did i mention they share a bed

Constant | Part 5

Vernon x Reader

2839 Words

Synopsis: after arriving at your destination, Vernon spends an interesting night with you

Warnings: a wet dream but no real smut sorry yall

I update this series every Sunday at 6 pm EST

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  • interviewer: so, about john's sexuality, yoko, what do you have to say?
  • yoko: he was bisexual
  • interviewer: and you, paul, do you wish to add something?

Short list of gay stuff between Buddy and Darnell in Buddy Thunderstruck:

-I’ve brought this up b4 but Buddy talked so fucking long about how much he loved Darnell in a tv interview that they just cut his entire tirade about Darnell out of the footage. I almost feel like there doesn’t need to be anything else on this list

-speaking of which, when Darnell thought he didn’t mention him in the interview he sounded on the verge of tears and its implied he spent several days moping about it

-honestly that entire episode was pretty damn gay

-they share a bunk bed for some reason

-“I love you too!”

-the implication they have a telepathic connection

-the first thing Artichoke did when he wanted to pump Buddy for racing secrets was threaten to rip Darnell’s head off

-“we could street race, like in that movie!” “naw man that movie’s romantic subplot was boring”

-they make scented candles and cut their toenails together appearently

-Darnell and Buddy are dancing partners and they were so good that Sheriff Cannonball and Deputy Hoisenberry were ready to apologize to them for ever mocking them (and also didn’t realize they’d escaped)

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I've been to shy to ask you this, but now that you've mentioned.. I'd love something with Yuuri ending up wetting his and Victor's bed while sleeping cause he was too stressed of the upcoming competition.. V is the first one to wake up and notice it, so he just gently shake him up and calmly explain the situation to him.. yuuri is obviously mortified that he just did that while he was sharing a bed with his husband, but V is so nice abt it, helping him shower and comforting him about it.. 💕

What a cute prompt!

Yuuri stares at the bed anxiously, his hands twisting together. “Try to get some sleep,” Victor murmurs soothingly in his ear. Yuuri frowns and shakes his head.

“But-” Yuuri stutters out half a protest. How could he possibly sleep right now? His last couple of practices have been nothing short of disastrous, and the Four Continents Championship is next week. He can’t possibly perform at the level that’s expected of him. He’s going to humiliate himself and bring shame upon Victor. It’ll be like his first Grand Prix Final all over again!

Victor breaks him out of his worried thoughts. “You need to rest, love. Try for me?”

He’s making that face again, the pleading one that Yuuri can never say no to. He nods reluctantly, changing into his pajamas and laying down next to Victor.

“Just relax, darling,” Victor coos in his ear as he rubs gentle circles on his back, between his shoulder blades. “I have absolute faith in you.”

His eyes stinging with grateful tears, Yuuri jerks his head in a tiny nod and closes his eyes. Victor continues to rub his back, and despite the thoughts swirling chaotically in his head and the crushing anxiety that threatens to drown him, he finds himself drifting off.

The music for his short program begins, and Yuuri panics: he can’t remember any of the choreography! He attempts to fumble through the first few steps of Eros, but he can hear the audience laughing at him-it’s louder than the music-and the jeers of the other skaters as they watch his pathetic performance.

You can do this! Yuuri tells himself, gearing up for a triple axel. He’s gotten his rhythm back, he can still make up for lost time with his jumps. But his takeoff is clumsy, and upon landing he finds himself crashing into the ice hard enough to knock the wind out of him. When he finally gets his breathing back under control (and his courage back), Yuuri sits up and looks for Victor.

His heart stops when he sees his coach’s face. The disappointment in his eyes is as clear as day, and as Yuuri watches, he opens his mouth to say something. The music has stopped, everything frozen in time as he waits to hear from Victor. He looks angry; Yuuri’s heart sinks.

“Yuuri, wake up.” The voice is Victor’s, but it’s so much softer and gentler than Yuuri had expected that he’s taken aback.

Suddenly, he’s opening his eyes (when did he close them), and to his immense relief, he’s safe in his and Victor’s bedroom. The competition hasn’t happened yet, he didn’t make a fool of himself on the ice. He breathes out a sigh of relief.

