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suspension of disbelief

@khorazir prompted: The boys watch some episodes of The X-Files together.

 Sherlock looked up from the microscope, blinked. John looked back at him, his face expectant.

 Clearly, he’d been speaking. Clearly, a response of some kind was required.

 "Of course,“ he tried.

 John raised his brows, looked both pleased and surprised. This—this did not bode well. Perhaps he should have asked John to repeat himself, but he did so loathe repetition.

 "Go on, then,” John said. He stepped over towards the fridge, perused the menus with a little frown of concentration.

 Sherlock hesitated. Go on?

 Judging by John’s preoccupation with the menus, he thought perhaps he may have agreed to dinner plans. Except, if that was all, then what was he meant to go on with?

 He stood up from the table, took a cautious step towards the sitting room. John had left the telly on. It was cycling through a DVD menu of some kind, eerie whistling music backed by piano. He frowned, looked back.

 John glanced up from the menus, made a shooing motion with his hand. Ah. It appeared that he’d committed to watching a film or—he paused, looked at the screen—a television series.

 He sighed, aimed a longing glance in the direction of his abandoned microscope, and settled himself on the sofa. He took up a bit more space than entirely necessary.

 The menu looped, started again. Piano. Whistling.

 John paced around the kitchen, phone to his ear, ordering the takeaway. Sherlock glanced at the menus, now rearranged on the front of the fridge. Chinese.

 He looked back at the television. Opened his mouth to speak.

 "I’m betting you missed this entirely, yeah?“ John said, sitting down on the sofa next to him. The cushions dipped, and Sherlock found himself wanting to lean closer, to blame the motion on his shifted balance—but no, best not.


 "The X-Files.“ John said with a nod at the screen. "FBI agents, government conspiracies, aliens…? Kind of a big deal in the 90s. Ringing any bells at all?”

 Sherlock scoffed, looked away. “I had other things on my mind in the 90s.”

 John cleared his throat, looked down.

 The menu continued to loop.

 "Right,“ John said, after a long moment. He reached for the remote. "Food will be here in about twenty minutes.”

 He pressed play.


 "Do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrials?“ asked the man on the screen. He was being altogether too dramatic about the whole thing, in Sherlock’s opinion.

 "Logically, I would have to say no,” his recently-assigned partner countered.

 "Actually—" Sherlock said.

 John picked up the remote, pressed pause. Stared at him.

 "Never mind,“ Sherlock said.


 "Time can’t just disappear,” said the woman on the screen. “It’s a universal invariant.”

 "No it isn’t,“ Sherlock said.

 "Shush,” John said.

 "But she read physics at university, she would know that—"

 "Sherlock,“ John said.


 For some reason, the woman had decided to bathe by candlelight. She had only just begun to disrobe when something frightened her and sent her rushing through the rain into the arms of her male coworker.

 Sherlock sighed, rolled his eyes. Looked back towards the kitchen, where his microscope beckoned.

 "Just watch,” John said, through a mouthful of lo mein.

 The scene did not play out the way he’d expected.


 "Another,“ he said when it was over.

 "What, really?” John’s voice was incredulous.

 He wrestled the remote out of John’s hand.


 "It’s really not that easy to break into a secret government base.“

 "Er,” John said. “Yes, actually, it is. We’ve done it.”

 "We had the proper credentials.“

 "Faked credentials.”

 "Still. It wasn’t as simple as ducking under a chain link fence for God’s sake.“

 John chuckled, leaned back against the sofa cushions. At some point he had migrated closer, his arm warm where it brushed against Sherlock’s.

 "Now he’s gone and gotten himself drugged,” Sherlock protested, looking away. “That didn’t happen to me.”

 "No, it happened to me,“ John said, and swatted at him. "Arsehole.”

 "Another,“ he said, when it was over.


 "I’m expected to believe that this man sleeps in a nest of newspapers and bile and emerges precisely every thirty years to consume five human livers?”

 "It’s not really so much believing as it is suspension of disbelief, yeah?“

 "No,” Sherlock said. “The dichotomy between the two main characters—”

 "Wasn’t talking about them,“ John said. His voice had grown sleepy. "Was talking about us.”

 "What, precisely, are we meant to be suspending disbelief over?“

 "The livers,” John said, gesturing vaguely towards the screen. “The bile.”

 "The lack of a romantic entanglement in spite of the clear attraction and the fact that both main characters clearly have no one else in their lives of similar importance?“

 "That too,” John said. A faint smile flickered on his face.



 "Sherlock, I need to go to sleep.”

 "Mm,“ Sherlock said, distracted. He slid over on the couch to give John more room. The loss of John’s warm comfortable weight against his side was jarring.

 He reached over, snatched up the throw pillow from the coffee table. Held it up for a moment, weighing his options. He thought about the warmth of John’s arm, pressed against his own, the way his chest rose and fell with each measured breath.

 He set the pillow in his lap. Waited.

 John hesitated for a long moment, studying him, his face difficult to read in the blueish light from the television screen. Then he carefully, slowly arranged himself so that his head was on the pillow, resting on Sherlock’s lap. He held himself quite stiffly, his shoulders tense, his movements unsure.

 "Suspension of disbelief,” Sherlock said. He spoke in a low, quiet voice, dipping his head down. John’s face was very close, in the dark.

 "What, exactly, are you trying to say?“ John asked. His voice was little more than a whisper. He shifted, the leather squeaking under his frame.

 "Lack of romantic entanglement in spite of clear attraction. And—” he stopped, swallowed. Could no longer bear to look at John’s profile in the dark. Turned his head towards the window. “No one else in my life of similar importance.”

 "Clear attraction?“ John asked, his voice sleepy, fond.

 "Well,” Sherlock said, his throat suddenly dry. “Yes?”

 John chuckled, shifted again, rolling over onto his side. He reached up a hand, cupped Sherlock’s cheek.

 He could not say with any certainty who moved in first. But his lips were pressed against John’s, warm and soft and utterly thrilling, sending electric shocks of sensation down his spine. His eyes slipped shut and he sighed, breath puffing against John’s face.

 "All right?“ John asked, quiet, pulling back. He no longer looked drowsy.

 Sherlock stared at him, at his eyes, gleaming bright in the television glow. At his face, expressive and endearing and so very dear to him. How? he wondered, and not for the first time. How had this happened?

 "Sherlock?” John asked again, his voice low, careful. He left his hand cradled against Sherlock’s face.

 Sherlock smiled. “Another,” he said, and leaned in.

the child in time... some thoughts

to me the child in time is like music. unlike anything else BC has done to date, and thank god for that :-) you kinda need repeated viewings to let it wash over you. (note: there are spoilers in this post. sorry, impossible to avoid). and also, as is my MO. this is a long post. sorry about that too…

first of all, let’s be clear on a few things. BC swearing with that half-apologetic english tone is just super endearing. every time he swore in this it just made me laugh out loud. and SunnyMarch know their market. BC was in almost every frame, often in ambient or evening light, often in close-up and in profile, and was f*cking beautiful throughout.

when I read the book, i thought – even more than Patrick Melrose – that stephen is so reflective they will never be able to express his journey without clumsy dialogue. but I criminally underestimated what BC can do. no one tells an inner story the way he does, with so little.

and it was so important that julie and stephen were believable. not just having chemistry. but also able to be in love, torn apart, taking different paths to evolve, and needing and both hurting each other. and they were. kelly macdonald was magnificent; she was calm and contained whilst stephen tried to fix it all. and i could have watched an entire movie of just them together.

the main challenge of this piece - as indeed with any ian mcewan adaptation - is trying to visually tell his highly symbolic and thematic novels. some have worked in the past; atonement for example, because so many explosive events happen in it. others, like enduring love, didn’t for me. because the symbolism and opaque internal dialogues got lost.

TCIT is so symbolic. the concept of the child within, childhood and the fluidity of time is told on different levels; stephen and julie lose their child, whilst their best friend regresses to childhood whilst his physicist wife studies time, stephen sits on a government childcare committee, all the while the characters have visions of their past and future iterations of childhood, playing with the idea of time that is both predestined and also fluid,

i found this overly ambitious in the book, and i found parts of this complicated story the same in the film. i think the committee was almost unnecessary in the film; and i think lost people. as did the amount of time spent on charles’ regression. stephen campbell moore played charles’ state of being too chaotically for me; his regression was shocking and so abrupt. and i think it distracted a little from the main, and most important story in the 90 mins. 

but it did create one of the best scenes in the film where BC plays anger and betrayal so brilliantly. his anger at charles; leaving his role as politician and as stephen’s publisher, and who had allowed stephen to be a child. And BC’s face in the restaurant, and even more so in the den in the forest, his anger and petulance and confusion was so so brilliantly done.

stephen tries to be the little boy himself; “fish had so many memories that he wanted to forget. even the good ones” but he can’t… “that’s f*cking perverse” (and god I love how BC does that with an almost comic deadpanned exasperation) . said the almost middle aged man. who wouldn’t climb a tree because of unsuitable footwear”. (tears. again. stop it).

and like the Inuit have 5o different words for snow, TCIT gives us the same variants on BC’s crying. my god his emotional stretch in this was immense. there were moments where it was impossible to watch; and the raw, uncomplicated grief in the school and in the forest… i haven’t seen BC do that before. i felt like i was intruding.

there were some beautiful touches throughout; lines like “missing her is different from loving her”, “you always let me down, you never bring her home” and when stephen closes charles’ eulogy with “the end” like the close of a children’s book, spoke volumes with the greatest efficiency.

was it confusing? Maybe. Maybe I lost perspective because i had read the book several times so i knew the narrative. But what didn’t help was the way the BBC promoted it as some kind of BC-centric “find a child” Broadchurch kind of movie whereas of course it’s more a expressionist musing than forensic thriller. so I get all the online complaining about it. (it get 4.5M viewers and 23% of the audience tho!)

but it’s under my skin. the “keep breathing” at the end ties it all together so powerfully. it was the message of the film for me. don’t try – as Stephen did for so long – to hold your breath underwater, try to be a fish with no memory, and to stop feeling. but don’t let pain and feeling overwhelm you. and consume you.

i loved it. and i loved BC in this. pretty much now, my 2nd fave BC performance. 

Blue and Gold - Jughead X Reader Imagaine

[A/N: Yeah so before I went to sleep last night I did kind of have an idea of where this fic would go if it had another part! It’s a little different to what I originally had planned and has taken a bit more of an angsty tone. Hope you guys like it regardless!]

(gif source: @juggiehead​)

‘Listen,’ (Y/N) started quietly, as Jughead took his seat next to her, ‘I know that for some reason – and I don’t care why- but you don’t like me.’

(Y/N) began to fan out sheets of paper, written on with detailed notes, photographs accompanied the papers and Jughead realised they were character profiles. Each piece of paper included the names, birth dates, home addresses and alibis of various students from Riverdale High on the day that Jason Bloom was murdered.

‘How did you get all of this stuff?’ Jughead asked in awe, reaching out and picking up Reggie Mantle’s profile. (Y/N) sighed.

‘I’m a nice person Jughead, I just asked and people were more than willing to tell me – it’s called being a people person.’

‘There’s being a people person and then there’s this.’

‘Yeah well, Betty told you I was useful and she was right. Anyway like I was trying to say-‘

‘Yeah, yeah. I don’t like you. We’ll get over it.’ Jughead continued to absorb himself in the papers. (Y/N) huffed, but rather than press the matter further she began to point out the places in which peoples alibis didn’t quite match up.

Soon both of the kids were absorbed in the tangling web of Jason Bloom’s death.


The next couple of weeks continued in the same fashion, (Y/N) would spend the week collecting intel on new students or returning back to those who didn’t quite make sense, and by the end of the week the information she had gathered was delivered to Jughead. Together they had gathered a tonne of evidence and the case for Jason Bloom was really beginning to come together.

(Y/N)’s true project however was not going to plan.

‘Betty it’s not working.’ (Y/N) sighed, sipping on her colossal strawberry milkshake.

‘Maybe he just needs more time?’ Betty tilted her head and smiled sympathetically, her pony tail bounced with the motion.

‘No he’s just getting worse. I mean at least with scathing comments came some form of acknowledgement, now it’s like I don’t even exist.’

‘I thought he was being nice to you at Blue and Gold, though?’

‘Yeah, in that room he’s all smiles and talking but then we sit here and he won’t even look at me.’ (Y/N) chewed on her straw. ‘I really don’t know what’s worse.’

‘Okay, I’ll talk to him, see what the deal is?’ Betty smiled sincerely.

‘No!’ (Y/N) shouted a little too loudly, the other patrons in the diner looked over at the girls before resuming their own activities. ‘No,’ (Y/N) repeated quietly, ‘I don’t want him to know that it bothers me- and if anyone should speak to him, it should be me.’


‘Can I ask you something?’ (Y/N) sat in the Blue and Gold room, her legs drawn up onto her chair and her head lightly tucked into her crossed arms.

It had been a quiet week in regards to new information being discovered, people were beginning to become curious about the motive behind (Y/N)’s questions so she had decided to place herself on the backburner for a week. Jughead was mulling over some of the older profiles, scrutinizing them for anything that could have been missed.

‘Yeah, sure.’ He mumbled as his eyes traced over the profile for Ethel Muggins.

‘What is it that makes you hate me?’ (Y/N) exhaled with a breath she didn’t know was being held.

‘You’re irritating.’ Jughead immediately replied in the same monotone voice.

(Y/N) took in a breath, ‘Yeah okay, but what is irritating about me?’

‘Everything.’ He replied again quickly.

(Y/N) began to unfold herself from the chair, she sat up straight and began to pick at loose thread on the sleeve of her blouse.

‘I thought that maybe we were getting somewhere.’

‘Yeah, well-’ Jughead turned his head to look at (Y/N), his next words caught on his tongue as he took in her sullen expression. Immediately his eyes returned to the Muggins profile and a silence descended on the room.

‘You make me feel like I’m not good enough, Jug.’

The boy didn’t respond, his eyes remained fixed on the paper in his hands.

‘Like I’m not good enough to sit at the booth,’ (Y/N)’s voice was quiet, ‘or to be friends with the guys – friends with you. I planned all of this – so you could get to know me but it just made things worse and I just wish you could give me a reason.’

Jughead made no move to acknowledge (Y/N), the silence was punctuated by the slight creak of (Y/N)’s chair as she shifted. A light puff of air left through her nose and she stood to leave.

‘That’s probably all I can get for you now,’ her eyes nodded to the paper work on the table despite the fact that Jughead was not looking at her, ‘people are finally getting suspicious of me asking so many questions.’

(Y/N) reached for the door, before she left she took one final glance at the beanie-clad boy still sat with his back to her.

‘Good luck.’

The door clicked shut.

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170723 ‘Hello Again’ Fanmeeting - Part One~

♢ Eunhyuk looks around at fans who all have long hair. “We made a promise?” “Do you remember?” “How did your hair grow so fast”

Hyuk: Do you remember what was it that we promised each other?

Fans: To not cut the hair!

Hyuk: Did u rly go thru it?

Fans: Yes!

Hyuk: Liar.i saw someone who really shaved her head so i give my confirmation that she is an elf.

♢ They wanted to greet so hyukjae wanted to say we are d&e but hae messed up hahaha

Hyuk: Its been a while right?

Hae: I’m nervous. I’m fluttered to stand here after this while and somehow.. I feel a bit shy/embarrassed

Hyuk: your hands are shaking 

Hae: to not show that, I am holding hands together

Hyuk: hurry drink some water

They will be sharing photos from their vacations from the army~

 ♢ Hyukjae is just bragging about himself being really great at shooting

♢ Hyuk showed a vacation pic of eating with his unit. 

Donghae: Didn’t you make plans to eat with me? And you went to see others?? 

♢ Hyuk took a pic when he was taking the 지하철. Fans were shocked.

Hyuk: yeah I tried taking the subway once.

Hae: You’re cool.

♢ There was a pic of hyukjae with a lot of ppl so he asked hae to find and hae picked a girl and said that is hyukjae. Hyukjae said good job~

Eunhyuk: I went back to the dorms & pressed the doorbell for 3 minutes & made faces at the camera… but it was the wrong house

♢  Hyukjae said his mom used his name at the hair dressers to get a cut and dye XD

 Donghae asked Eunhyuk to re-enact the scene with him and his mom 

Hyuk: “so I act as the mom?" 

