did i mention that i love kitty


Haikyuu!! x Neko Atsume [Part 2]

[Part 1 here!!]

Since y’all seemed to really like the first set, I made some more! So here’s Suga and Daichi! Along with Aone and Terushima too `v´ Again based on the cats I named after the characters haha // Did I mention pretty much all my cats are named after Haikyuu characters? What a nerd am I right // But I like it so it good :3c

I’m open for sugestion on who should come up next btw!


More spookyness! OoooOOooOoOoOOOOooo!!

As I’d mentioned earlier, I found the witch and candy corn kitty by the original artist on DeviantArt, and just had to do them too. So I did!

Bonus picture of them in our kitchen window, with a lovely amount of glare!

  • kitty to anyone but kurt: i love kurt wagner so much hes so great. fuck u if you dont like him he is literally the most amazing person in the whole world he is so pure. did u know he spent a week learning to moonwalk and like he still cant do it just right but he just has such a good time doing it and how can u not like him he is literally the sunshine and i love him. he is mine. i hug him anytime i want and he is my best friend. see this bracelet? he made it for me. ok i made it but he tried to make it bc he is the best but he cant actually tie knots but he did his best okay and his effort was 100000% appreciated and did i mention i love kurt wagner.
  • kitty to kurt: ew ur such a nerd go away.
reasons why shipping carzekiel is nice:
  • he’s a grown ass man and acts like it
  • they both faked it until they made it
  • he treated her respectfully before and after she tried to leave even when he didn’t have to
  • they had good scene of honest conversation 
  • nothing in their interactions could be considered “forced romantic” that was just plain chemistry whether you interpreted platonic or not 
  • he showed up to her door with a pomegranate and a tiger
  • did i mention he’s a king?
  • carol wouldn’t have to coddle his ass in a relationship and constantly wipe away his mainpains
  • hes a fucking drama nerd with a pet tiger how cool is that
  • like richonne has colts and katanas carzekiel has a fucking giant ass kitty and pomegranates 
  • i love this ship bye
  • the fact that its got other shippers all twitchy means that they feel threatened which is a good sign probably
  • i declare we start calling this frosted flakes and chill
  • carol would literally be a queen if they got together

I should share the actor AU so people can love it us much as we do omg

Klance AU where Keith is a famous actor and Lance is a semi-well-known dancer/coreographer/etc and Lance helps Keith learn his dances because he cant dance for shit and picks him up after his filming sessions and basically runs his snapchat and posts all these silly videos because heck he needs to share Keith being this fucking cute how can he not share his husband being this cute (did I forget to mention they’re totally married??) and he listens to Keith complain about the paparazzi and his wild fans (he’s willing to throw the full box of kitty litter at the pap if they keep bothering them, and he totally teases Keith because even though he makes it known they’re married Keith still gets hit with teenage girls just assuming he’s metrosexual and calling him daddy.) and Keith helps him get his first big coreography/dance job and??

Guys I love this AU 

I DON’T KNOW WHO TO PICK-coming soon

Have I ever mentioned that I love reverse harems?! If I didn’t, then now I did! I watched a few and decided to make one myself! I made a “cover” for the thing, but I still haven’t designed all the boys!

More will be coming soon!

The girl’s name is Mayu and she’ll be the main character ^~^

Anyways, hope you like it!



Tag Game

Rules: Tag some people you’d like to know better.

I was tagged by @the-blue-carbuncle, thank you lovely I’m sorry it took me so long! :)

Relationship Status: Married

Favorite Color: I like black, green and purple in no particular order.

Pets: Two kitties, Wiff and Lux. They are both rescues and have sad origin stories.

Last song I listened to: Annabel Jones x Nebbra - Stay

Favorite TV show: Sherlock, I’m not really into TV at all I don’t have the attention span for it. I prefer books. I have also enjoyed Danny Phantom, Avatar (Aang and Korra) and Steven Universe.

First Fandom: Harry Potter, oh boy oh boy, and I’m still going.

Hobbies: Reading, reading, reading, quilting, reading, listening to audio books and writing.

Books that I’m currently reading: How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran (I’m not enjoying it so far but it was recommended to me as a great feminist book) and Asexuality: A Brief Introduction.

Favorite Book: I really liked the the Saga of Darren Shan when I was in high school, other than Harry Potter it’s one of the one book series I’ve read more than once. A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson is also a favourite and I adore The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series.

Worst Thing You’ve ever Eaten/Tasted: I’m allergic to pineapple, so pineapple I guess? But I also hate peanut butter and lamb blurgh that stuff smells beyond gross to me.

Favorite Place: Protesters Falls, omg I love it. It’s so beautiful and calm and just my favourite place. Otherwise it’s the beach but I sun burn very easily so unfortunately I can’t spend as much time as I would like at the beach.

I’m tagging @londonlock @lalnableleesh @consultingeastwind and @simpleanddestructivechemistry you don’t have to respond if you don’t want to :)