“Oh good, you’re awake! You were having a bad dream, I think,” Victor explains, gesturing to the blankets covering Yuuri’s legs.

Yuuri nods, and looks down at his lap, confused-and then he notices the dampness of the sheets between his thighs. A hand flies to his mouth. He didn’t!

“It’s alright, love, you were having a nightmare,” Victor tries to console him, but Yuuri is too busy hyperventilating with horror over the fact that he just wet the bed like a child.

Soon tears are rushing down his cheeks and his gasps have turned into noisy sobs. He hasn’t had an accident like this in years!

Through it all, Victor clutches him to his chest, rubbing his back gently and stroking his hair, murmuring soothing words in Russian and Japanese. When Yuuri’s sobs finally taper off, Victor wipes the tears off his face and kisses his forehead.

“I promise that I’m not mad at you, Yuuri. You were asleep, you couldn’t control it.” Giving Yuuri’s shoulder another soothing pat, he continues. “Now let’s get you cleaned up, da?”

The next hour and a half feel surreal to Yuuri. Victor doesn’t scold him for making a mess, instead he helps Yuuri to the shower and fetches him new pajamas and changes out the sheets and remakes the bed. When Yuuri and the bed are both clean and freshly made up, they lay back down. It does take some coaxing him from Victor, but eventually they’re both settled.

Victor spoons up behind Yuuri, wrapping his arms around his chest protectively. “My love,” he murmurs into Yuuri’s damp hair. “Please tell me what’s bothering you.”

Yuuri balks at telling Victor the truth, but Victor has been so wonderful about this whole thing; he owes him. Taking a deep breath to steal himself, Yuuri answers him in a mumble. “I’m terrified that I’m going to let you down.”

There’s a moment of silence, then Victor responds. “Oh, my Yuuri,” he breathes. “I wish that you would understand that no matter what you do, you could never disappoint me. No matter what, know that I am always proud of you. You’ve come so far.” He punctuates this declaration with a kiss to the top of Yuuri’s head.

His heart feels lighter already. “Even if I flub all my jumps?” Yuuri asks, partially teasing, partly serious.

“Of course,” Victor says instantly. “You could quit skating and I’d still be proud of you. Now, you need to get some rest. Don’t worry, though, I’ll be here to keep you safe from those bad dreams.”

Yuuri smiles brightly and squeezes Victor’s hands. Wrapped in warmth and comfort, he rests peacefully the rest of the night.

He’s going to rock the championships. After all, he has the best coach.

Friends night out

Request: No/yes 

Request/plot: For the Jason Todd x Reader, what if you were platonic roommates but one night y'all went shot for shot and now you’re waking up in Jason’s bed with an arm around you? 👀😏 doesn’t have to be nsfw, maybe just implied?

word count: 860

warning(s): drinking, mentions of smut, that’s all?

A/N: this is the 500 celebration collab I did with @avengerdragoness you can find the second part on her blog right Here!

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you infuriate me|| tony stark

Originally posted by dailymarvelheroes

So here we go! My first requested oneshot by Anon! For the next week or so, Tony Stark requests are open. If you would like to be tagged, please inform me!

Reader is mad at Tony for some reason (they are dating) and they don’t see each other for like a week, but she is there for him when he needs her the most (even though he thinks she won’t be) He needs some affection, love and someone to listen to his problems.

Warnings: mentions of PTSD, panic attacks

Set post The Avengers movie

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Anything with reader being self conscious (maybe dysphoria related stuff?) and hamilsquad consoling them?? -thank you and ily 💕🌸

Our Missing Queen
~Poly! Hamilsquad x reader
~Word count: 1057
~Warnings: Self- conscious and insecure reader and mentions of dysphoria (not dystrophia)
~Sorry for taking so long~~ Also I tried my best writing this request, if there’s a warning that I did not mention below, tell me because I want my readers to be comfortable with what they read~~ (Love you too~~)
~Tags: @interwebseriesfan24 @yayhamletnonstop

You were laying on your bed that you shared with your boys. You loved your boys so much. They were your rocks and they’ve been with you through everything. They had all gone to work except John. He was given today off, so he decided to run errands. You were scrolling through your phone at your social media, liking your friends pictures and looking at news about celebrities and the weather. Until you found yourself watching pictures of famous models. Skinny, tall and beautiful models.

