did i mention they are shitty

Jack Zimmermann was accustomed to dealing with difficult situations; he was captain of the Samwell Men’s Hockey team after all, but this? This was never in the job description.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Bitty whispered into the side of Jack’s neck, breath hot and sweet against his skin. The kegster ended a while ago but Bitty was still feeling the effects. When he fell off the coffee table attempting to dance to All the Single Ladies, Jack swept in ready to piggyback him to bed.

“Alright,” Jack said, mouthing I got this in Lardo’s direction before heading to the stairs.

“I don’t wanna be a single lady anymore,” His voice faltered and Jack became acutely aware of Bitty’s thighs around his hips. “I want a person. Everybody else has got a person.”

“With moves like that I don’t think you’ll have to wait long,” Jack said, supressing a chuckle.

“Mmhmm,” Bitty mumbled, fighting a losing war against sleep. Jack pushed open the door to Bitty’s room with his foot and ducked inside.

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all my friends are stressed up to their eyeballs right now, and as it’s exam season hell in the UK, i made a ““helpful”” powerpoint about it. ft. shitty clipart. on a calming pink background b/c it’s pretty and i like it
Enjoy my friends, i hope this helps :)

By Way of Spontaneity (Part 6)

Summary: On a whim, Bucky declares you to be his girlfriend to his grandma and mother. They’re eager to meet you and he asks you to pretend to be with him for just one dinner with his family. But is that really all?

Word Count: 717

Warnings: None.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

A/N: You’re allowed to come scream to me in my inbox.

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

Despite feeling a little down by Tony’s cold attitude towards you, you couldn’t help but to smile as Bucky knocked on your door, his face hidden by a large bouquet of flowers.

“W-What?” you gasped out.

He peered from behind them before lowering them, his grin wide and elated. “Wanted to say thanks.”


He shoved them forward and into your arms. “We’re kinda late, though, so—”

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some DA things that make me emotional
  • Iron Bull protecting Krem when he didn’t even know him at the time, losing an eye in the process and not once ever blaming Krem or making him feel guilty for that loss. 
  • just Iron Bull’s fierce protection of Krem in general. And how adamantly he corrects the inquisitor if they use the wrong pronouns. 
  • Zevran begging the warden for his life when he didn’t even want it and then later telling the warden that whatever he hoped to find by leaving Antiva, that he’s found it. The warden, romanced or not, helped give Zevran the will to live
  • the fact that when he was younger Zevran ran off to try and join a Dalish clan. He tried to get away from the Crows and never wanted anything to do with that life despite how he excelled at it
  • If the warden tells Zevran it sounds like he’s been through a lot he says: “They’re just old scars and nothing more you’ll see, ignore them as I do and perhaps they’ll go away” dude that breaks me every. single. time.
  • Varric having such a big heart that it pisses him off. He doesn’t make a good spymaster because he worries too much about his spies, their well-being and their families’ well-being 
  • Varric paying off the gangs in the undercity to protect Anders and also making sure Merrill was safe and always found her way home
  • Leliana mentioning in Inquisition that the warden is the only person she truly trusts
  • how Varric, Dorian and Iron Bull pretty much take Cole under their wing and try to help him to be more human. They actually try and understand him before they judge him
  • Cole telling Bull how he’s made things easier for Krem. ie. “The armor is right but the body isn’t. You make it better”
  • did i mention tamlen
I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Five

Summary: You come back to set after your time with the Padaleckis, and things are strained when your working patterns clash with Jared. Things go downhill when you start to feel sick on set.
Words: 3.1k
Jared x Reader, (mentioned Jared x Reader x Gen), Misha, Jensen
Warnings: angst central, nausea 
Betas: my girls @ruined-by-destiel and @blacksiren
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The rest of your time in Austin was more of the same.

Most of the days were spent with the Ackles’ - Jared and Jensen weren’t lying when they said they spent most of their downtime together - pictures being snapped by Danneel and Genevieve at random intervals.

The nights were spent wrapped up in Jared and Gen, having the best sex of your life.

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Summary:   Jack hates conventions – the crowds, the noise, the forced socialization, but it’s a work thing that must be done. Enter Samwell Hockey Player, Eric Bittle, who attends the convention with a group of friends. Suddenly things begin to look up. Jack and Bitty meet at Falcs Fest. Flirting, shenanigans, and love ensue. 

“Jack, I realize it’s not how you want to spend your weekend,” George said then paused to take a long sip of coffee. “But it is what it is, and everyone has to do it.” She smiled and added, “So suck it up, mister.”

Jack frowned, “Fine. Fine. Everyone else has to attend, too, right? Everyone?”