Hae: "no you act as Donghae”

Hae showed a pic of him in some sort of recording studio.

Hyuk: You were a DJ?? Wah you must have rly improved you talking (skills)

Hae: It wasnt that, I was doing the voice navigation for the app like KKT.

Hyuk: *cant believe it* *imitated Hae’s voixe doing navigation*\

Hyuk: go left! go right! i said go right!!!! (in thick Hae accent lmao im dying)

Hae: I didnt do it with Sattori!

♢ Hae showed a pic of him and Siwon shoveling snowy road during winter. Hyuk got up from his seat doubled over laughing.

Hyuk: Wah really handsome. There’s a policeman taking picture of DBSK CM, SW, YH.

The police officer Hyuk is referring to is Hae. He is just is teasing that how Hae looked in that photo next to those three.

Hyuk: *still laughing at his own joke* You look like a robot!! 

*still referring to the same pic* He cant move on XD

In all these photos Hae is so short compared to the others, hyuk keeps laughing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

♢ Eunhae are going to show their written profiles from before army and after

♢ Donghae’s weight before army: 65 After: 65 

HJ: … 

DH: but I lost muscles! 

HJ: You don’t actually know it do you? 

DH: no I just wrote wtv

Hyukjae’s weight before army: 60 After: 60 

HJ: I maintained myself bc we were going to meet

♢ Hae’s favourite weather. Before and after still rainy day. 

Hyuk: He’s rly a simple man. Why do you like the rain so much?

Hae said he enjoyed the sound of the rain.

Hyuk: Today is raining right? So don’t feel bummed by it just think that ahh this is the weather that Donghae likes so it’s okay.

DH said the real reason why he likes rain is bc of memories of sitting with his bro inside with his mom and dad and the rain on the windows~


Hyuk: Before - expensive things 

After - cheap things

Hae: Before - dandy 

After - police uniform

food preferences: 

Hae: Before - Samgyetang (chicken soup) 

HJ: Since when???

DH: well I only wrote it thinking of what food is healthy

Now: Army food (Hyuk: liar) 

Hyuk: Before - kimchi fried rice 

Now:anything edible 


Hae: Before - Romantic 

After - Ro~~~~~~~mantic 

HJ: Oh so you changed a bit then!

Hyuk: Before: Angelic 

After: Real man

Hae’s fav song before army: still you 

After army: uptown funk 

Hyuk: before: with you 

After: uptown funk

Girl group 

Hae: Before - RV, fx, Snsd 

After - ALL

Hae: Actually I have not rly watched TV much these days 

Fan: Good! 

Hyuk: *laughed*

DH’s habit: Before - ELF 

 after - El~~~~f 

EH’s habit: Before- thinking about ELF 

After: thinking about myself

Hyuk’s way to relieve stress before army- avoid lee donghaek 

After army: following lee donghaek

DH’s stress relieve: Before- go to hyuk’s house 

♢ One of DH’s answers was small and scribbled out HJ: Is that a poo

♢ They are showing self cam VCR during 1 week after discharge.

♢ Hyuk went to sauna and be doing facials

♢ Hae went to greet fans at SUM. He stood next to his standee. “Aren’t I handsome?”

♢ Donghae went to pick Hyuk up after his schedule (Radio Star) and they went to eat at a restaurant together with Kyuhyun.

cr: Dew, Yoojin ♡BelIidonghais,아잉~, ,StalkEunHae, ferfer_DHislove,ELF_thoughts,emzhaek.

[long meta] the hidden depths of voltron S1 E6

part 1: lance’s literal awakening and keith’s metaphorical one 

(if you already know where I’m going with this, you might find part 2: an entire subtextual plot in S1 E6? - in this same post - more interesting)

I’ve been rewatching season 1, and I got to episode 5 with the bonding moment and was like yeahh but then I got to the beginning of E6, with everyone waiting for lance to be released from the healing pod, and I was like wait. I never really thought twice about the scene before, but this time around I was like…hold the phone. 

what is keith’s reasoning for being impatient in this scene, anyway? like, if everyone else can wait a few ticks for lance to wake up, why can’t you? 

is this just your Personality, to be an impatient nuisance sometimes, haha queue comedic intro? well, while keith is often impatient, it’s usually during situations involving life or death decisions. and since lance isn’t about to die, and the timing of his release from the pod doesn’t put anyone else’s life at risk…

since i trust the vld writers enough at this point (at least with keith, i guess…?) to not make characters do shit for no good reason, i don’t think keith was being impatient for the hell of it, especially to do with someone he’s made a point of *Shrug* Not Really caring about – that is, until shit went down in E5 and keith dropped that pretense like it was hot and didn’t hesitate to initiate the famed bonding moment.

my point here about this scene in E6, is that it’s directly linked to E5′s bonding moment, like 100%. maybe you’re like DUH OBVIOUSLY - and you’d be right, cause it’s obvious to me now and I was probably just being really slow on the uptake - but nevertheless, i don’t think we should hang up the the phone there…

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It’s Starting To Feel Like Home

Characters: Bucky x Reader 
Warnings: talks of miscarriage, blood, angst, swearing
Prompt Number(s): 06 - “I lost the baby.”, 113 - “Where did all these puppies come from?”
W/C: 1.3k+
A/N: I know that there is never really a replacement for something like this, like losing a child and the intention of this story is to bring hope and a smile. I hope I don’t offend anyone with this piece. Thank you for sending prompt numbers @stevette60 <3

Originally posted by coporolight

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Ride With Me (Part 4)

PAIRING: readerxbucky au


WARNINGS: swearing. 

*Things get tense when (Y/N) meets three members of the Red Skull*

So, considering that two of these characters have yet to made an appearance in the MCU. I am taking slight artistic licence as to what I think they looked like for this AU. Shout out to @assembletheimagines​ for helping me try and pick a face for Hela thanks boo x (I know that Cate Blanchett is going to portray her in Thor 3 but I kinda leaned towards the comic version of her for this AU)  

Part 3


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“Come on you piece of shit work” you growled dangerously. You sat perched at the bar, a new lukewarm cup of tea sat beside to you barely touched as you glared viciously at the laptop screen. You had been risking your life in that motel room for long enough and it was high time to find a place of your own. Or someone to share it with at least.

“Don’t you look like a ray of sunshine this morning” you resisted the urge to glare at the three arrivals.

“Careful Sam, she’d been yelling at that thing all morning” Wanda teased as she stood behind the bar drying pint glasses.

“Roommate search? Looking for a new place?” Natasha asked peering over your shoulder reading the website open on the laptop.

“Living out of my suitcase is getting a little old” you mumble into your mug, you winced after swallowing. The cool temperature didn’t sit well with you.  

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white blood

pairing: tom holland x reader

word count: 2,841

warnings: no explicit mention of depression (but implied), self hatred thoughts, angst, LOTS AND LOTS OF FLUFF/CHEESINESS AT THE END THO

a/n: hi guys !! this is my first fic, and this is probably just a one time thing bUT WHO KNOWS AMIRIGHT. anyways, i’m really nervous about posting it so pls just give it a shot; there will be spelling mistakes, repetitive word use, etc., but obviously, writing is a long process that requires a lot of hard work. i have been dealing with depression for a long time, and a few nights ago, i was at a particular low, so i turned to writing, and out popped this little thing. part of this song was inspired by white blood by oh wonder, because i saw them in concert this weekend and this song really got to me, so give it a listen! i also want to put it out there, that you are all stronger than you think, and you will persevere through whatever difficult problem you are struggling with. all the love xoxo.

I’m ready to go

I’m ready to go

Can’t do it alone

Can’t do it alone

every day, it was the same thing. get up, sit in bed all day, go back to sleep. you didn’t leave the house, hell, your brain wouldn’t let you. you were trapped inside the jail cell that was your mind, surrounded by self doubt and hatred. but today, it felt harder than usual. it was like there was a weight that was wedged into your scalp, pushing your body deep into the ground and making you feel as if you were numb. you sighed as you looked at the sun shining in through the windows as if beckoning you to run and bask in its golden glory. but your bad thoughts seem to pull you back towards your bed, whispering, “stay for a while, stay for a while”. at this point, it seemed to hard to fight. you seemed to slay your demons but every day, they seemed to come back stronger than before. but it didn’t mean that your heart didn’t ache to just feel the heat of the sun’s beams on your face because, it did. you wanted to feel alive again, like you weren’t a soul slowly rotting away in a human corpse. you climb back into your warm, inviting, white sheets and pull them over your face. you close your eyes for a moment, but the sound of a buzz causes your eyelids to open. you push off the covers and lean over to look at your phone that was charging on your bedside table. you stare at the screen and see a familiar contact name flashing.

tried calling you last night, but i’m assuming you fell asleep since it was pretty late. i’m thinking of you, and i miss you. call me back when you can x

you sighed and set it back down on the table, not having the heart to talk to him and pretend that everything is fine. that’s the reason why you were dodging his calls. you couldn’t let him see you this way. you couldn’t open yourself up to him when the weight of the world is on his shoulders. you knew that if you told him how you felt, he would be nothing be supportive and kind, which is the problem. you couldn’t be any reason to hold him back; this was his dream, and you would never forgive yourself if you were the one who stood in the way of his goals. at first, he even insisted that he wasn’t going to take the role; he knew that he needed to be with you, to support you, and help you through every bump in the road, but you couldn’t let him do that. as his girlfriend, you felt as if it was your duty to ensure that he was on the path to being as happy as possible. but that meant putting on a mask and hiding how you truly felt. you grabbed your laptop, opened up netflix, rewatching yet another episode of your favorite show, and stared off into space, the sound of characters chattering in the background providing some white noise.

I’m ready to run through the heat of the sun

Can’t do it alone

Can’t do it alone

you wake up to the same old sound of buzzing, and look over, seeing tom’s angelic profile picture pop up on your tiny screen, illuminating the whole room. you hesitate staring at his contact picture, with his glowing smile, and tessa’s big eyes. part of you aches to see his face, so barely thinking, you swipe the accept button. and there is your beautiful boyfriend, looking like an absolute angel as usual. his soft curls sat like a mop on his head; he seemed to have spidey head, which is what he liked to called his hair after hours in the spidey suit. he had dark circles in his eyes, but at the same time, he was beaming. he was tired, but you could tell how truly happy he was. once he saw your face, he lit up, his teeth gleaming and his cute little dimples dancing along the sides of his lips.
“wow hello beautiful,” he whispers in a groggy voice, exhaustion clearly apparent in his voice.
“why are you calling me tom? aren’t you still shooting?”
“what? not excited to see me? i’m offended.” he pouts and crosses his arms across his chest like a toddler. he then notices your stone cold expression and then pushes his hands against his chair, adjusting his position. “you didn’t call me back this morning, so i got worried”
“yeah um.. i’ve just been really busy with university stuff today. that’s all” you lie, sending a weak smile his way, hoping that he would just accept you at your word and move on. and thankfully, he did. so then he started rambling on and on about everything he’s been up to, what his favorite stunt of the day was, how the producer replaced his chair with a toilet, etc. as he continues to speak, your eyes start to wander and end up staring at your face through the tiny reflection of yourself staring back up at you, and you shudder. you hadn’t showered in two days, the grease clearly apparent in your hair and on your face, little red dots poking their way out of your skin. your lips were slightly chapped, and there seemed to be no life behind your eyes.
“y/n? y/n? helloooo” he waves his hand in front of your space, snapping you away from your self hatred infused thoughts, “you’ve been spacing out this entire time. what’s going on?”
“it’s nothing tom, alright? don’t worry about it”
he lifts an eyebrow, clearly skeptical. “well clearly it’s not nothing. i know when something is on your mind”

I’m ready to fall

So tired of it all

Down deep in a hole

Can’t do it alone

you look down at your hands because you knew that if you looked tom in the eyes, then the tears would come crashing down. “can you just drop it, please?” you rub your hands back at forth, trying to calm your excessive shaking.
“not until you tell me what is wrong”
you stay silent.
“I SAID JUST DROP IT, OKAY?” you yell as a quiver begins to escape your lips and tear start to drip down little by little.
“darling, what is-”
“i’m-i’m sorry tom. i don’t know what’s gotten into me. i-i’ve gotta go” you whisper, tears beginning to stream faster and faster down your wet cheeks as you speak each and every word. you wipe them away with your fingers in a brisk motion.
"y/n-” you see tom’s eyes grow wide in worry and you hang up. by now, you were full out sobbing. your body felt like it was convulsing and you lean forward on your bed, your tears spilling onto the perfect sheets. you close your eyes, and eventually fall into a deep sleep.

I’m ready to climb this mountain inside

Impossible heights

you wake up to the sound of knocking. you stand up, puzzled as you stare at your alarm clock flashing 3:35am, which seemed to provide a tiny bit of light to the completely dark room. you  hear the little bugs buzzing around outside your window in the cool summer night, and you yawn, rubbing your eyes. the knocking continues, even more eagerly this time.
“just one minute please!” you throw on a pair of tom’s old baggy sweats lying on the floor beside your feet, wrapping your big blanket around you, and scurry towards the door. you turn the knob, and before you could even process what was happening, you feel a strong pair of arms wrap around you. you begin to push the strong arms off of you, wondering who the hell this man was, at 3 am, on a tuesday. but then he just pulls you deeper into him, forcing you to inhale his scent: vanilla and a tint of mint.

it was tom. for a moment, you tried completely denying it was him. he shouldn’t be back until at least two months from now. so you pull back for a moment, and stare up into a pair of beautiful, chocolate eyes. it was him. he squeezed you so tight to his body that you felt like you couldn’t breath, slowly pulling together the broken pieces of your heart with his embrace. his hands begin to stroke your hair, his fingers playing with it at the ends. you stood there in silence because in that moment, nothing had to be said. a few tears spill onto his white shirt as you wrap your arms around his neck.

“it’s okay,” he whispers quietly into your hair, softly kissing your cheek, “i’m here. i’m here now  darling.”
“what-what are you doing here?” you cry as you pull him closer, refusing to let him go.
"what can i say, i missed my best girl. and despite what everyone says, even spider-man needs a break sometimes,” he coos as he rocks you back and forth. he lifts his head off your shoulder and stares into your eyes, taking in every part of your face. he wipes away one of your tears and grasps your cheek in his hand. you close your eyes and lean into his hand. he continues to caress your cheek as the other takes yours which is resting on his shoulder and brings it to his lips, his lips tenderly kissing each and every knuckle, like there were butterflies landing on each individual finger.
"let’s go inside” he takes your hand and intertwines your fingers as he leads you back into your tiny apartment. he takes you into the kitchen, and pulls out a chair for you. you slump down, wrapping your fuzzy blanket around your body. you stare at tom as he looked through your cabinets, like it was his house. he picks out one of your favorite crematic mugs and then bends down in a squatting position as his eyes scanned the interior of the dark cabinet, his glance finally landing on the silver tea kettle. he then reaches over to the cabinet next to it, standing on his tippy toes and grabbing the box of various tea bags. he flipped through each one, finally landing on which one you knew was your go-to tea when you were sad. he leans over and flips the switch to the radio on, the quiet hum adding a peacefulness to the already comforting silence. he makes his way over to your stove, turning the fire on, and places the heavy kettle on top of it.  “oh i love this song,” tom exclaims as he adjusts the temperature, the bright orange flame simmering down to a darker blue. he hustles over to the radio, turning up the volume just slightly, and then hums along quietly as he makes his way over to you. he wraps his arms around your waist, his head resting on your shoulder as he sways you back and forth. he kisses your cheek, whispering the lyrics quietly into your ear and sending shivers down your spine. he then tugs on your hand with his, spinning your chair around so that it’s facing him. he pulls on your arm, urging you to stand up. you slouch back further into your chair and shake your head.

“dance with me, love”

“no tom, you know i don’t dance,”

“well, you’re going to,”

he nearly pulls your arm out of his socket, but smoothly snakes his hand around your waist, and grabs your other hand with his. you give him a dirty stare, but he just smirks and pulls you closer to him, your forehead resting on his chest, feeling it rise and fall, rise and fall. it was so constant and strong that you felt like his heartbeat was pulsing through your very own veins. his head rested on tops of yours, and then, he starts to sing the words into your hair so quietly that they seemed to be drifting into the air as he continues to move you back and forth.

