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Let’s hope Youtube doesn’t strike this video down since it took me some hella times to cut all the scenes. 

I’ve been missing Philkas a lot, so I just got up from my bed and did something. 

That Sherlock episode was… weird.

I mean, I liked the story itself, it was interesting and had cool plot twists and stuff. But it would’ve been cool as a seperate movie with other characters, it just didn’t really feel like a Sherlock episode imo.

I mostly just don’t like the sister coming out of nowhere and all. I know there’s been little hints about it before, but it still came out of nowhere really. I think they should’ve spend a whole season on her instead of just one episode in which she goes from bat shit crazy killing people to being accepted by everyone and now happily playing violin with Sherlock. I really need more time with her to just bloody accept that after the shit’s she’s pulled in the minutes before that.

And in the previous episode there’s this whole thing with her pretending to be that daughter and giving Sherlock that case, and we see that she was the woman that flirted with John on the bus. So…what was the point of all that? I thought there would be some bigger plan or something, but she seems to simply be a really smart psychopath that wants Sherlock’s attention and that’s it? I’d really hoped there was more to it than that.

And Mycroft letting her speak with Moriarty, just because she helped them avoid a few terrorist attacks? That talk could’ve created a million more or even worse, and Mycroft knows that, that was the biggest bullshit ever wtf.

This whole thing was just… weird.

Wah 3 years with GOT7. Damn such a milestone. These dorks have grown in a lot of people’s hearts around the world. I am sure they didn’t even imagine getting recognized anywhere outside of Korea and yet here they are loved by millions. I have been apart of Ahgase for less than a year and let me say it’s truly and honor to be apart of something amazing. To support such a great cause such as these 7 talented men. I am thankful I found them when I did because I was missing out. I can’t remember the first video I watched I am gonna go out on a limb and say Fly. I had come around during the end of the Departure era. I had been so upset that they had come to my city and I didn’t even get to meet them. I remember sticking up for BamBam and not even knowing him. Let me stop rambling on that. But I said that to say this, GOT7 is simply amazing, their personalities are out of this world and their work ethic is just beyond exquisite. They’re the most humble group of men I have ever had the chance of knowing. I can’t wait until the day I am blessed to meet them and thank them so much for inspiring me and entertaining me. Happy 3 years GOT7. May you continue to shine and prosper for the years to come. “7 or never.” ❤🐥

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The Final Problem

Nice episode really. The whole thing was great. But also kinda not. If you look at, the sister idea wasn’t a rug pull. It was more of a… jumpscare?
It came out of nowhere. And then The Final Problem??? Eurus was The Final Problem or what? I might just be missing something but how does The Final Problem relate to Moriarty and Eurus?
This is something they’ve been working on for 6 Years? I don’t dislike the sister idea, but it was pulled out of nowhere. Unless I’m missing something, how did they lead up to this?

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How did Grey and Asy's first encounter play out exactly?

Hoboy XD That was veeeeerry intersting. If i remember well it was Grey who accidentally showed up in Asy’s room, looking for Faa. Asy, as usually was curious about the newcomer and Grey tried to flirt with him, finding the other skeleton interesting. I think Grey even did something naughty with Asy, but he passed out quickly by exhaustion of his soul. XP

Please correct me if I missed something @foreverafterall

kimikochan9-blog replied to your post “Announcing: VMHQ’s Milestone Follower 1,000 Word Fic Challenge!”

Yea! I missed this post somehow - when did it start? Trying to figure out if I can cobble something together because I really, really want to.:)

We just posted the announcement yesterday, so there is DEFINITELY still plenty of time to join in!

The collection is here and is open for posting, but all stories will stay unrevealed until we hit that magic number (soon!) Once we reveal the collection, it’ll stay open for another month!

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Wait a second..... am I missing something?! DId Maggie and James break up?!?! I feel like I woulda heard about it more if it did happen..... Please tell me they didnt break up!

They did break up I’m sorry I’m breaking this to you I was sad too when I found out :( but she’s married and happy now and I think they share custody of Franc tho


Okay so listen up.