George leaned back in her chair and nodded, “Yes. Tater, Thirdy, Guy, Marty, Snowy, Poots – everyone. Misery loves company, after all.”

Jack huffed petulantly.

“I’m kidding!” George said with a laugh, “Come on. The Hawks are always bragging about their convention, so we have to make our inaugural one fantastic and have everyone there.”

Jack shrugged and took a pen from George’s desk, he twirled it absentmindedly in his fingers.

“Jack, it’ll be fine, and guess what? You might actually enjoy it. An entire weekend surrounded by adoring fans, eating anything you want, being handed people’s babies, dancing and whatnot?”

Jack got up and pushed his chair in. “Thanks, George.”

George smiled, then took her attention back to her computer, as Jack loomed in her office doorway.

“Yes, Jack?” She asked as she wrote something in an appointment book.

“Do we have to stay at the hotel, too?”

“Up to you, Jack. Do you feel like driving home back and forth early in the morning and late at night? Most of the guys are making a weekend of it and staying there. There’ll be team brunches every morning. We still have a couple rooms available in the block we reserved, so you can stay there if you want.”

Jack frowned again.

George paused and looked at him, “A little fun won’t kill you, Zimmermann.”

Jack nodded, attempted a meager smile and exited George’s office.

“Oh, and Jack?”


"Can I have my pen back?”

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OtaYuri fic recs #9

Sorry it’s been a while since my last rec post! Plenty of good ones in this batch, though ;)

September by peachys, explicit, 6.5k

Yuri and Otabek get a cat and move in together.

Cures for Burning by stutter, explicit, 8k, WIP

“He said,” Yuri begins, trying to sound cavalier, “Victor goes, ‘Otabek Altin needs to come here and smack the hell out of you,’ and.” He forces a laugh out of his gut and barrels on, like an idiot, “and I was like, good, please, I’d love that, sounds a hell of a lot better than this.”

At that moment, either the Skype call fails or Otabek is stunned into a long silence. Yuri can feel his pulse in his eardrums. He thinks he might throw up. Why the fuck did he have to say that? “Hey, ah, Beka?” he says. “Are you still there?“

Otabek is motionless. Yuri’s terror hardens into rage. “VICTOR!” he bellows. “Your SHITTY INTERNET just went down again!”

Not your usual fairytale by arcsinx, mature, 9.7k, A/B/O AU, mentions of mpreg

Part 2 of the Not Your Usual Fairytale series. Of one thing Yuri Plisetsky is sure: Katya is the most beautiful baby he’s ever seen. None of it have anything to do with the fact that she is his daughter, of course. It’s mostly because she’s the cutest, smallest, perfect mix between Yuri and Otabek. She blinks up at him while he tells her all of that, little hands closing in fists above her. 

Not your usual happy ending by arcsinx, explicit, 6k, A/B/O AU, mpreg


Otabek hums in response. It never takes long for Katya to tire of the games on his cell phone. She’d downloaded all sorts of games into it, from truck races to princess dressing. Otabek had read one chapter and a half of his book though. That was good enough when next to his three-year old daughter.

Course and Flow, Surge and Break by MadameFolie, explicit, 956

Beauty and desire are a parallax, ever-shifting with the years and where one stands.

Otabek would marvel at his hands. They used to be delicate, now they’re elegant. Powerful. And his beauty now relentless. Otabek twists to bury his face in his pillow. But what pushes him over the edge in the end is the thought of those eyes, forged to unreal ferocity by time and all the lovelier still. He would like to be as water in Yuri’s arms, shivering with the touches to his surface.

Pink or Blue? by BoxWineConfessions, explicit, 12.9k, multiverse AU

His Yuri pulls off his cock with a hard suck and a sharp pop. Instantaneously his Yuri is back on other Yuri and kissing him deeply. The kiss is sloppy. Thick milky white liquid spills out of the corners of their joined mouths. His come slides between their pink and blue pained lips. Their tongues are coated with it. They pant and moan against one another, and it’s enough to tug Otabek back to attention almost instantly. The two of them argue over and savor his come like it’s something sacred.

OR: A very happy and very smitten Otabek fucks two Yuris.

Shutter-Release by kaijoskopycat, mature, 7.4k, photographer!Otabek, model!Yuri AU

Otabek Altin has been a fashion photographer for longer than he cares to think about and he’s never been as moved by a model as he is when he meets Yuri Plisetsky, one of the most unconventional personalities for a top model out there.

Ready by missbip0lar, explicit, 4.3k

Yuri Plisetsky is ready.

A continuation of this.

