did i mention that i love this show

can you fucking imagine this though?????

interviewer: soooo did you guys ever give out any hints?

harry: umm well i’d normally tweet some very weird, almost too difficult to decode tweets which if well-interpretated could mean that i’m in fact gay. i also admitted to be dating louis to a camera a couple times. 99% of the time i’d address my possible love partner as ‘someone’ as well, so that people could maybe see i was never mentioning girls

louis: well i’ve publicly showed jealousy towards any human being who has ever approached harry. i’ve had to cover up several boners that i got just looking at him. i was drunk once and i tried to kiss him cause i forgot there where any other people in the planet. we also learned sign language to communicate when we were told not to go near each other.

harry: no big deal


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Should I watch Buffy?

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So this little adorable sunshine is Buffy and obviously the main character. You will love her and want to wrap her in a blanket but she’ll probably be too busy cutting a demons head off to let you. Heartbreak, depression, high school she’s been through it all. She’s literally the shows symbol for feminism?? Like I just love her so much. 

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And like she’s got the fucking best crew around? Literally you will honestly have a love-hate relationship with every single one of them, but you will end up loving most if not all of the scoobies (they literally call themselves the scooby gang what dorks)

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Did I mention that Buffy was the first show to have a main long lasting lesbian relationship?? Because it’s v important.

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Important life lessons!! I imagine if you follow me you probably watch Girl Meets World? LOOK THESE LESSONS ARE BEAUTIFUL AND LIKE I STILL REMIND MYSELF THAT FORGIVENESS IS AN ACT OF COMPASSION EVERYDAY OKAY??

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THE STORY TELLING! There is sooo much foreshadowing and parallelism in this show its amazing. Buffy herself parallels 3 people off the top of my head, but Faith being the obvious one.

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LOOK AT THE NINETIES FASHION I CRY. No but really this show is so old that the fate of the world relays on a lost floppy disc and they don’t get cell phones till season 7

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and then you cry some

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and then you laugh

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some supernatural shit goes down

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and watch some ass kicking.

So in short: yes, watch it. 

you know what I don’t talk enough about? my love for “Grey’s Anatomy”. 

They’ve been on eleven years and they continue to have complicated stories and interesting multifaceted characters. 

Not to mention the diversity on the show isn’t comparable to any other network show I can think of.

Plus they are the winner when it comes to character development- like seriously impressive character growth that makes sense and doesn’t feel forced. Not to mention they have managed to do relationship problems that have nothing to do with cheating or love triangles. 

They have strong as fuck, complicated, imperfect, diverse female characters that support each other. Like female friendship and leadership is a huge theme in the show. 

On top of all this it manages to be funny, still have great plot twists, and they did a great musical and au episode. 

I have so much faith in this show that despite in the last season they got ride of some of my fave characters and broke up some of my fave couples- I’m going back for more. 

so if you never watched it (because you thought it was a soap opera), or you were to young when it started to pay it notice. I highly suggest you give it a try. 

end of (for once positive) rant.

The Wanders

I believe “The Wanders” is the greatest cartoon ever made, for one simple reason: my son Charlie came up with the idea.

At the time he was 5 years old, but had taken a particular interest in the writing for season two. Every night at dinner he would pitch me ideas for episodes. When I mentioned that the executives had asked us to show more sides of Wander, he pitched an idea about a magic cave.

Craig loved the story, so did the studio, and just like that Charlie’s cartoon was in production.

Being a six-year-old writer comes with a lot of perks. You get to miss a lot of school to go to the Disney Studio for things like storyboard pitches, and voice records. He got to meet Craig and Jack and April, and they all took the time to make him feel welcome.

A big thanks is due to everyone involved in the cartoon. They all poured a lot of love into “Charlie’s cartoon,” and it shows.

Craig McCracken and Scott Petersons’ script poured tons of heart into the story. You’re going to get choked up at the end. Just give in and weep.

Jack and April delivered outstanding performances.

Mark Ackland’s storyboard masterfully presented a complex idea in a way that is not only easy to understand but delightful to watch.

Alex Kirwan, Leticia Lacy and the entire art department went above and beyond to make the episode absolutely GORGEOUS.

Gill Comerford and the entire team at Boulder Media outdid themselves yet again. I still can’t get over how great the animation is in this episode. Fellow animators - look upon it and dispair!!

 Andy Bean’s score hits all the right emotional notes. Again, more weeping!

 And Eric Freedman’s mix has never sounded sweeter!

 So as you watch tonight’s episode, think of Charlie. He’s has waited 18 long months for this moment, and I couldn’t be prouder.

