did i mention she is 64

I love her.

She’s what you get when you take Garnet’s unwavering confidence and Pearl’s weak filter and need for attention; she’s a showman. 

This is not the direction I expected for their fusion (Sardonyx, is it? Am I spelling that correctly?), but she is perfect.

And this VA is absolutely killing it! And she looks like what you’d get if a giant cricket and Onigiri rice ball had a baby and she’s just fan-flipping-tastic ah!

And she’s got jokes. And the ojou-sama laugh. And a fully articulated torso for 360 no scopes. And did I even mention the bow tie?!

Eren and Historia's dreams

In chapter 1 Eren was dreaming of a girl who said, “See you later Eren”

In chapter 54 Historia was dreaming of Frieda who said, “Until the next time we meet”

Both statements mean closely the same (or are they?). It’s not the first time that this was pointed out that the girl in Eren’s dream was Frieda. What if prior to saying “See you later Eren,” she too had said “Forget me again” just like what she told to Historia but was cut (just as the face was cut so her eyes didn’t show; the eyes would be a great giveaway tho).

Eren and Historia were both dreaming. Both can’t remember their dreams as well.



The girl in Eren’s dream and Frieda both have short dark hair. Frieda in chapter 64:

An interesting theory mentioned how Eren knew things a child his age normally wouldn’t, like how to properly hold a knife and the horrors of the world at such a young age. Also, anime Eren dreamt of toys which seemed to belong to the Reiss children. Maybe Frieda has been spending time with Eren before just like she did with Historia and kept on altering their memories. Frieda might also taught Eren these things (she taught Historia a lot; though I don’t know why she must teach a young Eren horrible things… must be why she made him forget). So they’re not necessarily dreams at this point but memories. Flashbacks, our unconscious minds do that a lot. Another way to look at how Eren got his scarf and how Grisha knew the Reiss family and where to find them. The Jäger and Reiss family knew of each other? Might as well. Might as well not. Holes tho. Anyway, I love your blog so much I check it daily! SnK is really crazy good it’s making me crazy please pray for our sanities.

Maks and Meryl at VB meet and greet

Hi.  You just mentioned that you saw Maks worship Meryl at the VB meet and greet and SWDOI,  Can you describe what you saw at the VB meet and greet? I apologize if you have before, I must’ve missed it. Thx.

Well, let me put it this way.  Especially Maks would look at Meryl with to me was complete adoration.  Now she did also, but was more reserved.  But he absolutely worships the ground she walks on.  Now please, I am not saying that she does not adore him also, but he more looks like he wears his heart on his sleeve. Sorry, I am 64, so that is probably a saying of us old people.  But anyway, if they aren’t either in a relationship or at the very least absolutely adore each other, they need an academy award.  

At SWDOI, I was sitting behind Tony, so could see the stage perfectly. From the time he walked out on stage and she came out on the ice, he never took his eyes off of her and had a huge grin on his face.  There is a picture of his grin on here somewhere.  Like I said to someone, it is a wonder his face didn’t crack from the HUGE grin.

Now remember, this is my personal opinion, but I am sure that others who saw them either there, at SWDOI, or at SWAY can vouch for this.