did i mention tom hiddleston

5 things tht make me happy

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5. Books

4. Movies

3. Tom Hiddleston (jus being on th same planet as him) 😍

2. Writing

1. Watching my lil guy learn the world in his own quirky ways…

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marvel cast in interviews:
  • chris evans: *laughs* *hits his own knee* *grabs someone's boob* hahaha... hilarious... dude... by the way did i meNTION THAT I LOVE HEMSWORTH
  • tom hiddleston: *kindest words with thAT ACCENT*
  • sebastian stan: *confused pffhhfs* speaking of which, bucky is not a villain...
  • robert downey jr: *takes compliment* i know. i'm awesome.
  • scarlett johansson: *burns every sexist interviewer*
  • chris hemsworth: cool. by the way mY BROTHER IS AWESOME

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anonymous asked:

Favorite Tom photo shoot?

Ah, I love this type of question. Hijacking this one from the other admins because I can. If you come round and ask at another time, you’ll get a different answer from each of the admins! ;P

Can I pick two? I’m gonna pick two because I’m greedy like that and I wanna.

So I have a thing for casual!Tom. A very, very, very serious love affair with casual!Tom. So my ultimate is:

Let’s just take a minute here to reflect on this masterpiece, because ekfjoeeirefkoeiwoeslpw

Firstly, there’s the ever loverly curls upon his head. Curly, fluffy, almost-tamed-but-not-really.

Secondly, the nerdy fake glasses - I. just. can’t. Evens out the suave gentlemanly exterior with a bit of playful fun. 

Thirdly, the smile. That smile that reaches his eyes is just dreamy. That’s the stuff of every girl’s dream right there.

Fourthly, the solid neck and Adam’s apple, Jesus Christ on a cracker with jam. I… *falls over*

Fifthly, the relaxed, yet confident posture of a man absolutely in control of every muscle in his body. There are no words in the English language or any other to describe the amount of sex in that stance and the command he has of his entire being. Amiright?!

Sixthly, the broad chest, the width and the breadth and the structure of it. I could wax poetic for hours I could spend tracing every inch.

Seventhly, the way that t-shirt fits him…. Just, just, just, just… someone get me a drink of water

Eighthly, the arms. Can we investigate and study the exposed skin of his arms (and his neck)? It looks so smooth. I’d love to run my fingers over them for hours- no, days- no, months - okay, forever really. 

Ninthly, the veins and the fingers - yeah, you follow along with where I’m going with this. Strong, yet elegant. Rigid, yet agile. Those hands will caress you, hold you, protect you and love you - perfectly.

Tenthly, THIGHS *whispers* the upside down V of his crotchler area. *whimpers*

and I’m done…  

But wait!!! There’s more!

My second favorite:

Because scruff and dreamy eyes and beautiful smile and all the goodly Hiddleston stuff. Did I mention casual!Tom with the v-neck t-shirt under a blazer that doesn’t quite look like the bespoked-within-a-stitch-of-its-life suit jacket that we normally see Tom wear. Yep! That’s the Tom I like.


So nonny, what are your favorites?

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