did i mention screaming

Modern Witches

Modern Witches make sigils in Galifreyan and Elvish runes because why the fuck not. Also we’re nerds.

Modern Witches will use old pill bottles to store herbs or moon water. 

Modern Witches will use Harry Potter spells because they clearly work. 

Modern Witches will call their God edgy when they’re being edgy.

Modern Witches will also Kinkshame their Gods because who gives birth through their forehead or turns into a horse to have intercourse with a magical stallion. 

Modern Witches will use emojis to cast spells because magic is everywhere. 

Modern Witches will use their Kindle as their ancient grimoire library and their laptop or a binder as their book of shadows. 

Modern Witches will make witchy memes because???

Modern Witches will use Dovahzul for spells because if the Dragonborn could break shit by screaming, so can we. Did I mention we’re nerds?

Modern Witches will talk to their crystals bc they’re our only friends.

Modern Witches will also take their craft seriously and be the most inventive people out there.

Modern Witches, mate.


April second twenty seventeen
Breakfast outside ft my neighbors’ cat. Please let April continue like this ☀️


└ Cos OTP and food and cooking set is ALWAYS good~~

Cr: Sakurai Sho Onigiri CM, Matsumoto Jun Kikkoman CM makings of

Bonus: Cos OTP makes me wanna say, “FEED ME~~~”

Me tryna make small talk with a Cancer
  • Me: hey how are you
  • Cancer: my entire life is over. My wife left me. My kid ran away. My dog eloped with my neighbour's cat. My mom left when I was 9. My dad was never home. My brother used to pick on me. One time he took my stuffed toy Jim and I haven't seen him since. The nerve of that guy. And my sister... I never even had one! Can you believe that? Oh and did I mention my boss?
Things You Are Going To Find In A Dostoyevsky Novel:

-Fainting spells
-Existential crises
-Awkward main characters who can’t do anything
-Lots of crying
-Sickness, literally all the time
-Hysterical women
-Screaming and yelling
-Did I mention hysteria?
-Or crying?

okay I have basically completed Persona 5 (gonna do one of dem save+ or whatever) but here is some important things to know: 




–AkeShuAke whatever fucking order I don’t care 

–Did I mention Yutaba

–I was screaming Akechi come back the whole time I was recovering my team in the Velvet Room


–come back

–ur my team too even if you don’t like it and no one else does either

–Igor lemme stay a bit I need to find my last team member 

–the fuck do you mean he’s dead don’t lie to me

Why I love End of an Era

• Harmonies!
• Josh screaming ¿??!!¿?¿?
• Mike’s vocals I am LIVING
• References to every aLBUM
• Did I mention Josh’s screaming??
• So many harmonies I am singing them at once
• Josh saying ‘fuck’ !!!!!!
• But really the song parallels fuck me uP
• Matt and Mike backup vocals more like back me up into my fucking grave
• Ian’s drumming slays my life
• Honestly though Ian is the face of the band
• Seriously though if Josh doesn’t stop screaming I may end up in the hospital
• Shakespeare reference ??? Ouch !!!

Mr. Howell

HOLY SHIT GUYS SO there’s this new teacher at my high school and his name is Mr. Howell and he LOOKS FAIRLY SIMILAR TO DAN. He looks around the same age AND even has brown curly hobbit hair!1!1!!!!! AND HE TEACHES MY MUSIC CLASS DID I FUCKING MENTION THAT *scReAMinG** JUST IMAGINE A MR. HOWELL ASKING YOU WHAT THE KEY SIGNATURE OF ‘F MAJOR’ IS, LIKE IDC AS LONG AS YOU 'F’ ME MR. HOWELL - ok no too far

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Wake up!! S11 Confirmed!!

Thank god I have my emergency call, aka @becksndot5, set up for me every night! IT’S HAPPENING! And now I want to go back to bed, I need it, because it’s 2am, but it’s not like I can, I mean… IT’S HAPPENING! Can you imagine? The filming, the teasing, the promotion, the trailers, the spoilers, Mulder and Scully having sex, Gillovny raising at its highest, Jimmy Kimmel, did I mention Mulder and Scully having sex? I’m not screaming! Bye.

in other exciting gods this is such a fucking monday news

I offered to chaperone for my kid’s field trip Thursday because honestly it was last minute and they NEVER still want me to chaperone but this time they did

but I found out afterwards that they don’t provide transportation?

(as in I have to drive myself and meet them there instead of riding the bus but it’s in the middle of baltimore and I’m not sure my current mental state is up for driving, which I know is weird since I drove like three states over a week or so ago, BUT WHAT CAN I SAY, BRAINS ARE WEIRD?)

so I emailed the teacher going UM and we shall see if they actually need me or if I can bow out awkwardly

but also there was the credit card fraud phone call

and several missed calls from lenders because once you start researching mortgages they NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE AGAIN

and my phone is still sometimes just … not ringing? so trying to look up different phone options

and I forgot to give the IEP form back to the school

and the dog is extra squeaky

and I forgot breakfast?

and Thing 2 is anti-bus?

and there were like three other things but I’ve forgotten already while trying to type this out?