Said you’d always be my white blood

Circulate the right love

Giving me your white blood

I need you right here with me

Said you’d always be my white blood

Elevate my soul above

Giving me your white blood

I need you right here with me, here with me

you didn’t even notice you started crying until you see the new water stains emerging onto tom’s t-shirt. you didn’t really know why you were crying. maybe it was the fact that he was actually here for the first time in four months. or maybe it was the fact that you felt like the world around you was falling apart. no matter what the reason, you feel yourself crying harder and harder, pulling tom closer to you, not wanting this moment to end. you wanted to remember dancing in your kitchen with tom, with no stress or worries. just tom. he looks down at you, concern growing in his eyes, but he says nothing, leading you over to the couch and sitting you down. he sinks into the couch and pulls you onto his chest as you continued to sob. he strokes your hair soothingly and rubs tiny circles on your shoulder, occasionally leaving a tiny kiss on your forehead. in that moment, tom knew that saying anything wouldn’t help; you just needed him to be there. nothing else. once your breathing leveled out, he murmurs, “shh… it’s gonna be alright…just breath… in and out…. in and out…” you calm yourself even further, closing your eyes, and listening to tom’s voice, feeling as if you were in some kind of trance. you hear the tea kettle screeching and you look up at tom. “i’m going to take care of that, give me five seconds,” you sit up slowly and nod, looking into his brown eyes and tucking your long hair that was dropping in front of your eyes behind your ears.

you continue to control your breathing. in and out. in and out. you take one deep breath and let it out slowly. you hear the shuffling of feet and look up to see tom, softly grinning at you with a mug in hand and steam swirling out of it. he spins the tea bag around and hands it to you. he stares at you intently as you take a sip and inhale the steamy scent. you stare at the tinted water as you feel tom’s eyes on you, scared of what he was going to say, or if he was going to say anything at all. you feel your fingers starting to shake again, but tom immediately puts his hands over yours, and holds them to his chest. he traces your hand with his pointer finger.

“i-i’m sorry,” you blurt out, refusing to meet his eyes.

“sorry? sorry for what, y/n? you haven’t done anything wrong” he asks soothingly rubbing your back.

“for making you so worried and making you come all this way. i know you’re busy and i’m sorry i’m all over the place and holding you back”

he shakes his head and holds your hands in his own. “babe, you’re not holding me back. in fact, you’re what’s keeping me going right now. i don’t want you to ever feel like your issues aren’t important, because they are. i want you to tell me everything. if there’s something going on.

“but you’re-you’re just living this surreal life, and i don’t wanna bother you with all my petty problems.”

“but y/n, everyone has their problems. i’m not perfect, i mean look at how many marvel secrets that i’ve given away,” you both chuckle, “but it doesn’t mean that i care any less. i’ll always care about you, because i love you, y/n, and that includes all parts of you.

you wrap your arms around his neck and he squeezes you tightly. he holds you and you feel yourself immediately feeling better.  after a few minutes, you finally pull away, rubbing your remaining tears off your cheeks with the back of your shirt.

“i’m such a mess,” you laugh as you finally look into tom’s eyes.

“aren’t we all,” he smiles at you, setting your cup of tea down on the coffee table, and pulling your blanket more onto your shoulders, “now, sleep.” you lay down onto tom’s lap and he strokes your hair. you start to blink slower and slower and your eyes eventually shut, falling asleep to tom’s angelic voice.

Said you’d always be my white blood

Circulate the right love

Giving me your white blood

I need you right here with me

Said you’d always be my white blood

Elevate my soul above,

Giving me your white blood

I need you right here with me

I need you right here with me

The killer and the traitor (part 1)

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Ok so first imagine ever… I’m so excited about this!!

Plot: So, basically in this imagine the reader is Nolan’s sister and knew about the supernatural way before they did (they as in Gabe and Nolan) and she is Gabe’s girlfriend but he told her about how he killed Edgar, and she wasn’t very happy about it, read it to find out what happened….

P.s. there is going to be another part ;)

Word Counting : 1601

Pairing : Gabexreader

Warnings : spoilers of s6 ep16

A/n : I So I noticed there aren’t many Gabe imagines and, c’mon, that pretty face deservers some of its own!!! (Don’t think that I like his character, but, ok, lets admit it , he is hot AF)

Y/n was lying on her bed with Gabe, her boyfriend, by her side. She stood there playing with his fingers tangling and untangling his with hers. Everything was quiet, her younger brother, Nolan, was at a study group at library as he had told her, and her parents were gone for a couple of days.

With all the madness that went on at beacon heels the only thing she could do was keep a low profile just like Deaton had asked her to. She was a druid in training for the McCall pack but of course she couldn’t let anyone know about this. It was always better when your loved ones where hidden from the supernatural world. But now her whole world was tearing apart. Her boyfriend, her brother, practically the whole town was going after her friends and she couldn’t do much to help.

It was quiet for too long until Gabe decided to break the silence.

“I killed a kid today, well, not exactly a kid” She heard Gabe telling her.

“What are you talking about” she quickly got up and sat on the bed looking at him straight in the eyes hoping she heard wrong

“Didn’t Nolan tell you anything?” He asked her curiously

“Gabe, what do you mean? Nolan didn’t even come from school today, but… But what the hell are you telling me?“  Y/n replied quickly terrified even at the thought that she was lying next to a killer, a killer who she names her boyfriend.

“I finally got one out of the way, one of the freaks that have been going around the beacon hills terrorizing our home” Gabe said, and Y/n could almost hear how proud he sounded of his doing. He slightly smiled and got on his elbows

She felt her heart break to pieces by his words. Y/n got off the bed and looked at him, tremor visible in her eyes.

“You killed someone? You mean you… you took someone’s life? And.. and you just telling me this like… like it’s nothing?” she replied with her cracking voice

“Hey hey….. y/n, babe… it’s ok…. “He tried to calm her while he got up and went to pull her into a hug which she denied by pushing him away “It was no kid, no person, it was a monster, and I put it out of his misery. It was lying on the ground visibly tortured when me Nolan and Miss Monroe found it” he tried to explain himself, he tried make her see the whole situation by his point of view. “Someone was there before us and gave that creature a lesson but didn’t quite finish the job, so , Monroe asked us to ‘get rid of it’ and when your brother hesitated, I, I couldn’t just sit there and be afraid of it, I just… I just did it….”

Y/n almost felt relieved that her brother couldn’t just take a life that easily, but Gabe? A guy who she would trust with her life? The first serious interest of her teenage life came out to be a murderer? She used to count on him… well… not anymore?

“Are you really that untouched that you caused the death of someone? Did you even know him?” she almost yelled at him rubbing her head to calm the upcoming rage.

“Babe, it was no human it…” he begun explaining

“DID YOU KNOW HIM?” she cut him while screaming at him with fury and teary eyes

“it was Edgar” he replied waiting for her answer while looking at her almost confused… he never really talked to her about all that, just mentioned sometimes that he entered the side of the hunters which didn’t end up well, since y/n started a lecture about how he shouldn’t get involved in a world he didn’t know much about, but of course he wouldn’t listen to her, he was already brainwashed enough. Besides, she couldn’t just uncover her identity.

“Edgar? … As in …. Nolan’s classmate Edgar ?” Y/n’s voice was lower now by the shock …. “how could you? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS? “ She started screaming at him again “you aren’t human Gabe, you are a monster, like all of those who are hunting down innocent lifes just because you can not understand them.” She got off control and continued accusing him “Do you even know what all these people have gone through for you just to be here ? You should be thanking them! They are protecting you they are trying to protect you even now that you hunt them!” as y/n started revealing her secret she stopped as soon as she saw the change in Gabe’s look. In that moment y/n knew there was nothing she could do to make everything as it was ten minutes before.

“How… how do you…..” he started asking but couldn’t quite finish… he lowered his head and took a step back as he tried to get everything in …. So many information were thrown at him and he couldn’t just accept all of it… he was too deep now to change his mind… when he looked back at her his eyes were reflecting two feelings , sadness and disgust. He has betrayed by the person he cared about the most.

“You! You are working for them!” He stated while pointing a finger at y/n accusingly “You have been working for them all this time! Those late night ‘get together’s with your friends weren’t really true after all were they?” He started talking again, his voice low, so low that it scared her. “Why y/n? Why are you on their side? Are you one of them?” He asked even if he already knew all the answers

“Gabe, for the love of god! Please! Concentrate!” She talked back, knowing that she just screwed everything up “ You, you can’t be serious, you are lying, please tell me you are” she said pleading him and completely ignoring his questions “ you can’t be a killer, please” the last part came out of her as a whisper, tears threatened to spill her eyes…

He didn’t know what to do, he was too confused to even think. So many things to deal with… He started pacing in her room but after a while he stopped and came in front of her again grabbing her by her arms, not too tight but enough for y/n to be afraid  

“ You know what? If that is how you see me, then I can’t really help but tell you what I see in you now, you know, since I didn’t really knew the truth before…” he started and y/n could feel the pain in his words “ You think those monsters are your friends” She cut him by telling him through gritted teeth “They are NOT monsters” but Gabe held her tighter and got into her face shouting “LET ME FINISH!!” He took a deep breath and then he opened his mouth again “You know what, they are just using you, you must be blind not to see all the damage they have caused in Beacon Hills. Those creatures are not to be trusted, yet you are trying to protect them. You were a waist of my time after all , I should never come up to you to introduce myself, I should never let myself fall for you. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t even look at you, but I guess it’s never too late” when he stopped, the tears that y/n was trying to hold in all this time were finally running down her cheeks.

“So… that’s it? You just hate me? But you don’t hate yourself for what you’ve done?” She started and saw him close his eyes and started talking before she could continue.

“I never said that” he took a deep breath and he looked at y/n with red eyes from the forming tears. “I never said I hated you” he continued with cracking voice. His grip loosens up and eventually he let her arms free “but I can’t trust you now, now that I know. We can’t continue this, you see me as what you want me to see, and I see the clear picture.” He stopped to take a deep breath just so he can give an end at this once and for all “I think it’s best for us to… to be apart…“he said as he took a step back.

“Well that makes two of us“ Y/n said as the same time she hated herself for doing this. Her voice, just as Gabe’s wasn’t convincing at all.

For once again there was silence in y/n’s room, except her silent sobs that could be heard from time to time that made Gabe more and more heartbroken, but there was nothing he could do.

“I think … I think I should better leave now” Gabe said as he started walking slowly at her room’s door.

Y/n couldn’t just forget about everything like that but couldn’t exactly be with him, not after what he did, not after her reveal… but still…. She would miss him

“Can you please…” her heartbroken voice was heard and Gabe stood still on his tracks, not daring to turn around and reveal his tears.

“Can I …” She tried to speak to him but it was beyond hard to complete a sentence without sobbing . She turned her head to see him looking at the other way and with one breath she said “ Just give me one last kiss before you go”…

part 2

So for the first time in months I have time to just do whatever I want and I thought I’d spend the first morning casually raising some points about Percy Weasley because oh boy.

So his last three DADA teachers were Quirrell, Lockhart and Lupin. We know that those are the years that you should be learning duelling, first verbally, then non-verbally, then who knows what Lupin taught the seventh-years but I’m sure it was excellent NEWT preparation, and we know old Perce probably got Os in all his subjets and he would probably need DADA to enter the Ministry. However, this guy also never raised his wand at anyone outside of class. When would he have? He stayed at the Ministry from the second he left Hogwarts to some time before the Battle of Hogwarts, and he was not a participant in active resistance until that point. This guy’s first actual real duels were most probably those in the Battle of Hogwarts. Okay but, how is Percy so good at it without real practice if one of the reasons why Lupin died is beause he was out of practice, not having rushed into squirmishes since August? How is Percy with no prior battle experience the one not only handing out simple Disarming charms but reducing a person to a sea urchin? Don’t get me wrong, stressful work environments must contribute to vivid fantacising about jinxing your bosses like that but how, HOW, is Percy good at real, outside-of-the-class duelling? I need answers.

We know George is that cool person who helps Harry put his trunk on the shelf first year on the train but how many others are struggling with the same problem? And  so is Percy, newly a Prefect, the kind of person who lends a hand to the Harrys of the train who I have no idea how they put their luggage on the rack without magic, or is he like “I am a Prefect, I am an important person who has to do important Prefecting” and just orders someone else to help first years? Or would he just levitate the bags instead of hands-on-help? Ah yes maybe that’s Percy.

So Percy is the only one in the family not in the quiddith team, but we know he is into quidditch, how can he not be? And he bets on it with Penelope. And he goes to the world cup other than as an assistant to Crouch Sr. So he’s into it, okay, stop with the fanfics where he’s not. But then, why doesn’t he play? Well we know he himself is more academic, but I had a thought that maybe because he was the third kid, and all the others were already in the house by the time he was 11-12, so maybe Percy thought he shouldn’t ask for a broom and go for the team if quidditch is not his priority? It would hold the team back to have a teammate who flies a school broom, I imagine, so maybe Percy thought it was better just to skip the quidditch thing and that made him so focused on other, more theoretical things even more so? But this is also kind of sad because what if he wanted to play if he could have?

That said, just wait until Wood hears this story and is like hey Perce you can fly my broomstick– 

What else, what else… Oh yeah, so the Wood thing. I will probably write about my theories in a separate post about what could have been there and stuff, BUT for now, let’s just go with the basic canonical probability that as roommates, Wood and Percy were in each others closest circles at school at least. This means that when Percy is not in contat with anyone from the Order until he contacts Aberforth (and why him? that’s so odd, how did he hear about Aberforth? How can he just contact him??? That is really out of the blue for me.), then the most obvious networking link between him and his family, like, Fred and George especially, not to mention the old quidditch team, all in the DA, not sure if all in the Order but they all came to fight so yeah they were there, super battle-ready, 24/7, so… anyway, so the most obvious link between Percy and his family would have been Wood. But hear me out:

Wood kind of represents this special person in the whole wartime evironment, who is talented and plays for a team that people know and cheer for and support and follow and he’s probably on some fan’s T-shirt or quidditch cards or something, even if he’s a relatively new player. (Although, it’s been 3-4 years by DH.) These things just happen when someone plays for a proper team/club. So it’s REALLY WEIRD if he goes “missing”. Super embarrassing for the government, however strong in their power, like, I don’t think the Ministry, even once the DEs have taken full control over it, can just terminate Oliver Wood from Puddlemere United, without everyone noticing that this is openly odd. These things cause outrage, even in the worst of times. I want to compare it to the Blood in the Water water polo game between the USSR and Hungary at the Melbourne Olympics 1956, just after the Hungarian revolution had been smashed into smithereens. Or, when the British government tried to use Lord Montagu, Peter Wildeblood and Michael Pitt-RIvers along with a dozen other high-profile court cases as a deterrent for offenders of laws against homosexual practices, at the time criminal offences, but then all that really happened was that the public was outraged more at the police’s entrapment tactics rather than condemn the victims of this increased wave of arrests and harrassment (so called “Lavender Scare” after the Red Scare), AND it lead to the Wolfenden Committee and their report in 1957 and subsequently the decriminalization of homosexuality between men over 21 in 1967, so the police really pissed against the wind on this one simply by going after famous people. Even if the law and executive forces have it in their power to strike down on anyone, all equal before the law after all, if they touch popular celebrities, there is public outcry no matter the regime. So my point is, Oliver Wood to me represents that person: he is super suspicious, he is known to have been quite close friends and teammates with not just Harry Potter but the Weasley family and so he is suspect but he is also someone who can’t just go missing overnight. He would be watched, he would possibly be brought into the Ministry on account of sports stuff but then interrogated in Yaxley’s office, I don’t know, but he would be able to walk in and out of the Ministry as number six from Puddlemere, on quidditch business, something none of the other Order members can do, if you think about it. Arthur is too much under scrutiny and no one would know if they randomly put him in Azkaban, but if they do that to Oliver Wood, even if the Prophet doesn’t report it and even if quidditch seasons were possibly on halt at the time, people will know and it’s weird so the gov wouldn’t really opt for any of that. Therefore, Wood is Percy’s guy, if he wants to contat the Order. Which, he did.