You were always self- conscious of yourself ever since your family had a history of dystrophia related diseases. You, luckily, weren’t diagnosed with that but you found yourself more and more self- conscious of your face and body. You sat up and brought your knees close to your chest and started crying. You heard the door opened and the shaking of paper bags.

“(Y/N)? Are you awake darling?” John called out to you. When you didn’t respond to him, you heard the bags drop to the floor and footsteps head towards the bedroom door. “(Y/N)!” You called softly at you when he saw you crying. “Sweetie, what’s wrong?” You couldn’t form the words but you gave him your phone, filled with pictures of skinny girls. “Darling…” He whispered to you. He took his shoes off and climbed on the bed. He slowly grabbed your shoulders and placed your head on his chest. You sobbed into his chest as he softly moved his hand up and down your back.

After a couple of minutes, you had calmed down. John placed his hand on your chin and lifted it up to face you.

“Do you want me to call the guys?” He asked you softly. You nodded slowly. He took his phone out of his pocket and started to type the guys phone number to make a phone call conversation. Before he clicked the green button, you spoke up a little. “If they’re not too busy.” You told John. “Of course darling.” He kissed your forehead softly as the phone rang on speaker.

“Hey babe.” Alex picked up the phone first. “Bonjour, mon ami.” Lafayette spoke next. “Hey guys. Is there something wrong?” Hercules picked up the phone last and asked with concern. “Yeah. (Y/N)’s not feeling well with herself today. She was wondering if you guys can come home, if it’s possible.” John answered the question, along with the question you wanted to ask. “Of course i can babe.” Alex said first. “I’m actually leaving right now.” “Me too mon amour.”  Lafayette quickly responded. “I’m already closing up the boutique.” Hercules said as you heard the keys shift at the lock. “Thank you..” You said to them over the phone. “Anything for you babe.” Alex said softly. “Anything you need mon amour.” Lafayette added. “We love you.” You felt a tear fall slide down your cheek as you gave a small smile. John hung up the phone and kissed the top of your head.

John held you and sat with you on the bed, whispering sweet nothings to you and peppering your cheek with soft kisses. Minutes later, you both heard the door open and your boys walked into rhe shared room.

“Hey babe.” Alex spoke softly to you as he kissed your cheek. “Mon amour.” Lafayette simply said as he kissed the back of your hand. “Hey honey. How are you doing?” Hercules asked as he kissed your forehead. “Just holding up fine.” You responded, not wanting to say more. John stroked your hair softly. “Well we bought you some new movies. The first movie of “Narnia” and “Saving Mr. Banks”.” Alex said, lightening the mood a little. “And we bought you your favorite ice cream flavor of the monsieur’s Ben and Jerry.” Laf smiled as you giggled at the lovely addition of ‘monsieur’ before the name of the ice cream brand. “And I got some new pajamas, an oversized Disney hoodie and some black shorts.” Herc finished with a smile. Your boys knew you so well.

You removed yourself from John’s arms and kneeled in the middle of bed, where you faced all of your boys.

“Thank you for doing this.” You started. “Thank you for taking care of me. I probably don’t deserve any of you guys.” You started to tear up. “Why would any of you would want to be with me?” Your voice broke up. “Because we love you.” John spoke to you as he grabbed your hands. “We love the way you are.” Alex spoke next. “And we don’t need a perfect supermodel that anyone can’t just get.” Laf added. “You are our perfect model. Perfect face, perfect body and most of all, perfect personality.” Herc finished as he walked over to the bed and kissed the top of your head. You started to tear up again as the sweet sentences your boys were saying to you. You felt the tears fall down your face again and then arms wrap around you. You were in the middle of a big, loving hug.

“We love you (Y/N).” John spoke for the boys. They all hummed in agreement as they started to pepper kisses all around you. “I love you all too.” You said softly.

After the loving and reassuring moment, you took a shower while your boys prepared the movie and the ice cream in their bowls. You go out of the shower and put on the new pair of pijamas that Hercules had got you. You walked out of the room and sat on the sofa with Alex and Herc as John and Laf brought the bowls. You had told your boys that you wanted to watch “Narnia” and they agreed happily. You were enjoying the movie until you started to drift off at the scene where the children met Aslan for the first time, where Aslan had told the children that they were the kings and queens of Narnia. You said his line softly as you fell asleep on John’s chest.