/and not even emotionally bad just. what do, how put in order, huh?



Saturday Thing 2 was having trouble and I said I was sorry he didn’t feel well and he explained it as he wasn’t SICK just his feelings weren’t working right

and just


and we went to his baseball thing anyways and it rained on him and he just /cried/ and everything was sad

and then Sunday we went to Chuck E Cheese to help him and Thing 1 recuperate but THEN we had to go hang out in a mall for an hour because


/and I saw an old Wallace & Gromit game I lost years ago and also an Andromeda sweatshirt and was good and didn’t buy anything but AREAGJLKVHAWELKVHAKLBGARHKBAWGH

my brain is just like … not braining at all anymore

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" Mary was the best thing that happ-" SHH. " Mary would do anything for J-" SHUSH....I MEAN IT. " Mary loved J-" THAT IS IT. NOPE, NONONONONONO. *screams* yeah because nothing says " I love you more" then freakin leaving your "love" for like a year with and leaving him with your new born child..oh and did I mention SHOOTING HIS FUCKING BEST "FRIEND " ( LOVER) TOO!? * screams in a non-human way*

Well you basically summed it up ;’D

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Smh at Sisko for ragging on Bashir's wake up technique — though it was.... a bit much.... I too wake myself by Screaming

Tbh Sisko was incredibly patient with Bashir’s wake up technique. XD I mean, he looked so Ridiculous and Sisko didn’t even laugh.

But it is also a bit sad, that he has nightmares he has to wake himself up from by screaming. Honestly. I’m so sorry you experience that too, it must be terrible. :C I hope it doesn’t happen to you often. <3

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No but honestly this gives me so much second-hand embarrassment I think I might be psychically unable to rewatch this episode. :P

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Main trio headcanons with barista SO! Just cute headcanons.

((I’ve been corrected, a barista sells coffee. Sorry about that ^^;; In other words, this is more of a bartender s/o))



-He’s totally impressed with it

-And somehow always manages to get drunk off of s/o’s cocktails

-Someone should’ve warned them it’s a bad idea to give Vitya alcohol


-Did I mention he’s also naked?


-While he does find it cool, he doesn’t dwell on it too much

-Lowkey worried about s/o, though

-What if a drunk person tries to harass them?

-Precious cinnamon roll

-What did we do to deserve him?


-Well, he is underage, so he can’t really drink alcohol

-Which is why it’s good that s/o also makes non-alcoholic drinks

-Salty about s/o not giving him alcohol

-But he gets over it quickly

-Especially when they give him a non-alcoholic drink and say it has alcohol

In An Instant: Part Four

Summary: A romantic comedy about what happens when love literally falls through your window.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Ash (aka me), Steve Rogers, Others I can’t remember right now

Warnings: Language, general gross cuteness, some angst, bad writing, bad storylines, possible cheating, but mostly major fluff and feels

A/N: Let me know what you think, guys!


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“No, he didn’t.” Ash couldn’t hide the shock in her voice as she poured some orange juice into a glass, topping it off with champagne before offering it toward you.

You shake your head, “Yes, he did. I told him we could be friends.”

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Jake Gyllenhaal confuses me

His face says romcom and maybe some serious sad romance, but his filmography is full of serious and sometimes kinda dark thrillers

do you guys think cassian andor had to undergo spy training—well. not really “training” so much as a week locked in a room with an imperial torture droid, a nonsense sentence he was given in lieu of actual rebellion intelligence.

(the tricky tradoshan takes twice the twi’lek’s toys, see, senator mothma? he remembers. And he remembered all those years ago, his mouth tasting of blood and everything swimming before his eyes; barely able to stand straight, but he said it perfectly, every syllable crisp, even imitating mothma’s core accent—

thank you, captain andor, mothma had said, and he’d grinned, before then unceremoniously passing out.)

……do you think that the rebellion was short on imperial torture droids, so they just used a security droid with an augmented intelligence subroutine.

i.e., the only imperial droid they had around: k2

do you think cassian startled the first time he saw That Droid (as he’s taken to calling it, at least in his head) in another context—some mechanic tinkering on his casing, the droid quiet and obedient. It was staring straight ahead, though it cocked its head when it saw cassian staring.

ah, captain andor, the droid said, when cassian drew closer. I am k-2so. I did not have the opportunity to mention it, before.

yeah, I was pretty busy screaming, I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

cassian watched the mechanic for a minute. She was clearly not doing more than patching up some rust, ensuring joints were lubed. you know, it seems unfair, he said, after a minute. the droid was still staring at him. you get to rummage around in our heads, but we don’t get to poking around in yours.

well, if you would like, the droid said after a long moment.

(you broke our torture droid, mon mothma says dryly, as merrick splutters. 

but cassian just grins, and grins, and then laughs when k2 says, that is not true, there is still a 92% chance of my delivering a painful electric shock to any new member of the rebellion.)