did i mention they are shitty


Here’s the short shitty film that me and @that-friendly-neighborhood-gay made in the span of around 9 hours!!! 👉😎👉
They did the rough storyboarding and sound editing, I did the keyframes, and both of us paired with our friend Trevor created the concept and wrote the script together!

in this post, OP was talking about how much Viktor wanted to hold Yuuri and how this was a gesture of comfort for both of them, and I was reminded about this scene, which was short but had so much impact on me. I had to make a shitty gif to demonstrate but jeez you can really see

1. Viktor was holding Yuuri really tight

2. How much strength Yuuri had to use to push Viktor away And he did push really hard: arm straightened, heels dug in, not to mention fact number one Viktor was holding him really tight and he managed to dislodge Viktor entirely

3. How Viktor was taken by surprise but still resisted being pushed away and tried to cling onto Yuuri and I swore my heart stopped beating for a sec

I can probably talk (and cry) about this ending for the entire week leading up to the next episode because it’s just packed full of emotions and every little scene can be interpreted in some way that just screams ‘they’re so in love’

I‘m sure no matter how often I say this, I’m not saying it often enough, so did you know…

Sexualizing aces is gross.

Sexualizing aros is gross.

Telling us talking about our orientations is “TMI” is shitty and vile.

Telling us “no one cares we don’t want to f*ck” is shitty and vile.

Telling us we “just want to f*ck and not call the next day (and/or not treat the other person like a human being)” is shitty and vile.

Sexualizing and dehumanizing aces and aros is vile, period, and if you do it or condone it I don’t care about your excuses, you’re full of shit, because this crap is terrible and can do so much damage to us. Especially in regards to various forms of oppression we may experience, but it’s also just vile and toxic in general.

Do not do this to ppl ever


(once again low quality)

Philip coming out to Helen and Gabe - via Livestream from It Gets Better Project’s facebook page (source deleted)

Things that DON'T help when I'm splitting or having another form of BPD Moment :

-ignoring me
-telling me I’m being crazy
-bringing up my illness
-yelling at me
-telling me you’ll only talk to me when I “calm down”
-“tough love”
-ignoring me
-ignoring me
-not responding
-did I mention ignoring me ?


Here’s my major issue with how Jasper is treated.

Both Lapis and Peridot got a second chance.

Lapis, who nearly drowned two children, broke Greg’s leg and stole the ocean, got a second chance.

Peridot, who almost killed Steven, knew about the Cluster and returned with a space ship that almost destroyed Beach City, got a second chance.

But Jasper doesn’t?

Yes, I know Jasper has done terrible things but it seems really unfair that both Lapis and Peridot have gotten to be forgiven but Jasper hasn’t. Not to mention I feel like people are so willing to forgive Lapis but not Jasper. Why? Lapis, if anything, she just as bad as Jasper if not worse. I mean thanks to the way the writers handle her, Lapis comes off as cruel instead of aloof. Like I hate Lapis so much right now because instead of you know, apologizing for some of the shitty things she did, she just acts like she didn’t really do anything wrong.

Something about how the writers of SU treat Jasper really bugs me. I don’t know if it’s because she’s one of the few buff characters on the show or what but I am really sick of how she is treated.

OK BUT did anyone kind of freak when the cop said “You visited Mikhailo Alexsandr Milcovich in prison on multiple occasions

because he said MULTIPLE occasions. (I mean I was already hoping that was a thing but its NEVER been mentioned that hes visited Mickey since the last arrest except for that one shitty time with Svetlana.)