“You are the missing queen of Narnia, mon amour.” Laf stroked your leg. “And we won’t let out queen get away.” Herc said, looking at your peaceful face. “And we love her very much.” Alex said changing the line of the movie while he glanced to you and the boys.

Thank you for reading~~!!! Hope you liked it~! Any comments/ feedback, drop an ask~!!

He’s Shy

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Hoseok

Summary: You’re dating Yoongi but he introduces you to his friend.

Genre: Fluff (with sexual implications), Poly!relationship

Prompt: “I don’t know if I should kiss you or slap you.” (request by @livinghealingfeeling)

***A/N: I’ve never written or read polyamory before, so I’m a bit worried about how this came out… If something’s not right about it in any way, I’ll take it down!

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anonymous asked:

How does time-travelling-future-son-of-Sidney-Crosby!Conner Sheary feel about being out of the playoffs due to injury and having to watch his brother?parallel-universe-time-travelling-son-of-Sidney-Crosby!Jake Guentzel light it up with his/their parents?

Lol, I was so worried Jake Guentzel as time travelling conor sheary’s time travelling little brother from another dimension where their parents died in the reverse order would be too difficult to follow, but you have got this down, anon! Thank you! Anyway, this turned kinda darker than I had planned. Follows: 1, 2, 3

Conor sees Dad go down and stay down. He swallows, looking away from where Dad is struggling just to focus his eyes, and he sees Jake.

His brother has gone grey, all the blood drained from his cheeks. He looks about as sick as Conor feels.

He wonders who feels the fear more acutely. Jake sees the parent who raised him, the guy who kissed all his hurts away and held him when he cried.

Conor sees the dad he never met, the one he’s learning to know now. He sees the guy he’s spent all his life longing for, wondering what he was like and hating that he never got to find out.

Until now.

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Kanako’s Retirement Special on Spoken! (05/05)

N = Narrator, K = Kanako, H = Hikaru, M = Maya


N: There was one dream that she wanted to fulfill…

K: I’ve held myself back from a lot of things, so right now I’m exploding.

N: …to eat a lot of kakigori. On Twitter she has posted kakigori from around the country. On some days she would even eat nine plates of kakigori!

K: Itadakimasu! I’m so happy. It’s melting. The powder of kinako went like ‘paa’.

N: Her mood was great. Then…

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also accidental baby acquisition spones

(there were two of these so clearly this is a burning question within the spones fandom: what would these two with a baby??)

They’re on a mission.  They’re on a mission and get stranded.  The two of them.  Alone.  They’re both thrilled.  McCoy declares this the worst goddamn mission of his life, and that’s saying something.  Spock posits that logically, this is hardly the worst thing to befall either of them, though he can’t quite think of an example of a more inopportune circumstance.

Cue: the sound of a baby crying.  Why is there a baby there?  Who knows, this is star trek, it could literally be anything.

A mad scramble to rush to save it.  I’m not saying they both kneel over it and McCoy puts his hand on Spock’s back to steady himself, but that could be a thing that totally absolutely happens.

Spock picks it up.  McCoy demands he hand it over.  Spock doesn’t, even though he’s doing that half awkward ‘I don’t quite know how to hold a baby’ thing.

It’s a girl.  A couple months old.  That cute baby stage where they smile at you, like to giggle, and wave their fists all around, but can’t walk yet.  I don’t know what age that is, but maybe some of you do.

There is, of course, some way to give her a bottle, but there is, of course, no way to determine her parentage.  So Spock and McCoy are it.  And McCoy would like to hold her please, one of them is a doctor, dammit.

She keeps them up all night, since what would this be if Spock and McCoy weren’t grumping at each other, sleep deprived with their hair sticking up, arguing about why she’s crying.  Because there’s a logical reason, clearly, and if it could just be deduced-

Rock her, Spock.  Or give her here.

Spock rocks her.

McCoy teaches her how to play peekaboo.  Spock learns that humans are not born innately understanding object permanence and this… this… activity is somehow necessary for proper development.