Push Your Luck by imagines, teen, 2.6k, hockey player!Otabek AU

Yuri doesn’t even like hockey. The brute force, the hurled insults, and blood on the ice as a mark of honor instead of a sign of a horrible mistake? No thanks. He’s only come early to the rink so he can get on the ice the moment the team has finished practicing. Honestly, he’s not even looking at their shoulders or thighs or anything. He’s too busy snapchatting Mila pictures of his new skate covers (leopard print), the rink (outdoors on a mountain and very very cool), and okay, maybe a cute butt or two. For her sake. Not his. He has a single-minded focus that does not involve hockey players. This will be his first Olympics, and he’s arrived a couple of weeks before he needed to, so he can get comfortable at the rink and sneak in a little sight-seeing as well.

(In which Otabek quits figure skating after the training camp, and they don’t meet again until 2018.)

In Fesh and Bone by csoru, mature, 32k

After recovering from an injury that cut his previous season short, Yuri makes a comeback with a new coach, a new country of residence, and a relationship upgrade. Still: perfection takes effort.

Hearts and Aces by seekingsquake, mature, 10k

“Yura,” Otabek says, and he’s surprised at the way it comes out. Sharper than he meant it to sound, and a little louder. He turns in the cradle of Yuri’s arms and tilts Yuri’s face up so they can look each other in the eyes. “It’s not just you. It’s because it’s you. Understand? I’ve never wanted to be like this with anyone else, so. I feel like…”

Yuri is very observant, always has been, and very smart. He knows Otabek better than almost anyone. He says, “I’m safe for you, okay?”

“Yes,” Otabek murmurs, and he leans his cheek against the top of Yuri’s head. “That’s how I feel. Safe. With you. So.”

“So.” Yuri sort of laughs, and then he kisses Otabek softly, and then he says, “Finish your breakfast. And eat my toast. I don’t want it anymore.”

Raincheck by CalamityK, teen, 1k

“You’ll be better before I leave.” Otabek hums; tracing the patterns of his upcoming routine on Yuri’s thighs.

Yuri meets his eyes. “And if I’m not?”

“Then I’ll just take a raincheck.”
Or that fic where Yuri is sick and Otabek is simply the best.

Here’s my major issue with how Jasper is treated.

Both Lapis and Peridot got a second chance.

Lapis, who nearly drowned two children, broke Greg’s leg and stole the ocean, got a second chance.

Peridot, who almost killed Steven, knew about the Cluster and returned with a space ship that almost destroyed Beach City, got a second chance.

But Jasper doesn’t?

Yes, I know Jasper has done terrible things but it seems really unfair that both Lapis and Peridot have gotten to be forgiven but Jasper hasn’t. Not to mention I feel like people are so willing to forgive Lapis but not Jasper. Why? Lapis, if anything, she just as bad as Jasper if not worse. I mean thanks to the way the writers handle her, Lapis comes off as cruel instead of aloof. Like I hate Lapis so much right now because instead of you know, apologizing for some of the shitty things she did, she just acts like she didn’t really do anything wrong.

Something about how the writers of SU treat Jasper really bugs me. I don’t know if it’s because she’s one of the few buff characters on the show or what but I am really sick of how she is treated.

GAH! I accidentally answered this privately:

- - -

Hey!! First off, thanks for reading!

Second off: good questions!! Nope, you’re totally right–Bitty never came out to Jack on screen. When I said “ came out to his teammates”, I meant when Bitty came out to Shitty, and then to Ransom and Holster. Perhaps it’s bad storytelling on my part, but I assumed Shitty, Holster, and Ransom would eventually, casually, just mention that Bitty wasn’t straight at times when it was relevant.

Also it’s Samwell. Everyone’s pretty much like “oh another gay guy, sweet, we’re catching up to the soccer team.”

I never wanted to do a momentous, tension-filled coming out scene with Jack, where Bitty flings back his heterosexual cloak and says, “Alas. I was gay all along! You sir–what are your sexual proclivities? Do I appeal?” And Jack blushes and stutters and flees Faber with his skates on, clutching tight to his bosom his awakened feelings for Bitty.

So to answer your question, Jack probably heard about it in passing and thought “oh that’s cool I wonder if there are chicken tenders in the dining hall today?”


Seriously. Everyone needs a little more anime man love in their life. Get Amnesia memories. IT’S IN ENGLISH PEOPLE.

Why you should play Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth


Description: You were just a girl consumed by wanderlust. Lin was just a boy determined not to lose you.

Word Count: 1108(short and shitty, just like me)

Note: I made this for a six-months-away-from-your-birthday birthday present for Taylor

Tags: @secretschuylersister

You were just a girl consumed by wanderlust.

You could never stay grounded or comfortable in one place. As you would settle in one, you would feel a calling in you, deep down in your stomach, that screamed out that there were new places; this time, places far away from anywhere you had been were screaming out for you. As if possessed by a wayward spirit, you left behind everything.