Percy seems more guilty than holding a grudge after A Very Frosty Christmas, to be honest, and it’s like he is doing this for his own as much as for his family’s sake not to contact them too soon, even though he says it’s been coming on for a while, the whole openly going against the Ministry… But… he was so ignored, probably super forgotten about when they realised he REALLY doesn’t keep in contat with his family… So he was in THE BEST position all throughout this, to mess with the system from the inside. Think Broy in the Michael Collins film (minus the execution). Only, he would have been better at it than Kingsley was. Percy never slipped up. That makes him excellently positioned to know everything, handle everyone’s files, read everything and copy everything and not be noticed. For all we know, he could have been acting of his own accord whenever he could, randomly sending out warnings to Muggle-borns before they are unjustly brought into the Ministry. And the better he did this, the less we would know. I imagine he would randomly mention this over Christmas dinner 1998, and everyone would be like YOU DID WHAT? And maybe for the first time in his life he wouldn’t brag but just shrug and say it was the least he could do if he wasn’t out there duelling Snatchers. There’s a really cool German film called The Lives of Others, and Percy could have been perfectly placed to be a cavity in the system unnoticed like that spy guy Wiesler. We know about people like Xenophilius beause he messed up by openly publishing anti-Ministry material but, I mean, Percy wasn’t even important or suspect enough to be put under someone’s Imperius Curse. This is incredible. MORE OF THIS PLEASE.

I will probably have a lot more to say later but yes I find Percy’s character so interesting because of all the unexplored potential that you may find parallels in if you dig up stuff from the Cold War era, regardless of the country. We all did this, spies, surveillance, it was a thing in all continents, and I would have loved to see more of this in HP. You have Lupin who infiltrates werewolf circles, you have the head of the Auror office Kingsley working for the anti-gov Order, with Tonks of course, and you have people like Percy who are powerful for their blending into the world of files and secretaries, and Wood who could be the darling of the sports scene, supporting the resistance while in the public eye, like artists or singers would be. The ultimate double-agent was Snape, of course, but it’s more about his inner emotional state with him, and his dubious loyalty, like is he a good person is he not, that kinda stuff, but I want to see more of these alternative ways of very realistic insidemanship from the resistance, which we might not hear about much because they did their job well.

Femme Glissante Chapter 8

Bucky x Reader

Warnings: violence and mild language.

TRIGGER WARNING: There is an attempted rape scene. May be triggering for some. If you have ever been in a similar situation and need help PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell someone. If you don’t feel safe talking to the ones around you please call the National Suicide Prevention number.  1-800-273-8255. Okay, PSA over. Enjoy the chapter.

Words: A lot. I’m a wordy and descriptive writer. Sorry, not sorry.

Description: You are a “freelance acquisitions specialist,” basically a thief for hire and a master of misdirection and disguise. But what happens when a metal armed man crosses your path during a job? Can you escape? Will you ever see him again?

WAIT!! You have to start at the beginning!!
Chapter 1

Your whole demeanor changed. You stood a little straighter, chest a little further out, a charming smile on your face and made your way over towards Dubois, his date, and the nearby waiter. On your way over, you pick up a glass of champagne from a waitress passing by and enclosed on the target. You moved with swift movements and grace until you had appeared behind the waiter closest to Dubois and his date. You casually stood close behind the waiter, pretending to be admiring the décor, which you were, in all honesty, but as the terrified looking waiter turned to run and get Dubois’ drink order, you simultaneously turned and rammed right into the poor waiter, spilling your champagne all over your chest and the front of your gown.

“Madame, pardon moi! I’m so sorry. Please let me help,” he began blotting your abdomen and chest and you immediately swatted his hand away from your chest and that caught Dubois’ eye. He stepped closer to you and grabbed the waiter’s hand as he was about to grab another cocktail napkin and thrusted him away. Almost knocking the poor boy to the floor. You felt bad for him, but you had to remain in character so you glared at the waiter as he skulked away.

“Madame, please excuse this imbecile of a staff member. I promise he will learn from his mistakes,” he smiles a devilish grin that makes you want to vomit. Instead, you decided to grin and flash your honey colored contacts and long lashes.

“I don’t mean to cause trouble, Monsieur.” You faked a marvelous French accent.

“I would like to apologize on behalf of my clumsy staff. Would you care to dance?

“Je serais honoré (I would be honored)” you flirted as you mentally cringed.

Perfect! You, your dress choice, and your ample chest got his attention. Now to keep it long enough to sneak off to his home office and swipe the intel. He held out his hand to you and you gingerly took it, appearing as meek as possible to assure he felt dominant in the situation. You needed to play to his psychological profile of his need to control and dominate all situations. He firmly gripped your hand and led you to the dance floor. He spun you around and left you briefly to whisper something to the orchestra and as soon as you heard the first notes of the chosen music, your heart fluttered slightly. He was making you tango. And not just any tango: Tango De Roxanne. It was your favorite, but you had to impress him and give it all you’ve got. You narrowed your eyes and smirked at Dubois with a flirtatious grin. He in return looked at you like a lion about to pounce on a gazelle. In one swift movement, he pulled you fast and flush against his chest and grabbed your right hand in his. You needed to match his intensity so you adjusted your posture and tilted your chin upwards to meet his face. His other hand glided slowly from your upper left waist down to your lower back, going dangerously close to your rear. You grabbed his hand moving too close and in one movement twisted yourself to have your back face his chest and both of his hands in yours above your head and moved them slowly down the front of your body. Caressing the shape of your silhouette until it reached your waist and allowing him to grab your waist in his arms and twist you back around to meet his face.

“I’m afraid I don’t have the honor of knowing your name Madame…” He started moving you backwards in time with the music.

“Fournier, Jeanette Fournier.” You paused and dropped to the floor with one leg extended and slowly moved your hands up his abdomen to meet his face once more.

“A pleasure, Miss Fournier. You are a mesmerizing dancer.” He pulled you closer to him. It was the purpose of the dance. To build passion and sexual tension, and you were providing that marvelously.

“Merci, monsieur. I apologize for my dampness. I would move much better if not for this accident that luckily led me to your arms.” You flirted and mentally screamed with every flirtatious smirk. You flicked your foot in between his legs in a traditional tango manner and he did the same while simultaneously spinning you.

“In that case, once we have finished our Tet a Tet, might we adjourn to my private office for refreshments and a dry towel?”

“Je serais ravi. (I would be delighted.)” You turned your face abruptly to look away from the man as part of the dance for him to caress your face back into looking at his eyes. You continued to move in perfect harmony as the song built into a great suspense. Suddenly, it was a blur of hands and legs as you two were quickly becoming the only couple on the dance floor. People looked on in astonishment, including Bucky, as the song ended and you two breathed heavily into each other. A series of applause sounded as Dubois moved closer to whisper in your ear,

“Shall we?” He motioned towards another area of his magnificent home. You simply gave a single nod in agreement. He took your hand in his arm and led you out.

Dubois led you through a series of hallways and corridors until he came to his office. He opened the door and it was spectacular. He had an entire seating area inside his office and in the far corner, facing back towards the entrance you had just entered, was a massive mahogany desk. He led you to an on-suite bathroom.

“Please help yourself to any of the amenities available. I will pour us a couple drinks.” He was cocky, arrogant, and controlling. Nothing you hadn’t expected from an illegal arms dealer. However, he was more charming than you had anticipated. After he had left you to clean yourself up, you quickly put your ear piece back in to make contact with Bucky.

“Y/N, what happened? Where did he take you?”

“Calm down, Buck. I’m fine for the time being. He took me to his office and I’m close to the intel. I need some kind of distraction that will take him away so I can access the computer on his desk,” you whispered.

“I’ve got just the thing. Be careful, doll.” You could hear him grinning as he spoke and the concern in his voice.

“I’ll be fine. Once you have Dubois distracted, meet me in his office and we can make our escape from there. Follow the South hall from the party, take the first right, another right, and then a left and it’s the seventh door on your right.”

“I’ll be there.”

You pulled your ear piece back out and placed it inside your bustier to make sure that Bucky could hear your conversation until he could set up a distraction. You wanted to make sure he could hear every word in case something useful slips. Stepping out of the bathroom, Dubois met you in the main area of his office with a glass of whiskey on the rocks. You two had been talking, well more like flirting, for ten minutes when one of his security people knocked on the door.

“Sir, we are going to need you for a security matter.” The security officer said without looking at you.

Sighing, Dubois got up from the couch you two were seated in, “I shall return, my dear.” And walked out buttoning his tux jacket.

The door closed and you got to work. Reaching into the other side of your bustier, you pulled out a micro USB, walked over to his desk computer and plugged it in and got to work on the decryption. You prayed that Bucky had done a great job at a distraction so it would give you about ten minutes to decode his password to his computer and download the intel.

Bucky could hear your conversation with Dubois after your conversation with him, and listening to you flirt with another man made his skin boil and fists clench. He needed to get you out of there, back to him. He wanted you all to himself and he was planning on making a move tonight once you got back to your hotel room. Bucky needed to cause a distraction. A big one. One big enough to get the attention of Dubois but not so big as to cause a public panic in the party. An explosion would be too much and a bar fight but only alert the security and have the people escorted out. Then an idea hit him. Taking an extra ear piece from his jacket pocket, he turned the volume up all the way so that it would make a loud enough noise when someone was to speak to alert others around them. Being an amateur pick pocket, he made his way over to two security guards that were guarding the south hall towards Dubois’ office. Playing a false drunk, he staggered into one of the guards and carefully placed the extra earpiece into the pocket of one of the guards. They quickly sent him on his way back to the party. Then he waited for the earpiece to work it’s magic. In a matter of minutes, the earpiece that was placed in the pocket started emitting little sounds like a muffled conversation. It caught the attention of the second security guard that was also on post. Perfect! If Dubois thinks that there is a leak in his security team, he has to leave Y/N alone to take care of the situation. Bucky felt kind of bad for the innocent security guard. He knew that it was most likely that the man would lose his life soon, but that’s the price you pay when you work for the kind of people like Dubois. He had to make sure the distraction followed through so once the security officer was taken into custody, Bucky swiftly and quietly followed them out to the rear Courtyard. He silently watched as a heated discussion occurred between Dubois and three others on his security team. After about 10 minutes, Dubois had had enough, grabbed the gun out of his head of security’s holster, and shot the security guard between the eyes. He also took the ear piece and gave it to his right-hand man to have destroyed where he promptly tossed it on the ground and stomped it into oblivion. Bucky was so taken aback by what he saw that he didn’t realize Dubois had already left the premises on his way back to you. He mentally kicked himself for getting distracted and started his way towards the office where you were waiting with the Intel and ready to continue with the exit plan.

You had just finished downloading all of the intel onto the micro USB when you heard footsteps coming down the hall towards the office. You quickly yanked out the USB, turned off the computer, grabbed your drink you had been sipping on and quickly sat back down on the couch slipping the little gem of Intel back into your bustier. You weren’t sure who was going to open that door that you hoped it was Bucky. To your misfortune, it was Dubois and he looked mad enough to kill. Little did you know, he had. You had noticed earlier that he had the height of Steve and the physique of Bucky but you hoped to God that he did not have the strength of either.

“Is everything all right?” You faked concern in your best French accent.

“Nothing that couldn’t be handled in a timely manner. But now I have pent up frustrations and I need a lovely distraction” he grabbed your face and began kissing you hard to the point where he bit your lip and caused it to bleed. You pulled away instantly and dabbed your finger to your lip. You looked up at him with anger and confusion.

“Oh, was that too much for you? Then you’re really going to hate this!” He said to you acting condescending and hateful. There was a look in his eyes that terrified you. He lunged at you, but you were too close and he got a death grip on your arms before you could get away. He wasn’t super soldier strong but he was way stronger than you and he began to force himself on you. He already had you pinned against the couch and he tore away the bottom half of your dress leaving it ripped from knee slit to waist. You couldn’t believe this was happening. You had heard horror stories of men forcing themselves on women, but you never thought it would happen to you. Not when you were so strong and careful. You tried but with no evade to punch and kick your way out of this situation. It was no use. He had your arms pinned to your neck and was choking you while he forcefully ripped away the underwear you had worn that evening. You could feel the sting of the fabric burn on your upper thighs, he had yanked them off so hard. Tears welled in your eyes and you begged for Bucky, anybody, to hear you. You could hear the belt from his trousers begin rattling undone and you mentally began to panic. You were starting to lose oxygen and things started to go fuzzy when the weight of him lifted. You gasped and coughed for air. Sitting up. Not daring to keep your eyes closed for more than a second to clear your blurred vision. You had to get a handle on the situation. What had happened? Where did he go? Is this what he had done to all those other women? Who could ever become such a monster? So many questions were spinning through your head and you felt a hand on your arm and you jumped off the couch away from whoever was touching you. You saw Bucky with his hand stretched out to you. He had found you in the nick of time. You looked to where Dubois was laying slumped on the floor. I guess Bucky had completely picked him up and threw him to the wall. He made a large hole and fell to the floor. Rage filled your body and you grabbed the dagger you had hidden in your garter. It was easier to get to now that your dress had been torn. With his haste and forcefulness, Dubois had missed your daggers you had hidden amongst yourself. Bucky moved in front of you…

“Get out of my way!” You screamed at him, now losing your perfect French accent.  He saw the look in your eyes and his heart broke. He knew that look all too well. The look of pain and murder. He held out an arm to grab you but you turned your dagger on him and took a step back. You didn’t want to be touched. Not by him. Not by anyone and you were prepared to cut off anything that did.

“I said MOVE!” You snarled at him.

“You can’t kill him, y/n.” He was desperately holding back his own anger.

“Why the fuck not?! He’s a monster!”

“We need him for more intel. If not, the virus you placed in his computer to track his dealings would be for nothing.” There were footsteps outside the office and Bucky went to push the couch against the door to buy time. Dubois began stirring awake. You made your move over to him when Bucky moved towards the door. Your dagger shook in your hand. Adrenaline taking over your body faster than you anticipated.

“He’s not getting out of here unscathed!” You called over to Bucky. You marched over to Dubois with death in your heart. You got incredibly close to his face, grabbed his jaw, and leaned right up close to his ear so only he could hear.

“You will NEVER lay your hands on me or any woman again…”

With one quick motion, you severed his ear completely off. He screamed in pain until the blood loss and pain was too much and he passed out. You placed the ear on the wall and stabbed it in place and left it there. You wanted him to know. You wanted him to be reminded every day of you, and what you could have done to him. It took every ounce of you not to kill that wretched bastard.

“Let’s go.” You looked over to Bucky, mood completely changed to showing nothing. You were cold and unwavering. No tears spilled from your eyes. No more light. Just pain and darkness filled your soul and you wanted out. Bucky followed you out to the balcony where you both repelled down and casually walked out to his car that he had driven to the party. It was a completely silent ride back to the hotel. You just stared straight ahead. Furrow in your brow. Nothing more. You walked into your hotel room, never saying a single word. You went straight to the bathroom and slammed the door. You needed to get him off you. Now!

