did i mention that i love kitty


Some concept doodles of a little white cat kwami named Kitti, who’s going to appear in a story @wintermoth and I are working on >:3c 

Kitti is a kwami of good fortune, much like Tikki, whose powers involve bestowing luck. There’s something else she can do too, but I can’t reveal what it is just yet ;D

Her body mass is like…90% fluff.

She is a sweet little mini Kitti with a big heart and an even bigger appetite. She absolutely adores pretty hair, especially the kind that she can roll around in. 

But don’t let her fool you! She has two tons of unstoppable sass packed into that furry little body of hers and she’s not afraid to use it! 

Unlike a certain other kwami, she cannot stand cheese and prefers the delectable taste of chocolate over any other and woe be it to anyone who takes her into a candy store. (via @wintermoth)

(And did I mention she could be considered Plagg’s “little sister”?)

More information coming soon! @wintermoth and I will be posting more about this fic as times goes on, so keep a look out!

  • What she says: Lord of Shadows was a great book and you should really read it
  • What she means: thiS BOOK TORE OUT MY FUCKING SOUL AND I FUCKING HATE IT BUT AT THE SAME TIME I FUCKING LOVED IT. Emma and Jules are so cute but they're also just a big hot mess of emotions and angst and tbh they're ETERNALLY SCREWED. I love Diana and Diana and Gwyn are my actual fave but don't forget about Kitty because oH MY FUCKING GOd it's canon and they are so cute. Not to mention that Mark, Cristina, and Kieran will eventually have a threesome. I foresee it in the future. ALSO DID I MENTION THAT MALEC TAKING CARE OF THEIR KIDS IS THE CUTEST? Emma and Julian had sex again (shocker) and it was rlly cute and hot n heavy. Julian Blackthorn is actually my daddy. I s2g if those two parabatai don't chill Emma's gonna get fucking preggers and then things can only get worse from there. Jaime and Diego (especially Jaime) are sneaky, slimy motherfuckers and I don't really like them. no wait scratch that. I HATE JAIME BECAUSE HE'S TAKING ADVANTAGE OF DRU BUt Diego isn't that bad anymore but still.
A Warm, Fuzzy Feeling

Chat Noir doesn’t know why Marinette can talk to Chat and not Adrien but he’s willing to befriend his classmate however he can. With the excuse of checking up on her after a save from an akuma, Chat lands on Marinette’s balcony. Based on the balcony scene rendering that was released awhile ago.

Rated G || 1103 Words

Cross posted on Ao3 || FF

Post Reveal Version

A Warm, Fuzzy Feeling

Chat Noir didn’t really know why he’d felt the need to check on Marinette after whisking her away from the crossfire of an akuma battle. He’d never visited any other civilian he’d saved before, not even his other friends. So why did he feel compelled to come check on Marinette?

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Cuddles with the little

Sometimes all your little wants is attention. A little will really enjoy it if you take some time to sit down, let her (or him, gender isn’t a requirement) lay on you, and just cuddle them. Play with their hair, pinch their cheeks, squeeze them really close to you, kiss their forehead, really just make sure they feel loved. You can occasionally say sweet things. Like, “Baby, your cheeks are so squishy.” or “Kitten, I love your hair.”

If you’re a daddy you really should get use to having your baby on your lap or leaning on your chest.

When my baby leans on me, I wrap my arms around her midsection and gently rub her tum. It tickles her a little but she likes it. Did I mention how soft she is? I love all of her so much. Every single inch is perfect.

Chairman Meow got a clean bill of health.

I took CM in for his annual physical. He is so mean that the staff all know him and have a routine. In fact, they won’t even see him unless he is sedated. My poor baby kitty. He hates everyone except for me.

The good news is that he is healthy, despite IBS and asthma. The bad news is that his health care costs a fortune. The best news is that my baby kitty will be around for a long time.

I was teary eyed when I dropped him off and I yelled “I LOVE YOU, BABY KITTY”. The staff all humor me because they don’t know him as baby kitty. They know him as the devil.

Happy Birthday!

 I know it’s not you’re birthday yet but, I couldn’t wait! Your Ladynoir drabble for today made me so happy it brought about some inspiration. So, this is for you, @seasonofthegeek Happy early birthday!!

Ladybug was sitting on top of a chimney swinging her legs out in front of her. Chat saw her mid pole-vault and made sure to land softly beside her.

“Oh hey, Chat, I wasn’t expecting you tonight,” she said with a soft smile that warmed his heart.

“You didn’t think I forgot it was your birthday did you?”