This time, you not only changed your location, you changed everything. You cut your hair, shearing it and letting your curls go wild and wind blown. You stopped wearing any makeup, and didn’t stay in one place for too long.

This time, you could never settle. You were always moving, and nothing was ever the same– well, one thing was.

You had been unable to change your phone number, too afraid to truly lose the love of your life. Lin was a constant, and you always updated him on where you were; postcards, letters, phone calls, texts. Anything and everything to make him feel less alone.

You had been in Australia for a while, spending time on the beaches, strolling through the Australia Zoo, and trying to get used to the differing hours when compared to the last place you’d been.

You were woken up at almost four in the morning, you phone ringing off the hook. You were considering not picking up and going back to sleep, until you saw Lin’s face pop up along with his number. You picked up instantly.

“Hello, love. How are you,” You said, trying to hide the exhaustion in your voice.

“Please come home,” he said almost immediately, barely giving you time to finish your greeting. “It’s just, Im miss you, and it ain’t home w-without you her.”

“Lin, are you drunk?” You sat up, prepared to call one of your friends in the city to watch him and make sure he stayed out of trouble.

“Yes,” he answered without hesitation, and you froze.

“Why are you drunk, love?” He almost never did this, never getting drunk and making phone calls like this without hesitation.

“Because it’s been a year,” he slurred, and ice spread slowly through your veins. Had it really been a year since you left? It felt like it had been only weeks, but you had truly spent a whole 365 days without getting held by and holding Lin in your arms.

“I’m sorry love, but-”

He cut you off, “I would offer to come to wherever you are, but I don’t know where you are right now. But if I did, we could watch The Shining mini-series together. We don’t even have to spoon! I-if we get comfortable, we can,” there was a long pause, “there are parts that are scary. But, we can-we can watch the miniseries.” He paused again, and you heard him audibly gulp, as if he was taking another drink of some sort of alcohol, “I’ll have the book, in hand. I have the old, first print edition,” he slurred out, and started to cry quietly.

“Don’t cry, love,” you whispered into the phone. You weren’t able to handle it. You were the reason he was drunk, the reason he was crying, the reason he sounded so heartbroken.

“I-I just miss you, so, so, so much.”

“I know, love,” you replied, trying to steel your nerves, “but I need you to call someone to pick you up, take you home, and watch you to make sure you’re alright.”

“I am home,” he spat, “and I’m on the phone with you.”

“You need someone to be with you in person. Call Oak, or Daveed. They can watch you.”

“Daveed, is off fucking some girl, and Oak is off trying to fuck some girl,” he replied, “and I just want to be with you.”

You closed your eyes, squeezing them shut, trying to keep tears from falling down your face. “I know, love, I know,” you took a deep breath, “just promise me that you’ll call someone. Try Anthony, or even Jasmine.”

“Anthony and Jasmine are-”

“Don’t say that they’re fucking each other,” you snapped. “Lin-Manuel, I don’t care who’s fucking who right now, I want you to call someone that isn’t me, and tell them you’re drunk. Or I will.”

“Fiiiiiine,” he drawled after a moment, “but, I still wanna see you.”

“I know, love.” You said your goodbyes, and hung up the phone. You collapsed back onto the pillows, burying your face in your hands. You stayed up the rest of the night, making a rock solid plan and booking flights.

When your plane touched down in New York, all the nervousness fluttered back into your mind like migrating butterflies, and you subconsciously bit at you lip, feeling it split open.

It was late, stars dotting the sky like pinholes in a black cloth, and you walked out of the airport alone, toting a bag. You hailed a taxi, jumping in, and feeling knotted up with apprehension, the butterflies refusing to leave you.

You knew Lin’s regular hangover routine, and by now he would be passed out all over again after a day of moping about and having a twelve hour headache.

You didn’t even bother knocking on the door to his apartment, choosing instead to grab the spare key from underneath of the mat and sneaking quietly into the apartment.

You were scared out of your skin when someone practically jumped you, pulling you into their arms and pressing you flush against their chest, murmuring into your hair that they couldn’t believe you were home.

“I’m here, love. I’m home,” you said, as Lin kissed your forehead after pulling away. “God, I missed you,” you breathed out, pulling him in for a kiss.

Soon enough, he had you pressed against the wall, his arms boxing you in, his mouth devouring yours. He was suddenly kissing you cheek, jaw, neck, shoulder. He pulled your shirt off, and you pulled off his, and you were being pulled into Lin’s bedroom, and everything was perfect.

“I missed you, so much,” he breathed out as he traced nonsense patterns along your bare side, kissing the top of your head.

