings 
When Saeran asks MC how many instruments they know, he’s astonished
He asks them to help him learn guitar 
Also he saves up enough money to buy them a new, really nice guitar
Likes it when they play the drums because of the rhythm 

Taylor Swift Ghostwriting Hits as “Nils Sjoberg” Is a Genius Jab at Sexist Critics

If you follow the tabloids, you might not know what to think of Taylor Swift, the person. Is she a crazed, boy-obsessed serial monogamist or a heartless, career-obsessed professional who uses men for songwriting material? Did she cheat on Calvin Harris or has her relationship with Tom Hiddleston been staged to advance their careers? I’ll leave these questions to the Kremlinologists who’ve learned to decode the paparazzi photos and subtweets and gossip pages, but it seems pretty normal for a 26-year-old to date someone new every year or two rather than settle down. That’s what I did in my late teens and early 20s, and I never had to write a (No. 1) song to respond to overwhelming backlash.

If you follow Swift’s music, it’s a little easier to know what to think of Taylor Swift, the songwriter. This week, in the latest story to light up the tabloids, Swift has quietly delivered a masterful—not to mention hilarious—response to those who still question her ability to write her own hits.

Here’s the gist. Early Wednesday morning, TMZ reported that “according to sources connected with Taylor,” her breakup with Calvin Harris arose from the recording of Harris’ “This Is What You Came For,” featuring Rihanna. TMZ’s scoop: Swift secretly wrote the song.

During their relationship, Taylor wrote the song, sat down at a piano and did a demo into her iPhone. She sent it to Calvin, who loved it. They both went into a studio and did a full demo with Taylor on vocals and Calvin doing the beat.
They both knew the song would be a hit, but Taylor wrote it for Calvin and both agreed it was a bad idea to let the world know they collaborated as a couple … it would overshadow the song.

So Taylor, who kept the publishing rights, used the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg on the credits.

The first fissure in the relationship reportedly came during an interview. When Ryan Seacrest asked the two if they would ever collaborate, Harris responded, “You know we haven’t even spoken about it. I can’t see it happening, though.” According to TMZ, “Taylor was hurt and felt Calvin took it too far. … It was a quick downward spiral from that point.”

TMZ’s request for confirmation from Swift’s representatives was met with silence. Around noon, though, some confirmation came from Harris himself, in the form of a tweetstorm that complimented Swift’s work on the song while seeming to blame her for the leak.

“I wrote the music, produced the song, arranged it and cut the vocals though. And initially she wanted it kept secret, hence the pseudonym.” — Calvin Harris (@CalvinHarris) July 13, 2016

“Hurtful to me at this point that her and her team would go so far out of their way to try and make ME look bad at this stage though 🤔”- Calvin Harris (@CalvinHarris) July 13, 2016

“I figure if you’re happy in your new relationship you should focus on that instead of trying to tear your ex bf down for something to do.” — Calvin Harris (@CalvinHarris) July 13, 2016

“I know you’re off tour and you need someone new to try and bury like Katy ETC but I’m not that guy, sorry. I won’t allow it.”
— Calvin Harris (@CalvinHarris) July 13, 2016

“Please focus on the positive aspects of YOUR life because you’ve earned a great one.”
— Calvin Harris (@CalvinHarris) July 13, 2016

“God bless everyone have a beautiful day.”
— Calvin Harris (@CalvinHarris) July 13, 2016

It remains unclear who, exactly, leaked the story, though TMZ says “the squad” started talking because “they’re sick of Calvin trashing Taylor and feel he should be thanking her for quietly giving him a smash hit.” Breakups are messy, and they’re even messier when you combine them with tabloid gossip and sniping on Twitter. (So far Swift’s Twitter has remained silent—perhaps she learned a lesson about why it’s often better to resolve these things with a phone call instead of wounded tweets.)

While it’s unclear who will win this tabloid war, Swift has delivered a major blow in another battle: the one between her and the worst of her critics. Secretly writing a hit under the alias “Nils Sjoberg” is one of her all-time slyest jabs, and her funniest musical clapback since “Blank Space.”

For years, Swift—like many female musicians—has been rightly furious over the fact that many men in the industry and the press won’t give her credit for writing her own songs. Here’s how she put it in an interview with Time in 2014:

My friend Ed [Sheeran], no one questions whether he writes everything. In the beginning, I liked to think that we were all on the same playing field. And then it became pretty obvious to me that when you have people sort of questioning the validity of a female songwriter. … It’s a little discouraging that females have to work so much harder to prove that they do their own things.
And here’s how she elaborated on that point later that year in an interview with Billboard:

If someone has studied my catalog and still doesn’t think I’m behind it, there’s nothing I can do for that person. They may have to deal with their own sexist issues, because if I were a guy and you were to look at my catalog and my lyrics, you would not wonder if I was the person behind it.