Bucky knew you would need medical attention soon so he went to go find a first aid kit from the front desk and heard the shower turn on before he left. He was gone for 30 minutes. He had to try to persuade the front desk clerk that you didn’t need to go to a hospital when he asked for the medical kit. His French was rusty so it took longer than expected. He came back to the room and the water was still running which was odd for you. You were, normally, a 15 minute in-and-out shower person. Tonight though, he could understand the extra-long shower, but it lasted an hour, then an hour and a half, then two hours and he couldn’t take it anymore. He needed to check on you. He hadn’t changed from his attire other than taking off his suit jacket, shoes and tie, and unbuttoning the top few buttons of his black dress shirt. He opened the door as cautiously as he could. He didn’t want to violate your privacy any more than it had already been violated that evening, but something pulled him in there. You were too important to him to not check on you and he didn’t care the consequences. The sight of you broke his heart in two. Through the clear shower walls, he could see you. Fully clothed still in your gown, sitting on the tile floor with your knees to your chest in a tight ball, shaking. Your eyes were completely blank, like his when Hydra would wipe his memories and reprogram him. Except, he could see the shock and pain behind them. You heard him come in, that much he was sure of. Your head slightly turned to the side when he entered, but never broke your blank stare. He moved carefully. He put the first aid kit down on the sink and moved towards the shower door. If he got too close, he knew you would let him know. Not caring that he was still fully clothed, he opened the glass door and slowly stepped in, treading as lightly as he possibly could. He inched his way closer to you, but you never broke your stare. It broke him inside. His heart ached and he wanted to kill Dubois with every fiber of his being for doing this to you. He simply held out his hand and waited patiently for you to take it while the water splashed and trickled onto him while he waited. It was ice cold and it was no wonder why you were shivering. He didn’t push you to take his hand, never moved closer to you than an arm’s length, and never said a word. He just waited, patiently. It was about five minutes before you were able to grasp his hand, but never stopped your stare. Every once in a while, you blinked but never showed any expression. Just processing the events of the night. What had happened. What almost happened. Your movements. Just trying to make sense of everything and trying to process. You were definitely in a state of shock.  He gently and slowly pulled you up off the floor. Your makeup running down your face and neck while you just stared at yourself in the mirror. He never touched you further than wrapping a towel around your shoulders. He looked down and saw where your dress had been torn apart. The tops of your thighs had severe and slightly bloody fabric burns and heat welled up in his chest.

“I’m going to leave you alone to dry off and dress your wounds.” He quietly said to you. You adjusted your wet gown to cover your legs to hide the burns. Never making eye contact, you nodded your head slowly in agreement.

“I’m going to change out of my wet clothes in the bedroom and then I’ll be over in the bar side of the suite to let you get changed. Take as much time as you need.” He spoke gently and quietly left you to yourself.

He shut the door behind him and quickly moved over to his bag and pulled out a pair of grey sweat pants and a black Henley shirt. He wanted to make sure to give you as much privacy as you needed in your state. He grabbed his phone and walked to the living area of the suite, shutting the bedroom door behind him. Immediately he called Steve.

“Hey, how did the mission go.” Steve answered the phone.

“We got the intel and planted the tracking virus, but Steve… Y/N… something happened.”

“Bucky, what happened? Is she alright? Nat is here with me.” Steve’s tone completely changed from his typical Captain America demeanor.

“I’m not sure… I’ve never seen her like this, Steve.”

“Bucky, what happened?” Nat sounded over the phone, more pressing for the information of her best friend.

“Y/N… Dubois he… he forced… Steve, he forced himself on her…” The other end of the phone grew silent.

“If I hadn’t been there to stop him… If I had been any later…” Bucky’s voice trailed off to nothing and his head fell into his hand.

“Where is she now?” Steve finally spoke up.

“In the bedroom. We are both back in the suite. Guys… I’ve never seen her like this before. She’s usually full of life and confidence but now…”

“She’s most likely in shock. You need to get her back here immediately for a psychological evaluation.” Nat spoke up, interrupting Bucky’s sentence. Luckily, she was the one thinking rationally because both boys felt like their hearts were ripped from their chests and they wanted to hunt Dubois down.

“No.” Bucky said firmly.

“What do you mean, no?” Nat said.

“You guys didn’t see her… her eyes… there was nothing-ness… I can’t just bring her back… not right now… she needs time to adjust to what happened before anything else changes…”

Long pause at the other end of the phone.

“Okay, Buck. We trust you.” Steve relented.

“Thanks. We’ll be back soon.”

“Buck?” Nat added


“Take care of her.”

“With my life.”

Bucky hung up the phone and put it in his pant pocket. He made his way over to the bar and poured himself three fingers of whiskey and downed it. His anger welled up inside him. Pain for Y/N, anger, murder and care all filled his heart at once. He forced himself to keep a level head. Dubois had tried to… He couldn’t even bring himself to think about it again. It made him sick to his stomach to think about. He poured another three fingers into his glass and another for you. It had been about 30 minutes since he left your side in the bathroom. He made his way to the bedroom and knocked. When he didn’t hear an answer, he slowly opened the door and poked his head in. You had moved your suitcase to the bed and standing with only a pair of black lace shorts on. Even in this state he only saw how beautiful you were. Your wet, black hair reached the middle of your shoulder blades and with the air was already drying into your natural curly texture. You were already putting on a white hoodie and when you raised your arm into the sleeve, he noticed your tattoo on your ribcage. How he hadn’t noticed it when he undid your makeshift padding your first day was beyond him. It was an extremely delicate, and intricate dagger with a string of beads effortlessly draping from the handle. It extended down the back side of your ribcage and he thought it was beautiful. You were finally dressed and Bucky cleared his throat. Your back was towards him and your turned your head to acknowledge him and slowly turned around to face him. You kept your eyes low and stared at his bare feet. He handed you the glass and you took it. When you grabbed the glass, your fingers touched and it caused your breath to catch in your throat. Bucky froze. He didn’t mean to make physical contact, so he halted his movements. You took the glass from him and you both sipped. The liquid burned your tongue and felt hot as it moved down your esophagus. You took a step closer to the man that towered over you. You weren’t sure what your body was doing until you finally looked up at him. You couldn’t contain it anymore. The events and torture of the night had been so much. You broke. You looked into his crystal blue eyes and found comfort. Your eyes spilled over with tears and you fell into his chest, clutching his shirt. The fear you had, the rage, the knowing that if he hadn’t been there… it was too much and all you could do was silently sob into him.

When Bucky handed you your drink, he wasn’t expecting anything. In fact, he wasn’t even sure if you would take it. When you did, a tiny bit of him was relieved. You were moving more, you had dressed, and you weren’t completely catatonic. It was slow, but it was progress. He watched you take a sip and he did the same. You pulled the glass away from your lips and you finally made eye contact with him. He didn’t realize how much he missed those big, beautiful, green eyes of yours until that moment. In that instant, your eyes showed him everything he needed to know. Your pain, your fear, your thankfulness. You suddenly let go of the glass and before he could reach down to catch it, you were buried in his chest. Stunned at the sudden contact, he quickly wrapped his large arms around you and held you tightly to his chest. Your knees gave out and he slowly, the two of you, slid to the floor and he just sat there while you silently sobbed into him. A tear ran down the side of his face. The woman who held his heart was terrified, and he didn’t know how to fix it. You two just stayed in each other’s arms for ten minutes until you were able to calm down.

Catching your breath, you looked up at the beautiful man and saw the tear rolling down his face. You let go of his shirt and placed your hand on the side of his face, swiping your thumb across the tear track. You brought his forehead to yours and closed your eyes.

“…thank you.” Was all you could manage to whisper out as more tears fell from your eyes. You knew if he hadn’t been there it would have gotten way worse for you. You desperately pushed the thoughts from your mind.

He placed his hands on either side of your face and he kissed your forehead. You never needed to thank him. Your eyes told him everything he needed to know.

“I will never let anything happen to you, Dragă (sweetheart).”

In one swift move, he picked you up off the carpet and carried you to the bed with your arms around his neck. He set you down gently and as soon as you reached the mattress, you released him. He began tucking you under the covers and when he began to leave, you grabbed his metal arm.

“Don’t leave… please?”

He smiled sweetly as you led him back down to you, pulling his arm over your thick hourglass waist. He pulled you in close and you nuzzled your face perfectly into the crook of his neck. Within minutes, you both were finally sound asleep coiled in each other’s arms.

Chapter 9

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Is there any new information about Yuuri, Victor and Yuri like there are about the side characters? I couldn't find anything new about them in the translations scattered on the internet

So far I only read the interviews with Kubo/Yamamoto and some of the character profiles once so I myself might still be missing some things, but I don’t remember anything particularly shocking regarding any of them. Probably it’s because they had the most screen time, therefore what was important to the story was already shown in the anime… Though for example, some things that were mentioned in the audio commentary of the BDs (like details about Yurio’s mother) were not mentioned in the books.

These are some things I remember finding interesting (*they are not the literal translation):

-Yamamoto mentioned how when Yuuri listens to music it’s like his body just starts moving on his own and he starts to dance. He’s basically a natural dancer… So no wonder Victor was so enthralled by his skating.
-She also stressed that the banquet scene at the end of episode 10 was originally meant to be included as a bonus in the BDs (in other words, it wasn’t meant to be essential to the main story but only an “extra”), so even though it’s true that Yuuri left quite a strong impression on Victor at that time, the main and ultimate reason Victor decided to go to Hasetsu and become his coach is the video in which he copy-skates “Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite”.
-The reason they made Yuuri fairly tall for a Japanese guy is that both Kubo and Yamamoto are over 160cm (quite tall for a Japanese woman) and they wanted Yuuri to be taller than them.
-Putting all the skaters’ technical data in a table, it turns out that Yuuri is ranked 3rd based on the overall score (1st and 2nd being Victor and Chris). And if he improves his jumps his overall stats would surpass Chris. When Victor said “why can’t you win when you have the skills to?” he was very right… (By the way, Yurio is 5th/6th behind JJ and has the same total as Otabek)
-When talking about Yuuri, Yamamoto made a few references to Daisuke Takahashi.

-This isn’t really a surprise, but Yamamoto confirms that Victor felt lonely because he had no one that could sympathize with him or that could relate to him. However, he actually did not realize that he felt lonely, and through Yuuri he was able to experience many new feelings.
-Originally Kubo was thinking of making his hair “blond with lots of white hair” but she couldn’t find reference pictures so she just made it silver.
-According to something Yamamoto said, what made Victor angry of Yurio’s words at the end of episode 10 is how he referred to Yuuri as “cattle”.
-Yamamoto mentions how for Victor she took a lot of inspiration from Stéphane Lambiel, and she and Kubo even prepared a huge folder full of Lambiel pics to show the animators. (By the way, the fact that Victor’s coat resembles Lambiel’s is a coincidence, and Lambiel becoming the coach of a single student is also a coincidence because it happened last summer when they were already animating YOI)

-Yamamoto took inspiration for Yurio’s “cattle” line to Victor in episode 10 from the fact that in the past, when she was in her 20s, she herself thought that people wearing pair rings were “cattle tied together by rings”. (I guess she now changed her mind and Yurio is mirroring her past self?)
-To design Yurio, Kubo took inspiration from Yulia Lipnitskaya (many thought this but I think it’s the first time it is stated out loud)
-Hiramatsu draws him as if he’s drawing a girl, but he also says that he will probably grow taller in the future and might possibly get around 180cm, surpassing Yuuri.

Also, Yamamoto said that they (”they” = probably people related to the series’ production, and/or the higher-ups) tried to stop her from inserting the hug/kiss scene at the end of episode 7, but she absolutely wanted to insert it so she pushed through and did it anyway. (They do not mention this scene in any other way and as usual don’t confirm whether it was a hug or a kiss. I personally don’t think that it was meant to be a kiss and was censored, I think that it was meant to be ambiguous from the beginning but since it does look like a kiss some of the higher-ups didn’t want it in YOI because it was too suggestive for their tastes. I’m glad she stood her ground.)

Other random thing: to decide the names of the foreign skaters they actually googled common names/surnames of each country and chose based on that.

I’m probably forgetting other stuff but at this point it would be faster to just translate the full thing I guess…

there have literally been amazing posts (such as these posts by @theravennest) explaining why magnus is acting the way that he is, as well as the fact that its clearly written in the show, and yet people still dont get it, so heres a post with common arguments on why magnus sucks now and also why they’re wrong

“he sided with the seelie queen and let himself become her servant basically”

his choice was to either side with the seelie queen or the clave. if he sided with the clave, they’d probably all be dead because the clave wouldn’t have approved the wards around New York (considering it hurts shadowhunters and there are traitors high up in the clave), valentine would be in idris, and boom downworlder genocide. siding with the seelie queen is RISKY, but in the event of genocide, they would be alive in her realm. not to mention the clave has literally oppressed him and his people for centuries. you all seem to think a man who has lived centuries would be “smarter than this” when….he seems to have made the smartest choice. also kinda unrelated but alot of people think he made this choice because hes mad at alec and his feelings are clouding his judgement from making a good choice, but he made this choice to protect his people, not because of alec (and he literally says that as hes breaking up with alec). his feelings are not part of his decision at all.

“hes still sided with the seelie queen even after valentine made a deal with her”

where does it say that in the show? in the sneak peek it he only says that he knows that she did and seems frustrated by it.

“hes willing to let people die by not sealing the rift”

first of all, he literally says “im going to seal the rift, because its going to save lives” and BEFORE that the only thing magnus said was pretty much that hes tired of shadowhunters coming to his door and asking for favors

“he raised wards that would kill shadowhunters and didnt warn alec” 

literally luke told alec, idk how you think luke would get that information other than through magnus, and magnus is clearly trying not to talk to alec. he warned the institute through luke. 

“hes being rude to alec :(”

1) hes been rude to alec before (throwing a ball of magic at him, “it runs in the family”), 2) alec has been rude to him before (shushing him, pulling his wine glass away), and literally nobody cared. the way hes treating alec is pretty much the way he was treating shadowhunters in season 1 (remember that comment about jace laying on the floor without moving? it was insensitive and rude but yall loved that line)

“his general attitude is just really bitchy”

lets break this down for a second, theres a literal madman on the loose, his life and his people’s lives are in danger, his boyfriend just lied to him about possession of a weapon of mass destruction after torturing/almost killing him (not saying that’s entirely alec’s fault but it DID happen), and THEN racially profiling him, he bared his heart and soul before having to put his walls back up and breaking it off with alec so he can protect his own people, now alec is showing up at his door with a request, and someone he allied with is now siding with valentine. don’t you think he gets to be a little petty and bitchy? and in what world does this immediately make him an unlikable character who can “die for all i care”, especially since yall justified alec’s bitchiness in 2x01 because of jace (which btw, i agree with, he was bitchy but jace being missing put alot of stress on him and i understand why he was acting that way). like, once magnus becomes a complex character yall think hes “ooc” when his writing and story arc has been really consistent.

Leave Mandie Alone

I can tell you why you should. I can speak from personal experience as to why you all need to take a huge step back and fuck right on off if you can’t handle a few mistakes.

Let me tell you my story.

I have a deviantart (DA) account. Many, many years ago, at least 5 or 6, I started working as a moderator in a group. Eventually, I ended up taking over the group and am now the founder, i.e, the owner, i.e, the boss, and I have been, for about… umm… maybe… 4 years now.

That’s all well and good, but I stopped using DA around the same time. That is to say, that this group is literally the ONLY reason I even bother to log onto DA anymore. That is literally IT.

And I get it… I could let the group die. Nobody could do anything, the old owner checks in sometimes and is still surprised it’s running. Really, nobody asked me to keep maintaining the group. But I feel obligated to, because I know people enjoy and benefit from it. Much like Mandie, I get no personal benefit for doing that. I don’t get paid. I don’t get any rewards. All I get in return is the occasional person commenting that they are glad the group exists. THAT IS IT.

That being said, however, I don’t owe anybody shit. And neither does Mandie. But people LOVE to act like we admins owe our patrons our ass on a silver platter simply for using our service, in this case the maintenance of a group/tumblr. Let me explain. 

In this group, because it’s on DA, it runs off of submissions. People draw art, post it, and submit it to my group for review. For the longest time, I did it all by myself because having extra mods wasn’t working out. This led to the backlog of submissions stretching out to a month behind schedule, and in some instances submissions would just expire because I didn’t get to them in time.

Additionally, because of how many deviations I had to review, it was easier and far quicker to just glance at the thumbnail and vote it through or deny it based on what I saw. There’s not a not of detail in a thumbnail, where the art is shrunk.

Oh, did I mention? My group is strictly SFW.

Things I have had happen in my group:

- One user absolutely flipped her lid and went apeshit on me because I had accepted a deviation of an MLP character where you could see the silhouette of a clothed nipple. Barely noticeable when viewed on the page, absolutely nonexistent on a thumbnail. Didn’t stop her from ripping me a new asshole over it. Apparently she had an issue with ANYTHING relating to sex - which is fine, I get it, I know why these things happen. Did not stop her from being a total bitch and telling me I had no business running the group. Ironically had a photo of a blue waffle as her profile picture - didn’t respond but did change it when I couldn’t resist informing her what it was alluding to (left a Wikipedia link as so to inform her as gently as possible).