In response Ladybug stiffened her back as a look of panic crossed her face. What a curious reaction, he thought as he tilted to the side. Oh, she probably thinks I figured out her identity, he realized. He wished he did!

“Don’t worry, love bug. I still don’t know who you are. You mentioned your birthday in passing last week, remember?”

With a sigh of relief she said, “Oh, yeah. I did tell you, didn’t I?”

Chat noir sat down beside her and pulled her into his side for an embrace. “Happy birthday, my lady. It has been an honor to save Paris with you. I hope we have many more years of partnership and friendship a head of us.”

Ladybug wrapped an arm around his waist and leaned her head on his shoulder. “Thanks, kitty. I hope for the same.”

“I have two gifts for you.”

With a gasp she looked up at him and said, “Really? You didn’t have to do that.”

But her eyes twinkled with excitement and Chat knew she was glad for the gift anyway. Chat chuckled and ran a clawed finger along her jaw to lift her chin. “Close your eyes,” he said.


“Come on, trust me”

When she closed her eye he disentangled himself from her to place a box on the ground before her. When he was ready to give her the gifts he walked up to her and stood between her legs. With his hands on the brick beside her  he said, “Ok, don’t move and keep your eyes close.”

Quickly, very quickly, he placed a chaste kiss on her lips and stepped back before she could hit him.


With a laugh he said, “okay, okay, so that first gift was more for me but I hope you liked it any way.”

Ladybug held a spotted hand up to her lips and stared at him. Chat wondered if she was aware that she was blushing and that her breath had quickened. He smiled to himself and hoped that it all meant that she did enjoy it.

“Well, what about my second gift,” she asked.

Adrien stepped to the side to reveal the red and black box. “It’ll be better if you come down here and lay back.”

Ladybug looked at him with suspicion in her eyes but she did it anyway. Chat picked up the box and said, “I’ll be right back,” before he pole-vaulted a couple roofs away. He had gotten permission from the hotel as Chat Noir to have a small fire work show tonight. He handed off the fire works to the man the hotel hired to light them and was told it would be 10 minutes before they started. Chat made his way back to Ladybug and laid next to her.

“What are we waiting for?”

“You’ll see, my lady.”

He reached out to hold her hand. When she let him interlace their fingers he brought her hand up to his lips for a kiss. He could have sworn he heard her breath hitch, more good signs. Soon the fire works began and she looked at the green and red fire works burst above them with glee.

Ladybug sat up and asked, “These are for me?!”

Chat sat up too and nodded. Her smiled widen as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Thank you, kitty,” she said as look at him.

Her dark hair caught the light of the fireworks above them. It shined red then green and her eyes seemed to twinkle. Chat lifted a trembling hand to her face and gently pulled her in. Ladybug smiled before she closed her eyes. This time she was prepared for the kiss and kissed him back. It only lasted a moment but for the rest of the show they laid in each other’s arms and Chat hoped this meant it was the beginning of something wonderful.

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I'd love to see some of your old art from when you were first starting out! (You dont have too if it makes you uncomfortable or embarassed,, I'm just curious to see how you've improved and such,,,

lksjgd that’s such a long time ago omf

i don’t have everything of course, and if i really wanted to dig out the VERY BEGINNING- well 1 lots of that has been thrown out just by me lmao but also 2 i don’t feel like digging through all the boxes this time o’ night lkasg

but digging into the deviantart vault….

