did i mention that i love him wearing deep blue bc i really really do

A Possessive Dinner Taehyung

Pairing: TaehyungxReader

Warning/Genre: Smut, Dom Taehyung, Public sex, Cursing, 

Excerpt: “So your saying we can just do it right here then?” Shocked by his words you just stood still not knowing how to respond, Taehyung came up behind you moving the hair off of your shoulder and tugging down the damned coat Jimin had let you wear. With slight anger he bit down on the area between your neck and shoulder sending a pleasurable pain down your spine and making your core wet.

Word count:2,603

Note: I almost died while writing this bc hot damn lmao, ps thx for so much recognition on my last story about Jungkook I’m completely blown away and wanted to say hi to all the new followers <3 

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Jesus Christ, how’d you even get yourself into this position.. Literally a guy you had met just a few hours ago had your skirt flipped up and was fucking balls deep in you. It actually all started with your friend Olivia inviting you out to dinner with her boyfriend’s band that had six other guys. The occasion being that they finally finished up tour and were ready to kick off their break.

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cute Seungri laughing as he poses for the Angel Eyes photoshoot ◠ω◠