So is tummy tickling, McCoy says.

Spock does not partake.


Spock explains to her why eating mashed squash neatly and efficiently from her spoon is far preferable to covering her face and clothing with it, or refusing to consume it all together.  McCoy makes airplane (shuttlecraft?) noises with said spoon.

It’s the only thing that works.

Spock waits until he is certain McCoy is outside before attempting the same.

The first time she crawls, they’re so excited that McCoy actually hugs Spock.

They both quickly find anywhere to look at but each other.

Sometimes, in the evening, they all fall asleep on the couch.  Spock says he’s meditating.  He’s not.

Cause once - once - McCoy woke up with Spock leaning against him and that’s not meditation, now is it.

The Enterprise manages to make contact and is on the way to to rescue them.  Which is good.  Great.  McCoy can’t wait for his own quarters, and his own bed (did I mention they were sharing a bed in this cause they 100% were) and a floor clear of baby toys.  And Spock has experiments on the ship to check up on.  And those hours of work he used to do that filled up all of his time, rather than engaging in acts designed to improve gross motor skill.

Jim is utterly charmed by the little munchkin.  The feeling is entirely mutual.

In all of the Federation records, the kiddo has no identifiable relatives cause a) that’d be too sad and b) c’mon now, we all know how this ends.  Happily ever after, in so fluffy a fashion it’d nearly be gross, what with the eventual revelation that, well, McCoy always did want a family and Spock lost his own and would not be adverse to the notion of beginning a new one.

Opening a story that I started two years ago and sighing about how much I need to change because my favorite slow moving couple don’t move so slow anymore.  Siiiiiiiggggghhhh

(I mentioned this story about Amy being a dream on IG a couple weeks ago, and people seemed interested in it, but now it needs fixing and finishing.)

Sheldon woke up and wondered why Amy wasn’t there in his bed.  They had been sharing a bed three nights a week for almost a month, so he got up to look for her.  She wasn’t in the bathroom or the living room.

“Did Amy go home early?” Sheldon asked Leonard when he found him his friend out in the living room.

“Who is Amy?  Did you have a girl over?” Leonard asked.  He set down his mug on the counter and stepped closer to Sheldon.  This was an interesting development.  He could never imagine Sheldon having a girl over, but there was a first time for everything.

Too much bass, you're in for treble

A few years ago, when I was a young college sophomore, I got my first apartment. I was terribly excited to be living on my own, independent, by my own rules. However, being a poor student, I couldn’t afford the nicest accommodations. Namely, the walls were paper thin.

The couple in the unit below me had screaming fights on a weekly basis, but they generally kept it to reasonable hours, so I tolerated this, for the most part, with some minor stomping when it was too loud. No, the problem was the neighbor in the unit next to mine.

I never met the guy. Never even saw his face. But I heard him playing his bass guitar almost every night, well into the wee hours of the morning.

“Surely this is a one-time thing, he’ll settle down,” I naively told myself. I was wrong, it did not settle down.

Finally, I had had enough. The walls were shaking with neighbor-guy’s bass. My dishes were rattling. My picture frames were a-quiver. It was time for some payback.

It’s worth mentioning, at this point, that I played the french horn in the university band.

I brought my instrument home with me, and for the next several weeks, whenever I heard the guy playing, no matter what time it was, even if I had to get out of bed, I’d go stand by the shared wall and play my horn as loudly as I could, with the bell aimed right at the wall.

Now, the french horn is a lovely instrument…when it’s played at a reasonable volume. When blasted, however, it’s something more like the ungodly offspring of a mack truck and an ambulence siren.

The first few times i did this, the bass playing would suddenly stop, as if the guy were confused as to where this horrid brassy screeching were coming from. Then he would start up again. So would I. He turned up his volume. I played even louder. Repeat ad nauseum.

Eventually, I don’t know if the guy gave up or moved out, but the playing stopped very suddenly, and I never heard it again.

I’d like to think I made him miserable for at least a little while, though. He certainly did the same to me.

Racing Through the Streets: Tadashi x Reader

I got this as a request a while ago, but my inbox deleted the message before I could reply to it.  Here you go!