“So did I.”

“Are you going to leave me again,” he asked, and you shook your head.

“If I ever feel like I need to, I’ll tote you along with me, or I’ll only be gone for a week. No more than that,” you promised, and Lin nodded.

“So,” you began, looking up at him, “do you wanna get to watching that miniseries you mentioned yesterday?”

“Absolutely,” he said, dropping a quick kiss on your forehead.


there are two kinds of people in this world

Taehyung: Cancer, Virgo, Pisces

Yoongi: Aquarius, Capricorn, Taurus

Jimin: Gemini, Libra, Leo

Hoseok: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Aries

anonymous asked:

What do you think of each others hair? Is Ouma jealous of the ahoge? Is Kiibo's hair spikier?

O: It’s so soft. When we don’t go out and he doesn’t put a buncha shitty material in there to make it super spikey I just want to bury my face in there. It doesn’t make sense. 

K:I also like Ouma-kun’s hair. He likes when I play with it (He’s touch starved all the time). 

O: Shut up! Don’t expose my weakness! And I’m not jealous of your stupid hair antennae. I’d rather my hair not get stuck in doorways or show when I’m super h-


O: Ack I love you! (don’t hurt me) Did I mention you’re so handsome! < 333

Expensive Headphones AU: Smartphone Hour

“Damnit, my phone died. Hey can I use your charger?” Rich asked as Michael pulled into the parking lot.
“Dude, I only have a flip phone.”
“A fli-who has flip phones anymore?” Rich didn’t understand it, Michael’s family had money so why the hell did he have such a shitty car and a freaking flip phone?
“Hey I will have you know it is a pretty awesome phone.”
“You have to hit the same button twice to get different letters how is that awe-” Rich was cut off by the car coming to a jerky stop.
“We’re here.” Getting out Michael grabbed his bag and was about to lock the door when Rich stopped him.
“Thanks again, for everything. Seriously, I could have-”
“Don’t mention it.” The bell tardy bell rang making Michael curse. “Shit, well now I have detention.”
“What if we go in together?”
“Mrs.Macnamera loves me, I’ll just say you were helping me with something and boom! No detention.”
“First off, you just said ,"and boom.” I have never heard anyone say that unironically. And second, I thought you didn’t want to be seen with me.“
"It’s just a one time thing. For last night.” Rich tried hiding his blush as he said this. Michael just shrugged his shoulders.
“OMG? Did anyone tell him?”
“I don’t think so.”
“Where did he go last night?”
“He left with some guy.”
“Which guy?”
“I don’t know but I think they were holding hands.”
“I didn’t think he was gay.” By now Rich was annoyed, everybody was talking about him and something that happened at Jake’s party. Someone, probably Jenna, saw him leave with Michael and now the rumor going around was that he was gay. Given it wouldn’t be gay because, yeah he’d had sex with girls before but whatever.
As Rich thought about this he spotted Jenna talking to a group of girls talking about the party.
“I can’t believe it, I mean who’d set Jake’s house on fire?”
‘Wait, what?’
“Jenna,” the group turned to see Rich *try* to swagger over to the group. Suddenly the SQUIP being gone set in as he realized he was talking to a girl again. This time with no voice to correct him. “What happened last night?”
“You didn’t hear? It’s everywhere.”
“My phone, uh, died.”
“Someone set Jake’s house on fire!” Rich paused to comprehend this.
“Holy shit, is Jake-?”
“He’s in the hospital, broke both his legs saving some girl. But that’s not what we need to talk about so last night I saw y-hey, where are you going?” Rich had left by the time Jenna had said hospital much to her dismay.
“Did his voice sound different to you?”
“Yeah, he said shit like thit.”
“Probably from whatever he was on last night.”
“But Dustin said-”
“Dustin is a lying bitch.”

Lord of Shadows spoilers

My warlock children are sick
And Livvy is dead
And Robert is dead
And Arthur is dead
And Ragnor Fell MIGHT be back but there’s no confirmation, and what if he IS alive but because of some weird necromancy and that’s why the warlocks are sick and he ends up dying ALL OVER AGAIN
And Ty is going to hurt SO MUCH
And what if this pushes Julian over the deep end like he is so RAPIDLY sliding down the hill from “morally gray” to “morally really dark gray” and just AHHHHH
And like come on guys YOU KNOW the Seelie Queen has some shit up her sleeve, the evil necromancy book is DEFINITELY NOT SAFER IN HER COURT ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

Also the part where Ty and Kit listed their favorite words just about killed me, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH
Also, if there is anything good in the world, the Christina x Kieran x Mark ship will be realized to it full and gloriously polyamorous potential