Though Swift spent many of her interviews around the release of 1989 speaking out about against this kind of sexism—and though she made a point of showing that she could write a whole mega-selling album (one of her best) by herself—the narrative that shadowy men are the real creative force behind her hitmaking has persisted. Before, people pointed to the Nashville songwriters who collaborated with her on her early albums, figuring they “puppeteered” her success. Lately, people have insisted that the man behind the curtain is Swedish songwriter Max Martin.

This dumb, tired narrative took off around the release of 1989, which she touted as her crossover into mainstream pop and her first album-length collaboration with the record-breaking Swedish songster. A 2014 Daily Beast article headlined “Taylor Swift’s Secret Music Man” revealed the supposedly shocking fact that many pop hits are written or co-written by the “lurking” Martin, where he is joined “in the songwriting shadows” by such other “hidden” collaborators as … Sia and Pharrell. The next publication that claimed to expose this “open yet closely guarded secret” was the Atlantic, whose article “Hit Charade: Meet the bald Norwegians and other unknowns who actually create the songs that top the charts” has been shared more than 75,000 times. Never mind that Martin is always credited by name in Swift’s album booklets, and that Swift speaks openly about their collaborations in magazine profiles and at performances. She even spoke about the Swede on the album itself. On 1989’s “voice memo” bonus tracks, Swift breaks down how her collaborations with Martin and others came together, even going so far as to play the demos and recordings of the two sharing ideas in the studio. Even so, the Atlantic suggests that this dirty secret would leave Swift’s “impressionable young fans” with their fragile hearts shattered.

Now, it turns out the real secret Scandinavian hitmaker is … Taylor Swift. And this time the ghostwriter’s identity really was a secret. In fact, Swift’s songwriting codename is so Swedish that actual Swedes are being mistaken for her:

Moreover, this was all confirmed by the one person who has the greatest incentive to deny it: Swift’s feuding ex-boyfriend. (To his credit, Harris was big enough to compliment her songwriting chops.) And according to TMZ, Swift reportedly kept the publishing rights, meaning that as the song has become Harris’ biggest-ever Billboard hit as a lead artist, Swift stays profiting, even as she could prevent him from performing the song. (While Harris allegedly exercised this same right over a collaboration with one of his previous exes, Rita Ora, Swift apparently doesn’t plan to do the same.) In the words of another woman who has had her talent questioned (and who has found her own ways to prove herself in front of critics), the best revenge is your paper.

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Good Ole Swizzle and I go way back, we’re old friends - she just doesn’t know it. 

Back in 2007 there was this dude I had convinced myself I was in love with (hindsight is a funny thing) and we were going to get married….but he had a girlfriend. At the time ‘Misery Business’ by Paramore was the song that fit the situation perfectly “ I waited 8 long months she finally set him free” and at this point they had been together 7 and a half weeks so of course I was confident in two weeks time BOOM KAPOW she’d be gone. 

Nope. Not even close.

So there I was on Radio Disney one day and I heard this song that mentioned his name in it and it completely fit my situation. My new hope came from a young lady named Taylor Swift who had left the below phrase in my mind.

I had to download her album, it’s like we know each others brain right! BEST FRIEND FOREVER!! So there I went to Itunes and bought Taylor Swift which then set me up with more and more hopes and dreams ; Mary’s Song, I’m only me when I’m with you and then I had a really close Friend Drew . Teardrops on my Guitar was more proof that this girl and I were destined to be besties even though there was never any romantic feelings there she had a best friend named Drew as well and this was far to coincidental. 

I spent my summer searching and finding any unreleased or Bonus Song I could find ’ I’d Lie’ became an ultimate favourite of mine as well as ’ The other side of the door’ however the latter would only become to mean more to me in later years.

Flash forward to October 2008 and there is a music practical assessment due as I wasn’t talented enough for any other instrument I decided I would sing. The song of choice was the recently released 'Love Story’, no body else had heard of it but I was fortunate enough to have a music teacher who could recreate the chord progression and melody on the piano to accompany me.

Every body made fun of me for choosing a 'Lame Country Song about Romeo & Juliet’ however I just ignored them and performed my little heart out and got a great grade for it. Little did they know that the below phrase is incredibly hard to get the breathing correct on, the amount of times I had to go over and over this phrase to nail it is phenomenal.

In February 2009 Taylor had a concert in Brisbane at the Tivoli however my mum didn’t think I should be going to a concert 2.5 hours from home on a school night with no one I knew. I was of course devestated but I couldn’t do anything about it, I moved on and got over it. Until the day after the concert a girl the year above me at school announced that she had gone last night and it was wonderful - if only I’d known she was going my mum probs would have let me go. 