Tadashi walks into the main lab area with a frown on his face.  One glance around the room and his frown only deepens further.  He sees his friends hanging around Fred’s corner of the room.  Well, at least most of his friends.  He walks up to them, still looking around the room behind other people’s projects.

“Have any of you seen (Name)?” he asks as he approaches them.

“Not since this morning,” Wasabi shakes his head.

“Nope,” Fred replies popping the last syllable.

“I think I saw her head out about an hour ago,” Honey Lemon pipes up.

GoGo doesn’t say anything. In fact, she’s deliberately trying to avoid Tadashi’s gaze.

That doesn’t sit well with him, “GoGo…” Tadashi states in a firm tone.

She lets out an aggravated sigh and lifts up her hands, “I’m staying out of it, this time.”

Tadashi crosses his arms, “Where is it?”

“Tadashi, you know that I got out of the circuit when I got into SFIT.  What makes you think I would know anything?”

He isn’t convinced, “Where’s the race GoGo?”

She crosses her arms as well, and lets out another sigh, “Lombard Street,” she begrudgingly tells him.

Tadashi’s eyes widen in shock. “Lombard Street, is she insane?!”  He immediately turns and heads for the door.

“She’s done it before!” GoGo calls after him.

“Well, she’s not doing it again!”  He yells back just before the doors shuts behind him.  He rushes to his lab to get his helmet and keys before he runs out of the building and toward his moped.  On the way, he pulls out his cell phone and opens the app he has that links to the two tracking chips he has.  One has been placed under the hood of your racing car; the other has been sewn into the hood of Hiro’s jacket.  Tadashi stops short when he realizes that Hiro’s tracker isn’t located at the café.  In fact, it’s nowhere near the café.

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goddamn ram sweeney

so i did one of these posts about heather chandler and how she was an asshole who actually had a SHIT LIFE and she is my love this time i’m focusing on ram sweeney, linebacker, and professional douchebag

specifically, i’m focusing on ram sweeney from the musical as movie ram and musical ram are totally different people

one thing to think about, ram and kurt’s roles actually switched between the movie and the musical

in the movie, ram is the airhead dumbass while kurt is more sensible and a lot smarter

in the musical, these roles have clearly swapped around, so if it pleases you, you can apply these things to kurt kelly from the movie…. but i doubt it’ll work with the observations i;m making

so ram sweeney is an asshole who beats kids up and chases tail all day long, but i think his personality is a little bit more complicated than that

i don’t have as much evidence as i do with heather chandler, but ram may not be all he seems to be

we first meet ram in beautiful, the first song of the show, where he is introduced as a total asshole

but, in the same song, kids are all singing individual lines and stepping forward when they sing them

ram’s individual line is “Why did I hit him?” and then he sings with everyone else “Why do I cry myself to sleep?”

this made me think that ram doesn’t want to be the bully or the bad guy, and he shows it again VERY SOON AFTER

right after jason dean is introduced, the dialogue between kurt and ram goes something like this

Kurt: Who’s that kid in the coat think he is anyways? Bo Diddly?

Ram: Veronica’s into his act, no doubt.

Kurt: Let’s kick his ass.

Ram: Come on, man, we’re seniors, we’re too old for that kind of stuff.

kurt then ignores ram and heads straight for jd, and then what really gets me is how ram reacts to it

he looks a little pissed off that kurt went and started something, and actually conflicted, like he really doesn’t want to do this, but then he goes and builds up the confidence to join kurt… and get his ass kicked

ram doesn’t want to start trouble or go and beat some random kid up

he wants to enjoy his senior year in some amount of peace

but, kurt seems to have this certain influence over him, and i think i have a guess why

ram and kurt are best friends who agree on everything, and ram doesn’t want to spark an argument with his best friend or get the guy pissed off at him, so he goes along with kurt’s bullshit

along with that, kurt has a bit more power on the popularity foodchain than ram does

notice that kurt is the one with the cheerleader girlfriend and the one that’s pounding rum and coke with heather chandler, which was probably his own idea…. he loves his booze……

ram’s source of popularity comes from being a jock…. and kurt kelly, his best friend

if ram pisses kurt off enough, he could lose way more than his best friend

so ram’s true feelings on a lot of things are totally unknown, because he kind of tosses them all aside to play asshole with kurt