I mean, full honesty, I wasn’t especially invested when I started this book, but BOY DO I HAVE FEELINGS NOW

the mysterious benedict society is so important

  • the second character we meet is miss perumal, an indian woman
  • the team is composed of four different types of intelligence and they are all valued and no one belittles anyone else for being smart in a different way
  • amazing female characters in kate, constance, number two, rhonda, and miss perumal
  • it’s a rly cute story
  • it’s about abandoned children and how shitty institutions treat them
  • it’s also about how children are more intelligent and intuitive than adults and the whole story is about how no one pays attention to kids but really they speak the truth
  • it’s also about how family ties aren’t the strongest and that how families formed through friendship are unbreakable
  • it’s not ableist at all mr. benedict has narcolepsy and number two has insomnia and milligan is depressed in the first book and sticky has anxiety and reynie probably has some form of depression and it doesn’t at all affect their skills or amazingness or leadership or greatness or intelligence or ability
  • the story is rly cute and the characters are rly cute
  • poc!! sticky, rhonda, miss perumal
  • it’s super empowering for youth and shows how kids can solve problems often better than adults and mr. benedict repeatedly stresses that
  • did i mention how cute the story is

pinkuboa  asked:

I'm curious - what do you not like about modern pixel art/duelyst's pixel art? :o

so ok ive gone on about how pixel art is not supposed to be a literal representation of something right? like because it’s a technically limited medium you can only get so close to an accurate representation because eventually you’ll get obfuscated by pixels and the audience will inevitably be like ‘i dont know what that is’ but that’s ok, because engaging the audience’s imagination is the point of any good fiction, and the audience filling in the (deliberate or otherwise) gaps in the apparent design allows the player to come up with their own interesting interpretations and get inspired

if not: that’s the nutshell for my argument for pixel art. pixel art is good because it’s sort of shit but in a way that makes you actually think about things and what they are, could be, and are supposed to be, and even the flaws point you in the direction of cool shit

as opposed to say the general trend of modern game art, which is more literal; if you see something, the game expects you to take it completely 100% literally and matter-of-factly. there’s no room for interpretation, just an image of a pretty thing that you can offhandedly consume and then just move past or, if they get really lucky, you get inspired but not necessarily due to any thought process or intrigue on the game’s side: just because the art was pretty, and you want to copy that exact style of art. but that’s still not the point. the point is to just be pretty

and really i’m pretty ok with that though because like, i can’t expect AAA games to build games that are deliberately unclear. that’s not why they make games. they make games to sell, not inspire new games (if anything they want to actively discourage people making new video games because then that makes more competition) ([distant screaming]) and the games that they make do sell, so like, whatever. as long as AAA games get people into video games, and those people explore their tastes, and those tastes lead them to play more interesting games and think and grow as people and maybe even developers, then i’m content, and i can suffer through another dozen ubisoft/bioware/bethesda cash grab (as long as they throw me a bone and i get a new vegas or somethin like once in a while too)

but the problem is that on the niche-ass experimental-ass indie level (and i dont mean like fuckin walking simulators per se i mean like fuckin Aces Wild and Risk of Rain and Enter the Gungeon and the shit that would NEVER fly in the main market), modern game art still exists, with still the same basic logic (that people buy pretty things) but there’s this big key problem here and it’s that pixel art still looks like shit


like no matter what you do pixel art is still low resolution, chunky, clumsy to animate and hard to read so making it really pretty pixel art with smooth animations (which i actually sort of dont like in general) (drop your frames, kids) and perfectly proportioned bodies is just spending a bunch of time on something that will make something look ‘objectively better’ but not only remove what’s unique about the game but make it look more like the shitty homogenized master-of-none blob that is the AAA industry

it’s like someone looking at a motorcycle and saying like ‘but cars are better, though’ so they take an arc welder, some starving art student, and $30,000 and turn it into this

like good job idiot you’ve taken all of the shitty parts of a motorcycle and merged it with all the shitty parts of a car

a motorcycle is supposed to get you to go where you want to go. a car is supposed to get you, your friends, and possibly you and your friend’s things to where you want to go. making a car-shaped motorcycle makes a heavier motorcycle that is worse at getting you where you want to go and it doesnt even have any of the other perks that fuckin cars have like driving around friends and sleeping in the back seat so like what the fuck

why did you do that

like i mention duelyst in particular cause it’s really fuckin egregious. the pixel art doesnt interact. i’m not sure the sprites even like touch one another on purpose or anything. it’s undynamic, all the animations are completely prebaked, once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all, and none of them are interesting. it’s not even like fighting games or like mecha shit where the attack is like emblematic of their character or like really over the top or something they all do the same cliche poses and all have the same pocket particle effects

i could actually pick on like a bunch of people for this (paul robertson comes to mind too in particular) but for the sake of expressing my point i’m gonna keep ragging on duelyst

anyway, here’s blue shell rabbit. he’s got a sword. his special attack is that he swings the sword and it explodes

