did i miss something.

concept: series ends with wedding. after kiss some b-rated disney villain wreaks havoc upon the town. MAJOR eyerolls n shrugs from everyone then emma pulls a sword out from under her dress (magic?) and charges into battle. tired pirate boy just wants to enjoy some cake. camera pans overhead out to the entire group of friends and family watching/cheering/screaming as emma is still charging forward. cut to black. end.

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The office au gives me life. Going around interviewing everyone asking them what's up with Stanley, and everyone answering with something along the lines of "He thinks we don't know that he has a crush on Lefou and he's very hopeless" and then it gets to Lefou looking confused and just being like "Wait what's up with Stanley did I miss something". Stanley's up to speak and he's just like "I danced with him once and then excused myself to go scream in the bathroom for 20 minutes"

I snorted so loud just now. This needs to be written or illustrated or something because this is genius.

Also after the “I excused myself to go scream in the bathroom for 20 minutes” bit it cuts to Stanley just shrieking into a pile of towels. Then back to his completely straight face. Then Tom’s just like “I walked in on him screaming his head off in the bathroom. I just let him do his thing at this point.”

radnusmcthatguysshirt: Wait did they say something about a tour? What did I miss please help

They were taking questions on their twitter yesterday for a brief hour and revealed that the video they were shooting where they’re all sudsy in Dan’s bathtub is going to be a 2017 North America tour date release video that will be going up this week! I don’t know when this week but it’ll probably be friday? Hopefully sooner, though!

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Did I miss something or is the Suffering game music still not up? C'mon Griffin I crave these tunes

its on his soundcloud but not his bandcamp

he hasnt put up any tunes from the newest episode on soundcloud either and i crave the visceral horror pangs in my gut the hunger tune gives me

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Is Bay going to have more than a sister? How? Did I missed something,or...?

Bay has Aysel. She is Cassian’s daughter and by adoption, she is his sister. and then there will be Breanya who is his sister on his father’s side. She technically isnt born yet, but she is due to be born soon, but Bay doesnt know about her seeing as how he doesnt know his father. Ohh but he will and it will not be a happy union for any of them

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why is everyone suddenly talking about babygate ending? did i miss something?

you didn’t miss anything!! i think we’re all just in a #Mood and the fact that louis might be in england is p funny bc he hasn’t seen freddo in 84 years. not to mention he doesn’t have a house in LA anymore lol

things su has asked us to forgive/sympathize with so far:

  • someone who didn’t respect someone saying no and still harassed them after finding out they were two kids
  • emotional manipulation/abuse
  • abusive relationships and the abuser in them
  • shattering someone when someone else got poofed for suggesting it
  • someone who unapologetically and continuously spews racist and xenophobic speech 

i’m so full from all the hanhao feast

List of Everyday Essentials for an Introvert

•Comfortable sweatpants
•Comfortable and cute (optional) shirt
•Favorite food/snacks nearby
•Mug of favorite tea/coffee
•Netflix ready to watch
•Furry companion in lap awaiting rubs and cuddles
•Very quiet house/apartment (I cannot stress that item enough)
•Book (or pile of books) to read
•Journal in which to write down inner thoughts
•iPod filled with favorite music
•Understanding friend who accepts all of you (we could all use this)
•Favorite scented candles/incense to relax your mind
•Time away from work (though this is not an everyday occasion, it is something we all wish for very much)

Did I miss anything?

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Can someone explain to me why Logan’s engaged?

Like is there an actual reason why he’s engaged other than to prevent him from fully committing to Rory? Because clearly he does not give a shit about the girl he’s engaged to and clearly the girl has no idea that he’s cheating on her with Rory. Also I know that ASP chose to ignore most of S7, but you’re telling me that the guy who didn’t want to do long distance with Rory because he wanted them to move forward and the guy who wanted all or nothing is okay with having a casual relationship with Rory now? I call bullshit.

Twitter is the Answer. They Told Us.

I’ve been avoiding twitter. I don’t like twitter generally and didn’t want to be sucked in. But a few people, particularly @worriesconstantly—whose blog you should go to in order to learn more—kept insisting that that’s where we need to look. And it finally hit me: of course it is. We were told. It just took us a little longer to listen this time.

In T6T, we spotted John’s fake jpeg. blog post. “Odd,” we thought. “Could just be a mistake though.”

Before the season aired, John’s blog shut down. “That’s funny,” we responded. “Same season as this weird fake blog post. Eh, could be a coincidence.”

In TLD, no one seems to know that John’s blog exists. No explanation, it’s just … gone. “How strange,”—wait. Canceled blog, fake post, memory of the blog erased. Any one of those might be incidental, but all three? This is a patten. It has to be telling us something right? 

Oh, and one more thing: John is the narrator, the storyteller. Always has been. But in TFP, Mary tells the tale. She narrates the story. John’s narrative authority disappeared again.

But we couldn’t figure out an in-show explanation for the erasure of the blogs, so most of us let that slide as yet another loose thread, more unexplained proof of the fuckiness of the season. Now, I presume that there will be some in-show explanation later. But what if that wasn’t the main point? We’ve been talking endlessly of fourth-wall breaks, yet John’s blog was always their primary medium for accomplishing this, and now they’re erasing it? What if they were telling us: “things are changing. We will no longer communicated with you through the blogs. Look elsewhere.”

And they told us exactly where. We all knew it—up to a point. They said, “yes, we canceled the blog, but we’re doing something else. Keep your eyes open.” Then #SherlockLive (perhaps notably, only one letter short from #SherlockLives) happened. We saw; we played along; we gathered clues. And then we left. 

But that event couldn’t have been everything. That doesn’t explain the facts.

After all, they told us about #SherlockLives loud and clear. Why, then, these repeated hints insisting, “look elsewhere, look elsewhere, look elsewhere”? Perhaps so that when things—intricate, complex, highly planned and deeply invested things—started happening on twitter, the very medium to which the creators explicitly highlighted as the new medium of fourth wall breaks through #SherlockLive, we would pay attention.

And one more thing—this for me is the clincher. Season 4, Episode 1, Scene 1. Things already feel a bit off; perhaps a bit OOC. Essential code names are aired, footage is doctored. Even before TLD we realized that this is them telling us: something has shifted, pay attention. “Only those within this room,” Mycroft declares, “will ever know the whole truth.”

But we were in that room. And in that room Sherlock, for no apparent in-show reason, is tweeting.

It is time to dig into those intricate stories on the medium to which we were instructed to shift our attention—stories with altered footage; with Sherlock and John together and no Eurus. Time to listen to those who have already been playing attention. 

They told us. It is time to listen.

Edit: One more bit of evidence pointed out by @seekmyroom on twitter: When describing the abilities of Eurus (who, as a bonus, has been widely theorized to = John who in turn has been theorized to = us), Mycroft says: “she predicted the exact dates of the last three terrorist attacks on the British mainland after an hour on twitter.” Predictions and twitter? Hmm, interesting …