Gatiss and Moffat did a really good job this season. The production is awesome, the plot is intense and emotional, and the characters are deep. If you really look at this season alone then it seems like a something a lot of people would love.

Problem is, it completely derails the show as a whole, and that’s why everyone is freaking the heck out. It’s a complete change in genre, and totally goes off the books (unless I missed that part), it’s too much too soon and it goes against what the two wanted to do when they first made the show ((for reference, they wanted to base everything purely off the roots of the books)).

In terms of the season linking to the whole show, it’s a bit too extravagant, it seems more like a completely separate idea for a different show… But I have to admit the raw idea is great, and emotional, and new, but I think they needed more than four and a half hours, three episodes, to do it in the right style.

floriana’s livestream 01/07/17
  • “Sanvers is good, I worked with Chyler this week”
  • “I will definitely do one of these (a livestream) with Chyler”
  • “Hi, I’m Detective Dimples.”
  • “I will definitely get a picture with Chyler-” (she got cut off cause the pup did something lol)
  • fav thing about working on supergirl: “The people I work with, I love them.”
  • fav thing about maggie: “She’s def an inspiration”
  • how was the audition process?: “I auditioned with Chyler.”
  • who do you love most on set?: “I spend the most time with Chyler but I love everybody.”
  • “Something about sanvers? Its really fun to play, I love how much everyone loves [them], all the great fans of sanvers.”
  • Will we see maggies daughter?: “I don’t know”
  • okay im sorry i kinda died when katie was mentioned so it was something along the lines of: “katie mcgrath is awesome, i love her, shes super interesting and smart”
  • “have i heard chyler sing? she is so good, yes i have”
  • “katies birthday? i dont know when her birthday is”
  • best thing about melissa?: “her laugh is the best, she really belly laughs, its the best”
  • “What are crack videos?”
  • “I love Kate McKinnon, I met her recently”
  • “theres a sanvers rap song? oh i should look that up”
  • THEY LOOKED UP SANVERS CRACKVIDS — she couldn’t watch it cause she can’t watch herself
  • “Hi, Floriana’s Dimples groupchat.”
  • “i dont like leaving when they say ‘dont leave’ “
  • I flove you guys back
  • “Hi supergays, I flove you too”  (i think this was a shoutout??? but i too am a supergay)
  • “this is bad i feel bad” (when ending the livestream)

update this also happened: “I’m kissing little grey, that’s cute”

also this: explained what sanvers is.. idk how to explain just watch this video


things su has asked us to forgive/sympathize with so far:

  • someone who didn’t respect someone saying no and still harassed them after finding out they were two kids
  • emotional manipulation/abuse
  • abusive relationships and the abuser in them
  • shattering someone when someone else got poofed for suggesting it
  • someone who unapologetically and continuously spews racist and xenophobic speech 

I had a dream about Pyrrha :(

The dream was kinda like from the POV of watching a new RWBY episode, but basically what happened was: Salem resurrected her

Big surprise, considering all the fanart, stories, and theories after Volume 3 ended- but the way it was framed made it feel like something incredibly wrong was happening (again, no surprise)

There was a lot of extravagant animation- the CRWBY seemed to go out of their way to portray how what Salem was doing was heinous and forbidden, and with the way she did it, it seemed like Salem was sewing something- like she had spent a lot of time stitching Pyrrha’s aura and physical form “back together”

So there was a lot of needle/thread/spinner wheel imagery, and it was like a not-so subtle confirmation of Salem’s motif being Maleficent? (Don’t quote me on that, this is a dream!!!) 

Fast forward: JN(P)R is out and about and doing stuff (Ruby isn’t present at the time) and then Jaune runs into a woman at a small village/camp thingy… who is only wearing like a brown blanket, and when she lifts off the blanket shrouding her face and her hair is bright red and down, not in a ponytail, and she goes “Well… hello again!”



So like Jaune just freaking engulfs her in a hug while in tears

So Jaune lets his team know and Nora breaks down sobbing as well, and Ren is trying to keep it together, because he’s happy to see her, but he’s also practical and knows something is wrong, so he pulls Jaune and Nora aside, out of Pyrrha’s earshot and he’s like “How can we be sure that’s really Pyrrha?”