I’m literally crying because:

1. Carlos is to precious for this word
2. He is too pure
3. And perfect
4. He’s the cuties thing I have ever seen
5. The hair, the fUCKING HAIR
6. The smile, is something more beautiful? no tHeres NOT
7. Her mother hit him (a lot) and he’s still showing the fucKING smile
8. Her mother Tell him that he is worthless
9. And that’s the worst lie a have ever hear
10. Her mother is a bitch
11. Jay is in love with Carlos
12. Carlos is in love with Jay
13: Did I already mentioned that he is to beautiful and pure and good?????????
14. Carlos let me hug yoU please
15. Jay and Carlos need to kiss, like right know
16. (And do other things of course *pervert smile here*)
17. He is a precious cinnamon roll

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Alicks Headcanon: They don't kiss on the lips. They do eskimo kisses and find them as the most intimate way to show their affection to one another. When Amy mentioned to Sticks that a couple should always have their first real kiss, she talked to Alex about it & they agreed to give it a try. When they did, they freaked out b/c of the crazy sensation it gave them & were convinced it's just a secret mind-control type of PDA the government enforced long ago as tradition & agreed not to do it often.

That is so perfect! I love everything about that! Yes! This made one-true-lloyd genuinely laugh when I read it to him too :D

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What is RWBY about? It seems interesting and you seem to know about the topic. Oh, also, did you mention carcaptors once? as in sakura? (if not its ok, im sorry, i love that manga) Good luck with anons!

Okay so RWBY right?

It’s made by Roosterteeth, and basically it’s a lot of this:

(Like. A LOT of this:)

A fair bit of this:

And most memorably:

  All packed with an amazingly cool soundtrack and cool-ass character and weapon designs, like, WOW the designs in this show are cool.

  I’m not all too good at plot descriptions but basically it’s a bloody awesome show and it’s definitely worth giving it a go!

  (It might be a good idea to start with the trailers (Red|White|Black|Yellow) and see if it seems like your kind of thing - that’s probably a better move than judging it purely on this answer XD)

  Also; feckin’ probably. Cardcaptors is the shit.


AYOOO I totally meant to post this earlier! ;3; This was one of the biggest commissions I’ve ever done, for none other than the amazing shirobutterfly! She wanted Femme!Rodimus, Femme!Swerve, and TFA Red Alert all together in the charlie’s angels pose. She had mentioned that it was for her and her two lovely friends who went as these characters at Botcon this year, which I was more than eager to make for them XD I had LOADS of fun playing with each character’s personality through their poses. Alex Milne thought I did a good job gender bending Rod too when I showed him at TFcon, which made my poor little heart do backflips with joy ;u;

Click here if you’re interested in commissioning me!!

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Have to say I agree with all ur worries about the future of Hannibal & the intro of Clarice (who I am a huge fan of). Don't know if Bryan's on the wind up but he seems to have forgotten to mention Will in any of his season 5 plans whereas before he was always mentioned. After all this is the Will and Hannibal story & that's why I've invested my time and passion into the show over the last 3 years, if Bryan does bring Clarice in romantically in season 5, it will feel like such a slap in the face!

Bryan did such an amazing job with Hannibal and Will, so much that I don’t think anyone would want Hannibal to just forget about Will and move on with another ‘prey’. Or else, Will wouldn't have been that special and unique if Hannibal finds someone else.

I love Bryan and his ideas, I’m so excited for a potential season 5 with Clarice and James Gumb, Ardelia who I love so much, but I really don’t want to see Hannibal falling in love again, trying to change Clarice like he did with Will.

I love Clannibal in the books, but as you said, Bryan has always said that the show Hannibal was about Hannibal and Will and I loved it, I love Hannigram too much now, it’s too late for me to enjoy a potential romance between Hannibal and anyone else now.

A friend of mine (who is a NS fan) sent me a cute small collage that had Sai’s quote to relate with the pictures. I found the idea so interesting that I did my own version with LeeTen.

As I hate how some shippers use materal not related to their pairing and never mention the source I’m not going to do the same. I have no problem saying that the frame belonged to another pairing when I first saw it:


So I hope the author (who I don’t know who it is) is not mad at me for using the frame (if you are, send me a PM and I’ll correct it inmediately). I love the idea of using Sai’s quote with canon manga shots; also, this is my way to show how I much I approve on this as I think Sai’s words really meant something and also fit my adorable dorks (Lee + TenTen) relationship.