When I was in Port Douglas for Easter 2009 I bought the Deluxe Fearless Album and discovered the secret messages in the booklets, I spent hours of my holiday learning lyrics and decoding messages. approximately a month later You Belong with Me became the song everyone loved at my school, all they could talk about was how cool Taylor Swift was and how good her other song Love Story is… the same people who made fun of me for singing the exact same song 6 months ago. I was a tad concerned about their mental state after such a 180 that I even asked a few of them

For mothers day I made my mum a mixed CD for her car, The Best Day was the last on the CD and was her favourite. She watched the film clip for it over and over when it was released.

For Christmas 2009 I received 3 tickets to the Fearless Tour in Brisbane, if I didn’t already love Swizzle that tour certainly cemented her in my heart. She was happy and excited and interacted with the audience like we were her friends. 

When Speak Now was released I had just ended a tumultuous relationship with a boy with a name none other than John. I spent hours singing along with every word 'Don’t you think I was too young to be played by your dark twisted games when I loved you so’ and Taylor had once again reached straight into my life to find inspiration for a song. 

When we graduated high school in 2010 my friends and I took Speak Now with us to Schoolies and blasted Long Live and Sparks Fly throughout the week.

The line 'The end of a decade but the start of an age’ found itself resounding in our minds the entire week.

Christmas 2011 I received 2 tickets to the Speak Now World Tour and took my cousin Laura with me. We were the front row of the first tier and Taylor walked right pass us to make her way to the B- Stage. The two of us were probably 2 ft from touching her but she never looked our way unfortunately. 

We sang and danced to every song and were blown away when the fireworks went off inside the arena during Dear John.

I bought the Speak Now and Fearless Sheet Music books and poured my vocals and fingers into learning every piano chord and melody line I could.

September of 2012 my boyfriend broke up with me and I cried in my bed with my best friend while I listened to 'Last Kiss’ on repeart

In 2012 when Red was released there was excitement at a new sound and new secret messages to uncover in the booklets. I pre-ordered the album and tracked the delivery of it all day via Australia Post. I sat in my room and listened to every song on repeat whilst reading the lyric booklet. I fell in love with 'All Too Well’ just as everyone else did as well as Starlight. I danced in my car to Stay Stay Stay and 22 and reconciled with my boyfriend and danced to 'The Last Time’. 

In 2013 I left work early through an evacuation to make sure I got home in time to get the Taylor Nation Pre-sale. I was in and out of that check out within 2 minutes and got wonderful tickets around 25 metres from the stage. Even luckier though is that the Brisbane Concert was being held the day after my sisters wedding on the Saturday the 7th December.

The days before the Concert and the Wedding I spent hours creating fairy wings with fairy lights strung through the exterior wires and glow in the dark glitter paint with the words Red and Taylor Swift written on the wings. I also bought glow in the dark nail polish.

 On the morning of the 7th I skipped out on Maid of Honour duties and drove to Brisbane with my cousin Laura and we spent the day buying glow in the dark paint and glow sticks to create shirts and stand out in hopes of Taylor or Mumma Swift to see us. 

We had wonderful seats and were having a great time 

Then the pit broke, and everyone who was in the pit were told to stand in front of our seats. We couldn’t see and we couldn’t stand comfortably as there were people pushing us back into our physical seats. People behind us left and many were left disappointed. 

We still had a wonderful time though despite the hiccups.

In 2014 I was 'sick’ the day of the Taylor Swift Yahoo live chat and watched with the rest of the world as she announced 'Shake It Off’ and '1989’ I text my Cousin Laura straight away and told her to make sure she went onto youtube straight away. We texted back and forth the entire day discussing how excited we were when we heard shake it off on the radio in the car and how many times we had watched the film clip. 

In September Taylor started hosting the '1989 Secret Sessions’ and I got as excited as those who were invited, I downloaded Taylor’s cookie recipe and even followed some of the fans on Instagram. I watched and waited as each City had a secret session, I was in Nashville 4 days after she had the Secret Session there. As I finally made my way to New York Taylor flew to Australia, I was so upset that she would be having a secret session there and I wouldn’t be there. 

She didn’t have one and I relaxed finally.

When I returned from America 1989 was about to be released I waited with anticipation and avoided any leaks on Tumblr and Reddit. I waited until I received that pretty little album in my Itunes account. I loved it, it was wonderful and I listened repeatedly.


At the end of 2014 I left work early to purchase Pre Sale tickets for my cousin Laura and I through the Taylor Nation pre-sale, once again I was in and out within 2 minutes. $700 dollars later and I got us B-Stage Pit Tickets.


I don’t have any friends who are anywhere near as tall as me so if Swizzle would like to be my  maid of honour when I eventually get married that would be swell. help your curl sister out.