did i mention swag

10 Things To Expect For Yoongi's Mixtape

1. sweG
2. FIREE 🔥
3. Taehyung just jamming in the back, I’m not even surprised anymore
4. black haired yoongi (im praying guise, im praying AsdfJKAL)
5. some really weird gestures that i’ll eventually remember and unconciously do which will cause my friends to call the ambulance
6. Roaring
7. Exploding ovaries (and uhh…hormones *wink*)
8. 67% satoori, I bet.
9. Did i mention swag?
10. Badass Yoongi.
11. Lip Biting
12. Black & White
13. Ft. Kumamon
14. Jumping, alot of jumping.
16. Lmao, i lied. There’s a million things that can kill us with and Yoongi is testing them all

Mr. All Australian Network



  •  new friends!!
  •  a spot on the network page 
  •  advice on anything you need at all
  •  group messaging (imessage)
  •  group tinychats
  •  people to reblog your hella cute selfies like 100 times
  •  did i mention hella swag new friends???

other information 

  • we will be choosing around 8-10 people
  • we will choose members when we get a sufficient amount of notes

 increase your chances

  • talk to us
  • make us an edit
  •  or make a post telling us why you want to be in our group 

**we all track the tag #mrallaustraliannw**