And Jaune goes “Oh, right- well let’s ask her a question that only Pyrrha would know!”

So they ask her what her favorite food is, and Pyrrha goes “well I mean… I really miss my Mom’s onion bread…”

And there’s a beat and then Nora goes “…welp, works for me- I mean can you imagine anyone other than Pyrrha liking something as gross as onion bread?”

But then Pyrrha needs to sneeze (because it’s night time, it’s cold, and she is literally ONLY wearing the brown blanket, she doesn’t have any other clothes on) and when she does, every metal object in the vicinity goes fucking FLYING away and it’s a really harrowing moment, because they’re like “…it HAS to be Pyrrha”

“But how did she get here from Vale during the time we thought she was DEAD?!”
“And Ruby told us her body kinda…” Nora can’t finish her sentence, but they all look at Pyrrha again, and while she’s covered in the blanket, the camera zooms in on the scar on her heel, and the scar on her chest

And Jaune has so many fucking questions, but he has a look on his face that’s kind of like a moment of clarity and he goes up to her and he asks her if she remembers anything from 6-8 months ago, and Pyrrha nods and kinda murmurs “Beacon…” and she says that she remembers what happened to her (and you can tell by looking at her face that she remembers how much it hurt)

But the locals tell her that they just found her in the forest not that long agohence why she doesn’t have any makeshift or borrowed clothes yet.

Jaune knows that none of this makes sense- that Pyrrha shouldn’t be here. That it doesn’t make sense that they JUST SO HAPPENED to find Pyrrha in the path that they were going. Nothing is right. Pyrrha can see it in his face, and she knows.

But you know what Jaune fucking does???

Kisses Pyrrha on the forehead

and then says “welcome back”


My hand hurts but I am happy.

My fingers and wrist ache from hours of drawing. But I am so content that I want to cry.

I did not realize how much I had missed drawing.

I lost all my motivation to grow as an artist sometime before I reached my twenties. I did not “grow out of it” - I still wanted to draw. I just couldn’t make myself do it anymore. It had became a shore. 

Around that time I fortunately found video editing which became my new creative outlet. Now, years later, it remains a big passion of mine.

But I still missed drawing. Sometimes I felt inspired and could manage to scrape together a finished piece, but we are talking 2-5 drawings per year.

So my new years resolution for 2017 was simple: to draw more. And I have. Every day I make myself draw something. And I do it. No matter what.

It was hard in the beginning, but just a week later I notice a difference. I don´t care if it´s mostly fanart, if it sucks, if it´s just OK, if I am nowhere near my idols.

All I care about is that I enjoy drawing again.

I have missed that feeling so much.  


I’m really gonna miss A҉͈͇n̲̫̳̯͈͞t̩̳̻͡i̜͉͈̠̗͈. Even though at the end there everyone was freaking out and wanting jack back, it was really an amazing thing he did. All the hard work he and robin put in, it’s truly something that must be appreciated. And to just have it end, not even the next day, but the same day, with only a maybe on future appearances, it’s kinda saddening to me.
I had hoped at the very least there’d be a glitch at the end of his Happy Halloween vid saying A҉͈͇n̲̫̳̯͈͞t̩̳̻͡i̜͉͈̠̗͈ would be back, but it really is over.
I guess it’s understandable, considering all the work that had to be put in for just a month of him, so any longer would probably be a bit harder.
But hey, maybe we will see him later on, like jack said, as little Easter eggs here and there, so there’s hope for that:)

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How would the RFA members + V + Saeran react when someone was flirty/hitting on MC and the person went a little too far and MC beats the shit out of them before they can save her?? Please and thank you!!! 🙇🙇🙇

I did something sort of similar to this over here! So I’ll just do the ones that I didn’t do in that last reaction. 