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  • Sun: I am telling you Yang. Blake's dad is terrifying. The Man can kill you by squeezing your head with one hand. One hand!
  • Yang: Sun. Please. I got this. *She insured her friend patting his back and holding her cybernetic arm up.* After all, I'm willing to lose an army for Blake. I'll do the same with my life to be with her for the rest of it.
  • Sun: Fine but don't say I didn't warn you.
  • ~Later~
  • Ghira: So Miss Xiao-Long, You wish to date my daughter.
  • Yang: Please, call me Yang. And yep. Though really I already am dating her. I just know Blake would feel better if you and Mrs. Belladonna approved.
  • Ghira: *raising an eyebrow* And what exactly makes you think I will approve of you dating my little girl? Because you lost an arm for her?
  • Yang: Nope. My arm I lost to protect her. *waving her metal hand* I know you will approve of me and Blake being together because I promise I will always be there for her, keep her happy no matter what, Protect her, care for her, and make such she knows that she is 'purrect' in every way.
  • Ghira: ... Did you just make a cat pun?
  • Yang: That I did. It's kinda how I flirt with my kitty cat.
  • Ghira: *eye twitching* Your... Kitty cat?
  • Yang: Hehe, yeah. Blake loves it surprisingly. I thought she may be Furryous about. Though I love it way she is feisty.
  • Ghira: *slams her hands on the table* AND WHAT EXACTLY DOES THAT MEAN!?
  • Yang: *smiles* Oh you know. Determined, strong willed, willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Plus, She is REALLY good with a ribbon and rope. *Ghira gritted his teeth as he was about to growl out a threat when Yang Spoke again* Not to mention strong. Did she ever tell you about the time she swung me into a mech that I punched into pieces? Or our first round in the Vinyl tournament? Man, She is pretty amazing. Haha, but after seeing you I see where she gets it from.
  • Ghira: *Ghira blinked as his anger disappeared* Oh... Oh Why yes. My little girl does take after me quite a bit. Of course her mother as well.
  • Yang: Oh I've noticed. Blake and your wife's kitty ears are sooooo cute and soft to the touch.
  • Ghira: I know right! HAHAHA! Kali will never admit this but she loves it when I scratch her ears when we snuggle.
  • Yang: Oh my god Blake too! When we are cuddling as we watch a movie or when reading she always loves it when I scratch her ears.
  • *After that Ghira and Yang began to talk happy about their adorable loves*
  • Ghira: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh I like you Miss, I mean Yang.
  • ~Meanwhile, outside the room~
  • Sun: *Eavesdropping as his jaw drops and whispers* ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?
  • Kali: Well to be fine. She and Blake are already dating. *whispered from behind him* I just wish they could have bonded over something else. *shaking her with embarrassment*
  • Blake: WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING!? *Blake shouted causing her mom and Sun to jump.*
unrequited love - part one

REQUEST:  @nylalushlifexx - reader has a crush on sebastian while he’s dating margarita and one day margarita mentions reader’s crush in front of sebastian reader gets uncomfortable and embarrassed and leaves

WARNINGS: language! maybe some lil angst? lol

AUTHOR’S NOTE: this was a long time coming, babe! And i’m soooooo sorry for making you wait but I hope this is what you wanted and maybe more! 

Enjoy! .xx

P.S: I’m making the fluffy stuff a part 2 to this!

You and Sebastian had met years back at a tiny little café in the city. You both struck up a conversation about coffee and the rest was history. You couldn’t deny the fact that you thought he was attractive. You weren’t blind.

And as time passed, the feelings you kept pushing away only managed to come back stronger, hitting you with such force that you felt overwhelmed every time you saw him.

You watched him date girls on and off until he finally found “the one.” (Sebastian’s words, not yours) She was beautiful, charismatic, and never turned down the opportunity to dance with Sebastian. Oh, how he loved to dance.

You watched on the sidelines as they fell for each other and you knew you couldn’t harbour these feelings for Sebastian anymore. This wasn’t high school. You had to face the fact that he was your unrequited love.

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  • kitty to anyone but kurt: i love kurt wagner so much hes so great. fuck u if you dont like him he is literally the most amazing person in the whole world he is so pure. did u know he spent a week learning to moonwalk and like he still cant do it just right but he just has such a good time doing it and how can u not like him he is literally the sunshine and i love him. he is mine. i hug him anytime i want and he is my best friend. see this bracelet? he made it for me. ok i made it but he tried to make it bc he is the best but he cant actually tie knots but he did his best okay and his effort was 100000% appreciated and did i mention i love kurt wagner.
  • kitty to kurt: ew ur such a nerd go away.

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if you could compliment any blog of your choosing, and one that hasn’t been done that is, who would it be? thank you for spreading love and positivity!

ohhhhh this is such a good question!! i’m gonna cheat and mention 5 people bc i can. i don’t think i did any of these yet but i’m not sure lmao. anyway in no particular order:

@artzncatz elvira…my kitty….my pal….one of the sweetest people i’ve ever met, ever. i miss you a whole h*ck of a lot and every time u snap me my heart goes !!!!!. i aspire to be as talented and aggressively kind as u!!! ily so much

@softjimon honestly??? one of the best writers, especially when it comes to jimon. and you’re so so so loving and kind to everyone, it’s so beautiful and inspiring. you inspire me both with your incredible, stunning writing and with how supportive and lovely you are every time we speak. i love you a lot!!!!