- had another guy tell me how to do my “job”. Would constantly note the group with submissions he felt were unacceptable for the group. Some were justified, most not. He ended up running around to other users, mini modding them and telling THE ARTIST DIRECTLY on the “groups behalf” they had no business putting their art in my group. Had to run after him and clean up, apologize to the artists, told him not to mini mod, but he kept doing it. Would only stop and ended up leaving the group once I refused to remove a submission he didn’t like after repeatedly arguing with me over it.

- was having an issue with the old owner coming back and voting things through differently than the way I had run things now - ended up having an angry user in my inbox demanding to know why her submission was declined when similar ones had been accepted. Didn’t like my answer explaining that the others shouldn’t have been accepted either and that we were having admin issues. Left the group.

- had to close down the featured folder because people won’t read the rules, they’ll just constantly submit to it instead of the proper folder. Closing it was the only way to get people to pretend to read.

- people that constantly submit things that are clearly against the rules- it’s not even hard rules, it’s things like “no commission information, adoptables, or sales allowed!” And yet getting nothing but pages of YCHs.

Those are just the main stories that I can think of right now, over the years I’ve had so many I could write a novel. And that’s just a stupid group on DA.

You all that are whining about Mandie, and throwing nothing but complaints, I’m so tired of all of your ignorant, crusty asses. If you think things are wrong, leave. Nobody will miss you, just like nobody misses the customer that says they’ll never be back. You don’t need to stomp your feet and cry until you get what you want just because one thing is wrong.

If you think you can do better, create another blog and do better. It’s easy until you get popular and your volume of submissions explodes out the ass. It’s easy to sift through every submission until you have hundreds to look through, all the while you have a job/school/baby/etc AND while people are sitting there bitching your head off because “why wasn’t my story posted???? Weehhhhhh.”

Nobody owes you anything.

There’s a difference between making legitimate complaints and bringing legitimate issues to the admin. But here’s a protip for you - if you’re running the owner off the blog, you’re doing it wrong.

SU Human AU (updated further)

Updated so that it doesn’t revolve around a single ship anymore. 

Also added more information to different characters, because I noticed that a lot of characters were lacking in information

UPDATE, 5/31/2017:: Added the Off Color gems and the Zircons!!!! The information on them is rather limited, since they all had such little screentime, but I did the best with what we got.

UPDATE, 6/26/2017:: Finalized the Zircons, added Topaz and Aquamarine!!!

Also, a little tidbit of information. The way gems who are, in-show, currently poofed and/or corrupted, are adapted as hospital patients in my Human AU.

Character Information


Name: Steven Quincy DeMayo

Born: August 15, 2002 (14 years old)

Family: Rose DeMayo (mother, deceased), Greg DeMayo (father), Andy DeMayo (first cousin once removed)

Jobs/Hobbies: Aspiring musician

Additional information:

  • He missed one year of school due to “unspecified medical reasons”
  • He goes to school with Connie
  • Ruby is his best friend
  • He studies German as a second language
  • He regularly throws sleepovers at his house and invites Connie, Ruby, Sapphire, Doc, Eyeball, and Leggy. Sometimes he invites Peedee and Onion, too.
  • He’s friends with Smokey and Stevonnie, but since Smokey goes to highschool and Stevonnie is an adult out of college, he only gets to talk to them online.
  • He has a somali cat named Lion.
  • Throws a slumber party every month and always invites Connie, Ruby, Sapphire, Carmen (Carnelian), Leela (Leggy), and Onion

Rose Quartz

Name: Rosaline Queenie DeMayo (maiden name was Uggeri)

Born: August 30, 1972

Death: August 15, 2002 (30 years old)

Family: Steven DeMayo (son), Greg DeMayo (husband), Andy DeMayo (cousin in law??? is that a thing?)

Jobs/Hobbies: Was a Elementary School guidance counselor, Gardener

Additional Information:

  • Was born in Italy, moved to the USA when she was a teenager
  • She was close friends with Amethyst’s mother
  • Back in high school and college, she dated Pearl
  • She often wore roses in her hair
  • Had a ton of ball gowns and dresses in her wardrobe. It was rare to see her wearing pants
  • Had a huge garden
  • Went to a ton of rock concert with Greg
  • Her, Greg, Pearl, Amethyst’s mother and Garnet used to be in a garage band. They called themselves “The Crystal Gems”. The band disbanded shortly after her death, but recently it has been reformed. The current members of the band are Greg, Steven, Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet. When Rose was in the band, she played bass and often did lead vocals with Greg.


Name: Pearl Rosanne White

Born: September 17, 1973 (43 years old)

Family: Nacre White (mother, single), Pearle White (Blue Pearl, sister), Pearlette White (Yellow Pearl, sister), Harold Caldwell (father)

Jobs/Hobbies: High school AP math teacher, Gardener

Additional Information:

  • Has a golden retriever dog named Steven
  • Took dance class in high school
  • Took fencing lessons when she was a kid
  • After Peridot got out of college, she lived in Pearl’s house for a few years before she got a job and moved to live with Alex (Lapis)
  • Has a garden full of flowers, complete with a fountain
  • Has a lot of tea in the kitchen at her house. Too much, actually
  • Regularly has tea parties at her house
  • Writes in fancy cursive that she has to translate for her students when she shows them their grades
  • Can play the piano and violin
  • Uploads a ton of videos of her dog Steven to Youtube, all of which are titled with cute titles like “Steven is a good boy!!” and “Steven catches a ball!! Wow!!!!”. They get thousands of views
  • Uses the kissy face emoji a lot when texting


Name: Garnet Rebecca Schmidt

Born: January 18, 1972 (44 years old)

Family: Ruby Schmidt (daughter), Roxy Schmidt (mother), Susanne Ritter-Schmidt, Robyn Ruiz (sister), Randy Russo (sister), Eva Ruiz (niece), Donna Ruiz (niece), Armida Ruiz (niece), Noelle Russo (niece), Leela Russo (niece)

Jobs/Hobbies: Therapist, LGBTQ+ rights activist

Additional Information:

  • Ruby is her daughter
  • Went to study abroad in Britain when she was in college
  • The two other rubies from The Answer are her sisters
  • Listens to Estelle, has been fortunate enough to go some of her concerts as well
  • Has an an entire collection of sunglasses
  • Has a rainbow flag on her front lawn
  • Her and Pearl are best buds
  • Always writes and texts in all lowercases. Rarely uses exclamation points
  • Always the first to comment on Pearl’s dog videos
  • Her profiles on social media are always mysteriously empty in terms of information and content. She mostly just likes/favorites other people’s stuff. Her icons are always set to default icons you get when you first make your profile on a website. It’s rare that she even puts anything in her profile description
  • Knows how to play the keytar


Name: Ruby Gabrielle Schmidt

Born: July 9, 2001

Family: Garnet Schmidt (mother), Sapphire Roux (girlfriend), Roxy Schmidt (grandma), Susanne Ritter-Schmidt (grandma), Robyn Ruiz (aunt), Randy Russo (aunt), Eva Ruiz (cousin), Donna Ruiz (cousin), Armida Ruiz (cousin), Noelle Russo (cousin), Leela Russo (cousin)

Jobs/Hobbies: Aspiring chef

Additional Information:

  • Sapphire is her girlfriend (of course)
  • Ruby is Steven’s best friend (and trusty wingman)
  • Often cooks lunches for herself, Sapphire, and Steven
  • Participates in bake sales at her school
  • Gordon Ramsay is her fuckin role model. She regularly watches every cooking show he’s in, and she follows him on Twitter
  • Met Sapphire when she was in 7th grade
  • Was diagnosed with ADHD when she was in 2nd grade
  • Has a pet tortoise named Sapphire
  • Isn’t allowed to have Pixie sticks anymore because one time when she was 5 she snorted the powder from one of them
  • REALLY loves hot and spicy food
  • Likes to play Call of Duty, and modern 3D first-person shooter games
  • Listens to the Spice Girls way too much


Name: Sapphire Giselle Roux

Born: January 18, 2001

Family: Ruby Schmidt (girlfriend), Priscilla Roux (sister), Frances Rousseau (adoptive mother), Ellen Roux (grandma, deceased)

Jobs/Hobbies: Aspiring singer

Additional Information:

  • Sapphire is an orphan
  • Used to live when her grandmother, until her grandmother died in 2010
  • Estelle is her favorite singer
  • She uploads covers of Estelle songs on Youtube
  • Studies French as a second language
  • Transferred from France to a middle school in Delmarva when she was 12
  • Was diagnosed with autism when she was in 8th grade
  • Has a husky pup named Ruby
  • REALLY loves cold food and drinks
  • Likes Pineapple on Pizza (especially likes pizza when it’s cold from being in the fridge)
  • Will eat ice. Like actually take an ice cube tray and eat the ice inside of it
  • Likes retro games and games that mimic the retro 80s/90s style of games. Her favorite games are Undertale, Super Mario World, and the early Sonic games from the 90s.
  • Next to Estelle, she also listens to Stevie Wonder, Owl City, Porter Robinson, and The Pet Shop Boys
  • Has a lot of dresses and skirts in her wardrobe


Name: Ametista Amora Quirós (often referred to as Amy or Amethyst)

Born: June 28, 1991 (25 years old)

Family: Iris Quirós (mother), Monty Quirós (father), Jasmine Quirós (half-sister), Selena Quintana (half-sister), Carmen Noemí Medina (cousin)

Jobs/Hobbies: Illustrator

Additional Information:

  • Listens to U2 and Michael Jackson
  • A lot of her illustrations are of crystals and women
  • Met Lapis in elementary school. They hated each other at first but quickly grew to be best friends
  • Super terrible at math
  • Is friends with Pearl, and loves messing with her. She often refers to her as “Grandma” or “Betty White” for shits and giggles
  • Loves to wear jewelry (specifically amethyst necklaces or earrings)
  • Was diagnosed with depression and ADD as a kid
  • Has a german sheperd dog named Peter and a pet skunk named Bartholomew
  • Used to dye her hair a ton, stopped after Selena (Skinny Jasper) told her it wasn’t good for her hair. She just keeps it at it’s natural dark brown now


Name: Peri Oliva Yamasaki (often referred to as “Peridot”)

Born: January 10, 1992 (25 years old)

Family: Crystal Edmund-Yamasaki (mother), Haru Yamasaki (father)

Jobs/Hobbies: Midwife

Additional Information:

  • Peridot’s parents were arrested when she was 5 and put in jail for 20 years. For half of her childhood and all of her adolescence, she was raised in foster home run by Pearlette (Yellow Pearl).
  • Listens to Aqua and Britney Spears
  • Had a cringy emo phase in her freshman year of high-school
  • Alex (Lapis) was her roommate in college, she now lives with Alex after living with Pearl for a few years
  • Uses mint-scented perfume
  • 95% of her fucking wardrobe is either green or yellow. the 5 percent that is fucking green or yellow is purple
  • Garnet babysat her when she was a toddler
  • Was diagnosed with asperger’s syndrome and social anxiety when she was in college
  • Has 5 cats named Naruto, Egg, Alexander Hamilton, Knuckles, and Woody. She always tries to make sure they’re in a different room from Alex’s fish.

Lapis Lazuli

Name: Alexus Laura Blue

Born: September 15, 1990 (26 years old)

Family: Luna Blue (mother), Mason Blue (father)

Jobs/Hobbies: Coffee barista

Additional Information:

  • Grew up in an abusive household
  • Met Amy in elementary school. They hated each other at first but quickly grew to be best friends
  • Was expelled from college in her junior year (knifed a dude)
  • Dated Jasmine (Jasper) in high school, broke up with her at the beginning of college because their relationship was unhealthy
  • Spends too much time on Tumblr
  • Had a super long goth phase in high school. She studied the fuck out of occult history with a bunch of other kids, and for a brief time, Peridot
  • Born in Hawaii
  • Loves watching horror movies
  • Listens to metal, loves Evanescence and Avril Lavigne
  • Was diagnosed with depression and PTSD when she got out of college
  • Has two pet fish named Xavier and Edgar


Name: Jasmine Quirós

Born: March 10, 1990 (27 years old)

Family: Amy Quirós (half-sister), Selena Quintana (sister), Carmen Noemí Medina (cousin), Iris Quirós (mother), Jeremy Quintana (father), Monty Quirós (step-father)

Jobs/Hobbies: Unemployed

Additional Information:

  • Currently in the hospital due to disease
  • Has vitiligo
  • Fell into a deep depression after breaking up with Alex in college
  • Often picked on Amy for being “dumb” and “unsuccessful”
  • Got great grades in all her classes in school and always bragged about it
  • Despite her constant bragging though, she was secretly stressed out and felt a constant pressure to succeed
  • Moved out of the house when she was 16 so she could live with Alex
  • Listens to the heaviest of heavy metal
  • Her and Selena are twins

Yellow Diamond

Name: Yelena Dimitrov

Born: April 1, 1952 (65 years old)

Family: Bluma Dimitrov (sister), Wilma Dimitrov (sister), Pilya Dimitrov (sister, deceased)

Jobs/Hobbies: Former College professor (teaches Government) (now unemployed)

Additional Information:

  • Has incredibly conservative political views
  • Shares minion memes on Facebook
  • Punishes students for almost no damn reason (”[sneezes during a test]” “GET OUT OF MY CLASS RIGHT NOW”)
  • Comes from a russian family
  • Super tall (like, over 7′2″)
  • Shit-talks her co-workers when she has lunch with Bluma
  • Voted for Trump
  • Fired from her job because she attacked a student for “talking back” to her
  • Currently in jail for attempted murder on Zella Dietrich (Yellow Zircon)

Blue Diamond

Name: Bluma Dimitrov

Born: April 1, 1952 (65 years old)

Family: Yelena Dimitrov (sister), Wilma Dimitrov (sister), Pilya Dimitrov (sister, deceased)

Jobs/Hobbies: Former College professor (taught journalism and writing), now High school principal

Additional Information:

  • Centered political views
  • Homophobic
  • Incredibly religious
  • Is tired of Yelena’s minion memes
  • Is the type of person to get incredibly offended if you say “Happy Holidays”
  • Hates The Beatles, loves Stevie Wonder
  • Voted for Clinton

White Diamond

Name: Wilma Dimitrov

Born: October 31, 1946 (70 years old)

Family: Yelena Dimitrov (sister), Bluma Dimitrov (sister), Pilya Dimitrov (sister, deceased)

Jobs/Hobbies: Retired

Additional Information:

  • old and salty
  • Is sick of Yelena and Bluma’s shit

Pink Diamond

Name: Pilya Dimitrov

Born: May 13, 1957

Died: May 13, 1997 (40 years old)

Family: Yelena Dimitrov (sister), Bluma Dimitrov (sister), Wilma Dimitrov (sister)

Jobs/Hobbies: Was elementary school principal

Additional Information:

  • Was murdered on her birthday in 1997 (shot to death)
  • Was racist and homophobic
  • Believed neurodivergent kids were just “dumb” or “lazy”
  • Rose was suspected to be her murderer, but there was no solid evidence that suggested she really did it
  • Jasmine thought she was an excellent principal when she went to her elementary school, but never knew of her bigotry
  • Was a huge Beatles fanatic back in her teenage years


Name: Bistra Marijana Smith

Born: August 3, 1969 (47 years old)

Jobs/Hobbies: Military drill seargant

Additional Information:

  • Is currently in the hospital due to stabbing injury while at work
  • Whenever she gets off work, she spends all of her time with Garnet and Pearl
  • Loves Pearl’s tea parties
  • Back when the band first formed in their late high school years, Bistra regularly attended the practice sessions and small concerts for The Crystal Gems. Sometimes she popped in to sing with Rose when Greg was sick or off doing something else.
  • Had a huge spat with Rose at the end of college

Holly Blue Agate

Name: Helen Beth Abbott

Born: January 31, 1966 (51 years old)

Jobs/Hobbies: High School Vice Principal

Additional Information:

  • Her hair is still ridiculous. in order to seem “cool” and “hip” with the kids, she’s died her hair two shades of blue, and tied it together in twin buns. nobody thinks she’s actually cool, though. all of the kids laugh at her
  • she acts as if she’s not even the vice principal. she acts like she’s head of the school district. she’s always in classrooms observing the teachers and how they do their job, and always in cafeterias and hallways trying to keep students in line. sometimes she’s straight up physical with them. Bluma (Blue Diamond) and the rest of the upper school staff are planning to fire her at some point, but are unsure if they should, fearing her reaction
  • she’s. basically umbridge. she’s fucking. professor umbridge. there’s literally no difference

Skinny Jasper

Name: Selena Quintana

Born: March 10, 1990 (26 years old)

Family: Jasmine Quirós (sister), Amy Quirós (half-sister), Iris Quirós (mother), Jeremy Quintana (father), Monty Quirós (step-father), Carmen Noemí Medina (cousin)

Jobs/Hobbies: Hairdresser and make-up artist

  • Jasmine’s (Jasper’s) twin sister
  • Like Jasmine, she has vitiligo
  • She and Jasmine are identical twins. the only major difference between them is that Jasmine is Buff As Hell and Selena is….Not
  • steals all of Jasmine’s make-up 
  • was closer to Amy than Jasmine was
  • despite how much Jasmine changed when they got older, Selena still loved Jasmine and treated her the same as she did when they were younger
  • Her hair is soft as hell
  • Always wins the prize for best costume at Halloween parties because her freaky skills at hair styling and make-up art


Name: Carmen Noemí Medina

Born: February 2, 2001 (16 years old)

Family: Jenny Medina (mother, single), Iris Quirós (aunt), Monty Quirós (uncle), Amy Quirós (cousin), Jasmine Quirós (cousin), Selena Quintana (cousin)

Jobs/Hobbies: Aspiring wrestler

  • her mother, Jenny, is one of the background Jaspers from “That Will Be All”
  • loves to play-fight with her cousins
  • loves to watch wrestling matches on TV
  • is besties with Ruby
  • REALLYYY hates Helen
  • calls Helen “Ms. Hell-Butt” when talking with her friends
  • gets in trouble a lot at school because she fights people too much


Name: Audrey Martin

Born: March 15, 2004 (12 years old)

Family: Barbara Martin (mother), Dana Martin (father)

Jobs/Hobbies: Complaining

  • moved to Delmarva from Britain when she was 10
  • goes to school with Steven and Connie
  • snobby rich british white kid
  • threatens to sue anyone who makes the slightest snide comment towards her
  • sometimes she tries to bribe teachers to raise her grade. it doesn’t work
  • she’s a huge bigot
  • literally almost nobody likes her
  • often makes unnecessary comments about how much she hates americans, and how confusing they are to her


Name: Topaz Dalia Martinez

Born: November 3, 1991 (25 years old)

Family: Unknown

Jobs/Hobbies: Babysitter

  • Audrey’s babysitter. Audrey’s parents don’t trust her enough to stay in the house unsupervised
  • she likes to wear her headphones a lot. 90% of the time when she’s babysitting Audrey she just plays her music in her headphones because she honestly hates the kid and wants to deal with her as little as possible
  • she generally listens to chiptune music and Hayley Kiyoko
  • likes to cook. sometimes if the parents aren’t home for dinner when babysitting a kid she’ll cook dinner for the kid herself
  • lives solo in her own apartment, pays the bills with babysitting
  • friends with Peri and Alex. she went to school with them
  • she also knows Lars and Steven
  • she’s generally very quiet, and only really talkative around close friends
  • she more often than not enjoys dealing with kids. Audrey is one of the few kids she babysits that she actually hates

Blue Zircon

Name: Franziska Norma Cline (often referred to as “Ziska”)

Born: December 10, 1952 (65 years old)

Family: Zella Dietrich (wife), Helga Cline (mother, deceased), Oswald Cline (father, deceased)

Jobs/Hobbies: Lawyer

  • currently in the hospital due to a severe anxious breakdown
  • just tired and wants a nap, she’s too old for this shit
  • friends with Pearl and Greg, and that’s how she knows Steven, because they’ve both introduced him to her
  • always seen wearing a suit. literally nobody ever sees her wearing casual clothing, or even dresses. elderly dapper butch lesbian
  • she and Zella own a cat named Zircon
  • she overworks herself a lot. she does all the cleaning in the house, all the taxes. she also does that on top of being a lawyer, which, from my understanding, can be a pretty busy job a lot of the time
  • she and Zella have known each other since their childhood. back then they were friendly rivals
  • after they graduated high school, they got separated. Ziska went off to law school and Zella went off to wherever the heck you go to become a news reporter
  • they met again in their 40s at a highschool reunion and there they rekindled their friendship, which grew to romantic love. then they got married in 2007
  • her overworking was one of the main factors that led to her breakdown
  • other factors that led to it were the recent death of her parents and the attempted murder of her wife

Yellow Zircon

Name: Marcella Regula Dietrich (often referred to as “Zella”)

Born: December 21, 1954 (63 years old)

Family: Ziska Cline (wife), Harald Dietrich Jr. (brother, deceased), Lauren Dietrich (mother, deceased), Harald Dietrich Sr. (father, deceased)

Jobs/Hobbies: News Reporter (because when I first heard her voice, I thought she was a news reporter, and now I can’t get the idea out of my head)

  • currently in the hospital because someone tried to kill her
  • that “someone” was actually Yelena Dimitrov, after Zella had done a not-so-nice report on an outburst Yelena had had in class, in which she attacked a student for “talking back” to her.
  • she’s a smoker, and she gets a lot of shit from Ziska about her smoking habit
  • doesn’t do much work around the house, she mostly just sits around in her undies and watches soap operas while eating ramen noodles
  • she does all of the shopping and cooking though. and she takes a large part in helping take care of the cat
  • she fuckin loves soap operas. they are literally all she ever watches on TV. she Lives For The Drama
  • she and Ziska have known each other since their childhood. back then they were friendly rivals
  • after they graduated high school, they got separated. Ziska went off to law school and Zella went off to wherever the heck you go to become a news reporter
  • they met again in their 40s at a highschool reunion and there they rekindled their friendship, which grew to romantic love. then they got married in 2007


Name: Priscilla Pascale Roux

Born: September 4, 2004 (12 years old)

Family: Sapphire Roux (sister), Frances Rousseau (adoptive mother), Ellen Roux (grandma, deceased)

Jobs/Hobbies: Aspiring teacher

  • She was diagnosed with autism and dyslexia when she was in 2nd grade
  • She has big processing issues, and is slow with observations and vocalizing her thoughts
  • She likes to go to the park with Sapphire because it’s one of the quieter places in town, and things that happen there normally happen very slowly
  • She often points out the little things she sees around her minutes after they’ve left or she’s noticed them. Like, if she first spots a butterfly flying down near the grass and then out of sight, about a minute after the butterfly has left, she’d poke Sapphire and say “Sapphire! Look at the pretty butterfly!”
  • She’s been held back a few grades in school because of her severe learning issues. She’s supposed to be in 7th grade, but because she’s been held back, she is still in 5th grade.
  • She really wants to become a teacher when she’s an adult. Sometimes in her room, she practices teaching lessons to a bunch of her dolls.

Rutile twins

Names: Ru Tan and Shu Tan

Born: May 29, 1996 (both are 20 years old)

Family: Mei Tan (mother, single)

Jobs/Hobbies: Aspiring nurses

  • Conjoined twins
  • College students
  • Their anatomical appearance is similar to that of famous conjoined twins Abby and Brittany Hensel
  • They are college students, both pursuing a job as a nurse
  • Although Ru and Shu share the same body, they do come off as two people with distinct personalities
  • that’s all i have for now


Name: Frances Rousseau

Born: May 29, 1947 (70 years old)

Family: Sapphire Roux (adoptive daughter), Priscilla Roux (adoptive daughter)

Jobs/Hobbies: Retired

  • big sweet grandmother
  • polyamorous
  • in a big poly relationship with 5 other people (names will be revealed if we ever find out what gems make up Fluorite)
  • that’s all i have for now


Name: Rhonda Darlene Lister

Born: May 7, 1977 (40 years old)

Family: Unknown

Jobs/Hobbies: Elementary School Guidance Counselor

  • very sweet but also very anxious
  • all of the kids love her
  • she’s best friends with Garnet
  • She is, in a way, related to the Ruby and Pearl that compose her, but I can’t give any information regarding that unless we get more backstory regarding her

The Ruby Squad

Eyeball - Eva Ruiz (born on July 10, 1996, 20 years old)

Doc - Donna Ruiz (born on June 30, 1993, 23 years old)

Navy - Noelle Russo (born on July 20, 1999, 17 years old)

Army - Armida Ruiz (born on July 5, 1997, 19 years old)

Leggy - Leela Russo (born on July 15, 2001, 15 years old)

Shoulder Ruby from The Answer - Robyn Ruiz (born January 2, 1970, 47 years old)

Backhand Ruby from The Answer - Randy Russo (born February 20, 1974, 41 years old)


Opal - Opal Amélie Perrot (born October 9, 1984, 32 years old)

Sugilite - Su-Jin Moon (born December 8, 1985, 31 years old)

Sardonyx - Saundra Patterson (born August 19, 1975, 42 years old)

Alexandrite - Alexandra Grahn (born June 25, 1953, 63 years old)

Malachite - Malaika Bousaid (born March 12, 1976, 41 years old)

Smokey Quartz - Sam “Smokey” Quinn (born August 8, 1998, 18 years old)

Stevonnie - Stevonnie (born January 15, 1990, 27 years old)

Sorry this is so long, I want to include as many characters as possible

The Predator’s Obsession #6

Summary: In this current day Avengers AU, you work as a profiler with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Your boyfriend, Steve Rogers, leads a close-knit group of supervisory special agents as they track a killer.
Characters in this chapter: Unnamed perpetrator, female reader, Bucky Barnes, Wanda Maximoff, Clint Barton, Melanie Sanders [murder victim], Peter Parker, Steve Rogers,
Characters mentioned: Brock Rumlow
Pairing: Steve Rogers x plus size female reader, Bucky Barnes x Wanda Maximoff
Word Count: 1,933
Warnings: Language, fat-shaming, talk of kidnapping and starvation [consider these three a warning for all chapters]
Author’s Note: POV changes. SERIES MASTER LIST Any terminology mistakes are mine, and mine alone. Thank you to @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @climbthatmooselikeatree and @dean-in-the-devils-trap . Without their help and influence, this fic would not have gotten written.

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“You were profilin’ him,” he stated simply, a protective edge to his voice.

With a sigh, you pinched the bridge of your nose. “It’s what I do, Steve. I’m a profiler.”

“No.” There was a subtle narrowing of his eyes as he stepped back. “No, this time was different.”

“I… I can’t explain it, alright?” you huffed, irritated for several reasons. The main reason for your irritation was the thought you had entertained that Brock could possibly be capable of murder in cold blood. You blamed it on the flash of… something in his eyes. Why would he react that way? All because of a birthmark. To say the least, it had piqued your interest, so you did something you swore you’d never do; profile a member of the team. 


There wasn’t much to do to pass the time while being held hostage. The first thing you had tried to do was fight back, but he was much stronger than you, and the chloroform filled your lungs too quickly. Then you tried pleading with him, begging him to release you, that you wouldn’t tell anyone about it. Next came the shock of finding out who your captor was. You threw up until it hurt deep inside your bones. What followed was betrayal and rage. How could he do this? Not just to you, but to everyone he knew.

After that, you were filled with determination to make it out alive. But no matter what you tried, nothing worked. It was as if the cosmos were conspiring against you. Every time you climbed the dirt walls, you fell flat on your ass. Then there was the time you stripped out of your clothes and secured them together. At the end, you tied a knot around a full water bottle and tossed it up, trying - and failing - to not get your hopes up. You slowly worked in a circle, throwing the bottle, and pulling on it, seeing if it got caught on something, anything that would help you survive or escape. The only thing you got was a black eye when he came home early. You yanked the bottle back so hard, you missed catching it, and it struck you in the face.

He didn’t notice for two days. And when he finally did notice, he didn’t seem to be bothered by it. Not like before, when you had fallen. He just stood there, nodding as you lied, telling him that, “Bruising occurred easier while malnourished.” Which wasn’t a complete lie.

All he did was blink and grind his teeth. You might have been a damn good profiler and could get a read on anyone you met, but when it came to the man standing on the edge above, you had no fucking clue what had gone wrong with him.

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at peace (derek morgan one-shot)

Plot: you’re a slightly newer agent in the BAU and this is the first case that’s hit a little too close to home. thankfully, while you’re helping the victim, the rest of the team is around to help you.

Pairing: Derek Morgan x Reader

Warnings: child abuse, implied pedophilia, name-calling, language, angst

A/N: thank you for your wait, loves! here is this gr8 derek morgan fic that i’ve been working on for ages. I hope you guys don’t hate it. i love derek morgan and there aren’t enough fics of him around! i hope to write more XOXOX !!!!!!!!!gifs aren’t mine!!!!!!!!! (ps every time i look for something morgan related, i find 10000 things of spencer and maybe two of morgan. pls stop tagging things under a certain character when they aren’t even in the pic/gif/story/whatever. pls)

“Hey, gorgeous,” Derek walks into the tech room where you and Penelope are following up on your current case regarding 13 dead women, and a missing one named Victoria Harolds.

“Hello there, lover,” Penelope replies, eyes not leaving the screen. “What can I do for you?”

“These women all got their dry cleaning done at the same place. Can you remind me where that was?.”

“Dry cleaning? At the corner of Sheridan and 34th, Prentiss and I checked that out last week. All the employees had solid alibis,” you look over to Derek and he shakes his head.

“There was one person unaccounted for: the owner Charles Jensen. He wasn’t around that day, they told you that he was on vacation in New York, right?” Derek raises a brow at you and Penelope shakes her head.

“They lied. I’m tracking his credit cards right now and he’s less than a mile from where the kidnappings took place and three miles from almost every dumpsite. All the others have clean records and solid alibis, but he doesn’t,” Penelope continues typing and you shake your head.

“What? What’s wrong?” Derek looks at you, concerned.

“This doesn’t make any sense, it doesn’t fit the profile. He’s been undetected for so long, why make mistakes now? He’s careful, he’s smart. He wouldn’t give himself away accidentally,” you bite your lip in thought as Garcia speaks up.

“Could it possibly be because he’s feeling remorse?”

“No, sociopaths don’t feel remorse, Pen. This man wants something from us, I’m just not sure what it is,” you shake your head and sigh, Penelope’s typing being the only noise.

Seconds later, your phone rings and you look at the screen. Not recognizing the caller, you motion to Derek and Penelope, telling them to keep quiet as you answer the call and put it on speaker.

“L/N here. Who’s this?”

“Hello there, Agent,” the voice on the other end is hoarse and smug at the same time. “You don’t recognize my voice?”

Derek pulls Hotch and the rest of the team in as Penelope tries to trace the call.

“You’re the man who killed all those women,” you grit out and the man laughs.

“Thank you, you’re right. That would be me. Wouldn’t you like to know where I am? Where little miss brunette is?”

“Tell me where you’re keeping her. Tell me where you’re keeping Victoria,” you look over to Penelope as she shakes her head, not yet pinpointing his location.

“Tell that brilliant analyst of yours to stop trying to find me. I’ll just tell you where we are,” the man takes a deep, long, calming breath before continuing. “We’re at 1347 West Sheldon Road, right next to the abandoned warehouse. Can’t wait to see you.”

He hangs up and you all quickly rush out the doors: you and Morgan rush into one car while the rest of the team calls for some backup before joining you.

“Why did that man ask if you remembered him?” Derek questions you after a few minutes of silence.

“I’ve got no idea, but I plan on asking him myself,” you glare ahead and turn the siren on. Why did the unsub sound so familiar?

“We need to be careful when we get there, you understand me?” Derek lectures as you drive up to the house; it seems to be the only one in the area.

“Derek, I appreciate your concern, but we cannot wait!” You unbuckle your seatbelt and look up at him.

“We don’t go in without the rest of the team, understood?” Derek grabs your hand as check to make sure you’ve got your gun, a concerned look in his eyes while yours grow hard.

“Derek, the longer we wait, the less are our chances of finding her alive. Please,” you whisper, pleading as he furrows his brows.

“We can’t go in there without backup, sweetheart,” he shakes his head and doesn’t let go of his grip on my arm.

