did i mention penguins

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Or list ten of the best things about penguins? Their cuteness, how fluffy they look, their small cute feet,... :)


2. Have you ever SEEN a baby penguin omfg adflksajfaf

3. Nyoom!

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4. Some penguins keep the same mate for like…ever, and that’s beautiful.

5. The daddies take care of the eggs while the moms go off to gorge on fish lol

6. Did I mention baby penguins?

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8. They can’t fly so they’re unique in the bird world and should be protected at all costs :)

9. The babies hide in this little fat pouch alsidfjasf

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10. Some of them lead very hard lives, and they are so strong, and I love them

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Zoo, yellow, star-sign

Thanks jerkface 🦄💓

—Star-sign: When’s your birthday?
My birthday is January 20th!

—Yellow: What’s your favourite colour?
Oh boy, aaaaahhhhh. I love all of the colors at the same time, they all have they’re own good vibrance to me. but I really like all kinds of blues and yellows (a good blue is North Star blue and I know this because of my friend Ana whom I love)

—Zoo: What is your favourite animal?
GAH! Elephants but also dogs but also penguins but also did I mention elephants and BEARS anD

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Penguins Of Madagascar (November 26 2014)

Did I mention Benedict Cumberbatch is in it?