@izzybabewoods jay i love you soooooo much. you’re so incredibly smart and FUNNY and, like??? unfairly gorgeous. like ok i guess it’s fair bc it fits your personality that’s just as incredible but still. leave something for us mere mortals. you’re also super talented and creative and wow i just love u okay i just rly do

@bimagnusbane audrey i feel like we’ve known each other forever even tho we haven’t??? you’re super smart and talented and i love you so much even tho we don’t talk as much nowadays. i hope you’re doing incredible bc you truly deserve all the happiness ever

@morningstr i’ve only followed you maybe a few weeks but i love your blog a lot bc it fills my dash with lucifer content which i am desperate for these days. so here’s a shoutout to you for making great original content & being really funny as well!!! 

blog compliments ✨✨

Hi guys! So as we all may know, there is a new ultra adorable cat game called: Kleptocats! It’s for IOS and Android! Basically you start off with a random cat & a blank room. What you do is send your kitty out to go steal goodies that they like (some of the items are downright creepy..) they bring you back the item and place it somewhere in the room! Once your kitty is back they’re tired and their mood level is at 0% to bump it up to 100% (the higher the mood the cooler the item I think) you pet your kitty until the mood is back at 100%

You can also feed your kitty which also helps boost their mood! The purple gems is the premium currency, if you want you can buy the gems, but! Really you don’t need too, you can earn gold coins by daily goals, watching game commercials for 50 gold coins, playing little games for coins etc! Then trade 250 gold coins for 1 gem (Ik it’s ridiculous haha) but like I said, it is crazy easy to get gold coins!

Also there is a gem dog who is rare & only comes to give you gems!!! What !!!

Did I mention you can collect 100 cats???? 100!!!!!!! I’m hoping the developers create more kitties to collect but omg 100! They all have different personalities & are quirky in their own little ways!

The reason I got this game, was because since I am close to collecting all the kitties in neko atsume, I was looking for another cute cat game too swoon over until neko atsume gets another update! Mind you I still love love neko atsume! If you love neko atsume you’ll love kleptocats! You get to interact with them & its fun to see what crazy items they bring back!

tagged by @emeraldlace thanks emme! ;)

name: You may call me Sydney, but I answer to anything, proper or common

nicknames: Hell (for obvious reasons)


gender: female

star sign: dunno


sexuality: I am female; I am sexual; take a wild guess :P

hogwarts house:never looked, but probably Slytherin

favorite animal: cats. Love me so fluff and claws :D

average hours of sleep: seven, if i’m lucky. I have crap luck

current time:half past six o’ the evenin’

dog or cat person: more like kitty and puppy person!

dream trip: filming The Children of Hurin in some European country

when I made my blog: Sep of 2016, after much weed (hehe…jk)

reasons for my url: Starset. And Starset. And did I mention Starset? ;)

followers: after cleaning out the porn blogs (whyyy????) 40. y'all are too kind ;)

I tag @autumnhobbit @amerraka @dangerously-human @hobbitsetal @doctorbluesmanreturns @orangehatposts @greater-than-the-sword

Pony a Day: Day 127 


CHECK OUT ALL THE GOODIES I GOT!! WOO HOO!!! Time to brag about all the sweet stuff I bought at the meetup I went to last weekend!!! :D 

First up: Dolls and plush! I snagged a Puppy Surprise with two puppies for $20 - and one of them is a RUNT!!! I’ve always wanted one!! Plus, I got the two mini-puppies for a buck, so now the mommy has even more babies! The doll I was told is “Jem” (who is actually Danse, one of my fave characters!) is my very first Jem doll, and man, she is HUGE!!! I love her!! She’s wearing a sweet knockoff jumpsuit (possibly Totsy?) from the big lot of Barbie stuff I got for Oak23, as well as the pants, grocery basket and FANNY PACK! I got the manticore/WoW guy for my friend thelotusmuse​! And I rescued Rainbow Dash from a dollar bin so I could give her a pretty new faceup!

LOOKIT THE BABIES!!! The pink one is a runt!! I think they’re huskies? I always wanted the husky family!! 

PONIES!!! Or rather, BAITS! I went a bit crazy on the baits; I snagged a bag of 18 baits for $10, solely because I could see KINGSLEY in there!! Several of these girls were rescued because they look like not-baits to me, IMO! 

RESINS!! Naturally, I’ve already lost one. :( SO SAD! Thankfully it was only one of the DG baby halves, but since it already had a jewelry-loop in it, I was planning to make it into a necklace. Still sort of hoping someone will find it in their car! 

Baby Quackers is SO WHITE, she just needs a new tail! And the princess doesn’t look too awful! And the glittery SHS … her hair looks kinda coarse, but we’ll see how she looks after a bath! 

These guys were also rescued from the dollar bin - I wish I’d grabbed more now! (I know Celestia was sought-after at one point, I wonder if she still is?) 