“Derek, we’ve done this for years. What’s different now?” You reason as Derek shakes his head. “Victoria could be dead!”

“And if we go in there alone, you could be next! The women he kidnaps look a hell of a lot like you! This unsub knows you, he singled you out and called you to tell you where he was. There’s not a chance in hell I’m letting you go in there without backup!” Derek’s voice grows louder as he finishes his little speech.

Before you’re given a chance to respond, you hear sirens coming around the corner. You pull your arm away from Derek’s, glaring at him as you open your side door.

“There’s your backup, Derek. I’m going in,” you get out the car and run over to the front of the house. Hotch and Reid are the first to meet you there. “Everyone be careful.”

You check the door and see that it’s open. You make your way inside and Hotch and Reid follow. You stop once you were all inside, and hear the woman’s sobs and groans down the hall. Everyone gets to the room at the very end and you break down the door. There he is: holding her against him, smiling as he carves into her stomach, a blade in one hand and a gun in the other.

“Stop right now or I will put one right between your beady little eyes,” you glare, gritting your teeth as the man laughs, lifting the gun to the woman’s head..

“The only way you’ll put a bullet through me is over her dead body. She’s useless. You, on the other hand, I’m going to enjoy–”

“Let her go, Charles. You don’t want to do this. Just–”

“Let her go?” He cuts you off and runs the blade lightly across her throat. “She’s the only leverage I have to get to you.”

“Stop hurting her and I will walk right over to you,” you glare at him and slowly move your gun lower, gritting your teeth as you speak.

“Is that a promise?” He smirks, not removing his blade from Victoria’s throat as he eyeballs you. “Because I can get off at just the thought of carving into you, god I can’t wait to–”

“Get your hands off of her. Now,” you grit your teeth, your hands still on your gun as he watches you.

“Oh, look at you. You’ve grown up so much. I bet your parents would be proud, huh?” He smirks at you knowingly as he lifts his hands off the girl, the knife still poking her stomach and the gun against her temple.

You growl and take a step closer as he pokes the blade in deeper.

“You really don’t remember me?” The man laughs and you reach for your gun again. “I didn’t think you could forget me after the state I left your parents in. They were one of my first kills, blood spattered everywhere. Some of it even got on your face and you screamed. You were such a beautiful child.”

“Now is not a good time to lie, Charles,” you clench your jaw, not wanting to think of your parents. Not wanting to know how he knew about them.

“Lying?” He laughs again. “I’m not lying and you know it. I smeared the blood on your face after I was done with them. Red was such a good color on you, even then. You were wearing a pretty lavender dress with embroidered white flowers.”

You falter for a second as the man continues, not wanting to let him see what he was doing to you.

“You looked so sad, so confused. I couldn’t have someone as innocent as you be drenched in blood. So I took the time to change you out of the bloody clothes. I bathed you, cleaned every tiny bit of you. I changed you into a little white onesie. God, your skin was so soft. I wonder how soft it is now. So scrumptious, so–”

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“Don’t even think of finishing that sentence,” Derek’s voice comes out gruffly from behind you.

“Or what? You’ll shoot me? As if she’ll let you,” he scoffs, raising a brow towards you while running his tongue across his bottom lip.

“If you don’t let her go, I will shoot you myself,” you grit your teeth and earn a sickening smile from him.

“I let her go, I have no leverage. Come on over and I won’t even look at her,” he rakes his eyes up and down, imagining you naked. “Is someone feeling jealous?”

You grit your teeth and look over your shoulder at Derek and the rest of the team, making sure they knew what you were doing. You give Derek the gun and walk over to the jackass, holding your hands up as Victoria whimpered underneath the knife.

“There’s a good girl,” he smirks, raising his knife to your stomach and his gun to your temple as he turns you around, pressing your back to his chest. He moans, brushing his lips against your ear and using you as a human shield. “You feel even better than you did when you were a child, even better perhaps.”

You grit your teeth and drift off,  not wanting to imagine what he was saying. There’s no way he could be the one, but there’s also no way he could’ve known any of those details. Everything about your childhood was erased. Penelope owed you one and that was all you wanted. The only proof that anything out of the ordinary had happened to your parents was a single sheet of paper, a report that had been filled out initially. No one else outside of your team knew about those events.

“Listen to me, you little whore!” He screams in your ear, pushing the gun into your temple as he grew impatient. The knife dug into your belly as he yelled at you, his head moving slightly to the side to exert more force. “You’re a filthy, cheap little slut and there’s no way you’re getting out of this alive. I’m gonna–!”

And before he can even finish the sentence, you hear a shot go off. The scumbag got one right between his beady little eyes. You look back to see Derek Morgan, gun in his hands and eyes on you as a tear rolls down your face. You quickly wipe it and turn around, facing Victoria as Hotch called for paramedics.

You rub the hair out of her face as she cries and whispers gentle thank yous, her hands still shaking as she fights to remain conscious. Once the paramedics arrive, you move out of the way and promise to visit her in the hospital before the team heads back to DC.

By the time you turn to face the team, they’re all making their way outside to tackle news crews and relay the information with the cops. Derek is the only one still in the room, eyes not leaving you. You finally stand up again, knees barely able to keep you up as you walk over to Derek with your hand outstretched.

“Here you go,” Derek whispers, handing your gun back to you as he places a hand on your shoulder. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I guess,” you shrug and whimper, your tough demeanor slowly breaking as Derek pulls you into a hug. “No.. I’m not okay, Derek.”

“I know, baby, I know,” he whispers and holds you close, letting you cry into his chest. “I’m so sorry.”

You two stay like that for a few minutes, finding comfort in each other’s arms as the agents and officers swarmed in and out of the room. The chaos around you continued, and for once you felt peace inside you.

“Morgan?” You two hear Hotch’s voice coming down the hallway and Derek lifts his head up.

“We’re in here, Hotch,” Derek yells out and you pull away from him for a second, wiping your tears. Hotch takes one look at you and closes his eyes.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. We should’ve seen the connection sooner,” Hotch shakes his head and you give him a tight-lipped smile.

“It’s not your fault, Hotch. We saved her and the jackass is dead,” you wipe a few more stray tears and shrug as Hotch nods. “It hasn’t been a bad day.”

“Morgan take Angel home. The rest of us will finish the paperwork tonight. We’ll call you if we need anything,” Hotch looks at Derek and then back at you. “You need anything, let us know, okay?”

“Okay, dad,” you whisper, still smiling at him. He returns the smile and walks out as Derek wraps an arm around your shoulder.

At the end of the day, all you had was your team. And what a team you had.

RFA: Never Requited

Here’s the angst ending of the Fake Dating one. The happier ending will be written later c: 

Edit: Realized the Fake Dating thing was a hc and this is in fanfic form lmao too late now


“We should stop this fake relationship. We both know this is going nowhere,” he/she said coldly. You nodded, and gave a smile. 

“I agree. No hard feelings,” you look into his/her eyes, and turn away. When the relationship started, you awaited this moment eagerly. But now, there was an unsettling weight in your heart… 


After the breakup, you began getting interested in what Yoosung was doing. It’s not love. You would tell yourself as you checked his social media. It’s not. You would say as you waited for him on the messenger. But he never came. 

The others caught on to his inactivity, and sent you to talk to him, believing the two of you were still in the “relationship”. With a deep sigh and pounding heart, you  rang the doorbell. I don’t love him. You thought and opened the door. 

“What do you want?” Yoosung’s voice was unnaturally cold as he came out into the hallway. His hair was a mess, his dark circles prominently stood out, and his voice sounded hoarse. 

“A-Are you okay?” you weren’t one to stutter, but the sudden change in the previously sunny boy was certainly frightening. 

“Why do you care?” he snapped at you before going back into his room. You cautiously followed him through the dark hallway. 

“Yoosung, everyone’s worried about you,” trying to ease the tension, you turned the conversation to the RFA. 

“Go away, I can deal with it. I’m not a little kid,” with a dismissing gesture of the hand, Yoosung turned to the computer.

“We all care about you, please, start taking care of yourself,” with a questionable pain in your heart, you left his house. 

For the next few days, you lurked on the group chat, trying to catch Yoosung when he went online. But he never came, assumably gaming. Another week passed, and just when Zen was about to head to Yoosung’s apartment, he came online. 

He seemed to be back to his cheery self. So with a huge smile, you thought, maybe I have a chance with him now. But just as you were about to subtly flirt, he sent a photo. And it made your pounding heart immediately still. 

He was with a girl. A strange girl. You could barely see the screen now, but you could make out a few words. Girlfriend. Your mind blurred, only one word clear in your thoughts. Why? Yoosung was explaining that the relationship he had with you was not real. But your mind was too cluttered to comprehend that. 

Every day, you would see Yoosung’s profile picture. Him hugging her, kissing her, doing everything you once did with him. But this time, it was genuine. 

[A/N] Omg why did I write so much? The rest of the characters are under the cut! 

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Help! Not Just Anybody - Two

Spencer x Reader

Three months later and Y/N was well and truly settled into the Reid household. She’d accepted the position, of course she had, there’d been something about the tall, messy haired man that she felt akin to. She asked to meet Ella before making her final decision, finding the nine year old friendly but slightly reserved at the same time. Two weeks later she’d pulled her car onto their drive and moved her things in, being handed a set of house keys and a credit card for groceries. After an initially rocky first month she and Ella developed a bond and settled into a routine, and now life was good.

Spencer was home almost every weekend like he’d told her he’d be. The two Saturdays he’d been caught in a case, he’d made sure to phone ahead and arrange alternate cover for Ella so that Y/N could still attend her class. The alternative cover was usually Georgia, his ex wife who Y/N had met two weeks into her role. She’d found this other woman interesting and intriguing, as well as very blunt. But she was a good mother to Ellie and a good sort of step mom to Ella when she was needed. And Y/N had found herself calling her on a few occasions when she couldn’t get hold of Spencer, the first time being when Spencer was away on a case and Ella had fallen ill and had needed collecting early from school. Y/N had been halfway across town about to sit a test for her course, a test she’d had scheduled in for weeks. Gee had been a lifesaver, collecting Ella and depositing her back at home, staying with her until Y/N returned two hours later.

“Thank you so much! I’m so sorry you had to come out of work for this… ”

“It’s no problem Y/N, seriously. My office is generally very good at making concessions for those with kids, I just told them it was Ellie that was sick. She’s all tucked up in bed now, poor thing.”

“I’ll go check up on her in a moment. Thank you again.”

“Like I said, no problem. How are you finding things here anyway?” The woman brushed a lock of her hair back and took a look around the kitchen that was now way more organised and uncluttered than it had been a few months before.

“It’s good. Ella’s a sweetheart most of the time. She’s a great kid although occasionally I get the distinct feeling that she’s holding back from me and her dad.”

“Yeah, she still has her moments even when she’s with us. She still misses her mom, bless her. We all do.”

Y/N had been surprised by that comment, still not knowing the full story of what had happened all those years ago. But she didn’t let it show this time. Georgia spoke again.

“How are you finding Spencer?”

“Erm.. He’s fine. When he’s here he’s great with Ella and he doesn’t seem to have any issues with what I’ve been doing. I try to keep out of their way though once he’s home, to give them time together.” She did, once the dishes from the evening meal were cleaned away and Ella’s lunch was made for the following day she generally took herself off upstairs to her room. The room she’d been given was large and had an ensuite attached. Most nights she’d take a long bath and read, or catch up on her online modules, completing her homework. At the weekends, she try to arrange meetings with friends so she was out of the house unless she was needed.

“Well that’s very good of you. You should take the time to get to know Spencer though. Seriously, he’s a great guy. You’re studying psychology right?” Y/N was surprised again by how much this woman seemed to know about her, but she nodded.

“You should talk to him about it, he could probably help with your coursework and things. Who better than an FBI profiler to help you?”

The woman had a point and Y/N made a mental note to try to get to know Spencer a bit more if the opportunity arose.

Over the next few months it didn’t, not really. It wasn’t like Y/N and Dr Reid didn’t converse, they spoke a lot about Ella and Ellie, and she even joined them all on a trip to the local zoo one weekend when he had both girls. But at night she still sloped off to her room if he was home and she didn’t have plans with her friends. One Saturday night, that finally changed.

“Bye Olive, thanks for the ride babe!” Y/N balanced her take out pizza in her hand as she clumsily waved goodbye to her friend and searched her bag for her house keys.

She’d been out celebrating a friends birthday and whilst she definitely wasn’t smashed, she also definitely wasn’t sober. She didn’t want to eat her greasy pizza in bed so she figured she’d grab another glass of wine from her shelf in the kitchen and catch up on Game of Thrones on the big TV downstairs. Creeping into the kitchen and sliding her pizza onto the side, she pulled a clean wineglass out of the cupboard and was humming the last song she’d been dancing to, to herself quietly as she poured, tottering on her heels.

“Good night?”

Y/N nearly jumped out of her skin, clutching the wine bottle so she didn’t drop it. She turned to see Dr Reid leaning against the door frame, an amused look on his face.

“Jesus fucking christ…. ” a rare expletive slipped her lips and Spencer raised his eyebrows not used to hearing that language from her. She’d trained herself not to swear around her charges and her employers but the combination of the alcohol and the fright he’d given her had loosened her tongue.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you Y/N.”

“It’s fine…. I’m sorry if I woke you up. I thought I’d closed the door quietly.”

“You did. I was still up, reading in the lounge.” Y/N realised then that he wasn’t dressed for bed, still in slacks and his shirt. His tie was missing and the sleeves were rolled up messily. Thick glasses were perched on the bridge of his nose, she hadn’t realised he even wore them.

“Did you have a good night?” Dr Reid asked again.

“Yes…. I did thank you. I’ll erm… Just take these up stairs and get out of your way then.” She could watch GoT upstairs, the houses cable package extended to her TV as well. She’d just have to be careful with her food.

“You weren’t planning on going straight to bed were you?” Dr Reid studied her reactions and she slowly shook her head knowing their was no point in trying to lie.

“Don’t let me keep you from doing whatever it was you were going to. This is YOUR home too Y/N. You don’t have to hide yourself away in your room you know?” his voice was soft and kind.

“Oh erm, okay. I was just going to eat this and catch up on a show, that was all.”

“Well by all means, stick with your original plan.”

Y/N did, taking her wine and pizza box through to the lounge and resting them down as she searched through the catch up TV programme that they had to find her show. Spencer followed her back through a few moment later, a tumbler filled with what Y/N thought to be whiskey.

“Is that pepperoni I can smell?” Dr Reid asked her.

She nodded. “Do you want to share? I probably won’t eat it all anyway. It’s probably best if you sit on the couch with me though.”

She settled back down and opened the pizza box, resting it in the middle of the couch as Spencer sat on the opposite end. He glanced up at the TV just as she was about to press play.

“Game Of Thrones? I haven’t watched this since like the second season.”

“You haven’t?” she set the remote back down. He shook his head.

“Have you not even read the books? Surely with your reading skills it would have only took you a few hours.”

“I started too, but then… Well, life got in the way. Mind catching me up quickly? All I know is that that little shit Joffrey is dead.”

Y/N chuckled at his words and spent the next twenty minutes giving her employer a brief run down of the goings on in Westeros. When she was done, she hit play and started to munch on her now cold pizza. She didn’t mind, she sometime preferred it that way.

Every few minutes Spencer would pipe up asking who a certain character was and she’d pause the TV to explain. After the fourth time, he apologised.

“I’m so sorry. This must be extremely annoying for you. I’ll erm, shut up and just read up on it tomorrow. In fact… I’ll just leave you to it.”

He went to stand up and Y/N found herself blurting out, “No. Please, sit back down Dr Reid. I don’t mind explaining to you, in fact… I was rather enjoying it. It’s not very often we actually sit and talk. It was…. It was kinda nice.”

Reid settled back down, glancing over at his companion and seeing she meant her words.

“We don’t really, do we. Perhaps we should. Okay. If you’re sure you don’t mind, I’ll stay. And tomorrow I’ll Wikipedia the seasons I’ve missed. Maybe… Maybe we could watch this together. Make it a weekly thing?”

“I think we should. If you’re out on a case, I’ll record it and wait for you. Sound like a plan?” Y/N smiled some what shyly.