but i think that ram does indeed have a softer and maybe even a sweeter side to him, and he shows this through… you guessed it…. my actual bae, heather chandler

i think ram has a thing for heather chandler, and not a sexual desire, but an actual romantic attraction

i have a few pieces of evidence for this

1. why do ram and kurt do whatever heather tells them? why is she the only one who can control them? they’re popular on their own, and they never needed her to gain popularity. kurt probably listens because he’s dating heather mcnamara, who genuinely likes being around heather chandler and considers her to be her best friend. if kurt pisses heather chandler off, he pisses his girlfriend off. ram…. has no reason. absolutely none. kurt has a bit of a requirement, but ram really doesn’t. he listens to heather because…. he can. that’s just what he chooses to do. kurt probably ties him into it, too, but i kind of doubt it’s all him.

2. big fun. this is where i got most of my evidence. and first, it’s how both kurt and ram act around heather chandler. kurt picks her up, feels her up, slaps her ass, all those gross teen boy things. ram does…. he uh…. he doesn’t. he sexually goes after heather duke and heather mcnamara, but not heather chandler. he instead stays close to her, while not being a creep, which heather actually probably really appreciates. that, and towards the end of big fun, heather asks where the keg is, and everyone runs off, but you can very clearly see ram hold out his hand to her, GENTLY take her hand, and lead her away, which seems odd for him, and we know he wouldn’t normally do that with a girl.

3. the me inside of me. it’s a small piece of evidence, but it says a lot. when everyone is singing out to the audience, holding heather chandler’s “suicide” note, ram does something that makes my heart hurt a little bit. everyone stays out to the audience, but for a moment or two, ram stops looking at them. he looks down to the note in his hands. he’s sitting alone, near the back. and he just stares at it. he looks hurt, lost, confused. he looks like he’s a five year old whose puppy just got a hit by a car…. in front of him.

ram at least somewhat cares for heather chandler, whether it be a crush, or childhood friends, or whatever, he definitely cares a little bit

now the question, if it is love, does heather return these feelings?

i think it’s possible, but maybe she’s not entirely sure on it. i don’t think she’s too focused on actual love, so she probably doesn’t think about it often, and she’s most likely unaware that ram feels anything for her at all. 

AND WAIT THERE’S MORE it’s probably quick

kurt and ram’s behavior.

if ram is a secret softie who just has a bad influence as a friend, why won’t he show any of that? 

his dad.

ram and kurt’s dads are shown to be like older versions of ram and kurt, but a bit worse and much gayer. 

ram learned everything about who he is from his dad.

what about his mom? 

i think ram has a mom, but she’s not too present in his life.

ram clearly learned his behavior from his dad, who goes on a fishing trip, letting ram have a party. but his mom? where did she go? why is she not mentioned? it’s possible that she’s just out of the house… a lot.

i don’t want to say she’s dead or his parents are divorced, but it is highly possible. the one thing preventing me from saying this is kurt says “his folks got a water bed” in big fun, implying he has a mother and a father.

maybe his parents are divorced and kurt just doesn’t know. ram doesn’t seem like one for sharing his feelings.

and i mean, it’d make sense, his dad is into men. he might also be into women, but ram’s mom probably knows her husband is a little gay… and cheated on her at some point with his buddy paul.


ram is a douchebag who is surrounded by negative influences, and doesn’t know how to get out of this situation or better himself also he’s probably into heather chandler okay bye

The Camera Kiss

Summary: Dan gets bored waiting for Phil to film his new video that he decides to go eavesdrop on the filming, when he heard Phil talking about their first date and past kisses he bursts in and kisses the boy completely aware they are filming. What happens when Phil forgets to edit out the kiss. 

Word count: 1974

Warnings: Just pure fluff and cuteness. 

Disclaimer: I do not own Danisnotonfire or AmazingPhil, None of this is true it is just work of Phanfiction, anything Phil says in the video is not true I made it up. 

Dan should of known better not to walk into Phil’s room when Phil was ‘talking to himself’, he should of known even better not to walk in and kiss him and then walk back out. Dan really should of known that it was very risky to do something like that, because if it ended up on the Internet his whole world would be turned upside down.