COLLECTION PONIES! These were all ponies I needed for my collection, and I’m amazed I found so many!! (I got Fluttershy at McDonald’s the day we drove to the Meetup, LOL!) That’s Italy Peachy in there!! (I didn’t technically need Steamer, but he looked so handsome!) 

Fun fact! I won the talking Chrysalis for being one of the few entrants in the “carry an egg in a spoon in your mouth” contest! Everyone got to pick a prize from the organizer’s table, and I snagged her! (But I tied for first place, so double woot! ;)) 

PONIES!!! They’re so minty, and I got them for good prices, I was proud of myself! Only a few more birthflowers until I have the full set! And I FINALLY got a Trickles!! I think this completes my Year 2 Rainbows!! 

Chief has lots of age spots, so I KNEW I had to rescue him! And HI ITALY PEACHY! I got Peachy, Steamer and Tootie Tails from the same table, from a guy collector who seemed really nice!! 

Sweetie Pups and kitty! I found these in a ‘random 80s toys’ bin, they were more being gotten rid of than being sold, so I got them for super cheap! :D (I already have the kitty already, but I didn’t want to leave her behind! This is becoming a theme…) 

FAKIES!!! Man, I got more fakies than I did collection ponies! XD I rescued the Totsys from a $1/free box, respectively, as well as the little blue rainbow one. The Bratz ponies (LOVE THEM!) were rescued from the miscellaneous toy box, as was the Moondreamer polar bear. The sparkle fakies were all from a dollar box, and the Strawberry Shortcake horse was from a fakie pile. Fun fact, I had just mentioned like a week ago that I really wanted one in this mold, but I never found one cheap enough for me! And now I finally did! 

(The long-neck fakie is a girl I got for 50 cents online, she arrived the day before the meetup so she got to join the photo, LOL!) 

I bought these two from my table-neighbor, they’re the Hot Topic exclusive variants of the Funko blind boxes! I know Discord has been going for a fair bit online (since he’s actually colored properly), and I was super-excited to get them both for $20! I dunno if that’s a “deal” anymore, but it seemed like a deal to me! (And now I don’t have to hunt them down!)

The door prize!!! The gal who runs the meetup is really sweet, and every year she makes a custom pony for the ‘door prize’, and everyone gets a free ticket to the raffle. While she was reading off the numbers, I had a really weird thought, like, “man, wouldn’t it be cool if I won? I feel like I might win. She only has to read one more number and -” AND I WON! I was over the moon!! :D Isn’t she gorgeous?! I love her hair blend! She even has her own little necklace, and she’s got some crystals on her too! 

I traded two G1 ponies to the artist who drew this, and I got a beautiful print of King Sombra! He even signed it for me!! He seemed like a really nice guy, he made up most of my sales for the meetup, LOL!!  

Owl Cameo won third place in the custom contest! 

Did I mention we got a GOODIE BAG just for showing up!? This year’s theme was Fluttershy! 


All in all, I made out like a bandit!! I managed to sell some stuff, and at the end of the day, I gave away some ponies to some of the little kids there, so it was nice to pay it forward to future collectors. :) I can’t wait until next year!!!!!!! 

It’s done! (O’Neill Farmhouse tour, Part 1)

Ladies and gentlemen and others, my Sims 3 version of the O’Neill farmhouse from Season 3 is now complete!

This was so much hard work - and so much fun. Surprisingly, the most useful episodes to me were “A Foot Too Big” and “Buried Secrets”, in which we saw the house from the largest variety of shots and angles. I tried to copy the house’s layout and decor as closely as I possibly could, but please bear in mind that I was limited by the grid-layout of the Sims 3 building system, and not every decoration in the house had a corresponding decoration in the game.

So, without further ado, let’s begin the tour!

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Finished portrait for Flaerion, of his adorable feline character Tazzley!  Warm orange and red fur colors coupled with greens for accents (eyes, and in this case a horn) are just the sort of thing I love to paint.  Not to mention painting a kitty face, always a pleasure to paint a cat!

I did something a little different for my process, adding the more complex markings in later with multiply and overlay layers.  It’s been a while since I uploaded a WIP series, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to show how things can be mixed up a bit for a more effective process!

6 hours in PS6 with an Intuos 3 tablet


Sooooo I`ve had this blog for like two weeks and OH MY GOD it was a blast?? I`d never expect it to be this much fun!! so THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU, FOR MAKING THIS such a great time for me?? And I hope you are having fun as well and are not annoyed with my constant shitposting :’DD lbh i should stop but i will never HAHAHA

LONG STORY SHORT I`m going to try to mention you and will get distracted halfway there, but pls remember I love and appreciate you all with my lil dark heart <3

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