‘here’s the lore’ the game says. ‘if you read this it will all make sense’

nothing about it doesn’t make sense

nothing about this character is making me ask any questions

and to be clear this isnt like a general disposition toward ‘good’ pixel art it’s really more of a general disposition toward uncreative pixel art that uses smooth animations and ‘good color choice’ (read: the same soulless machine-baked palette of ‘fantasy colors’ that is either completely divested or actively fighting the environment every time) to mask what feels like they didnt even try to hide that you can accurately describe their character on a spreadsheet

• blue
• sword
• explosion
• bunny
    • turtle

cause like

you can have ‘holy fuck’ and ‘what is that’ in the same sentence

i mean there’s actually a certain level of art to that too, and it’s actually sort of unfair to duelyst because i know they’re making a fuckin league of legends style hero game and i know they cant spend much time on each character because i know they have other characters to get done but like

i wish they fuckin wouldnt

More of a fuck bosses thing, but, well long story short I had to make a dessert for an event​ last minute (in about 30 minutes time) bc my fucking boss can’t say no to an opportunity to make money ever, which sounds great but he doesn’t think ahead about these things and gets screwed over by his own hastiness sometimes, like this time. 

I work at a cafe and someone had called at about 6:30pm asking for any desserts that we had that he could take to an event THAT NIGHT, THAT WAS STARTING IN HALF AN HOUR (I didn’t even know this at the time). My boss looked at me because I was the only one in the store atm who did any sweets. He asked me what I could “whip up” in 30 minutes for this guy. I said I could get brownies done in about that time. Jsyk this is such a ridiculous request given the context of we were closing soon and we’ve had recent problems with our oven here, AND IT’S SUCH SHORT NOTICE. But I say I can because brownies are easy and my boss was pushing me to do it and get it done fast. 

Well… Shit did go wrong. The oven was acting up and the brownies didn’t come out right, not to mention they were super late from when they were supposed to be done. This was compounded by both my bosses rushing me, making me so stressed out and start to panic that I tried to get them out sooner than when I was supposed to and they got ruined. “She (me) told me she could get them done.” Like it’s all my fault. Well, jackass, perhaps if everything was going right from the get go, perhaps if the oven wasn’t shitty, perhaps if I had had all the correct ingredients and didn’t have to improvise (which I have to do pretty much every time I try to bake something), perhaps if you’d used your fucking head and didn’t promise people food for an event​ the day of that was starting in half an hour’s time, perhaps if you and the other owner hadn’t fucking rushed me like I can control how fast things cook and shit, fuck, MAYBE if you’d changed one of these things all of this wouldn’t have happened. Really, like honestly, fuck them. It seems like things are just getting worse and worse at this job. I’m going to look for another job soon.

i hope you don’t mind but i’m gonna rant a bit here cause i need to get this off my chest!! firstly, i just wanna say the hq!! fandom is probably one of the best fandoms i’ve been in for a few years now and i’m v happy in it, but the length this fandom goes to either paint oikawa to be the devil himself, or a literal angel who’s done no wrong is amazing. like, he is probably one of THE most complex characters in hq!! too, and making him out to be either good or bad just ruins everything about his characters that makes him so great in the first place.

(before i go on, i want to mention, the post that made me mad enough to type this went something like “here’s a list of all the reasons why oiks is perfect and good, but nooo keep calling him mean n petty” and basically just overlooked how shitty he treated kageyama, and ushijima (to a degree since ushi did retaliate in his own kinda way but that’s a whole different story and tbh, i could write a novel-length essay based on oiks relationship w/ both ushi and kags hahah).

On the other hand, the amount of posts just villainising him (mostly either new ppl to the fandom who don’t really know his character, or shiratorizawa fans in my experience tho i won’t say they are the only ones who do it cause i don’t want to generalise or anything) absolutely astounds me, so the aforementioned post just pushed me over the edge.

I won’t post a link to the post bc I don’t want to start anything, bc in the end Oikawa is just a fictional character, but I thought this was worth mentioning bc i do reference little pieces of this post, below.)

Okay, continuing on w/ the rest of Oik’s character analysis.

on one hand, he is extremely hard-working and dedicated to his goals, and he is loyal af to his teammates, but on the other, he’s so petty and spiteful, and prideful and while having pride isn’t necessarily a bad thing, having too much pride is. And what’s more is both of these sides of him can be clearly seen within the manga/anime so to ignore one side is just confusing as hell to me.