  • you were going to be late for Zen’s recent play
    • but it was okay because you already went to the opening night
    • he just likes having you there for support and sometimes they add small things in
  • the compromise was that you could miss his performance as long as you show up for the wrap party
  • again you were kind of late because of traffic
  • he texts you and calls you every ten minutes asking where you are
  • he feels instant relief when you responded that you were finally in the theater
  • you walk into the party, trying to find you beautiful marshmallow
  • but some guy walks up to you
    • you recognize him as one of the extras
    • introduces himself and starts flirting with you
  • doesn’t reek of booze but you can tell he’s had a few drinks
  • you try to excuse yourself but he’s pretty insistent that Zen would just find you
  • Zen is on the other side of the room looking through the crowd until he sees you being cornered by one of the extras
  • he pushes through the crowd, eyes focused on you
  • suddenly he freezes when you jab his jaw, hook your elbow to man’s cheek, kicks him until he lands on his backside
  • Zen is just (╬⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾ Д ⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾)
  • when you see him you brush yourself off and head over to Zen
    • walking on the asshole who tried to grope you of course
  • he’s just at a loss for words
  • “I–I didn’t think you to be the…th–the fighting type”
  • “ha HA ( ᓄ★ З★ )ᓄ finger guns!”


  • got to plan another RFA party in 2 weeks  (╥﹏╥)
  • things are a little chaotic at the moment
  • in comes God 707 to the rescue!
  • offers to help you with some stuff like handling the guest list and catering
  • you got to reward him somehow so you bring him with you to pick out desserts (✧ω✧)
    • Seven is very pleased
  • wow a high-end bakery no less!
    • Jaehee must have recommended it
  • while Seven is gawking at the cakes, you’re talking to the head baker
  • he’s a really good people person! wow!
    • great eye-contact, never really leaves your face!
      • hmm…
    • tight handshake…long one though
    • …huh he’s really close to you like you can feel his breath on your neck
  • did he just SMELL you!?
  • ok scratch that this guy is kind of a creep :/
  • while Seven is taking pictures on his phone, he accidently switches his camera
    • sees the baker REALLY close to you
    • rage level: 25%
    • he’s leaning into you to whisper something 
    • rage level: 68%
    • his hand slides around your waste
    • RAGE LEVEL: 200%
  • Seven whips around about to give this baker a piece of his mind 
  • but he’s already on the ground—limbs twisted and you pinning him down in a half-nelson
  • (⊙ □ ⊙) !!! how did you do that so fast!?
    • your rage level is OVER 9000
    • you weren’t going to take NO shit
  • you manage to negotiate and get a few free desserts!
  • after seeing this Seven is extra lovey to you
    • “Ooo did you know I love you, my dearest star? Hehe…you love me too right???”
    • (⌐■_■) b ~★


  • it’s been two weeks since V’s surgery!!!
    • and it’s amazing to finally see you with his own two eyes!
  • it was great timing because V’s next gallery was in Paris  
  • (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
    • hot dog!
  • you stayed by his side to guide him around and to direct him to potential buyers
  • this one rich guy was into one his photos and was discussing with V on the ones he wants to buy ^o^
  • while he was distracted, you decide to sneak off to grab yourself a glass of wine
  • then this guy approaches you to show you some photos 
    • some tall fancy french dude with a beard -_-
  • you brushed up on your French in anticipation of this trip, but you didn’t really want to be around the guy so you just spoke English
    • of course he knew English so you had no choice but to hear what he had so say
  • haha he thinks he can convince you that he’s V
    • he’s in for a pleasant surprise then ^^;;;
  • as V was finishing up with the deal, he goes to look for you to tell you about the great sell
  • while he scanned the crowd, he spots you with this other man
    • some tall, french man with a trimmed beard   ( ¬ ヘ ¬ )
  • V wasn’t really the jealous type 
  • but when he saw this guy start playing with your hair, he feels a tight knot in his stomach
    • he HAD to stop this
  • as he’s walking through the crowd his eyes are locked on you
  • he skips a step when your grab onto the man’s wrist and twisted it
  • (;;;*_*) never thought you would be so bold
  • he approaches the two of you and you release your grip
  • he introduces himself and the douche bag leaves with his tail between his legs