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All right, your turn! :) I'm curious about your perspective on Keen2 in general. What's the Jacob theory you mentioned about the "newlyweds" scene? What would you hope they would say if they did get that honesty hour? (which I agree they could use 1000%!) How would you like to see him fit into S3?

Oh Keen2. Definitely my OTP of the show. I’m going to break this down by question, so it might get rather lengthy. Apologies.

Honestly, shipping Keen2 probably starts with the way I came across the show. I’m a history nerd and watched the History Channel’s Sons of Liberty miniseries that was on a while back. Ryan Eggold played my historical hero. I fell in love with his acting and my roomie and I went on a search for anything else he’d been in. I came across a show called The Blacklist (and was doomed from thereon out lol).

The first thing that got me was Tom and Liz’s chemistry. The way they move around and tease each other through that first scene just feels so real to me. They’re 100% comfortable with each other in a way that never struck me as fake, even when it was revealed who Jacob was.

 Going back and rewatching S1 after finding out about his past, you can see all the little things that only served to strengthen the fact that he was in love with her the whole time, and, I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for a well-written forbidden romance. The idea that he fell for her, against all odds, and quite literally risked his life to be with her still leaves me with the warm and fuzzies. Jacob isn’t a Raymond Reddington. He’s a footsoldier. He takes orders, he doesn’t give them. I imagine that he probably never thought about wanting anything particularly for himself and likely saw romance and the idea of buying a house, settling down, having a dog/family, etc etc, not only farfetched, but a hassle that didn’t fit with his line of work, which meant everything to him at one time. Then he meets Liz and he’s willing to throw everything away for a chance to be with her. If we believe Red’s confession (and I do) to Liz, he made it abundantly clear that Jacob was to remain at arm’s length. Somehow Jacob got close enough that he got to know her, though, and it shifted his entire outlook on life. His decision making from that point started to focus on the goal of being with her over the job that he was hired to do, which for a man like him would have been a complete break from his pattern. The Major makes the statement to Red that there were no previous signs that something like this even could have happened with Jacob, proving once again that Jacob’s feelings for Liz are a first for him.

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Did I ever tell you guys that when I first started reading Sterek fics magic!Stiles was so common and casually mentioned that I, a Teen Wolf fan of three years, sincerely and legitimately questioned if I had somehow missed this big part of the show where Stiles developed magic

It took me so much longer than I was willing to admit to realize that it was just a probably true in the future trope

Ok Hetalia Fandom

I know all of this have been completely overwhelming and even I am upset over this. But even with all of this, I will not stop loving Hetalia. I love this show dearly and all the characters in it. The fandom is not to blame for Scott’s actions because the fandom did nothing but showed support and love to him during his time as the voice actor of England.

I know many people that don’t like Hetalia will say otherwise and may continue to try to make fun of the fandom because of ‘what they did’ but the reality is they didn’t do anything. The fandom can be hard but then again which fandom isn’t. I could care less on what people think about me loving Hetalia because it’s a show I enjoy and no one can take that away from me. I’ve invested in the characters in many ways and I don’t plan on losing interest any time soon.

Not to mention England is my favorite character of all time (along with Seychelles, the precious babe!) and I still love him, but I also know he is just a character and has no connections with Scott other than the fact he provided a voice for him.

Marrish Week Day One


Day One- Favorite Scene

Oh man, there are so many to choose from. I loved the “I’ll bring coffee at Midnight” scene. This is the first time we got to see them full fledgedly flirting. I loved their scenes in s4 but we didn’t get any overtly flirting, it was more subtle.This scene we get smiles and joking and did I mention smiles? I loved this scene because we see Parrish’s appreciation of Lydia and how awestruck he is. And we get Lydia’s appreciation of Parrish. She’s grateful for him looking after Tracy even though it might be nothing. And he’s so grateful for her spending time going through dusty books trying to help him figure out what he is. That’s what I love about them their always helping eachother and are so appreciative of the help. This scene sets up their dynamic up really well. I feel like it shows how Parrish is. Since she offers to keep him company and he respectfully declines because she is still a high school student after all. I feel like before this he didn’t really spend time with her outside of work. I think he thought it would be inappropriate since she’s in high school and he thought she’d probably be busy with all of her classes. So when she tells him she only has one class it shows that he’s impressed that she’s so smart that she could’ve graduated early if she wanted to. And it kind of gives him the idea that yeah it’s OK to spend some alone time with this amazing girl.

So anyway, that’s why that is my favorite scene. There are soooooooo maby great Marrish scenes I really love them all. HAPPY MARRISH WEEK!!!!!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