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anonymous asked:

Can you make an imagine where the reader is lexa's sister and falls in love with murphy or bellamy? (Your choice) Thank you :)

An idea popped into my head straight away for Murphy, so I hope you don’t mind that I chose him. :)

Training with the Sky People was, in general, very satisfying.

They were untrained, unskilled and very easy to defeat. And it was always nice to feel John Murphy underneath you, your legs on either side of his waist and his wrists above his head. Murphy stares up at you dazed and worn out, panting hard, trying to catch his breath. Gently, you let go of his wrists and move off him, standing up and walking back out of the circle. Murphy gets up shakily, glaring at you as he makes his way out of the circle and staggers back to his tent. The rest of the training session doesn’t compare to being in such close proximity to Murphy, but it did give you a kick when you managed to take down Lincoln.

That night you settle into bed and not long after that, Lexa enters the tent that you’ve been sharing with her for the past two nights, giving you a knowing smirk as she does.

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OK so I’m coaching a soccer camp this week and there’s these two other female coaches. One has dark brown, almost black, hair and the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. In fact her eyes are surprisingly similar to Misha’s eyes. And the other coach has green eyes, like I’m talking Jensen “male model with fanfiction green eyes” Ackles green eyes. And I swear to fucking god that these two are gender bent dean and cas in the French mistake. Oh and did I mention that they are always together and they are sharing a bed this week? Like I fuck you not they literally told me today that they woke up cuddled together and they didn’t mind. I swear to fucking god they are gender bent destiel.

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ok but can we talk about athelnar relationship? because i have some headcanons that their love wasn't normal jfc it was too intense to even be a human feeling

oh my god we can always talk about athelnar they own my soul. also full offense to everyone but i’ve always seen ragnar as having romantic feelings towards athelstan, like im 99.9% positive its canon and thats not just because clive standen posted gay art of them on twitter that is important tho rollo ships it #gayconfirmed but yeah a lot of people try to view them as platonic and i honestly don’t know why?? why label a relationship as “just friends” when one of them quite literally confesses their love to the other (not to mention someone who has never actually said the words ‘i love you’ to any of his past lovers) im like?? ? [vikings theme playing]: ‘if i had a heart i could love you’ SIR YOU FUCKING SAID YOU LOVED HIM #athelstan stole ragnar’s heart it is known but yeah anyway this alone is enough to persuade me, but if you’ve been fortunate enough to see the extended scene of 3x01, Mercenary ragnar actually asks athelstan to join him for a threesome, again. [me applauding] i cannot believe.

for sure you can label the first time as ‘ragnar being a mischievous pagan pain in the ass trying to seduce the fuck out of a priest for his wife’s entertainment’, but the second time he asks athelstan to his bed /bless his tiny raven soul/ he is trying so hard, i mean i still can’t believe it happened this is fan service i stg- “If Lagertha and I were to invite you to share our bed today, would you still refuse us as you once did?” [pans to me screaming] jUST DO IT ATHELSTAN. plus he follows this immediately by holding and stroking his hand??? ? idek im literally blinded by the amount of flirting in this scene ok

and tbh we all know, even he knows lagertha wouldn’t be up for that anyway, not now. so yeah what i feel he’s trying to say here but he’s too shy to say is- “If I were to invite you to share my bed today, would you still refuse me as you once did?” the mention of lagertha is there basically to comfort him, i dont think ragnar knows athelstan’s sexuality and he probably doesn’t want to scare him. plus he’s aware of athelstan’s constant struggle w/ religion and the christian views of m/m (but tbh the main reason is most likely because the creators are too scared to make the main male character canonically bi) he is bi fight me

seriously im so mad about this scene being an extended cut, but at the same time its basically laid out proof that ragnar lothbrok wants to share his bed with his closest friend, which happens to be a man. because lets face it if that wasn’t the case they wouldn’t have shot it in the first place. so yeah, i think they’ve done it deliberately to give us the option of viewing their relationship as romantic or platonic. but the fact that it exists is just a way of them telling us that ‘ragnar still wants the priest booty, but this time its not just sex its sex w/ feelings’ which is basically code for ‘ragnar has fallen in love with athelstan’ bye