An example highlighting the negative side of his personality would be his canon relationship with Ushijima. From what i can gather from both the manga and the anime, there are two main reasons why Oikawa really doesn’t like Ushijima; the first would be simply because he always lost to Ushijima i.e. he’s a sore loser, but let me elaborate on this since it’s a bit more complicated. Since he is so dedicated and hard-working, it definitely hurt him a lot that he never won and that is both fair, and expected but A) Ushijima didn’t win just to spite/be mean to Oikawa, he won bc that is the logical thing to do (why tf would u play a sport where u don’t want to win); and B) in canon, it is never stated (and def correct me if i’m wrong here) that Ushijima did not work just as hard to get as good as he is so saying he doesn’t deserve to win is hypocritical af (also, i don’t think he was said to be a genius like Kags or Noya but i might be wrong on this again so take this with a pinch of salt). And so, bc one of the reasons why he dislikes Ushijima is just simply bc he keeps on losing to him, it kinda makes him a petty asshole.

However, the second reason why he dislikes Ushijima highlights the better side of his personality, mainly how loyal he is towards his team, and that reason is bc of what Ushijima says to Oikawa about his choice of school, and the strength of his teammates (despite the fact that Ushi wasn’t intending to be mean - nonetheless, he did offend/insult Oikawa AND stick his nose where it didn’t belong but this is another thing entirely, so i won’t get into that rn). The best (and only, i think) example of this is Season 2 Ep 25 where Ushijima says to Oikawa that he chose the wrong path, to which Oikawa defended both himself and his team by saying that he did not choose the wrong path and that his volleyball career isn’t over just because he never won and went to nationals. This clearly shows both his resilient nature, knowing that just bc he never went to nationals in high school, doesn’t mean that his vball career is over; and his loyal nature, towards his team as he doesn’t blame them for being the reason why he never went to nationals (despite this being an easy option), and instead feels pride (the good kind) towards his team, and the effort they had made.

Season 2 Ep 25/Chapter 148)

Despite this Oikawa still acts shitty towards people he doesn’t like. A point that was made in the aforementioned post that made me mad, was that, how Oikawa treated Kageyama had little to no effect on him (Kags) later, and that Oikawa felt some sort of remorse towards Kageyama after almost physically attacking him. (And while i must agree that the post did have a few good points highlighting the good sides of his personality, I don’t agree with this point). It is shown multiple times throughout both the anime and the manga, that Kageyama both doesn’t like, and somewhat fears Oikawa and while this is partially due to his skill as a setter, another reason why, is how Oikawa treated him in middle school. If he were intimidated by other setters purely by their skill level and their experiences as a setter, he would not be so intently interested in Kenma back in Season 1 Ep 13/Chapter, or would not be as jealous as he was when he heard Tsukishima had trained with Akaashi (I can’t exactly remember nor find where this was, but I think it was during either the Karasuno VS Seijoh match in Season 2, or the Karasuno VS Shiratorizawa match); but as he not intimidated by them, it shows that there is something else about Oikawa that unnerves him, and that is Oikawa’s personality and how he treated/treats Kageyama. Kageyama even said himself during the Shiratorizawa match in Ep 2 that Oikawa is the only person who scares him. To have such an effect on a person, that Oikawa has on Kageyama shows just how dreadfully Oikawa treated him in middle school and how that effect still lingers despite Kageyama and Oikawa having little contact with each other.

(Season 1 Ep 11/Chapter 27)

(Season 1 Ep 13/Chapter 34)

However, Oikawa slightly redeems himself with another example that draws attention to the better side of his personality, and that can be seen when Kags asked Oikawa for advice during Season 2, Ep 6, and Oikawa actually did give Kageyama some very helpful advice (albeit in a less than polite manner, but still give credit where credit is due). From this, it’s very obvious to see how much he has matured during high school because he would NOT have done that during middle school looking at how he treated kageyama back then. This means that he has grown enough as a person to recognise the immature nature of his actions and change them accordingly.

(Season 2 Ep 6/Chapter 83)

(can we also just stop and appreciate how pretty oiks looks in that last panel?)

So i think that trying to portray Oikawa as someone who is either villainous (bc of how he treats/treated kageyama and ushijima) or angelic/a victim (bc of how the fandom or ushijima(again) treats him) kinda just, diminishes everything that makes him such a great character in the first place, and that just makes me really mad tbh.

Oikawa just deserves so much better than how a significant percentage of the fandom portrays him :/

( sorry if some parts don’t make much sense!! >.< this is the first time i’ve actually written a character analysis thingy like this so my thoughts might be everywhere^^)

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