  • sweet precious gumdrop takes you to get your first tattoo ^^
  • you’ve been flirting with the idea for about two years and now you’re sure what you want to get
  • you won’t forget that moment when you told him and his pupils dilated
  • goes with you to get another tattoo for shits and giggles
    • plans on getting a tattoo of your eye on his opposite bicep
  • it wasn’t that bad actually!
    • only a bit painful but having your boo by your side made the pain go away
  • decides to celebrate by going out for some tea
  • while you two were waiting for your tea, he excuses himself to head to the restroom
  • when he comes back, some guy is sitting really close to you
    • the fact that he’s sitting close to you is a real problem
    •  ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶
  • Unknown is about to give this guy the deathliest stare known to mankind
  • but you kind of beat him to the punch
    • the guy’s arm is twisted to his back and you have his face pressed against the table
  • this is why Unknown likes you
    • plus you’re the sweetest thing next to apple pie
  • when you let the guy go and send him on his merry way, Unknown takes his seat and holds your hand
  • “I worked myself up too much, my tattoo hurts!”  (╥﹏╥)
  • the tea in your belly makes it feel so much better
Monsta X reaction to seeing their black girlfriend’s hair afrod out for the first time

AN: Based on my own imagination

Shownu: Wide eyes upon first sight. A smile grows on his face as he continues to stare at you. Thinks you look cute regardless of what hairstyle you try, will get extra protective of you if anyone had anything negative to say about you and the way you choose to wear your hair.

Wonho: Encouraged you to do it because he was curious to see it, tells you it looks amazing and would really want to touch it. Would ask if you’re okay with it or not and would want you to teach him everything associated with keeping your hair healthy. Begs you to keep it like this for as long as possible because he thinks you look prettier like this and he’s really proud to have you.

Minhyuk: Wouldn’t recognize you for a second, “only because you looks so stunning I can’t believe it’s you. Wants to touch instantly, you would have to smack his hands away. Forehead kisses, tries to cop a feel at it. Wants you to teach him how to style your hair so you can have matching accessories together and hairstyles if you’d allow it.

Kihyun: Can’t stop secretly taking pictures of you because omg you look so cute.Would ask any and every question he has about it in his head at the moment. Would get mad pissed if people looked at you weird or would say anything out of line. Is really concentrated and on board with learning how to braid your hair if you wanted too as well. 

Hyungwon: Won’t stop staring because you look different, only then does he realize that your hairstyle has changed. Doesn’t think much of it because you’re his girl and if this is what you want to do and you’re happy, then he’s more than happy about it. Pinches your cheeks and tell you that you look beautiful no matter how you look or what anyone tells you.

Jooheon: Wanted to help you do it because he was really curious about the process. Would sing and take extra care with dealing with you and would giggle when you tell him to stop. Can’t stop himself from touching it because it’s so floofy and soft. Another one you’d have to tell to stop touching because you’d get tired of it. The type to freestyle about how he loved you an your appearance as he walked around you, eyeing you up and down.

I.M: The second you told him what you were going to do, he would go out and get you whatever you needed to keep your hair healthy. Would sit in the same room as you to watch the process. Refuses to help because he’s afraid of combing your hair too harshly when he gets excited. Uses his aegyo voice to talk to you when he sees the end result because he thinks its the only way to talk to the cutest person on the universe.


tj’s patented head smoosh maneuver. the poor weeble died in late october due to FeLV. he was almost two-and-a-half years old. i miss my little buddy so much it hurts. buried him with his favorite stuffed catnip dinosaur. it’s a brontosaurus. i still go out to his grave and put some food and water down for the strays that stop by the area. maybe a little toy or two. give the vagrant kitties something to do during the day, y'know? it’s what we did for tj before we brought him into our family, so i continue the ritual every couple of days in memory of my baby weeble.


hedgehogs are huge nerds, news at eleven

Did I miss it or am I early? God I hope I didn’t miss it. Regardless of if I did or not;

Happy Birthday to the talented and feisty NanoSounds, and the lady who plays her, Kim Richards!

It’s safe to say I’m a pretty big FluxBuddies fan but I have watched pretty much everything Kim has put out since she joined the Yogscast. There is something really heartwarming to me about seeing such a nice person just having a good time and goofing off with her friends. (I also pop in on her streams from time to time! Praise be! to those actually accurate Auzzie accents, mate.)

I hope you have a warm-and-not-raining-winter’s day, my dear!