I’m still nervous to see what happens and how they play gallavich’s relationship but hearing Ian say Mickey’s name again was so good.

petition to make a new transformers series that is as shittily animated as g1, but it’s the MTMTE but just the shittiest animation and i want it all done traditionally and shittily
and i want cyclonus to look like his g1 design with no explanation and you got the touch is playing quietly in the bg every time Rodimus is doing something heroic and shitty animation
and optimus prime’s trailer is back
and whenever chromedome and rewind are sharing an intimate moment, the old anime love bubbles/floral pattern trope appears because we’re this far in the modern era that we can start bastardizing anime and did i mention shitty animation

im pretty sure the kids will love it, the toys will sell like hot cakes, bring back MTMTE 1984


there are two kinds of people in this world

Taehyung: Cancer, Virgo, Pisces

Yoongi: Aquarius, Capricorn, Taurus

Jimin: Gemini, Libra, Leo

Hoseok: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Aries

Day 4 (and 5): 12 Days of CP! Christmas

(Prompt list here)

Shopping for gifts

A/N: I’m skipping day 5’s prompt because I accidently already did it for Day 1. Wwooooooops.

“…and so after that we all just came back to the Haus and dried off. But now I can’t look Ransom in the eye ever again.”

Jack chuckled into the phone, idly stirring his reheated dinner with a spoon. “I wish I’d been there to see that. Shitty would be so proud of you.”

“Shitty shouldn’t be proud of half the things Shitty is proud of,” Bittle said with a sigh. “Anyway, what are you doing tomorrow? No practice in the morning, right?”

“Nah, rest day. I think I’ll go to the rink anyway and use the gym-”

“Do you even know what a rest day is, Jack?”

“- and then I’ve got to go to the mall,” Jack continued, ignoring the chirp. He popped a spoonful of risotto in his mouth and talked around it. “I’m thinking in the afternoon I’ll try to finish that book Holster gave me about the stock market and the Great Depression? You know the one that’s been sitting on my bedside table since July-”

“Jack Zimmerman, you’re going to a mall?”

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I just finished watching One Day at a Time on Netflix and honestly it was the best show I’ve watched in a long long time

Most shows don’t make me want to keep watching and keep watching but this little comedy about life did like holy shit its good

It stars three generations of a Cuban American family all under one roof. and there’s a straight and white guy who isn’t Straight™ and White™. plus it’s veteran inclusive and doesn’t hide the hard stuff like PTSD, depression, anxiety, and how shitty the VA is and and it’s LGBT+ inclines and the 15 year old daughter is a badass feminist oh and did I mention that the veteran who’s going through all this stuff is the single mom of two and the star of the show. 

So go and watch One Day at a Time your life will be better because of it 

I seriously want to love female characters so few things pain me more than when women are written in a shitty two-dimensional senseless (usually sexist) way that makes it so easy to dislike them. I feel like sometimes loving female characters by shitty male writers takes too much effort? I feel like trying to stan for them is like being Sherlock Holmes. You gotta do all the detective work like: maybe she did this because of this reason, or maybe it’s because this happened when she was a kid, or maybe she didn’t mean it like that…

I could mention a show in particular but I realised it applies to at least ten I can think of on the spot so yeah, I really hate that.

oh when I did the mission to rescue the ex-Cerberus scientists while catching up with Jacob he was like “Yeah I wanna have a family” and then when Shepard responded with “Yeah I get that” Jacob got all serious and said something like “No, the Normandy will always be your first love” (not to mention that Kaidan, whom I’m romancing, is literally standing right next to them during this exchange)

is that just something Jacob says to a Renegade Shepard? because frankly it was kinda rude and uncalled for and I’m so petty that I didn’t invite him to the Citadel party because of it. 

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Why everyone has mention "yuuri's novel"?? Did I miss something?

It was a little bit of worldbuilding I did ages ago when I was talking about how Hollywood made a shitty movie adaptation about their lives that got a lot of stuff wrong and so Viktor eventually convinced Yuuri to write a book about their lives to make sure everyone knew the truth

I’ll Cheer You Up Forever (Steve Rogers x reader)

requested by @pandarosita : Can I request some fluffy af Steve???? I’m desperate with today smdh [~1100 words]

warings: language (as always, it feels like), mentions of blood, fluff

A/N: after the amazing (notice the sarcasm) results of the election, I feel like everyone needs some fluffy Steve to comfort them. also, I have never written Steve and I hope it turned out alright. fun fact: the thing with the bleeding knee was inspired by one of my shitty mornigs.

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Today was definitely not your day.

Immediately after waking up, you had known that something (or rather everything, as it turned out) would go wrong.

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